Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on July 27, 1934 · Page 3
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 3

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, July 27, 1934
Page 3
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ft f AMES DAILY T1IBUKB TIMES. AMES, IOWA, FRIDAY. JULY 27, 1931 •'BUY BFTTO IM AMIS' Nye Predicts Another ! Crushing G. O. P. Defeat in '36 Predicts Republicans Will Nominate Mills, Reed or Wads-worth ARTHUR r. DEGRCVE Pr«N Staff Corr*»ponci*nt WASHINGTON (UJ9—The repub- Ueu party will nominate a con- errttiTe easterner and suffer an- her crushing defeat at the polls 1»36, Senator Gerald P. Nye. R. D., «ald upon his return from ae sun-baked northwest. f After a survey of public sent!- nt, Nye reported that: 1. Th« NRA has failed as a re- agency. , ,. rh« AAA has aided farmers hut they are opposed to making it a jwrmanent feature of American agricultural life. 3. The republicans will nominate either Of den L. Mills, former secretary of treasury; U. S. Senator David Reed of Pennsylvania, or Representative James Wadsworth, tnd will oppose retention of any "new deal" legislation. 4. s President Eoosevelt has not •wurig far enough to the "left" to please the nation's liberal element. Nye scoffed at reports that republican party leaders had been -weaned away from die-hard conservatism and were prepared to meet the liberals part of the way in 1936. "The elephant hasn't learned a thing," he said emphatically. "The party *ill nominate Mills, Reed or lyidsworth. An nitra-conservative platform, opposing extension of new- deal achievements will be offered the voters. "The result: Another crushing defeat at the polls. Leaders are Ss making the mistake of believing 1- that dissatisfaction in some sections orer some phases of the new deal is a signal for the return of Coolidge and Hoover conservatism. Anyone not blind knows this isn't true." Despite reports to the contrary, Ny« said he wouldn't have time to aid the republican national committee in the congressional elections in the northwest. But, he said, he would campaign in Wisconsin for Senator Robert LaFollette and in New Mexico for Senator Bronson Cutting, both members of the little senate progressive bloc, up for reelection. Nye said he found complaints on every Land against the NRA. Representatives campaigning for re- clared, are "soft-pedalling the NRA every chance they get." "The NRA is a failure," he continued. "It isn't being enforced because they can't enforce it. Small business is being oppressed. Monopolies are unrestrained. The wages of some workers have been raised but this has resulted in the wages of others being lowered." Unless the NRA is revised drastically Nye said he would lead a fight in congress to prevent extension of the life of the act after June 1, 1936. He said he would prepare substitute legislation. It would permit industry to negotiate fair practice agreements subject to the approval of the federal trade commission. Anti-trust laws would be restored and a new federal circuit court would be established to pass upon violations of code agreements and upon complaints of consumers, he said. Nye said farmers in his section had" been grateful for crop reduction checks and that the AAA must not be scrapped before a substitute unit has been set up to provide adequate relief machinery for agriculture. "The farmers in my country have no confidence in the theory that the Federal Board Meets to Study Telephone Rates A Little Doe Goes a Long Way They're little city girls from New York, but you can bet that Mar- Jorie Hunt and Evelyn Bollerman c*n get along in the country. Here you see how they made friends with an orphaned doe that wandered into the Camp Fire Girls' iwnmer camp at Arden, N. Y. Marjorie's doing'the honors. "We certainlv hope we can save money for the taxpayers." So declared Eugene O. Sykes, chairman of the new Federal Communications Commission when, as shown here, he and members of the board met at Washington to study telephone and telegraph rates. Seated in front are Judge Sykes (center), Corinth Ml": •Col. Tbad Brown (left). Columbus. O.. and Paul Walker (right) Oklahoma City. g. left lo right: Dr. I. S. Stewart. Ft. Worth, Tex.: G. H. Payne, New York: Norman S. Case. Providence. R. 1., and Hampson Gary, Tyler, Tei. road to prosperity is thru destruction," Nye explained. He felt President Roosevelt still has a "good chance" to solidify relations between the progressives and the democrats but said that up to date the chief executive had not "reflected the spirit of liberalism which the so-called progressives have propounded all these years." Establishment of a central banking system which would divorce completely government financing from the nation's powerful banking interests, Nye said, would go "a long way" toward bringing the progressives nearer the administration. "However," he added, "the mere fact that he hasn't done all we hoped for hasn't driven any of us back into the Hoover camp." -© =— DIVORCE MORATORIUM ASHLAND, 0., UIE>—A moratorium on divorces in Ashland county has been proposed by Common Pleas Judge C. C. Chapman.^ Because there are "too many" divorces granted in the county, Judge Chapman has proposed to the Ashland County Bar association that no more di-orces be granted until Sept. 1. WIFE BOASTER CANDIDACY LACONIA, N. H., (UJ!)—Charles p. Carroll, five-time mayor of Laconia, may not make a good husband, but he'd, make a good governor, his .estranged wife believes, Carroll seeks the republican gubernatorial nomination, and altho he is suing his wealthy wife for $50,000 alimony, she is supporting his campaign and aiding it financially. 325 Main GROCERY Phone 222 FAIR 325 Main MARKET Phone 223 Change of Ownership Sale FLOUE, write your own guarantee, 49-lb.. 1.69 CEACKEES, Soda or Graham, 2-lb caddy .. 2lC SALMON, Opal brand <»<f ~ Alaska Sockeye, 1-lb tall 2«J,C Economy Brand COFFEE Choice blend. ground when you huy 19C BUTTEE, high grade creamery, lb 25C GEEEN BEANS, No. 2 tins, 3 for SHEEDDED WHEAT, good, nourishing, 2 for 2SC MAP READY IN 1936 AUSTIN. Tex, <HF>—Dr. E. H. Ssllards, director of the bureau of economic geology of the University of Texas, sets 1936, as the time for completion of a map which already has been in preparation four years. It will be a geological map of Texas covering 63 square feet of papsr. It is on a scale of an inch to eight miles. The university and the U. S. geologic survey are working together in its preparation. It wili be printed in the U. S. bureau of engraving, Washington. A KANSAS CITY girl was found •"• with more than 200 teeth in her mouth, which is almost as many as a person leels he has with a new set of uppers. Another evil effect of the 'movies is the tfcrtjrer of "being shot iclien you come out, as the -death of DilJinpfr proves. » * * Eastern scientists have struck upon a chemical that will dissolve fog, but they don't recommend it for those whose minds are continually in a haze, OFFICIAL PUBLICATION^ idd. Lot 34. RMfrewood Add. i ex. West 45 ft. and South 50.6 f 1. 1 "CCOXD STREET. Ixrt 3. block 2. Ccllepe Park Add. Lot 2 block 4, College Park Add. Lot 3 block 4. College Park Add. The South 110 ft lot 5, block 4. Col- lepe Park Add. Lot 4, block 4. College Park Add. Lot 2. block 6. College Park Add. Lot 11. block S. College Park Add. Lot 3. block 7. College Park Add. East 60 ft. of lots 1 and 2. block 2. Read's Add. Lot 4, block 11. College Park Add. (ex. East 10 ft.). East 60 ft., lots 4, 5 and 6, block 1, Read's Add. Lot 2. block 12, College Park Add. Lot 6, block 6, Read's Add. lx>t 1. block 5. Read's Add. HARDING AVE.VCE. Lot 21 block 7. Baird's Add. O F f ICIA L f U • LI C*T'IIPN constructed or repaired In Resolution No. 1343 of the City Council of the Citv of Ames. lows. Work must begin within ten (10) daivs after the contract Is approved by thw City Council and to be completed l>v Octutwr 1. 1934. 'The rvst of construction or repair- Ins said walks to be assessed UKHlnst the lots and parcels of land In front of which the sidewalk shall be constructed or repaired. Payment for said work will be made In Special Assessment Certificates drawiiiR interest at six per cent (6-;,) and insued aKa'nst the property which Is assessed for the Improvement. Said assessment certificates shall be accepted l>y the Contractor in full payment for Hi! work .lone under his Contract without recourse asuinst the City. Eiit-h bid must be accompanied In a separate envelope by a certified check drawn on and certified to by a. bank In Iowa and made payable to tl! « order of the City Treasurer of the City of Ames. Iowa at his office in an amount equal to ten per cent (1U%) oi the amount ol the bid as security that the bidder will enter Into contract with the City and furnish the re- uuired bond. Said check must not contain conditions either In the body of the check or endorsement thereon. Proposal blanks will be furnished at tlve office of the City Clerk and shall be used for all proposals filed. Certified checks accompanying proposals will be promptly returned to unsuccessful bidders and to the bidder to whom the contract Is awarded when he shall have entered into contract in the prescribed form and furnished bond with a corporate surety approved by the Council in a sum equal to the contract price, said bond to be conditioned upon the faithful performance of the Contract and maintenance of the improvement in KOod repair for a period of four (4) years after the date of the acceptance of the improvement by the City Council. In case the successful bidder shall fail to enter Into contract and furnish bond within ten UO). days after date of award said check shall be forfeited to the City of Ames. Iowa, as agreed and liquidated damages. The risht is reserved to waive defects and to reject any or all bids. J. W. Prather CITY CLEKK W. L. Allan MAYOR Published in the Ames Daily Tribune-Times July 26 and 27. 1934 Keep cool NOTHING hits the spot like a bowl of crisp, cool Kellogg's Corn Flakes in hot weather. Nourishing. Refreshing. Easy to serve for breakfast, lunch or supper. Kellogg's are today's Ing value in cereals. Many servings for a few cents. Quality that can't he equaled. Always oven-fresh. Get the red-and- green package at your grocer's today. Made hy Kellogg in Battle Creek. BIG VALUE Lot 22 .Lot 25 Lot 2 Lot S Lot 12 OFFICIAL. PUBLICATION NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS TO INSTALL SEWER. WATER, AND GAS MAIN CONNECTIONS. You AP.E HEKEBT NOTIFIED: That a contract has been let and made providing for the permanent improvement by paving of certain streets and avenues in the City of Ames, Iowa; and That the following resolution was duly passed by the City Council of the City of Ames, Iowa, on the 23rd day of July. 1934: RESOLUTION NO 1355 RESOLUTION ORDERING SEWER, WATER AND GAS -MAIN CONNECTIONS TO BE MADE. WHEREAS, the following streets and avenues of the City of Ames. Iowa, are about to be improved by paving the same, to-wit: HARDING AVENUE from the north line of Tenth Street to the south line of Twelfth Street Paving to be constructed 26 feet in width. TENTH STREET from the west line of Grand Avenue to the east line of Roosevelt Avenue. Paving to be constructed 25 feet in width. ORCHARD DRIVE—Complete. Pav- injr to be constructed 26 feet in width. • SIXTH STREET from the west line of Northwestern Avenue to east line of Brookridg-e Avenue. Paving to be constructed 30 feet in width. SECOND STREET from the west j SDCTH S'TB""ET" | YEASTIES, that vitamized breakfast food . . Ig pkg TEA, iced tea blend, 8-oz pkg BEOWN SUGAE, 2 Ibs 14c POTATOES, solid cobblers, peck .... Royal Toilet TISSUE Large roll §c BEEAD, 16-oz loaf, each . block 7. Baird's Add. block 7. Baird's Add. block 6, Baird's Add. block 6. Baird's Add. block 6, Baird's Add. STORM STREET. Lot 9. block 1. Elm Park Add. Lot 12. block 2, Elm Park Add. (ex. East 50 ft.). Lot 1. block 5, Ashlin Subd. Lot 5. Dowell's Subd. Lot 4. Dowell's Subd. Lot 1, Dowell's Subd. Lot 7, Heckler's Add. Lot 6. Heckler's Add. Lot 17, W. T. Smith's Add. lex. South 8 ft and West 15 ft). Lot 19 and the South 24 ft. lot IS. W. T. Smith's Add (ex. West 15 ft.). STANTO.V AVENUE. Lot 20, W. T. Smith's Add. Lot 21, W. T. Smith's Add. . Lot 35. W. T. Smith's Second Add. LYX.V AvsN'UE. Lot 2, block 5, Ashlin Subd. Lot 3. "block 5. Ashlin Subd- Lot 11, block 2, Elm Park Add. (ex. East 50 ft. 7,. Lot 10, block 2, Elm Park Add. Lot 9. block 2, Elm Park Add. RIVERSIDE DRIVE. Lot 9. block 6. Read's Add. Lot 10. block 6, Read's Add. W. 113.1 ft. lot 12, block 6, Read's Add. HATWABD AVENUE. Lot 3 (ex. the north 125.S5 ft). Walter's Subd. and the east 70 ft of West 120 ft lot 1. block 4. Beardshear Add. (ex. South 20 ft). North 30 ft. of East 181.1 ft of West 231.1 ft lot 2, and South 20 ft. of East 181.1 ft of West 231.1 ft. lot I, block 4, Beardshear Add. South 40 ft. of North 60 ft of East 54.85 ft of West 104.S5 ft. lot 3. block 4, Beardshear Add. North 20 ft of east 5-4-85 ft of West 104.85 ft lot 3, and South 20 ft of East 54.85 ft of West 104.55 ft lot 2, block 4. Beardshear Add. Lot 5, Walters' Subd, (ex. East 10 ft). North 50 ft of West 136 ft lot 7. Walters' Subd. PEANUT BUTTEE, pure flavor, large jar.. SALT, plain or iodized, 2-lb shaker box .'. 25c 8c [ FOLGER'S COFFEE, drip grind or regular . . . lb jlc j OEANGES, Sunkist, sweet, 2 doz 59c PEACHES, Calif. Elberta, box OEANGES, large Sunkist, doz Select BANANAS Solid, ripe 2?c CAEEOTS, Calif, green top, bunch 5c SWEET POTATOES, new crop La., 4 Ibs.... HEAD LETTUCE, crisp, solid, each 5c line of Grand Avenue to the east line of Russell Avenue and from west line of Russell Avenue to the east line of Riverside Drive. Paving to be constructed 30 feet in width. RIVERSIDE DRIVE.from the north line of Lincoln Way to the north line of Second Street Paving to be constructed 20 feet in width. STANTON K.VENUE from the south line of Storm Street south to corporation line. Paving to be constructed 26 feet in width. LYNN AVENUE from south line of Storm Street south to corporation line. Paving to be constructed 28 feet in width. STORM STREET from the west line of Ash Avenue to the east line of Welch Avenue. Paving to be constructed 2G feet in width. j HAYWARD AVENUE from south line of Lincoln Way to north line of i Chamberlain Street Paving to be constructed 40 feet .in width. WEST STREET from the east line or Howard Avenue to the east line of Forest Ulen Avenue. Paving to be constructed 30 feet in width. WHEREAS, it is necessary and advisable that all underground connections in said streets and avenues and parts of streets and avenues be made up to the curb line before such permanent improvements are installed, to the end that such improvements may be kept intact and unbroken. Now. THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the City Council of the City of Ames. Iowa: That the connections from gas. water and sewer mains to the curb line of the property adjacent to said proposed street improvements heretofore mentioned be made within twenty (20) •lays from the adoption of this Resolution, according to the plans and specifications now on file in the office of the City Clerk; and in case such connections .-ire not made within such time by the property owners, then the City Engineer shall cause the same to be made and the cost and expense thereof shall bf assessed against the property in front of which they are made; and the City Clerk is hereby directed to notice hereof by two publications We Deliver For You! Orders taken Fri. Eve. until 9 o'clock for early Saturday delivery COMMUNITY CASH GROCERY & MARKET 114 Duff Trade with Bill and Howard Phone 130 We Deliver—Phone Us for Service World's of parking conveniences. Make your shopping & pleasure. OUR PRICES ARE ALWAYS LOWER Crackers Fresh baked Soda 2-lb box 18c FLY SWATTEES, each only 5c JAE EUBBEES, good quality, pkg only ... 3c BEEAD, White or Whole Wheat sliced, loaf 5c MACAEONI, Spagh., Noodles, ext spcl, 3 pkg 14o FEUIT NECTAE,.aU flavors, makes 6 gal., . extra special, large jug - Cherries Red Pitted No. 10 tins Lacker cans 9c Vinegar Pure Cider, bring jug Peanut Butter . . . qt jar Preserves All flavors 4-lb jar 37C Pork & Beans Van Camp's mwl. tins Sc Salad Dressing . . qt jar Corn Meal 12C Toilet Soap White King 7 jars VELVTX Ice cream pdr Just add milk or cream, lOc pkgs, 2 for MACKEEAL New- California large cans SALMON Tall Pink 2 tins for Cookies PICKLES Sweet, • extra fancy, small .Choc. Sand., other varieties PEUNES Fresh Italian, heavy syrup, No. 2% tins 2 for lb MILK Northfield tall I IN THE MEAT DEPARTMENT 1 SLICED BACON, lb POEK LOIN EOAST, lb 15C Bacon Ends 5-lb box HAM LOAF, 2 Ibs 35C VEAL EOAST, lb lie I SIRLOIN STEAK lb l?c | BEEF TONGUES, lb 16c SPRING FRIES, tb 2Sc Beef Short Ribs SMOKED HAM, lb PICNIC 17c BEEF lb ... EOAST, 12C in the Ames Daily Tribune, a |per of cenerrU circulation in the City of Ames. low*, the first publication of which shall be at least fifteen (15) days prior to the time fixed in this resolution for the completion of such connections. W. I* ALI^VK. Attest: Mayor. J. \V. PRATHER, City Clerk. That the following described tracts and parcels of land abutting on and adjacent to said improvement do not have sewer and water connections: TENTH STUKET, Ix>t 5, block 1, Beard's Add. I/>ti». block 1. Beard's Add. Or.CHAtir, DRIVE. Tx>t S4, Ridgewood Add. IM So. Ridfcowood Add. Ix>t S7, Rirtscwood Add. 1-ot S3. RldRCwood Add. l-ot 10, block 5, RidK«wood Second Add. I-ot 5. block S, Rldsrowood Second Add. T.ot 7. block 5, R^lftcwood Second Add. (ox. West 6 ft.) Lot 5, block 5, RldBCWOOd Second Add. lx>t 3, Wock 5, RldRewood Second Add. IxH 1, block S, Rldsewood Second North 150 ft. lot 2, block 24, College Park Add. First North. Lot 1, block 24, College Park Add. First North. West 184 ft of South 90 ft block 23, College Park Add. First North. ' Block 27, College Park Add. Second North. Lot 10, block 2, Chautauqua Park Add. WEST-STREET. Lot 10, Woodland Park Add. Lot 1, Brown's Subd. East 50 ft lot 1, Wilcox'Subd. That the sewer and water connections now in place on the following described tracts and parcels of land abutting on and adjacent to said im- \ provement are inadequate and do not comply with the ordinances of the City •r,l Ames: that new connections will have to be. installed to meet the requirements of said ordinances: TENTH STKEET. Lot 8, block 1, Baird's Add. SECO>TI> STREET. Lot 2,- block 2, College, Park Add. Lot 1. block 4, College Park Add. Lot 10. block 5, College Park Arid. Lot 9, block 5, College Park Add. Lot S. block 5, College Park Add Lot 10. block S, College Park Add. Lot 7 (ex. N. 52 ft.), block S. College Parlf Add. Lot 8 (ex. N. 52 ft), block S, College Park Add. Lot 4, block 7, College Park Add. Lot 5, block 7, College Park Add. Lot 1, block 12, College Park Add. Lot 3, block 12. College Park Add. Lot 6 (N. 112 ft.), block 7, College Park Add. WEST STREET. Lot 3 (ex. E. 20 ft). Woodland Park Add. Lot 2, Woodland Park Add. Lot 1. Woodland Park Add. Now, THEREFORE, the owners of the above described tract? and parcels of and ARE HERKBY NOTIFIED that if you fail to make said connections in accordance with said plans and specifications, and in accordance with the ordinances of the City of Ames and laws of the State of Iowa relating thereto, by the 1,3th day of August 1934. the final date for completion as fixed in said resolution, then the City Engineer will cause said connections to be made and the cost and expense thereof shall bo assessed against th> property for which they are made in the manner provided by law and ordinance. Dated at Ames. Iowa, this 26th day of July, 1934. J. W. PRATHER. City Clerk. (Published in the Ames Daily Tribune-Times July 27 and 28. 1934.) Brooms, ext 'quality; .. 35c Corn, good qua!, 3.for 23c Spaghetti, 3 28-oz 'tins 29c Pickles, sml Dill, 24-oz 15c Peas, new crop, 2 No. 2 25c Tomato Juice, 4 No. 2.. 25c Hominy, Ig cans, 3 Tomatoes, No. 2, 2 for 25c for 22c Spinach, fey, 2 No. 2% 26c SUGAE Fine Granulated, 10 Ibs. S2c BUTTEE Huxley, Boone, Nevada, lb 2SC Extra small special whole . Grn Beans No. 2 tins 2 for 25C Marshmallows P AND-G 10 bars 25c; Swift's, 10 bars ! ' Fresh fluffy, 1-lb cello 2lC n iiicfi- ISC BEEAD Sliced, 'large- loaves, 2 for. . Navy Beans Michigan hand picked 5 Ibs 20C Corn Flakes, Millers . 2 pkg Luck Cream. You needn't question quality! Corn Fancy whole grain No. 2 tins 2 for Lemons Sunldst, extra large size doz 350 Oranges Medium large 2 doz Cabbage Fresh .solid lb 30 Bananas Extra fancy 4lbs25c Cantaloupe, homegrown extra large, ea ..... Watermelon, lb Plums, Ig blue, doz ... 15c Grapefruit, med., 5 for 25c 15C PEACHES, PEAES Extra fancy eating, large basket I9c Head Lettuce, 2 for New Potatoes, No. 1 Cobblers, peck 25c Grn or Wax Beans, 2 Ibs 19c Sweet Potatoes, 3 Ibs .. 25c • •"• "•'" NEW POTATOES For extra fancy large solid spuds, Ohio, good keepers, peck Tomatoes, very good, 2 Ibs 19c Cucumbers, long green. 5c Carrots, new Calif., bch 6c Celery, large bch lOc i— SWEET COEN good, OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OFFICIAL NOTICK TO CONTRACTORS Sealed proposals will be received by the City Council of the City of Ames. Iowa, at th« office of the City Clerk, until 5 o'clock V. M. on th 13th day of August, 1934. and opened at S o'clock r, M. on the same dgtt- for the followinR described improvements in accordance with Ordinance No. 426 of the Clly of Ames and Plans and Specifications now on file In the of- flcj of the City Clerk for said improvoii.cnts: The cum'trm-tlon. nnd rvpalr of concrete »ia«w«lKs, oraorca to be* Premium Ham Loaf lb 1JC Bacon Squares . . lb Baby Beef Roast . . IblOc Golden Bant, ext no -worms, 2 doz por Quality Meat Trade With "Bill" in <J "Pole" 5 Large Dill Pickles IOC LARD 150 Rolled Beef Roast Spring. Chickens 28db T-BONE STEAK, lb iqc EOAST LOIN POEK, lb .... HAMBURGER STEAK, lb ... MINCED HAM, by chunk, lb .. lOc 15C COTTAGE CHEESE, lb IOC CHEESE, Double Daisy Cream, lb . SWISS STEAK, cut from the Round lb 19C

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