Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 20, 1953 · Page 16
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 16

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 20, 1953
Page 16
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rr 1 h r Tuesd October 20 GALESBtRO HOG C- B. & Q. Stockyards 4 Marjcet open, steady to 15c lower; close active and steady. Top p\.00. 200-250 f20.1S-ft21.00 280-300 f2E).S5-f20.65 Packing sows $18.00-$20.25 Overnight hogs delivered Oauesburg by 4 a. m. sold 25c above these quotations. Wilton ac Co., SAriU F« Yards Market fully steady all weights. Top $21.00. 180-500 - *20.50-$20.90 510-260 Z. $21.00- S70-300 $20.50-$20.90 Sows steady. 270-600 $18.25-^20.50 _ L - _ - - - BtSHNELL LIVESTOCK Estimated receipts 1,300 hogs. Market nctive 10 to 25 higher, top $21.35.. Sows steady, top $20.50. Cattle, bidding fully steady on all grades, good or better, others continue uneven. Lambs, bulk of sales $18 down. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK (By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS) HOGS— X0 t 0OO salable; most choice 190-260 lb. butchers $21.40-$21.85; several loads $21.75; few 170-180 lb. $21$21.50; most 300-550 lb. sows $20-$21.25; early clearance. CATTLE—7,000 salable; calves —500 salable; modest supply prime 1,0501,250 lb. steers $28-$29.50; prime 1.500 lb. $26.50; bulk choice to low-prime 1,400 lb. down $23.50-$27; load prime mixed yearlings $26; few loads prime heifers $24.50-$25.50; bulk choice to low- prime grades $21.50-$24; good to low- choice $1B.50-$21; utility and commercial cows $J0*$13.50; canners and cutters $8-$10.50; utility and commercial bulls $12 -$14.50; commercial to prime vealers ?16 -$24; cull and utility $9$14. SHEEP—2,000 salable; good and choice fed wooled lambs $17-$9; cull to low-good lambs $8-$16; cull to choice eweh $4-$5.50. TOMORROW'S ESTIMATES CHICAGO (AP)—USDA— Estimated salable livestock receipts for Wednesday: HOGS 9,000 CATTLE 14,000 SHEEP 2,000 PEORIA LIVESTOCK (By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS) HOGS—4,500 salable; top $21.85; sows top $20.50. CATTLE—750; good and choice steers $20-$26; few head $26!50; canner and cutte rscows $7-$9<50. Calves 150; few prime $23 -$24. SHEEP—400; choice and prime lambs 105 lbs. down $17.50-$ 18.50. GALESBUftG GRAIN MARKETS Conrartitr Grain fc Supply (Grain bids at 1:30 p, m.) CORN, No. 2 $1.31 OATS, No. 2 .70 SOYBEANS, No. 2 $2.52 D*Fomt Feed Seed Co. (Galesburg-Abingdon) (Grain bids at 1:30 p. m.i WHEAT. No. 2 $1.76 CORN. No. 2 — $1.33 OATS, No. 2 .64 SOYBEANS, No. 2 $2.52 Gftl«tburg Soy Product! Co* (Bids at 1:30 p. m.) SOYBEANS, No. ( 2 yellow $2.55 CHICAGO CASH GRAIN (By THE ASSOCIAAED PRESS) Cash wheat: none. Corn: No. 1 yellow 1.45U-46V*; No. 2 1.45-45 1 /*; No. 3 1.40-45U; No. 4 1 .3734; sample grade 1.43. Oats: None. Soybeans: No. 2 yellow 2.68 Illinois origin; No. 2 yellow 2.68% northwest origin, all track Chicago. Barley nominal: malting 1:30-60; feed 88-1.10, Field seed nominal per 100 lbs: white clover 8.50-9.00; redtop 58.00- 59.00;/alslke 15.00-18.00; timothy 11.5012.00; red clover 24.00-25.00. CHICAGO GRAIN RANGE CHICAGO H*High Low Close Prev.Close Wheat Cross-Examinitig f Ivy Continues In Drug Hearing CHICAGO (UP)—Dr. Andrew C. Ivy, famed physiologist, was cross- examined anew today before a legislative commission on his charge that a conspiracy existed against the controversial cancer drug, krebiozen. Cross-examination of Ivy began Monday night as the commission started three-tirrics-a-day hearings in an attempt to wind up its investigation this week. Questioned Monday night by Atty. Randolph Bohrer, Ivy told of his first contact with krebiozen and its discoverer, Dr. Stevan Durovic. Bohrer represents R. Edwin Moore and Kenneth Brainard, Chicago businessmen who mlvy and cago businessmen whom Ivy and gain commercial control of the drug. WALt STKEKf • NEW YORK (AP)—The stock market was higher today despite some soft spots in the list. Both gains and losses were fractions with gains predominating. Volume hit a pace right around Monday's. 1,100,000 shares. The rlcrafts, motors, coppers and railroads were higher. The steels were lower. Other areas were steady to mixed. The market was active and higher from the stnrt with all sections unchanged to higher. Steels gave ground after it was announced that Great Lakes Steel Corp., a subsidiary of National Steel, had cut prices on steel used by auto makers. The question in the industry • seemed to be whether the move represented a price cut or whether the company was bringing its\prices down in line with competitors. Among higher stocks wer eGeneral Motors, Boeing. National Distillers, American Telephone. Anaconda Copper, General Electric * and Westinghouse Electric. Lower were U, S, Steel, Bethlehem Steel, DuPont and Baltimore and Ohio. Corporate bonds were mixed. U. S. government securities in the over the counter market were irregular. 1 Dec Mar May Jiy Corn Dec Mar May Jiy Oats Dec Mar May Jiy Rye Dec Mar May Jiy 1.94% 1.98% 2.00% 1.96 1.47 1.50% 1.51V2 1.50% .77% .7734 ,75% 1.19% 1.24% 1.26% 1.28V4 Soybeans NEW YORK STOCK 1247 UP89 Oct. 20 R118p NEW YORK (UP)—Stock market midday prices: 1 Aid Chem 67% Aid St 33% Allis Chal 43% Amerada 152% ABC-Pmt UV& Amn Can 35Ts Amn Dist 32 Amn R&SS 12% Amn Smelt 29 Amn T&T 156 Amn Tob 76% Anaconda 32% Armour 8% Atchison 93 Bendix 61% Beth StI 49% Borden 60 Briggs 30^8 Budd lWs Burroughs 14% Butler 13% Cal&Hec 7% Case 16% Catplr 47% Celanese 20% Celotex 16 Cerro 21% C&O 36% Chrysler 67% Coca Cola 108% Colum Gas 13% Com Cop 36% Cons Cop 7% Cont Can 56 Confc Oil 50% Corn Prod 72% Curt Wr 7% Deere 26% Dome 15% Douglas 73% Du Pont 103% Erie 18% Firestone 60% •Flintkt 26% Gen El 79% Gen Fds 57 % Gen Mtrs 58% Go-jdyear 50! Ghm Pg1% Gt Wsi Su 177'* drum Air 22% Howe Snd 11% Hudson 11% 111 Cent 71% inland Stl 40% lnt Harv 27 Int Nick 39% Inl Paper 54% lnt T&T 14% Johns Man 62 Kennecoll 66 Lockhd 25% Loews 11 Marsh Fid 24% Martin 15 Maytag 17% Msn Dvp 16% Monsanto 83% Mont Dak 19% Morrell 11% Nash Kelv 18 Nat Avn 21% Nat Bis 35% Nat Dairy 60 Nat Dist 18% Nat Ld 33% NYC 20% Nor Pac 57 NW Aid 9% Ohio Oil 53 Otis El 40% Owens 111 74^4 Packard 4% Pan Amn 9 * Penney 72% • Penn RR 19% Pepsi Cola 13 Phelps Dge 33% Philco 30% Phi Mor 51% Phil Pet 52% P&Gam 65 RCA 23% Rem Rand 15 Rep Stl 36% Reyn Tob 47% Safeway 38% Schenley 22% Sears 56% Sinclair 33% Socony 32% Sou Pac 39% Std Bds 27 S.O. Cal 50% S.O. Ind. 67% S.b. N.J.. 70% S.O. Ohio 33% Studebaker 23% Swift 39 Texaco 53% Tran Am 25% Un Carb 68% Un Oil 40% Un Pac 104% UUI Airl 24 Utd Corp 5% U.S. Gyps 105% U.S Stl 37% Wauk Mt 19% West Un 44% Weslfihse EI 46 W Nor Amn 21 Woolworth 43% Woolworth 43% Yng SH&T 39% Zenith 72% Nov Jan Mar May Jiy Lard Oct Nov Dec Jan Mar May 2.73% 2.75% 2.75% 2.74 2.69% 1.93% 1.97% 1.99% 1.95 1.45% 1.49% 1.50% 1.49% .76% .76% .75 .71% 1.17% 1.22% 1.25 1.26% 2.71 2.73% 2.73% 2.72 2.67% 1.94% 1.97Vs 1.99% 1.96% 1.46% 1.50% 1.51% 1.50% .76% .77% .75% .72% 1.19% 1.24% 1.26% 1.28% 2.72% 2.74% 2.74% 2.73 2.68% 17.85 14.80 13.55 12.80 12.50 12.35 17.00 14,57 13.35 .12.50 12.35 12.30 17.65 14.80 13.42 12.65 12.40 12.35 1.94%-% 1.98%-% 2.00%-% 1.95%-% 1.46% 1.50-50% 1.50%-51 1.50%-% .77-77% .77%-% .75%-% .72% 1.19-18% t.23%-% 1.25% 1.27% 2.71%-72 2.74%-% 2.74% 2.72%-% 2.68%-% 17.07 14.57 13.37 12.50 12.30 12.35 MARKETS AT A GLANCE (By UNITED PRESS) Stocks irregular in quiet dealings. Bonds irregular. U. S. government bonds lower in quiet trading. Midwest stocks irregular. Cotton futures easier. Grains in Chicago: Wheat, corn, rye, oats, soyben and lard futures lower. Hogs: Steady-25 lower, top $21.75, Sheep: Mostly steady, top $20.50. Cattle: 50 hibher to 50 lower, top $29.50. ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK (By UNITED PRESS) HOGS: 8,500; 190 lbs. up strong to 15c higher;' lighter v/elghts steady to strong: choice 180-250 lbs. $21.50-$21.75, top $21.00: 260-300 lbs. |21.35-$21.50; 150170 lbs. $20-$21.50. CATTLE: 6,000; calves 2,000; little done on steers and heifers; few lots good high and choice mixed yearlings fully steady at $21-$25; vealers unchanged; good and choice vealers $1B-S22: prime to $25. SHEEP: 2,200; market not fully established; choice and prime Wooled iambs $18, 50c to $1 lower. Report Car loadings Santa Fe carloadings for the week ending Oct. 17 were 25,693 compared with 27,718 for the satne week in 1952. Cars received from connections totaled 14^112 compared with 14,222 for the same week in 1952. Total cars moved were 39,805 compared with 41,940 for the same week iri 1952. Santa Fe handled a total of 38,324 cars in the preceding week of this year. iFitlton Rural Youth Consignment Auction CHICAGO PRODUCE (By UNITED PRESS) LIVE POULTRY: Steady. 28 LIVE POULTRY: Steady. 28 trucks. Poultry Board price changes: Hens: Colored over 5 lbs 22Hc lb.; colored 5 lbs. and under 28. Turkeys: Toms 30. CHEESEt Single daisies 42^-43'/ac lb.; tonghorns processed loaf 39%42; Swiss A 45-47; B 44-45; C 41-,43. BUTTER: 658,000 lbs. Firm. 63 score score 68e lb.; 92 score 67%; 90 score 65%; 89 score WA. Carlots: 00 score 66; 89 score 63^. EGGS: 5,262 cases. Steady to firm. White large extras 60-69.9 per cent A and over 61 \' 2 o doz.; mixed large extras 60-69.9 per cent A and over 56; mediums 60-69.9 per cent A and over 43; standards 51-53; current receipts 44; dirties 42; checks 40. FOR SALE NEW 1—Super "M" IH T?ac!o? ..$2,270.73 WITH I—2M IM Mid. Corn Picker $1,296.75 Tofal $9/567.50 Gilbert Imp. Co., Inc. Phone 282 LWbon, N.D. CORBIN'S AUCTION HOUSE Cedar Thursday, Oct. 22, 1953 7:30 P.M. 6 rooms of furniture and furnishings including 2-pc. living room suit*, studio lounge, gateleg table, desk, antique chest of drawers, beds complete, Congoleum rug, alarm clocks, 26-pC. set Wm, Rogers silverware, table lighter, portable electric radio, 2-pc. set luggage, 8 m.m. movie camera, lady's Waltham wrist watch, man's wrist watch, Singer sewing machine, exceptionally nice china cabinet, some antique dishes, buffet, antique Waterbury clock, dining tabLe and 3 chairs, coffee and end tables, pair matching iwln beds compleie with coll spring! and inneriprlng mailreases, walnut finish chest of drawers, (if you need twin beds don't miss these), dinette set, 6-ft. Coronado electric refrigerator, gas stove, electric washing machine. 4-room size oil burner, electric motor and grinder, 12 ga. shotgun, .22 caliber Marlin repeater rifle, 5 new hunting vests, some new billfolds, laundry stove, brass hanging lamp, boy's bicycle, girl's bicycle, 1940 Oldsmobile 2 Dr. Sedan, dishes, pots, pans, and other articles too numerous to mention, including 1 lot Beacon blankets. CORBIN AND KENT, AUCTIONEERS. PHONE 8-1433. EULA JOHNS, CLERK We can use a Utile more good merchandise on this auction. If you have anything to sell bring it to the auction house or call the auction house before Thursday noon. Sirawflowers . and Winter Bouquets O! all lype» and mM«Ial. In color of floral arrangemenii. F»«*h Flowort. B»in« yout container if you with. CELOSIA GARDENS AND ANTIQUE SHOP 41 E. Davii SI. any Alio own TELEPHONE BILLS art now due. They ere payable at the Company Office. 100 XI. Cherry, or al the FINAL GRAIN REVIEW CHICAGO (AP)—Grains had a slightly easier tendency on the Board of Trade today after an early attempt to extend the previous session's rally died almost as soon as it got started. Price changes were small in all pits with soybeans showing a slightly firmer tone than anything else while wheat was slightly easier. Beans responded rather lamely to a sharp boost ! in soybean oil, quoted at 13 3 .i cents a pound against 13U cents Monday. "Wheat showed the lack of any stimulating news, a fact which brought the depressing worldwide grain surplus, back into the picture. There was only some disappointment over the fact West Germany bought some wheat, from Canada overnight and none from the United States. Carlot grain receipts in Chicago were estimated at: Wheat 5. corn 172, oats 3, rye 0, barley 14 and soybeans 19. Wheat closed Va lower to V4 higher, December $1.94-$1.94' / a, corn unchanged to Va higher, December $1.48% -7b , oats U lower to % higher, December 76%-Vo. rye Vi-% higher, December S1.19>^-$1.19, soybeans unchanged to J£ higher, November $2.72 '/4-V3, and lard unchanged to 5B cents a hundred pounds higher, October $17.65. In 1953, Finland's ship building industry had six times the capacity of 1944. If you meet a bear, advises a Canadian wildlife expert, just walk away and the bear will do likewise. But which way? WARREN COUNTY SALE BARN Located 2 milas north of Monmouth on Rout* 67, Livestock Sole Every Thursday Starting Promptly at 12 O'clock Noon Garald B. Fisher. Owner and Manager Phone Monmouth 17F32 or 367J Aledo, til. MODERN LUNCH ROOM * Some of last weeV'i erepestanr V4 1/4 Some of last week's representative sales of stocker and feeder cattle: 22 Hereford steer'caffs, avg. wf. 507 at $16.80, 21 Hereford steer calves, avg. wf. 381 at $16.50, 20 Hereford steer calves, wt. 455 at $16.80, 16 Hereford steer calves, avg, wt. -419 at $16.80, 8 black steer calves, avg. wt. 341 at $17.40, 1*0 black steer calves, avg. wt. 461 at $17.00, 6 Hereford steers, avg. wt. 600 lbs. at $14.10, 8 black Hereford steers, avg. wt. 736 at $15.90,-30 Hereford steer calves, avg. wt. 442 at $17.40, 25 Hereford calves, avg. wt. 406 at $14.45, 13 steer and heifer calves, avg. wt. 343 at $15.25, our supply of butcher cattle did not near meet the demand, selling ta $16.00 to $19.65, with the good kinds strictfy absent. The stock hog market was very active as follows; 25 Hampshire shoats, avg. wt. 113 at $25.30 per cwt„ 17 Hampshire shoats, avg. wt. 187 at $23.10 per cwt. 7 24, white shoats, avg. wt. 115 at $24.80 per cwt., 81 Hampshire shoats, avg. wt. 191 at $21.30 per cwt. Market boars $14.00 to $14.25 per cwt. ADVANCE LISTINGS 30 good native steer and heifer Shorthorn calvos; 57 good to choice Montana Hereford steers, avg. wt. 706 lbs.; 2 carhad western Hereford steer calves, Wt. around 425 lbs.; 30 head good butcher cattle; 25 head* good butcher cattle; 1951 Roadmaster Buiclc, 9000 actual miles, sold to settle estate. CATTLE OFFERED AT PRIVATE SALE DAILY Auctioneers: Raymond F. Fisher, Taylor Ridge, III., Wm, Porter, Alexit, 111., Harold Sackman, Reynolds, III. FARM AUCTION 80 Acres and New House and Lot in the Village of Dunlap The 80-acre improved farm, located 2 miles north of Dunlap on the hard road Route 9U will be sold at public auction on the farm on Saturday, October 24 Commencing at 1:00 O'clock P.M. Following the sale of the farm, we will sell at public auction the house located in the Village of Dunlap. THE FARM LAND — This 80-acre farm, more or less, Is described as the south half of the southeast quarter of section thirty-four (34), Township eleven (11) north, range seven (7) east of the fourth principal meridian, situated in Peoria County, 111, This farm has 8-room house with bathroom, full basement, pressure water system and coal furnace. There is a barn, corn crib and 2-car garage. It is a very good pfoducing farm and in a good location; close to the best markets and on the hard road; close to good schools and the church of your choice. For the investor, it is the best. Terms of-Sale on Farm Land—15 % of the purchase price to be paid on date of sale, balance in cash, on or before February l f 1954, upon delivery of executor's deed and abstract showing merchantable title. Seller will pay all 1953 taxes, payable in 1954, and convey title clear of all encumbrance and Hen. This farm will be sold subject to the tenancy of John Magnuson, tenant, in. possession of said property for the year of 1954. GEORGE F. COHIELL i Dunlap, Illinois 1 A READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS Household Furniture Sale! Must sell, leaving town. Inquire 1183 N. PRAIRIE ST. A Chester White BOAR AND GILT SALE Oct. 22 7:30 P. M. HEMPHILL BROS. Cambridge, lllinoi* WELL DRILLING Prompt Service, Reasonable Prices and Worfc Guaianteed. JONES * SCHMEtSKB SEE HOBEN BROS. m & Prairie - Phone «MM mm from light delivery to heavy hauling, there'* a Chevrolet truck to fit your needs. TOP QUALITY PRINTING Black or Multiple Color Work (Union Shop) The Doily Rtgisfr-Mail T/CH£VROLET/A MODEL COMPARISONS SHOW Chevrolet Advance-Design frucfet oufitf/ the next iw* make* combined/ Mora Chevrolet f/veks In v $4 than any other makei You'll save on price I And you'll save plenty! With al! their extra ruggedness and thrifty power . . . with all their exclusive and advanced features . . . Chevrolet trucks are the lowest priced truck line of alll You'll tove on operating costs! You'll get a better trade-in! In both light- and heavy-duty models, Chevrolet's advanced vaJve-in-head engines deliver outstanding economy. And you get extra ruggedness that keeps upkeep down! You get more truck for your dollars when you buy . . . more dollars (or your truck when you trade. Chevrolet trucks traditionally command a higher resale value. Buy no truck until yon get our dealt Let us show you how easy it h to start saving money with a new Chevrolet truck that's just right for your job. Sets Halloween Event The Fulton County Rural ^outh will hold a Halloween party Wednesday at 8 p.m. at the Lewistown National Bank Building. Each member is requested to be accompanied by a guest. Rosemary Holmes heads the committee in charge of arrangements. Other committee members are Herschel Kelly and Clifford Bump. I Africa*! "Motintalns of the Moon" w$re fiamed by Ptolomy, ancient Greek scientist, who believed that the moon touched them and turned them silver; Th« aeven-mile San Francl Oakland Bay Bridge is rated thi longest in the world. READ THE WANT AM Plan Supper ALEXIS—The E.U.B. Church in Alexis will hold a chicken pie supper Wednesday! evening at the church starting at 5 p.m. 247 E. Simmons Si. Galesburg, Illinoif Don't Dig Up Your S«w«t OOTIft PHONE 7789 -6 If NO ANSWER. CAU 5716 -t Dead Stock Removal Prompt Service FREDERICK RENDERING GALESBURG 5737 -6 And MAPLE CITY RENDERING MONMOUTH 41 i There will be a Service Charge lor lew than 300 lbs. • BAIN OR SHINE DON'T MISS THIS SALE RETURN AND PART LOAD VING lUUroad Saivaff* Nallonally Advollsed ^•rM*T»eton Outlsts HOME FUfttflSHlNQS — ALL NEW MERCHANDISE Will be told to th« highest bidder for Cash. Chrome Dinette Sets, Mattresses, Vacuum Cleaners (latest models). Sewing Machines (portable & cabinet), Dormeyer Food Mixers & Fryers, Rogers 52-piece Silverware Sets. Ladies' Dress Material (finest of gabardine), Men's Suiting. Dress Shirts, Work Shirts Jackets, Sweaters. Husky Alloy Socket Wrench Sets, Zephyr 6>/ 4 Electric saw (mirror finish), Electric Drills V 2 " capacity with Jacobs chuck. White Utility House Paint, 0x12 Oriental Rugs, Table Lamps. Beacon Wool Blankets, 53-pc. Stetson China Sets, Marv Proctor Ironing Boards. Hair Clippers, Table Cloths, Toasters, Waterless Cook Ware ( 30-ft. Manila Lar; at Rope (with Brass Honda), Saddles, Bridles. Horse Blankete, Stock Wh psi (by B. T. Crump Co., Richmond, Va.), Never Rip Brand Tarpaulins, all sizes. FOR INSPECTION COME EARLY See and Hear the Lady Auctioneer! BOHART BOHART • FROM CHICAGO - Oct. 20-31 MERCHANDISE BROKERS AND AUCTIONEERS JOLIET Nov. 5-15 Here's »• thrifty way to cut moving costs — plan and schedule your service. PHONE 1201-6 Ferris Moving & Storage Sale Starts at 7:30 P. M. 2 Big Nites — Fri., Oct. KNOXVILLE COMMUNITY S KNOXVILLE, ILLINOIS Oct. • RAIN OR SHINE RAILROAD SALVAGE DON'T MISS THIS SALE FACTORY OUTLETS NATIONALLY ADVERTISED ITEMS AUCTION SALE I 40-Acre Unimproved Farm LocaUd two mllai notlh o! Dunlap on Rout© 91 will b« sold al public auction on in* iarm, on Saturday, October 24 Immediately following the salt of the Charlet E. Johnion Estate farm, consisting of B0 meres, joining this 40 acres, it will be sold at 1:00 p.m. This 40 acres, more or less, described as the Northwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section Thirty-four (34), Township Eleven (11) North, Range Seven (7) East of the Fourth Principal Meridian, situated in the County of Peoria, in the State of Illinois. This 40- acre farm, more or less. Is all tillable and has had commercial fertilizer on all the land. It is one of the best farms in this-territory and is a very good investment. It lies at the northwest corner of the Charles Johnson Estate 80 acres, which will be sold at auction the same day. Terms of Sale—15% of the purchase price payable on day of sale, balance to be paid in cash on or before March 3, 1954, upon delivery of deed and abstract showing merchantable title. Seller will pay all 1953 taxes, payable in 1954, and convey title clear of all encumbrance and Hen. Possession March 1, 1954. WILLIAM PULLEN ESTATE Varlt) W. Safford, Attorney, 727 First Natl. Bank Bldg., Paorla. Not JUsponsibla for Accidents Should Any Occur. Tot Information prior to salt), contact Col. J. M. Bliss, Auctioneer, Telephone S4, Prlnceville, 111. HOME FURNISHINGS All New Merchandise Will Douglas Chrome Dinette Sets, Studio Couches, Box Spring Mattresses, Vacuum Cleaners (latest models), Sewing Machines (portable and cabinet), Dormeyer Food Mixers and Fryers, Rogers 52~piece Silverware Sets, Ladies' Dress Material (finest of gabardine), Men's Suiting, Dress Shirts, Work Shirts, Jackets, Sweaters, Husky Alloy Socket Wrench Sets, Zephyr 6V4 Electric Saw (mirror finish), Electric Drills %" capacity with Jacobs chuck, White Utility House Paint, 9x12 Oriental Rugs, Table Lamps, Beacon Wool Blankets, 53-pc. Stetson China Sets, Mary Proctor Ironing Boards, Hair Clippers, Table Cloths, Toasters, Waterless Cook Ware, 30 ft. Manila Lariat Rope (with Brass Honda), Saddles, Bridles, Horse Blankets, Stock Whips (by B. T. Crump Co., Richmond, Va.), Never Rip Brand Tarpaulins all sizes. FOR INSPECTION COME EARLY and Hear the Only Lady Auctioneer In Action in the Midwest! BOHART BOHART Merchandise Brpkers and Auctioneers SALES START AT 7:30 Wednesday Night, Oct. Powell's Pavilion 4V4 Miles West of Abingdon and Thursday Night, Oct. 22 at Alpha Roller Rink in Town 225 E. Main Phone 4960 SALE ENDS SATURDAY 4-Ton Capacity Lo-Load Gear REG. 137.50 teat tires 122 Ask about Term* Designed for low, easy loading without sacrificing road clearance—full 18" from axle to ground. 1%" spindles. Reach telescopes from 7 ft. 1" to 12 ft. Auto-type steering. 8000-lb. capacity for in-the-field work. With 15 or 16" demountable disc wheels. lO-LOAD JR. 3 -ton cap 110.50 LO-LOAD SR. 5-ton cap 139.88 ADJ. BOLSTERS 13.88 1

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