Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on June 19, 1952 · Page 4
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 4

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 19, 1952
Page 4
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- EDITORIAL Floating Down UMS River The PMA rhairnmii says that HO lO -acre farms jro floating down the Mississippi river every day, enouj^h soil to lu'lp i)roditce to feed the 155 million people in the country, or the more than 170 millions who will have hungi-y mouths to teed by 1 ;)()2. The cost of soil conservation is ai 'tiiall.\' cheap. Every muddy river is prima facie evidence of mal soil practice, and that's ex pensive. There are i< j^ood many types of soil- ljuiJding i)ractices which sliculd require no encouragement or subsidy—because they are good business and sound ojieration even on short-term basis. There are other types of soil building, such as reforestation, taking fields permanently out of intertilled cioi)s and gully treatment which mean hardship and call for sub.sidy. It is not out of line, therefore, to subsidize those operations and to charge the cost against insurance of a permanently adequate food supply. curing the nation's worst floods aiul such action would at once have priceless value in saving the precious .soil. If tlie Republitmis Win If the liepublican parly expects to make a serious bid for the Presidency this year then it must be |)repared, with the aj)proi)- riate candidate, to take a militant stand against the ))i-esent administration iwlicy. The republicans, if they think they can win ijy aDuroving the policies of the Truman administration, are grossly mistaken. Twice, MOW, the American people have voted for the "original" deal and against a substitute "me-too" deal. On a "me-too" basis the republicans wili be whipped for a third straight time. Therefore if the republicans come u]) with a candidate committed to the administration's policies, either foreign or domestic or both, t^hey are not likely to win, Ma.vbe that isn't important. Marbe the country wants a continuation of those policies. But if it does, there isn't much likelihood of the country voting in a republican version of it when the original item can be Red Sox Bill Mosser ' Cops Second Loop Start Ball G£iixi€ The money that anny engineers constantly seek to build dams of doubtful value veisiuu oi ii, wnen me would go a long way towaid permanently had at the saine price. G)untryside Meets Many People at Field Day Yesterday the boys and I the interstate Aberdeen-Angus Brooders' association Field day, held at the fairgrounds here In Blue Earth. This event brought AborJccn-Angus people from Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and South Dakota as well aa visitors from other states. Wc met BO many folks who read our column, especially In the Sioux City Journal and the Midland Cooperator. They told mo not to get so involved in my radio work as to turn my back on my writing, which I shall never do. Writing is my first love and tho medium in which I have been trained. But I Ilnd radio work very fascinating, too. » <! * AN UNUSUAL FKATUUK occurred at tho Black Angus show—two men won first place in the cattli- judging contest with perfect scores. This docs not happen often. There were judging contests fur the women, too, and one for the boys and girKs, another for those under 21. M.nnuel Camposano, concrete manufacturer o: Sioux City, and former Chilean Airline pilot, spoke on South America. Mr. Camposnao has a voiy fin,' knowledge of tho great continent south of us. and By SU.SAX f'KAWLEV £ISEL£ wgre invited to attend, his talk was so fascinating. Would recommend him to anyone needing a speaker, should he be available. He makes SouUi America very real and understandable. Here is, indeed, a country so largo and possessing such potentialities, as to stagger the Imagination. ^ * * THE TWO A.MKBICAS have cver>-thing. And yet we concentrate on Europe and sometimes I wonder if it Is worth all tho heartaches It is causing. Wish I had che time and opportunity of attending more such meetings. It is good to get acquainted with folks from the midwest, especially from Nebraska and South Dakota. They have so much to give us. Consider Minnesota and Iowa kind of home folks and take them more or less for granted, you knov.'. It would be fine if we could get to. gcther oftencr and exchange experiences and ideas. Wc hid something for dinner at the Field dav that was new to mo. Smoked goo-se sandwiche.i from Nebraska. Wish I knew who made them. If .inyone knows, jilcase lot me know. Tlioy were ex. collent. sonicthirg mlldor smoked ham and not ns gamev as Hmokcd turkey. Combining Che Vltutlc&Uir aad RepubUcan. PublUbed E\tTy Eveoine Except SuaUy and Principal UoUdajn. Bntarert lecnnd clM« matter Oct. ». list at tut ponbtoe* at Kiut- enllle, Iowa, under tbe* act of Itarca 3. 1879. 4 Thurs., June 19, 1952 Owned and PubUaned by: D«emer Let, Ediwr and PubUaher, Robert N. L<». Advartlilne Uaaacer. The ABSoclated rreaa ta entiued exdua- Ively to use for rtpubUcal4oa or aJI tbc local news printed <a thla newa- paper aj veil aa *Q AJ> new* dla- patchaa. SUBSCRIPTION TERMS By mall to Emmet, Ttorrri}, Palo Alto. Clay, Dlckinaon, Jacluon jjid ManU counties: one year IS; alx mjtitiu St.aa; three montlu t2.25; 6 weeks «l. By mall outside abovt cojnUes one year tlO: six nwnlbs fi.2:,; three months J2.75; one month kl.OO. By LItUe Merobant ;>»rrt«r; per wet* 30o: one year tl4; six montha »7,a5i three months S3.TS. Member of the Iowa Press AasodaUon, Iowa Dally Press Aaaodatlon, NaUooal Editorial Aasoclatloo and Inland PrMi AasoclaUon. Battle of Bunko Hill . REPRESEKTATIVEa I BKchance, Omaha: also Atlanta ant General advertlstnc repreaentattvea; Island Newspaper RcpraaeataUves, Ue, Wrliley Bid*., Chicago; 612 l^fth Are., ^ew York; Security Bide., Mt. Look, 1012 Baltimore, Kanaaa City, iSS Qiala DaUas. Pet. .«0« .667 .12il .333 .-.!H6 .Red Sox Only Half-Game Out Of First Place IOWA STATE LEAGUE Team W. I.. Carroll 4 I EstbeniUo 4 i Spencer 3 » niason City 'i ( WaU Lake 2 3 Rcsultii last night KstheniUtt 9, Maxon City I. Wall Lake 6, Spcneor 4 Gamca toulght WaU Lako at CarroU JfittherWlIc at Mason <;Uy Tomorrow night CarroU at Ksthc-rvlllo Hpencor at Wall Lake Ifsthervllle gained ii hall-gaiiio on the league leading Cariull Merchants last night wiXh a win ov^r the Mason City Ijegibnnniro .s 0 \o 4. The Wall Lake Popcui ii Kernels pulled an upset vlctoiy Archaeologist Die.s I-Ajndon, June 19 /P—Tho deatii ol Sir Warwick Lindsay Bcotl. 60, in- tornalionally known archaeologist. waK leported today. Ho held im- poitant iioslti in tlio govornmont dunnt! World War 11 ;ind was a ,,..v,.. , formo.r prosldont of Britain's pir- cn;tho Spencer Cards, 5 to 4, lohistoric socioty. drop the Spencer clui) under the .500 mark. A win for the Red Sox tonlghi at M!uson City and loss by Carroll tc Wall Lake would put the Sox back on the top rung but a Kcd Sox loss and a Carroll victory would servo to bolster Carroll's league advantage. Last night at Spencer the Kor nols registered tlicir win over Hal IlJiethur, UnlvcrBity of Wisconsin pitcher, who recently joined the Cards. Winning pitcher for Wall Lake was LeUoy Johnson who relieved Will Connor in the fifth. Connor was starting pitcher a'. fc'sthcrviUe Monday night when the Kernels went down before the booming bats of the locals, 25 to 3, and Johnson had two Be .isionn in leilef that night (or the losers. GRAETTIISGER Observer 81st Blrthday Thc birthday anniversary of Mrs. C. H. Brown, now 81, was observed Monday. Open house was hold all afternoon and evening Monday and a number of friends on Tuesday remembered the occasion. Dr. and Mrs. Harrjl Odjcrs of DeWItt, Mr., and Mrs. Milo Brown of Spirit Lake and Mr. and Mrs. McCall of Esther- vllle were out-of-town g:ucsta. Mrs. Brown was well remembered by gifts, greetings and cards. in Chicago. \acaUonlng Ui North Dr. and Mrs. Creno ShUey also .Mr. Jind Mrs. Bob Carter are va- oationing near southern Canadian lakis. VlbitUi; In nilnoi* Miss Bertha Fogde Is making an extended visit In the Spflngfleld, 111., home of her brother Arthur Fogdo and family. Prcvloua to go- Ing to Springfield, Mlsa Fogde spent some time imong relatives PopulatioO NoW 136,602,000 By IIOVT LUITIILY .Sto .Tdy pitching by Bill MO.M.SOI and n 13-hit otfenslvc comblnou to givi' tho Ued Sox their fourtli Iowa Sljito league win last night ,iiid a victory In their first en- countoi- of the current campaign (ivor llio AIa.«on City Legiunnairnh The score was 9 to 4. Ijjist night's ball game featured the best played contest of the sen- son .it Jaycoe field and before th;- skimpiost crowd. Cool weather ni .-iy li.avo prompted fans to stay at home but that won't got th'.: job done at the Ued Sox busincs ^i office. To keep Iowa 6tale leaguc- callbcr baseball alive and thrlvinK support must be steady and constant from fans who like the diamond sport. * » .M08SEK ALLOWKD eight hits in posting his fourth triumph this season and his second league win, but he scattered the binglcs ef fectively. Only in. the second inning were the Legionnaires able to get more than one in a single stanza. They pieced together thrcg hits and a pair of walks for two of their four runs then but after that Mosser was mighty stingy with the visitors. Leading the Red Sox attakc last night WHS Skipper Gue Freeman. He smashed four singles in fivg trips to the plate. Runnerup honors went to Roman Baitkowski with a home run that cleared the ctnter field fence 365 feet from home plate and a double plus thrgu walks for a perfect night at bat. Bart's hitting was good for three RBI's. Next in line were Bill Dud- dlng and Jack Kaley. Each got two hits in five cppcarances. * * V MANAGKK DICK MOKUAN and Dick Colloton, the ace Mason City second sacker, wcrg the only two Legionnaires to got two hits. Moi- gan's included a homer and double and Colloton two singles. Jim Woltz turned in another grand cilch in center field when ho ran back to the fence in right- center to haul in ob Miller's well- tagged smash. Coilolon pulled off neat save for the visitors when ho wont to his right to snare a .-•izzloi- off thi- bat of Mosser. Tho Sox counted first with twu in tlio initial stanza on an trror, .\liko oottchor's triple and Freeman's first hit of the ball game. Mason City tied the score on hits by John Ewaniak, his only safo- t> of the game, Dick Christolpi! and Bob Miller and walks to Don Waldion and ChuCK Walker, th. Ma^on City starling pitcher. Tho walk to Walker torced in the so- cond run. Tho first came on Millers singlo wliich piaiod Ewaniak althougli tho throw from Bill Dudding was on the btLse and in plenty of time for the putoul. Ewaniak, however, evaded the tag, * JIA.SON CITV went anoad briefly in the third with one run on Morgan's circuit swat but the So\ came back with two in their half of the same inning. Freeman opened with a single and Baitkowski then belted his homer. The Sox made it 7-3 in tho fifth with three counters that saw Walker relieved by MiUer. Miller pitched great ball in his four Innings of relief. Dudding singled to Ictt to start proceedings and Woltz beat out a bunt. Barton was hit by a pitched ball to ;oad the bases and Mosser rapped a safety over second to score Dudding and Woltz. Kaley got on Infield hit when Miller couldn't (decide whera to throw the ball. This loaded tho sacks again. Boettchcr and Freeman both went down on atrikca but Bartkowski piked up a free ticket to force Mosser In with the seventh run for the home club. « i» » MASON CITY got a single counter in the seventh on an error, a passed ball and Colloton's first hit of the game which scored Pearson. Again tho throw to tho plate by Dudding was In tlnu; nip Pearson but little Alble surprised tho homo boys who didn't know hj had kept on running around third. The Sdx closed the scoring with two In the \(ghth on hits by Freeman and Dtfldlng, a walk to Bartkowski and a flubbed cutoff play by the Legionnaires. Tonight tho Sox return to Mason City •with m\t Ardory, C<ilo- rado State college pl'.cnor who reported hero Wednesday night from the college world aeries at Omaha, scheduled to do tho hurling for the home club, He probably will be opposed by Al Lcnskl or John Kurtt (Daily News photo and engraving) JACK KALEV, popular Red Sox outfielder, had himself a field day at the plate Monday againstthc Popcorn Kernels from Wall Lake. Kaley garnered a perfect night for himself when he walked on his first two trips to the plate and singled on his next five appearances. The Sox won tho game, 25 to 3, rapping out 22 hits, eight of which went for e.xtra bases. Box Score Vip FUNT Washington, Juno 19 (/Or-U. S. population climbed to 1M,602,000 on May 1, the census bureau estimated today. That was a, gain of 818,000 since January 1. Tho f-rr- urea Included members of the armed forces statlpnod overseas. itlason City ab r II po a* Pearson, cf 5 10 2 0 Colloton, 2b 3 0 2 0 5 Morgan, c 3 12 6 2 Ewaniak, If 4 tlio Christolph, rf 4 1 1 1 0 .MiUpr, Ib-p 4 0 17 2 Stongor, »s 3 Olio Wnldron, 3b 3 0 0 12 Walkpr, p 1 0 0 0 0 Chlnberg, lb 1 0 0 3 0 *SclUueU>r I 0 0 0 0 Totals 3S 4 8 24 11 • struck out for Chingorg, irth EsthprvlUo ab r h iHi a Kaloy, If 5 12 10 Bopttcher, ss 3 110 4 Freeman, 21, 3 2 4 B 1 Bartkowski, lb Q 2 2 10 0 AVInkeJ, 3h 4 0 0 0 3 Dudding, rf 3 12 10 Woltz, rf 4 1 1 2 0 Barton, r 3 10 6 0 SIos.sor, p 4 0 113 Totals 37 9 13 27 II Mason Cltv 021 000 100—J Ksthprvlllo 202 030 02x—i» Siunmnry: E, Frppnmn, Miller; KBI, Colloton, Morgan. .MlUnr, WiUkpr, Boettchnr, Froo- nian, Bartkowski 3, Dudding, Mosser 2; 2B, Bartkowski, Morgan; SB, BoPttcher; HR, Bart- kowskl, .Morgan; left, Estlior- . VIUP 12, MoKon City 8. BB, Mosspr 8, Walker 4, Alill- pr 2; SO, Mosser 6, Walker 1, Miller 5; II and H, off Walker, 10 and 7 in 4 (none out in Sth); off Miller, 3 and 2 In 4; HP, WalkPr (Barton); PB, Barton; winner, Mosser; lospr, Wnlkt^r. Umpires: Forbes and Goodman. Jailed for Reckless Driving Dos Moines (iT'l-Robcit R. Bybee, 23, of Perry, whose car svns Involved In a minor three-car collision, was jailed here last night on charges of reckless driving, having no drivers license and failure to display a registration certificate. Police said Bybeo also was held for federal authorities bo5;auso ho did not have a draft caxd. . ,%K> J, '•'r;'.t Vit.- Four Red Sox Among Loop^s Top Hitters Four members of the Estherville Red Sox are listed''among the 13 toi)-ranking hitters for the first week of Iowa SUito league competition, according to figures released for publication today by Howard Brantz of Carroll, league statistician. Bill Mosser Is tied for second with a .417 mark on five hits' IH 12 official appearances at the P^latp,, The other three In the select list are Jim Woltz with a .400 aver- ago, Gordon Winkel, ,357 and Jack Kaley, .333. The averages include games through Sunday, June 15. * * m THREE PLAYEBS — Carroll's Sam Esposlto, Mason City's Dick Colloton and Wall Lake's Thomas Brown—-lead the loop's battoys after the first week of tho campaign. All three finished the first week's play with lofty .500 marks. More complete statistics will be released next week Including records of pitchers. As of last week none of the pitchers had appeared In more than two games. * * * AVEBAGES FOR the first week of play: AB A H Avg. Sam Esposlto, C. Dick Colloton, MC Thomas Brown, WL Bill Mosser, E Norris Dobbins, WL Dick Morgan, MC John Ewaniak, MC Jim Woltz, E Alblo Pearson, MC Fred McDaniels, WL 18 Gordon Winkel, E 14 Clayton Johnson, C 18 Frank Mormino, S 12 Jack Kaley, E 15 Percy Howard, WL 15 .500 .500 .500 .417 .417 .412 .412 .400.389 .375 .357 .333 .333 .333 .333 Indians Slip, Dodgers Win, Browns Revive AMERICAN LEAGUE W. L. Pet. 32 32 GB 2Vi 3',<- 3K. 8 (Dally News engraving). BILL .MOSSER, dependable Red Sox left-hander, registered his fourth Win of the season and his second league victory last night When he boated the Mason City Loglon- paircs, 9 lo Mosser scattered eight Mason City hits. Now Showing SWONESMMW. KENTSMTH TOM mm vJIUiE RMiOOlNI. JMK HOtr COIIIT Tim Holt II Gall Davis Overland Telegraph" New York 32 20 .615 Boston 32 26 .561 Chicago 31 26 .544 Cleveland 32 27 .542 Washington 27 26 .50? St. Louis 27 31 .466 Philadelphia 22 28 .440 . Detroit 18 38 .321 16 AVcdnesday's results: New York 10, Detroit 6; Washington 3, Cleveland 2; St. Louis 4, Boston 3. Only games scheduled, Friday's schediUe: New York at Chicago, 7:30 p. m.; Boston at Cleveland; 6:15 p. m.; Philadelphia at Detroit, 7:30 p. m.; Washington at St. Lbula» 7:30 p. m. NATIONAL LEAGUE Brooklyn New York Chicago St. Louis Cncinnati Philadelphia Boston Pittsburgh W. 39 36 34 30 27 23 23 16 L. 15 19 23 30 30 32 33 46 ,GB Pet. .722 .648 4 .696 6V<j .500 12 .474 13% .418 16 Vj .411 17 .262 28% Wedntwday's residts: Brooklyn 6, Chicago 5 (10 innings); New York 6, Pittsburgh 2; St, Louis 7, Philadelphia 1; (Cincinnati 7-3, Boston 6-1. Friday's schedule: Pittsburgh at Brooklyn, 11:30 a. m.; Chicago at New York, 6:30 p. m.; Cincinnati at Philadelphia, 6:00 p. m.; St. Louis at Boston, 6:30 p. m. WESTERN LEAGUE Last night's results: Sioux City 7, Colorado Springs 6; Denver 3, Des Moines 2; Omaha 9, Wichita 6; Pueblo at Lincoln, postponed. Junior Legion To Play Fii'st Game Tonight The Esthervlllo Junlbr Legion baseball team will play Its ball game tonight at 8 o'clock ni Ja^'cee field, meeting the^ Rlng- stcd Junior Legion nlncln th'J. first of a thrce-eame series. ; The wlnher oif two^ games In thvi series will represent BJmmdt county In tho district Legion tournament. Don Weber, who Is In charge ol the Junior t ^egion program, has a squad of 21 .hoj ^'lpn his Jirnfqr Legion ifostcHi^tt 'crs, scVoii 9Ut ?ferdafiii|« bitscmen,^ three scrafKL/ two first basomeniv,l and three catiihirs ; listed ns both a catcher and ii third baseman. The roster Includes Dick Plcp- er and Don Amundson, pitchers; Jim Smith, Bill RIdout and Denny Bike, catchers; Prank Smith and Darroll Rodger, first base; Gary Gcmmlll, Lyman Olson and Russell Stump, second base; Doit Lamack and Ronnie LeeMaster, shortstop; Dave Orlger^ '"lildout and Vcrlyn Sundc, third base; Bob Morltz, Dick , Chrlstcnsen, George Lyman, Paulson, Don Robinson, George Stavros and I<arry Murray, outfielders, Pleper Is expected to pe tho startltig pitcher in tonight's game. ' In the ice Ages It is believed-that eight rhUlloh square miles of Europe and North America were cover' cd by deep deposits oC. \aa,. DANCE Thursday Jiine 19 through Sundoy Juiie 22 Satin Smooth Music> of- Eddie ANeki and his Orchestra Tuesday June 24 Opening Old Time Dciiices to l>e held every Tuesday Eddie Siceets and His Swiss Boys Coming Wednesday June 25 0 Russ Morgan and his world famous orchestra •ROOF-GARDEN Rem EVERY Monday. 7:00 Armstrong ;Sate$^o. ArmstroMg, Iowa •t'tXh \v lit!. • '* ••,11! MO P«ECif-^WwATBVgl? THAT rrATlON .W l« IN VDUK HVfO« PBKAMC N«fiPLBy IT CBirrAINtV ISN'T

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