Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on January 5, 1949 · Page 5
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 5

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 5, 1949
Page 5
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Phone 4600 For a WANT'AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 5, .1.949' FIVE Railroads' Net Income Hiked WASHINGTON—W—The Association" of American Railroads today estimated" the net income of Class 1 railroads in November at S63.000.000 compared with $44,000,000 in the same month of 1947. . Class 1 railroads are those doing $1,000,000 or -more gross business annually.'.Net .income represents the amount' "remaining after • operating expenses and "allowances for fixed charges including taxes. The association said net income of the Class'1 carriers for the first ll months" of "1948 approximated , $652.000,000 "against $418,000,000 in ' the corresponding period for the previous yeariv; The report said that for the 12 months ;ended Nov. 30, 1948, the rate of. return' on • net property investment ~avcraged 4.45' per cent compared -with'a return rate of 3.58 per cent. Jor, the 12 months ended Nov. 30. 1947, ' Total operating revenues for the Ilrst 11 months of 1948 amounted to J8,$65,022,309 . against 57,882,327,302 in the same.period of 1947—an increase of 12.5, per cent. The report' listed operating .expenses in'the first 11 months of 1948 at-$6;822,812,522 compared With $6,167,601,07.7- : in the corresponding •1947 period—an increase per cent. of 10.6 Dewey Assails (Continued-.irom Page i)Regarding the-.contemplated sharp rise in New York's expenditures in the fiscal-.year beginning April 1, Dewey offered -two reasons—inflation arid the-need to expand state operations. - ~-..",. He saved f or his budget message late this month"the specific amount he thinks^-will be needed to underwrite the program. _ . The .course Dewey charted envisions » broadening of social services unprecedented in his -six years as head of the Republican- coatroUed state administration. Among other things, he proposed increased aid to education of -at least $40.000,000. above the present $:54,000,000; immediate expansion of mental hospital facilities and trained personnel;' a '• sickness "dis- ubility insurance program for workers; doubling the number of : war service scholarships for veterans from 1.200 to 2,400, and expansion of public health services. ^Assignment: (Continued from Page i) However, since the. beginning of World "War n, His Majesty has icldom drawn, the $440,000 known as tie privy purse and allotted for his personal expenses. (This Is the same allowance received by George V, at a time when the Coolldge dollar a wistful gleam in a was more banker's eye.) This'regal austerity thus cuts His Majesty's dole to about $1,200,000, which is a lot of cake "or codliver on from •. aoy : angle. At least, it seems, a lot until another look at the ledger, reveals that the 31,200,000 Is 'lor fixed expenditures over which His^Majesty can't say "Boo." George VI, for .almost a decade, ha* supported. his brood out. of the royal family's "private fortune.. The exact heft of this fortune is known only to the king and income tax branch of the. treasury, neither of •which is talking. The Duchies. of Cornwall and Lancaster' are royal lands onto whose income, the king can latch without interference by the government. The take from. Cornwall Is mbout 1360,000 annually. But this income His Majesty has voluntarily nil-rendered since the title of Cornwall is a subsidiary .title to that of Prince of Wales. Even though Princess Elizabeth Is hair to 1 the throne, she doesn't qualify lor the title or all the lovely dough; However, her Pa made a. canny"bargain -with the government when ' he surrendered Cornwall's rtvenues. His Majesty held out for $60.000 annually; tax free, for Elizabeth, and $40,000, "tax Iree, for the Duke of Gloucester', .his brother. Even so, the government made a clear $260,000 on the deal. George^VI coHects about J336.000 annually from, the Duchy of Lancaster. But England's staggering income taxes take all but a pittance. Since her 'marriage, Prlnoess Elizabeth • has' been voted another J100.000 by. the., government. But even'as a married woman with one child, the tax cuf mounts to »82,160, minus expenses. Parliament, convinced that a husband should have his own money, Toted Philip an annual .WQ.OOO at the time of the royal wedding. How- •ver, even, with Charlie to keep in vitamins, - .the income tax slices Philip's take-home pay to 915,584. Urges Controls . (Continued from Page United Nations be strengthened by passage of a universal training law. He said its enactment "is essential to the security of the United States.' Mr. .Truman said "the State of the Union is good'," but that prosperity Is threatened "at a number of critical points in the economy.'" He proposed his- anti-inflation program to put him in a position to take effective action "at these danger soots." Ask Hike In Pay Floor ' The President recommended . minimum wage of at least 75 cents an hour" (it is 1 now 40 cents), a million 'new low-rent 'public housing units over the next seven years, expanded Social Security coverage and other social measures, and declared: "We have .rejected the discredited theory. that the fortunes of the nation should be in the hands of the privileged few.. We have abandoned the 'trickles-down' concept 1 of\national prosperity. Instead, we believe that our economic system should rest on a democratic foundation and that wealth should be. created for the benefit of all. In supporting of his tax recommendations, the President said "it is essential not only .that the federal budget .be balanced, but also that there be a-substantial-surplus to reduce inflationary pressures, and permit .a sizeable reduction in the national debt, which how stands at $252,000,000,000." - . . He did not specify the nature-of the""additional corporate taxes" he wants imposed or how much of the four billion he would raise by this levy. . • • West Blizzard (Continued from Page i) ways. Planes were grounded. Schools remained closed 'in scores of communities and in nearly, al! rural areas. Many factories were-idle and business in some towns was at a standstill. Communications were disrupted and scores of towns and villages were isolated. Despite the intensity of the winds and the heavy snowfall only two deaths attributable to the storm were reported—both in Colorado. However, 'an -undetermined number of persons suffered from exposure. At Lockport, Colo!, 465 pa-sons were stranded, with more than 300 of them living in a tavern-. Lt. Lloyd K.' Moser, a member, of a rescue unit from Lowry Air Base at Denver; expressed f ear of an influenza epidemic unless physicians were brought to the town. New Labor Law (Continued from Page i) "There are still a great many members of Congress who want to retain the Taft-Hartley Act or a large portion of It," Green told reporters. He said the AFL and its member unions have organized a national legislative council to.improve their contacts with individual Congressmen. One thing they will insist on, Green said, is repeal of the government's power to obtain injunctions in national emergeency strikes. . - Green said the AFL wants the new labor. law to include a specific okay for the closed shop. He said that would permit-the closed shop in industries engaged' In interstate., commerce, even in states whose laws bar contracts with compulsory union membership arrange- r.ents. The Supreme Court Monday upheld the right of states to' enact such laws. ' • British Airliner Crashes In Brazil RIO de JANEIRO—(/P)—A British South American Airways plane made a forced landing on the Atlantic coast of Brazil today and reports from the area said three persons were killed.' The plane was reported to be carrying 17 persons. A dispatch from Sao Salvador in Bahia state said -the plane crashed just outside of Caravelas, about 500 miles north of Rio de Janeiro. It said some of the passengers were injured. (The airline office in London said five passengers were aboard when the plane left London but others were picked up at . intermediate points. An official of the line in London said a message from Rio reported all the members of the crew were safe). The-reports said a Brazil adr force lieutenant, Robert Studardt, was among the dead 1 , but the other two were not- identified. The lieutenant was said to have embarked at Natal. Highlights (Continued, from Page i) monopolistic mergers and consolidations." " Farm Use price supports to keep farmers at a fair economic level. Restore government, cror storage ..and expand both foreign and domestic farm markets. Extend'rural electrification and other farm health and securrty programs. Resources Push power, irrigation,' flood con trol and navigation projects, on the rivers. Pass St. Lawrence Seaway legislation. Extend soil, forest and mineral development and conserva- United Slates (Continued from Page t) State Department. Reports hadj been published that the United States threatened Israel with withdrawal of American recognition and cancellation of a projected $100,000,000 loan. These were. termed untrue by Press Officer Michael J. McDcrmOl.t. He read a formal stntement which said: 1. Sir Oliver Franks, the British Ambassador, warned Acting Secretary Robert A. Lovett last Thursday that unless the Israeli troops withdrew.' Britain might have to take action under its 1336 treaty with Egypt. This binds both nations to mutual aid in case of attack. 2. The United States' already was concerned over possible "grave consequences" from the invasion Local Maryland Weather Forecast All-American To Start 'Passenger , and Washington and Allegany—Cloudy with rain and temperatures around 40 today and tonight. Thursday cloudy • and a little, warmer occasional rain. Garrett—Cloudy with nun temperatures near 50 today and tonight.' Thursday cloudy with .c- casional rain and becoming colder in afternoon. Frederick—Cloudy with rain and temperatures in the low. to middle 40's today and tonight. Thursday cloudy and a iittie warmer with occasional rain. Worcester, Wicomico and Somerset .counties—Cloudy with rain, temperatures in the 50's today and tonight. Thursday cloudy and mild with occasional rain. Gentle to ----- - - r T ,, v . Egypt. Therefore James McDonald moderatc easterly winds. A -rvint*<nni-i VO'-M-neon fl t.ll/A fl t". TH! . American representative at Aviv, was directed to point out dangers of the situation to the Israeli gove rnment. .Jewish Cities Attacked 3. Then on Saturday Egyptian ] naval forces bombarded Tel Aviv and there was a'n air raid on Jerusalem. • Therefore it WHS decided to tell the Egyptians also that such incidents "can only result in further -extending the hostilities." 4. Israel delivered a note yesterday saying its forces were now with- dr,awn and declaring there never was any intent to occupy Egyptian territory. • Egypt has not yet replied. The State Department rr.ade plain that the United States shares Britain's concern thaS peace in the Seven Men Perish lAs Plane Crashes entire strategic Middle East may .be involved in-'the continuing UdSand ^ for the^d- undertake to Palestine fighting. Its statement said that "the department trusts that the parties in the Palestine conflict -•"' *""" reso- uoc, J^KKP UQKianu on lor LIIK leu- , „ ... ; -,. p.,,,,,,,.-! ..i] ± erg =T- — e -^Ing^^sS^^s^of hostilities-and a prompt negotiation of a permanent armistice." Egypt already has accepted a new cease-fire order issued by the U. N. to end fighting in the Negev desert area, where the Israeli troops have scored success against the Egyptians. Israel study. still has the order under power projects. Health and Security Extend the coverage and raise the benefits of Social Security. Set up a -system of prepaid medical insurance. Give federal financial aid to state educational systems. Place federal administration of these projects under .a full Cabinet officer. Housing 1 Raise present public housing goals to l.OOQ.OOO low-rent units over the next seven years. Induce builders to •cut costs and erect more low-priced housing. Civil Rights Pass the same 'civil" rights proposals requested of the 30th Congress. . Foreign Restore the full effectiveness of the reciprocal trade agreements act whittled down by Congress last year, ^ . .. "Open our doors to 'displaced per- j ed all major centers of Java and sons wi'thout unfair discrimination."! Sumatra. They-hold key outposts Dutch Troops (Continued from Psge i) Informed sources in Batavia had predicted Monday that -the cease fire on Sumatra wquld be issued when Bcnkoelen fell to the D\itch. The Sumatra .cease fire meant that, in the 17 days since the Dutch began what they termed their "police action" against, the Indonesian Republic, they had penetrat- MUitary Maintain armed forces "sufficient' to.deter aggression." Pass universal training legislation. ion all points of the islands, many ot COLPAX, Calif— !#)—Seven men were killed and another was believed missing hi the crash of a two-engine Air Force transport plane 10 miles 'southeast of here last night.' Placer County Coroner Francis E. West, who returned here early today alter viewing the wreckage a group' of. Air Force officers. "sr Service,Feb. 15 WILMINGTON. Del. — OT — All- American Airways passenger service operations will start about Feb. 15 in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, 'Maryland, West Virginia, Ohio and the District of Columbia, Robert M. Love, president ana chairman of the board of directors or the company, made the announcement today after disclosing reorganization of the company h'ad been completed. All-American has been a certificated air carrier since 1939 but the firm's services have been limited to the transportation of air mail 'and air express. However the Civil Aeronautics Board recently selected All American to provide conventional passenger, mail and property service to key cities in the Middle Atlantic area. Man Released From Slate Institution By Court George McVicker! who has been confined to the state institution at. Springfield, was discharged in Circuit Court today on condition he live with a brother, Walter McVicker, Foliansoee, w. . _ Communist (Continued from Page i) on which the Communibis -might compromise because of self-interest. These relatively minor compromises might delay or even avert another world war. That's the kind of conflict we arc up HR-ainst. It will have to rtiii -its course, barring succcss- i'ul revolt amontr the wretched Soviet satellite countries. The grand -strategy of the Bolshevists is to knock us off one at a time. Therefore our cue, and the cue of all other democratic countries, .. is . to wage unceasing . war against the inroads of Communism at home, while joining in the general defense in theatres like western Europe. British Woman Slayer Will Hang LONDON— UP)— A. woman' is. to be hanged .in Britain- for the first • time-since 1936: -She .is Margaret Allen, 41. Home Secretary James'. Chuter Ede announced today he saw- no reason 'to grant her a reprieve; . Miss Allen, who had. her hair cttfc short, dressed like a man.- and told friends her sex had been changed by an. operation, was. convicted . at Manchester on December 8. of murdering her 68-year-old, neighbor, Mrs. Nancy Chad-wick..: She made no appeal,against the death-sen- ' tence which is due' to be carried out this week.- "'. wjuii a ;u"uup ui -mi ±- vn,c uu.iu.-ij. , , . . _ _ Tl ,i,. said seven bodies were counted in McVicker was committed ID L Jul j the wreckage. They were r.ol removed 'because the wreckage was 19-18, and was released in the custody of hLs son, Herbert McVicker, still too hot from swept the plane. ,A guard was posted and the bodies will be removed flames which'Barton, in November. He was recommitted the same month. Associate Judge Oliver H. Bruce heard the case. McVicker was rep- JOCUtiS Wlil UC 1CUJUVCU 11LU kilw Jiwtv w debris searched later today, West'resented by Attorney Edward J. said. iRyan. He said the Air Force investigators from McClellan Field told him an eighth man was believed aboard but they could see only seven bodies. The plane was flying from Hill Field, Ogden, Utah; to its -base at McClellan Field, Sacramento, Calif., when it crashed in this northern California Sierra JNevada foothi;! area. McClellan Field said at least three persons aboard were Air Force personnel attached to the field. West said witnesses who talked to him and to the Air Force investigators fairly well established that the plane caught fire and then exploded while flying at about 1,000 feet. The crash was timed at about 6:30 p. m. (9:30 p. m., SST) yes- terda'y. Roy all Returns (Continued from Page i) Germany, are in excellent condition and at a high degree' of readiness should combat conditions come. 3. War 'is not imminent. 4. The forces of democracy in Germany, Italy; Greece and other visited "are growing Yank Police (Continued from Page i) discharged. -(Home addresses unavailable). .The specific deal involving the four MP's concerned a $1,000 bribe for, allegedly allowing about 1,000 cartons of cigarettes across the border from Austria to Germany, Quake Shakes Sardinia ROME—(^—Dispatches to "Rome newspapers- said earth tremors shook Sardinia last night. The-tremors were strongest in the northwest part of the island, where some small houses were damaged. No casualties were reported. Your Way... and Fast To Men or Women For all worthy purposes Large or Small We say YES to 4 out of 5 Pick Your Own Piymenti 12 Mo. I 15 Mo. I 20 Mo.' YES MAN says • Now you can got cesh from .TauaAol to pay .what you owe ... buy what you need; And repay in amounts which fit your purse because you select them. Phone or yisit the YES MAN today. "fH't COMPAH.rl I $10,83 20,1048.28 J 8.71 16.13 37.22 Loom ot othir amounts in proportion. Loon* S3CO and Un maoVundEr the Maryland &nc'l Loan Act. *Appli» to loom cxtmpt from fed. RcS.W. ' . 1351 525 to $750 or More on •Signature, Furniture, or Car Jitt. U.S. P»t. Off. tiitrs TO SAV rrs- FINANCE CO. WE CONSIDER k an honor to distrJb- ntu the beer that enjoys such social standing, Pabst Blue Ribbon is the superb caste achievement of 1(M years of the Art of Brewing., .plus tbc modern Sticace of Blendmg. 33 FINE BREWS BLENDED INTO ORE GREAT BEER 2nd'Floor •'LIBERTY TRUST.COMPANY BLDG. . S. W. Cor. BALTIMORE & CENTRE STS., CUMBERLAND Phone 721 '•' C. L. Coughchour, YES MANogcr Loans made to residents of all surrounding towns. Open Monday thru. Friday 9 t» 5. Evenings by appointment. ue Ribbon WILLIAM FILSINGER Distributor ECKHART Phone .Frostburg 35 fo-uouisdf-yfetaPENNY-STILL-DOESf OR REDDY KILO WATT WILL TUNE YOU IN ON THE ELECTRIC THEATRE"PROGRAM FOR SIX SUNDAY EVENINGS FOR A PENNY/ ' - AN ADVERTISEMENT Liiten ro Hit ELECTRIC THEATRE cvsry Sunday Night 9:00 P.' M. WCUM 1490 on your did Automobile Stolen . ' Carl H. Bennett, 124 Bowery Street, Frostburg, notified State and City Police that his 1937 Buick sedan bearing, Maryland license 431-127 was stolen this r.iorning. The Irish River Shannon is the largest river in the British Isles. ' 1^ TONE* TOUCH* STYLE S f IN THESE THREE ITS -HARDMAN -WEAVER -WINTER Fine Furniture and ' Pianos since 1906 • 13-17 Frederick St. 2 P.S. MARKETS REfiDY TO SERVE YOU CUMBERLAND AND CRESAPTOWN Armour's Peanut ib. jar DOMINO SUGAR 5-£"45* PHILIPS Tomato Juice 46-oz. can 21 c UICL MONTE '"" ap "" Juice 46-oz. can 39c COLUMBUS C&TSMP... 14-oz. hot. 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Soft P... decofator styled dtsign'^l Jo hartnoaiie or any background orjJecotoiifC scheme^ COUNTER 40 SECOND FLOOR ROSE GOLD

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