The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on June 4, 1935 · Page 3
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 3

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 4, 1935
Page 3
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X? EVERYDAY PRICES WALL PAPER AND PAINTS Arkenau's Drug Store Free Delivery — Phono 46. West Side Square Social Events Shower for Bride-Elect. Mrs. Ruth Learner. Mrs. Mae Orlshaxv. Mrs. Marie Gates ami Mrs. Rosolla Ashburn were hos- tfi-ses for a miscellaneous shower in honor of Delcie Shields, bride- elect, at the home of Mrs. Learner in Koknmo Friday evening. The home was beautifully dec- oratod with garden flowers. A program consist big of a violin and piano duet, a" piano solo, whistling solo and a voice number was enjoyed by alX Miss Shields was srcited upon a high throne decorated in pink and white. The gifts, wlr.ich were arranged in a decorated' basket, were presented to her liv Mary Gatherine Carter. * At the close of the evening refreshments were served to about thirty guests. Four Square Euchre Chili. Mr. and Mrs. Jolin A. Altffierr entertained the Four Squa,re Bridge Club at their home on East Jefferson street Sunday night ai>' members being present. Prize winners were Mrs. Sam Webber and John Conroy. At the close of playing the host and hostess served refreshments. son street with a "practice party.' The afternoon was spent in games aad practicing for the recital to be given by Miss Mount's students.Friday evening, June 14 at! the library. The public Is requested to keep this date in mind and" arrange to be present. At the close of the afternoon, the children were Invited to the dining room, where they found their places at the table with original place cards made of cardboard notes standing on a staff. -• -Miss Mount was assisted In serving by Maxine .WaMcer and Barbara Martin. ; During the refreshments the 'young people entertained themselves with riddles and jokes, making a lively close for the delightful party. Happy Hour Club. "Practice Party." Miss Alta Mount entertained her piano students Monday afternoon at her home on West Jeffer- Sale on White Hats SLAUTBR'S HAT AND BEAUTY SHOPPE The Happy Hour otub met w/th Mrs. Estella Day, southwest of Cicero Friday afternoon, with eleven members present. The meeting opened with group singing, after which Mrs. Robent Day read the scripture lesson. Mary Achenbach sang a patriotic solo, after which May Hobbs gave an interesting talk explaining the reason for celebrating Memorial Day on May 30, closing her part of the program with the poem, "The Blue and the Gray." ;The meeting closed with prayer by \Irs. Clara Henderson, after which the hostess served refreshments of ice cream, wafers and orangeade. Mrs. Day then took her guests on a .tour of Inspection through a newly completed home on the farm, recently converted from a school house, and completely furnished with antiques. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Jvfellie Wright west of Atlanta, arid a pitch-In dinner will be enjoyed at this time. McBride Circle. THEATRE Today Till Thursday vor \VIL PIIKKK WIIKX voi SKK II1M ,The McBride Circle, No. 46, LaVlies of the G. A. R., met in regiilar session Monday evening in tfce G. A. R. hall of the courthouse, with a good attendance of members present. Durjng the business meeting, in charge of the president Miss Mary Edmons plans were discussed for the benefit bridge and euchre party to be held Thursday, June 13, in the show room of the Tipton Main Motor Company. Arrangements were also discussed for attending the annual state convention to be held June 17; IS, 19 and 20 at Marion. Miss Edmonds and Alta Gillespie will be in attendance for all the sessions, and a number of others will attend a few of the sessions. The remainder of the evening was spent in social conversation, one cf the main topics of discussion ireicg the number of flags which were improperly displayed for Memorial Day. Royal Neighbors. The Royal Neighbor lodge met in regular session Monday evening In the K. of P. hall, with Airs. Zetta Lord as oracle. There were 14|members present for the short business session during which plans were made for a tango party ifor the public, to be held Saturday evening. Mrs. Roscoe Jones, juvenile director, also announced plans for .1 pitch-in supper for all families haying children In the lodge, to be^held June 15 at the park. All members are urged to attend and take the children. The remainder of the evening was spent in playing lotto, with Mrs. Lundy Johnson, Mrs. Draxle Bailee, and Mrs. William Jones as prize winners. At the close of the evening light refreshments were served by the hostesses, Mrs. Roscoe Jones and Mrs. William Jones. jDomedy EL BEENDEL and PHIL BEGAN in •WHAT; Friday Night Only DON COY tod GUABANTBED PZRMANENTS nniufi iBAOT ULLJMK SALON Call 55 or 1149 --when i may catt a*d ten yon iall the vqndfcfql adraotace* 01 » Stokol Automatic Stoker tue your home, it ha* prove* u b «<*°no« w k.l,<4«».,aadna» mWaln«x1t»HHl»*« heat with nUnfnnm MM** of. raft [t» A illi ll ••.•»• !••••] ^•••^•^[^•v jr*» •11 at Oioae who fca4 * tiled thta last 4MM toll y«M» off *• Art Association. 1 _____ i The Tipton Art Association enjoyed its annual June- tea Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs: O. V. Mayne. west of Tpton, with a fairly good attendance of members. The house was attractively decorated with summer bouquets in keeping with the season. During the brief business session, the main feature of interest was a report of the recent general federation of clubs convention given by May Hobbs. Miss Hobbs brought out the most important activities of the convention, and In addition gave- many amusing sidelights of the meet- Ings. The new year books were distributed at this time, and Mrs. L. P. Foster, general program director, gave a short talk explaining a few of the outstanding programs which have been arranged for the year. It was announced that Miss Hobbs and Mrs. Jennie Compton, president of the Tipton association, will be among those attending the trlenniel federation convention to be held in Detroit within the next few days. The afternoon was delightfully spent socially, with the hostess serving delicious refreshments ot nut roll ice cream, cake and tea, assisted by Mrs. C. B. Stemen, •Sirs. Foster, Mrs. Ebert Allison and Mrs. Harry Combs. Queen Esthers. The Queen Esther society of the Kemp Methodist church enjoyed a delightful pitch-In supper at the home of Mrs. Raymond Cox southwest of Tipton Monday evening, with a good attendance ot members, and with Mrs. Clayton Young as the assisting hostess. Following the delicious meal, the regular business session was conducted with the devotional service in charge of Mrs. Paul Egler, and the lesson topic led by Mrs. Gail Coppock. The main feature of the evening's business was the installation of officers for the new year. Mrs. W. E. Wells, who first organized the Queen Esther Circle in Tipton, acted as installing officer, and the following persons were .placed In charge for the new year: President Mrs. Lloyd Maines; vice- president, Esther Carnine; secretary, Dorothy Fox, and treasurer, Mrs. Robert Booth. The remainder of the evening was spent socially wffh games and contests until a late hour, when the guests departed after one of their most delightful meetings. » i» Birthday Dinner. The annual birthday dinner was held Sunday in honor ot John Mason at his home in Atlanta, with thirty-six relatives and friends present to enjoy the day. The occasion was also a farewell party for Mr. Mason, because of his failing eyesight. Is leaving his home to reside with his sons. A bountiful pltchin dinner was enjoyed at the noon hour, with a beautiful birthday cake, baked by Mrs. John Nightenhelser. Those present to enjoy the day were Mr. and Mrs. Earl Mason and sons of Noblesvllle, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mason, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mason an'd children of Atlanta, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Mason and daughter of Tipton, Mr. and Mrs. John Nightenhelser, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Nightenhelser an'd children. Rev. and Mrs. N. E. Berry, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Dunn and son, Mr. and Mrs. Cy Caldwell, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Gasho, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin' Blount and Maty Adallne, Relne and Joan Boiell. Jolly Stitchers. The Jolly Stitchers club met Monday evening with Hazel Russell at her home on North West street. • The evening was spent In sewing, and several clever games and contests : were enjoyed, with Mrs. Virgil Snyder as the 'prise winner. At a. late hour, the hostess served delicious refreshments to a good attendance ot members. LegloB Auxiliary. The regular muting of the Legion Auxiliary will be hel&at th» home ot Mrs. Garret Jackson on Adams streat, W< •t 7:80 o'clock, : of on Thursday FEDERAL SUPPORT Twenty Per Gent of Population Looks to Government for Support. SURVEY IS COMPLETED (By United Press). Washington, June 4. —- One out of every five persons in the country is dependent upon the federal government for support, a compilation of government statistics revealed today. Between 25,000,000 and 30,000,000 persons out of an estimated population of li2-7,000,000 draw money for food, clothing and shelter from the treasury, figures compiled by the Unltad Press showed. ~ These include families and dependents of persons on direct relief, government employes, beneficiaries of public works projects, CCC workers and enlisted men in the armed forces of the nation. •Government agencies classified them by families as follows: Direct relief (FERA)—4,500,000. Public--works projects (direct and Indirect)—1,200.000. Civil . employes (Government workers)—709,777. Civilian conservation corps — 340,093. Army and navy—214,116. Special employes—25,541. Total—6,989,526. Government statisticians figure four members to a family, aa between 25,000,000 and 30,000",000 persons. The figures do not Include millions of holders of United States government securities who are receiving-nearly a billion dollars a year in interest. It was estimated those dependent upon the government were drawing $3,000,000,000 a. year from the treasury. In addition war dependents, not included in the above figures, drew more t.b,a.n $500,000,000. The figures do not include a million persons on local, state and municipal payrolls, another drain on the taxpayer. A sharp rise in the number at federal employes to .carry on relief and other recovery functions of the: government .was; shown by civil, service •commission flgufe's. The 709,777 'civil .employes at the., end of April, the hlghsst' number in'.more than' 16 years, salaries''in that month -of more were showu"to have drawn total than $107,000,000. or at the rate of. more than a billion and a quar^ ter dollars a'year.- . President Roosevelt is receiving $76,000 a year. Chief Justice Hughes of the supreme court draws $20,600 a year. Eight other justices get $20,000 each; cabinet members receive |16,000 each. A total.of 124 employes draw $10,000 to $15,000 and 228 between $8,000 and $10,000. From 'here they range down tp less than $1,000 a year. Compared with private business, top government workers are underpaid. At toast 26 corporation heads or movie actors receive $100,000 or more a year. At least 153 others receive $.60,000 to $100,000. «V, V '-If ARE STARTED England and Germany Start Parley But Have .Many *_ 'Obstructions. BOTH SIDES ARE FIRM London, June-4.—British and German delegates began today a series of talks on naval strength. Both. British and German sources emphasized also that no specific agreement was desired and that the talks .would represent an exchange of information only. But it seemed probable that the exchange would be distasteful to both sides. Germany demands a navy 35 per cent as strong as Britain's or about 400,000 tons, with no restrictions! imposed as to the tonnage or type of ship to be built within the total. German sources said also that the German delegates under Joachim Von Rihbentrop would make no concession of moment. Great Britain is concede Germany anything like a 35 per cent \ navy only under an agreement that would strictly limit shnis as to class and size The prospect seemed to be for German entrance into any world naval conference that may be held to replace the Washington 1 and London limitation treaties, with Germany! then joining JapanVin a demand that any quotas be as the Global, or unrestricted basis. . Between now and the world negotiations, it was intimated in Berlin, Germany would build what ships she liked, confident that nobody would go to War about it. : It was added, however, that the building was not likely to be on! a big scale because of expense. | DETAILS a proposal to set With Standard Company. George ;Strong, for the past four years employed at the Rexall Drug Store, has resigned his place and taken employment with the Standard JOI1 Company, being assistant to j Sam .Mettlin at the sta- ypn ; at ,:tbe;- qori}ej-.;.df r --"^est- and aeffeiieojr BtreeU/JDavja • Hflllsclaw ^s-;heen;[enH>lQyedj-jto^fill the .ya- c^njcy- at ;the: drug; store, and- is-on t4e!jo.b.-,VA;- ••••.. ^f- Attended Commencement. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Field aid grandson Landls, Jr., returned Monday from Spring Harbor, Mich., where .they attended ^he, commencement exercises . at . the Spring Harbor college. Their son Charles, Jr., and his wife took part in .the exercises, the. eon having completed a, tw- years coarse in theology and fcl* wife graduating in; singing gelism. Charles Field*, who is studying; for, ministry, enter Taylor University, to con-, tlnue hit education; .'> ' Exercises wow held ; 8a*tirdaj and Sunday and the ,«Rti» pie enjoyed .them Yery njncB, "' 8a»dbaak Aid, The Ladles Aid society «£ I** . -1 r J _L _ * • J ^__ « * ::ilf./atijonK rtakes/.the .place- of William .•Stlliahower,. who • Is -now In' charge '.'.of- .-".the.-! station n at Bunch's Lunches west-of Tipton. / ' Cosmos Class' Meeting. ' The 'Cosmos class of the Kemp M.ethodist: Sunday school will be entertained Thursday evening at the. home lot Miss Nellie Heath on South independence street, and .all members are asked to be present.. .1. ".,'..'; '. ..: state NRA hoard. day afternoon. supreme court. ter said. want state served." Political conference between eral social islation, security programs. B. F. Miller of F. Staats. for a fort. IDA 1 Alii InA LAW >IB|I*»1 1* 1 II i 1 1 Nn linn JilUlULIILLJ xsNutt and His Study Over bstitute. NOT KNOWN ilted Press). . June 4. — ^Governor t and other admin- rs today considered jet up a strictly to replace the one week. efore them a plan "osier, Indianapolis nd member of the •d. Foster outlined e governor yester- governor nor Fos:e public details of w they expected to oration, but indl- would be substan- e as the national cently declared un>y the United States cement of codes is ielr success," Fos- really is a good erne court held the ional. The .people government pre- bservers attached gnificance to the ween Foster and nted that the sub- to calling a special 3glslature. pedal- session plans the need for state carry out the fed- ecurlty programs. need for NRA leg- cal leaders point lai session could be o purposes — the ige of a state sales le burden of social ims. 3Y FILLED. f Frankfort Pro- nee Department. nt has been made ment of R. F. Mll- rt, as head of the snt of the Nickel for the Lake Erie :eed the late John . is been head of the r the Clover Leaf of years and will the Lake Erie dis- will be in Frank- ORGANIZE MISSION BAND. Group of Young People Will Hoi 3 Regular Meetings. A Mission Band was organized Monday afternoon at * meeting held 'at the home of Mr\. Nannie Grishaw and the group \>f members have adopted .the slogan. "Sharing with Others." They will hold regular . meetings and the next one will be at the home of Cathleen ' Thomas, Thursday, June 27. At the organization meeting Monday afternoon, officers were named and committees appointed. The officers are Patty Martlin, president; Eugene Hiatt, vice- president; Billy Carter, secretary and Dorothy Hunton, treasurer. Membership Committee — Martha Havens, Richard Zehner and Wanita Woodruff. Program Committee — Gene Coy, Betty Suits and Patty Crail. Social Committee, Faith Ludwig, Cathleen Thomas, Jackie Johnson an'd Betty Shuppard. j Publicity Committee — Billy Montgomery and Tommy Cook, i SHARPSVILLE. LHlie Westfall Is spending the week with Mr. and Mrs. Mera Swingle and other friends at Indianapolis. • Mrs. Minnie Runion and Eleanor Keisling of Kokomo, were the dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Harley Pickett. Ralph Henderson and family of Tipton, and Mrs. .Ralph Jarrett and daughter were the Sunday guests of Ross Brayles and family. Mrs. Earl Jordon is confined to her home, suffering with ulchers of the stomach. Her Improvement Is slow. Mrs. Charles Slmmonds, Mrs. Tom Brass and Mrs. Violet Walsh of Kokomo, were the "Sunday guests of Mr. and. Mrs. Ed Westfall. William, 17-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Harper, Is slowly improving after an attack of pneumonia. He has been very ill the past week. Will Shreves and family of Indianapolis, spent tthe week end with her father, Howard Wooldridge and family. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Tyner were the Thursday dinner guests • of their daughter Olene Tyner, of Kokomo. S. J. Horton, grocery man, suffered an attack of appendicitis Tuesday night and- has been quite ill. He is improving. Paul Tyner and family of Kokomo, were the Saturday evening guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Tyner. A baby boy, weighing 10 pounds and named Bobby JBMI, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Datv rell Pasley Tuesday evening. He is the ninth, child in the homo. Mnthpr Burl hahp are eettiner alone 1 ' • wim-- [ m J 7m ,4|l ^V 1 I M 'f-II • iiVflm 3- • SI • *w € fffl: H _ _ , M .-rj| , %^.riW Ji.«J TJ : lf»mf IlCm •, • •! ; r ^HfWpJ j For Home Pirohasmg t [i Home BnJIauur. r ***** . "1 r T"oi ' t , taiA TTnTnn RimtAdAling /' • or Improvements. *" • ; I i^w i : tl Upton Building aed §•«••%••» •^•^Ni'VMVIMl UVU Court Street I J. A. LEWI& 6ec*y. i ! ! l 1 ! ' Us, Chester Land {and family of Kokomo, Roy Land; and family of Tipton and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Tyner. ' ! Lyle Rubush and ifamlly entertained at Friday evening sapper ' Mr. and Mrs. Paul jCocjk and Mrs. Allie Leavltt. Sunday dinner guests in the Rubush j home were' Mr. and 'Mrs. Dale Carpen of j Marion. Mr. and Mrs. Andy Hoffman: spent Wednesday to Saturday vto-i i iting her eister, Mrs. B. R. Hesa of Vincennes. They also visited • a brother, Joe Hamilton and famr ; ily at Linton. Mrs. Garnet Goodnight and sons Tom and Williaini: of Tipton. and Mr. land Mrs. Hoff-j; man visited Mrsi. Goodnlght's : father Allen Myers^ at Vlncennesj : Sara Catherine Rubush spent? the week end with! her grandpar-H ents, Rev. and Mrs. H. C. Pawelli of Kokomo. i ; : • • i Mr. and Mrs. Sam Ballenbacher : of Indianapolis, spent > the week ; end with her parents, Mr. and|-| Mrs. J. E. Hawkins. \ • ' t| Harold Cage anfl family and: Margaret Glass ofj Tipton, were!; the Wednesday ind Thursday! : guests of Joe Cage and family. Mr. and Mrs. Joej Smith and Mr. • and Mrs. Ralph Herron of Detroit, Mich., and Mr,, i and Mrs. Ted Herron of Flint, Mich., were the Thursday to Saturday! guests of George Herron and* family. • r ~ : * Ed King and family of Teters-i burg, Mr. and Mrs. Otto White, and Mrs. John Runion of Kokomo, were the Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Walter King and Jesse Mills. i Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Cage of Lc- gansport, were the Sunday dinner guests of her mother, Mrs. Laura Collins. 1 . i Dr. Lynn Herron land family entertained at Sunday dinner, John Meister and family of Kokomo.' Mrs. Lon Woodard of Kokomo, was the Sunday night and Monday guest of Mr. afld Mrs. Henry Smltb. . : 43 $ ' • ? « VI !>- $ $ & /" .'' •">. • Cjf- I. :ir 1 » T: ,-j, fi: ?'• i-'. -\ j N I Helps Mtlllona to Kegular Habits KefelinK-Shields. Delcie Shields, daughter ot the late Mr. and Mrs. James Shields of Sharpsiville, and Clinton R. Keisling, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Keisling of Kokomo, were married Sunday morning at 8:00 o'clock at the East Hopewell Presbyterian church, north of Tipton, near the bride's 'former home. The church was beautifully decorated with spring flowers. . ' Only a few close relative and friends were present to witness the impressive single ring ceremony, read by Rev. Allen prake, pastor of the First Presbyterian church In Kokomo. The bride was lovely In dusty pink crepe suit : with a .large matching picture bat and white accessories. She wore a beautiful corsage of snow in summer and pink rosebuds. The couple left; Immediately for a short motor trip after which they will be at host of friends at 1706 South Main street, Kokomo. eled in a navy >lue crepe • suit, with hat and acceisorles to match. Mrs. Kebllne it a 'graduate of Kokomo high school and of the Moody Bible ImUtnte In Chicago. home to their The .bride tray- She also Attended and is a member sorority. Mr. Keisling -graduated from Jkomo hlgfc, icliool tad college., H,*.l.:;a t member of Hanover college of the Phi Mn nicely. Mrs. Pasley, before her marriage, was Lenora McBride of Rossville, 111. The father is employed at the Beaman garage. : Mr. and' Mrs. Roll Hoffman of Richmond, were the Wednesday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hoffman. Dinner guests in the Hoffman home Thursday were Mr. and Mrsu George Holman of Atlanta, and Mr. and Mrs. John Barrnm of Tipton. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Westfall, who have been visiting their son, Herbert Westfall and family of El Dorado, Kan., returned home Friday night. While there they visited P. A. Bailey at Mays, Kan. He is in poor health, and is past ninety years of age. Lawrence Whitehead and family entertained at Thursday dinner Joe Bear.and family of Detroit, Mich. Lawrence Roler and family, of near Falrfield, and Clarence Roler and family motored to Franklin Sunday and attended the Stainbrook reunion. Mrs. H. C. Powell of Kokomo, was the Friday dinner guest of her daughter, Mrs. Lyle Rubnafa and children. •lire. Cora Lloyd entertained at Th irsday, dinner in her home. Mr, and'Mr*. (Ray Aughe and Pan: Potter and'family of Indiaaapo Joe Cage and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Johns were the Monday guests of Lowell Cage and family of. Anderson. L. L. Shnll and! family enter r tained at Sunday dinner Mr. and Mrs. Len Shull and Mr. and Mrs. Ruqsell Barker of near Swayxee. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Shull of K»- komo, Mary Beth j Booth, Leap and (Dale Mains, i Ray Lee and family of Russiaville and Mrs. Hntto of Indianapolis, j were Thursday dinner gue>ts of Mr: Mrs. Jake Fretz. i i Mr. and Mrs. O. H, Hughes' at the bedside Sunday of his ter, Mrs. Lola Shaw, who.I« the* Robert Long hospital at anapolis. She is slowly imj Mr. and Mrs. Charles of near Walton, were the day' guests of their daughter, Broyres and!family. Louise Teacher of 74 Atlanta or NEW Wash Dresses, I Bale Continue*'' w i k*' I !•

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