Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on January 6, 1949 · Page 2
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 6, 1949
Page 2
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.- TWO EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., THURSDAY, JANUARY 6, 1949 Phone 4600 For a WANT AD "Taker "• Celanese Wins Two Arbitrations Upheld In Suspension Of Worker For Loafing Sidney A. Wolfe, arbitrator, has ruied ia favor of tie Celanese Corp-' .'-cratlon of America in two grievances casis between ttie company, and —Eosai 1E74, Textile Workers Union oi Aiaerica, CIO. The grievance of Joseph Lynch i!;. Savage, claiming four hours pay Tvas denied on the grounds that thf company has the right to discipline its employes for misconduct. On Thursday. September 25, JD.17, tie report shows, lynch was employed as a helper 'in the enc:ln- eenaj deportment on the 3 to 11 p, m. shift. At about 10:35 p. m. be was found "loafing" by two patrolmen in the C. A. cafeteria compound about one-fifth mile from els vorfctog area. _4. report was written by the pnt- -•roincn and this report reached LvJBch'i foreman the next day. (Kiday) at 1 p. m. TVhea Lynch ariired at the plant at about 2:30 p. m, Ms loreman appraised him o* the loafing charge. Lynch admitted it aaci his foreman ordered a. two- day .suspension, to start at once. Lynch filed his grievance under a clause which states that an employe reporting for work shall -be guaranteed lour hours work or pay. The arbitrator found that em- ployes cannot be permitted to pro- lit by their wrong-doings, and the; ', company did not profit by sending! lynch home, because it was repaired to pay about the amount Involved la overtime pay to another eiaploye to do Lynch's work. • Tht arbitrator found "no injustice has been dealt the employe wltt regard to the suspension. la the second case,.an attempt to reopen a previous complaint, the crbitrator ruled the matter had been, disposed of January 6, 1948. This case, involving a claim for specialty pay, was a grievance filed by James Athey and Charles "W. Broadwater. The TWO men- were employed In the Site and Sanitation Depart-merit and did work, of landscaping ar»d extermination. 'They claimed 10 CHSB an hour additional as specialist classification pay. The arbitrator previously ruled the company should pay the dif- lerential for extermination war!: but not lor landscaping work. The Company paid the back pay duo and abided by 'the. ruling. However, due to lack of extermination work Broadwnter has not been doing that work, but has been transferred to landscaping. ...'.' The arbitrator upheld the former ruling that the specialist .pay is to be paid when the men -work on extermination, but the lower rate prevails. when' they work on landscaping. The grievance, was disallowed. Turnbull Resigns Post As State's Attorney. TOWSON —' (/I') — John Grason Turnbull, reccnUy appointed to succeed. William P. Bolton as state senator, reslgsied today as state's attro'ney lor Baltimore county. Turnbull, a Democrat, presented his resignation. in Circuit' Court. Bolton resigned the state senatorial post when he .was elected to Congress lost November. Union To Stock Area With Rabbits The Conservation • Committee of Local 1874, Textile Workers Union of America, CIO, 1ms been authorized to spend $300 for restocking rabbits in AUegany and Garrett counties in Maryland and Mineral county in West Virginia, according to George Walters, chairman, .' • Plans call, for similar stocking of other game. in. cooperation with .state and county conservation .groups. ' . (• TSie union Conservation committee, which includes Francis Michaels, George Shriver and Peter Ferrate, .has been active In various ^IOMS of conservation work. The committee estimates that at least 5,000 of its members take an active interest in either hunting or fishing. The rabbit stocking program will be the local's first venture into the game stocking .work of this area. . Walters said the committee • will present a report to the.membership as to the distribution of the game. Officers Reelected By Hotel Company All officers of the Cumberland Hotel Company, trading as the Fort Cumberland Hotel, were . reelected at the annual stockholders meeting yesterday. They were George R. Hughes, president; W. Wallace McKal;,', vicu president; Charles G. Holzsrra. secretory-treasurer, and Wilbur V. Wilson, assistant secretary-treasurer. Rail Officials Confer With City Several B. and O. Railroad Company officials. discussed with city officials yesterday the cost of relocating telegraph lines along the B. and O. viaduct in connection with the Cumberland flood control program. Officials from Baltimore who at-! tended the conference were- K.. D. Bewick, assistant engineer; C. L, Kroll, senior assistant engineer, and (Joseph W. Jones, regional engineer. City Attorney Thomas B. Finan nection with, the project were discussed. Another topic considered.was the type of insurance to be obtained to protect the railroad against damages while the work is In process. Albert S. Paye, liaison officer for the flood project, also'attended. said 'the will file in escrow about $7,000 to guarantee final payment of. the cost o(' relocating the lines. Final changes tn permanent easements on railroad property in con- Pfc. Muir Undergoing Five Fighting Training Pfc. Robert G. Muir, son of- Mr. and-Mrs. Matthew Muir, Big Vein Hill, 'Lonaconing, is' taking a basic course in aircraft crash fire and rescue, work at Shaw Air Force Base, Sumter, S. C. . . . . Pfc. Muir received his basic train- Ing at tackltmd 'Air Force- Base, Sim Antonio, Tex,, and volunteered for. "Project Smoke" as. the. training: is called. On completion of the course, Muir. will be assigned .to one of the continental air command bases. • Prior to his enlistment in the Air Force in September, 1948,,Muir graduated- from."Central High School, Lonaconing, -with the'.c!ass of 1948, and had-been employed in a flower shop in Lonaconing.. The green coloring matter of plants is. called chloropbyaB.' 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