Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on June 19, 1952 · Page 5
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 5

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 19, 1952
Page 5
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Your Vacation Needs Are Someones 'Don't Needs" Want To Buy 20 WANT to BtJY used pJay pon. Mm. Black. Ph 1061 J. 217-3x-g0 OUT OF TOWN party wishes to purchase srtiftll rotall or servico business In Esthcrvlllp. Capital available Write full details to Box 87, care Esthervllle Dally News. 216 -3X -20 "Wt'rt hit crtdltor* In ease ht wini!" FUNNY BCSINCSS •LoctU Markets Soybeans, Flax Take Sharp Gains Soyboans -were up four cents a bushel and flax a nickel for the only price changes on today's local groin and produce markets. OBAIN Old corn .. *1 .«7 New a»m' .*-.. Jl .es Soyb«A« ™ — »2.79 Oata (M- lbs.) —.74c Flax .-. —. ••- *3-M Qtvttt Qmu Company Ornvar, Rimttngtml MapU BUI Sweet cream weights scarce; one lot around 416 lb. weights 16.60; good and choice 100-160 lbs. $18-$19 on feeder and serum account; sows around 260 lbs. down 17.60-18.50; few light wol- ghU 18.75; 360-400 lbs. 16.50-17.75; 400-500 lbs. $16-$17. Henneries No. 1 No. 2; Chicago Livestock Chicago, Juno 19 iT"— Still more strength was evidenced In the hog m.irket today %vith a steady to 25 cents higher trend resulting. Trading was moderately active. Cattle and sheep again were steady to 50 cents lower, seeking out new lows extending back more than a year and a half. 76c 73c 71c 33c . .. 27c . . 24c Spring^, 2% lbs. and up 22c Stl-alght run 28s H«ns, under 4H lbs., 13c Hens, !|% lbs. and over .. 15c Hiiavy; coGlM . 10c Lcffhorn, lechorn cross cocka ~8e Sioux Ci$y Livestock AloMX City, June 19 (4V-Sioux City .livestock market quotations: Cattle" salable 2,000; calves 25; slaughter steers belter than low choico steady; others steady to easy with bids up to 50 lower; heifers .scarce, little changed; cows 80 with Jijjtances aa^muoh as {1 lower; , sfockers and*^ feeders In light supply;; dull at week's downturn to and more in a cleanup trade; scattered sales choice slaughter steers $29-31.26; average choico steer'^yearlings 31.50; 2 loads most­ ly'prime 1211^.128^ lb. beeyes $32; comnierclal to high good steers 23.50-28.50; load mostly utility dairy brcds $20; good and choico helfors 27;60430; utility and commercial coWr;l8.80-$22; few good yoijng cows .'on the heifery order to $23; canhers and cutters $13-18.50; load gobd, fleshy 900 lb. feeders 27.60; load good around 800 lb. averages 92*. : • Hogs salable 6,000; butchers largely steady; sows steady to strong; soine around 360 lbs, and heavier 25 higher; shipper demand good for all classes; choice 1 and 2 barrows and gilts around 190-240 lbs. 19.7520.60; latter rather sparingly for chplce mostly 1 and 2 around 210225 lbs. to order buyers; numerous loadsi arpund .200-2^0 lbs. $20-20.25 on. shipper accounts packer limit le^Sj. aifbund 240-270 lbs. 19.2620.25:. 27(y^00 lbs. 18,S(>419; heavier WALLINGFORD S. O. Liindys , Attend Son's Commencement BY ODEIXA ANDERSON Mr. and Mrs. S. O. Lundy and Kathryn attended graduation exercises at St. Olaf college, Northflcld, Minn., Saturday and Sunday, May 21 and June 1. Their son, Paul, was one of the graduates. Mr. Lundy returned home Sunday evening while Paul, his mother and sister returned here Monday morning. Paul returned to Northflcld Tuesday evening. He works at radio staUon WCAL.. In Wedding Party. Bob Oaher, student at St. Olaf college, Northfield, Minn., came to the Earnest Skattebo home Thurs day evening, May 29. He served In the bridal party for the Skattebo Krapf wedding Sunday and left that evening for his home in Chi cago. left for AtCburdt Convention. Pastor C. B. Gunderson Wednesday morning, Juno 4, Minneapolis to attend the biennial convention of the Evangelical Lu theran church. Mrs. Melvln Christian and Mrs. Ole Refsell nccomp- onied him. They will attend the W. M. F. convention. Waillngford Students Homo. Misses Lenora Skattebo and Shirley Olson and Thomas Natterstad, students at Waldorf college, Forest City, are spending the summer at their homes here. Miss Olson and Mr. Natterstad graduated at Wal dorf this year. Son Is Bom. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Dybdahl of Minneapolis are the parents of son, Mark Jeffery, born May 21. ft is believed that gold was the 19.26-J. first metal that attracted the at- 1 tontlon of man. I tOtoirs CROSSWORD PUZZLE I Legol Notice Legal Notice PersoiMrf SALMON I,OAF with .Mu.'hroom sauce, m»shrd potntoes ni'TCH MA in l.l'NCH 217-1-4 Man ond Boy Aniwtr to Prtviout Puzzle 31 •OtlZONTAL •'i HivcuHnt > tlipcUation. iT»y't name\ .13 Min'i name u Interstice IS ^yldrocarbon VERTICAL ;iB»ntu native 2 Red deer 3 Nibble 4 Turned ih0lde ' out JSLeases' 17 tell elharcleV IS Occurrence V mother tifSl — it Use ^t m beer arWiod sorrel '•ofjpouth (^A|>erlca M ^r *tVrm ,V:/ United Nations V'MlanitaUoh linr.oS (comb. t remaUtiorse tiotd parcel pot in river •liie .name — ;V (ic«t.) X if D|t «i «new vide with „ V 6 Town • , (Corrilsh preAx) 7 Smalt mass 8 Takes Into K custody • Depart 32 Masculine 41 Presses name ' , 42 Cenus of 23 Italian river / moUusks 24 Tumult .,43 Ravine '44 False god . 46 "Emerald Isle" 10 Heavy, volume 26 Proficient/ 11 Enthusiastic 27 Gem — irtor ' 28 Youth's name 12 Pause 29 Range 20 Princes ,34 Male name ^ 21 Name of man 35 Incommodes .boy 39Growing out 47 Observed 48 Woody Dlant 50 Eyes (Scot.) 51 ScotUsh shcepfold pp 1^ PI r IT 1^ It n » , 1 ii r IT \ m w V r E' ' .'• r <• • C I. r t. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Sealed bids and proposals will be received by the City Council of Es- thervillc, Iowa, in the office of the City Clerk until 7:30'O'clock, p. m on the 7th day of July, 1952, for the construction of a storm sewer Ini provcmcnt hereinafter specified, together with all necessary appurtenances required for the proper functioning thereof, In the City of Estherville, in the manner and with the materals as follows: 1. The construction of n storm scwcr Improvement, together with all necessary appurtenances on the locations hereinafter set out and Including the material hereinafter described, to-wit: West South First Street and West First Avenue South—2 catch basins, 40' 10" pipe in place; 36' 12" pipe in place. West South First Street and West Second Avenue South—2 catch basins; 1 manhole; 94' 10" pipe. In place; 140' 15" pipe, in place. V/est South Second Street and West First Avenue South—5 catch basins; 1 manhole; 01' 12" pipe, in place; 120' 10" pipe, in place; 140' 18" pipe, in place. AH of such work shall Be done In accordance with the plans and specifications, and plat and schedule, now on file In the office of the City Clerk. 2. That the extent of the work Is as above set out and as shown on the plat and schedule and the materials to be used arc to Include 264 feel of 10" vitrified clay sewer pipe; 126' of 12" vttrlfleld clay sewer pipe; 140" of 16" 1500B concrete culvert pipe; 140 feet of 18" 1600B concret culvert pipe; all of which material shall be of good quality and grade, and subject to ASTM spcctfications. 3. Storm sewQr to be constructed by machine or by hand in accordance with the lines and grades established and as provided in pro- flles; plans and specifications now on file in the office of the City Clerk and shall bo constructed in such manner as to accomplish the purposed contiimpiated herein. 4. The work of constructing said improvement shall be fully completed on or before the 1st day of Sept., 1982, subject only to unavoidable delays. 6. In general the work consists of furnishing all labor, material and equipment need for snid project and the work may be awarded as one contract for all items. 6. The contractor \%iU be paid in special assessment ceTtlficates bearing interest at 6% and Issued in accordance with Chapter 396 of the 1950 Code of Iowa, as amended, upon approval of the work by the City Council. Any deficiencies between the contract price and the amount of said certificates, and for which the city is liable, will be paid by warrants on the Improvement fund of the city. 7. Kach bidder wirl bo required to state the total amount of his bid on proposal blanks furnished by the city and available at the office Of the city clerk. Each bid must bo accompanied by certified check inclosed In a separate , envelope said check being drawn on, and certified by a bank in Iowa, payable to the City Treasurer of Estherville, Iowa, In the sum of 10% of the amount of the bid. All envelopes must ho addressed to the city clerk, indorsed with the name of tho bidder and describing the Improvement for which tho proposal and bid Is made. 8. Tho contractor shall give bonds In a sum equal to the contract price and the form to bo supplied by said city, obligating the contractor and his bondsmen to faithfully perform the contract, and to keep said improvement in good repair for a period of four years from the date of tho acceptance thereof by tho cltjr council, and to punctually pay all laborers employed on said work and all persons furnishing materials therefor. 0. By virtue of statutory authority a preference -wiW bo given to products and provisions grown and produced within tho Stale of Iowa, and preference will be given to Iowa domestic labor In the construction of tho storm sewer improvement 10. The City Council reserves tho right to reject any and all bids and to order now bfds. 11. Detailed and general plans 4nd specifications, proposed form of contract Instnictions to bidders, and proposal fdriA* lire now on file and available ib tHo office of the City Clerk of Estherville, Iowa. 12. All bids wlU be opened in open council at a meeting to be held at the council cbdmbera on tbe day and hour above fixed, and contract -vIU bo awarded at that time, or at such subsequeiit Dmo to which the council may ^]oum. pnibllshed by order of the City Council of Estherville, Iowa, and dated at EsthtrvlUe, Iowa, this 16th day of Junp, tWf. DAN 8. HOWABD, Mayor. AtUst: GLENN L. STORY, City Clerk. (June jO> CALL F<>R REPUBLICAN Jt'OI- CtAL CONVENTION. FOURTEEXTII .TUDICIAJ, DISTRICT OK IOWA Republican Judicial Convention of the Fourteenth Judicial District of Iowa Is cnllrd to convene nt the Court House nt Emmetsburg, Iowa, on the l.xt day of July. 1952. at 10:00 o'clock a. ni. for the purpose of nominating one candidate to succeed Honorable Horry E. Narey, District JudRe, for the term beginning on January 1. 1983. and ending December 31, 1956; and the Republican coimty convention In each county of said District shall select and certify to said District Judiela) convention the number of delegates stated as follows: Buena Vista County, 18 delegat- xixe irvnuiroa ^T.- ,» . . ... T" es; Clay County._14 delegates; p {ck- ^^^^^L^'Z^^TlXTt' CMBhrnini tlx VIMMtM r.M H*»ul>nauL .>uMiiB«i rvfrr Kmiat sai««^ KuttMy .1 YEARS AGO June 19, Detnitt; After "it^ til* ill tournament, I. Mj«ngruni nnd ('. Middlecoff ttrd In jilayoff tSpUl »4.500>. SANDERS ICR CREAM CO ; 17 1-4 PROTECT yov.v dnvenport from moths for .10c !i yi-!\r. One s)>rny- Inj? of HERlX )i1 K'lsrnnteed motbsprny does It, or RRRtX>t' I»y» for "the dnt«npe. SANBORN Fl'RNTTtmE 317-3-4 217 1h\\T%., J"n^'».J«'j^ ^ *. M um i >itt »<nc« fti »:ns*r »U)». l<nr«. Ohtar IIW Ht n« M«r«* S. UTt Ik H* For Sole 10; For Sole inson County, 10 delegates; Emmet Coimty, 12 delegates; Humboldt County, 11 delegates; Kossuth County, 18 delegates; Palo Alto County, 11 delegates; Pocahontas County, 11 delegates. F. E. Van Alstlne Chairman, Republican District Judicial Committee for the Fourteenth Judicial District of Iowa. Attest: W. B. PERRY, Secretary. (Juno 19) IpiHi K '^f meals and also to those who furnished food and help In any way. To the men who helped with the cultivating bee nnd women who helped with the luneh. Thene>!i will nrvei he forgotten. ChlUlrrn of l^rs Jennen. 217 -1X -4 IS YOUR upholstery a snd stor>'? Clean It with Finn Foam. Re- slorn forgotten colors. Mnrtin Furniture. 214-8-4 1 or t fij* - T1n«* dftm . — . -. row itk** tm A»n . - - ^ Otm wwk ... . . Each <i «4lt «o «Mkl 4ftt Mlatmum ftd »»«. contKutlv* inMnKia* CMMinad sat sc »«r WOTS llalM tn p*r ot mm* M. OAan wrm onnKR. nookliMi'lBS ckar«> \b» for rr*dii Iio« ••rrte* chkm It r»- pom *n uk«B hy rmtt Ntwt t»* tftc !• otMrnd ft Ml rtirrwo oddiM* or phoM BHBMr bal sot MvvrtMn -a CUMHtnMl mA OMn ttmM IMMT sdTtrtlMaMata la Cb* nm imm tbtr *pp*<it uti npor. aay «n<ur si oec* M BO aDowMMM au> anar Uw fir* Help Wonted Lost ond Found Jobs Wonted 3 LOST OR STRAYED—Block and white pet cat If found call 636. Grand Theater. 2l7-2x -ie CUSTO.Nf BALINO with New Holland wire tie hnler. Cecil Weeks. Pb. 23\V82. 2i7-.^x-3 LOST — Woman's dark rimmed glasses about June Ist. Joonno Corbln. Ph. 1249J. 216-2x-16 LOST—Pair of shell rimmed glasses. Reward. Finder Ph. 629\V. P. M. Brubaker. 216 -2X -16 W anted—Sewing machines, any .make, to repair or convert into electric. Satisfaction guaranteed. Bring sewing machine to Sanborn Furniture store, ISathervtUe. Ph. 2. 216-2-3 Loons ond Ins. IS WANTED — Tree trimming and surgery. Experienced and trained. Ph. 46J7 after 6;46 or on Snl- urdaj's, Harlcn Harris. 216-3X-3 SEE US when you need money. You may apply for loan of $80 to $300 on your signature, salary or auto. Convenient monthly repayment plan, suited to your Income. IOWA GUARANTEH3, Inc. 217-3-15 BALINO WANTED—Caso N, C. M, T Baler with trailer. Eldon Spencer, WalUngford Phone. 215 -3X -3 WANTED — Baling, baler. Ph. 46W6 Lewis Valcn. New Holland or UMLW. 2H -ax -3 FEDERAL I.AND BANK 4% LOANS National Farm Loan Association for Emmet County and Palo Alto County Member Federal Land Bank System H. E. HARBINGER, Soc'y-Treas. 1104 Broadway Emmetsburg 217-1-16 CUSTOM BALINO Now Holland wire bales. WlU pull trailers. 4 ml. W. and 3'<. N. of Estherville. Don Egeland. Ph, Superior 6F8 collect. 206-30x-3 Form Sole Colendor .SATURDAY, JUNE 28, 1:30 p. m... Tores O. TobhpU household goods at 826 N. 7th St. Ben Reeves, auctioneer. Emmet County State, Bank, clerk. Sale ad: Juno 26. 19.17 OLIVER 70-6 «peed» Always a square dcnl at VIKING MOTORS MasHoy Harris -Oliver Estherville, lown 217-2-7 MELI' WANTED t-ndy to oonte In nnd do wnshlnif nnd Ironing. Hoe Mrs. ElnierWIlev. I'h. 194 317 tf -2 c't>OKS RED RAR.V PAINT Our r»i:ull»r eustonii -ra I'll in It .ant t..' hoAt (ar mijM -aranre and loni; ta^tlnc (juAlitv Prh 't ^^l v.-n, r<-n«i>n«l>l.- In S« rlRbt now CMU or »r«. u» tONUvt rtJMMANOKIS Kt.^;VATt>H.S IliintlnKton. l .i l «h 44UTI, K*- Ihcrvill.- W K Sr,-mnnn. n»an «K<r Jl*-J-10 WVrr HASEMENTS run ti.' fUinlni>l,-d with Arntor eoni, white nnd eolor» .''o i -aay t« apply vmi run do i| vouratflf JOYCK H'MHEH rO l.AWN MOWKJta KOn 8AIJC In :iT,i 10 ron HAUr. Tw,i 2 »U«.el tr»llef«. 4 wbffl wiMron nnd 2 wh».l farm n>M-hln«rv trailer. Un* l>«le Hlchnrd. I»h 67 J« 31*-jl 10 HELP WANTED Women for general houae work. Apply In person. Bnlmer Rest Room, 1M4 2nd Ave. North. 217-3-2 WANTEIV-Cnpable man for position an janitor nt Gruver school commencing July 1st. Interested parties meet with Oruver school board Monday evening, 8 p. m., June 2Srd. 216-4-J IMIKIRTRD all wool tropleal m -oni ted aulta. Tailor made ClnshiK out at W^OO. r W Hansen, Tailor. H*3\ 10 LAUOK KLOrn sacks, laundered. 3 for JI 00, Kin ^EIVS VAl.UE STORE 2I«2 10 PESIRE WO.MAN experlenoe.1 In handling the public ... for large local company. Typing and ttook- keeping experience necessary. $45 per week. 40-hour week. Employee benefits Including vaea- tlons. Insurance and profit sharing. Write Box 87S8, cnre of Pally News. 216-3-2 HKVKRAL noon used refrlgeral or». Priced right. Wogen's^ east sidn of K ^uare. }l3-4 -in WANTED High school »>oy to work in drug slor»'. I'arry Drug. 216-2-3 HELP WANTED- Com detasslers. Sign up at the local employment office. 14 years and up. Boys and girls. DoKalb. 2lM«-2 WANTED- Man for form work. 1. J. Neppl. Rt. 1, Estherville. Ph, 2818 Oolllver. 213-8-3 WANTED -Woman 28 to 45 jfars of age to manilgn office. Must bo able to type and have ft knawl edge of elementary bookkeeping. Necessary to meet the public and have experience In handling detail work. 40-hour week -em ployee benefits. Unusually good starting salary. Apply In person nt flenrs, Roebuck and Co. 30«.tf-2 FOR SALE— 21 acres of clover and timothy hay. Hanson Brothcrn, DoUlvcr. 216-6x7 SALE CALENDAR Monday, July 7—100 A. farm, write for description to Walter Carlson, Triumph, Minnesota. 8WA.THER8 FOR SALE 8 foot left and right hand. Opens field as easy as with a mower. Delivers swath to center. Must have tractor with wide front end. PAXn ^ON MACHINE SHOP Ph. 5331 Round Lake, Minn. 216 -12X -7 MR. FARMER—We just took In a 1940 Wood Bros, combine with Ford Industrial motor on a new combine. Wo also have a us,'d H. C. 8-ft P. T. O. SMITH TRACTOR & IMP. CO. 216-2-7 Reol Estate FOR HALE-3-bedroom house, L It., D. U„ kitchen nnd bath, giui heat. North 9th Ht. $6,500. rtinOlJT REAL EHTATK Ph. 1660 or 1761J 216-2-8 JUST LISTED New 3 -bedrooni home, carpeted living room; din Ing area; large kitchen, lots of bullt-lns; beautifully landicap<>d Oarage. EHTHKRVnXE REALTY I'h.- 1340 or ie38J ai6-l-» I FOR BALVi—thteo high grade Holatelh edwa, artificially bred, also 9 Holstein betfer calves. All banga; tested. Dale Bute, hi mite eajit Petersburg school, north aide ot road, Ph, Jackson 71 6J. 3t4-4x -7 Sunbeam Iron Also with steam attachment Olson Electric Service 111 S. 6th St 1 WE BUY Bdas ON OBADB-Re- member, the egg market Is in favor of .prodiloera who dell quality eggs. Oatber them often, keep theiA elean, cool before casing, Pbone H tor latest market Infomstlon. P.O.aitAY . 215-3-7 FOR ^S^-^A. few good polled Herettrd buUe. Frank Smith. Oegood, Iti«a. aOO-Wx-T 217-1-26 Services ON KAXn> trUekJi 1 to 4 week* old. PuUete straight run and males In 1 •eeke. * HAmi/tOU HATCHERY BMCMlt, Iowa W8-tf-7 FOR FREE PICKUP and delivery; Ph. M. F * O Cleaaer*. 2Btt.tt4 The first Jet fighter to be equlp- ped-with an-ffter^umer obtained a speed Increaaa'of 100 miles an hour over earlier mod^s witbont after- Inirners. Teehnlealiy, ft'^rxoyie !••«. wt- t^rspout carved in the ehape of a SToteeque Mim|l, alttaoiiJB)^ ^it BOTTLB OAS SALBHMIBRVIOB Inatallatlona — Regulations HIUv'S CORNER, Ph. 49Jn m -u-«| PETERSON'S Radiator 8enrlo« Joet eaat ot Vandy'i, 1714 CentraL I^erleneed In all types ri^^i4»r FAf^M SALE itiSi include electricity and bath fa- olUUes. Soli Is In high state of fertility. L. E Stdckdale Phone 60 or 47 205-tf.7 INSULATED HOME For Rale 1102 N, Ninth at.. Estherville Mnko offer. W. D. KTager, Peru, Illinois. Sie-2x.« nOOO MINNESOTA FARM BUYS CAROL BROCKMAN, Realtor Ceylon, Minn. FOR SALE — Five -room modem house In Estherville. Call 575, Jackson, Minn. 215-8x-« r.OlNO ON A PU'NU*" Flrnt, conte In untl •fe o\if *-of»\- plete pirnle »siiortn\ent. pt.'nle hashrtm (3 10 nmnll. i .t 49 laiRe: stenk fr>-rr». welner r«mitrr-»; !«queetelt muotnnl and rnlKMp dlopenaer". 9.V. and snytblnc eU.' vou nretl for a p|r»il,' E.STIIEHVILLK HARtnVARK Jie-2 10 n >R U fo«t K >9t »M Ifall , I WlU nrU lef^t itf «'«I| ITSeW Cixn tfrn »f»er T p rn ^^^R •iKt.r. <!n.>.t «rt>«l ru*. l.*\ti>>; Mr« Lanam'M-r. J05 S. !Wh Ph 4S7J 3i:.l» 10 WK IIAVK .p.-oinl •hl'.o llni" far lite ilalry !i *rn. KINNARIVS nAinV ;iT.2 I* *\X)T t,c-H 'KRnS reBuUtlon in.h lUe. (Milorn gtry. brown and <> il t» M |llt|* l4t. sfnpl.v's STORE ^^n SAl.K 2 nice wale Oer»*n INilU-o puiipleii W,^«ntnf ase. lion rhrl»«<>ff«r. 4 miU« w »#t and 4 nnrth of .Hii| Jl7 >i 10 THERMOS JtT, with pourllMf • (H >ui. I? M CumplefB Un« of frer».r n «'"*'»K'^* »n»l tnig* fOAHT TO fOAMT UTOUE uT-aio HAWIJSIOH PROnuCTH E, T. Uaumann. Ph .163J. SO-tf-lO MITCHELL Air Conditioner World's finest room air coniU* tloner. Exclusive evaporator d(w sign (hat Incorporates 24 tub's. Micro-filler- 99.0 per een^ screen Ing. HEIDKR KLKCTRtC 30«-tf -tO Automotive u It a husband'* wnrtls are sharp maybe It's from trying to get them In edgewlne Buy three, one free, Inetudlng trade In. First IJns Tires WHITISlt HTAKrvARD RERVICE 418 Central Ave. 217 2 II FOR SAFETY. Have us Inspect brake system thoroughly , , . nd Just or reltns the tirnkes. If nncesnary, THOMAS MOTORS 2173-1 FOR SALE 1947 Chevr«ilet Club Coupe, all eiiulpped. Oooit condt lion. I'rieed for quick sale, Lyl Jnrobien, Phone Ounnell 2 »ei. 215-t-tl For faster lubrication service we now havs 2 OREAflE RACKS In operation Get your car ready for that vacation trip. HENAMAN MOTOR CO. 300-14-11 LET in take eare of your aiiteM»> tWe needs. Bumper to bumper •ervioe—eJI makes. See us. Robinson Motor* "PonUse" •th and Csntral Ave. 33T>(M1 SPKflAl. I«" Itotory t.*wn mow. ••r« ReBulnr 1 *2 45. «.o»y M»,SO rOAKT TO t'VlAST HTORK nr-MO HAY HUNOH at only $3,9», Pur» Manilla Hay rope, 7 « tncb. ttS.M ivrr Ift) II HPKCIAL I l> p. hrnw il»iv n>otor». regular imlv 17.1 .V) rOAHT TO COAST STORK ttT-MO ftPKCIAL .1 year old Eaiy SpIn Pry wa»her ThU Is a l»0 machine. Only STeeo COAST TO COAST STORM 117-210 House numtiero. Nlt»-lu« . I0« stk Namx (n refleetlns tutters Sf. ws. WEHTEU.N AfTt) ASSOC. STORE 3l»-lf to OtrTBOABU MOTOR New Flrentono 4 h. p outlNMrd miv tor. eenrshirt. Was n4 »«»~Mow only (M >»0 or tXOO a w»«k. KIRKSTONB STOIUEA FOR SAl.K Spring frys, as to 4 Ih* ttOi) alive or It 3fl draem. Mrs. Marry Srhnelt Jr. PbOB' Terrll 804. JKWvlO Entertoiniiieiit I iTK "MtrrnsT- tn (ecbnirolor Friday and Saturday nl the tirand theater. 31T-3-I FOX LAKE SPECIAL ATTRACTtON Friday, Jimo 20 RAY PEARL and Mis Gems if Music .*^turdny, Jum? 21 FKzz FRrraiE nft>t For Rent FOR RENT Sander and edger at your Coast to Coast store, 3ir-a-» CHOICE FARMS-Your else. Modern or good building*. All tillable. Buy NOW, get 1-8 Of crop. 120 acres, all field at «13ft with half of crop. 8«« Johnson Realtor, Hector, Minnesota. 21>-10x'4l WANTED ~Fre»h Phono 870W. grass clipping*. 217-M RUMMAGE SALE Friday, June, 20, f-« p. m. Miscellaneous. No phon* cglJa. Mrs. Chsries Robinson, ti2 Central. ilM4 •SQUAWK LIKE A PARROTf Then get your car radio checked now. Factory triUnedl ex- sei'vlce, ESTHERVILLE IfcAOIO . nlM N. eth n. iH WAXING PAINTING TOUCH-UP KURTZ PAINT SHOP 414 H. 10th Ph. 203 2lfi-S4 PRINTING SI I; V I c f TIME CARDS Pay EnveloDes Wage Record Sheets We can sypply you with ev^i'l^nlt^u rtefed for your'lhdividual business. ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS Northwest Iowa's Largest' a»l'Moct Modem -PriaUng Plant' — NOTICE — The following Beauty Shops will be closed every tfohday beginning Monday, June 23 until further n6tice. Wo will be open as usual on Tuesday through Saturday. .•ft- Kurly Ku Beeuty Shop Clara's Beauty Shop ilar^e Kfnnifi leauty Shop %fd |t4 »h 9#auty Shdp FOR RKNT- Niee two-room apsrt- ment. Cloao In. J'h. M». 217-tf-O FOR RENT—Room house. Oentlenian Mr*. Norman .Maine In modern ptrferred. I 'h. 3W. FOR RENT—Apsrtment In Rohdn! building. Ph. 771. 3tA-19x-0: SAVE ON Floor Finishing. Do the Work yourself with a snnder rented from Ward*. MONTOOMERY WAIW Estherville, Iowa 31S»« FOR RENT—Modem, nrst fleor »•! room apartment with bath aitdf porch. Oarsge. Poitofflce Ihnt A. jna-tf-o CHIEF linumi --TONITE— Party Pack NIte A whole carload for $1.00 "Three Steps Norfh" 3 Reel Comvdr—OirtOMi Friday>Safurclay John t,ufld J»ff ChandUr "Battle at Apache Pass" —PLUS— Mariba Scot I- Jeffrey Uynn in "Strange Bargain'* SUNDAY— MONDAY "SHOWBOAT" FOR RENT-~9-rooin i»o4«rn sMrt- BMWt atteva Olft Osrdcn, UlH N. (Hh St Ph. 106 or 83. iai-t(-< TUESDAY "Stranger on a ThUn" We Need You at fhe BALL PARK! Game tlnio-~8:15 FRIDAY NIdHT, JUNE 20 Carroff vs« Red Sox (League I.,eader> SUNDAY NI$HT. JUNE 72 Spencer C^rdinills vs. Red So^ i4>gion Polka Band Sundiy Csoncert. 7:30 to SSt QUA tte" tfV'ER BALL cunt

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