Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on January 6, 1949 · Page 10
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 10

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 6, 1949
Page 10
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TEN EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., THURSDAY, JANUARY 6, 19-19 Phone 4600 For a WANT : . AD..Taker" Baked Squash Is Easy On "Budget CARL SAXDBUKG. born Jan. G, ISTS, in Galesburg, 111., son of a, Swedish immigrant railroad black- asmith. Carl had llittle formal ^schooling. After |sen-ing ill. the r Spanish-American a war, he went to "college, was grad-. (uated. in 1802. JThrough news- I paper work he I turned to writing i poems, crowning I his career with ah'i s monumental biography of Lincoln. Ex-DepiUy Sheriff Files Suit To-Regaiii Old Job SN'OW • HILL, Md.—/#)—Former Deputy Sheriff Wallace Carmean had a suit- on - file in -Worcester County Circuit Court today to get his old job back. He was fired recently during a grand' jury investigation of reports that gambling was running rampant in the county. / Carmean contends Sheriff. Arthur W. Duer discharged him without cause or hearing. • ' Stuff acorn squash. with seasoned sausage-meat. Stuffed sauash makes an i'deali on heat-resistant glass well-and-tree budgef main dish Bake It- in .the platter. -Bake m ^"t^ oven with other foods for the meal,, degrees F. for about 50 minutes thereby ''saving labor and 'fuel. Acorn Squash, With Sausage • (Six Servings) . . Three acorn squashes; 1 table- spoor, butter or fortified margarine; Vi teaspoon salt; M teaspoon pepper; 1 pound sausage. • Wash squashes and split lengthwise. Scrape out seeds. Dot inside of each squash with butter or margarine; sprinkle with salt and pepper. Arrange halves' of squash 1 UC.^1 CCi^ A t) -LUi v-j-^^v — or until squash' • is . tender. • Form sausage into six-patties. Brown sausage .patties; place one patty in hollow of each squash half. Return squash to oven, and continue bak- g for about 20 -minutes longer. Here's another stuffed squash recipe that uses the minimum of beaten; i 3-ounce can chopped broiled mushrooms; >,i cup fine dry bread crumbs; 1 teaspoon suit; dash pepper; J ,i cup finely' diced celery. Cut squash in two lengthwise. Cut thin slice from each so squash will stand evenly in baking pan. Place hollow side down' on greased shallow baking pan. Bake in not oven (400 degrees P.) about 45 minutes. Meanwhile cook sausage over moderate henc in frying par. for about 15 minutes, or until light-. !y browned and crumbly. Combine remaining' ingredients ar.d atM sausage meat, including fat. Mix thoroughly. Remove 'squash from oven. Turn hollow side up. Sprinkle squash lightly with salt. Pill hollows with stuffing mixture. Return to oven, and cook, uncovered, until squash-is tender and lightly browned, about 30 minutes longer. Serve immediately. Morrison Again Heads Local Bus Drivers' Union James B~. Morrison has been reelected, president of Local 1110, Bus Drivers Union, APL. Other officers are: ' - ' Nelson Spidel, vice president; Lawrence Grim, financial secretary; Paul L. Burley, re-elected recording secretary; Leo McGann, corresponding secretary, and Burr Powell, conductor. The officers were installed at Canada Hose House recently by C. E. Stutzman. president of Allegany Trades Council. ' Your Individual Horoscope meat: Stuffed Acorn Squash Two . medium acorn squashes: nound sausage meat; 1 egg, slightly The gum-secreting hairs on the buds of certain plants are called I colleter. ' Look In the section in which your birthday comes :ind Ilnd what your outloos'Is, according to the stars, For Friday, Jan. 7, 11HD MARCH 21 to APRIL 20 (Arlcsl—Finish incomplete matters; try . to clear desS or bench of Important work; enjoy weekend •without worry. Familiar routine, study, research, industrial trades favored today. APRIL =1 to MAY 20 (Taurus)—Plonsc rend Aries—applicable here nojv. selling, ser.sime buys lavored this line day. Hat extravagance Is not! Be careful in artistic arrairs: can make mistakes here. MAS 21 co JUNE 21 (Gemini)—Von can assume a. speedy tempo today or Just BO slowly dcpendinu mostly ou how cxnctlns are you rdemands. But do NOT rush pointlcssly. thus wearing down bealtl-. and " J JUNE 23 to JULY 23 (Cancer)—Can be a prolific day for artistic talents, clever and unique Iceas for selling, packagine, products. An advantageous period in an uphill month.'Don.': waste valuable-time. JULY 24 to AUGUST 22 (Leo)—Don t overdo in exciting activities. Proceed -with well-laid plniw and try ,to finish urgent matters.- Make ready to start "smartly Monday morning. And do enjoy a wholesome weekend. AUGUST 23 to SEPTEMBER 23 (Virgo) —Advice to Leo sound medicine lor your Siirn today. Influences friendly for most part, especially [or essential business, literary and artistic efforts. Give some at- Itention to hea'.th. i SEPTEMBER 24 to OCTOBER 23 (Libra) —So the little things are beslmtnc; to irk?'Or are vou your usually philosophical sei: and -goinj 'about WHATEVER your tasks with courage and quietude? There's your rccjpe.,enjoy ItA'.frult! • OCTOBER 14 to NOVEMBER.-21 (Scorpio!—Keep that smile on; [ret put to talk I and-mix with people. Too much driving at 'any one thing is harmful to mind, nerves; get sufficient diversion for your energies— sensibly, of course. - • NOVEMBER 23 to DECEMBER 22-(Sagittarius)—If you arc at wits end. to know which' matter to choose first, or -which activity to become Interested in, stop long enough to consider all facts, welnh possible outcomes. Tact! DECEMBER 23 to JANUARY 21 (Capri- corn)—Yor. may be times. Or you may find this a quiet, imdisturtlnc period. Greatly depends .low you loo* at thlnijs, und how you have carried on tusks.. Fillthi JANUARY 22 to FEBRUARY 20 (Aquar- lusi—Where to draw the line; when to say "no," or "yes,"—these-are the abilities requested of you under today's star configurations. Look at chores through your good humoi-. FEBRUARY 2: to MARCH' 20 (Pisces)— Be not disappointed at others 1 seeming in- cratltufie. Look Tor the food things and you will be surprised at how many pleas- irurWs there are. Protect property.-' YOU.BORN TODAY: Have sterling qualities, fine general ability, practicalness, a personality that .readily attracts friends. Mr.v not always show yourself at bcsl^- may display moodlr.css, even selfishness. If you don't live,up to your better self. You make good'friends, and as vehement enemies; may dislike detail work (are capable of managerial" position when rightly trained and- practicing self-control), but some of it is Important for us all. Pray; omlle often; work : and xrelax alternately. Birthdatc of Pope Gregory XIII (the Great), 'reformer of the calendar; Mlllard Fillmore, 0. S. President. . . (Copyright,. 1949, ' .' • King Features Syndicate.;lnc.) • Employment Here Shows Decrease In November Working force and payrolls'.of the city's 17 major industries dropped in isrovem-ber as compared to the same month- a-year a-go, the month-. of the 'Cflamber'of Commerce showed' today. The report shows total employment of 17J205 in November, a .drop of 1,124 'from the 'November, 1947, staff of 18,329:"' '' ' Payrolls in November totaled $4,077,168.75, a decrease of S149',- Coiivnlescenl Fare If there , is: an; invalid in. you family, don't -forget to include plenty of protein 1 Animal protein, such as meat, is .especially valuable to' people recovering 'from diiease, wounds, 'surgery or burns. 53054 from -tiie Novernbar. 1947, payroll of $4,226,708.29.. The raontlralso saw the appearance of-411- more namiis on- the rolls . of the Maryland Employment Serv-. ice. On November 15,. 1,848 persons were registered and on December 15, the. unemployed had increased. to 2,259. placements were' up 45 for the period. • -Theodore Roosevelt has;the'long- est 'bibliography- of any American \vriter-more than 5,000 works. , There ai-e more ants in the- world than any • other- single creature. . FOR EXTRA TEA-DRINKING.ENJOYMENT, GET PACKAGE TEA AND TEA BAGS WEEK END VALUES When it's values-ybu'rti wanting—, When ifs-qiiality you're demanding-When it's friendly service you're expecting- It's Triangle you're looking for! Hanover HANOVER Fancy Red KIDNEY BEAMS Makes An Attractive, Appetizing- Side Dish M **(. ROBIN HOOD MIX 20 or. ,'Pkg. KRAUT with Pork Hanover — Just Heat and serve, No. 2 1 / 2 can 24c Stokelcy's "FFnest" Cream Style CORN A Real Corn Treat ... No. 2 Can 23c Stokeley's "Finest" 2 Halves or Sliced. No.« Cans W® 1 .AUNT JEMIMA CAKE MIXES Silver Cake & Devil's Food QQ- Package *>v4» TABLELAND Adds flavor to hot cakes and waffles m ' STOKELEY'S "FINEST" Red PHte<l No. 2 JEC Cans *»* 1C FLAKQ ECRUST Reedy Mixed .' Just-Add Water ____ . . pkg. HANOVER CUT GREEK BEANS IVith Bacon No ^ Swift's Fresh Boston Style PORK BUTT Whole or by the piece Sweet-'Meat — Delicious to Eat ,.b 45c .HANOVER Fancy Forest Green PEAS 2 N dl 25c Choice Cuts STEAKS Quick and Pleasey :., .IB: 57c Fancy Grind ! . Fresh' "• Ground Beef pound '49c Bake or Frj" SWIFT'S SELECT BRANDED BEEF . Chuck Roast ib. 57c LIBBY'S. CHILI SAUCE Bottle 29c AT INDEPENDENT GROCERS Bur key Brothers 166 N Centre Street " Four Doors Above.Bus Depot SELF-SERVE MARKET Phone 963—New Store Hours 8 A. M. to 10 P. M. FREE DELIVERY on 2.00 ORDERS-. Chickens ? Heavy ' Roasting Ib. Small Fresh •Roasting Ib. Fresh Pork . ' r ' STEAKS IB. J'C Whole or Piece Ib. 45c •Fresh Ground . : BEEF ..•••••• lb - 49c All White , : . RABBITS :.. '••• ">• 69c Swill's rrcm. HAMS—Whole or Hall ...- Ib. Sic Cirele "S" • • ' WHOLE PICNICS lb.-39c Frcsll County . : EGGS dra - 59c Trrsli Calf ' LIVER .:,.......- Ib.'79c Tender Sliced BACON' , Ib - 59c Loncliorn . ' ' CHEESE .:' 2 Jbs. 89c- Look for our specials • directly below every week! . ' Extra - Extra Special Sliced 'Jnmb*' Bologna Ib .37c All White Frrah. Sausage , 39c RICE 2 ,„,. 25c FRESH SEAFOOD Fresh Seafood is whai we really mean,, too. Now our- Seafood ihlpmenU come direct,'ria the ale- route... tlius assuring- 'an extra, fresh,-complete, supply'or quality senfood'at all times. • - ; - : - . Standard Oysters ....... pti 71c ENlrn. Select ^_ ' Oysters .... '.'T. pt. 83c Frcsli, Clean.-Ready to Fry. Rock Bass Ib. 49c Fresh, Ready to fry Sea Trout ... . .\ Ib. 35c Fresh, No Bones, KtKulir Crab Meat ..... Ib. 95c Cldrns ^rr r. 45c Shrimp 1 -. ..ri'Tvi Ib. 1.25 '.Jumbo Dcrllcd . Crabs' for-45e- Swift's Indiana Stnte Cheese 2 lbs 89c Serve or Cook Swift's Ariel Smoked Pork Squares, By the Piece .. Good For Cooking Yogcroblcs • C ARMOUR'S TREET 12 07. can Swift's Fancy Trim, Circie "S" PicnScs- , Whole ...-.. IG NATURAL Rich - Juicy - Tender ROUND STEM 67c ARMOUR'S VIENNA* SAUSAGE , b $1-00 Large Package Cakes "Large Package SOAP 6 Cakes $1.00 I CHARMIN TOILET. TISSUE , CHARMIN 2 R *33c KITCHEN TOWELS CHARMIN CLEANSING TISSUES 21c LAKE £ Golden Isle 5Orange Juice 46 or. con 29c more peoj Morton's leuse 26 ox. Boxes; 2 for 19C >OD REAWTFOR IT/ Yes,'Mrs. Filbert's home-made _ v ^ = ^ . tasting Margarine now comes ID dainty quarter pound prints of appetiz-. ing buttercup yellow! Take these delicious golden quarters, right out of the package and put them on the table". Or'slice them, into p'a:s if you prefer.' Either way you'll agree-Mrs. Filbert's Margarine in the new yellow quarters saves, you work... looks attractive ... tastes wonderful!. . I • '' . • . Tastes so fresh because it's made so near Mrs. PiJbert's Margarine is made fresh daily -less than 24 hours. away-rushed- to your grocer.-That special.sweet blend Mrs. Eil- ibert 'created 'for. her own family is' always fresh as a country morning! Tempts even the most "choosy" appetite. Like a pat of sunshine on bread' or hot toast. Delicious I Vilamin-ehh! Good to 'taste, 'Mrs. Filbert's is good for your whole family! Packed -with energy for .the youngsters. .Every pound is: fortified •with 15,000 units of Vitamin A. There's no finer table spread at any price. • And think, of the saving—many dollars every month,, in most families! Ask your grocer for Mrs. Filbert's. yellow Margarine in. the time-saving quarters today! fo Dealers: If your store does not have stock, you can obtain it by calling C and.B Dirtribut. ing Co., 423 Springdale St., Cumberland, Md. — Phone 4496

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