Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on June 23, 1952 · Page 5
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 5

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, June 23, 1952
Page 5
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Flax, Soybeans in Drop Com dropped a penny p «T hiuiti- el, flax two cenU >nd soybcaju •lumped four centa on toda/a local ^in market. Produco price* hrld , ateady on the local mtirUfi. GRAIN . Old cofn ti.«8 New corn JIJSB Soybeans _ $2.M Oats (36 Iba.') IZc Flay. »3.T8 OrftTfea Orttln Oonijwny Onnrer, Hunttik(toi><-Mapl« Rffl PBOIMOOK Sweet cfe&tn No. 1 No. 2 .. Henneries .. No. 1 No. 2 Springs, 2% Iba. and up atraii(ht run i Hens, under 4% lbs Hens, HVi lbs. and over . IHe^vy cockK Leghorn, leghorn cross cocks 76c 73c 71c 33c 27c 24c 22c 280 14c 16c 10c MB-LL "DOCTOR" A. SI. A. Dr. Louis H. Bauer, above, of Hempatpad, N. Y., hag been elected president of the American Medical aaaociatlon. He succeeds Dr. John W. Cllne, of San Francisco. Classified Ads Never Get Lazy in Hot Weather-Call 333 PersofMi 42 YEARS AGO June 23.191t>—Lawson Utt^, golf champion, bom. Scored \i In snowstorm, 6S0O yard course, San Antonio, 1941. SANDERS ICE CREAM CO. 2J0-1-4 A SAFE BET. tried It yet? FIna Foam for cleaning rugs and upholstery. Martin Furniture. 220-6-4 HOT HAM SANDWICH mashed potatoes, 80c. DUTCH MAID LUNCH 220-1-4 Lost cmd Found 16 LOST—Rod and reel tru-temper reel. Lost by dam at Ingham Lake. Reward offered. Ph. 1410W. Ray RIcklefa. 219-2-16 Sioux City fjivestock Stoux City livestock market quo- tt^tions: Sioux City, June 23 .fl?—CatUe salable^5,000; caiveSilSO; slaughter steers and heifers fairly active, strong to fully 25 to 60 higher; 8pm)9 uip mbr6 over last week's dull close; demand somewhat Improved for steers of weight; cows slow, not ffiUy established; opening salfs about steady; stockers and feeders In smaller supply, stronger; bulk choice fed steers 29.76-$32; several loads average to high choice 10251260 lb. weights .32.25-32.60; load mostly prime 1350 lb. beeves $33; some commercial and good steers |2e-$29; hdifers scarce, few lots good and oholce $28-30.60; several lots choice heifers and mixed yearlings $31-31;5p; canner and cutter cows $14-118; utility and commercial 18.50-21.60; few young fed high commercial $22-22.50; couple loads good yearling, stock steers 29.50-$30; Medium and good feeding cows 17.60-$19;,load good North Dakota cows with good and choice calves at side 1^260 per pair. . Hogs salable 8.000; lightweight biitcheri unevenly- steady to pnostly 25-60 lo^cf; hcfvler Veighls largely^; 25-60 ;dff;-sows mostly 26-50 lower; full decline Onnightweights; choice 1 > to 3. harrows and gilts iifound .190 T 240 lbs.:i9.75-$20; latter for moderate.•supply choice 1 and 2,around iW-Ziti Ibs.on shipper account; pacicef; limit 19.75; choice 1 to- 3 around 240-570 lbs.'18.75-19.75; 270-300 lbs. $18416; heavier weights scarce; good and choice 100-160 lbs. $18-$19 on feeder and scrum account; .<)hoice sows around 360 lbs. dowp.ihtfstly 1T.26-$18; few lightweight butcher types 18.25; 360-400 lbs. 1125-17.25 ; 400-600. lbs. 15 .75- aa.6(fc.-v; - The Weather OFFICIAL TESITERATURES Maximum yesterday: 77 Minimum last night: 67 TODAY'S WEATHER R a. ni. Noon Temperatures 70 86 Wind, direction: SSE SSE WInd.veloclty: 16 18 Barometer: 29.68 29.58 IOWA FORECAST Considerable cloudiness, occasional showers and thunderstorms north, partly cloudy south, warmer south this afternoon. High today 78 to 83 north, 85 to 93 south. Hot and humid tonight and Tuesday, mostly fair except in north and east, partly cloudy with a few local thundcrshowers. Low tonight 66 to 70 north, 70 to 75 south. High Tuesday 88 to 94 northeast, 94 to 99 southwest. Further outlook: Continued hot and humid Wednesday. . ' SHNNESOTA FORECAST Mostly cloudy tonight and Tuesday with occasional local showers and thiinderstorms. Not much change in temperature. Low tonight 58 to 63 north, 64 to 68 south. High Tuesday mostly In low SO'a but lo%v- er close to Lake Superior. Htg..Plb.-Elee. 12 'OJIRE IM -- SO ^C3U BETTER MAKE TK BGST OF IT.' I'LL SHOW >tXJ HOW TO KEEP FRCM curriN' EACH atvia?:s •mKOKrS> C« LESS OFF IM -THESE UTTLE LOTS... OET BACK. HEfte, PlKkSREE — m& PAINFUL FOR ME TO HAVE TO WATCH VOU.' CumMBiBi lb* Vio«i«ii.r *iM H«i>ubacM DON'T LET that man with the hammer and saw tear your walls apart to install that new furnace in your old house. It's dirty, costly and unnecessary. Contact Central Heating and Plumbing (formerly Schlldknccht's) for Information on the latest and best methods of old house heating installations. Call us before pay- Jng 1952 prices for a 1939 heating system. 220-6-12 Servieef TREES CUT —Single or timber. Sec Leo Mitchell or- call Don Woodyard. 507W. 220-6x-9 INTERFERENCE BOTHER YOU on those summer evening drives? Bring your car radio here for expert service. ESTHERVILLE RAI?IO Under Dutch Maid Ph. 264 220-3-0 FOR FREE PICKUP and delivery. Ph. 49. P ft O Cleaners. 256-tf-9 BOTTLE OAS SALES-SERVICE Installations — Regulations HILL'S CORNER, Ph. 49J51 161-tf-O PETERSON'S Radiator Bervlcs, just east of randy's, m4 Central. Bxperlenebd In all types radiator repair. 116-tf-9 m Mm., 4nne 28, 1952 5 «. I»]0 kl lh» pMili ^trif* at Ktbtf mil*, lava. oiMr tM act vt Mat** a. i«r» t Of t <uura TkrM Sai* ..-, fern dajrt - m* Say* — OtM nmk , _.. Karb atMIUoMl t*t Mtalmnm a4 tee. eobMCUtN* Inwrltnu CHka*tn*t a<l« an OCT OUR \VA.r For Rent FOR RENT—Large unfurnished downtown apartment. Wogcn's. Phono 88. 220-tf-5 FOR RENT—6-room house, 4 miles north Esthervlllo. Also 2-room house in BCsthorvlUe. Simon Frcy, Esthervlllc. 220-4X-5 FOR RENT—Throe-room apartment on Ist floor. Ph. 1146W. Alice HIndman. 220-2x-2 REFINISH your own floors nt Big Savings! Rent a high-speed floor sander fr6m Wards. MONTGOMERY WARD Esthervlllc, Iowa 220-2-6 FOR RENT — Nice one-room or two-room furnished apartment for girls. Close In. Ph. 067, 219-tf-6 i» 'Chicago tAtaiattock Chicago (if>—Althdugh <eeipts of hogs VWero! fewer than a .^eek ago, ^prlfies Were steady to ^5-cents lower today. Sows show- «d!jeoat tendency to the lower side. ; Cattle were steady to weak and sheep^ steady: An Uni^yable Lie St.,^aul, Minn., UP)— Nobody orgiiei*^ that Raji'SshhjJdt of stlll- water,'| Minn., had an tihplayabls lie pji^day in the Minnesota state opeii, golf tournMhent. Schmidt hit at six] iron ovet- the 18th green, the'ball; struck a: tree by the Som- ersi^t course swimming pool, fell to;a,tivalk'a;round'thc pool and rolled into' a corner In the women's |Bhov?i'r^ro6m. It*estimated that wheat products supply about 25 per cent of the protein; In the average Amerl- can^dtet - 70DAVS CROSSWORD PUZZLE ~ 'Answer to Previout Puzzle C. C. C. Gliib Meets with Mrs. Ray Fry BY HELEN »f. WELSH The C. C. C. club met Thifi-sday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Ray Pry. Mrs. Esther Meyer opened the meeting. Roll call was anawercd by everyone telling about hei; wedding day or an event. Devotions were by Mrs. Pete Aanonson. "My Heart Stood Still," was aung by Marvis Lundgren and Helen Birkland. A stamped, addressed envelope, with notepapcr was passed to each member to write a letter to a "shut In", then the letters were sealed and sent to the shut-ins in various parts of the United States, since last Sunday was national "Shut-in" day. "Birthday of ,the United States Flag" was read by Mrs. Jane Ellerston. A vocal duet, "Moonlight Bay," was sung by Marvis Lundgren tmd Helen Birkland. The average man's pr^ytr was read by Clara Hassel. Members present were Eva Aanonson, Helen Bcrkland, Maxlno Berkland, Dc Lilah Christcnscn, Opal Chrlstensen, Mildred Dominy, Jane Ellcrston, Artls England, Darlenc Pry, Ollle Fry, Pearl Fry, Clara Hassel, Arlene Larson, Mar- BfTTlR PRINTING INVOICES WORK SHEETS RULED FORMS No matter how intricate the form may be, our commercial printing department is equipped to do it! ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS Northwest Iowa's Largest Printing Plant 220-3-9 FOR RENT—Nice two-room apartment. Close in. Ph, 835. 217-tf-6 FOR RENT—Apartment in Rohdo building. Ph. 771. 21«-16x-5 FOR RENT—Modern, first floor 3 room apartment with bath . and porch. Garage. Postoffico Box A. 212-tf-6 FOR RENT—3-room modern apartment above Gift Garden, 119H N. 6th St Ph. 806 or 62. 20l-tf-6 Entertoinment HAPPY SEQUEL "Belles on Their Toes." the "Cheaper by the Dozen" family Tuesday, Wednesday and Thura- dSy at the Grand. 220-3-1 iKding the Roils «. t Docomotivcs V I are nicknamed "t3n«l3I3 EiiHanmr^ I an ao niacsLiEira aniauga n HOBnONTAL • VttTICAL la rooted <*ie\ "'di;? as wooii 'iea^:;!^^*/ - 23 handle iI4L«id«|/ ";\}Kd <_:U 24Sew together )&|lfir<b ! 7 Cheat (slant) 25 UnWeadied 86Mden iw 26 Yucca flber iSan .27 outbreaks of -'" disease 28 Simpler 29?inplW« SlProiftuigates 33 Imitative 38 Trying experience, 'WfQL &itlon , nan •C3C1 nun acsn •can 40 Trigonometric functions 41 Bone (comb, form)' 42 Famous English school 43 Therefore 44 Unusual 48T8V <8rhs 47 Medley 48 FVaidles SO Cretan mount vis Lundgren, Evelyn Oakes, Alice Olson, Lillian Shroeder, Christina Vahldieck, Cathrlno Wiseman, Louis Handcland, Mrs. Knapp and Annie Welsh. A lunch was served by tho hostess. Slips of paper Were passed oiit to the members and they wrote on them as to whatihad become of their Wedding dress. Slips were gathered and Annie Welsh read them. The chairman, Mildred Domlny, presented tho program. Visitors present wore Mesdames Norman Iverson, William Ocilenchirken, Willis Fry, Joan Wisemann,. Rev. and Mrs. James Warren of Ringsted were Friday evening callers at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Vahldieck. In only a few bird species do the females sing. Jobs Wanted CUSTOM BALING New Holland wire bales. Will pull trallcrn. 4 ml. W. and S^ N. of EstherN-me. Don Egelnnd. Ph. Superior 6F8 collect. 20M0t-3 Farm IS THRUE A ROOM In your hiiseniont or ftUlo THAT ISN'T WORKINCI? We have plan* nnil mnlorlnln for modernlrlnB them. Urlnu your problemii to us. COMMANDER KLKVATOH.S HuntinRton. lowii. Ph. 44\V!\, Esthcrvllle, \V. K. Socmnnn. mannKor. 220-2-7 CUSTOM BALING with Irnllern, New Holland Imler. Pr. BF8 Harold Diiven|iorl. 220-2-7 FOR SALE— John Deere twn-row Bide dressing nttnchment. Now. K. L. Griffith, Ph. 46\V8I. 2103X-7 tl< p*t wart \t* ft w»« S* pt war4 lUiM %r* ff Ol Mk«M «4. CASH wrrH ORDKlt IKMk )i «*|><Bt ftam ut IS* foT tfmw. S0» elwr«* U I*ar« Uk*n kr Mlljr Nvm sM ehuivd If atl Mt%— •Mrm or pboM nuBtUr bui not »4v*UMr* tnm SI 1ft* u OiaMrtfMM »<1 tbMf adnniMaMM* nt UM nm MM* Ibty «w *»r aaa r*»or. ua mar •! oee* M ac allow MHW* ean k* vaa* an«r taa nr« Form FOR .SAI.R 1981 Nrw Hollnml T t>nl.n' ("rtll Ray Hiw*. ST7.I 220.1^-J Automotive CAR TP.Ot'»l..l !»r For e«f*fr«# tiummer ririvtne and utt* «avln> top perforwanco, bring your cat (o u« for a spring cbi>ckup ItRNAMAN MOTOR CO. 23«»-n Soto Cotowaar T»rMi O rmuM'tl lKiua*hoM irw >4a •t n« N. nn st. nf>*r*»> m<»e- ilofiror. Emm»t Couniy St«t«> Rank, eirrk Salx ad: Jfan# % FOR TIRE MILEAOR hav« u* iiwlleh tlr*« and rhorh wh**l atlKnment la hWp cut down lir» Wfar. THOMAft MOTORS It FOR RALE IMO tk>d(» Ch^ap. Phone SIAJ !19 J\-lt hX>n «At.K laST OhfvTolet ittdor. $A5 (M l .«uri -ncr K<-tn\»n. 411 North 4th HI aiH -lx 11 FOU SALE Cunhman moloi »oo«t- rr. Enrollpnl rondltlon. T (1 OI»on. as miles Msulh Maple Hin lU-axlt LET US takr <>ar« of your auloM^ tly« needa. Bump«r to bumpwr servico—all mak«« So« ua. Robinaen Motors Tonttae" (th sad Central Avit. sar-tf-tt SALK CALBNtkAR Mon4ay. J>u^- T -IM A. farm, wrllo for d<Hw >Hptlon to Walter rar»«on. Triumph. Mlnn^aota. Wont To tuy 30 WANT TO m*T -0 <K <4 (Mod »TO«n 1^1 furnace, ti. tftaO or Sl>t»eh (ir« pot att* Call a «v«rt M. .HlarlvUnd *t Niaotitafid Ptmnlv InK Co Ph 101 JIW » For Solo If FOR SALE- as- foot triUlor h<nM<n. I»J» twra HoltanJ. Rieh4M^tao« IMU. B»r- llOO FKEDKR.S W<> linvi- ready made hoc f>><»>l- I 'vn. »l«i' Hxft. Won't flog Keep feiHl drv. Se«' vm n\ onr<>. Prlc-o JUS. CO.\I.MANnKR EUKVATOUS HuntlnRloii. lown. Ph 44 \V5, Esthervllli-, W E .Se.-mann. managi-r. 320-3-7 DEAD STOCK WANTED 2-HoiiP Son'lce ESTHERVILLE DOLLIVRR SUPEUlOn .. WAIXINt-.POHn I.ISO OPKRATOU OPERATOR M Help Wanted niO INCOME TAKINt^, ORDICRM Kv^ry homo n pm »(M >et hlg r«>- prnt hualnea* r «r Pali Irk quality line of family eiothtng offrml only direct from fartorle*. fAM aamplei) furnUhnt. Jarket*. Nlaekn. ahlrta. hualery, iiweater«, work rlothlnit. Irouaer*. underwear, lingerie, lilankela. child- rru'a Rnrment*. unownuH*. etc Write today. Patrick - Duluth Onrment Factor>'. Dululh. Minn, 320-1.3 ARR .VtOVINrs out at ttato ttning alt our hou *4 >hol«l rurnlatltM:«> Ntre (my fur n <>Wt )r inarrt»d couple l»h IKWt.J. 2S0 -e »»0 VIKLP WANTKD niahwaaher. Apply In peraon at People'* Oafo, 3>»3-3 NF.w RTimiO <traehM aiHl sBfa- txHld In v»ty tvratttUul co^rn. nANBORN FimNmmis WORK RHOKR nantiino fcon*- htdp. liuinin arvh lappATt. <t«*h- lon crv'pvt »»le» M«^,t»r for any K)b apywheff. Only ttiM. HimSH.V» STORE WR PAV PHONK rHAnnF.a Farmers' Rendering Service Branch of AlRonii Rendering Co. 1949 MASSEY HAURI.S 7-ft Clipper, with motor Always a square deal nt VIKINO MOTORS Masscy Harris-Oliver Ealhervllle, Iowa 219-2-7 CREAM-POULTRY - EGOS. Boat ' market price plus courteous, • helpful sflrvlcp. Convenient curb service. Phone 01. P. O. GRAY 218-.V7 FOR SALE—21 acres of clover and timothy hay. Hanson Brolhers. Dolllver. 2IH-6X-7 TONITE "SHOWBOAT" Kathryn Grayson—Ava Gardner Howard Keel—Joe E. Brown SWATHERS FOR SALE 8 foot left and right hand. Opens field as easy as with a mower. Delivers swath to center. Must have tractor with wide front end. PAULSON MACHINE SHOl Ph. 6381 Round Lake, Minn. 218-12X-7 FOR SALE—A few good polled Hereford bulls. Frank Smith. Osgood, Iowa. 209-12X-7 ON HAND Chicks,.! to 4 weeks old Pullets straight run and males In 7 weeks. HAMILTON HATCHERY Bancroft, Iowa 21.'l-tf-7 Bob Wil.son, Driver 220-1-7 Mr. Farmer! PROMPT COURTfOUS SERVICt IN RtMOVAl. OF YODR 01 AD CRIPPiri? OK DISfASCO STOCK CUAN, SAKlIMir li.Ui '. CALl OUK Af.rNT ARMSTRONG DOLLIVtR nL tsTHFRviiLt rnone GRAfTTINGfR SUPERIOR 7nn WALLINGfORD HKLP WANTRn-W»lir*a«, apply In person al People's Cafe, 3lft-3-3 DE8IRK WOMAN experiencM In handling the public . . . for largo local company. Typing and bookkeeping experience n«c*«a*ry, »40 p<<r week, 40-hour WM «k. employee Iwineflta including vae*. tlona. Insurance and profit ahar> Ing. Write Box BTSS, car* of Dally New*. 318-1 f.3 WANTED—Part tSm« bookk»»p«r. Hourly rate of pay. Hour* can be i^rranged to ault «mpl«y««. I<ong eatalillahed business. Wrttn giving itxperlence and mualiftca tlons. Post Office Box 43, Rather- vllle. 318^3 I.Ar>1BR whita terrycl«tHin*M(#ra. tl»« each. RMLBRJI VALUi: WtOnK 3a»-3-IO FOR HAIJE-Iteavv nHMtlng hsna. Ph. »IW« l,«>vt (Arson. 3S>^-I0 FOR MALIC—Ua*4l FtnuaMNM rwfrir- eralor, S ycuira old. run* perfectly. See thta oni>. tlJM ptit Wtvlt. FIRKHTONi: rroiuM FOR BAUC J. C. HlntM girfs bike. \uuA 7 WMka. Pte. 48U *(• tf>r 8 p. m. 9»te»1i) EsfherviHo Rendering Service (ABl TUIIlt DBlVId 330.1-7 Tuesday and Wednesday Farley Granger — Ruth Roman Robert Walker "Strangers on a Train" 220-1-1 BIDB OliANGB Pig Market WEDNESDAY of ovwy ^rom 6:00 a. m. to 10:(K) n. m. The newest, most unique eii«h plR tnnrkel in the «tiitr' Buyers and sellern iillkr iirc Invited to be on hand early. Pigs nff miUI In oriUr of their itr- rlvai without IH-Ing n'rnovrd from owner's vi' hide. These plRs iirr- HOUI in iiuHlon, CiiMh market with no vnrclnullon. For further Informtilion rnll or write WANTED I*dy to care for nick peraon and do light houaekoep- Injf. Full or pari time. W. A. Schults. Ph. «7«. atftSx-J FOR 8AU&-~Tr»lt*i> Mm*. Mr*. Cor* Potftoon. Can b* mm at •33 South to(h or ««n nrw. atMK 'ta FOR 8ALK~0«o4 HM 4 'mMtna macHtnf. »». PoftaM* (wtn tubs, lA and Imnliiir teard. tX> tot N.\th. R. c. Btgga. aao4-t» Loans and Ins. 10 HONEY IN MtNtmM Cash loans of $30 to tSOO ta ri'or- ganise paymenla or to aattle old hills, Rapay eonvanlsnlly, according to Income. No andora- era. Conia In I IOWA OUARANTKB, Inc. 330^ IS Real Estate NEWLY RienKCOlUTCO Three-bedroom home. L. ft, dining area, atta^-hnd garage. Nice yard. North location. RHTHKRVIU.E REALTY Ph. 1340 330-ia FOR HALE'-Beer tavern, location. I'riced to sell. Clood Two choiro Iota, Prlc«d to Bell. RIDOUT REAL EUTATE Ph l «80 or I7«IJ IMMBDIATB DBMVBRTtI 94:00 bungalows, $3,144. erected on foundation or btUMnant h9tM. Other slnn, stytaa. Toor ptena or ours. Fret delivery 100 ml. Standard construction. Not prsfab. n«rt dry lumber. Visit Fahnlng Supply, Watervltis. MIoo. 0|>ta 11-6 <No Sundays!. . 31l>-3x H THR IDRAL, way to maka datUf lous roffeo la wllh a Siinl!««m roffMi makar. Buy on* for your•elf or as n gift OLSON IW.RCTRIC SERVICK 330-3-tO P'OR SALE tiaavy atawtng MnSk Raymond Span. Ph. 3XVU. WtCT DASKMK4TS ran bo eliminated wHh Armor roal. whlt« nnd eolon. Ro easy In apply you ean do It yoursatl. JOrcC LUMBBR CO. 31*^19 TOR RALK -Oood ftrfa bloyrlak 110. Ph. illOJ. CUranca tUack. FOR 8ALK--Speed b«*l. Brouaa. 341^ OuMO M. tlt -VtO FOR HAIiB-'Ooa cook atova. !»• i |ulr« Harry Woodyard. 9. «t Rat«lfh. nt4«>]0 FOR friaa. SALK-Thrvr-pound MMinf rrnneU Aball. Ph. WWt 9tMs>10 IIOMETHINO FOR YOUR DWBP FRKiBZK Fr»»tar bags and boxaa. o*k*n bucket froscn food container*. pUurtto storpak. Alt theaa avail' abl<^ In qtuiHa and pints. EtITHieRVnXB ttAROWAIUC GEORGE WEDNER on HiRhway 71 2aO-lx-7 ACRBAOES FOR BALK CAROL BROCKMAN. Realtor Ceylon. Minn. Slt^ CHOICE FARMS - Your all/-. Mod• rn or good buildings. All tillable. Buy NOW. get 1>3 of crop. 120 aer^. all field at im with half of crop. 4* M Johnson Rai^ tor, Hector, MlnnMotn. 312-tOX'3 I WISH TO lake thta niMns of ra- prawalng my thanks to all my r»>- Btivea and friends for their kind expressions of sympntliy, also to Dr. Colllna and the nursso at (h* Holy Family hospital during my recent llln««a. May Ood Mass you alt. Mr. Martin Bawpson. 330-U4 WANTS RIDER going to CaUfor- ni* about Juno ». Oontaet Rich ard Oodsll, Phone 3MJ. tl»-3i.-4 Red Tag RpM!lal—Oiiw Cod whito pickal f«nc» 3»c sortlon. WESTERN AUTO AMIOC. rrORB Xtt^tf to RAWI^IOH PWODUCTi. B. T. Baumann. Ptt. MU. 30>IM0 MITCHEU< Air Oontfltiooar. World'a ftnaat foom nlr em>43n- IkMiar. Rkctuirtvo oim^rator design that Incorporatao M tube*. Micro-filter 9«J pOr cont acreen- Ing. HEIDKB BUftCTRIC lOt-tflO Rummage Sale Tues., June 24 9 a. m. to 0 ix m. 609 N. 9th St. R. C. Biggs 930^10 Gruver and Community Night Thursclay, June 26 FREE SHbW FREE TRIAT'S for everydne

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