Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on January 5, 1949 · Page 15
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 15

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 5, 1949
Page 15
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Phone 4600 For a WANT AD Taker . EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND,. MIX, .WEJUJS^riDAY, JANUARY 5, 1949 Fir i Ringside By John M. Cooper YORK, (INS) -Even though Jack Benny apparently will 'have to pay Uncle .Same a large part of the 81,356,000 lie received from CBS, the deal was worth it. just from a Us a. result of the tub-tuumpisg ol'cBS plus all the interest aroused 'by the internal Revenue Bureau's decesion, Benny's Hooper ratios tor his Ilrst CBS show was 2i.6 r U-.c highest of the season. Against him, in his oM spot en NBC, Horace Heidt vas ra.w-4 at il.7 Heidt's previous rating . was '•What's more. Benny dragged the whole new CBS Sunday night lineup into the upper.rating brackets. Spite Jones got 10.4. over^a previous hi"* ot 7 8 Against him, Ozzie and Harriet on NBC had S.2, down from 12.5 Amos and Andy were up almost six points, lor a new high of 19.3, while Phil Harris on NBC dropoed live points to 14.5. • Only Fred Allen managed to survive the blitz, and "he edged out the CBS "Sain Spade" program by only one point. Both were topped by ABC's "Stop the Music" which was three points above Allen. One of the most hectic operations involved in the big changeover \vas ih9 last-minute substitution of the NBC 8:30 p. m. .(EST) pro-grain on Sunday. The program originally planned for this spot was a dramatic series under the title "Command 0?er- lormance." This was'the title used by .the Army during the war for a weeldy all-star program shortwaved to the troops overseas.- It ivas reported that • the Army By Al Capp;.'. Ll'L ABNER By Jimmy Hatlo They'll Do It Every Time AND, IN THE CORNER, AT iO POJNJDS-THE COMTEMDER FROM JOISEY CITV.T UXKY THE LAD WHO GETS A STRAMGLE-HOLD ON HER AMD, NOW, SIR - IF YOU LL GLANCE: uP-niss AL.LVN K C FA'.RIE-THE KIND-OF A WIFE. WHO'LL, KEEP VOU ON YOUR TOES — OH-H? WHAT A SCORCHINS LETTER SIZZLENECK WROTE TO M^FLJD & 'CO. WHEN A-SHIPMENT OF GROMMETS WAS A WEEK OVERDUE, , "r MINUTES AFTER THE LETTER WAS POSTED "ftE SHIP THE PARCEL POST MAM IS HERE WITH THE 'GROMMETS, MR Sl'ZZLENECK FUNNY.'".'' -I HAD < THE SAME REACTION/.' AGO/ VOJ CAN TAKE 6ROMMETS O SV ONE- AND STRINGS ON .MOODL.ES! SlZZLESIECK LIMITED 'WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH M^FLJD & CO. AGAIM.' : By Frank Godwin RUSTY RILEY EEE'S. BLAZE,' DOC?/ wny,'sueEHE'S'.-AU... 15 HE ALL RI6HT ? / RlSHT, MR. MILES. ~VSy SONS'OUT FOR7H5 PAEAv=.' TO THE POST. WHV ? WHAT'S. -... AND WHEN WEHflP TROU3LS. \ WITH THE TRUCK, A FELLOW 3ROU6HT MEHEEE IN A PiAME'/ WAIT A MINUTE, ZUSTV. MR. , MILES is asur ovs COME CM. YOU CAN TELL us BOTH / .' WE'VE eor TO SET TO DOCTUIJNBULL, QUICK.' . IT'S ALMOST TVAVX MD A Tip OF This HATLO HfiT To VJM.G. KITCHEN, IZ8N. W. SIXTH ST, OKLAHOMA dry OKLAHOMA declined to release the lagrid Bergman, who title, had And. been RADIO. -Jack Benny Wins First Hooper Rate By C.. E. BUTTEEF1ELD NEW YORK— (IP)— In the flush of, the attention directed his-way at the change of networks, Jack Benny las won the first. round of the Hooper ratings. A special. checkup of his opening program on CBS gave him 27.8 per cent. ' - , . This compared with the 25.G per cent he had attained to hold first cent e a aae .,«...» .,— jlacc in the latest regular Hooper w lldered offspring who ask scheduled to get the series off to a big start with a performance o: "Joan of Arc," reportedly discovered a prior commitm.ent. As a.result, NBC found itself on Thursday afternoon with no 'program for Sunday at 8:30. Officials then decided to schedule a year-end news review which had been under preparation by the news and'special events department for broadcast at another time. It had to be cut from an hour,to a half-hour, but it got on the air— and turned out to be a good show. It's been rumored in. both New York and Hollywood for some time that both NBC and CBS are trying to lure Bins Crosby awny ABC. from An inquiry at NBC the other day brought this reply: "No, I haven't heard anything •bont it—but I haven't checked on •what's been going'on around here during the Jast hour. • - ' ' NETWORK PROGRAMS Time Ii'eMtcrn standard.- Tor cen- tr»l standard »ubtr»ct one hour, for mountain, standard subtract ..two hours.-Some-local stations change hour o( relay to Tit local schedules, t_»st minute program changes cannot ba Included.. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 5 Evening 1 4:00—X«w» P.fport 15 Uln.—nbc X«wscast Every. Day—ctis Network Silent Hour—abo-eost KlddJes Hour (repeat)—abc-wes: Network Silent (1 Jar.)—nibs-cast Klddlea Hour (repeat)—rnbs-west i:15—Sports: Music Time—nbc Discussion Series—CDS. e:45—Newscast by Three—nbc Lowell Thomas .'(repeat 11)—co« 7:00—Supper Club—nbc-baslc • Tb»Beulah Skit—cbs Xews and. Commentary— "S Fulton Lewis, Jr.—uibs ; 7:15—Xows and Comment—nbc- Jiick Smith Show—obs Daily Commentary— a bo Dinner T3ato—nibs 7:30—Smoothies Trio—nbc Bob Cronby Club—cbs Lone EnnRer Drama—abc Nows Comment—mbs 7:45—Sewn Comment—nbc Xewn Broadcast—cbs Sports Commoat—mbs 1:00—Blondle & Dacwood—nbc Mr. Chameleon, Dramn—cUi The Amateur Hour—abc ' Can you Top This—mbs «:30—Great Glldersleevo—nbc Dr Ciirlstlan Drama—cbs High Adventure Drama—mbs 8:55—Hy Gardner Says—mbs StfO-^The Dutfy Tavern—nbc' County Fair Quiz—cbs Milton Berlo Comedy—abc . • Ga.brlel He&tter, Comment—mba 1:15—Nows Broadcast—mbs 9:30—District Attorney Drama—nt>o James Melton Concert—cba Groucho Marx Quiz—abc Family Tb.eater—mb3 1:55—News tor S Minutes— mbs 13:00—The Bier Story Drama—nbo Time's a Wastln'—cbs Bine Crosby Time—abc Manhattan Playhouse—mts 13:30—Curtain Time Drama—nbc Capitol Cloakroom—cbs Meredith Wilson Show—abc Dance Orchestra—mbs 11:00—Xc!w». Variety, 2 hrs.—cbi N"««s & Daaclnc Hour—abc News. Dance Band 2,nrs.—mb« . 11:15—News & Variety to 1—nbc 12:00—Dancing Continued—abc-WMt help In dealing with "mom-ism." The'problem calls for an under,„. -- standing on the part ol'both parent ce Heldt'who took his and chi]d w ___ c ___ unfortunately, -few NBC, 'dropped consid- seem to po Ssc j s; ant j because I have •eport, dated December 30, covcr- hls-final broadcast on NBC. ^u the other hand his new competitor, Horace Heldt'who took his old time, on NBC, 'dropped considerably In the percentages. His 1117 compared to 17.3 he had in the December 30 rating-, when, he was in, tenth place. Otherwise, this regular Hooper had Radio 'Theater second, followed in order by Walter Winchell, District Attorney, Phil and Alice, My Friend Irma, Fibber and Molly, Bob Hope and Charlie McCarthy. On the air tonight: NBC—3, Dacwood: 9, Duffy's Tavern; 3:30, District Attorney; 10, Big Story Dramu; 10:30, .Curtain Time. CBS—8, Mr. Chameleon Drama; 8:30, Dr. Christian Drama; 9:30, Jimmy Melton Concert. AVCOM HIGHLIGHTS TODAY •1:00 Melody Bnllrooin—Sporlz Fnradc. •1:25 CBS News iCBSj. •1:3(1 Robert Q. Lewis Sljow ICBS). 5:00 Treasury Bandstand - (CBSj. 5:30 The ChkiijlonTis ' ICES). 5:45 Tilotl. The Band.. C:00 Nc T ,™—WciUlier RcporL. 0:15 Spcatlnc OI Sports.. 0:30 Dinner Music. ":00 . News. ." ; 7:05 Night HJdi-,' • 7:30 Melody Time. -7:45 To Eo Announced.' 8:00 News. 8:05 It's Duncetime. s:30 Music lor You (CBS'i. n:00 Wccum Variety Shou-. *i-i r - Guest Star, Sfcywuy to tup Stars' fCES). Beat llic Clock ICBSJ. i Cupltol Clonk.'Room (CBJ). ' The World Tonijiht (CBS). News Analysis [CB"SJ. Guy Lombnrdo Orchestra (CBS). Spea!:lns o( Sports (Repeat). Buy Bobbins Orchestra. CBS News i CBS). Elliott Liuvrence Orchestrn. (CBS). Frantic Carle Orcneslro. (CBS). CBS News (CBS). sign orr. Mary Hawor-th's Mail STEVE CANYON By Miltn > Camff Editor's Note: AwaltinK birth or 2rst child, ivoman who shares home with possessive mother prays for wisdom to "Iree" her progeny. Man Is Ruefully Bested By "Mom." . , DEAR MARY HAWORTH: Just The had to speak my. mind after reading your comment that certain critics seem to feel, or at any rate take •'the attitude, that the "mom"mother is a fictional figure' coined DEAR MARY HAWOBTH: realization grows on me that possessive mothers, are a subtle poison to humanity, and' I'd like to com- tu ^luiiimi'Kj, ~"~ -— --— -- mouncr is a iiuuiu-iai ii^uiu vxum'-w mend your sound advice to be- j ^y y ou f or the despicable purpose of ... , .i-ir i _..!»_ ™f*lt- irrM t T* ftir-nn I'n rriT-lr-r -mnhll ni'linflfl 1TPT" .^R flTlC! your admired your wise handling of the subject, I was amazed to'read in one of your recent columns that you receive much correspondence berating your views. I have always felt- it unfortunate that so many people's minds arc closed to the fact that mothers are human, too, ar.d can and do make veloped a protective margin of understanding of niy own mother, an immature woman whose thoughts 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:10 11:15 11:30 11:45 12:00 12:05 12:30 1:00 1:05 5:35 • Sign' On— News. G:00 Uncle Jock's Musical Clock. 7:00 News — Weather P.eport. " 7:05 Uncle Sack's Musical Clack. . 3:00 World News Houndup (C3S)'. C:15 Letls Have A Musical Boucdup. 8:30 Chniicl In The Sky.. • UM5 March Tlrae. ., 0:00 CBS Nows or.Anicricn. (CBS), D:15 Enrnj'iird Tallies (CBS). 0:45 Wcjlurn Variety Show. 10:00 Mmiii For You (CBS). 10:15 Music From The Blue Boom. 10:30 Arthur Godfrey Show (CBS). 11:00 News. 11:05 ' Moraine Moods. 11:15 Chat With Romn. 11:30 Trl-Sttitc Datcbook. 12:00 News — Weather Report. :::15 Sweet Swine;. 12:30 Luncheon Music. • • 1:00 News. 1:05 Melody Ballroom — Sports Parade. 2:00 "NCWI. 1!:05 Melody Ballroom— Sports Parude. 2 :CO Nctrs. " .•1:05 Melody Ballroom— Sports Parade. '3-30 Don Amcchc— Your,Luci;y Strike (CBS). disparaging motherhood per se and inciting all youth to rebellion against parents. Ignorance Is the ruling quality of their thought, lor had they experience of the proprietary mother who seeks to weld a son or daughter ,to herself by devious means, short ofj open, defiance of the third party,] they would at once recognize t'ne searching accuracy of your insight. Indubitably "mom" is the greatest wrecker of love, in courtship or marriage, in modern times. In niy case, "mom," who happens to be my : mother-in-law, wife flier daughter) away from her side, into a home of our own. At this point "mom" .precipitated the Husband Shares. Sense Of Strain .Because of her disappointment in relation to a husband who was an unstable, breadwinner, she has a complex regarding security and has put- a great strain on :ny marriage to a man who makes a moderate— or as she says "only average"— salary. She lives* with us,, which poses a problem, but Jeff and. I are facing it -with mutual sympathy and feel we are keeping it under control. 'Our first baby 'will be born' soon, and infant-care will spark new friction, probably; but, "Jeff and I are confident we can take it 'in stride. I am grateful to mother for her love and loyalty through the years, and I make 'every effort to understand her ways - of thinking and to refrain from hurting her feelings—but I hope never to be such a trial to my child,, or children, in later years. It is my prayer that as I grow older I may 'remember my current feelings, and have the wisdow and strength to surrender our children to lives of their own, meanwhile stocking my social larder, with other Interests to forestall any leaning on them. My purpose in writing this is to give one reader's answer to those who condemn you 'without warrant. Sincerely, J. B. I'f-Jer Handiwork i Is Very Thorough: __ \ Naturally that ended my chance extricating my wife from."mom's" " ; and as might -be expected, it ended our marriage, too. We've' separated/and divorce is only a matter of time. The tragic thoroughness -of. mom's handiwork is shown in the complete assurance of son or daughter, as the case may be, that he or she is doing a great noble serviee in' "repaying" the parent for life and nurture obviously bestowed. ... Please keep up your good .work and tell the' world the Jittle-teKwn | truth about "mom," until social! welfare and other agencies, recog'-' nize this blight on modern marriage and launch a counter-attack of education to overcome it. Sincerely, , P..R. Happy To Receive Supporting Views DEAB COR-R3SPONDENTS: Thank you for these supporting views, which I appreciate as pleasant relief from sharp dissent 'already mentioned, most of which is readily discernible as coming from inexperier.ccd or defensive sources ; M. H. Mary Kavorth counsels through her column, not by n-.nll or perscnal Interview. Write her in care of The. Evcnlr.B Times. (Copyrlfh: The Washington Post). -. (Distributed by King Features Syndicate) B. & 0. Expects Increase In Net Income In 1949 BALTIMORE — (fP) — The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad expects a S13.000.000 boost in net income- this year as result of freight rates granted last -week to the nation's railroads. Roy B. White, president of the road, said the estimate is "only a very broad approximation,'' and that the company may not have made enough allowance for a recent downtrend In business. Gross revenues were estimated at S21.000.000 above 1945, •\VTBO HIGHLIGHTS TODAV J-00 BackstnCt TVI •1:15 Stella Dallas (KBCi. 4:30 Lorenzo Jones iNBC.i. 4:45 Yourm Wlddcr Brown (NBC). 5:00 Jive at Five. • . 5:30 News. /ii;45"Thc Old ChUholirt Tr»i.. 0:00 News. 0:15 Ilnvrnll CJlis. G:30 The Sportsman's Corner. 6:45 Adventures Jn Jlcsenrch. . 7:00 The Supper Club INBC'. 7:15 News ol the World (NBC). ' V:30 U.S. Nflvy Bund. 7-45 H, V. Kaltenborn (NBC). 8:00 Blondle (NEC). .. .8:30 To be Announced. 5:00 Duffy's Tavern (NBCI. 9:30 Mr. Dlr.trlct Attorney (NBC). !0:00 The Big Story (NBCJ. 10:30 Curtain Time (NBC). 31:00 New:. 11:15 ' Music for Mood.v 11:30 Mradowbrook Club Orchestra iNBCl. 12:00 News INBC). TOMORROW Breakfast on' ix Flatter. .Saws, Brcnklast on a platter. The Worry Clinic = By Dr. George W. Crane: Editor's Note:' if'men • nnd."women could dismiss ui: the Illness which is of- K purely imaginary sort, what a boom hi happiness there would be! 'Uncertainty und fear, dread and hypro- chondrla arc causing more misery thnn ctincer and tuberculosis put together. CASE S-257: Josephine J.', aged 27, is a loi-mcr student of mine: Dr. Craue, ir.y husband is a semi-Invalid, although 'three.'specialists have told him there is nothing organically wrong. . "So, I wish' you'd see Mm, lor I am sure his trouble is in his mind. 0:00 0:15 0:20 7:30 7:35 Ii:l)0 0:15 8:tS ,n;Do 0:30 I>:»5 10:00 10:30 10M5 11:00 Brenk.'nst on ft Flatter. World News Round-Up (NEC). The Minute Pnrftdr, Mornlnc. Meditation. Honeymoon .In New York (NBC). Music for Thursday. Kews. Fred Wurlns Show (NEC). Rood or Lire iNBCl. 'The BrlsUtcr Day (NEC'. This is Nora Drake INBCL We Love and Learn i-N'BC). Jack Berch Show (NBC). . Music at Mid-Day. Mid-Day New*. The EnndKlnnd.' ' n. r. B. Concert Airs. Ncu'K. Cadence JOT. • Here's Jack Kilty (NBC). Walter O'Kcele's Double or Nothing (NBC'. Today's Children (NBC.i. ' Interludes. [News. Lite Can Be BenutltuI (NBC). Ma Perkins (NBC). Pepper 1'our.R's Family (N£CI. Hloht to ~" And they don't teach, psychology in medical school. They do offer a few good courses in neurology and psychiatry. The neurology, however, is concerned with the nervous "wiring" of the body ar.d corresponds to the ignition phase of automobile mechanics. A neurologist may tell you,that your nerves or "wires" are ail O.K., and that nothing 'is organically wrong, but you can still be as dangerously upset as Frazer in tomorrow's Case Record. Furthermore, our medical courses in psychiatry are chiefly concerned the But how many insane patients does the average young doctor encounter per year? Very few! Besides, the time to treat insanity ;s before it becomes full blown. This daily column in psychology is really a form of phophylactlo psychiatry. Society's Safety Valve Millions of people arc gaining relief from nervous tension and fear of Insanity, or nre resolutely changing their personality, as a result of this educational column. I say this not in any egotistical way, for I have tangible evidence in the hundreds of thousands of men, women and teen-agers who have corresponded with me in pan; years. As for the millions who read these Case Records but do not write l:o me, I can only hazard a guess, but this column was originally planned and has been maintained in pars as a safety valve for mankind, relieving .worries, ,'fears, superstitions am sure his trouble is in ms mina. in psychiatry are chiefly cor.cernei Don't you think that a large partj witll now to diagnose and treat th of medical .practice is mental, any-; j nsal , e or psychotic patient. Bu way?" , ' how many insane patients does th Fear Causes Illness Several prominent medical educators have admitted that as high as 50 percent of all patients who consult the average physician are victims of their own imaginations, instead of being slaves to tuberculosis, cancer or other organic ailments with which they believe they are afflicted. ' ' ' One of America's greatest-internists, who specializes in internal medicine like ulcer, gaU bladder, kidneys, appendix, 'etc., made tnc statement a few years ago that 60 percent of the men and women coming to him for treatment were purely mental. He didn't say partly mental, but purely so. It is obvious that our thoughts and fears have a great deal to do with all of our diseases, 'but this famous clinician lumped SO pel-cent of his patients as purely victims of imaginary ailments. Moreover, if he had been '^meviijg ^worries, ; iutii-s, 5u_jm"si.iijiuii;> psychiatrist or 11 eur'ologist, we ______ prejudices that are both un-i might not have been surprised at!scientific, as well as-detrimental to! this percentage, but this specialist ; health and happiness.. ••-. .- j was not practicing in the realm ofj Tn e mind is tremendously im- mental medicine. His field was or- portant as regards our physical ganic medicine. Arc You A Hypochondriac You readers have observed that I usually include one Case Record per week on the subject of mental hygiene or mental medicine, because this subject is' so widely ig- ' ' even in medical health". Indeed, psychosomatic medicine is the name of this type of ailment. It would be well for us to have an annual physical examination and then, if our physician puts his O.K. ' "'' ' nored today, schools. A few years ago I checked with _____ the registrars of our local medical (copyright 'by The Hopkins syndicate, Inc.) schools. Not one of these four „. on our organic motor and chassis, we should forget' self by focussing attention on our external environment. . •large medical schools here in Chicago demanded that -its incoming students, have even one course psychology in Owls live mostly on animal food, ______ captiK'cd alive—mice, rats and other smfti: mammoJs as well as birds of-varipus species. v £BEANP?EZRAND? VOW' 1 DID,'ONE AIRPLANE .K WHERE PIDVOUjy OH,Z HAD \ WELL- I-I HOPE V - TICKET FROM HERE TO YOU FOUMD WHAT YOU / NEW.YOEK...IF YOU HU2 VOU'EE PE05AELY \ TO CUH.. I5NT THERE AN " MANY CHASCE iv PI t i ncf-ti AVI \ ' • |ri " * wi " *' _-£ ....-ANSWER YSTTO MY \ OF DELAY...•-=*. FANCY.' CKASING HUSEANP& VOICE' KAD1O6EAW TO 1 MAYBE YOU <5C NEW YORK.? .//HOME ...WE . DELIVER TO YoiK HOTEL) By Alex Raymomt yT . \ -/- SORRV MRS . VAM DOCN. 'WS ^ KvE WILL GO TO "ttJK CABIN, AIRS.)YOU TAKE CARE Of \\ \ /n^"==Srr TUC UMITEP STATES VAW DOOM. THE STEWARDESS / AWJOR, DES—Ke ^ ,, ,^ ,,~, • ^ _»__' - WAITING- TU=SP. ^.^ SEEMS TD LIKE ItXJ; SUBM, BUGS BUNNY IT'S GOTTA HAVE . CEA.SE Trf SALES I WANTS A GANDECt AT W SHOVEL.,WILL UASTVA PERFECT- BM.A.NCE/ GAS, DOC/ I'M FEATURES..?)' TESTIff'SNOW SHOVELS ' fly Edgar Martin BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES \ OCNrt SthVAt ROO 9OR ft, SW^VriCji OP TH\S "i.Oi'cS\C\i" By Lyman Yotaijg. TIM TYLER'S LUCK PHE MONK SEES \fe.( PKOSA5LY • SOMETHING JM£? A SCHOOL C - CHL'SNING' -\jm.0- BIG PISH ) FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS STUCK! ]YOU : j. TOLD YOU THE: / JUST. SMOW WAS , /STAILEO SO LOM& YOUR. SKIS FROZE DOWM/ youten S'POSED.. T-WAX... - EM NOW, DONT RUSH .' LOOK,I Jusr 'REMEMBERED/ DM-.- YOU GUYS GO By Dudley Fisher YES,SUE D:D,AND WHAT'S MORE — , SH^'S oriA/ ~ T1 '^ IK ''^'' MVCTTLE / WAL>< RIGHT IN'T-'Sf?E AND PRACTICE VDUR MUSIC LESSON A FEW MINUTES LOMCEf? ID LIKE TO COME IN FOR AN APPOINTMENT/ THANKS/ I'LLSE RIGHT-, DOWN' GOING f/i{ TAKEN WHILE •0£VHGt V f--\ ir^c^^trv^ /

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