The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on June 5, 1935 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 5, 1935
Page 2
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g^F^SfJ^TOS^ World's Leader {{O'clock Coffee 3lbs. 49c 1 Ib. 17c Jfew Potatoes, 10 Ibs., 23c Fresh Country Eggs, dozen 21c Sineked Picnics, Ib. , .19c NEW WHEAT CONTRACT Continued from Page 1. economic situation with respect to wheat is found to have improved to such an extent that continuance of the program is not will provide for a maximum reduction of 25 per cent, whereas the old contract provided -for a maximum of 20 per cent. BREMEN AND EUROPA. Continued, from Pago 1. Britain carries only the names of the Great Western, the Great Eastern, the Mauretania and the Rex, omitting the Bremen and Europe. "That is contrary to the fairness customary in shipping and is even more contrary to the sporting by which such records are usually measured," the paper says. . Most German papers assert that the Normandie is purely a ship built :With government funds for prestige and that the two German liners were built by private capital for profitable operation. In the opinion of the agents. It Is a half-hoar journey by automobile from Tacoma and only five miles from Renton, to which George was taken by the chicken farmer into whose yard he walked after his release. MEMBERS. Continued from Page 1. ivolved," federal men said, but at warranted under the Agricultural (.heir j names are not known Adjustment Act. I present. Other main features of the con-| Descriptions of his captors protract thus far determined are sim- .vided by young Weyerhaeuser fits iter to those- in the contract which!those of three of the suspects, it cx;)iit-f at the close of the present j was learned. crop year. The years to be used in. Meanwhile fresh details of the ULterminiu-" a producer's base^asc became known as the fcdur- ai.-n.-age and allotment are the| a i s partially broke their strict b 6ine—19;{ii-ia32 for acreage and; s ilence following the discovery I'.rjv-l:::;:: for production. How- that a $20 note, part of the mon- evor, iu perfecting the contract. O y paid for the boy's release, had n-rtuin li'.xible provisions to iu-jbeen passed in eastern Oregon, elude the so-called "one-yearj The house where the boy was min" and to meet the needs ofj ta i5 en immediately after he was proven farming practices are to' picked up on a Tacoma street is be provided. ' a three and one-half hour auto- For ex::mpl<', it i* hoped to' mobrle drive from Tacoma. He shape the new contract to meet | was chained there until his ab- the siVliali-'ii of the individual j ductors moved him to another who in "iTc;. 1 ; .signed up for a dis-; house close by. Trains passed the proportionately :-M't'ut reductioV second house live times daily, the in acrca^ because the old con-, boy told police, tract will H.'i-k to provide an eiiuit-i Search for this house was be- able base for the farmer-who first; ing made today by Washington produced wheat in IDSl or 1932.Utato police under Chief William The plan is to permit county wheat; Cole. G. 0. P. PROGRAM. Continued from Page 1. Lowden of Illinois, it was learned today. It had been announced previously that Harrison W. Spangler, of Cedar Rapids, la., national committeeman for h i s state, would deliver the principal address as temporary chairman of the convention. It was. believed Spangler's request that Lowden participate in the convention was backed by Herbert Hoover, who Monday night was a guest at Lowden's farm home near Oregon, 111. New national' implications were given the Midwest rally with an announcement that Hanford Mac- Nider, of Iowa, former minister to Canada, and Patrick J. Hurley, of Oklahoma, former secretary r-f war, would attend. MATERIAL SOLD. Continued from Page 1. while here stated he would sub- PLAN DISTRICT MEET. Legion Post of Tipton Held Big Meeting Tuesday Night. Charles Sturdevanf post 40, American Legion held an unusually good meeting Tuesday -night and while the attendance was large the right man was not there for the jackpot went unclaimed. The post discussed plans for the district meeting to be held here Thursday, June 27, and it will be along the lines of other district meetings, with a parade through the business district, a banquet, business sessions and a dance. Judge Frank B. Russell and former Judge C. W. Mount were on the entertainment committee for the Tuesday night • meeting and had a 14-pound ham and several cases of pop sent in for lunch. There was an understanding between them that Judge Russell was to buy what remained of the ham but when the meeting ended there remained nothing but a shining bone. The local post will hold its next regular meeting at Windfall, u large number of Legionnaires residing in that town and community. Windfall formerly had a post of its own but surrendered its charter. The post ' there was named in honor of Raymond Lan,, , , don, who died at his home in mit an estimate to ^depart- ^^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ while home on a furlough. At the business session Com- ment at Washington for finishing the wall of the Compton room on the east which was left unsightly by the razing. Pictures of the wall.have been taken and a recommendation made to the post- mander Plake brought up the question of organizing a junior drum corps to be formed from SHIT, IS THIIEAIEKED Crests of Two Great Floods Are Converging Upon This City. SAFETY STEPS TAKEN Flood Conditions That Have Not Occurred in 25 Years May Result. Kansas City, Mo., June 5.—Although flood j waters are sweeping rapidly upon!Kansas City from two directions the danger of a major inundation here is diminishing, Col. R. C. Moore, district i obtained permission from Washington to advance funds to those who must repair their property; erect new homes', barns, replant crops and replaced drowned live stock. Federal funds also will ba used to rebuild highways and bridges. The advance of the floods the last two days has not been accompanied by the tragic loss oE life that marked the earlier stage:! of the disaster. The death toll stood at around 125 dead or missing, but there have been no additions since the crest swept past Concordia, Kan., Sunday. RANSOM MONEY. A $30 Bill of Wcycrliacuscr llaii- soinc is Discovered. Tacoma, Wash., June 5.—The trail of George Weyerhaeuser's $200,000 kidnapers warmed last night with discovery of the passing of the first ransom bill in eastern Oregon, and the statement of a justice department spokesman that the case will "break wide open in 48 hours." He added his belief "a local gang—by that I mean Seattle and Tacoma men—was responsible." No hint was given as to who NEW "MUST" PROGRAM. Congressional Leaders Have President's Recommendations. (By Dnltea Press). Washington, June 5. — The president's new "must" 15-point program relayed to congressional leaders: 1. Social security bill. 2. Omnibus banking bill. 3. Holding company bill. 4. Wagner labor relations bill. 5. Guffey coal regulation bill. 6.' Tennessee valley bill. 7. Bankhead cotton act extension. 8. AAA amendments. 9. Tax extension .bill. 10. Temporary NRA extension. 11. NRA government contract requirements. 12. Federal alcohol control legislation. 13. Federal oil control legislation. STRAWBEEEIES (Large Indiana; | 2 quart boxes !. J .j 12 Years iA< j Newt Roads, veteran jsaaesman resumed his duties on: j thp road after a severe attack! of illness. • 7 ' ••'.!•! V/Prof. Garnet Dodds of Chicago was here on account of the serious illness of his grjandmother Mrs. Alf Rood. up. 15. Electrical farm and home authority set up. DUKE GIVEN APPEAL. river engineer said today. jwas suspected, but there have '• ! , .,, ,,, „-,,..! j been definite'indications the last 'The crest of the Missouri .....^-._,.._ ,._., , members .of the Sons of World office department to stucco or oth-j War Veterans and & {s WM Ma _ erwise place the wall in a B«Shtly-j cugged wilhout any action being condition. The superintendent of construction, is.using the little briek building at the rear of the post office site for office purposes and the mammoth blue prints of the building are spread out on a largo table where they can be examined and referred to easily. Henry Fritz, who used this building for allotment rummittees to make atl-i u j s believed near a restaurant a shoe shop for many years has Justmciils in acreage within the i a s the abductors fed George sand- moved his shop to his home on county to take care of unusual j wichcs and hard-boiled eggs dnr- j South Independence street. This cases. ling his captivity, while cooking "Another difference betweeen the j their own meals. It might be near old and tho new contracts is the: the "Half-way House," between maximum reduction in acreage j Seattle and Tacoma. (By Hulled Press). San Francisco, June 5.—Tipped that three occupants of a San Francisco apartment "might know something about the Tacoma kid- naping," police today arrested two I little building is for sale but pos- j men and <a woman for investiga- session will not be given until the tion. Those arrested were Helen Bowden, 27, Lee Bowden, 40, her un- tasen. ARRKSTS MADE. Two Men and a Woman Held Investigation. river where it absorbs the Kaw, will not be nearly so high as we thought yesterday," Col. Moore said. "The crest of the Kaw is flattening out rapidly between here and Topeka and the rise in upper Missoiiri channel will not •be so great ; as anticipated." few days that the kidnaping had | been laid at the door of Pacific 'northwest criminals. I Justice department headquarters here was interested intensely concerning which may he required during any one crop year. The new contract The ransom was paid at Angle Lake, 15 Wiles south of Seattle Kansas Citly, Mo., June 5.— The crests of i two great floods, one swelling down the fertile valley of the Kaw : river through Kansas, the other coming down the Missouri from the north, converged uponjKansas City today. Tho Kaw empties into the Mis- suori here, and army engineers fear that if both flood tides reach here at approximately the same timo flood conditions such as have not. occurred; in 25 years will result. new postoffice is completed. 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CARS cle. and Robert Lippus. 28. Inspectors ' Frank Lucy and William Merrlck said they wero convinced the trio was not involved in the abduction of George Weyerhaeuser. They • were held pending investigation of recent postal robberies, however, when the officers found the young woman alcgedly in possession of $50 worth of stamps. All possible precautions against boih property damage and loss of lil'o are being taken. Col. R. C. Moore, division engineer, Captain. 14. Central statistical board se;|/f Frank F ^ G ' local at * orn < :y Wa3 attending the funeral of his uncle and cousin Joseph Stibrs, i killed while crossing a'Street in; Rushville. • i i * « » : ; Clarence Wagoner jand his l|ride, formerly Miss Jennie Partridge were receiving congratulations having been married Ion the 4th. ' : i i i * * * ; ! i/Mart Rubush and GUB Galloway returned from Kankaljee j where they had been fishing for several days. j'-iijg'll Englishman Convicted of Frutiil Will Get New Trial. London, June 5.—Conviction of the Duke of Manchester on a charge of fraud was quashed today by the criminal court of appeal, which granted the duke's appeal after his counsel established that he had no intention to de- the ransom note j fraud. passed Sunday night hi Huntington, Ore., and asked for "all you've got" when given information about it. T. C. Hunter, Union Pacific agent in charge at the Huntington station, said that a S20 bill. No. L-12129816-A, one of the 5,000 twenties in the ransom, had been taken by Telegraph Operator C. E. Hannon from a man who wanted a ticket on the train leaving there for Salt Lake City at 10:10 o'clock Sunday night. Hannon said the man was about 30 years old, 5 feet 11 inches tall, smooth shaven, dressed in a tan suit and brown hat. A police broadcast Sunday described one of the alleged kidnapers as "possibly a Greek or a Macedonian, 35 or 40, 5 feet 11 Theodore Wyman, Jr., and other, inche3p or 6 feet> i 65 . pounds; | officers, conferred with officials of j hair> eyebrows and complexion both Kansas :citys, and officers of ( ^ rk; s i ender build, smooth shav- railroads, whose yards face inun- en, noticeable lines about mouth; PERMANENT SUBSTITUTE. For the XRA Tr> He (ihc-n Congress This Session. dation. ; Materials ' for strengthening j levees and j erecting auxiliary | dikes were stored in the central' n> one 5 feet 10 inches tall and industrial district where heaviest I tlle o tij er 5 teet 9. damage will | occur if the waters break through. A force of 5,000 men was recruited and held ready (By Unlte.1 Press). Washington, June 5. — President Roosevelt is bending every effort to formulate a permanent substitute for NRA which definitely will be submitted to congress later this session, congres- sjpnal leaders said today. The substitute, may call for the use of the federal tax power in an effort to force'both interstate and intrastate business to meet minimum wage and hours, chil:! labor ^nd -collective • bargaining requirements of the original NRA codes. Leaders made clear that the president's immediate proposal for continuing a skeleton NRA organization was entirely a stopgap measure ^to prevent lapsing of the agency on June 16. —: * ' * — :• Will Locate at Lebanon. Dr. Don Hall, Windfall dentist will leave Windfall the middle of the month, having -decided to locate at Lebanon. They will remove their 'household goods from the Chance apartment to Lebanon but Mrs. Hall who is book-keeper for tho Regal canning factory will remain here for the present, retaining her position..She will stay with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Harmony ;-Beymer: ; ; spending the week ends with her husband at Lebanon. ';-.;• ' --. . f>«L .. ; ; IB Improving. ,.• Ed Goodnight, employed at the Foiter Furniture Store, who was laken to ,tho pqpd Samaritan SoBpjtal one Foe* nsp,.| In, a r crUt- -has Burjriqfld, B von for duty under supervision of tho , „ ., . „ .Disappointed loung Alan Kills army engineers. Erection of a 6- _!. ... .. foot auxiliary levee, that blocked Senta Fe tracks but may hold back considerable ihigh water, was begun at one danger point. Orders that the entire CCC personnel in MJssouri, estimated at 10,500, be held in readiness for emergency dtity in flood areas wero received from 'the Seventh Corps headquarters in Omaha. In Kansas' the federal government will aid in the rChabilita- ,- , ,. ., • J mystified police, said: "Dear folks: I'm going to wore gray felt hat and gray suit." Tho other two in the police broadcast were described as elder DOUBLE TRAGEDV. Woman nnd Then Himself. Los Angeles, June 5. — ^George Booth hanged himself Tuesday after stabbing fatally a woman believed to be Miss .Dolores Dufae. 26, of Cleveland, O. The body of a young woman, believed Miss Dufae, was found in a street yesterday. She had been stabbed several times. A note written by Booth, which tion programj. John G. Stutz, statu emergency relief administrator, r Near "Health Wreck" Due to Stomach Misery Calls Indoj-Vin the Greatest Ever; Has Been a Long- Time Sufferer.. Mrs. Ethel thur, of Sycamore st| Columbus, said: "My ach was always upset and I PULL of gas er my meals, this gas even its effect on heart, for heart seemfe shako and ter like a letjf on a tree, dltlon was and indo f was the nrqt that had any has worked' whole body, upset after, mjffood ao« In any cheat, 1 that j awful Ing'around Tb %i« my Maker. I just got through killing Dolores after she told me her right name. I stabbed her five more times after she told me slid loved me." Booth had used his brother's car, and in it was found a second note apologizing for its blood spattered condition. It read: . "Dear brother, I am sorry I got your car all bloody." The Booths were unable to explain their son's reference to Misa Dufae telling her right name. GRANT) OFFICERS COMING. I'ocnhontas and Red Men to Hold Joint Meeting. Thursday night; a big joint meeting of the Pocahontas lodge d the Red Men lodge willj be •held at ^he' Red ; Men's hall in Tipton and members of both, orders and sojourning .members are UBged to be present. .Aoderspn Is sendfng a delegation of members to the meeting and several of the grand offtcers will bp present. Following the bus- The duke was convicted last month of pawning family heirloom jewelry,. left by his mother, which did not belong to him. Uig Baby Boy. Mr. and Mrs. L. C. O'Toole of North Main street received word Tuesday evening of the birth of a 10-pound baby son to their son. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O'Toole oi Detroit, the little one arriving at noon Tuesday at the St. Elizabeth hospital in Detroit. The little lad has been giv-rn the name "of Thomas, Jr. He is tho second child in the home, and is welcomed by one sister, Patricia Marguerite, age 2. Mrs. O'Toole will leave next week for Detroit and Mr. O'TooTe will-join her later. Uoth will remain for an indefinite visit. County Treasurer Earl Hughes reported his bank balance showed better .than ?335,000 when he closed: his office ;on the 4th of the month. :/ . • • • J Edward Jordan, i civil war veteran and a member of Jfimes Price of the Tipton G. A. R. died oni hand Returned to Florida. Mr. and" Mrs. J. V,'. Potts have returned to their homo in Orlando, Florida, after visiting for several days with the former's sister, Mrs. Lydia Yontz at the home of her daughter, Mr. aim Mrs. Elmer Doversberger near Tipton. While here they also visited another sister. Mrs. George Cochran near Tipton, and other relatives, i Sunday Sir. and .Mrs. Pott.3, Mr. and Mrs, Doversberger. and Mrs. Yontz attended a family dinner at the home of the latter's son. Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Yontz hear Cicero. Home From Hospital. Mrs. Norval McCreary, who has been at the Marion hospital following- an automobile accident ten days ago, was able to be removed to her home oh the Scudder farm near Windfall Tuesday afternoon. Mr. McCreary was able to leave the hospital the last of the week. While both are improved it will be some time before they will be able to do their work. iness and talks by grand atss «1U Card of Thanks. The family of the late Mrs. Wilmuth Jane Price wish to express sincere thanks and appreciation to their many friends 'and neighbors who were so kind to her after her serious accident and the kindness shown after .her death. They wish to personally thank Rev. P. B. Turner and Rev. A. ^. Beyler for their messages of comfort; -Mr. Leatherman and Mr. Morris, the funeral directors; Mrs. Paul Road- rook, Mrs. Kenneth Percrvali Mrs. JFred Coleman and Miss Frances Beyler, accompanied by Mrs. Clifford Hoover, .also Rev. Clifford Hoover accompanied: by , Mrs, Hoover, also,the singer from the Church ,ot God, all for the exeel- tha cartel andtfH at his home in Arcadia; * * * ' V Dr. H. B. Shoup, Jolin H. Harper, Charles Wilson arid William Hill left for Elks Rapids on a fishing trip. ; i Still Refused; Chicago, June* 5.—A third attempt to secure the use of Chicago's huge Soldier Fjeld Stadium for a June 19 mass meeting b'f the Rev. Charles E. iCoughlin'a National Union for Social ;Justicu was .rejected yesterday; Daily Bible Quotation. \ He that is of a prbud; heuii Etirreth up strife; but hi- that l>u'- tcth his truth in the Lord shall be made fat.—Proverbs 28:25. INVITING i i Delt Bouse, Route 2, Atlanta As a guest of The Tiitpd Dally Tribune at the New Rltz Theatre to witness j '•BLACK FUR) " I Explanation: This Inyitation is not transferable and is igood only for the party whose nariie and address appear above, "fhej party named above, accompanied by a member of his family or a! friend should' present this invitation at the'Ritz door the sarnie; as two regular admission tickets. THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE Entered as Second Class i Matter at i the PostolBce, Tlpton| ili^d. I Ramsay & O'Banlon,! Props. i Kstabllshed Oct. -4, 139$. ' subscription Ratles.: One year, In state ...... L..J...S3.00 SEx months. In state .......... 2.00 Three months, In state j. ..;... 1.60 One month. In state .'...j. ...... .40 One month, outside state' ...... .58 Ope year, outside state <•• «•!»». 6.00 1*

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