Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on January 5, 1949 · Page 14
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 14

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 5, 1949
Page 14
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FOURTEEN EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, "MD,. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 5, 19 4 9 Phone 460,0 For a WANT AD Taker HERBERT EAVARD SWOPE, born Jan. 5, 1882, in St. Louis. Alter hi"!! school he became a reporter by winning a $100 essay prize from a department store, the staff of Your Individual Horoscope Look In ihe wcllon In which your;b rlh-, diiy comes nnrl llnd wUni your ouiloolt Is, nccordlnc to Uie stn", For Thiiriilay, Jnn. II, .liillt. MARCH 'zl 10 APRIL 20 I ArlWi— Some cood influence!,, others that tend to c»u«e Irrltntlnc .circumstances. Be on Euard, sensibly pntlcnt, rcusomible. Smart mfln- Bcmrnt, sound » can, speed succesBtul "APRIL 21 to MAY 20 (Tmirum— Stlmu- IM.IUB Mercury rays 'now very help.ul to oil brain work and for tmlt* requlrlnR tmart mnnnceraeni, sellins, nnd astute Judgment throughout. IJomcsUcs »no clerxs have friendly r»y», too. MAY 21 to JUN3 21 (Gemini i-— Enoour- «ginR lor business Rains, improvlnc occupational status, hut at the same time • , warns against carelessness - ----- ^On the stan 01 —j—" „,„,„,: ^ Tithe old New York | p. M . favors heart nHa lrs. In • matins lEroemcnts World, S w o p c cracked a famous murder and police protection story, was credited with making Whitman governor of New York, became war correspondent tin el executive Editor, then head of the Racine Coinmis- fabulous "man about . .M, 111VD1 A ilt'ii *• "!'"•* "' JUNE 22 to JULY 23 (Cancer)— Mildly favorable for matters connected with foods unit handily metals, chemical*. More carp called lo.- In laborious ' slon and WTO." Conference "Will 'Discuss Action On Labor Lavs The Western Maryland Labor Unity Conference will meet tomor- row'at 8 p. m. at the .Allegany Trades Council to discuss labor's representation at the meeting of the General Assembly. Paul' 1* Burley, secretary, said central AFL bodies in Maryland vill send representatives to the ASJ- sesibly and that major CIO and Brotherhood unions plan similar action. • Labor's backing lor proposed legislation "will also be discussed at the . .-neeiing, he said. Several 'of tl«| 90 odd bills already proposed will, directly alfect organized labor,! union officials said. Shrews, which are mice-like. but not rodents, will die if they go •without, food even a few hours. . and In carp cae o.- n a , dealing with others' properties, Domesticity B»lns prestige. JULY 2-1 to AUGUST 22 (Lcol— Pleasant cooperation stressed with employers, employees. business associates and your fam- Hv_ should brlnn unexpectedly cood benefit:. Ions ranfc gains.,. Be mindful, of promises! ~ •. AUGUST 23 to SEPTEMBER 23. iVIrnol —Solid, vigorous Influences, you may -feel like undertaking more than you c»n reasonably handle in one day- Be temperate conserve health. AM •worthy .^occupations '"SEPTEMBER s< to OCTOBER 23 moral —Day offers fine opportunity for inventions. reneurch. scientific nnd'.medical professions. Have faith In rlirht .principles: be r-ncournged In -»-orl: to aid'. .humanity Llbrann all! Forward! . ' • • OCTOBER 24 to NOVEMBER 22 (Scorpio)— Some restrictions perhaps, but- onlj enough to help you to be. .cautious. Overspending, promising to do more .than : you can. or. should, do are taboo. 'Be sensible about health needs. •" . NOVEMBER 23 to DECEMBER 21 (Sagit- tarlu.M— Profitable day IF. .you use discretion "boss in approaching customers. anyone. Clear JvidjrmfTit nr,d VITAMINS !! KEEP YOUR FAMILY IN GOOD-HEALTH We curry <nc_/o//oicino lines of vitamins — Miles Onc-A-Day — Parkc Doris Squibb — Up-Johns — Abbotti — V. C. A. (and others) RAND'S Cor. Baltimore and N. Centre Si. FLASH! SPECIAL! Men's 15-Jcwcl Bu!ov;i Wrist Watches (Unredeemed) With simulated diamond ond ruby stone set dials ond go'd filled. CJt " pansiom bonds — yellow gold CENTRE STREET LOAM COMPANY; . 40 X, Centre St. BORROW SENSIBLY If you need cash for winter expenses, our service is prompt, friendly. end private Loans up to $300.00 Note — Furniture — and ' Auto Loans INDUSTRIAL LOAM SOCIETY, INC. No. 301, Liberty Trust Bldg. ' PHONE 97 cnse of humor wll! show you more values, icip build visor. i DECEMBER 23 to JANUARY 21 fCaprl- orni—Plan well, as well as work con- clentlously, that, this month's opportunl- les will not cscaps you. New trys. meth- ds, personal advancement surely worth he effort. JANUARY 22 to FEBRUARY 20 (Aquar- usi—Your Influences similar to SftRit- arlu.i now.. Compare veil, discriminate carefully and when worl; In dor.c there hhould be time for refreshing rccrcntlon, relaxed leisure. FEBRUARY 21 to MARCH 20 (Pisces I — Mixed vibrations, but morn benefle ones thtm otherwise. Be careful about details, keeping appointments. Advantages lor trades, mechanics, household matters. yoff BORN TODAY: Very active. Innately constructive. Sometime* overtrust- 'ul, easily swayed. You arc.LOO clever, too Intelligent to be fooled' by the wronu type —remember that. Should do well In mechanical trade, as surgeon, dentist: car. succeed in any occupation to which you sincerely put your mind and training. 1049 especially opportune for, personal achievement, stabilizing present holdings. Don't gamble with asset!. Heed' sour.d SUR- Bestlons from wise heads. Blrthdatc: St. Joan of Arc. patriot; Chas. Sumner, Amer. statesman; C«rl Sandbcrg, poet, (Copyrlcht, 1D4B. Klnc reatu.-cs S>Ti!!lcatc. Tn:.) Legion District Session Planned Participation in a national campaign to raise funds' to combat rheumatic fever will be discussed a'. 1 s, meeting of tlie Mountain District American Legion, Sunday at'2 p. m. at the home oC Port Cumberland Post, No. 13, according to Arthur G. Ramey, district vice commander. Harry Allan, Laurel, p.ast department commander ar,d national executive coramltteeman, is expected to attend. John J. Devlin, district membership chairman, is requesting up to date reports on membership from each post. Membership in the district is believed exceeding that; for 1948. This meeting is a joint affair for posts and their auxiliary mils, and nil post and unit offl- ;ers, Americnnlsm chairmen. Child Welfare nnd Interested members are urged to' attend. Following.the business session and reports. Fort Cumberland Unit No. 13, American Legion Auxiliary, will jervc a luncheon. Industry Group lo Meet The Executive Committee.of the I Cumberland Industrial' Promotion 1 Committee' will meet Monclny at 8 I p. m. at the City Hall. Production of broiler chickens in the south. Atlantic region is now five times as large as it the period 1935-39. FLOWERS I Cumberland's Oldest . Flower Shop BEST FLOWERS BEST SERVICE Phone 291 , ^fHt Dodge-Plymouth Soles-Service 123 S.. Liberty Sr! , . . Phone 258 Thf Sl»te Raidi Commlwlon'or Maryland will ])»T the »um of One Hundred Dollar* fSI(tO.OO) reward to anyonr InrnlsliiriE ^formation Icadlnt to tljr arrest and conviction of any person or ncrnoni. who rcmovei. damace» or de- Ucei anj road «lrn», <lcnaJ> or ma'.'lc- OT Mrettd In Allccany County. Maryland, laformjctlon should be furnlftheo IP the Shfrtff. Ihe Maryland SUt* rollce or the Siate'a Altorncy'i OKloe. G. Bates Chaircs. District Engineer STATE ROADS • COMMISSION 301!G — -Mr. Halt NOW OPEN! \ The ' ' Dolphin Bar 107 N. Centre St. lea taring SEA FOODS • Oysters on the Holf Shell • Shrimp • Cloms if . • Oyster Stew Boer Liquors Wine Just What the Doctor Ordered! GOOD FOOD . . . well prepared to your individual order . . . as served every day at the VIADUCT INN 249 Norrh Mechanic Sf. Open Doily from 7 A. M. • BEER • Real Italian Spaghetti Peculators Toe Kettles Covered KctHcs • Dish Rons Anglctood Pans ... FORGET IT WITH A CUSTOM BUILT TRUSS Each truss built for the individual cose. The only perfect truss built on the market today. Why throw-money away on hit or miss affairs? Don't suffer another, day. FREE INFORMATION AND DEMONSTRATION by calling at the ... . [CUMBERLAND L ABORATORY| 511 DECATUR STREET Phone 800 for Appointment WHERE EVERYBODY GOES FOR THE BEST FOR- LESS • ADULTS 35c . CHILDREN 20c • Aluminum Roasters fr. 1.59 I GRANITE WARE, IRON AND STEEL SKILLETS OLD FASHION CHICKEN FRYERS IN STOCK Monopoly, Other Games and Puzzles for Winter Evenings! TODAY LAST DAY i-BNS HITS GEORGE SANDERS IN "A SCANDAL IN PARIS" • ALSO RANDOLPH SCOTT IN "CORONER CREEK" [GARDEN | 2 BIG DAYS • THURSDAY AND FRIDAY • Double Feature.— Double Value — Double Thrills MUT , TMIIUI • ^m^mr with Mnny WEISSMUUER {THE ORIGINA1 TARZAN) Miurnen O'SULLIVAN n™cl HILL 45 N. Centre St. .Store KcUil or Wholesale WINE For TAXT.S HILLS REPAIRS EXPENSES Monlhlj Cash P»7 S JO JJ.10 s -s H.=K s:oo 10.15 15 Months To Repay MILLEHSON CO. 105 S. Liberty St. Phone 847 Ir/ing Millcnson, Mgr. . LOTS OF FUN ' Hear . .^& fi £•' Beverly Stull -J| Kfe First Lady of the $ 1 A I' 51 Accordion . ^ RENNIts! COCKTAIL LOIJNGE .^ Baltimore at Mechanic Wi NEW LOW PRICES % LEARN TO DANCE Enroll now at WINTER DANCE STUDIO 12 S. Centre St. Over Darling Short PHONE 1500 It's So Easy TO MAKE A LOAN at Our Office LOAN CO. 101 SOUTH OEOBOK BTMZT 4OTO LOANS LS & MDJDTII EAST REPAT PLAN LLSTIX MILLEHSON. HOT. PHONI 3017 .' . a delicious' Lunch or Dinner in the delightful atmosphere of •ANION'SI COCKTAIL LOUNGE N. Mechanic ot Baltimore Listen to Scotty Munro Singing Star of Siooe — Screen — Rad;'o . wifh Ann Moore ot the piano •, 8 to 72 p. m. SPAGHETTI'and SANDWICHES Scrvod ot Midnighr BENNETT Transfer & Storage Co. 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GIANT STAGE AND SCREEN SURPRISES ADULTS 35c CHILDREN 20c including tax STftRTS TOMOftROW CASH RAGING' WITH THE VIOLENT PASSIONS OF A WILD FRONTIER,,. A LAWLESS ERA! COLUMBIA PICTURES ~=^. presents •= i! OLDEN ~'<%«DREW UAY COU1NS'- EDGAR BIKHANAK' JEKOME COURTUND • JAKES MIUICAH TODAY AND THURS. MOVED OVER . . '. BY POPUWR DEMAND DENNIS, DOROTHY /I FEATURE AT 12:00-2:00-4:05-6:10-8:15-10:10 l STARTS FRIDAY 2 SMASH ALL STAR HITS!.2 ROSALIND Russell SIDNEY Green Street "The Velvet Touch" GEORGE RAFT WILLIAM BENDIX "RACE STREET" 3 NOW SHOWING OUTSTANDING ATTRACTIONS $50 TO $1OOO Household Finance lends, money Tor ANY ffood rca»n; You can borrow to pay overdue bills, taxes, medical bills, repair bills and emergency expenses. LOANS MADE WITHOUT ENDORSERS OR GUARANTORS HFC loans arc made on signature, car or furniture. You can take 6,12, 15 or more months to repay depending on tlie purpose of your loan. Our charfic cm loans oi .$300 and less re substantially less than the lawful maximum. Phone or stop in today. FEATURE NO. 1 A >tinit t}f Llic coin'ujro of mrli — iiiiil tlio tvnmcn wlm ivallctl! RANDOl°PH SCOTT JAMES BROWN BARRY FITZGERALD ROBERT MITCHUM with EUA RAINES- THOMAS 'GOKtZ RICHARD LANE Calk Yau GX ^ S100 200 300 500 1000 MONTHLY PAYMENT PLANS JO" parati 5 '6.41 12.65 •18.80 28.88 • is paynrts $8.08 15.98 23.80 37.47 73.66 - Jjayrntt 5 9.75 19.33 28.82 ^16.09 90.58 fiajmls $18.15 36.13 54.02 89.34 175.43 •Subject lo Rtsulation w. Payments aout incue cass of the loan if repaid.on.schedule. Ckarta m loom above. $300 me modi under the Industrial Finance Law. Liberty Trust.Co. Bldg., 6th Floor Entrance on Centre St., Just off Baltimore PHONE: 520O—Cumberland foans Made lo Residents 'of Nearby Taims _ HOUSEHOLD FINANCE f~-A s~\ „—^, . A I CAI THE PASSING PARADE — Souvenirs of Death f\L5 \J I A short subject everyone should see! e STARTS SATURDAY • a? JOURNEV RQYACUFF eimN •P* •'-ft SJu^illtt^M ' A STHAMD* • .Curobarland. Maryland •_ TODAY & THURS. MAT. ADULTS 60o . CHILD. S5c EVE. ADULTS "G« CU11D. 44c STAGE SHOWS AT: 3:20 - 7:20 - 9:4S SM ACTS ^^ . • _ —. * * * * M ^ • 'THE HAYDOCKS- Dancing Stors'of."OklaHomo".. LEE MARMER - Singer and' Whistler PINCUS & FOSTER - Comcdiani • . MONTE WOLFE - England's Joy-Boy 3 FONTAINES - Acrobars " ''SMART GIRLS DON'T TALK" VIRGINIA MAYO - BRUCE BENNETT; STARTS FRIDAY ;;;:r Gary Grant in DON HARTMAN'S production Every Girl Should Be Married

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