Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on June 23, 1952 · Page 4
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 4

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, June 23, 1952
Page 4
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Recipe for Lamb Shashlik SIJ.SAN llAWI Attor prolonged heat iind humidity, wp havn hail thundcrshowers end the air has cioincd. Last night Ftofms broke all around us, to the south, onst and north, and wo escaped any wind or rain damage But the skies were alive with motion: dark banks of cloudi) broke up and scudded wildly about; lightning, horizontal and vertical, as well as Intense heat lightning lit up the night like distant artillery. It was one of those magnlficant shows that nature put on for puny man. •If » if LAMB IS ON the market now, as well as veal. Hero Is a recipe tor Lamb Shashlik that you will like. 2 pounds boneless lamb shoulder 1 garlic clove Mi cup oalad oil >i cup vinogar It. Ac'cont ^ 1 t. dry nuwtard 1 i. Worcestershire sauce Dash cayenne Few droi)s tabasco Cut lamb In 1-inch cubes. Kub bowl with slashed garlic clove; leave In bowl. Add salad oil, vinegar, and seasonings; mi.\ well. Add lamb cubes; let .stand several hours, turning occasionally. Drain String on skewers; broil 20 minutes, turning to brown. For dinner service leave on skewers. For pinnies, slide ofi" skewers into split, toasted frankfurter buns. Makes 6 sorvlngs_ * >:• *" MXNY OF OL'R readers sent for the information ,KV KIHKLK we promised them on the South African plant, the chinchirlnchee, and have not yet received this Information. We regret this very much. At the time we made thin offer, the importing company in New York was receiving regular shipments of the flowers by air. But Inter air service was cuilailed and temporarily It Is not possible for us to give you this Information. As soon as reliable air service is restored and the flowers con arrive in good condition, I'll let yi>u know. It wc do not got satisfaction, we'll return your dimes and stamped envelopes. « « ;|< ItUAOKJft WANTS to know If we have any information on a hackamore headstall. There is a good article on this subject in the June, 1962 issue tif the Western Horseman. It is the same us the fiudor, bosal and mecnte, which are kinds of head gear for horses. They are generally made from rawhide and each cowboy has his own favorite way of making them. It is used In teaching a horse to neck rein. Any reader who has more information or would like to comment on the matter, it will be apprcclal- od. Interest in horses is mounting. Did you know that there Is town In Tennessee which gone completely western? A large Texas ranch owner happened to be visiting there and ho liked the blur, grass country he saw—better than the dry Te.xas plains. Imagine! So he took his cattle and horses end equipment and went to Tennessee. Now they are going all out for rodeos and western cattle and horsen. "Well, Wliat's the News from the Western Front?" Camblnloe the Vindicator and Republican. PublUtMd Every evening Kxcept Buaday and Principal UoUdayi. Entared as aecond clus matter Oct. «, 1930 at the poetoHlce at KatJi- ervllle, Iowa, under thee act of Marcn 3, 1870. 4 Mon., June 23, 1953 Owned and Publtthed by: Deemer Lee, Editor and Publ>>taer, Robert N. L*; Advarttalog Manager. The A.uoclated emu ii entitled excliu- Ively to the UM for republicattoa of all the local neiwe printed in thl« new»paper u well aa all AP newa dla- patches. SUBSCRIPTION TERM* By mall In Emmet, XwiirJi, Palo Alto, Clay, Dickinson, Jackeon .ind Martin counties: one year $8; six mantbs Sl.aa; three months 12.25; a weeks tl. By mall ouulde abovt coontles one year (10; six months fi.2'u; three months 12.75; one month kl.OO. By UtUe Mertaiant .».rrler; per we« 30c: one year tl4: six months 87.35; three months 83.75. Hemt>er of the Iowa Press AsaoclaUon, Iowa Dally Press Association, National Editorial AsioclaUon and laland Press AssodaUon. RBPRESENTATIVia Szehange, Omaha: also Atlanta ana General adverUslng represaotallves; Inland Newspaper Representauves, lao, Wtttley BIdg., Chicago; 512 P-tth Av«., New York: Security Bldg., St. Unm, 1012 Baltimore, Kansas City, 42S Qrala Dallas. May's Future Subscribers to Daily News . James Maurice Boggcss, May 24, son of Mr. and Mrs, Maurice W. Boggesa. BIchard Thomas Matthics, May 28, son of Mr. and Mrs. Duane L. Matthlea. Jan Howard Hcidecker, May 27, BOn of Mr. and Mrs. Orville E. Hei- dcckcr. Mark Ellis Lundgren, May 28, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ellis T. Lundgren. Rebecca ^ee Bell, May 28, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne C. Bell. Gary Richard Rasmusscn, May 2, 8on of Mr. and Mrs. Earl H. Ras- inussen. Marilyn Jean Vacura, May 15, (laughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Vacura. Donna Rao Jensen, May 6, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold W. Jensen. Luvcrnc Gene Mcln, May 21, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Meln. David Edwin KoUasch, May 21, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Kollasch; Deborah Rae Carr, May 29, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Carr. Dcrwood Donald Trigg, May 25, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Trigg. Gregory Alan Clni.ftenson, May 23, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey W. Chrlstensen. Allan Prancis Welp, May 21, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Wclp. Ben Bernard Johnson, May 20, • son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben H. Johnson. Donna Lee Genrloh, May '20, duu- ghtcr ot Mr. and Mrs. John Gi -n- llch. Arlin Evorett Spoo. May 11!. .ion Of Mr. and Mr.s. EVITCU \V Spoo. Virginia Ann Prli'Ster, May 7 daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. Friinci.s J. Prlestci-. Donald Joseph Schaeherer. May 4. son of Mr. ami Mrs. ,!ohn "V. Schaoherer. Linda Susan Ijiinpc. May 2, duu- gbter of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A. Lampc, Cheryl Margaret Marl, May 1, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George E. Mart. Rolene Jo Wilke, May 15, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Wllke. Peggy Linn. Midthun, May 16, daughter of M.r. und Mrs. Donald L. Midthun. Christine Eyleen Schnoll. May 27, ' daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hiiriy SchncU. Jennifer Rue Eide, May 27, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wesley R. Kide. Diana Lee Howard, May 26, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. William H. Howard. Lynn Marie Harrison, May 22, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James E. Harrison. Linda Diane Harrison, May 22, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James E. Harrison. Dennis Alan Sabby, May 6, aon of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd P. Sabby. Rex Alan Anderson, May 4, son ot Mr. and Mrs. Rex M. Anderson. David Allen King, May 3, son of Mr. and Mrs. William H. King. Kenneth Raymond Halvorson, May 26, son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond O. Halvorson. Jeffrey James Eddy, May 25, son of Mr. and Mrs. Everett L. Eddy. Steven Allison Morris, May 22, son ot Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Morris. Franclne May Gulnn, May 20, daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus A. Gulnn. Francella Kay Gulnn, May 20, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus A. Gulnn. Monte Lee Bonnick.sen, May 18, son of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn D. Bon- nlcksen. Charlene Ann Champine, May 17, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer R. Champine. Thomas Edward WesttivU, May 5, son ot Mr, and Mrs. Edward E. West f. all. Curtis Alan Golhier. May 8, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gothier. Deborah Jo Reynolds, May 12, daughter of Mr. and Mi-s. William G. Rcynold.s. Randy Lcc Rogei-t. May 3, .ion of Mr. and Mrs. niirluw C. Rogert. Thoma.s James Kennedy, May 29, son of Mr. and Mr.s. James E.. Kennedy. Jolei'u Calhi'ilni' Brown, May 25, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William S. Brown. Kevin Allen Clark, May 24. son of Mr. and .Mrs. Russell C. Clark. Steven Oliver Snmuelson, May 22, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Samuelson. Con.itance Luuisi' Hanky, May 20, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John L. Hanky. Charles Allan Thompson, May 17, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin A. Thompson. Christopher John RIenesch, May 16. son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence j. RIenesch. Ronald Raymond Loder, May 14, son of Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph P. Loder. Donna Lee Rolfson. May 12, dau­ ghter of Mr and Mrs. Byron C. Rolfson. Barbara Jo Torrcncc, May 1, daughter of Mr. and -Mrs. George A. Torrcncc. Dorothy Diane Meyer, May I, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George F. Meyer. Cynthia Kay Davis, May 6, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Milton L. Davla. Richard Alan Jacobaon, May 6, son of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice T. Ja­ cobaon. Kathryn Jo Timmons, May 6, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Ivan O. Timmons. David Alan Paulson, May 8, aon of Mr. and Mra, Walter E. Paulson. Roger Lynn Knudtaon, May 9, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lcland H. Knudtaon. Linda Mario Hiedt, May 13, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mcrlyn L. Hiodt. Douglas John Eihauacn, May 14, son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert M. Eihausen. La Vern Marlon Edwards, May 20, son of Mr. and Mra. Lawrence Edwards. Marilyn Jane Hoag, May 23, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Claude J. Hoag. Mai-y Sue Hagcn, May 24, daughter of Mr. and Mra. Walter C. Hagen. James Elden Fisher, May 4, son of Mr. and Mrs. Glen G. Fisher. Todd Elliott Hcrslcff, May 13, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Hersleff. Weslie Charles Shaffer, May 18, «on of Mr, and Mrs. Claude C. Shalfer. Bryan Kent Murray, May 24, son ot Mr. and Mi.s. Donald W. Murray, David Eugcm- Olsen, May 26, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald P. Olsen. WinkeFs Home Run Wins for Red S®x vio rxxsT Iowa Soldier Die.s Of War Woiiiids Washington, JP —The defense department announced today that Cpl. Carl J. Claus, son of Mr. and Mrs, Herbert W. Cluus, Route 2, Mason City, had died of wounds suffered in the Korea fighting. The department also announced these lowans are wounded: Cpl. Clifford L. Brllton, Sallx: Cpl, Leslie M. Elliott, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Elliott, Sioux Clty;Cpl, Roland D. Pals. Bcl- mond; and Pvt. Clarunco J. Wallace. Toledo. Cards Fall In Ninth Innings 7-6 BY HOYT LUITIU^Y It wouldn't bo hard to start a WInkcl-for-Prcsldcnt boom In Es- thcrvlUo today. One more home run like ho blasted last night and Ike, Bob and Eatos ticttcr look to their laurels. With two out in the last half of the ninth Inning, EsthDrvllle trailing 6-6, a runner on second base and the count ono strike and no balls, Gordlc connected with a fast ball that spelled home run all the way as a thousand-old fans went delirious with joy at witnessing renl-llfc drama with an ending that suited them all — Eathcrvlllc 7, Spencer 6. The win keeps the Red Sox at the head of the league. # * * ANOTIIGR GENT In the Red Sox lineup who descrvea at least the key to the city is Jack Kaley. It was Kaloy'a bat that bore a good share of the responsibility for keeping the Sox in the ball game until the ninth so Winkel could win the contest so dramatically. Kaley, after grounding out his first time at the plate, rapped out three straight hits Including a triple and finished off with a walk which turned Into the fifth EsthcrvlUe run; He scored after his first two hits and batted In a run -with his third. WinkeVs home run wasn't his only contribution of the night. He- singled in the fifth with the bases loaded and drove two runs ncrcss •giving him four RBIs for the night. He and Kaley were the only two Sox to get more than one safety off Bob Urdu, Spencer pitcher who comes to the Cards from AVest- ern Michigan via the NCAA tournament at Omaha. a: * * URDA AND DON Hall pitched strikingly similar games. Urda allowed nine hits. Hall 10; both hung up eight strikeouts; Urda walked five and Hall sl.\ and both uncorked a wild pitch at an unpropltlous moment. The EsthcrvlUe win gave Hall his third in three league starts and his second over Spencer. The visitors started the scoring for the evening with three runs In the second frame, one ot 'which came as a gift. Frank Marmlno, who was trouble at the plate all night with four or five, opened the inning with a blooper single into short center field. Al Horn filed out then Marmlno took second on a wild pitch. K. C. Wise hit a bounder to Mike Bocttcher at short and Boettcher's throw to third trapped Marmlno. On the rundown, however, Marmlno evaded Red Sox pursuers and ended up at third base when Freeman's throv/ went over Winkcl's head. Wise went to second on the play. Bob Cole drew a free ticket to load the bases and Gene Eckert then singled over second to bring Marmlno and Wise home. Urda scored Cole with a line single Into left field. « • • THE SOX GOT one run back In their half of the third on singles by Kaley, Bocttcher and files to the outficd by Freeman and Bartkow- skl. Spencer made It 6-1 In the fourth with two counters on a hit by Eckert, a sacrifice by Urda and Stan Malec's home rytn over the left-center field fence. The home lads closed the gap to 5-3 In the fifth on a single by Kaley, walks to Freeman and Bart- kowskl and Wlnkel's sizzling one- baser over the shortstop's head. Spencer went to 6-3 In the sixth after two were down when Hugh Wise reached second on a dropped fly ball, and Marmlno scored him with a double to right-center. The Sox got that run back Ir their half of the sixth on Joe Barringer's one-base blow and Haley's three bagger. « « >* THAT ENOSJD the scoring unftl the thrilling bottom half of the ninth. It opened with a walk to Kaley who took second on a wild pitch. Bocttcher filed to left but Freeman camo through with a sharp hit to left field which scored Kaley. Bartkowski popped up to third base and Freeman swiped second. Winkel then supplied the power that won the game. Faulty baso-runnlng by the Cards let the Sox squeeze by in the seventh With K. O. Wise on third base and Gone Eckort on firat with one away, Urda popped to Freeman. Eckort apparently thought thera were two outs and he was all the way to second on the popup. Freeman doubled him off. • I* * A TWIN-KILLING also helped the home cauao in the ninth. With runnera on (Irat ahd second with ono out. Cole ropped a bouncer to Bocttcher who flipped to Freeman to force Horn and Freeman relayed the Ball to BartkowakI to nip Cole, The Rod Sox travel to St. JamoB tonight for a return game with the Saints of the Western MInny lea> guo and are back at homo tomotv row night to face the Wall Lake Popcorn KornoSs, Wally Sodor- strom probal)ly will do the pitching at St. James with Lou Rosin achod- uled for Tuesday nlght'a game here. (Dally Newa photo and engraving; OOBDIE WINKEL endeared himself to Esthc^^•llle Red Sox baseball fans- last night when he smacked a home run in the last half of the ninth Inning with one runner on base to give the Sox a 7-6 victory over, the Spencer Cards. Box Score Spencer ab r h po H Males, rf i5 1 1 0 0 .Stenger, »s f> 0 0 1 0 H. Wise, cf 3 1 0 4 0 .Alarlmino, If 5 1 4 3 0 Horn, c 4 0 1 0 G K. Wise, 21) 4 1 1 0 6 Cole, lb 4 1 0 H 1 Eckert, 3b 4 1 2 1 0 Urda, p 3 0 1 1 I TotulH 37 6 10 26 8 Ksthertille ab r * h po a Haley, If 4 3 8 1 0 Boettcher, ».s 5 0 1 1 I Freeman, 2b 4 2 1 2 3 Bartkowski, lb 4 0 0 8 1 Winkel, 3b • 5 1 2 1 2 Oudding, e 4 0 1 8 0 Woltz, cf 3 0 0 •u 0 Barrlnger, rf 3 1 1 2 n Hall, p 4 0 0 2 Totals 36 7 » 27 9 Spencer OS0..201..000—6 Estherrillp 001 02! 003—7 Summarj-: E, Cole, Woltz, Freeman; RBI, Kaley, Freeman, Bartkowski Winkel 4, Maleo 2, Marmlno, Kckert 2, Urda; 2B, Marmlno K AVlso; SB, Kaley; HK, WInkcI, Slalec; SB, Freeman, H. Wise, K. Wise; Sac Urda; loft, Esther- vlUo 8, Spencer 10; DP, Freeman - Bartkowski, Bocttcher - Freeman-Bartkowskl. BB, Hall 6, Urda 6; SO, Hall 8, Urda 8j WP. HaU; Urda; PB, Duddlng; winner, HaU; loser, Urda. Time: 2:18. Umpires: Envin and Luther. Local Junior ^ Legion Loses To TeiTil, 31 Aiter holding Torrll Junior Legion acorelcas for five Innings, the EsthcrvlUe Junior Legion nine weakened In the sixth to let the opposition rally for three runs and win the ball game, 3 to 1, The game was played yesterday afternoon at Terrll. The local Junior .Legion lads counted a single tally in the second Inning that looked as though It might hold up but three Terrll hits, an error In right field and a wild pitch In the sixth proved Ea- thcrvllle'a undoing. Smith scored Eathervllle's lone tally getting a base on balls and making it the rest of the way himself with only the assistance of a ground out. Don Amundson started on the mound for the locals and hurled 5 1-3 Innings. Dick Ploper came on In the sixth and finished that inning after the three runs were In, striking out the last two men. Amundson gave up only five hits but throe came in the hapless sixth. He whiffed seven Terrll batters and gave up only two bases on balls. Peterson did the pitching for Terrll, allowing EsthcrvlUe only two hits, striking out 11 and Issuing five free tickets to first. Amundson got both the safeties for EsthcrvlUe. WALL/NGFORD White Sox Move into Second Place AMERICAN VEAQVE W. U Pet. OB Now York 34 28 .696 Chicago 36 28 .666 2 Boston 34 28 .MS 2Ms Cleveland 36 28 .649 2Ms Washington 29 28 .609 6 St. Louis 28 38 .468 7% Philadelphia 26 30 .466 8 Detroit 19 41 .317 16% Sund «Lj ''K rentiltas New York 3-1, Chicago 6-2; WfMhiigtott: W," St Louis 6-8; Cleveland Boston 0-4; Detroit 4''0, Philadelphia S-10. Tuesday's schedule: 'Washington at Chicago, 7:80 p. m.; New York at St. Louis, 7:30 p. m.; Boston at Detroit, 7:30 p. m.; Philadelphia at Cleveland, 6:15 p. m. NATIONAt LEAGUE W. L. Pet. GB Brooklyn 42 16 .737 Now York 37 20 .649 6 Chicago 34 26 .667 9% St Louis 34 31 .623 12 Cincinnati 29 32 .476 16 Philadelphia 26 34 .424 18 Boston 24 37 .393 20 PItteburgh 17 47 .366 28 Sunday's results: St Louis 7-7, Boston 2-2; Cincinnati 6-0, Philadel phia 3-3, (second game 7 Innings— darkness). Other games rained out. Tuesday's schedule: Pittsburgh at Boston, 7:30 p. m.; St Louis at Brooklyn, 11:30 a. m.; Cincinnati at Now York, 6:30 p, m.; Chicago at Philadelphia, 6:00 p. m. ,/ DUmELL At Engstrorm, Wr. and Mrs, Albert Engstrom had the three sponsors al Velma's baptism present Sunday when they pave the confirmation dinner for Velma. The sponsors were mes- dames Fred Slhion, Lawrence prust and Robt. Simon. Others wore Messrs. and Mesdames Ed Schmidt Chas. Poppe, and the families of Fred Simon, Robt. Simon and Gregory, Lawrence Prusrt and Miss Joan Ask. Guests at J'antonage. The Rev. and Mrs, Arthur Schultz had as gUcsts Monday and Tuesday the families of Ronald Groing of urlington, la., and Norby Going of St, Louis, Missouri. They had been In northern Minn csota for a vacation, Mrs. Ronald Going Is a sister of Mrs, Schultz. Sunday guests ' of the Schultz family were Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Janscn and family of Austin. At llOehrs. Sunday at the Ted Roehrs for dinner and the day were Mr, and Mrs, Gordon Ellis of Mankato, Myrna Roehrs of Jackson, Mr, and Mrs. Tony Doyschner of Jackson. Jacky and Nc^va Roehrs went to Mankato with the Elllses for a visit. Surgery for Gov. Stevenson Chicago, iJP) — Gov, Adlal E, Stevenson of Illinois underwent on operation for removal of .i kidney stone Sunday but Is cx peeled to resume nls I'ull schedule of official and political business by "tomorrow. Waltlngford PersonalM. Mr. and Mrs. Adolf Brelnning of Botna spent the week end at the Hilmer Larson homo. Swen Breln­ ning, Mrs. Kelly and Mr. and Mrs. P. Kelly of Jackson, Minn., were dinner guests Sunday at the Larson home. Mr. and Mrs. Hans Gunderson 'of Northfleld, Minn., arrived Saturday, June 6, to visit their daughters, Mrs. C. B. Gunderson and Mra. Thomas Nelson and their fanilUes. Misa Alma Nelson returned home Saturday after a 10-day vialt with her sister, MrS. Helen Refsell, at Robbinsdalc, Minn. Mrs. C. I. Skattcbo went to Fort Dodge Wednesday afternoon where she win undergo surgery at Lutheran hospital. Mr. and Mrs. John Cumiskey of North Hollywood, Calif., Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Reuland and family of Superior, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Loguc of Esthervlllc were dinner guests Monday evening, June 9, at the LeRoy Schacherer home. Parochial school closed Friday after a two-weeks session. Sixty- two pupils attended. The teachers were Misses Arlee Osher, Marlys Randa and Lenora Skattebo. Mra. Fred Wolden, Miss Lena Gunderson, Lcroy Gunderson, Orville Rustad, Mr, and Mrs. George Gunderson attended funeral services for Mra. Henry Gunderson Friday afternoon at Granite Falls, Minn. Mrs. Gunderson waa a sister-in-law of Mrs. Wolden, Lena and George Gunderson. Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Lafcy and Randl of Greeley, Colo,, are spending the summer with Mrs. Lafcy's parcnta, Mr. and Mrs. M, J. Conday, and arc staying at the Lakes part of the time. Pastor and Mrs. Glcn Groth and Barbara of Muakegan, Mich., arrived Wednesday to visit hia uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Peterson and other relatives. Pastor Groth spoke at the W. M. P. meeting and also preached at the Sunday morning service. He la going to Rochester for an examination at the Mayo clinic. Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Johnson have bought the Emma Refaell acreage in the northweat part of town and arc moving there soon. Mrs, Ivar Ness, Oclwlen Anderson, Mr. and Mra. Chester Anderson and Marlya, Mr. and Mrs. Art Skat­ tebo, Mr. and Mrs. John Oudcs, Mra, Avis Paulson and Orland, Mr. and Mrs. Levi Olson, Mr, and Mrs. Clarence Olson enjoyed a picnic at the Olson farm Sunday. Mrs. M. J. Groves and Miss Hazel Bio\vn ot Eathorvllle called on Mr. and Mra, John Oudos Sunday morning Mra. Stella McHonry Is stoylng at the Arnold M. Anderson homo at Esthorvllle taking cave ot their daughter, Sharon, while Mr. and Mrs. Anderson are with their son. WESTERN LEAGUE Yesterday's results: Lincola 10, Wichita 3; Colorado S prlngfs 2-9, Omaha 0-6; Dcs Moines 7, Puoblo 4; Sioux City 11-4, Denver 1-3. Mickey, who underwent major surgery at a hoapltal nt St. Paul on Thursday. James Nelson' of Richmond, Calif., arrived last Tuesday for an Indefinite stay. Lieut. Com. Allan Gunderson of San Dlogo, Cnllf., visited relatives here recently. Pastor and Mrs. Kermlt Egertson of Portland, Ore., visited his aunt and uncle. Miss Belle and Lars Egertson, last week. Other visitors in the Egertson home were Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Davis and sons, Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Husby. Program Is Presented. The Wallingford W. M. F. radio program was heard Sunday, June IB, with Mrs. C. B. Gunderson as hostess. Mrs. Thomas Nelson gave the script on Father's day and Christian Nurture. Miss Carol Rofsell sang, "My Task." David A. Gunderson, Ruth Gunderson and Virginia Torreaon sang "Come Unto Me" with Mrs. Sherman Gunderson as accompanist. Goes to Detroit Mrs. Dean Osher left by train Friday evening, June 18, for Detroit, Mich.,.,to join Mr. Osher for a week. He is taking a two-week's reserve air corps training there. Motor to New Ulm. , Mr. and Mrs. Everett Oahor, Mr. and Mrs. Nordcin Peterson, Mr, and Mrs. Bud Root, Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Gunderson, Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas and Joanne Clipping, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Paulson, David and Wayne motored to Now Ulm, Minn., Sunday to attend a celebration. Red Sox in UitcBspuled jHdl^ On First Ma<ie IOWA STATE iMAfiVti^ Town W. L. Pot OB. EsthGrville 6 2 .7ii0". Carroll 6 S ;«21S 1 MMonCity * B 4H Spencer S 6 JTS 8 W«U/Lake 2 6 .?M 3% Results Saturday liiirlit Mason City 7, OArroU S ' Last nlg^t- Maisdn icm 9t GA^UHP EsthcrtllloiJl^ttStMhcer 6 Games toBJcht- Masdii City attc Wall f^kc- EstherviUo at St JTilthcs z Tomorrow nl^ht WaU Lake at EstbcrvUlc . CarroU at Spencer -. Wednesday night EsthorvlUo at Maaon'City., CarroU at Wall Lake . The Esthervllle Rie'd SOx • tooit bver undisputed possdsslbh of first place in lowaSV^t^ leliguc plav over the weekend,''sobrlhe^, a ninth- Inning victbry oVer Sptinccr last night while the Carroll Merchants were dropping two gameiS to Mason .City, otie Saturday nffeht at M^on City and anoth'et last night at :Carroll. • "010 Lcglontiaires pulled ' into thjrd place by "virtu 'c of their two ^yihs, shaking off a three^gamo losing atteak in imlpre^pjye fash- •'ion. Johnny Hill, '; ex'-6ancrof t chucker, pitched a flve,-hltter for the LcgionnaJrcs' Saturday night as he held the Carroll ^tickers un- dtfr control. Waypo Piljge wka the losing pitcher. . . , Only ono- -leagile ] gaivie; bn ta P tonight. Mason City ; piayinjg at Wall Lake, \yall; Lako .manager Jim Ford wont oh another trip last week in search of .pitching help for the Popcorn Kerneis. If he found some the Kernels may make a dcterinincd .'bid to get out of the league" cellar and Into the running. The Red Sox play St. Jsktnes tonight and arc at hbrno .tomorrow night in a circuit, contest against the Kernels. Carroll plays at Spencer tomorrow night in. another league encounter. , , India's ancient Code of Manu forbade use of barbed or polaon arrows or killing a foe who had thrown do'wn his arms. A giraffe can reach the groimd with its mouth only by placing Its legs In an awkward position. ANDERSON' CAL I -SCHENCK I lOS so M H ^. >.,L A b Ml -Vhs ;•, RVICE I SUHHVII 1 1 iji f^f-.^ Dr. Terry I. Anderson OPTOMETRIST Succeator io Dr. R. C. Bi Over Emmot County Bank; Estherv^Uf^'lowiK ! Office i>hoi»i^'43a ..^ Closed Saturday Aftornoon Leaves for Summer. Mr. and Mrs. John Oudes left Tueaday morning for Hackcnsack, Minn., to spend the summer. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Morrlce of Waterloo visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Morrico from Saturday until Sunday. Mrs. Emmot Rolfson and-hcr sis- tor, Mrs. Smiley and Mrs. Ivan Cook and her niece, Patricia US- land motored to Bricolyn, Min^. Thursday Patricia returned home after a visit here. The now German government ot Bonn operates In an enclave 'separated from any state much like the American DUtrlct of Columbia. NOW SHOWING ENDS WEDNESDAY PMIKNIiaili"T|IKFN«IIMr ca-HiT - "7 Roy-Rpgors In';. MACARONI AND CHEESE (TENDER MACARONllJrfDlX^^ \ / FOR FINE CHEESE fUVOr Ai VIC reruKMS TO WIS ABWSWSBNT, H& PDBf NOT KNOW A IfBCEimON COAAVllT- TOVAOKKOW WHEN MV STUTTBCrj© FBENC? 0\L I CAN MAKE SOWB Mls^ aJTOPTHB' naos WON'T •W.OOO ' — »»SVOFF,6Hr^>B^ WILLHELP

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