Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on July 16, 1963 · Page 9
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 9

Redlands, California
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Tuesday, July 16, 1963
Page 9
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NOTES Designer Ignores 'Counfry Casual' Trend For "Venus Revisited" Look By GAY PAULEY UPl Women's Editor NEW YORK (UPI) - Designer fceil Chapman remains true lo fier fashion trademark — clothes |or the woman are supposed to |rap the man. Jliss Chapman ignores all that bountry casual look dominating |he fall and winter collections from other New York manufac­ turers of women's wear. None of that muffling of throat and neck. None of that t-shirt lit to her fashions. Instead the necklines are daring, plunging all the way to the waist in back and as deep in front as the censors will allow in a group of black crepe and matte jersey evening fashions, both short and floor length. To go with the exposed tops, HOWA HOME PERMANENT that's actually GOOD for your hair! ft^tty Perm 3 50 piMatn The new permanent that highlights hair cotor and improves hair condition. Pretty Perm gives you the soft manageable wave you 'vai Always drean)ed about. And wonder of wonders, it actually corrects the unpleasant side-effects of the ordinary wave. Pretty Perm brings beauty to permanent waving! Whether your hair is natural or tinted, one of Pretty Perm's 6 color categories is right for you! Daily 8-9 DRUG STORE Sunday 9-5 Corner ColJon and Orange 793-2804 fm PARKING fREE GIFT WRAP S & H GREEN STAA<Pi PRESCRIPTION DELIVERY (FREE IN REDIANDS) there is the traditional Chapman drapery of fabric to enhance every curve of the figure. The designer, a specialist in dress-up clothes, called her collection "Venus Revisited." Marathon Fashion Show She was one of more than SO top dress, suit and coat manufacturers participating in a mar athon 10-day series of shows for the nation's visiting fashion reporters. The finale will be held Tuesday night. Miss Chapman's range of evening fashions also included pale toned metallics and brocades, white crepe column - shaped dresses with wide jewelled col lars, a la Cleopatra, and tuxedo jackets topping long formals. While and black were a fvorite combintion. Typical was a group of two-parters, of white tucked chiffon blouses with French - cuff sleeves, and narrow black crepe skirts. Pauline Trigerc, another individualist in the design world, showed numerous daytime dresses fitted through the waist, where most other designers preferred either a heightened waist or a low slung one. One of the French - bom designers' new notions is the "cache cache" taken from a French term in the game of hide and seek. This is a ree- (angular stole in tweed or brocade that buttons up around the shoulders and half hides the head. Uses Smoky Tonts Other Trigere ideas included many smoky tones—one. a gray called mica, plenty of giant plaids in coats, swagger and swirl to coat shapes, and a number of sheer wools lor evenins dresses. Highlights from other collections shown during the weekend: —Jean Louis: This Califomian who designs for movies and movie stars as well as making a collection sold through retailers produced elegant evening clothes including a sleek white mink dress, floor length. His at - home clothes stressed the shirtwaist look, with billowy sleeves. Most provided color contrast, as in a DaQy leg and foot care is essential to snouner grooming. These models malce it a part of their bathing routine. The model (left) applies baby oH lo her heels and feet to soften hardened skin areas and discourage pump bumps. It is best to share legs right after bathing and the model (center) uses a razor designed for women. It has a longer handle and special blade setting. The model (right) concludes her beauty routine by smoothing on a scented dry sldn oil. For years shading legs and underarms was something a woman did but didn't talk about in polite company. However, as Oie skirt hems began their roller-coaster course, the need for sleek looking legs bacame an outspoken groom ing campaign. Today, one safety razor manu- pink chiffon blouse combined with a red skirt. —Anne Fogarty: At - home clothes included a gray flannel hostess coat styled like a shirt Floor length jumpers in plaid or solid wool were paired with skirts. —Rudi Gemreich: Another Cal­ ifomian, Gemreich showed tweed suits with tweed coats belted casually as a bathrobe and worn with boots. The pullover look carried over from the previous season with two-piece daytime outfits. —Burke - Amey: A lot of the casual here, with slouch hats and oxfords as accessories for daytime clothes. Upholstery fabrics in heavy silks were used for full- skirted evening dresses with wide sash midriffs. —Mollie Pamis: A smorgasbord of late day and formal wear done in the textured, cloque silks, brocades and velvets. Waistlines for both day and evening wan- |dered from the high empire to the hip. facturer claims, 56 million worn an use this device. In fact. the>''ve specially designed a feminine safety razor to keep us from borrowing from husbands, brothers or fathers. A blow to togetherness but good for business. Over-all leg grooming, though, goes beyond this one important step. Those e .Ttreraities are on parade daily and in summer the amount of public exposure depends upon your preferences in the length of your shorts. Even the new long hostess gowns and shifts that often are slit to the knee call attention to legs and feet. -Aluch of your leg care begins in the bathtub. Baby oil added in your bath water or a perfumed dry skin bath oil will ielp maintain your skin's proper oil balance and keep your legs from getting that scaly look. Scrub legs and feet briskly with warm, soapy water. If you plan to shave, do it right after your bath. Dry thoroughly after shaving and smooth on a dry skin lotion. In addition, you may find your knees need extra attention since the skin in this area tends to get rough. Bub them with a pumice while bathing and smooth on extra lotion or a cream after toweling. Your feet also need addition! treatment during summer months because they are exposed to view in the chic, bare shoe styles. Keep your toenails trimmed, straight across, and smooth them with an emery or file just as you do your fingernails. Cuticles should be pushed back with a towel; the best time to do this is while dry ing your feet. Incidentally, your feet will look prettier and you'll feel more relaxed if you give each Sunning sylphs . . . in shifts & swimsuits Tall and tanned . . . short & sun-kissed Of blazing, burning sun 'BEWARE!' Frizzled, faded, lifeless hair needs PROFESSIONAL care Quick! Dial the phone f or . . . Phyllis AdaiKs BEAUTY STUDIO 120 East State St. 793-5255 or 793-3091 EASY, EASY PARKING IN THE REAR OF THE SALON. Face The Camera With Confidence There is more to having a good portrait taken than saying "cheese" at the right moment This is a particularly important time of the year for wedding couples, high school and college graduates. These experiences may overlap. Whether they do or not, we all like to capture these events on film for nostalgia's sake. U'hat you do with your foundation base is of prime importance in making up for a portrait. This should be a liquid or cream base rather than a flat pancake type. Apply a foundation closest in color to your skin tone and use light and dark shades for corrective purposes. Here are some tips from the Professional photographers of America to help you face the camera at your prettiest: Use a medium shade lipstick and create a clean lipUne with the lipstick going to the inside comer of the mouth. Your eyebrows should be well defined, but use an eyebrow pencil no darker than your eyebrow color. With short, feathery strokes, follow the natural arch of the brow. Your e>'elashes should be defined with light mascara applied to the upper lash and also to the outer lower lashes. Use eyeliner very lightly. The photographers point out that rouge appears gray or even black in a black and wMte photograph, but you may want to use a little rouge for a color portrait. Make-up for color portraits also remains on the lighter side. You will make your lAotographer happy if you do not use powder, unless he applies it himself, since powder cuts out the highlights that are so important. This is not the time, either to try a new hairdo. Have your hair styled as you usually wear it and decide whether it looks best on the day it is first done or the day after. There are tricks with the light and dark foundation shades to camouflage our less attractive features. If your nose is sh'ghtly crooked, use darker foundation on the crooked side. Darker foundation also eases a double-chin look. For dark circles under the eyes, use a lighter foundation in this area. If your eyes are deep-set, use a lighter foundation under the eye and over the eyelid. Completely circle the eye with light makeup. To create a flattering oval illusion with a round face, smooth a darker foundation along the chin line from ear to ear.-A long face will photograph better if a dark foundation is applied at the tip of the chin. And, always blend the light and dark shades until there is no line of demarcation. A good m'gbt's sleep will do wonders to help bring out that "inner glow" look you want reflected in your portrait Another aid is to approach the sit- tiog mth a happy, rdaxed air. Romantic Era Brought Craze For Hair-Work The Romantic period brought out a flood of sentimental jewelry and especially important at the time was a craze for hainvork. The hair of a loved one was encased in cyrstal or entwined in initials while watchchains and bracelets were made of human hair. Jewelers advertised their wares: "All kinds of hair devices in the most elegant style." But really devoted lovers had nothing to do with the hairpieces — they mstead chose to wear a tooth from the jaw of their beloved as a tiepin! foot a stimulating massage after you bathe. Cup some baby oil in each palm and massage, rotating the movements toward the ankle and heel. A few minutes you spend each day for leg and foot care will bring dividends in compliments and admiring glances. LEARNING PAYS Accordmg to studies made by the U. S. Chamber of Commerce — better educated people earn more money — are more efficient producers at their job — are better able to use and value their political and economic freedoms; they make better use of their leisure, and better enjoy the cultural things about them — than do those folk with lesser educations. WEIGHT CHECK Goiger counters, long famous for finding uranium, are used to check the weight loss of people on diets at Purdue Univiersity. Redlands Daily Facts Tuesday, July 16, 1963 - 9 Books, Cupid Don't Mix, Says Professor AUSTIN, Tex. (UPl) — A University of Te.vas dean says the idea that marriage makes for better students is a myth. "We find marriage seldom makes a good student out of a poor one," Dean of Students Glenn Bamett says. Bamett warned that mixing marriage and college can mean troubles for both husband and wife. "If the wife was a competent student and dropped out for marriage," Bamett says, "she frequently feels an underlying resentment if her student husband doesn't excel." "In many cases," he adds, "his grades go down as the time and concentration needed for his work are nibbled away by the demands of family life." Bamett also says that a student-father can grow extremely sensitive about his own positon while his wife plays the role of breadwinner. "When a girl tells me she is quitting to get married," Bamett says. "I try to impress upon her the importance of continuing her own education some time, whether soon or many years from now, "The boy she marries is going to continue to grow and probably become a leader in his profession and his community. Her growth will have to keep pace with his if the marriage is to succeed," Bamett says. From Japanese, Clue To Hues For a clue to next season's hues, take a peak at Japanese kimonos, as Y'vcs Saint-Laurent did. The former Dior designer now considered the hottest trendsetter in Paris, recently visited Tokyo where he said he was inspired by colors in the Oriental garments and might reflect them in his next collection. And if Yves does, so will others. Poor Eat More NEW YORK (UPI) - A survey by three doctors in New York City showed a startling relationship between obesity and socioeconomic status. Thirty per cent of the women from the poorest levels of society were overweight Only four per cent of the women in the top brackets were classified as obese. Escorted Orient Tour October 2nd ... 31 Exciting Days VISIT JAPAN, HONG KONG, MACAO, BANGKOK, SINGAPORE, HAWAII BOOK NOW - LIMITED MEMBERSHIP CLEM m^kd^Mdi SERVICE Clem Lau Laura Creafura 298 East Citrus Redlonds 793.2555 DOWNTOWN REDLANDS Age Spots Fade Away With Wonder Working Ultra Nadinola Gently and gradually Ultra Nad- ionla searches out and acts directly on unsightly blotches, freckles, muddy discolorotions . . . having little effect on the clear oreas. Achieve even-toned, more youthful sicin with little effort. Buy a jar of Ultra Nadionia today! '3 50 Plus 10% Fed. Ex. Tax Just one jar of Ultra Nadinola will demonstrate its wonderful results. Before it's used up you'll see thrilling improvement begin — from a blotchy skin thafs a handicap, to more even-toned ottracthreness. COSMETICS FIRST FLOOR - HARRIS'

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