Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on January 6, 1949 · Page 9
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 9

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 6, 1949
Page 9
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Phone 4600 For a WANT AD Taker EVENING* TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., THURSDAY, JANUARY 6, 1949 NINE Unarmed Woman Stages Robbery SAN FRANCISCO—(/P)—A series o: six bank robberies disturbed police today, especially the latest by im apparently unarmed -woman, She shoved a threatening note through Teller John Zobel's window yesterday and jnnde off unnoticed except by Zobel with $2,666 from" a downtown branch ol'thc Bank or - America. .. . • It was the'sixth such holdup hero > to lour months but the first by i woman. Police Inspector Martin .Lee said; -I .await a rash of bank holdups *$ soon as word gets around that a defenseless, middle-aged, dumpy woman held up a banU with noj • ether weapon • than . a piece of paper." "Washington Girl Killed By B&O Freight Train SILVER 'SPRING—(/P>—A young woman identified by police as Miss Betty Conway. 18, of 1030 Fairmont Street, N. !W_ Washington, was killed Tuesday by a freight train. , police said the woman apparently stumbled and fell against a Baltimore and Ohio train moving on. a branch liae near Forest Glen. The accident, occurred shortly before midnight" police said. Tomato Sauce Adds Zest to Eggs Western Marylands'' Newest Dairy WELCOMES VISITORS *, More People Are Changing to Barton's Every Day Coll Us, For Richer, Better Tasting Milk Barton's Dairy - "First With the Newest" Eggs are beginning- to' get more plentiful and 'prices we lower, Loo. Now is the time; therefore, to use eggs more frequently in main dishes as well as for breakfast "as is." Remember—eggs are one of the best sources of. first-class protein, just ike ' meat, fowl, fish ' and cheese. Combine them with canned tomato sauce, chives, cheese, rnush- •ooms, . ' . ' . EjCff.s Pouched in Tomato Sauce .(Serves 3) Six eggs;' G tablespoons .-.nnnid tomato sauce; 'A teaspoon Tabasco sauce, if desired; 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce; 1 tablespoon chopped, parsley; melted butter. Mix sauces and ' 4 tablespoons parsley. Melt butter in frying pan, add sauce and parsley. When hot, - drop in eggs ENJOY one-at-o-time convenience with HfUlKIES URGER...STItONGEK...HEimH TISSUES _come in co'mpact box; Save linen and laundering with MARCAL NAPKINS Food stays fresh in KITCHEN CHARM PAPER turd and n. little canned tomato E.i'jce. Stuff back Into whiles and i rr ige in bottom of casserole. Lay s) imp on top of eggs and then sliced 'mushrooms. Melt butter or margarine in saucepan, add flour and mix to paste. Add salr., milk and 'canned tomato sauce tjradu- ally. Cook until thickened, stirring constantly. -Add cheese and onion or chives. Pour over eggs and bake in moderate oven (350 degrees F.) 25 tr, 30 minutes. local s poached in tpraato sauce have'new interest. and, cook (as for poaching) very slowly until done to-desired consistency. Baste carefully with sauce v;hile cooking.' Serve on rounds of •hot toast. " This egg casserole makes a fine dinner main dish for-even the lustiest eaters: • EtfC Casserole (Servso 6) ' • Six hard-cooked cg^s; '1 can small shrimp; 1 (3 ounce) can broiled in butter mushrooms; 2 tablespoons butter or fortified margarine: 4 tablespoons flour; ',-i' teaspoon salt; Vs. cup,milk; to sauce; V.. --,- „ cheese: 1 teaspoon grated onion, or minced chives. Civil Air Patrol Leaders Postpone Visit To City A scheduled ..visit to Cumberland •yesterday by Capt. ; Alfred Hyde, Air Force liaison officer for the Maryland .Wing of the Civil Air Patrol, and Lti Col. Allen "CT. Bevier, state wing commander, was postponed after the plane they were to use developed engine trouble. Cabt. William Johnson, squadron commander, said ..... were made at Tuesday's Pennsylvania Avenue School meeting to put the Link trainer into operation soon. Another meeting is scheduled Friday at 8 p. m. at the Municipal Airport. Ray' Sine Of the Mountain Radio Club offered his group's services for instruction in radio code. Will Wind Up Aid ' WASHINGTON—m^-A top Marshall Plan official said today that the general European Recovery Pro- One Wort! Led To Another *. * *• * * '* A Soldier's Life For Me could drill -a sqund of malingerers a in lie astraddle a barbed wire fence. And .double-time "them . coming back. • . • ••••••••'• By ARTHUR' -BUGS" BAEK , Ti'.ere was a fellow in our town who decided that olive drab w.asn't his type. So rather than hook on with the Army he figured that two years in the restricted shade would just"about, clear up his freckles. After ten days in durance violent he decided that the poetic polls were as wrong- as.two lert feet. And that rhymes to the contrary stone walls and iron bars were too tough a col- lander for voluntary excursions. He grapevined the committing judge that he would crave his> case upiacked for further details. But the" justice of the high, the low " J What guzzled his parade was bad ••liming. If he had waited for the mid-winter opticals he would have aeon turned down like Page. 328 to "Forever Amber." He was so, luxuriantly astigmatic he'couldn't have walloped a bull in-the'pants-with a bass fiddle. Yet, I decided 'that jail fitted him like it was buttoned up the back. We recognize the legal status of conscientious objection in time of. war But during tlie abbreviated armistices nobody should object to .a roinp in Army shoes. « • You are. outdoors in a well-supervised picnic; you are healthy, you well. And you get paid for some biiii j u-juji''" v"- *.*»•« -"o"f v--— --., 1 gj^ wcii. rviiu j uu tscu pi*),w. i-vi .jwin*. the medium informed him he liadi sl j gl:t ^conveniences like .nob hav- mnrln hi*i . hflfi imrl hf COUld CnlOV!:»,«. « +• «1™V.n.i/> ir-\ vnnv f.nnt. s . made his- bed and he could enjoy ! jng . a te i ep hone in your tent. no: .think the government the lumps in the mattress. I interviewed the lad in an effort to learn why a young fellow would pick the jail-house in preference to will sagway Army training in with normal education. If the scrimmag r ing is to .be technical .then there's tne cenerai ^uropuan X^BUUVUI^ JTIU- »~-"—-o- - -• - — gram "will end on schedule" in 1952 picket a calaboose was from the despite the plea of western Europe| outside and nob the in. UlClt LilU JUll~liUUov; in (ji titi.t,i,t*,v "V n,i(j ±o vv .»-"- *.v.v.i****».i*», .-•-—" ™.—— — the Army. Especially during a mill- no reason why It .cannot tie dove- tary lull in'which he would be as <-«-• •••'*'* "-- "*•'•'' oti«»c Tin -i<-. safe as an oyster ir. a storm at sea. All he could'say was his privacy had beer, invaded by the selective draft. This was his method of protesting. •! acivised him the way to tailed .with the usual classes. Up nt West point they or.lj) go outdoors for the football season. You riddle me why a punkster prefers clink to the Army and I'll give you first bid on my old straw | 'hat.1 am not a reccruiting sergeant Tor Army, Navy or Aviation. But I cannot stand alone'on its economic "feet by. that time. Richard .M. "Bissell, deputy assistant administrator, made the forecast at a news conference. , ilk;' IVi cups' canned toma-j ; V4 cup grated 'American | . Butter casserole. Cut eggs 'in half and remove yolks. Mash and season with, salt, pepper, pinch of mus- EHURNGaiD MARGARINE Cumberland Seafood Market Fresh Seafood in Season •Free Delivery. Service 212 Greene Street Phone 2343-W TEA-BAGS Make Delicious Tea i'*x ' -_/"""•* Knead ( It '• ."£ COLOR HIX'BAO. BUY WHITE CHURNBOtD Co/of // , PURE • SWEET COUNTRY FRESH CHURNGOLO Homogenized MARGARINE COYLE BROTHERS 232 Virginia Ave. FREE DELIVERY SANITARY MARKET Phone 1734 ' HOME DREST MEATS Pure Pork SAUSAGE , , . Ib. 45c PON HAUS 3 Ibs. 25c PUDDING '.. Ib. 35c PORK SHOULDERS Ib. 45c PORK LOIN, Rib End '. : Ib. 49c HAM HOCKS ;...;... Ib. 35c BEEF BOIL Ib. 29c Pure Ground BEEF Ib. 49c Beef STEAKS . .' ' Ib. 73c BACON, sliced Ib. 65c BACON; slab, small size Ib. 49c Armour's Star HAMS wholc ICED GARDEN FRESH PRODUCE GREEN BEANS< fancy ....'. 2 Ibs. 33c BROCCOLLI, large bunch 29c Iceberg LETTUCE .2 nds. 25c Calif. CELERY ........... Igc bun. 25c CAULIFLOWER, snowy white .... 29c Emperor GRAPES 2 Ibs. 29c MUSHROOMS, basket 33c APPLES, fancy Winesap 2 : lbs. 29c Sunkist ORANGES ... 2 dbzs. 59c CLOSE-OUT Fancy Mixed Nuts ...... 3 Ibs. $1.00 Good CHESTNUTS. Ib. 25c or Shank .Half ; .' Ib. 59c Fancy Large Dried PRUNES .... 2-lb. box Dried PEACHES ........ Ib. Fresh Country EGGS 19c Sliced or Crushed PINEAPPLE 75c No, 2 cans Doz. 63" Stantpn's Pure BUCKWHEAT . 5.&75C" Genuine 'Jumbo Size Lake Herring O bucket -pli98 COFFEE Chose & Sanborn' Ib. 55c Maxwell House . Ib. 57c Seven-Thirty 3 Ibs. $1.17 Armour's Cloverbloom BUTTER OLEC Mrs. Filbert's, regular .. ,b 33c .COLORED No Mess . Dried Kidney BEANS New Crop 2 lb! 25c NewlfrmPILLSBURY- Mix'Headquarters Not Ow But TWO Great New in the Two flavors America likes Best CHOCOLATE FUDGE CAKE Mix Tender and moist. Rich color. Even grain. Sofl texture. Stoys fresh longer. , WHITE CAKE Mix Velvety, soft texture. Makes two high, 8-inch layers. (Try it. for yellow and spice cake, too.) A TRIUMPHANT CAKE-onfy milk to add Here, in these two new Cake Mixes (just as in Pillsbury Pie-Crush Mix and Hot Roll Mix), Pillsbury provides the finest of ingredients. The. best of-specially milled cake "flour, plus top-qua Jty shortening, eggs, sugar ... all tbe things necessary in making a really fine cake . . : are expertly blended with an evenness and uniformity that few cakes ever have. , . You just add milk. Promise yourself (whether an experienced cook or not)' a piece of cake just as good as any you ever remember eating. Discover for yourself that Pillsbury has a way with mixes. . BEST RALPH FRANTZ MARKET Self-Serve RIDGELEY, W. VA. Phone 879 or 4 A TRIANGLE FOOD STORE , Free Delivery on .Orders of $3.00 or More MONEY SAVING MEATS . Grade A Sliced Bacon i b 65c . Our O>yn Pork Sausage:. ib 55c -Meaty Ham Hocks. ib..35c Seafood For Health Oystets Standards pint C3c Selects ...' pint 79c Pure Lard 2 i us .'45c FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Pascal • ."'••-• Celery . beh 19c Idaho Bakhiff ••'.'. Potatoes i" 59c Tendc'r Green. . Beans. 2 lbs . 29c Fancy' •; • • • . . • ' TomatoeSp kg 25c Sweet Florida' • Oranges ,,,29c , 25 2 ibs. Jerzee jj TallCan-i 59c OPEN TILL 8 P.'M. FRIDAY — 6 P. M. SATURDAY BE' SUKE TO READ OUR TRIANGLE STORES ADVERTISEMENT FOK MOKE SAVINGS,.. A Product o[ Central Foodt' Only BUSS has a blend like this I Wonderful new Bliss & a" completely NEW combination of coffees .. ..blended to meet today's demand for rich, full-bodied flavor at a reasonable, money-saving price. It's vacuum- packod! It's roaster-fresh! Try Bliss: • TitAR-KET-.CO. 42 N. Centre St. Phone 2195' LEAN PLATE BOIL 37c Country Style 1 All fure fork....: Sugar Cured pc. cut Ib. 45c •Swift Dixie BaconSquareSi^Sc ..Very Tasty Ib. i Pure 27c LARD ™ 23c Sliced Bacon Grade A Ib. 59c Sliced | Tender Sliced Pork | Beef Liver | Liver ',„. 39c j ,b. 59c -Stcwiris ..;.;„.'pint.65e Frying pint-75o - Rib PoHt Roast ,b.-'45c Loin . Pork Roast n, 49C First Cat Chaps . ,,, .49c . Center Pork Chaps ^ 59c Fresh Ground Beef . . 'lb;'43c Sirloin Steok- . Ib.' 69c Round Steak. Ib. 73 C Chuck Roast . Ib. 49c Shoulder Roast . Ib. 55c Bonelessv Rump- n t r .L re Roast . Ib; 65c Beef Stew Ib. 55c • - . , BEEF BonelesJs BUTTER FRESH CREAMERY .. ,b67c

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