Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on January 3, 1949 · Page 14
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 14

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, January 3, 1949
Page 14
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FOURTEEN EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., MONDAY, JANUARY 3, 1949 Phone 4GOO for a WANT AD Taker. « Interest Shown In Winter Sports ...The Cumberland Chamber of Commerce has been receiving many requests from Baltimore, Washington and other eastern cities for In' formation'pertaining to skiing and other winter sports ' of Western Maryland. ".The most recent was an inquiry from a Baltimore croup which asted aid in plans to come to this secdon In January or February to rent' horse-drawn sleighs for an old fashioned sleigh ride. In the snow.. Facilities at state operated centers at Herrlngton Manor, Swallow Palls and New Germany are proving more popular each year, Chamber officials said. Since, all of the above recreational centers offer cabin facilities In addition to skiing and ice skating they are becoming year-aroimd play areas.' • -Nearby Guntertown, 1 with its ski trails," cabins and restaurant, has also been growing'In popularity in recent years. ."-JL burning paper match provides one caadlepower, or about one- twentieth of the light produced by a' 25-watt incandescent lamp. BACKACHE «r money &»< our dre«i« *«* Cjfittx tod»r. Various State Departments Of Maryland Have Openings The Department of State Em- ploj'ment and Registration announces open competitive examinations for several Maryland state jobs. Positions include .district deputy game wardens, forest guards, "inspector for the Department of Tidewater Fisheries,'and part guards. Applications ror examinations on any of these positions must be mailed to the State Employment Commissioner, 31 Light Street, Baltimore, prior to January 15. The'ex- aminations for all but park guards will be held February 5, with that to be announced later. Purpose of the examinations is to establish an eligible list to fill vacancies which exist and which occur from time to time. The position' of district deputy game warden calls for a standard salary .scale of $2,090 to S2.G15 a year, with the maximum pay reached in five years. The duties come under general supervision of the director, Game and Inland Fish Commission. Applicants must be between the ages of 25 and 35, must be free from disqualifying physical defects, must have up to four years of high school education and recent experience in law enforcement or game management or. recent experience in the armed forces of the United States. Any person appointed must own an automobile and-have a telephone In his home so he can be readied at all times. The examination will consist of a written test only. WNN VACUUM JTOIltS • GUARANTEED „ REBUILT Completa With 8 Attachments FREE HOME PHONE FOR DEMONSTRATION TRY BEFORE YOU BUY PHONE: CUMBERLAND 2447 One of America's Largest Vacuum Cleaner Chains The salary for forest guards is fixed at $1,900 to $2,375 per year. Duties include .responsibility for forest protection,- forest maintenance, re-forestation, forest maintenance, and forest administration for'the Department of State Forests and Parks. Special jobs • in connection with patrolling -forests and parks must be done. In some instances the job' calls for supervision of small crews of men .engaged in forestry work. . . Training and experience call for. a high school education or 'experience in forest fire prevention and .control, forest tree culture and care and use of forest and forest fire fighting equipment. No applications will be accepted from any person'who has -reachixJ 59 years, and no appointments • will be made -from the eligible list of any person who has' reached that age. Department of Tidewater Fisheries inspector carries a salary of S1.870 to 32,340.' Duties are to enforce .the laws relating to the sea food industry, and in some Instances to assist in operation and care of a patrol boat. Education requirements call for high school graduation or the equivalent, with experience in-the sea food industry and in operation of a motor boat as desirable. Two years of Army or Navy service may be substituted for two years of high school. Applicants must be between 20 and 35 years of age and in good physical condition. The test is a written examination only. • Park guard applicants must be under the age of 69 and must be in good physical • condition. Two summers experience or one year experience in fire prevention and control and experience in. park maintenance and operati'on are desirable. High school graduation is required although recent experience Addresses Needed By Draft Boards Men'who reach the age of 25 must continue to keep'their Selective Service Boards notified of their addresses even though they are not subject to drafting, according, to Col, Henry C. Stanwood, Maryland Selective Service director. He gave the remainder in discussing what he termed a general misunderstanding as. to the responsibility of registrants who are beyond- the age of liability for service. Col. Stanwood quoted from Section 15 of the Selective Service Act of 1943 as follows: "It shall be the duty of . every registrant to keep his local 'board informed as to hJs current address and changes in status as they are required by such rules and regulations as they may be prescribed by the President." ' . 1 The' following regulations issued by the President are applicable, Col. Stanwood said: ,"lt shall be the duty of each, registrant to keep his local board advised at all times or the address where mail" will reach him. The mailing of any order, notice or blank form by the local board to a registrant at the address last reported by him to the local board shall constitute notice to him of the contents of the communication, whether he actually receives it or not." Your Individual Horoscope Auto Model Sent To I^aVale Youth Louis Diuguld," 13, son of Mr. and Mrs: John H. Duiguid, of LaVale, has received a 15-inch plastic model of the 1949 Kaiser convertible auto from Henry Kaiser, president of the Kaiser-Praser Motor Company. . The maroon model has gears with three forward speeds and one reverse speed, and is powered by a spring motor. It also has against educational requirements, i The examination will be held at! a date to be announced and the! test will, be written. Salary scale is $1,900 to $2,375 per year. Coin Club To Meet Holmes H. Cessna, president, and Charles "Morris, former president, will discuss large pennies at a meeting of the Western. Maryland Coin Club Wednesday at 8 p. m. at All Ghan City Club., Farmers own approximately 40 per cent of the private forest lands in the United States. Why Thousands of Doctors prescribe pleasant tasting 8WC0I/W! (CAUSED BY COLDS) PERTT7SSIN acts aionce.Itnot only relieves such coughing but also loosens up phlegm and.mates it easier to raise. PERTTJESIN is safe! Mighty effective for old and young! Pleasant tasting! MODERN, SELF-SERVICE GREATER SAVINGS ... FROM YOUR ACME SUPER MARKET... BeefSteaks ib. 73c Beef Liver ^S. 59c Hamburger &£;* b 49c «« •«• Y* « ^ A I Iteady-to-Eat Boiling Beei 2?C [Boneless Hams SAUSAGE Ib. 83c Fresh Country n,. 49' Wafer Sliced Chopped Ham Ring or Jumbo Bologna •jib. 39C lb .49c Red Perch Fillets n,35c Ocean Pollock Fillets i». 25c Large Cocktail Shrimp »,. 69c Miracle Whip Salad Dressing P 39' Glenwood Assorted JELLIES 12-oz. glass Ideal APPLE BUTTER Choice Pea Beans 59* Tea Balls—Ideal Gelatine Desserts—Ideal KingsJord Corn Starch Ideal Mince Meat Pancake Flour—Gold Seal Waffle Syrup—Staley Sweetose 'M > ^i4»9«mni«- » Franco American Jftacaroni - j n oream Sauce Tomato Catsup—Asco Quality Philadelphia Scrapple Breakfast Cereal- Cocoa whea * AlI-Bee£ Frankfurters 4 , 25C pkirs. •* J** 2 1C-OZ. <*l£ pk£s. *•*••• 20-oz. fjf* Jar •* /*• 20-oz. •• i c box • LAC 24-oz, aCP bottle J>»3 1D3 l™35c 14-oz. ^Q C bottle * wv 16-or. f-tf, con •* •**' pkB. * 8C *£;35C Dole's Pineapple Juice 2 ^ 31 Juicy Socdlcas U. S. No. 1 Jersey Yellow CONSIDER YOUR FRESH FRUITS AND VITAMINS Florida Marsh Grapefruit Sweet Potatoes Juicy Apples New Crop Cabbage Purple Top Turnips tangerines 8&45C 3">5.29C •5&49C Sweet Juicy Southern Grown Washed Tender 210 Size • was made especially Tor Louis by a toy manufacturing' company. A 1 letter from Norris Nash, sales promotion manager of the concern, accompanied the car. Nash'said Kaiser had asfccd- him to send the model to the boy as a Christmas present. Louis came to Kaiser's attention by repeated requests for advertising folder picture's of Kelser and Frazcr cars. Kaiser, Nash said, had taken a personal Interest in the boy .and decided to send lilm a Christmas j present. . i Rotary Meeting Wednesday "William Wendt and Dr. .Frank Crawley will give classification talks tomorrow at 12:15 p. m. at the meeting of the ' 'umberland Rotary Club at Central T. M. C. A. Look in the section in which your blrtli- duy comes and riuri v.'hat your outlook is, according to the stars, Tor Tuesday. January 4, 19'Ii) MARCH '21 10 AP.RXX. 20 (ArJCSl—The new year is upon uc* Exorcise extra effort, hoi dsturdily to principles and thJnRS will please you. Don'c lee down; do more than the ordinary. Stay within reason in budget, action. " APRIL 21 to MAY, 20 (TaUrUs)—Don't be alarmed or hurt at outside Interference or obstructions; they won't lust IO«B. Remove yourse^T fro many crudities, from unhealthy prospects, riold to pleasantness. MAY 21 to JUNE 21 rCcmini)—Extra caution In business, money matters! Important decisions? Mulct .them sanely, but: as promptly as posslols for best values. Stop where questionable, risky undertakings start. JtTNl2 22 -to JULY 23 (Cancer)— Slightly uphill, but will be worth the effort in the end. Weddings, courtship, social and personal affairs newjy 'favored. Important you review health habits, relr.x a', times, JULY 24 10 AUG. 22 (Leol—Outlook h'nzy for some business and personal matters. Don'c surrender to' mcods or petty differences. Be earnest and upright with all and you'-can expect some flne benefits. AUG. 23 to SSPT. 23. (Vlrsro)—Excellent aspects most of day. You can do more with personal charm than with words. Most of us suffer ft sense of inferiority at one. time or another; help others ar,d so help yourself. SEPT: 2-t to pCT. 23 )— somo odd business inking reasonable exuberance counteracts twists now. A. M., better rays for routine, planning; P. M.'. especially fjood chances. Smiling irritability. OCT. 24 to NOV. 22 (Scorpio)—You may find progress in unexpected way today; be ready for sound openings. Influences excellent for, individual effort, out-of-ordinary trys. ' v NOV. 23.lo DEC. 22 (Saplttarlus)—Some circumstances that at first may seem try- ins 1 , but eventually will turn out In your favor, P. M, also offers likely surprises In domestic and personal matters—Rood I DEC. 23 to JAN. 21 (Capricorn)—Pick your way carefully first 'few hours today: there are some unseen obstacles ,to be cleared. Keep disposition even and you'll make unexpected strides. Splendid P, K, rays, JAJ-.". 22 to PEB. SO (Aquarius!—When day is done and you count up results they should be favorable. Planetary IndlcaMons helpful, so Ret started early, work hard, hold temper, and achieve! FEB. 21 to MARCH 20 (Plscesl—Inestim- able •prlvllcRes here. Stars In 3ne aspect for your natural charm, steadiness. Inventions, new devices, travel, unusual thlnRS cn.n expect sains. . "XOET BORN TODAY were born under the ambitious, purposeful, Industrious Sipn Capricorn. Everything true of your SJRn in likely doiib'y true of you of this dat.c. You can win hlph honors .and fume. can , also cause yourself much puln, trouble. Taku sound advice, take solf In hand and •philosophise, but don't take too seriously all you see, hear or think. Use your TVca!Hi of practicalness, your knack of "making the best of thlnps." Many noted statesmen, speakers, managers, cn- Rlncors In Capricorn. Have patience; use for EXPERT DRY CLEANING Phone 5163-M Pick-up St Dc//Vcry Service TRI-STATE CLEANERS Maryland Ave. at Williams St. Auto Loans In 5 Minutes We Lend Top Dollars On Your Car Furniture end Signature- Loans • Easy Repay Plan NATIONAL LOAN.CO. • 201 SOUTH GEORGE STREET PHOKE 2017 Lester Millcnson, JVf0r. . Abundant Parking Space At Out Convenient Location concentrated errors. Blrtlidtitc: Sir Isaac Pitman, popularized shorLlinnd. (Copyright. 1040, King Feature* Syndlcntc, Inc.) Red Cross Drive To Open March 1 Schwarzcnbacli to Head Aiunial Fund Campaign projects. 1 . : • . ' . The Steering Committee that se- The 'eleventh annual Heci Cross campaign will get underway for one A native of Cumberland, Schwarzenbach is manager of the 1 Swarzen- bach and Son clothing store, Baltimore Street. He served three and a half years in the Army and vas discharged with the. rank of captain. He was assigned to an Army Special Service unit in Panama. In • addition to his Red . Cross fund raising activities, Schwarzenbach has worked, in chairmanship capacities :n the annual Community CLest campaigns and has been af- with many other community week here March Schwarzenbach, !•• with George A. lected Schwarzenbach to head the local drive is composed of. campaign chairmen who headed the Washington - Lee i activity in past years.. The Red Apartments, as general chairman. • j Cross. initiated the fund drive in Schwarzenbach was named to' head the- drive ^t a meeting of the Steering Committee Saturday. Mrs. Harry Beneman, president of the Allegany County Chapter, Bed Cross, who announced Schwarzenbach's appointment, said a cam-' paign. 1 goal has not been set but is expected shortly. Working committees will be named within the next few days. • Schwarzencach, who has been active in civic-work- of the community for a number of years, accepts the general chairmanship after serving successfully for two years as head of. the Advance- Gifts Committee of the local chapter. During both .years as advance gifts ' head, new ' chairman has maintained a precedent of obtaining between a half and three quarters of the entire chapter goal. The chapter goal has always been 1 exceeded. • . (BRtfflfflG) V ., '-'3.....-A../ CUMBERLAND PAINT & GLASS CO. LG5 North Centre St. — Fhone 817 1S39. The local chapter goal is determined by the national organization after budget figures are submitted by the 3,700 Rod Cross Chapters. ' It is customary to-mount a horse from the left side. Trucks carry 57 per cent of iH livestock shipped .to stockyards -m the United' States.' ' ~ Red-headed persons have .Iron in the. pigment of their nair. • ;', Beware Coughs? Following Flu After die; I3u is ove.-and pone, thccoupb,. that follows may devdop into chronic; bronchitis if neglected. Crcomulsion. , relieves promptly because it goes rigbr,: to the scat of ihc trouble to help. loosen and expel germ laden phlegm;'; and to aid nature to soothe and heal- raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous^ mcmbraocs.No matter how many mcdi—. have tried, tell your druppist^ to sell you a bottle of Crcomulsion- with the understanding you must^UJte* the way it quickly allays, the cough- or you arc to havc'your money bact^ CREOMULSION for Coughs,ChestCoIds,Bronchitis- TRUSS FITTING By Akron Graduated Experts, also Abdominal Supports, Elastic Hos. • iery and all types of surgical appliances. Private Pitting Room. Ford's Drug Store Cumberland ' .. 54 N. Ccntro St. //Ruptured W^*~ RAND'S D* FTwJ Qth*n No* £•—• WMr • Form Ftttlni MILUCR Trm which pnrldr* mtttrtl &•*• 4om Hid comfort i» wmidnc, 5, horn badki -x— B , nrimming M Too j«t ouioot «f- lokawitboutihUproto* tlow Mid ••nraienoo. Waar two «»tks iii«n o-^ tnlt yw fbpUra *•*«• «• elding w keep ft- • y** Wriu mm lodM? for FRU, Bwt 1» jUin, **l*d«Bntepfc CUT BALTIMORE AND CENTRE STS. HABEEB FOR PRICES EFFECTIVE JANV3, 1. 1948. • FLOWERS 26 North Mechanic St. Phone. 2765 YOU CAN ALWAYS DO BETTER IN A P. S, MKT. ALASKA SALMON Sn HEINZ CATSUP Large Bottle . U. S. NO. I PA. BLUE LABEL POTATOES Peck PINEAPPLE JUICE Can 39 Pure Peach PRESERVES , Jar 17' FRESH GROUND HAMBURG ' Jb. FOR SALE VALUABLE RESIDENCE AND OFFICE PROPERTY of the. Late Dr. Thomas W. Koon . The undersigned Trustee hereby offers at private sale the valuable residence and office property of the late Dr: Thomas. W. Koon situated at 221 Baltimore-Avenue. Arrangements for an inspectip'n-bf the prop-, erty at any reasonable time can be .made through, the Liberty Trust Company, and offers "for said .property should be submitted to The Liberty Trust "Company, at its principal off ice," corner of Baltimore and Centre Streets, • Cumberland, Maryland. - 'Any offer which is accepted will be subject to final ratification by the Circuit Court for Allegany County, Maryland. • For further particulars, write or call the'' undersigned. The Liberty Trust Company • Cumberland, Md. ' ( Trustee Under The Last Will' And • Testament -Of Thomas W. Koon, Deceased. Florida ORANGES 200 Size doz. 49c ROIME BEAUTY A P P L E S 3 rbs! 29c SEEDLESS Grapefruit 29c for YELLOW ONIONS U. S. NO. 1 J?ENNA- POTATOES 50^1.89 CRISPY Head Lettuce 2 te 25c FRESH RED Tomatoes b 27c FORT PITT SALAD MIX FRESH KALE 2 »., 17c To our many friends with whom we have had the pleasure of doing business and to the community with whom we are not yet acquainted but who will find a welcoming hond awaiting, them here—to each and every one we extend our sincere., good wishes for a full measure of happiness and prosperity throughout the year to come. The First National Bank MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 7 137 YEARS OF CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND Founded 1811 MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE.. SYSTEM O F COMMUNITY' .SERVICE

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