Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 20, 1953 · Page 15
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 15

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 20, 1953
Page 15
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WHAT DOES THE • *D. B ."5TAND FOR? 1 DUMBBELL"? 3 « I'D. B" -DIZZY BPAIN -THAT'S VOU, ALL RIGHT— HA-HA-HA GEE, THESE LITTLE BITTV STITCHES ARE HARD TO GET OUT iL<>' ME PIP, EU? HMM..IVE JUST (j AD A THOUtSMT. RAN60, HAVE VOU 8EEM ///HONS MONKEYS OUT OF ALL OF US? ALL. THB QAWO WILL BE AT MAHAHAGOMY'S BEER BUST TOMOHT — WHY DONT Vtou MAKE A CLEAN BREAST OP IT AMP ASK, MAGGIE Kh2l CGPTFGRMAH HAIO, COACH...5EEMS LIKE AH GOT A DIXIELAND . BAND A-SWINGIN' I AWAY IN THAR .r THE SIGNAL CALLER SHOULD PLAY IT 'CLOSE TO THE VEST" WHEN HIS TEAM IS AHEAD..-AND GAMBLE WITH RISKY PLAYS ONLY WHEN TRAILING LATE IN THE GAMEf OUT OUR WAY By Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE - With Major Hoople THAT'S A CRAZY 6AME£--> ... ., TH' RUNNER X LOOKrW FOR. SOME/ THIN'TO <3ET TACKLEP , / BY-' I SAW YOU HOOK I YOUR. FOOT IKJ THAT \ CHERUBS SWEATER. A COLLAR AN' FALL N ^-___ EOWM.' BOY, VOU <SOT TO LET 'EM MAKE A BIG PLAYNOWAM" THEN OR. THEY <3VX BO REP AN' GO HOME/ THE WORRY WART ^ m , „«,„ ,„,.,„ i WOC, WHBF Television TUESDAY, OCTOBEH JO WIIBF-TV—Channel Four 5:00 The Buddies;. S:15 TV Showcase 5:30 TV Chronicle. 6:00 Cnptaln Video. 6:15 John Daly—News. 6:30 Cavalcade of America. 7:00 Life Is Worth Living. 7:30 The Buddies. TV NEWS By Bill Dunn Arthur Godfrey's morning show, which is simulcast on radio and TV, is expanding from five to six days a week, including Saturday. However, Godfrey himself will have to do less work, for the Saturday stanza as planned will have the Redhead's ever-present stand-in, Robert Q. Lewis, taking over. Lewis, who has won a following of his own during the times he has substituted for Godfrey, will also take over one other morning each week, giving Arthur even more of a rest. With all Jiis shows, the popular Redhead is just too busy. Comedians who joke about old films on TV will have new material soon. A firm is releasing a series of silent films, with new narration, for TV showing. The "silents" star such old time favorites as Win. S. Hart, Gloria .Swanson, and Erich von Stroheim. The U.S. Air Force's Intelligence Division got its hands on a Russian TV set recently. It was found to be on a par with our sets ... of ten years ago! It's an 8-inch screen affair, single channel only. Latest figures show that there are only 12,500 sets in Russia, or one for every 16,500 persons ... compared with ore for every eight persons in the U.S. For the TV sets we sell, we supply the finest service and repair available. Call us, your television headquarters, DUNN & JULIEN, Pearl and Main, phone 1561-6. 8:00 Make Room lor Daddy. 8:30 Suspense 0:00 Danger. D:30 See It Now. 10:00 Four Star Playhouse. 10:30 Pepsi-Cola Playhouse 11:00 Fight of the Week WOC-TV—-Channel Five 5:00 Station Fun-TV. . 5:30 Circle "5" Ranch. 6:10 Four Star Edition. 6:30 Dinah Shore ti:45 News Caravan. 7:00 Boh Hope Show B:00 Fireside Theatre. 8:30 Armstrong Theatre. fl:0() Judge For Yourself. 8:30 Greatest Fights of-the Century Rocky Marciano vs. Lee Savold, Heavyweight! — Feb. 13, 1952. 8:45 Candlelight Cameoi. 10:00 Doorway to Fashion. 10:15 Hasslin' with Russ. 10:30 Weatherman. 10:35 News and Sports. 10:45 What's Your Trouble, 11:00 TV Forum. 11:30 Coming Attractions. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 21 WIIBF-TV—Channel Four S:00 Arthur Godfrey. 10:30 Strike It Rich. 11:00 Valiant Lady. 11:15 Love of Life. 11:30 Search for Tomorrow. 11:45 Guiding Light. 12:00 You Are What You Eat. 12:05 Farm Almanac. 12:3(1 Gurry Moore Show. 1 ;00 Anne's Kitchen. 1:30 llouseparty. 2:00 The Big Payoff. 2:30 The Bob Crosby Show. 3:00 Double or Nothing. 3:30 Frankly Feminine. 4 :00 Magic Carpet. 4 :30 School and Community. 8:00 The Buddies. 6 :15 What One Person Can Do. 5:30 TV Chronicle. 8:00 Captain Video. 0:15 John Daly—News. 6:30 Boston Blackle. 7:00 Godfrey and Friends. 8:00 Strike It Rich. 8:30 I've Got a Secret. 0:00 Boxing. 9:45 Sports Spot. 10:00 Game of the Week. 10:30 City Detective. 11:00 Twenty Questions. WOC-TV—Channel Five 6:45 Test Paitern. 7.00 Today with Garroway. 9:00 Ding Dong School. 9:30 Glamour Girl. 10:00 Hawkins Falls. 10:15 The Bennetts. 10:30 Three Steps to Heaven. 10:45 Follow Your Heart. 11:00 This Wonderful. World. 11:30 Morning Movie. 12:30 Hural Roundup. 1:00 Table "5." 1:30 Today's Cooking. 2:00 Kate Smith. 3:00 Welcome Travelers. 3:30 On Your Account. 4:00 Atom Squad. 4 :15 Gabby Hayes. 4 :30 Howdy Doody. 5:00 Wild Bill Hlckok. 5-30 Circle "8" Ranch. 610 Four Star Edilion. 6.30 Eddie Fiiiier. TO BEGIN, JUSTICE QUIMCHY, ON&' Or- OUR OLD REV£R£D LAWS PANS, > Ki65\H6 IN PUBLIC ON-SUNDAY/ A-**' THE PENALTY 15 THE STOCKS, I--tret — OR JAIL, AHE/V\" ' " A PINE WHICH -* —~ • COURT 6ET6, ^CT** 1 *** AT *IOO AND .WHAT !M KIS 5ED y<?u WHY, H NEVER WHO'D 600D6YON THE DEPOT PLATFORM, JUSTICE/ . MAYBE WE 4 " " PINCH HER, 100, FOR POOR (Silk TASTE i f t' WGIL Radio Program 1400 ON YOUR DIAL TUESDAY 6:00 Calderone Show. 6:15 Weaver's Winner 6:25 Dinner Music 6:45 Sports Parade 7:00 Five Minute News. 7:06 Musical Interlude. 7:15 Public Service Show. 7:30 Music for Moderns. 9:00 Haunted Ballroom. 10:00 Nitecap News. 10:15 Brad Williams Show. 11:15 Music to Read By. 11:59 Sign Off. News on the Hour Every Hour. WEDNESDAY 5:58 Sign On. 6:00 Hymns of All Churches. 6:15 Morning Worship. 6:30 Coffee Time. 6:45 Make Up and Live. 7:00 U. S. Weather. 7:06 Wake Up and Live. 7:30 News. 7:45 Wake Up and Live. 9:15 Let's Quiz the Mrs. 9:25 Musical Interlude. U:30 Problem or Solution. 10:00 Musical Interlude. 10:10 Market Reports. 10:15 Weaver's Winner. 10:25 Morning Melodies. 11:00 Colwell's Calling. 11:15 Musical Interlude. 11:30 Market Report. 11:40 Farm Bureau. 11:55 Musical Interlude. 12:00 Farm Reporter. 12:15 U. S. Weather. 12:20 Weaver's'Winner. 12:30 Local News. 12:45 Monmouth, News. 1:00 Musical IVlatinee. 2:00 1400 Club. 3:00 News. . 3:01) 1400 Club. 4:30 Hainm'ii Hits -of the Day. 5:00 News. 5:15 Phil Reagan Show. 5:20 Musical Interlude. 5 :30 Tunes for Tots. 6:45 News Caravan. 7:00 I Married Joan. 7:30 My Little Margie. 8:00 Kraft TV Theatre. 9:00 This Is \'our Life. 9:45 The Big Game -- Top High School Gaines. 10:00 Ubera.ce. 10:30 Weatherman. 10-35 News and Spoils. 10:45 "Scandal in Paris." 12:00 Coming Attractions. 5:45 Off the Record. 6:00 Calderone Show. 6:15 Weaver's Winner. 6:25 Dinner Music. 6:45 Sports Parade. 7:00 Five Minute News. 7:06 Musical Interlude. 7:15 Public Service Show. 7:30 Music for Moderns. 9.-00 Haunted Ballroom. 10:00 Nitecap News. 10:15 Brad Williams Show. 11:15 Music to Read By. 11:59 Sign Off. News on the Hour Every Hour. Toss of Coin Means Death for Chaplain LOUISVILLE, Ky. UP)— A toss of coin decided that Capt. Herman Felhoclter, O.F.M., of Louisville; would be the first Catholic chaplain killed in the Korean War, A solemn requiem Mass was held here for Captain Felhoelter recently. He was killed July 16, 1950, after he and a Baptist chaplain tossed _ coin to see who would remain behind to tend the wounded along the Kum River. The Franciscan priest lost and the Protestant minister, badly wounded, left with the retreating Allied troops. READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS ELECTRIC SHAVER SALES & SERVICE GALESBURG TYPEWRITER CO. 72 S. Cherry $1. Phone 8157 0 TELEVISION NIGHT ind DAY SERVICE ON ALL MAKES Prompt Attention Reasonable Baits RIVERS APPLIANCES 57 South Cherry Phones: 4208 or 3737-3 TUNE-IN TU^S • • • Enjoy torn* fine lata evening muiic •very night on WGIL, right after 15 minutes of the latait newt at 10:00 o'clock. At -10:15 it's a full hour of records spun your way by Brad Williams, that popular local band leader. And at 11:1$ relax with the book of your choice and littan to 45 min- utas of unintaruplad music on "Music to Read By." The latest news headlines and weather report conclude our broadcast day each night at 11:59. WGIL 1400 ON YOUR DIAL WHAT IS WR0N9 WITH YOU, M/ PEAR AUPREy? yOU'VE BEEN AS NERVOUS AS A CAT ALL PAy/ AT THE CHATEAU OP BLEU P0INTE . WHy.., IT'S... IT'S JUST THAT NARROW ESCAPE WE MAP ON PIER THIS AFTERNOON/ ' YES...A 3TUPIP 0LUNPER \l EXCUSE, NEARLy WRECKEP OUR. \ M. POINTS... OPERATIONS/ NKVKKMNN \WSHAVBA MUST THE OVSTER CRATES BE I VISITOR/ LEPT UNSUARP6P/ AH^SS...! HAV1 8S6N EXPECTlNS VTOU, GE0K9BS.' YOU HAVE COMB TO MB WITH THE PEARL NECKLACB VOU STOLE yESTBRPAV IN PARIS/ ' DAMGEK0U5 BRIMS RANGE". PROCEBC* AT ONCE ON * HErXCMWfi OP 132' TO ELEUTHERA. 16LMJD, AMD REPORT TO COL. DIWCKN ATTrTDOWM-y RANGE: STATION! ONE OP TWO PlWdE£ THAT CCWB THIS WITH RADAR BEFORE * , GUIDED HW55ILE 16 FlKED. CHASE OUT &UV BOMS THM DIDN'T HEED M EARLIER. V nWIRP SEASON SPECIAL K KISS AND A COOK1E- FOR A TW/RP TAS SIGNATURE- F THANKS ,Bars. ) OUR / FOR LETTING ME" / PLEASURE / TVV/RP-TREAT / LON 6 LIVE THE 'YOU } VFUTURE TWIRP QUEEN/ - LONG Ltv/E "THET QUEEN OF DRIPS I NYAA/ p; C0ULO Mf HAVE OISSUI5E0 HIMSELF ASA WOMAN AW STOLEN THE WBY? NOW X/HAVE YOU SOT •WHAT ( A LICENSE WAS IT tivTO OPiUATf YA WANNA \THIS JOINT? KNOW?

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