Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on June 21, 1952 · Page 5
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 5

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 21, 1952
Page 5
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"Who Mtid I'm going to lose my daughter?" THESE WO»IE> '—Local Markets— G>rii Ddwn, ans in Price Gain Corn waa a penny per bushel lower on- today's local grain market and soybeans were up a cent. Other grain and all produce prices held steady locally. GRAIN Old corn New corn Soybeans OaU-(36 lbs.) Flax Or»vea Orala Company Oniver, Huntington. Maple Hill PROnCOE Sweet cream 75c No. 1 73c No. 2 71c Henneries - ~ 33c No. 1 _ : 27c No: 2 24e $1.61 ..$1.80 ..$2.9 .. 73c $3.80 mostly 60 lower, instances 78 off on weighty butchers: sows 59 to mostly 78 lower. Demond from shipper interests reliable on all sessions and absorbed a high percentage of choice No. 1 and 2 lightweight butchers as well aa sows under 480 lbs. Sow numbers comprised up to 37 percent of sal able' slaughter receipts on one session. Weeks top 20.60, late limit 20.60 rather freely by shipper interests. Packers 20.00 sparingly nt the close. Barrows ond gilts around 190-240 lbs. choice 1 to 2 19.75-20 60 through the week, these closed 19.75-20.60. Around 240-270 lbs. 19.^5-20.26, 270-300 lbs. 18.2619.26, 300-360, lbs. 17.00-18.60 on closing rounds. A few 459 lb. weights held down to 15.88 at midweek. Choice sows around 300-800 lbs, closed 16.00-18.75, few choice lightweights on butcher order 1900. Around 660 lbs. and heavier sold down to 16.00. Wet sows were discounted fully 60 to 1.00 and in some cases more. Sprinn, lbs. and up 22c Straii^t run 28= Hen8.-.imder,4V4.lbs. I4c .Hens, 4^ lbs', and over 16c HeAvy- cook*. lOo Leghorn, leghorn cross cocka ~«8o SiouX'CUy Livestock Sioux, city livestock market quotations- Sioux City, Juno 21, (^—Cattle salable 200: all classes held for Monday. Bulk western stock cattle.' Calves 60; all westerns \ held for Monday. For the week: slaughter steers and helfora largely 1.00-1.60 lower, some steers around average goqd and below 2.00 lower, few desirable weights better than low choice, together with similar heifers 60-75 under last weeks low sell ing. Cows 2.0O-3.00 lower. Lower grades off 3.00-4.00 lower, bulk choice steers 29.00-32.00, latter including loads prime 1,211-1,280 lb beeves, prime Itghterwelghts scarce. iCouple; loads ^< high choice and low pWme lil30-1.237 lb. 33.00. Good 27 .0l ^28 .(H >;i .^ew low commercial beliw 26.00. some utility 18.0020.00. Good and choice heifers 27. OO-31.60> few (.high choice 760 lb avoragea^.'32.26; utility and commercial cows> 721.60/ young high ^comimerclal to - 22.00-23.00, cannors'arid cutters 14.00-18.00, few shells 12.00. Good fat bulls 23.6025.00. Medium and good stock steers 22.00-28.60, good and choice 625 lb. short yearlings 32.60. ; Hogs fsalable 200; steady to 26 lower, butchers 280 lbs. down 19.60-20,26, heavier butchers 18.00-19.35, sows 16.60-18,60. For thftweeH;" butchers 25 Your Vacation Needs Are Someone s "Don't Needs!' For Rent FOR RENT — Nice one-room or two-room furnished apartment for girls. Close In. Ph. 967. 219-U-5 FLOORS SHABBY? Make them look like new, at low cost. Rent a sander from Wards. MONTGOMERY WARD Esthervlllc, Iowa 218-2-5 FOR RENT— Nice two-room apartment. Close In. Ph. 835. ai7 -tf-« • r;— r—~ FOR RENT—Apartment in Rohde building. Ph. TTl. 216-15x-8 FOR RENT-r-Modern. first floor 3- room apartment with bath and porch. Garage. Postofficc Box A. 212 -tf -5 FOR RENT— 3-room modern apartment above Gift Garden, 119% N. 6th St Ph. 306 or 62. 201-tf-5 Personcd PROTECT your davenport from moths for 50c a year. One spraying of BERLOU guaranteed mothspray does It, or BERLOU pays for the damage. SANBORN FURNITURE 217-3-4 HOT SWISS STEAK SANDWICH, mashed potatoes, 80c. DUTCH MAID LUNCH 219-1-4 Want To Buy 20 WANT TO BUY—Good used small coal furnace. 18, 19,20 or 21-lnch fire pot size. Call Sovort M. SUckland at Stacklarid Plumbing Co. Ph. 103. 219-3-20 OCT OCR WA* Farm FOR SALE—John Deere two-row side dressing attachment. New. K. L. Griffith, Ph. 46W51. 219 -3X -7 1949 MASSEY HARRIS 7-ft Clipper, with motor Always a square deal at VIKING MOTORS ^lasaey Harris-Oliver Esthcrvlllo. Iowa 219-2-7 Legal Notice termm *»«»« 219 Sat.. June 21, 1952 ft «, !•*• M Ik* VnMottM* U IMMr TUI*. ttmiL. " • " " S. IIT* t or 9 TkTM tey« For Sale 10 For Sdo 1« pt IMM f« pm war* lU par wMtf \»* p*t Mlalmnai •« aoc IUIM «r* pf ooaMaUn inMrtMw of MM md, CitmUtm •<U art CAflU WtTH ORDKR. nookkMptM cMkm wf IM Mr «i««t »e* MfTtp* eMrt* It r» VUM urn ukM bjf OMly Nnr* ka4 l»c Ml «hiu 'i «l It M «wrM aMttM ar ttnbm BuaMr Ml WH k4T «rtlMr* OturitM Hi MW* tkxtr MnniMmMU IB U M tint MM* thrr wtit Md nptf. mrm »% OM* u Be iMtmtat— m» k* MM atur U M tim MMM. Loans and ins. IS SEE Ua whvn you n<>«J monay. You may apply 'o' '""n *>' $80 to on your signature, salary or auto. Convifnlrnl monthly repayment plan, suited to your In- comi». IOWA OUARANTES:. Ine. ii7-.iia WICT RA.«li:MENT8 civn IKI rltminatrd nrlth Armor eo»l. whitp anil eotom 8o rnjiy i to npply you can do It >-«>ur»<-lf JOYCK LUMBRR <X» ItlU SAI.K tvrl* b »«vti^. 21».*-J0 FOK »MX l.o*l Ch*i< M firrtu*,. :«r» 3i»3 -jo Fori HALE -^14 -root boat and lr»ll- rr Will IM>II orpAralr. 17MW. Can i »«Tn aftJT 7pm rvrnlnicii MS N. Sth St. ai7 -3x 10 tvn .SAt.K I'll S1U« Automotive It »3 YKAIl.H AOO June :i. 1M »-May« rlliM*- «n. otrophu Ulrrat •<'l »rrMn «l.« - H« •virvlvwl IrM tlvnn 3 Vf«r« .•«A.N*tlKH.H ttr. C?RCAM CO FOR SAI.K l»hon» 8IW two rvodge f'hrup 3I»2« II ' FOR SAI.E IM7 Ohrvrolrt ludor. tMOO. i^urfncp Krlrann, <M North 4th St 3I1I-3V II FOR nAt^C - Cunhman motor PCOOI- cr Bxi-ollrnl cnmUllon, T C, OiKOn. 3 H mllM lututh .Maple Hill aidStU FOR RAFKTY llarf a« Inap^ut brake syatrm lhorou|;tUy . . ad- Just or rellna tho brakon. If nocruary. THOMAS MOTOR.1 :iTJ n fX^n S.Vt.K 0«fl rook itfa -rr In UMlrc Unfry WWIyarti. ,H E of rxyn HAI .r. Thre^ p..un.t «prt»« frlf» KrancI* Ab*U I»Jik lOWJ }l>^ to >X)U RAI.K Oul-«tot>r fhiWrrfl-. »»ln« tft. u»r4 * mrfh*. Will •acriftcx Don Wala. fti. Ml Chicago Livestock Chicago, June 21 !P —Tho livestock market was quoted steady today at the end of a week which saw the worst price breaks of the year hit many types 'Of livestock and meat. In the cattle section, prices were hammered d6wn to tho lowest levels ' since 1960. Steers and heifers closed unevenly $1 to $2 lower, cows $2 to $3 lower, bulls $1 to 1.50 lower and vealers $3 to $4 lower. Top was 36.76 for one load of prime beeves. The agriculture department said, reasons for the decline In cattle prices, which followed sharp losses in-.the previous . weeki wero.much larger shipments and a slow, declining wholesale trade in dressed beef." Dressed beef here fell $1 to $3 while veal plunged $2 to $6. In tho sheep section practically everything lost $2 to $3 in the sharpest break of tho year. Hogs went against tho trend, recovering late in the week. Barrows and gilts finished steady to 3^ cents higher. Prices on tho dressed product tumbled sharply at eastern markets. Loins were reduced $7 to »9 at New York and 6.50 to 8.60 at Philadelphia. Chicago prices were 60 cents to $3 lower Will Raise Newspaper Price Cedar Rapids (yp>—The Cedar Rapids Gazette announced that effective Sunday the price of the newspaper in Cedar Rapids and Marlon by carrier will be raised from the present 38 cents for seven issues to 40 cents. Tho nome "Gypay" is a corruption of "Egyptian." but there seems to be no evidence that the people had any special connection to with Egypt. TPP4Y^S CROSSWORD PVZZLE Answer to Previous Pu"<* I Excursion HORIZONTAL. 2 Oil (comb.j iCapiUl of i .Delaware ' (fi^aware is •; known asAhe 11 Click beetle t form) ' 3 Barrels' i European \ theater of /operations ' (ab.) ( SHaven^ W*h!»;»t«t<l*«B Banquets, fthepthers, ^7 insurance ^ •encUlwoA \ 24American'^ members to j Proportion » flag-makeri ,.2!2^H' ^- »Craltsman 28Olfl'snarae ^ 148«itly . w (suffix) 27 Exclamation, 18 Church fete •^OQulMlke bird 28 Mitigate , ICPistifestssimaVis Interpret ^ 29 Affirmative 17 Smells •*> 13 Continued ) ^aLUtlrbones LIQUOR— Continued from page 1 more accidents and other attendant evils. It has been demonstrated in Des Moines that the liquor laws can bo enforced. Wo will oppose Loveless although wo are non-partisan." The attlt-^le of the average citizen is that just because there are people who want liquor by tho drink that Is no reason It should bo legalized. There should be enforcement Instead." , * • * THE IOWA temperance legislative committee said In a pro-primary election publication which commented on the candidates for governor, that it could not expect cooperation from Loveless. It said also V ^at Gov. William S. Bcards- le/, who won Republican renom- Inatlon, had been favorable to temperanco interests. Tho committee Is made up of representatives of tho Iowa Women's Christian Temperance union, tho Iowa Temperance league, and the American Temperance league. Tho board of temperance of the northern Iowa Methodist church conference, in session this week at Davenport, recommended that Methodists work for the election of state offlcl|»ls who will vote for more stringent liquor laws. Tho-«board urged church members to work for local option on tho county and municipal levels, to excludq,' state liquor stores and taverns. * * * THEBE MAS BEEN a liquor- by-the-drlnk bill In every session of tho legislature for .Several years. Each time tho measure didn't even come close to passing. But since tho 1981 session there has been a general tightening up of liquor law enforcement throughout the state, especially In Des Moines. This has caused consldfirablo displeasure In some quarters, and more than normal .agitation for legalizing the sale of li(iuor by the drink. But if Loveless should be elected governor, he undoubtedly would be confronted by. tha usual predominantly "dry" legislature. Tho legislature Is the only body which could legalize tho sale of liquor by tho drink In Iowa, CREAM-POULTRY - EGOS. Best market price plus courteous, helpful service. Convenient curb service. Phone 91. P. G. GRAY / 218-3-7 FOR SALE— 21 acres of clover and timothy hay. Hanson Brothers, Dolllvcr. 216 -6X -7 SWATHERS FOR SALE 8 foot loft and right hand. Opens field as easy as with a mower. Delivers swath to center. Must have tractor with wldo front end. PAtH^ON MACHINE SHOP Ph. 5331 Round Lake, Minn. 216-12X-7 FOR SALE—A few good polled Hereford bulls. Frank Smith. Osgood, Iowa. 209-12X-7 t> votes 31 The peach) la yantelope w \ Zi Chemical ?^^vIntelope V,-:. SO Song (comb.i form) 31 Babylonian deity 82 Wings , ^ SSI^eavy )}vt |(.4 )sn 34JLIne8 (ab.) " 85Poly«iMian • ebestnut Sa Detective, <>)ang) nnctUtaef >> MOnag ^Brf, IBpowerii JONelweii • . •• UKighi'tgifO^ MMinneioU substance Delaware's^ state flower.; 37 Conducted ( 38 Substitution^ 40lJunprey8 41Shoshonean ' Indians ' 42 Misplaced 43 Alberta (ab.) 43 Forest ' creature 48 Capital ol > Norway 47 Female saints ' (ab.) 49 Eyes (Scot) , St GoU de^e* Only a few generations ago, many English words were spelled In several different ways by reputable writers. ON HAND Chicks, J to 4 weeks old. Pullets straight run and males In 7 weeks. HAMILTON HATCHERY Bancroft, Iowa 2l3-tf-7 I'lIBLU- NOTICK. In ni 'cordiince wUh Orjlnnnro No. 68, Zoning Oiillniint-« of llio City of I5«thi>rvlll«, town, tin- un- li.TsiKnod. E. K. Vnubel. .M. D., lins appi-nlod to the Bonrd of Ailjusl- mrnt of Xhf City of Enlhiivlllo. lawn, from an order mndc liy Rodor- Ick F. Hloo, onforclnK offlcor. \\n- ilor HnUl Zoiilnu Ordlnnm-o, rrfus- ln>: nnd dlsnltovvlnK tlU' undi'idlt;"- iHi u pi-rniit to ronslruct n ono Ktorj- frnme InillillnK to hf um'i) for n physlciiin's office nt f<14 North Ninth Slioel nnd to be loctited on Lot 7 in Block I of I-OUKH'M Addition to Edthprvllli'. town Said uppcnl will come ou for hearing before llie Board of Adjunl- mcnt nt the Council Chnmbei- nl the City Hall in Riitliervlllp, lown. on July 14, 1952, iil 7:.10 o'clock. 1'. M. At such henrlni' any pnrlies In Interest nnd Pltizeni! will have an opportunity to bo heard. Dated thld 20th dny of June, 1052. E. K. VAUBEL. M. n. (Juno 21-28) Sale Calendar KATUUnAY. .ll '.NE SB. I:!I0 p. m. . Tore* O Foiinell houxehold Koodt nl 826 N. 7th Ht Ben R«K>VCH. auf- llonerr. Emmet County Stair clerk. Snle ml: June 28 FOR HALE- IM7 Chovrolet «lub Ooupp. nit rqulppnl OIMMI conJI- lion. I'HOMI for quick nalr t.vl« JacobiM -n. I'honp Dunnnll 3M1 3154 11 SAI.K CALtSNDAU .Mondny. July 7 160 A. fnrm. write for deitori|>tU>n to Wnlter Cnrliion, Triumph, Mlnnr«otn, Lost and Found IS Services Real Estate IMMEDIATE DELIVBRTI! 24x30 bungalow*, $3,144, erected on foundation or basement home. Other sizes, styles. Tour plana or ours. Free delivery 100 ml. Standard conatnioUon. Not prefab. Beat dry lumber. Visit Fahnlng Supply, Watervtlle, Minn. Open 8-6 (No Sundays). 219 -2X -8 BUYERS WAITING FOR 2 and 3 Bedroom Homes ESTHBRVILLE REALTY Phone 1340 219-1-8 FOR SALE:— 3-famlly apartment house. Two upstairs and one down. Fine corner lot. Good income. Ph. 1082J. 218-2-8 FOR SALE — 3-bcdroom house, bungalow type. L. R., D. R., kitchen and bath. Gas heat. North 7th: RIDOUT REAL ESTATE Ph. 1680 or 1781J ACREAGES FOR SALE CAROL BROCKMAN, Realtor Ceylon, Minn. 218-3-8 CHOICE FARMS—Your size. Modem or good buildings. All tillable. Buy NOW, get 1-3 of crop. 120 acres, aU field at $125 with half of crop. See Johnson Realtor, Hector, Minnesota. 212-lOx-S BIDB MRemiiiamct. 1 2 4 * w 11 i IT •-. - rr 1 % _ il w w IF m li m sr T m HT i \_ • •» L r r u 4i /: GLANCE **M* kMt ••klli Vttk^ Ilk*.i«In! I »v «h«l tfi «tri »m«iiii« NOW'S A GOOD TIME to re-roof your house, barn and other bulldinKB. We have 12" heavy thick butt asphalt singles, $6.75 per square. COMMANDER ELEVATORS Huntington, Iowa. Ph. 44W6, Esthcrvllle. W. B. Scoman. manager. 218-2-0 FOR FREE PICKUP and delivery. Ph. 40. P * O Cleaners. 25C-U-9 LOST Ilod nnii n<l. Iru-temper reel. Lout by dnni nl Inuhnm Lnke. tlewnrd offered I'h mow. Hny UlcUlefn JIHSIS FOUND- Big black Inbrndoi Any one can hnve him for price of nd and feed hill. John Ueeven. 218-2-16 For faalor lubrication •••rvic* now hava 2 ORRAMC RACtUt In op«ratlon. Ot\ your car r»a- dy tor that vacation trip. IIRNAMAN MOTOR CO. soeit-n LET US take par» of your auloroo- Uva need*. Itum|Mir to bunapar service—all makea. R«« ua. Roblnnon Motor* "Pootlac" Rth and Cantral Am rail .tAIJC- Mar >o«<t>r C««td •« n«w IVlo A |V4*t»<»o. I mtt' wrut 3 north, and S mltr m»t nt Hup»rtor }tlk.3x 10 •SOMBTHLVO rOU YOtm DKKf Fr «««Br and (Miitn huekel frtvim foott «<kaUiln*f«. pU«ll« ttarpak. All aviui • bio m quart* an4 pinta, K-HTHBRVIIXB HAfUMVARE >ta -3 'ie iJim.H NVt>OS PA ?*T1IM. t»M .Wv- each, now 4 t«T tt 00. KltLRRA VAtX'B frTOnK Jli-MO Entertainment WILDFIRE. WONOKU HOR8R Is the iilnr of "The Lion and the Horse." technical picture Hunday nnd Mondny nt the Grand. 219 l-l Help Wanted ITU WKOnrNO TIMB llrkte* and brM*|in»«RM, loo »M> itrwI'ftU tof tlitmlHaa nriieh rlretrlo food mU#r« ita4 mUf (In* OIJION KLECTRIC HCRVIC* na-MQ HKl.V \VANTKr> DUhwaahpr. Ap ply In pemon nl l*»«plr"» Cafr 31» 3-3 RlfV. bleyrl*- CaJt MTJJ 3tt-3 -ta HELP WANTED-WaHr««». apply in i>erM>n at People'* Cafe. 2l »-3-3 BOTTLE GAS BALES-SERVICE Inatallatlons — Regulations HILL'S CORNER, Ph. 40JB1 IBl-tr-S PETERSON'S Radiator Servlca, Just east of Vandy's, 1714 Central. Bxperlenoed In all types radiator repair. 115-tt-8 PRINTING sf Rvic r TIME CARDS Pay Envelopes Wage Record Shoot.s We can supply you wlUi everything you need for your individual bu.slne.s.s. ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS Northwest Iowa's Largest and Most Modern Printing Plant 217-3-tf Big Night at Say Paree Club Hand's Park Sat., June 21 Man'in Damman's Orchestra Sponsored by the Dol liver, Iowa American Legion Post. Come out and meet the Ixjys. DESIRE WOMAN expcrioncod In handling the public ... for laree local company. Typing and bookkeeping «xp«rt«nc« n»«««aary, $46 p<*r week. 40 -hour WMk. Em- ployre brnvflta Including vacations, insurance and profit shar- ln«. Wtlle Box 8788. earw of Dally News. 31»-tf-} SMORGASBORD 31»-l-l TONITE John Lund Jeff Chandler "Battle at Apache Pass" —PLUS— .Martha Hcott Jeffruy Lynn In "Strange Bargain" Sunday-Monday "SHOWBOAr Knthryn Cirnyson Avn tlardner Howard Keel- Joe E. Brown WANTED-fart time tmokkrcprr. Hourly rate of pay. Hour* ran ho arranged lo lutt *mpk>y<p<-. Long Mtabllah«d buslnaaa. WrtU gUing experience and quallflca* tlona. l «o «t Office Box 4X Eather vine. 21 «-*-J WANTED—I^dy to care for •leh prmon and do light houarkeep. Ing. Full or part time. W, A Hchultx. Ph. 6Tlt. 31»-3x-3 HELP WANTKr>- Women for general houM work. Apply In per* •on. Balmer Heat Room. 1304 2nd Ava. North. IIT-J-J WANTBtV-CapabU man for p««( tlon aa janitor at Oruvtr echool commancinx July I**- Intereat ed parties meet with Oruvar achool board Monday eiranlnc. t p. m.. Juna 23nl. 21«-44 Jobs ^A^anted CUSTOM BALINO with New Kol land wire tic l,aler Cecil We<ka Ph. MW63. ai7 -3 «4 WANTED Tro«t trimming and •urgcry. Experienced and train ed. Ph. 4 «J7 after 6 .4a or on Bat urday*. tUrian Karria. 2I«-3x4 Bed TK« nperlal -<2a |Mi Oa4 wliHe pirhel fenre 3»c •eetloa, WESTERN AXm> Aa »OC. ftTDRK PIREitTONE ftow haa IhoM ha*4 to r«t Hull Compaaa—. niMsilo- aled fn,. NotMlTtUHtoalM . . . t4 2». nnESTONE irroiua stt-^io RAWIJMOH Baumann. Ph. MU. »<t\9 FOOT I>CX:KEa8. r««\tlaU«» 30. Inch »U». colora grey. be«w« aad o 4. t«M plan tax. aunrnni STORJt 3t7-»-10 MITCHCU. Air WerUl'a ftneat room air turner. Kichtaiva «v|w*m>ae 4*Man thai la»arpo»ml— M !«*•». |>ii«io-fUi«r~«M par eaiM •er *«ti> HCIUKJS KUCCTRIC LAWN Mowena ron $uajh -ia good eondlUott. Aatao flaber ron SAIM - OM4 WMI rug. 12xtOH. Mr*. LMdaeaact. 3 «a B. Mh. Ph. 4ft7J. 21T-}i-tO WANTS RIDER to California abMt Jiwa M. CWtact Ricli- afii OoftoU, Ph«M U*J. 3\%*K-4 WANTED - Baling, baler. Ph. 4«W« Lewta Vaiea. New Holland or 14 «aLW, 2t4-«x -a TUESDAY "Stranger on a Train" JlM-l FUNNV BUHINKIW CUBTOM BALING New Holland wlra bal**. Will pull traltera 4 ni. W. and SH N. of Eatharvllte. Don Bftland. Ph. Superior apt floSMi. lOMOx-l SQUAWK UKB A PARROT* Than «*t ymr car radio rherk ed now. Factory tnhkml *t KBTffERVUXC RADIO Itm N. Cth Pli 3iH Jl **4 WAXINC PAINTING TOUCH-UP KITRTZ PAINT SHOP 414 8. lOlh Ph 307 Gruver and Community Night Thursday, June 26 FREE SHOW FREE TREATS for everyone — EVERYBODY \VF:IXX)ME - Il »-*4 — NOTICE — The foilowInK Beauty* Shops wlU be ckMed ewry Monday beginning Monday. June 23 tintil (tirCber n(Klce. We will be open as usual on TUnday through Sattarday. Kurly Ku Beauty Shop Clare's Beeiity Shop^ Fame's BeautyyShop^'^ Gardsfon Beauty Sliop^

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