Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 20, 1953 · Page 3
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 3

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 20, 1953
Page 3
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The Daily Register-Mail, Galesburg, III Tuesday, October 20, 1§53 3 Julian Mitchell has Received n Promotion Julian M. Mitchell, a*former Galesburg resident and a son of Mr. and Mrs. Julian A. Mitchell, 54Z S. West St., has been appointed nssistunt chief chemist of the Seamless Rubber Co. of New Haven, Conn. Mitchell attended St. Joseph's I Academy and was graduated from Corpus Christi H i g h School in 1942, His father is employed at the Butler Manufac luring Co. « During World War II, Mitchell served with the Naval Air Corps Julian Mitchell and then returned to Knox College to obtain his degree. He has been working with the Seamless company since July 1950. City Council (Continued from page 2) [Rallies May Settle Fees for Attorneys Outside of Court Court action on a petition for attorneys' fees in the Battles case is pending, while attempts at a settlement arc to be made, cording to reliable sources. fourth Street(Continued from page 2) ac found only Aldermen Card, Erickson, Jackson, Bell and Montgomery favoring it, with the result that it lost by a 0-to-5 decision. ' Corporation Counsel John J. Blake was called upon by Alderman Erickson to bring in a written opinion at the next meeting as to the legality of the commission's power to condemn property fcf parking purposes. Alderman Max Christy said thclA. Roeth "Monday morning. The Council should go along with the. sc , ss jon followed a threc-minutc ordinance and, as previously rc-| pC riod in which attorneys ap ported, that was the action takcn! pea red in the Circuit Court for by^thc Council. _ t hearing of the petition. Settlement of the $12,500 fees sought, with a possible compromise in the amount, was discussed in a I'/z-hour in-chambers session of attorneys before Judge Burtori The answer to the question, "where does the parking meter money go?" was supplied in a report, prepared by City Clerk Al The attorneys petitioning for fees as former counsel for Mrs Dorothy Battles of Galesburg filed a bill of particulars Monday. At- Nystrom and read by Aldermantorney Lawrence Stickell of Galcs- McNamara. The traffic chairmanjburg logged 355 hours spent in first called attention to the fact-behaif of Mrs. BaHles, including that the city is not as well fixcd|48 conferences with his client, in this fund as some think. 'many of them at her request. A 'Chicago law firm, Hinshaw, Cul US Needs- (Continued from page 2) we're going," Kazmaycr stated. Kazmaycr Once a Minister Kazmayer's opinions were based on his observations abroad during the past 12 years. Ifc was a Methodist clergyman until 1938 when he resigned to spend his time writing and lecturing. He recently returned from his seventh Kazmayer European Seminar Tour, a conducted trip for business and professional men over England, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Turkey and Greece. Kazmaycr was introduced to the Executives Club by M. H. Eddy, managing editor of the Register- Mail. Greeting committee Monday night included Mr. and Mi's. 1 Fund Decreases ; The report covered the period from April 1, 1953, to Oct. 17, 1953. The balance on hand April 1 was $9,863.34 and meter collections up to Oct. 17 totaled $36,790.49, making $46,653.83 available in the fund. Expenditures totaled $40,267.58, which left a balance of $6,386.25, or $3,477.09 less than was on hand at the start of the period. Expenditures listed in the report arc as follows: salaries of traffic officers, $12,219.30; salary of main-, tcnancc man, $1,895.80; salary of|Mrs. Battles clerk, $1,719.25; part salary of as- bertson, Moelmann and Hoban, listed 159'/z hours also as counsel for Mrs. Battles. Galesburg and Chicago counsel were retained by Mrs. Battles over a period of four months from March 24 to July 27. In the brief court hearing Monday morning two Galesburg attorneys appeared on subpoenas as witnesses—Burrel Barash, counsel for Stewart S. Battles, and R. L. Stuart, who replaced Stickell and the Chicago firm as counsel for Arrest Macomb Youllis Charged With Rape Of Girl A Bushnell reported she teen-age girl who The Weather IPrairf.« Scout- (Continued from page 2) way. After the chairman explained that the Grand avenue site is now strictly residential and should nol be changed, Alderman Gard referred to Oria Wright, who seeks the change, and said the Council had no right to jeopardize an in-, dividual's business possibilities, (identification led to the arrests of Cites Previous Stand (two youths on rape charges and The chairman referred to Al :, wo others on charges of being derman Gard's stand on a change, accessories, Sheriff Lioyd Smith of for 1309 Grand avenue, which w.r-v MeDonough County said Monday previously proposed by Die 2nd,morning * 1 .- nxwots: Mostly fair tonight andlslated that the council is unable to ,^/ ;s a e ™ n . U ^ KM!"'"' the requests for more scout- was raped several HiKh WednrKdoy BO-B?. I IOWA: Partly cloudy tonight andi Have You Heard That •.. ing nearly as fast as these requests) M , Caro ] yn Magnuson, 828 E. days ago said she recognized one )We „ npsdBy w „£ scattered showers ex -come in. "The program is popu-JBerrien St., has returned to work of her assailants Saturday night ihjt™nc wesi^ lo w%VcsXy WCS con"unucd ! 1 ar «" nc said, "Requests come tojat the First Galesburg National downtown Macomb cafe, and the R2 i.ow tonight 52-os north and 56-jour office nearly every day from i south. High Wednesday 74-80 north- hoys or parents asking for help to est find 77-82 R.-JUtneaKt. !_„.„•„„ T v,„„ r„, rw ,,hnr Bank and Trust Company after spending a two week vacation in ward alderman. A reversal in stand had taken place, the chair- Smilii said the youths who were Robert* E. John, 19 CHICAGO AND VICINITY : Mostly i organize." Thus far in October, ; thc homesol-Mr and Mrs Richard fair and continued unseasonably warmihe pointed out, Cub Packs have,!' Anmg anci ctnny ot i nocnix, this afternoon, tonight and Wednes-U nreanized in Grubb School! Ar ' 7 '- T " c ArlingS are former day. High today and Wednesday W™™™*™™ 0 cXnlmw Galesburg residents, mid wis. Low tonight and Wednes -jin Galesburg, Law hcnooi near * _ , day night near so. southwesteriyjM 0nmo ,jih, similar organizations A 1 C Richard W. Koons. son of four Macomb .wlnds Kl-15 mph. this aftt^oon. Out- , • Mnnrnml1h af (he Calh -vt.„„i Mr. c;,ln«V, if KMZ arrested are' Hook Thursday: showers likely and ;begun in Monmouin ai inc uatn |Mr anr j Mrs. Sidney E. Koons, d h not so warn, . |olic School, also in Toulon, Avon, 798 E , Knox St., is expected homo correct. "Alderman Budd Propped;* 0 ™, Au delaying action on the: m.1 Xo r I ^J^c f Roger Hayes delaying action on me minc-i l »'; sai ,] thc four youths have verbally to 20 of an me weeks to permit all aldermen lo rf , , . lh jncj . lowers Th ««d check nto it. The final resu I was took place in the yard f « round Sunday that Alderman O'Connor wnhdrcw lof a dcscrtcd farmhousc on a | his motion and askcd_ the clerk coun , roafJ a fcw miles wcs , bove normal temperatures over the, jt-i.iM „„m weekend. Precipitation will average .lOjwalting for help. Our district COm- iy h or Ifss, as scattered !m 3y or Friday and again' to also send out copies of this New Jelly-like Formula Knocks Baked Grease Off Oven Surfaces "ITS" is thc name of a new oven cleaner that, restores oven surfaces to grease-free newness without scraping or scrubbing. The substance is brushed on, allowed to stand, then wiped clean with water. "Its" oven cleaner is available at Kellogg Drake & Co. for $1 and this includes a plastic brush. "ITS" is non-inflammable and spectacular in performance. Adv sistant treasurer, $1,819.80"; meleri j r l _ f\.TI K parts, $446.82; repair of street and/*'"^«*^" yt< l ^' ltta traffic signs, $499.27; : cost ofj sweeping, $2,400; cost of printing,! Mrs. Karen Peterson from St. $22.90; cost of gasoline and oil,'Mary's Hospital to 259 S. Kellogg $202.67; maintenance of motor- St. cycles, $489.93; miscellaneous,! Earl Young from 915 N. Broad $482.60; maintenance of IrafficjSl. to the Cottage Hospital, signal system, $2,978.17; office! Mrs. Bertha Springer from Hen- supplies, $43.04; cost of postage derson to St. Mary s Hospital. and envelopes, $295.40; cost of ~ electrical energy, $365.41; pur-: CULTURE CLUB chase of traffic signs, $33.45; cost of painting markings, $753.77; pur unities cannot supply organiza -j At Burlington, Iowa, a marriage tion and extension workers fasT |]i CC nse has been issued to John WEATHER .enough to meet the need. We on Edward Green, Colchester, and country road a lew miles west of! Noon reading. 75; mornings low. s&. f * he professional staff arc each Dorothy Jean Wilkins. Galesburg, Bushnell [CUar, wind southerly, no preeipitation. ;spending more than 75 hours a- At Fort Madison. Iowa, a mar- Shryack was released by Ju S lice!sun n ?^\XyT n 6 -n " l ^l wcck , tr ? i , lg U \ mcct ih \ nc ? d - Wc :"agc license has been issued to ' • - --• arc afraid we have reached our ca-|Charlcs Rodeffer, LaHarpe, and pacify in working hours." Shirley Myers, West Point. He also stated that, with a size-] able increase in scouting during:wilh unit committees and leaders the coming year, the matter of giv-jto develop high quality program ordinance before the next meet-' , jiiii<itii „„„..„„„„..,. , „ ing, at which time action one VVi, yi K^rl'RaVclav Wnndav mornin" onis-.i'ri p. m ; >uo<m set at h :5i a. m. Morn- or the other may be taken. i ^J ^I ii? his V^:^^^\^ x ^ -nd. M.«. Permission for construction 0 fi* nf] Mrs> Lawson shryack, as!" cn " ,f> * Ur >- Mer - tury cement sidewalks, with the usual,., rebates, was granted for properties at 1459 and 1475 N. Prairie St The others are still in! and at 198-200 Division SI. Alder- $ r )00 man Howard Jackson, chairman, recommended tion. A request by John A. Nelson .sureties Ilerzog's bond was also set at: ,, .,.,00 and the bonds of the other sidewalk h ,.„ wcrc scl by Barclay at $5,000. this ac-, state's Attorney Roger W. Hayes said that he would seek indict" incnls against McDaniel and John conned Franklin avenue water wlien tn e grand jury met today, main on West Losey street, if re-: imbursed out of next year's «Pj in f propriation, was given committee; Hu'th txeCOrUS referral. ' Thc aldermen sat briefly, as Ihe, Town Board to allow claims be-; „ (J Mns ; Dalc Adcock of; fore adjourning at 9:05 0 clock. HIVEH STAGES Duhu'iue- 7.2 0,0. f;«v<-nporl rise O.I. Rurlington 7.4 fall 0.1. Krokuk- 2 7 ri: r (1 7. I.aSallc 10,3 rise 0.1. Peoria -11.8 rise 0.1. Havana—5.2 fall 0 I. Reardstov.n 0.3 rise 0.1. Grafton—14.7 00. St. Louis—minus 0.4 0.0. Former Resident of Altona Dies Today Mrs. Carl A. Hansen, 66, of 452f: ; ! N. Walcott Ave., Chicago, a native, of Altona, died unexpectedly to : inE service lo these units wouldjwill throw a load on both profes- become acute. jsional and volunteer scoutcrs, that "Dozens of training courses willjcannot possibly bo met by a budget need to be run." he slated, "Man-1 which now provides for less than power on district committees will half the standard Council pro- have to be tripled, costs in travel,'gram." postage, stationery, and other of-l fice supplies will increase. Work' READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS Horn at Cottage Hospital to: Mr. and Mrs. Dale Adcock 535 N. Cedar St., a boy Monday j JJ aV) accordin g to word rece ived by, ! al e^j^ |friends in Galesburg. j Return to Galesburg j d Roosevelt was the first' n l l %\lT e £ s ^nnZ' vE ^ C Z\ , T .„ 4 ,„ . 1 Mr. and Mrs. Sidney E. Koons, American to win the Nobel peace son Elhott ' died Monday in Cal1 ' r - o , ,-. , Culture Club will meet Wedncs-j 798 E Knox stt returned Saturday prize. chase of cars, $3,600; cost of oiling day evening at .7:30 o'clock in the: m( , ht from Philadelphia, Pa. They , streets, $10,000. home of Mrs. Forence Harris, 827 1 vvcrc accompanied home by their j and Mrs. Julian Mitchell, 542 S. jMiss Marie Carlson, daughter of daughter-in-law, Mrs. Robert s .1 West St. Mrs. Sidney E. Koons had [the late Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Carland the lattcr's infantjheen in Philadelphia 10 days to [.son of Altona. Her father at one 'jfornia. Mrs. Hansen was the former West St. Koons, Thc report also listed Ihe ap-N propriations-for various purposes, 1 • •-— . •-•- — |for which payment is to be made ? b ° ut out of £unds ' while in five from the fund. It was disclosed '"stances no expenditures ^havc that some of thc purposes arc just I 306 ", madc for . P. ur P° scs sct out "l in thc appropriation. ,• ... ., ... _. . Norman Weaver, Mr. and Mrs. While a balance is shown in thclt? 1 " wl11 fcside with the Sidney^. Ambrose Gummerson and Dr. and fund, this is not a true picture Mrs. J. K. Erffmeyer. Dinner mu-|of thc actual situation, it was sic was provided by an instru- pointed out. There is the matter ... , 10 aays 10 f daughter Deborah Susan, born'welcome her new granddaughterjlimc operated a shoe store in Al- Oct. 5 in a Philadelphia Naval hos-|? ntl *™ J° ined there Iater ^ her i to "f • -A U Y, , 1, ^ pital. Mrs. Koons and infant dattgh- jhusband. 1 She is survived by her husband. PERSONAL Do you suffer from migraine or sinus headaches? There is nothing safer, faster or more effective than Green's Migrain or Sinus Headache Capsules! $1.50 - $2.75 WEST DRUG CO., Inc. 324 E. Main St. Note: If you suffer from arthritis, rheumatism, bursitis or neuritis, there is nothing finer than Green's Arthra- lene (Improved Celery Compound). mental trio made up of Mrs. E. M.iof an unpaid claim of $11,378.64, Eckberg, Miss Vivian Johnson and covering the balance due the H. H. Mrs. Harold Moore. Robert Howe Gunther Construction Co. for oiling is president. streets. Koons, while Robert completes his enlistment period in thc Navy. He is assigned as a Navy electrician's male second class and had been stationed at Philadelphia. Mrs. Robert S. Koons is the former Miss Patricia Mitchell, daughter of Mr. put something aside each pay-day for that "rainy day"... at Galesburg's big bank" NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST CO. V GALESBURG, ILLINOIS :MBEH FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION

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