The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on June 5, 1935 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 5, 1935
Page 4
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Fresh Fish, boneless, 'skinless, Ib 20c McGraws'Food Store -GIVEN GOVERNMENT PLACE. 'Bill Barton in Finance Department at Ft. Benjamin Morrison. Billy Burton, son o£ Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Burton of North East street, was one of seven young .men chosen from CCC enlistments and given an appointment with government pay. The parents received word of his good fortune . Monday. The young man has been given a clerical position in the finance department at Ft. Benjamin Harrison with a salary of ? 1,500 and 'his appointment is a matter of gratification to the parents and his many friends in Tipton. The young man is a graduate of the Tipton high school with the class of 1933. Star Prison Athlete Going Into : Professional Baseball. • Durham, N. C., June 5.—Alabama Pitts, famous Sing Sing convict-Athlete, was banned from professional baseball today by W] C. Bramham, president of the National Assocciation of Professional Baseball leagues. Pitts, a star in football, baseball, and field games will be released from his alma mater at Ossining, N. Y., tomorrow. The. Albany club of. the International League had signed him. Now at His Homo. Wednesday the Ogle & Little ambulance was at Kokomo and brought Ed Goodnight from the Good Samaritan hospital- to his home ojj-, East Washington street. Mr. Goodnight who was seriously ill with pneumonia when' he entered the hospital one week ago Saturday is making a fine improvement and although very •weak his lungs have cleared up nicely. He will gain strength rapidly and is expecting Jo be out in the near future. Married Monday. Miss June Adams of Sharpsville Became the bride of George Marquand of Kokomo the ceremony taking place at Kokomo Monday evening. They will reside in Kokomo where the bridegroom is employed. Louise Henderson Teacher of Piano Phonos: 74 Atlanta or 4:Wi2 Tipton Albany, N. Y., June 5.—John J. Evers, president of the Albany International League club and determined to Give Alabama Pitts, convict-athlete "his chance," announced today he would appeal the ban of the National Association of professional baseball leagues. (By United Press). Albany, N. Y.. June 5.—Alabama Pitts, Sing Sing prison's versatile athlete, is a prospective outfielder for the Albany Senators of the International League club. Pitts, born 24 years ago in Alabama, was sentenced five years ago on a robbery charge. He was registered as Edwin Collins Pitts. In two years Pitts emerged as a hero at Sing Sing. He excelled at football, baseball, basketball and track. Warden Lewis E. Lawes, it was understood, approached John J. Everds, general manager of the senators on "signing" Pitts upon his release. Al Mamaux, manager, was reported as ready to use Pitts Sunday. Pitts enlisted with the navy at the age of 15, from Peoria, 111. He served for three years and then came to New York. •• LAI AiGEPTS mm TASK Former French Premier Has Agreed to Try to Form a i New Government. FRIEND OF THE IT. S. Paris, June 5.—Pierre Laval decided tonight that he could not form a new cabinet. To Martinsvillc. Wednesday Mrs. P. E. Nichols wejit to Martinsville and will spend ten days or two weeks at one of the sanitoriums in \ that city. Mrs. Nichols has not been feeling well for some time and thought the sanitorium treatment would be beneficial. ^Jcubcrson, Cl.ear.ljcr of PrcecniiS Pupils ill Jlcritiil ASSISTED BY llocal mtb a ttiolht $iipil of ^Sols ^. Kulophonc |Jupil of <fflrs. (Eortrab Jlusscll Sipton public '•LEi Ctlj at t^O Tfi. Duiu-iiiK in the Sunshine (Piano Trio) Uilbro June Clinc I'atty Lou Wasliburn Eugene Hiatt Gentle Night J. M. Williams Spring Is Here Cramm A Woodland concert Stairs Judith Wheatloy 1- Tbc Hand IK Playing Dixie __ J. M. Williams The Old Mill Wheel i Hopkins Eugene Hiatt Two Pigs i Stairs The Snow Man Erb Miriam Haskctt i" Summer Days ._ J. M. Williams '. .; The Sleepy Kitten Scott Naomi Kutu Findling ; -'- Vocal Solos—God Touched tile Rose Brown Sylvia Speaks . .- ; Mary Jane Lilly ~'~'~' To a Lone Flower Paridon 99K • Mary Elizabeth Swing , y |K'' Tho Desert Caravan \ Wats'on |i,; : '4 Y. Step High i Kerr Ei-.:; j . Charles Mclntosh " r; Sailboats i Stairs _ By the Zuyder Zee \ '.- Rebe *t Phyllis Wright Xylophone Solos—March Mllltalre Shubert Liebestrau'm Liszt |%;j{ Manha Jane MJattingiy *"£••' The Spanish Gipsy ! Nichols Eileen Swing Captain Kidd, Jr. j Ketterer Tho Dancing Bear i— Coernu ; • George Trapue Little Rosebud Waltz I Rolfe t , Betty Beak i£- , ;••'•. Violin Solo—Minuet in G _J -Beethoven Violin'Duet (With Miss Slam) Dreamland Valse . :—___ Qreenwald Jane Lei it jjr^Playful Echoes . --JL \L OJlbprt TfefFflrward "Marchi ! l_l__!_KohJinann •' l ^ / Robert Whaler **. - t Charm,an I Grace B;Gay Old Frog 4 \ (By United Press). Paris, June 5. — Pierre Laval, swarthy, imperturbable independent senator and veteran of politics, accepted tentatively today a mandate to form a cabinet and liquidate the financial crisis. Reluctantly, after several refusals, he agreed to try to form a government after Jean Jeanneney, president of the senate, refused. Two governments had fallen within a week. A stubborn, suspicious chamber of deputies had lurled to defeat first Pierre Etienne . Flandin, then Fernand Bouisson rather than give them emergency powers to deal with the financial problems. Laval refused last night to act, and recommended that Bouisson reform a cabinet. Bouisson, angry over his defeat by 264 to 262 votes on his demand for emergency powers, declined to serve again. He obtained a promise from the Nationalist associations, including the war veterans, not to indulge in street manifestations against the chamber during the crisis. Left wing parties met in the chamber and sought with apparent lack of success to find a means to form a left wing coalition, which would include Communist.?, Socialists, and left radicals. At the Diana. Two American playwrights combined their talents to write "The Bride of Frankenstein," the strange Universal screen' drama which comes to the Diana theater on Sunday, June 9, with Karloff in the starring role. The two men are William Hurlbut and John.L. Balderston, and though their story has for its central character the grotesque "Monster" originated by Mary Wollstonecroft Shelley, the screen-play is an original one. William Hurlbut, born in Belvidere, Illlinois, on July 13, 1883, prepared for a career as an artist at art schools in St. Louis and Chicago, but turned his attention to writing plays and is the author of such successes at "Lilies of the Field," "Little Miss Fix-it," "The Fighting Hope" and "Trimmed _in Scarlet." Is Improving Slowly. Mrs. Lynn Pickerel!, who underwent a severe operation 1 two weeks ago Monday, at the Coleman hospital in Indianapolis, is now at the home of her son Lawrence Pickerell and family, 238 Kentucky Ave. Mrs. Pickerell is making a slow but steady improvement and will be confined to her bed for some time before being permitted to take any exercise. She was brought to the son's home Monday, making the trip in a private car. Is in Hospital. Mrs. M. G. Nicholson of this city, has entered a hospital in Gary where she will be under observation and treatment for a time, and will possibly undergo an operation. Mrs. Nicholson, who with her daughter, Elizabeth Ann, went to Gary a lew days ago to visit her sister, Mrs. ' Harry Stringfellow, has not been well for the past several' months, and has entered the hospital with the hope of discovering the cause of her trouble. FRENCH CRISIS. Heriot May Attempt to Form a New Cabinet. • Paris, June 6. — A defliant Chamber of Deputies by two votes yesterday overthrew the young Cabinet of Fernand Bouisson and last night both the veteran Pierre Laval and Bouisson refused calls from President Lebrun to.Jtorm a new one. France was thus plunged into one of its greatest political crises of years. The Bouisson government was smashed when it demanded emergency powers from the chamber to safeguard the franc. Edouard Herriot, whose Cabinet fell several years ago because he insisted upon payment of war debts to America, was widely regarded as the President's next choice. PRINCESS OPERATED. Princess Mary Underwent 'Thyroid Gland Operation. London, June 6. — Princess Mary—the princess royal, only daughter of King George and Queen Mary, underwent a successful thyroid gland operation yesterday. It was announced that the operation as performed because the princess had not responded to treatment for a goiter. She has been at a nursinug home for several days. Powell-Powell. Tuesday a marriage license was issued to Willis Powell and Mrs. Maude Powell at Noblesville and j the ceremony was performed at Noblesville, it being understood they will make their home south of Tipton on a farm. Both have been married before, the bride being the widow of Walter Powell and the bridegroom was divorced from his first wife, Mrs. • Minnie (Landseadel) Powell in the Tipton circuit court, May 20th. WHS First Double Execution in Hisjtory of State at Fort Madison. Kokomo Courthouse. Kokomo, June 5. — Oscar F. Cook, local architect employed !>y the county commissioners to submit plans and specifications for the proposed new Howard county courthouse, yesterday submitted a complete set of plans which propose a three-story building with full basement. At Auditors Meeting. County Auditor Joe Mattingly was at Frankfort Wednesday and attended a meeting of the Auditors association of this district. The meeting was' well attended and problems pertaining to duties of the auditor's office were threshed out at a round table discussion. Taken to Hospital. Tuesday night the Young ambulance took Mrs. Ora Wert to the Coleman hospital where she will be under treatment. OUR NAME ON A CEREAL The name "RelloggV has been on every package of cereal we have ever manufactured. There is no such thing at a cereal "made by the Kellogg Company" and sold under another brand. The name "KeHoggV means a great deal to us. Because it has always stood -for highest quality, we see to it that every cereal we make is worthy to be sold'as Kellogg's. If yon have tenjoyed Kellogg's Rice KrUpie* or Kellogg's ALL- BRAN or any of onr jollier cereals, yon know hovr good (hey arc. And KelloggY Corn Flakes are equally outstanding in their field. We made the first j Corn Flakes, KILLED AN OFFICER Fort Madison, la., June 5. — Patrick Griffin, 35, and Elmer Brewer, 39, were hanged in the state penitentiary here today in the first double execution in Iowa history. ! Two trjips on a single scaffold were sprung at 5:26 a. m. The bodies were cut down 1>2. minutes later. 1 The men made no last statements. Bfewer, of Chicago, was white-faced and silent. Griffin, of Graettinger, la., walked calmly to the scaffold smoking a cigar- rette, and| waved his hands to the crowd of 50 witnesses. As the jljlack hood was adjusted about <his head, Griffin called: "Goodby, Elmer." "Goodby," Brewer answered faintly, i The condemned men ate no breakfast.' Brewer and Griffin were convicted in 'separate trials and sentenced toj die for slaying Deputy Sheriff W. L. Dilworth of Black Hawk county who had sought to question £hem about a statutory case DecJlG, 1932. Fearing they A SUICIDE. Beautiful Song Writer. Acquitted of Murder, Ends Her Life. London, June 5. — Mrs. Alma Victoria Rattenbury, beautiful brunette song writer acquitted five days ago of complicity in the mallet murder of her rich, aging husband,, was believed dead today, a suicide. A cowman walking on the bank of the Stour at Christchurch, hear the beautiful Rattenbury murder villa at Bournemouth, found a woman's body in the water. Police removed it to Christchurch mortuary and after hours of investigation, the local police superintendent anounced: "It is undoubtedly the body of Mrs. Rattenbury." The body was. fully clothed. There were six wounds near the heart, apparently from a sharp Instrument. Police believed them to be self-inflicted. Mrs. Rattenbury, 31, was acquitted at the famous Old Bailey criminal court here. May 31, of murder. George Percy Stoner, 19, the family chauffeur and her confessed lover, was found guilty and sentenced to death. He pleaded in extenuation that h-3 was under the influence of drugs and out of his mind. The jury recommended mercy. After her acquittal Mrs. Rattenbury, near collapse, went to a nursing home in the May fair section of the west end. At 11 p. m. -Monday she left the home with a woman companion. ,The matron believed that Airs. Rattenbury was going to her friend's nearby residence. She had insisted, during Mrs. Rattenbury's stay at the home, that the. patient be under constant supervision. were to be arrested for a Topeka, Nothing more was heard of Mrk Kan., robbery, the men opened i RaUc »bury until the police ide'n- fire. Dilworth was killed. j tification today. Gov. Clyde L. Herring refused to grant clemency after an inter- im IDXAP THREATS. view with Griffin's divorced wife Havo Bc-c- n Rcrrivccl by Harry M. and three of his five children last night. MAY WITHDRAW FUNDS. Monroe County FERA Workers May Bo Chastised. Blooniington, June 5. — Withdrawal of federal funds from Monroe county was threatened yesterday; as result of an uprising of approximately 200 relief workers last week end. The relief clients enforced their demand for immediate payment of wages ! by imprisoning six federal relief office employes in headquarters here. The incident was investigated by officials of the Washington bureau of federal emergency relief, and the ultimatum to the workers followed. Warner, Cinema Producer. Mt. Vernon, N. Y., June 5.— Harry M. Warner, multimillionaire cinema producer, and his wife and two daughters, have abandoned their pretentious 25-acre estate near here because of threats to kidnap the girls, Police Chief Michael Silverstein revealed today. The Warners, Silverstein said, Have left for the west, presumably for Hollywood. He would not reveal when they departed. The abduction threats were received by telephone on Memorial Day eve. Buys -0-Arrc Tract. Jesse Goins of Curtisville has purchased 20 acres of land onj- half mile west and one-half mile Popular Resident. north of that town of C. C. CaM- I well, according to a deed placu'1 I on record Wednesday morning. : • : I The consideration was given as Miss Burnadetta Miller, whose §800. marriage:to Henry Funke of Tipton Routed, will occur at the,St. John's Catholic church in Tipton Thursday! morning June 13-, is; w.ell and; favorably known »in Alexandria. / KEMPTOX. Thomas Pagett ami family of I P'rankfort were Sunday dinner guests of their daughter X!r. and The Alexandria TimesTribune! M «- Robcrt Cos of recent] date carried a lengthy Item on its society page, regarding the approaching wedding, the bride being a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Micfiel Miller of that city. Her sister Miss Florence Miller and Herman Funke, nephew of M-»Xo Money. L*avea Hospital. The Leatherman ambulance Iwasi at- ( Blw,ood 'Wednesday. Bftor- ImVonSabd-returned with Mrs 1 . Pa|'ul Qtahajn of this city who had been * jpatlji^t in the Mercy hospjUl HiflRj^or the vast several •-• *»••<. If J&SB&toK&& dons ; y*«rs- If they 4ic! most dell- the world, they al}jj>thersbymil. today.! ,< i Late Beaver and family. Rose-, mary Gossurd and iMeredith Gossard motored to Bloomingto.i Sunday, the latter returning to resume his school work after being called home by the death of his mother Mrs. Garrett Gossard.- the oridegroom will be~The" at-!™'/ visited with Dane Beaver, tendants.i i son of Mr " and Mrs " Bcaver ' and also with Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Clark. Mrs. Emma Bitner who has been visiting Uie past two weeks with her son Basil Bitner and family of Kokomo returned to her home at Ernest Bitner's Sunday. Rev. and Mrs. Donald Bailey of McCordsville were Thursday dinner guests of Rev. and Mrs. J. C. Bean. Morton- Bundy of Elwood and Mr. and Mrs. Everett Cline of Independence were dinner guests Sunday of Carl Edwards and family. Mrs. Jose Tudor who has been visiting the past i two weeks-with relatives in and near Kempton returned to her home in Bluftton Sunday. JMr. and Mrs'. Clyde Aughe of Fratjkfprt and Mrs. Vic Boulden 6f HlUisburg were Sunday afternoon guests of Barrett Gossard an4. family. Indianapolis, June 5. — Depositors of the defunct Meyer-Kiser bank will not recover one cent of the money they had in the bank. j Judge JEarl R. Cox ;of circuit court made this announcement yesterday! during' a hearing on preferred! claims against Thomas E. Garvin, receiver for'the bank. i Gnrbo Sailsi ; New iYork, June i 6.—Greta Garbo of the movies sailed for.a vacation In her native Sweden yesterday! after a futile effort to enter the !^ j %,:- city unnoticed Miss C arbo. red-eyed- and pale after a!tip from Holljywopd, left her trali at Newark ahd boarded a taxl-ci* which deposited jher alongside the liner kungsholp. Kempton, No. 4978, entertaJn(e<i their .families and friends •PridaV evening at the Methodist church with a fish fry. served by jthe ladles of the Methodist church' to approximately 12 guests and members. After the supper the evening was spent socially with a short program. Rev. J. C. Bean gave the devotions, followed by a solo, Mary Floyd; solo, Martha Barnett, and two selections, the Hoosier Boys' quartet, Eugene McDaniel, John Freeman, Robert Floyd and Travis Tunis. The entertainment committee consisted of Earl,Reese, Wilson Tunis and Earl Floyd. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Orr and sister Margaret spent the week end with Mrs. Myrtle Williams of Stockwell. Clifford Lineback and family of • Kokomo, Oren Johnsori and family and -Mr. and Mrs. Everett Christy of Sheridan were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Mitzenberg. , Marjorie Spencer, Maxine Quakembush, Estei Kelly of Prairie and Margaret Belle Harlow of Kempton left Monday morning' for the 4-H leadership training camp. These pupils won this trip for their excellent work in junior leadership. .They will return Friday. Mr. and 'Mrs. Fuller Huffman motored to Greencastle Saturday evening and were overnight guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Baker. They were Sunday morn- jng breakfast guests of. May McClelland with Dorothy.,, Harlan and Peggy Gochenhonir as other guests. Sunday noon the Huffmans were guests at a pitchin dinner at the park with a number of friends. Mr. and Mrs. Huffman were former residents of Greencastle moving from there to Kempton Vhere Mr. Huffman is the manager, of the Scircleville elevator. Gertrude Spencer who is a teacher in the South Bend schools returned Friday to spend the summer with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Fred Spencer. The Ladies Auxiliary served dinner Sunday for- the Oral Wise- haft post members who were on the tour decorating graves oC the deceased soldiers. The last place visited was Normanda with a very large crowd attending.,and, a talk by Rev. Dan Hogan of Kokomo. Special music was I>y the Normanda community. At the cemetery the Sons of Veterans conducted the service in an impressive manner with children as flag bearers. Tho Kempton post firing squad completed the day'j service. John McCarthy, Jr.. and family, left Sunday morning for Muu- cie where they will reside. Mr. McCarthy has accepted a position in the office of the General Motors plant as an accountant. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Clark attended a family dinner Sunday at the home of the latter's sister Mr. and Mrs. Allie Boots near Clarkshill. Twenty-six members of the family were present. Mr. and .Mrs. Dan Morford and Alfred and William Jackson of Burlington motored to Muncie Sunday morning and spent the day with -Mrs. Morford's sister, Mr. and Mrs. William Robinson and a brother Bort Sedam. Mr. and Mrs. Hobart Hobbs and Fred Jones and family of Kokomo were Sunday dinner guests of Orvan Hobbs and family. Mary Tunis and'Melba Dunham students of Ball State school at Muncie . visited from Wednesday f" ill BLUE FRONT DRUG STORE •i ' i : i I ' until Sunday; with j the ir parents Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Tunis and < ASK FOR DePasse POTATO Bread! AT ALL GROCERIES DePasse Bakery EAR —comfort ,to the wearer of glasses depends upon, the service yott get after service is valuable only if it is close at hand. Dt, Louts Foster • Optametrirt. i4*ii ..Vitt-U Dr. and Mrsj Grbv^r Dunham. .'. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Blozham i ot Chicago visited from Wednes- j day until Saturday morning with i j the- families ; of. Carl | McCarthy ! r and Ralph MoMullan. The latter i accompanied them home, returning Sunday morning, j Maxine Peters 'leift Wedriesday morning for Butlervllle to visit ; with her mother.; Miriam Peters i is visiting for a time |with her uncle and aunt Guy Ricketts of Hemlock. ' ; The annual picnib ot the Howard county Shorthorn! Breeders' Association and families wag held at the country homelof! Otho Wyrick north of Kempton Saturday with approximately iftfty guests In attendance. After the: bountiful dinner the business session wnia conducted by Earl BntJer of Russiaville during which- inew. ideas ' were discussed by : the| members. It was voted to hold! their picnic next year at the home of Clarence Carter of Russlajille. Dr. Wilbur Dunham; of Fort Wayne visited Sunday! with his mother Mrs. Belle Dunham. Mrs. Wilbur Dunham, Parktjr Dunham and Mrs. O. D. Weed left Thursday morning for a. tWo weeks' fishing trip in Wisconsin. Lucille Stillwell ia teacher in the Kokomo schools returned tp her home in Kempton I Thursday!. Saturday morning she!and Mary Helen Hollingswortir olt Kokomo left for Newcastle, i Pennsylvania by automobile where they will visit for a week- with the latter's sister Mr. and Mrs. ;.M.; Uitts. 'George Webb who will graduate "in a few days from the electrical engineering scfiool at Purdue has, secured a 'position with the Northern Indiaria Power Co., to be manager of a pub station in Logansport. He started work ..Monday but will be ablej to attend his commencement June i 111 at Purdue, tj . Alfred Corn 14-y$ar-old son of Guy Corn.of Sclrcleyille was taken to : Rockville'--Saturday by his cousin Allen Wflsonj of Kempton. The lad entered the sanitarium for the treatment ot tuberculosis having contracted j the disease some time ago. i i OUR LEADER] COFFEE A Remarkable! Value. • 15c Per Lb] Sterling Grocery Phone 334. . Tonight and TIPTON MERC FREE SHOW •Get Your Ticket ~ Local ' Merchant! SLANTS' From Your and See The TRANSIENT LADY i With Gene Raymoul, Henry HoHand, Frances! Drake. | Also Comedy aku Fablea ! . • ill . i Friday and | :• BUCK JON "Stone of Silv Also KEN HAY "Mystery M , i and Scrappy [Onr ;t»te Show

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