Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on June 23, 1952 · Page 3
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 3

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, June 23, 1952
Page 3
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UKOPOX AIRPORT. Newark, N. J., airport om- ployeo painU a InrRe rod "X" across the runwav potntlnif to Elizabeth ibackKTounti) to wiun pl'- "keep off." The multi-million dollar air­ port, closed for four months foUowinR three crashes in Elizabeth, reopened over prote.its of fearful nei>;hborinp residents. IM:.\H1.V FLOWKK. Thl? cnrnntlon-«l>.-iiMMl eUni.l nl -ouuU.. • hl.iv .soms" from a IB-ineh rifle aboard the f S S l.nva n-^ ili, IIMIII. ship opens up on ChonRJln, Comniunlsi supplv "id 1 1 laiian crnti -r on North Koien's west eoast. NO HIIMNti. WtilKint, down dteop Inilin.' of mli ni.<iiv>, .ill l> S • T eojt.sU'i IM It n« XX «-Ni>e( jenre (or llif^.' t'txc-ttu" 'xn«> 'xiltu-ui ;iM.-* w hii x.tii' on till- I i'l.' \x li, n .m < xpUi ^jnn .\i >!n'<u >iv > ,ui,s, d II |«u\ii l,iihii.- ui lrtu>»(iiiiiii I :il Com !i\ r,.i «i .Vt.x^l ,if N'lirlh Kilt.' TAFT ANSWERS KISENIIOVVKR. Sen. Robert A. Taft, Republican presidential aspirant, waves for the cameras during a television program in New York. He made an address in rebuttal of the speech made at Abilene. Kan., by Gen. DwlRht D. Elsenhower. • Taft's leadinfj opiionent in the Republican race for nomination. Taft won his demand for video time to answer Eisenhower, since his political time on television was about thirty minutes less than Eisenhower's time. Taft said in his speech that the "new deal wini; of th<> Republican Party" cannot lend the OOP tf) vie- tory in November. STKONC ,>1AN HlK Hill UiiM- w>rl. i<ln»,'iiiK rthot putlir Iml IlliiK lillnilni'h!! t ^iiM off a licfiy luiivc iluiliit: :> woiknul ("• tirath New ViM-k'N Queenmlniio liiulne. ll<'n keiphiK In liliii liii the t'niliil Hlal 'H Olyiiipie 4 tilineH ti lalH STKLI.AH STAKKY. Eddie Slanky predicted befor.. the 1 !I5 "J cnni palKn beKan thai (ierry Slaley would win 20 nanus, and lb.- 'Jx- year-old rlnhl-handei- made the CiU'dlnal manuKer look Ilk. n rni Ini' expert startln;; off with seven Winn in nine iram.s. FLAG DAV. Troops of 38th Reg., 2nd Div. display flag of North Korean Red which they confiscated from compound 85 after they moved into enclosure and "cleaned house." American troops and Communist POWs at the Koje Island camp , . . ^'W^^^ are reported dlpKins; chest-hiRh trenches on opposite sides of some of the troublesome compounds in case of new flare-ups durinjj the split- up of the JOWs into smaller >rroui)s. l-l \ l'l(i:i'i:us ll!.;!! I' > I I t <iit> n ri<il<l« hnml* ullb ll. I fiilli. 1 Ml l>. ici l .lh .bli .iin IH I .liiilot Intii 'i .illornfV. 1 nne l ^t.iit, l <H >k(, lilt fi.Hnuiii^^ Pr ..i «i»nfi-r.iii. .Al 'h Hup»'rirti I'olllt .III.It;.' Mll .ll.'l I,Mil. Ill ll .ilU •»..) t ^.i III!. I III. ;il<lif> Ihnt nil. 'Ilk..I* t.ui -liil net ' t in.jit. I. ltu;(i'( n *iiiui*ri and <li .i n.i( I.. I,'.. I., liiilt III xinii iw I>i..tii u firtillOH Mlmi It. U 'Miiiii'.. |>. I Ml. Ill l .i hiit<- th. . hil'l xi>il ll. I In liiilv whi'K. lhai ^iill.'.H 111..* xxiih l ».l pl.*.'!il hiti.lMtii'1 Ii'ithiil in'.xl.' .I(f»*«-|iir Itr.l.. Il.l H .IMB. Hill r \KKXT.\I. KUl.liinee .Sti alliiii, I h.' nil.' Ilirie S^ix pit.-hlMt: 1 *1 .11 who loul a I. In I huiillMi; 111 • lilinl. k. . I''' hu li.'iii.l 11) till iii;.ii.»i:li.;; * ii • nx ill.-, 'I l.iHl. I., iirii' I liif ludlnu }>uii. Ii.'iiiii'i L*'. Muni V Wblt.- ••b..l lux «\ri.UHOHM. a Vll.llllMlKIt Uiif.H \V. .1, .,f |..n!.m. Ill .. i.ih.ii.l 'oik I |....!,n. ^ Il.l I, ill... i .fi \!l ««H .vl|if.| I r. ' I , ^tl Il.l'. I...... 'M l.>'j'. ... '• I-.',.. 'A ..I ..1* (ltd l .ll ''l <li. M'll'. ii.;i.l ..I I '.i" I 111'. .1 l -'Or.-,, ,„i (1... k MviT HIGH-OCTANE ELEPHANT. Huge symbol of the GOP Is formed by more than 100 autos as- „ semblod at Dyche Stadium of Northwestern Unl- .Chicago, which besins July 7. vorjfdty in Evanston, 111. The "elephant's" com­ ponent parts will be used by delegateg to the forthcoming Republican National convi -ntion in ON THKIH WAY TO THE "CIUCt'H". Kather J. Joseph I-vn. h. right, director of Fordbnm Univerolty'ii Boi«moKraphle I.aboraloi v, and Father Daniel Linchnm, director of the Boiiton College Ob Kervrttoiy, enlist 20th-century .electronic equipment In their seimh for the site of Nero's Circus. Believed buried In the vlrinily i .l St. Peter's Basilica, in Vatican City, location Of the ancient strurtut- is HOUKht by use of this electric hammer, which, when drop|.<-.l. causes shock waves which are reflected from bi/rled ol)jerl >i, .ind then eleclrioally recorded. i /^ABnFNBRS URKA.M COME TRUE. This U the way to mow 1^ St in an easy chair, quaff a cooHng drink, and l«t your the law. Sit m »^J^^y ^ gtrriing Stewart, of Sioux mochantcal ""J" -f,Indent m the Ut.lver«ity of Waah- City. la., a .'Sm scrap parts at a co.t Of T-' iritToU^a me .or ^es:;at .t hold, in bi« .ap. 40UUY CHOJXV. Popular Charlie Orlajm, who replaced Tommy Holme* aj., the Boatoq hebn. t«\ « i merman clrcua cfiaching <|t t^itil Brave*' bam Tixantm h»ve |Uiti9 trouble Hearing tbe lormirPfilwaukee l^tterallBiiimo' '*lth- ihe* fog- horA VQice.^ mym. KXPEBT . speaker of th« Jtowi* Itartto, of MM- aaoliuaeftii, doea a few ielUn«-up exejuiw* in W«»hltt«ton aftw . learninji that he ba« been n^mod semkneiit. «|lMirmitn of the Re- RuWIcan National convention, to b«j ««id lit Oilcago. iMglnniDg JutyT. Thto la the fourth ConaecuUveitlm* that Martin ha* held ib« poiltlon. BI>'%CK BKAL'TV. Al«r«J C (Jl««*well 111 dwarfi-d b >»Mfi the record 1025-|Kiund black marlin he caught off f^ttMt Blanco, Peru, one of the priza catchve III U><! y<:m\ I NDKHWATr.U I'AINTKH. V M (•tain, tjl l»«l|iw, Te*.. b»at» « KWdrsrif* h«>.»l W*VB by tt»iliitij( undrr <* I 'onliiiuuui »pr«y lrtn» a Kitrdrn hi».' Crrtlii wutitd Hint luo U- pritriltntt the lnt«rtor of a dtv|> fivH 'Jv w^iiliuuiii,.. tiul titu u n>'Jit'li«»t H )ty lu l>«ai th« hxat.

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