Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on June 20, 1952 · Page 3
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 3

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, June 20, 1952
Page 3
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Neb Anderson Family Has Reunion at Pipestone * •« The Nels Anderson family held a family reunion Buhday. at Pipe- alone, Minn^ with 8S members of the family present for the picnic dinner and social afternoon. Those from Eatberville who attended are Mrs. Kmma Sutton, Mrs. Wesley Sutton, Henry J. Anderson, Mrs. W. R. Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Crtm and Sheryl, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bogera and Barbara, Mrs. Mae York, Mrs. Bert Helger- Bon, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Steveson and Xaylene, Henry and Karen. OutrOf-towtt family members who attended. vthe reunion and spent the peat several days In E«- thervlUe visiting relatives are Mr. and Mrs. Walter E, Anderson of Muskegon, Mich., who returned home yesterday; Miss Alice Knapp of Chicago also left yesterday for her home; Floyd Helgerson and son James of Cleveland O, returned home Tueiday; Bobbie Helgerson of Minneapolis is still here; Mr. and Mrs. Harry > Knapp and Mark of' Grlnnell also visited here for several days With the family. Wedneaday gueala at the home of Mrs. Emma Sutton were Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Balrd of Des Moines. Boy CUlMuigh and John Blek win leave tomorrow for a week-end fishing trip in northern Minnesota. Mf. Mid Mrs. Elmer How»rd are. moving today to Rockwell •City to make their home. >•«'•). ~" VO M HUrtoB Hiipp of Waterloo haa spent the past few days at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hupp. The IS«v. and Mrs. N. C. Nielsen, former pastor at Rlngsted, moved yesterday to their new home, on North IBth street. ^ , Wayne and Larry Matthe* of Gruver are visiting this week at the home of their grrandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Sem Anderson. Mrs. Amanda Albert, Mert» Albert and Mrs. Emma Sutton drove to Montgomery yesterday to attend a tea at the Mike Albert home. Mr. and Mrs. L M ,Rankin visited recently with Mr. Rankin's brother ahd sister^In-law, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Rankin and family at Jeffries, Minn. . Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Raleigh returned recently from a two -week 's trip through the. west. They visited for a few days with the former's Bister near San Francisco, CJal., aJso stopping at many points of In-, terest along the way. .BcUliTMu here hskve meived word of the death of Phil Hackney at Seattle, Wash., on June 11. Mrs. Hackney is the former Juanlta Cooper of Estherville. The Hackneys visited in Estherville last summer, The foUowlng young people trem the Presbyterian church are attending camp this week: Bruce Brown, Mary Alice Gray, Charles Pullen, Ruth Pullen, Carolyn Ev- crds,. David Sohoonover, Nancy Clark, Peggy Knight, Donna Hackett and Mary Bauman. M M . R «itt» Ferguson of Dc« Moines, who has been visiting at the Harold Case home near Superior has returned home, taking with her Jimmy Gorham of Anke&y who • spent the past two weeks here with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Martin. Mr. md Mn. Arlie Gray and three children of Portland, Ore,, were overnight visitors yesterday of Mr. and Mrs. Leland Case. They are spending a couple 5f days at the lakes after which they will return for another visit with the Case family. Mrs. Gray is the former Rosabelle Van Radcn. Mr. Md Bin. Ed Shirley, Jack and Joan returned last night from a vacation trip.during which they visited at.CJlnton, Mo., wjth Mr. and Mrsi Kenneth AnHrum,,and at Miami, Okla., with Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hartmon. They then drove t« Texas on a sight-seeing tour. Upon leaving Texas they drove to Colorado, stopping at Bates Park, also at the Rocky Mountain Nation al park. From there they drove to Yellowstone National Park and returned home via the Black HlUs. President Signs Foreign Aid BiU Today Washington, June ?0, (^—President .TrugjAn today • signed the ^M7,1Z0fno toriign iid bill. The amount Is 18.6 percent loss than he bad declared was the minimum necessroy for the next year. The cuts, wrere imposed by a congress which voiced support for the principle of foreign assistance but sharply critieiied some aspects of.the President's program. "This measure merely authorizes the expenditure of f6,447,780,TSQ- in effect setting that total as a calling tor military and economic aasiatanoe during the fiscal year beginning July 1. The actual »p- propriations stiU have to be vbt- ed. with the possibility that tho whole question of foreign aid may be debated again. The autboriiatlon bin fixes a Umit of HfiM.*i*f» t<» worldwide mlUt«ry asiistMce and tOKmm for variov* typea of eo- lTh« I>rMi4wt b»d re«tt«!ited fA> mmm for mlUtay i»d $a .4«B.- 900,000 tor economic! )«*lP, Bo the biU'a total U IU<8.TM,2S0 toM tbw the Prwldent asked. Marlys Thompson is a gupst at the home of her uncle and aunt. Mr. and Mrs. Bci> Hasacll of Gruver. Judy and Sllchael Cevcro were dismissed from tho tiospltal Friday after having had tonsillectomies, Mr. and Mn. T. T. Sundc and TajQor Sunde attended the funeral of Ernest Zaugg, father of Joe Zaugg of Estherville at West Bend Sunday. Darby Graves, son of Mr. and Mrs. M, P. Graves of Gruvcr. Is spending a few days at Walther League camp as the gueet of Brian Juhl. Brian's father, Wilbur Juhl is camp supervisor. rhll SteU underwent surgery at St Mary's hospital in Rochester Wednesday for removal of a protruding Inter-vertebrol disc. He n!sp had the bono fusion which often Is necessary with this type of surgery. His address Is St. Mary's Hospital, room 4-219, Rochester, Minn. Official ProeeeXngt County Board of Supervisors in Routine Meeting May 5, 1953 Bottrd met pursuant to ad- Juummpnt wltn all meml>ers p.<¥.sent as follows: C E. Connid, E. I. Ellcrston and MeiU L. Hnn. On motion of Finn, second of Ellerston. the following bills were allowed as audited: COUNTY EUND \ City of Estherville. lights, jail rent $ 73.76 Northwestern Bell Tele. Co., tele. 112.08 Joyce Larson, clerk, Aud. office Kenneth Heneman, labor Earl Hyer, labor '. i&He. 14] At Holy Faml^ Boqiltel Mrs. Melvln Christiansen of Ter- rll was admitted yesterday for medical care. Mrs. Alfred McNamar of Rlng­ sted entered tho hospital yesterday for surgery. Dismissals yesterday were Mrs. Russell LasUne and baby girl of Gracltlnger; Mrs. Edward Anderson and baby boy of Estherville; Alfred Schrclbcr of Estherville, surgical treatment; baby girl Wllkc of Estherville, medical; Mrs. Siogler Planting of RIngstud, surgery; Alfred Cronk of Armstrong, surgical treatment. Rancher Admits To Robbery of Bank in 1911 Kemmerer, Wyo.. June 20 UP) Charles S. Whitney, for 41 years a respectable Montana rancher, is on probation today after voluntarily confessing his part in a fBOO Wyoming bank robbery In 1911. The 63-ycnr-old man, knowii to his ranching friends near Glasgow, Mont., as Frank S. Taylor, pleaded guilty yesterday to tho armed robbery In September, 1911, of the Cokcvlllc State bank at Cokevlllo, 44 mlloa northwest of here. He walked Into the office of Wyoming Gov. Frank A. Barrett yesterday and ma.dc his confession. "I have no Incentive any more to continue this life Of sham," he said. ''I've settled my business affairs and am ready to pay my debt to society for a crime committed as a callow youth." Whitney, a school board member and World War veteran, carried more than a dozen character references, one from Montana Gov. John W. Bonner. After the court appearance, Whitney grinned and said, "that's a big load off my mind." District Judge Robert Christmas had told him, "I can see no pui^ pose or use in sending you to prison." Sherry Didn't Find Out Where The Water Goes Albany. Calif., Juno 20 UP) ~ Three-year-old Sherry Whippo was taking a bath. She wanted to see where the water wont. So she stuck her fingers through tho grating on the drain. There they stuck. ' Mrs, Whippo couldn't gut them out. She called a doctor. He failed. The doctors called two police- pxen. They failed. ' They called six firemen. Ditto! Eight neighbors squeczod Into the bathroom to give advice. Finally someone thought to call a plumber. He came fully equipped. He sawed a hole through the ceiling of the downstairs apartment . . . cut tho drainpipe In half . . .. curled a shield around Sherry's fingers . .-. and sawed through the remaining pipe. At lost Sherry was freed. Sherry went to bed. Everybody else went home. 440.14 252.13 284.93 339.77 54.87 126.29 2.50 15.55 4.0S 175.00 9.0O . . 34J0 r. V. 1. GiSfffi loWaiiffld' Ins. System.'' tait withheld; by county Iowa Trust ft Savings income lax withheld C. E. Conrad, supervisor E. I. Ellerston, supervisor Neill L. Finn, supervisor Anderson-SchcncK, supplies, court house Armstrong Journal, print ing Harvey H. Black, repairs sheriff Boone Blank Book Co., supplies, J. P. Buwman Business Supplies supplies, recorder Theo. Christiansen, mileage, labor, expense 102.98 Davis Typewriter Co., malnt. auditor 10.13 Derf Moines Rubber Stamp Works, supplies, clerk 5.13 Emmet County State Bank rent 55.00 Estherville Daily News, printing - 524.63 EstherviUB Hardware, supplies court house 37.75 E.sthervllle Laundry, laundry, court house 8.53 Fidlar & Chambers, supplies, recorder 17.27 Harris Furniture, shades, clerk's office 17.46 Hcldkc Electric, repairs court house ' 3.47 Jpnkins-Fergemann Co- supplies, clerk 10.46 Joyce Lumber Co., coal court house 71.14 Ruth Kemis, postage and freight 18.01 C. Smith Klrkegaard, med. aid prisoners 19.00 Koch Brothers, supplies aud„ recorder, treas., clerk, sheriff 385.24 J. P. Koster, labor, court house 27.34 Matt Parrott & Sons, supp. Aud.. Recorder 93.11 Missouri-Kansas Chem. Co., supplies, court hou.<ic 59.55 Ruby M. Nichols, help, recorder 13.00 Mrs. Vance R. Noe, supp. aud., recorder 49.33 Gustav Olsen, supplies court house 4.18 Hattie Osmdndsen, recording deed to Emmet county 1.50 Ringsted Dispatch, printing Financial Reports 288.21 Walter Wltlneben, mileage - 53.01 Young's Photo Shop, supp. sheriff 51.00 Daniel Sanderson, rent and telephone 1320 Silver Burdett Co., books 5.42 Strube's Furniture Co., , chairs, supervisor's office 42.53 Emiet Twito, mileage, sheriff 97.38 Emlct Twito, meals, prisoners 32.20 Typewriter Exchange, supplies, sheriff, clerk, recorder 31.35 MAINTENANCE FUND Northwestern Bell Tele. Co., tele. CO. garage 57.44 City of Estherville, water and lights, co. garage 31.76 Payroll No. 11, labor 4,957.34 Iowa Old Age & Surv. Ins., System, pension tax withheld, matched by county 396.58 Iowa Trust & Savings Bank income tax withheld 323.02 The All Wheel Drive Co., parts 265.50 Andcrson-Schcnck, parts 12.97 O. J. Anderson, supplies CO. garage 8.01 A-W Co. Inc., of Nebraska parts 11.19 James W. Bell Co., Inc., parts 15.81 L. L. Boggess, mileage and expense 133.64 Bowen's Superior Explosives, parts 54.54 W. F. Bright; supplies 9.45 Herman M. Brown Service Ca, parts 221.01 Milford E. Brown, use of tnactor and drag 25.00 Cohn Bros. Inc., parts 9JSS Electric Motor Service, parts Tr .35 Estherville Sand It Gravel Co., gravel 99.23 Gibbs-Cook Equipment Co.. parU 146.34 GlotM* Machinery & Supply Co., parts 57.64 Great Western Laboratories, Inc., supp. Co. shop 34.85 Hardware Electric A, Supply, Cd., parts 23.13 Hawkeye: M^ichincry Co., 3.11 TOP QUALITY PlANMIPIItSTAmTIOMi IIUTIONI FUEL ECONOMY •RUN CMONlAi OIl'MUl N|. lOT — Weel fw k«ifiii«fit>.H (ili ^y reem. Fuel MMemy, eemfeit, «la«v lisew, »n4 MsMdlesM, Sn^ikM^i wecbM* WNlem M *N tliif mHt* fit yew I MHWI "CeavMltRt Urmi", APPLIANCES 1^ JLnari Motet Co.. parts ^ ajid labor ' 16.74 %wa Electric Light * Power Co., lights Co. garage 5.81 Lyman Oil Company, lub. oil 3SJ5 McNall Ma(ihincfy ft Supply Corp.. parts 315J3 Montgomery Ward ft Co., tir4 97.69 Motor Supply Co., pafta 42.24 Northern Lumber Co., materials 6.12 Paper, Calmcnson ft Co., grader blades 382.50 Peterson Bros., use of tractor and Drag 50.00 Ringsted Blacksmith Shop labor and.repairs 22.86 Snap-On Tools Corp., parts 16.57 Soper's Deep Rock Station, fuel 1,14353 Standard Blue Print Co. transit repaired 47.62 Standard Service, tire repairs 13.18 Thomas Motors, tires 126.48 Thompson Distributing Co., parts 45.23 Thompson Yards Inc., materials, co. garage 332.11 Welding Supply Co., demurrage 6.84 Wheeler Lumber Bridge ft Supply, slope stakes 179.52 CONSTRUCTION FUND Payroll No. 11, labor 790.98 Iowa Old Age ft Surv. Ins. System, pension .tax withheld, matched by county Iowa Trust ft Savings Bank, income tax withheld R. F. Colwcll, mileage Henry B. Peterson and Christina Petersen, borrow pit for road purposes DRAINAGE FUND Joe Aalborg, labor D.D. No. 40 Joe Aalborg, labor D.D. No. 90 Joe Aalborg, labor DD No. 92 Wesley Anderson, labor DD No. 39 Wesley Anderson, labor DD No. 40 Weslev Anderson, labor DD No. 90 R. M. Cummins, labor DD No. 35 R. M. Cummins, labor •DD No. 37 R. M. Cummins, labor DD No. 39 R. M. Cummins, labor DD No. 48 R. M. Cummins, labor DD No. 52 R. M. Cummins, labor DD No. 68 R. M. Cummins, labor DD No. 92 R. M. Cummins, labor DD No. 113 R. M. Cummins, labor DD No. 148 W. 1. Harris, labor DD No. E-D-l W. J. Harris, labor DD No. 29 W. J; Harris, labor DD No. 35 W. J. Harris, labor DD No. 40 W. J. Harris, labor DD No. 113 Kenneth Heneman, labor DD E-D-l Kenneth Heneman, labor DD No. 40 Kenneth Heneman, labor DD No. 78 Kenneth Heneman, labor DD No. 90 Kenneth Heneman, labor DD No. 92 Earl Hyer, labor DD No. E-D-l Earl Hyer, labor DD No. 35 Earl Hyer, labor DD No. 48 Earl Hyer, labor DD No 100 Eari Hyer, labor DD No. 151 C3.28 70.14 37.59 86.80 22.90 9.00 13.50 6.00 10.00 5.00 15.00 10.00 5.00 19.00 5.00 10.00 5.00 10.00 6.00 1^02 6.06 24.23 6.06 18.17 8.30 22.50 9.00 9.00 9.00 10.80 4.50 15.30 2.70 2.70 Chidtinf Your Profits TMsfdl, Bocmiso You HMI ADEQUATE HAIL IHSURANCE Ym Mier wUI W i«profit M M M » h)i f» vi fM<f /jr iftlfmti M mm tha fsisrtmy hail 4am*|« u yw wopt. S« M% rid( (k* tetfer •! •HMriiat lotsM. For ••ly s fstf wu per M(«. ym tM IM ApBQUATB Wl iasanitM «9v*n|» la 9wr <wule<d rri ««>pifQwlMl pMtf. 4tk tfnr Stmt Dt^ afMf, Or w|il« .. fwwiTMira Afcaoy Ei^iwrvUte, Iow» Phone IMW . Enrl Hyor, labor, DD No. IW 4.50 Dowpv Johnston. lalKir DD No. 35 20.00 Dewey Johnston, labor DD No. 39 6.00 Dcwcy Johnston, lalwr DD No. 40 L'OOO Dcwpy John.ston, labor DD No. 92 5.00 Dcwcy John.ston. labor DD No. 113 10.00 P. V. LInkc. labor DD No. K n-1 4.62 P. V. Llnko, labor DD No. 35 5.77 r. V. LInkc, labor DD No. 48 19.61 P. V. LInkc, labor DD No. 100 11.54 P. V. LInkr. labor DD No. 151 3.46 r*. V. Llnko, l.-U>or DD No, 15-1 5.77 Gt'o. McA(lnm.<i. labor DD No. 33 .SOO Geo. McAdijm.s, labor DD No. 52 500 Geo. McAdams, l«bor DD No. (58 10,00 LcRoy Koftoh. labor Dt) No. ED-1 6.25 LoRoy Roach, labor DD No. -29 3.75 i»Roy Roach, iabor DD No. 35 18.75 L P R OV Roach, liibor DD No. 39 6.25 U'Rov Roach, labor DD' No, 40 6i25 LeRoy Roach, labor DD No. 92 2.50 LeRoy Roach, labor DD No, 100 18.75 LeRoy Ronch. labor DD No, 113 25.00 LeRoy Roach, labor DD No. 154 6,25 L. G. Scvatson, labor DD No. 35 5.00 L. G, Scvatson, labor DD NO. 40 5.00 L. G. Scvat.son, labor DD No. 90 5.00 L. G. Scvatson, labor DD No. 92 15.00 L. G. Scvatson, labor DD 100 10.00 L. G. Scvatson, labor DD No. 151 10,00 L. G. Scvatson, labor DD No, 154 , 5,00 Iowa Trust ft SavlnK's Bank Income Tax Withhold DD No, E-Dl 3.71 Iowa ft SnvlnB.-* Bunk Income Tax Withheld DD No. 29 .85 Iowa Trust ft SnvlnRS B;ink Income Tax Withhold DD No. 35 9.37 Iowa Trust ft SavlriRS Bank Income Tax With loltl DD No. 37 1.16 Iowa Trust ft SnvlnRS Bank Income Tax Withheld DD No. .39 I,.39 Iowa Trust ft Savintfs B;ink Income Tax Withhold DO No. 4(> 4.1G lov^'a Trust ft Savlncs Income Tax Withheld DD No. 48 0.27 Iowa Trust ft Savings Bank Income Tax Withheld DD No. 52 .53 Iowa Trust ft Savlnc.s Bunk Income Tax Withheld DD No. 68 I.IG Iowa Trust ft Savings Bunk Income Tax Withheld DD No. 90 .71 Iowa Trust ft Savlnes Bank Income Tax Withheld J DD No. 92 3.18 Iowa TruNt ft Savlnj!* Bank Income Tax Withhold DD No. 100 2!SS« Iowa A .'^nvlnjis Bank Inciimo Tax Withheld DD No, 11.3 .VOi) Iowa Trust ft SavlncH Hank Income Tax Withhold DO No H.«» TO Iowa Trust ft Savlncs Batik Income Tax Withhold DD No. 151 \ 9«) Iowa Trvist A Snvlncs Bank Uu>»mo tnx wlthnold DD No. IM 1S9 C, E. (", l.'ior DD No. 2«i 21 0;» C. K. ("onrnd, SuiKTvlMir DD No. 37 IJ.6«5 C. K. fonrjxl, SuiHTvlsor DD No. .VS 5 81 C. E. foiurtd. SujH'tvlsot DD No. tiS2 C. E. Siivn -tvlsor DD No !K) 6,26 C, K. Conrad, Siii>orv|Mir DD No, 1(10 IT.JH C. E. Conr«<l. Su |H >rvl.M)r DD No. 113 584 C. E. I'onrnd, SujH'r\lsor DD No. 130 5 70 0. E. Conrad. Sii|>orvl»or DD No, U35 7.15 C. K. Conrad, SujxTvlsor DD No. 13!) 5.8t Noll! Finn, SuporvLxor DD No, E.K.PA. 1 U.20 NollI Finn. .Siif)or\'l!<or on No. 26 6.W Nolll Finn. Suporvlsi\r DD No. 40 9.80 Nolll Finn, Suwrvtsoi DD No. 48 3.40 Noin Finn, Supervisor DD No. !)1 5.70 Nolll Finn, Su|)crvlv<r DD No. 92 13.22 Nolll Finn, Suporvl.sor DD No. 11.3 15 89 Konnoth .Stnrkoy, n'palr- Ing Tile. DD Uo. 135 12,50 rOUHT f-DND J, V. Hamilton, clerking (jranH Jury 10.00 KuRono rctorson, J. I'. Foo .K. Transcript of (00s Tom L. Ilundsnoss 21.80 Palace Cafe, moals for grand Jury 12.03 Marjorlo Schnpor, extra help, dork's office 4 00 M, II, Schloomnn, foes, Kuclairo I'olon 250 Goorgo Brandt, otdoorV foes, Kiirlairo Potoii l.OO Frod Siorv, bailiff 10.00 R. K. Book, probation off!. cor (17.06 J. V. HHmlllon, court ro poller 408,56 lown Olil Ago ft Surv. Ins. System, pon.slon IDX withhold, mairhod by roimly 48,34 Iowa Trust A Savings Hunk income tax withhold 116.85 ASSESSOR FUND Iowa Old Age ft Surv. In.s. .System, pension tnx withhold, matched by county 12«.M losvn Trust A Savings Bank Income tax withheld 11H.90 Acres.Blakmnr Co., svipp. 11.65 Amorlonn Institute of R OH I Est n to, b (M >kt 11.50 R. C. Bardo, field asucssor and mlloago 46,10 Alvln Brtnkman, field iiKsosNor and mileage 41.20 Krvln K. ChrlmlanHCfn, me /ilH and mlwc. exjwnse 41.94 K »thpr\1lle. la., Pnll.v N PUW Friday, June 20, 1952 8 vl.v cx.niract t;7i\ MtppiM-* ld,gS Ktlpto l >H <sf U'.if Co, \ s»ippU.-s ..7 U Ktvh- Broihors. stipt)iii->. Jio 15 K. A, Ri>blnM>n, fiol<l 4t» scv^or ;>tioo KDl ( ,\TK).\ FIND ANNOUNCING Thv chaitftitin of our firm wmto from iho formvr S4'.HU.I>- K!SKan and sn^s i..— CENTRAL HEATING and PLUMBING "Spet'ialhla in hiHttinu" V5 «• will (-(iitliiUH* I D huntili* llio incmi»« iiigly popular LUXAIHE IJni* of (urnua-n mt woll an all UvamU of tialUiiially known pltimlv ing fixliirt's. Otir iMoilcrn Uuiln, tnttchini'ry, and nuahixiM InMure you the fhicMt anil moni rco* nnnilrul lifutin{t and plumbing inHiailationM. Ymget MORE TRDCK lORTHE MONEY wba^kyonthe pknnliaid&n^ts! Fact No. 1 Foct N0 .2 Fact No.} Fact N0.4 CHEVROLET MMMfsr Stack ttp a OMrvrofet track Msimt any 0fhft irmfk wfth comparabi* »p««mcatkm«. capable of hMidlln« lh« Mnw ptykMd*. Yo «t11 IfaNl ih« CiHivroict Uuck Ikttt rof kM aad bringi )rou great (caiurM. MU« tftsr mU« sl rtch bettam twt Truck u«cr« evtrywhcrc have proved ihiii OMVroki conu th« teatt of all to own and malniain. Valva-ta-Hcad economy, in lh« l.uadniaMcr Of TbriftmaMcr cn- gtn«t, »am 00 |aa. RIflhI far liw lib u «M OMMY Chcvrotcl iruckt tr; /atlvfy- niuKhfit to your paykxMi rtqui^e- nient*. You don 'l wm%U moocy by hiiyini "100 much lriKli "-you diwi'l rUk ttOik InlcrrupikKt by b»)riD$ loo liltk liuck." Lowtr, liowsr daprMialioA Kciorilt thow that Chcvrokt truck* irjiliitonalljr bring more al rcule than uny Mh«r m«k« which emit •hiMii the vuM new. The markci value of Chevfokt uuclu Mayt up bccouM the value *i«yt In, moat cNivioin iivacf IN I»I RHODES MOTOR COi 714 Central Phone 302 EBtlieirville4 lowft ^

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