The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on June 4, 1935 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 4, 1935
Page 2
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i^^vv ?"'•';. -; : ";;r : "V -'^v; 'f^i : j j • ••. ' " •*'" .I. 1 --"-" •"'',*','''"""' " v ,-' "'""•• " '•* I', - •"-'-. x"' -'•'; '*•*-*- ^ - * r * r * i "* t f * *"* THBLHP<rpJJ DAILY TBIBVNB Start Wednesday and Thursday, June 5 and 6 And Every Week Thereafter for Twelve Weeks. You Can Get Your Tickets from the Following Who Are Helping to Sponsor Them. ti Tipton Daily Tribune Jaqua & Sons Atso-Pure Ice & Coal Co Folts Lumber Co. Woodruff, Blacksmith . Tipton Hatchery C. D. Hobbs H. J. Schrader & Co. Tipton Ice Cream Co. Wayne Cunningham ^Margaret Buscher Armour Cream Station J. J. Kessler Compton & 'Son, Inc. Farmers Oil & Tire Co. Mitch's- Lane's B. & H. Cafe Boring Barber Shop Frisz Cigar Store Nell's Cafe J. C. Tolle Louis Foster Commercial Printing Co. Moose Lodge BelMar Beauty Salon Foster's Furniture Co. Palace Cafe Home Trade Shoe Store Ray Moore Kroger Store Young &'Mason Modern Bakery Blue Front Drug Store A. & P. Store Burgess Motor Co. Tipton Main Motor Co, Central Shoe Repair Shop Citizens National Bank W. E. May Vanity cieaners Linebacks Hinton Bjotor Co. Young's I Dad's Cafe Bowling Alley Banner Brothers 'Ogle &' Bargain Grocery Case's Bakery Clyde's Gas and Oil Mendenhall's Studio Suite & Barrum ' W. C. Mattingly C. R. Hiers Don Coffin A. B. Cochran & Son Frank Benthey ' C. C, Boys Kempel Wrecking Co. Charles Washington Tipton Produce Co. Alvin Howe Ertel's Bottling Works Shell Oil Co., Carl Williams Service Motor Co. Tauer Foral Co. George's Dairy French Steam Dye Works George Fouch Burkhart's Coal Yard Bates & Coleman i MEXICO IS SILVER. 'Continued from Page 1. material, but the backing was needed to keep the value of the peso down.- In other words, a great doal of silver was needed to maintain a cheap peso, and r. cheap peso was wanted because it had been found, in the throo and a half years dnrins which' it hiid'rfl'c.rn fix?d at ".fin tn the ciol- lar.i|th:\t this mapie ratio had £o:<ichow created a changed e«-o- nonilc;-e in Mexico—a boom indeed. Thr- fourth and final paradox N that the-si'.verless inoney dccre-j, thoush jirepared some time ago. camp nevertheless in emergency panic caused by a rise in silver term and at the end of a two-day which had also been foreseen — but not so high so soon. But the two central facts of Water cut off Junction City yesterday afternoon, battered ami submerged bridges over three riv- Continued from Page 1. in its second annual gathering. the situation, the two things | ers. isolated Ft. Riley with iUIThis reunion was organized last which arouse rage in some peopl:-1 4,000 soldiers and CCC recruits, I year at their first meeting held at and glee in others, are these: (1) land sent 300 residents of the low- the Tipton park. Officers are M. a silver country with silverless | lands into the community hall for E. Hodson of Noblesville, presi- monpy; and (<:.'» a peso made per-J a night's lodging. The Salvation; dent, and Audra Hodson of Ar- maneiitly. or at least indefinitely. | Army fed the homeless. The gi^cadia. secretary a^ud treasurer, silverless in order to keep it per-1 connection to the army post was : - * * * Continued from Pago 1. wards and others for partition of the Harp Edwards farm near Curtisville, report of sale of the land |to Mary Ellen Osborne for $5,310 was made* but no deed tendered. J. F. Pyke, local attorney ior l the Public Service Company of mancnlly. or as long as'possible. i-!iL':>.p in relation to the dollar. Put together, th'-sn two thinm mean broken when heavy timber.' ; crashed into the pipeline. Tlr.-j parade grounds was a lake, and NOTED SPEAKER. Continued from Page 1. the great plain that in 1!HS was ; crshil)i lho pn)I , cl . man ncr of writ- Camp Funston, was under several , js ^ j_ H ( . lul) stovv ways o f fect of water. j ,. ()lv ; ng problems and meeting The crest of the Kaw raged into : nc . e(!s of youn.n mi . n and women Manhattan, home of Kansas State, of tllc TUra i districts and how to Sliced Bacon lb., 25c Bananas (Jrlclrii Yr'.low lb., 5c that the .Mexican, government has tried to do .someihing for which there is VLM-V little precedent — divorce its currency completely from a valuable metal. substituting a steady exchange C0 n e ge early today. Within a fe-.v ; ^j^zo value in dollars for a former | hourg w . uor nm three reel deep i T, U . proK ,. ams at lhe loadol . sh jp value in dollars for a former caH 011 Main strecti poured into base '; t , ailliug schno l start at fi o'clock value in silver and gold. monts aU( , drove luuldrcds O f res- [ in tho ' m( ,rnin s witiT reveille and idents from their homes. , The river was from threo'lo five •ar Manhattan I Indiana and; Thomas Ryan of 'Frankfort, co-counsel in the case, i filed an affidavit for a change of .venue from the county, in the in- i junction proceedings against the | city of Tiptorj and the Winton Engine Corporatoin. The case in\ volves the erection of a new light ! plant for the;-city of Tipton which i the Public Service Company, as a taxpayer, states was not legally j conducted diiring the preliminary i and letting of contract. I The attorneys did not agree on Indian Villages South of Mexico Citv in Path of Flood Waters. HUNDREDS LOSE LIVES (Ey United Trrss). Mexico City, June 4. — A su3- den, inescapable flood, the result of a cloudburst, left Indian vil- FLOOD WATES. Continued from Pag<? 1. ., j| ; ,jr vaisir.g at G:SO. | D,. .\ jj Graham who will K1 , e ak here is one of the speakers county, asking time to consult! ,. lges ' soulh o£ the capital deVl is- their clients and co-counsel. Counties to >vhiL-h the action can miles wide ne; Tho Kaw, formed where the Ri.'-: Through the night residents who. a t the" leadership training school be venued are Upward, Hamilton, publican and Smoky Hill river.; had refused to heed warning.-.ami Tipton county was fortunat-j meet at Junction City, gave every , niudo frenzied haste to save their'in secunng him for tho meeting indication today of surpassing- thr | belongings. Friday night. [Clinton, Grant and .Madison. The court held a hearing on tated today, with scores and perhaps hundreds dead. Approximately 310 bodies or flood victims were recovered in federal- district; according to Mrs. Charlotte Walz, Former Resident Stricken Memorial Day. Mrs. Charlotte Walz, S2 years of age, former resident of Tipton and having a large acquaintance here, died at the home of a (laughter, Mrs. Paul Hoecher ia Chicago, Thursday night of- last week, death following a stroke of apoplexy. The attack came without_. warning and she died within a few minutes. Funeral services were held at Chicago and the body cremated Saturday, the ashes being taken to St. Louis where they were placed beside her husband whose death occurred in that city many years ago. Mrs. Harvey Wilson of Tipton attended the funeral services, he;first husband, Ferd Walz. former Tipton printer, being a son of Mrs. Walz. Another daughter, Mrs. Peter Markopoulos. resides 12 Years Ago / Contractor Minnick started the construction 1 of Adams ; street to be built of concrete. . • ; •• * * » W. H. was cutting alfalfa having a three acre field at the southwest edge of the city. * !* * The -clerk's office at the courthouse was decorjated with toy ba- loous which Deputy Clerk J. O. Bunch had brought from Indianapolis where he j had attended the Wallace-Hagenbbck • shows. / V . .. Underwood Elliott Fisher Speeds the World's Business Call the Tribune Press For Rental or Demonstration NO MATTER WHAT YOU WRITE ... THIS PORTABLE WILL MAKE IT EASIER ... BETTER! 14 NEW FEATURES including tba now Champion Reyi ... with bud, «Ughllf concovo lop end flaih metal ring. The . letter designation, unUka that of tha old itjU ke ft, ii non-twittibla the typewriter leader of the world introduces. i a new, personal writing machine. No matter if you use a Portable for a short note or a lengthy nopel,you will find this new Underwood a marvel of writing efficiency. Underwood engineers, who build the Standard Typewriter of the business world, have designed a smart, quiet Portable, "The Champion," with an array of Underwood features that will appeal to everyone who writes. In this New Underwood you will find beauty and utility combined to give you writing ease no matter where you use it. In Ihe home, on trains, in hotel rooms, you will not be heard because it has inbuilt quiet. Its pleasant easy touch will enable you to write hour after hour without effort or fatigue. YourUnderwood Dealer or the Underwobd EUipitFisher Branch Office will be glad to demonstrate Ihe New lUnderwood Champion Portable... See it-<.._..Today. TVpnnttir OMifon- UMDEBWOOD ELLIOTT FISHES COMPANY ; , ACCOUHHHG iA N. : tl,o report of-Harry O. Henderson om(:ial reports for the purpose of fixing the in-j Rescue parties dis!)atchcd from heritance tax in the estate of Mrs. the cai)ita , werc hal£ed a[ r - llo Sarah Vice, finding a small jnt by maddened f ndjan men amount of tax due from the son,| and women who regardedi) th . in Chicago, and the son, Ferd Walz.'is residing at Upland. •-•' Mr. and Mrs. Markopoulos formerly resided north of Tipton where they still own a place and Mrs. Walz made her home, with them for two years. Five grandchildren of Mrs. | Thomas D. Foster. The estate was , floo(I as a divine visitation .-„ | $1,377.50 and the son takes two |ilimed at Ulc govcrnmcnt . s al ,ti.,j Walz reside in Ti r> t( "' "'<?>• »ein 3 ! thirds and tho husband Ben Vice; ,. e iigious campaign — and also-! ^'*' Aubre - v r ' ( ' re - Baiter Walz, I one-third. feared their dead would be taken I The court ordered a citation for j away : David Jackson Nash returnable) Villages in an area between 25 j June 10 to [show cause why he: and 35 miles souU , o£ tne capital _ | has not complied with the order ;On the road to the wo]I known of the court fit the time a divorce ; resO rt of Cuernavaca, were af- was granted his wife, Julia Agnes • fected. Nash. • i j A -cloudburst sent the Actopan Another big damage action as j river racing over its banks to! a result of j an automobile col-. form a ncw COU rse and sweep j lision was received from Clinton down the mountainside in the vi-i Mrs. Julia Agnes Nash and Ed'j'.i Marie and Aya Lee Walz. •Several Tipton residents will remember Grandma Walz aad will regret much to learn of nor death. The school board announced the employment; of James C. Mc- j Bride as principal of the Tipton i high school for the 1923-1924 I term. ! . . . I \\Vord was received that Mrs. SaBie .Clouser, former; Windfall resident had been killed by an automobile at San Josej Calif. - - ; - : * ,•* * i- TS-~ • .- :.. ^ ^vi'reu Grayson was ; critically at the home of his daughter Mrs. Florence Hilligoss in Normanda. " ,* * * The county was mourning the death of Joesph Phifer,. civil war. veteran which occurred ,a.t Tetersburg. ; ' i \ DECORATED SOX'S GRAVE. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fields Also Visited Former's Mother. Mr. and Mrs. Chares Fields, who county Tuesday being sent here cinity of the adjusco .volcano. I for trial. Tho case is one in which TWO hundred men, women and! f „ . Honry C. I>ickerson is asking! children were'in tho church al | ^ rc at fprmg Arbor,, over ino.OOO from Bert Kelley for ln-! San Pcdro Actopan, seeking shol- ^ 1V6ek e " d a " d ilttellded '- he 'juries alleged to have been re-; t er from the rain. Reports were C " 34B Madiion » .' » '•"'-^ -^ mmencement exercises at the „ U -.- — — -- .ti^i j.i»n« tiie i mil. JVT^(*uii,n nii»«_i . - ceived in a crash at the south i lhat the church was flooded an.i:''•P" 1 * Artor colle e e - »'«' ««y way r,/ rvf Tfr.mvfnvt Aurii 17 ifiit !., n i i .1 L , i of Rochester and visited the grave edge of Tt ranKfort April 17, 1934.'then collapsed-and that many of \ , ! . ... , -^ -. . . m lot their deceased son Cyrus, who died when nine years of age, and NEW NRA PROGRAM. those inside drowned crushed in the ruins. • i » . or Continu4d from Pago 1. Cabinet officers were pretty well in agreement that the emerg-;PrfiSS. ency would b|e met piecemealee in,! other .words,!by individual efforts to bolster the main phases of the recovery structure. Cabinet officers revealed, however, they dfscussed the Wagner labor disputes bill, the Guffey coal control bill, and the social security program, i . Whether h Ring memo note books, DeLuxe grade. The Tribune tf se three would comprise part of a revamped NRA was not stated. » Card of Thanks. The family of the late Mr. B. M. Henderson wish to express their sincere ation to the thanks and appreci- r many friends and relatives for !the many kindnesses shown durinj the sickness and after the deilh of our dear father. We-wish Rev. C. A. MTade for his message of comfort; Mrs. Bd Fli flower bean to personally thank Mr,-ieathcrman and Mi'. Morris, I be-funeral directors; dUng fpr the excellent mu>io;Vtie casket bearers and 1 -,|h n the beautiful fl<Wl trllintes.^- Indiana Man Found Quick Relief in New Indo-Vin Medicine. Mr. Fred Tor- gate, of 3109 Hovey, Indianapolis, Ind., says: "For years I was a victim °f stomach trouble. My meals would sour In my stomach and bloat me up with so much gas. that I thought my insldes we're going to burst. The stomach gas. would press on my heart and :pi>t MR, TORGATij me v "• ' is buritd in the Reiser cemetery; near Rochester. They then went to Mishawaka, where they were joined by Mr. -and Mrs. Walter Johnson, parents of Mrs. Charles Fields, Jr., who accompanied them to Spring Arbor. They also visited Mr. Fields' mother, near.Tip- pecanoe, and found her in good health. , Their son, Charles, Jr., and his wife accompanied them to Tipton and Will remain, here for several days when both will go to Upland, where tuey will serve as secretary to the president of Taylor university duriiig_the summer term, an-1 also take part in the courses. In the fall, Charles Fields, Jr., will enroll. • At the exercises at Spring Arbor, Mrs.'Charles Fields, Jr., was 'valedictorian of the class, and her husband, who had outstanding grades, was one o£ the speakers. . Odel and family arrived from Detroit for a visit; with Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Swoveland. THE BARGAIN GROCERY STRAWBERRIES Large Indiana,. 2 quart bojxes .. INVITING! Mildred Portjer, Goldsmith As a guest of The Tiijtoni Dally Tribune at the Nevi- RiU Theatre to witness : "BLACK FURV" Explanation: This invitation la not transferable! and is {good only for tlie. party -whose naij>C iind ad! dress | appear above. The party j named: above, accompanied by a member of his family or- a friend should' present this Invitation at the RItz door the 'sante as two regular 'admission tickets.; THE TIPTON DAIliT TRIBUND Visited Cousin. Oscar Manlove? residing southwest of Tipton, was her'e Tuesday morning on his way, to Greensboro with bis cousin, Edward Manlovo qf Fresno/ pallfornia. They in-'• 'it a couito.'Wilbm iallfornla man wfib has (he Matter at jttd. Ramsay ft OtBanloii, 1 Prop*. |Established jQct. 4. ! Subscription Raties.! One' year, in state ......-,.1..I...,--. SU months. In state .,.!..,.... 100 iThroe: months. In state i.,. ^..,. I.JO Ono month,- ta swi .:...f.j..v M One month, outside t\l* toU^.., .5" On« year, outside, state ..J.J... 5.0 t? finrti"-. <p "Ity. HI.T- wj^lfl . • , -If

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