The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on November 27, 1981 · Page 17
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 17

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 27, 1981
Page 17
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P««« 18"n>«S*lln* Journal-Friday, November 27,1981 TIDAL CATASTROPHE — A 50-foot tidal wave kicked up by Typhoon Irma killed scores of per- UPI Photo sons and slammed villages in the Philippines. It is the strongest typhoon to hit the area since 1979. Scores killed in Philippines by Typhoon Irma, tidal wave MANILA, Philippines (UPI) - The death toll from the 50-foot tidal wave that rolled over four towns in southeastern Philippines has climbed to 136, bringing the overall number of those killed by Typhoon Irma to 176, officials said Friday. The typhoon slammed into the Philippines Tuesday with 150 mph winds and caused widespread flooding around Manila, but reports of the tidal wave disaster did not reach the capital until Thursday because the storm cut off communications with the affected region. The government-owned Philippine News Agency said 136 people were lolled in the giant wave Tuesday that hit the towns of Garchitorena, Serona, Lagonoy and Caramoan in Camarines sur province, 140 miles southeast of Manila. The agency said 40 others also died elsewhere from drowning or falling debris at the height of the storm. The four affected towns on the Philippines main island of Luzon have a combined population of 170,000. In the town of Caramoan, only one of the 2,000 houses was spared. Authorities said the village of Ben- agaspasan, with a population of 1,000 living in about 100 thatched huts, was practically levelled. Police patrolman Segundino Arcega, who survived the tidal wave, said the 50-foot wall of water from the Pacific followed a flash flood three hours after Irma struck. "There was a sudden roar and the big wave came, taller than the coconut trees," Arcega said. He said he and 13 other men sought refuge in the concrete health center 50 yards from the beach and climbed to the rafters to avoid the flood. But he said the tidal wave tore off the roofing and tossed his companions into the raging water. He and another officer clung on to 24 HOUR Film Developing Or FREE FILM Roll developing of 110,126 or 35mm Cotor Print Film (C-41 process only) left before regular photo pick-up. Check our store service schedule for details! (Excludes weekends and holidays) •—- ALCOCOUPON-™" Alco Double Prints! FREE 2nd set of prints at time of roll developing when you buy the first set at regular everyday low prices. EVERYDAY LOW FILM DEVELOPING PRICES Single set of prints 12 Exposure Roll $2.76 24 Exposure Roll $5.16 36 Exposure Roll $7.66 Coupon must accompany order. Offer expires Nov. 29,1981 ASK ABOUT EVERYDAY SAVINGSON DOUBLE PRINTS! OUR QUALITY FILM DEVELOPING GUARANTEE If you're not completely satisfied with your pictures, we'll reprint them or refund the per print chargeon returned pictures. Film developing charge is not refundable. If all negatives and prints are returned, a complete refund (including developing charge) will be made. If you're not completely satisfied with your slides or movie film, we will refund the per slide charge, on returned slides and the entire developing charge on returned movie film. Simply return your pictures, slides or movies with your receipt within 30 days. Available) at: Daily 9 to 9 Smfcy 1 to I the roof as it was lifted and tossed into the air. "We sailed in the air for about 100 meters (yards) and I blacked out. When I woke up an hour later ... I thought I was going to die," said Arcega, who suffered a broken leg and bruises. President Ferdinand Marcos flew over the disaster zone Thursday and said the damage was "not as much" as it was earlier feared. A similar strong typhoon in 1970 lulled 575 people. Congressmen finish turkey, start junkets WASHINGTON (UPI) — Faithfully following a tradition almost as old as Thanksgiving, a few members of Congress are using the holiday weekend for trips abroad. Some of the trips are being paid by the taxpayers — some aren't. The number is comparatively small because the holiday period is little longer than an extended weekend. Congress returns to work Monday. Sen. Charles Mathias, R-Md., and Reps. Barber Conable, R-N.Y., and Thomas Foley, D-Wash., leave for Europe Saturday on a foundation-funded, five-day trip to meet with the heads of the five political committees in the European Parliament. Foley will meet with the French agriculture minister on international grain matters in Paris Wednesday. Rep. Jonathan Bingham, D-N.Y., chairman of the House Foreign Affairs' International Economic Policy subcommittee, is leading a group of seven congressmen on a "multi-purpose" trip to Europe and the Middle East. Bingham was joined by fellow committee members Bob Schmansky, D- Ohio; Arlen Erdahl, R-Minn.; Toby Roth, R-Wis.; Joel Pritchard, R- Wash.; George W. Crockett Jr., D- Mich., and Dan Mica, D-Fla. They left in an Air Force plane Tuesday morning and spent the first two days at the Organization of Economic Cooperation Development in Paris, discussing international energy- sharing and economics. They visited Israel Wednesday and Thursday and headed for Cairo for the weekend to discuss the Camp David peace process, then a stop in Athens next Tuesday to meet the new prime minister, and a final stop in Ireland Wednesday. Rep. Charles Wilson, D-Texas, also is in the Mideast, but his staff refused to provide details until next week. Rep. Silvio Conte, R-Mass., said the State Department asked him to arrange a bipartisan group of six or eight congressmen to go to northern Italy for the dedication of several new schools and hospitals built since the earthquake. If the group decides to make the five- day trip, Conte said they would leave Dec. 1 and also spend a day in Sicily and a half-day in Rome. Conte said with a laugh that, after Rep. Gerald B.H. Solomon, R-N.Y., criticized the trip during House debate, "quite a few members asked me if they could go." Saudis defend plan for Middle East peace JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia (UPI) Saudi Arabia defended its eight-point Middle East peace plan Friday and said it was not to blame for the failure of the 12th Arab summit. Leftist media blamed the plan for the abrupt ending of the summit in Fee after only five hours of deliberations Wednesday. In one of its points, the Saudi peace plan implicitly recognizes Israel's right to exisit. "The plan was never intended to serve Saudi interests," the Saudi government said in an official statement. "It was intended to serve Arab causes, especially Palestinian, by laying down logical and fair principles." It acknowledged some Arabs raised "questions and reservations about some points of the plan" and that the Kingdom at one point during the summit offered to withdraw it. "But other Arab leaders insisited the the plan be kept on the agenda," the statement said. THE FAMILY CIRCUS. By Bil Keane "Would you woke me up at six tomorrow? That's when the cartoons start on TV." (Across the bridge on Crawford) (Firit published In The Salina Journal, November 20, 1981) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY, KANSAS the Matter of the Estate of irtha M. Rundell, Deceased. NOTICE TO CMWTCmS Cose No. 81 P-166 O AIL PERSONS CONCERNED: You are hereby notified that on No- ember 17, 1981, a Petition for Probate of ill and Issuance of Letters Testamentary as filed In this Court by Robert Showal- T as the Executor named In the Last 'III and Testament of Bertha M. Rundell, eceased. All creditors of the above named dece- int ore notified to exhibit their de- ands against the Estate within six onths from the date of the first pub- cation of this notice, as provided by w, and If their demands ore not thus xhibiled, they shall be forever barred. Robert Showalter Petitioner AMPTON, ROYCE. ENGLEMAN NELSON O. Box 1247 alina, Kansas 67401 13) 827-7251 ttorneys for Petitioner (3lip) (First Published in the Solina Journal, November 13. 1981) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY, KANSAS the Matter ol the Estate of erman G. Anderson, Deceased ursuant to K.S.A. Chapter 59 NOTICE OF HEARING ON PETITION FOX FINAL SETTLEMENT Case No. 80 P-151 HE STATE OF KANSAS, TO ALL PERSONS ONCERNED: You are hereby notified that a Petition as been filed on November 10, 1981, in aid Court by Beulah M. Anderson, exec- or of the Will of Herman G. Anderson, eceased, praying for final settlement of m Estate, approval of her acts, proceed- gs, and accounts as executor, allow- nee for attorney's fees and expenses; nd also to determine the heirs, devisees nd legatees entitled to the estate and ssignment to them in accordance with e Will of Herman G. Anderson, de- eased; and you are hereby required to e your written defenses thereto on or efore the 8th day of December, 1981, at ):00 o'clock A.M., on said day, in sold ourt, in the City of Solina, in Saline ounty, Kansas, at which time and place aid cause will be heard. Should you fail terein, judgment and decree will be en- ered In due course upon said petition. Beulah M. Anderson Petitioner onald Barta of ARTA 8 BARTA 11 East Iron .O. Box 1605 alina, Kansas 67401 M3) 825-5413 .Homey for Petitioner (3tsp] (First Published in The Salina Journal, November 13, 1981) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY, KANSAS n the Matter of the Application of ARBARA ANN DOUBRAVA to Change ler Name, NOTICE Of HEARING OF PETITION FOR CHANGE OF NAME Case No. 81 C-269 O WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: You are hereby notified that the above lamed Barbara Ann Doubrava has filec ler Petition in the above court praylnf or judgment and decree changing hei ame to that of Barbara Ann Rusch, anc hat said Petition will be heard by said ourt at the courthouse in Salina, Saline County, Kansas on the 28th day of De- ember, 1981, at 10:15 o'clock A.M. Barbara Ann Doubrova Approved By: MARIETTA. KELLOGG 8 PRICE 48 South Seventh Street >alina, Kansas 67401 913) 825-5403 Attorney for Petitioner (31 sf. (First Published in The Salina Journal, November 13, 1981) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY. KANSAS In the Matter of the Estate of Phyllis E. Rlpley, Deceased NOTICE OF HEARING AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS Cote No. 81 P-162 THE STATE OF KANSAS TO ALL PERSON CONCERNED: You are hereby notified that a petitloi las been filed In this court by Ralph E foitz, as executor named In the will o Ihe decedent, praying that the Instrumen attached to the petition dated February I 1975, be admitted to probate, and for the appointment of Ralph E. Reitz, as execu lor of the will without bond. You are further advised that Ihe petl lioner in this matter has requested ad ministration pursuant to the Kansas Sim allfled Estates Act, and if such request I iranted the court may not supervise ad ministration of the estate and no furthe notice of any action of the executor o other proceedings in the administrate will be given except for notice of fina settlement of the decedent's estate Should written objections to simpllfiec administration be filed with the court, the court may order supervised adminls tration to ensue. You are hereby required to file you written defenses to the admission of the decedent's will to probate on or befor December 7, 1981, at 10:30 o'clock A.M m this court in the city of Salina In Salln County, Kansas at which time and plac Ihe cause will be heard. Should you fa therein, judgment and decree will be en tered In due course upon the petition. All creditors are notified to exhlbl their demands against the estate with! six (6) months from the date of the firs publication of this notice as provided b law, and if their demands are not thu exhibited they shall be forever barred. »/ Ralph E. Reltz Petitioner Clark, Mize S Linville, Chartered 129 South Eighth P.O. Box 1343 Salina, Ks. 67401 PHONE 913-823-6325 Attorneys for Petitioner (3tsp (First Published In The Salina Journal. November 20, 1981) CHARTER ORMNANCf NUMKR IV A CHARTER ORDINANCE EXEMPTINC THE CITY OF SALINA, KANSAS, FROM THE PROVISIONS OF K.S.A. 16-707 WHICH PROVIDES FOR THE LICENSING OF PAWNBROKERS AND PRECIOUS META DEALERS AND PROVIDING SUI5TITUT AND ADDITIONAL PROVISIONS ON TH SAME SUBJECT AND REPEALING CHARTS ORDINANCE NUMSER 12. (E IT ORDAINED by the Board ol Com mlssloners of the City of Salina, Kansas: Section I. That Ihe City of Salina, Kan sas, a city of the first class, by the paw ers vested In It by Article 12, Section 5 o the Constitution of the State of Kansa hereby elects to and does exempt Use from and makei Inapplicable to It Ihe provisions of K.S.A. 16-707 and provide substitute and additional provisions on the same subject, as follows, lo-wlt: "16-707 licensing of pawnbrokers and precious metal dealers: application fee; disposition. (a). No person shall engage or continue In business as a pawnbroker or precious metal dealer without first obtaining a license therefor. The person shall obtain such license from the clerk. (b). Application for a license shall be In writing and shall state the full name and place of residence of the applicant. If the applicant is a partnership, Ihe application shall contain the name and place of residence of each officer, shareholder or member thereof. The application shall Include Ihe address of the places where the business Is to be conducted, the hours and days of the week during which the applicant proposes to engage In the ousiness of pawnbroklng or dealing in precious metali ol each such place, and such other Information as may be necessary to determine the applicant's qualifications for a license In accordance with Ihe provisions of state law. Each applicant shall also submit with the application: (1). A statement that the applicant Is the holder of o valid registration certificate Issued by the Director of Revenue pursuant to K.S.A. 79-3608 for each place of business for which application for a license is mode; ona (2). A detailed Inventory and description of oil goods, wares, merchandise, precious metals or other property held in pledge or for sole at the time Ihe application at each place of business stated therein, Including whether the some was received in pledge, purchased as secondhand merchandise or precious metal purchased for resale. (c). The license application shall be In a form approved by the attorney general. Each application shall be accompanied by o fee as determined pursuant to Ordinance Number Bl- 8891 which shall be paid annually upon renewal of Ihe license. All such fees received by the City Clerk shall be deposited In the city general fund." Section 2. This ordinance shall be pub- Ished once o week for two (2) consecutive weeks In The Sallno Journal, Ihe official city newspaper. Section 3. That Charter Ordinance Number 12 Is hereby repealed. lection 4. This is a Charter Ordinance and shall take effect sixty-one (61) days after final publication.unless o sufficient petition Is filed and a referendum held on Ihe ordinance as provided In Article 12, Section S, Subdivision (c) of the Constitution of Kansas, In which case the ordinance shall become effective If approved by a majority of the electors voting there* i. Adopted by the Board of Commissioners by not less than two-thirds (Vi) of the members elect voting In favor thereof and approved by the Mayor this 16th day of November, 1981. Merle A. Hodges, M.D., Mayor ATTEST: D.L. Harrison, City Clerk (SEAL) (2tsp) Personals PREGNANCY UNPLANNED? Birth right cares. 119 South 7th, 823-3113. Free tests. Confidentiality. FULL TIME bookkeeper for construe- Ion office. Bookkeeping experience mandltory. Forty hour week. Equal Opportunity Employer. Send resume to Box J-439, Salina Journal, Salina, Kansas 7401. WANTED FULL time babysitter In my home for 15 month old girl. Hours 7:45 am to 5:15 pm, Monday - Friday. Call Ann McCormlck at 827-3508 after 5:30 pm. Classified Advertisements DIAL 823-6363 Or write PO Box 779, Salina, Kans. 67401 10 Words Minimum, $1.30 Minimum Charge SELL AVON during the holidays. Earn good US. Set your own hours. For Re- mbllc, Cloud, Mitchell, and Jewell coun- les. Marguerite Davis, Avon District Sales Manager. 913-527-55*8. l time, per word 13' 3 times, per word 30' SO* postage and handling charge on want ads If cash does not accompany order. Blind Ad Service $1 6 times, per word 43' 26 times, per word $1.56 Cash with order SAVES YOU (Plus the 50' handling charge, for ads placed 3 days or more.) (Add 4 words for Blind Box Number) 10% Rates apply to residents in Salina retail trade area only. Open rate is 13' per word or $6.60 per col. inch per day. DISPLAY CLASSIFIED ADS Will be accepted until 4 P.M. 2 days before insertion, 10 A.M. Thursday for Sunday One day earlier than above If over Vi page. INDIVIDUAL CLASSIFIED LINE ADS One column wide In type this size will be accepted until 1:00 P.M. day before insertion; 1:00 P.M. Friday for Sunday. The Salina Journal will not be responsible for more than one incorrect insertion. SALINA JOURNAL WANT AD CLASSIFICATIONS Want To Buy Good Things To Eat Musical Instruments Wearing Apparel Miscellaneous Rummage-Garage Sales Antlques-Coins-Stamps Household Goods Air Conditioning-Heating TV-Radio-Stereo Business-Office Equipment Building Materials, Tools Construction Equipment Flowers, Plant*, Trees Pet Stock & Supplies Farm Equipment Farmers Wants & Services Seeds, Feeds, Fertilizers Livestock & Supplies Poultry & Supplies Public Auctions Sale Dates Furnished Apartments Furnished Houses-Duplexes Sleeping Rooms Unfurnished Apartments Unfurnished Houses-Duplexes Realtors Houses-Lots For Sale Want To Rent Business Buildings, Sale-Rent Business Property For Sale Office & Desk Room Real Estate (out of town) Garages-Parking Lots Farms and Farmland Real Estate Wanted, Exchanged Sporting Goods Motorcycles-Bicycles Boats, Marine Supplies Airplanes Mobile Homes Campers ft Trailers Auto Service & Parts Car, Truck Rentals Cars I Trucks 1. Funeral Directors & Monuments 125. 3. In Memorlam "'• 5. Card of Thanks '»• 7. Amusements, Events '31. 9. Personals '33. II. Special Notices 135. 13. Lodges-Clubs '37. 15. Lost Found-Strayed '39. 17. Schools-Instructions HI- 19. Alterations & Sewing "3. 21. Appliance-TV Repair "5. 23. Baby Sitting «1. 25. Beauty & Barber Shops '$3. 27. Bicycle Repair '55. 29. Bookkeeping-Taxes 157 31. Carpeting & Masonry 159. 33. Cleaning-Rugs, Furniture '*'• 35. Clocks-Watches-Jewelry "3. 37. Electric Service & Motors l65 39. Furniture Repair I*'41. Glass & Glazing '"• 43. Heating & Refrigeration '73. 45. Hearing Aid/Supplies '75. 53. Luggage-Purses-Leather 177. •55. Nursing-Rest Homes 179. 57. Moving-Storage '•'• 59. Office Machinery & Equipment 183. I 61. Odd Jobs '95. 63. Painting & Papering 117. 65. Pest Control 119. 67. Photography 191. 69. Piano Tuning & Repair 193. : 71. Plumbing-Sewer Service 195. ' 73. Roofing '97. 75. Shoe Repair '99. 77. Trash Hauling ft Cleanup 201. 79.Tree Trimmlng-Removal-Spraylng 203. •1. UpholilerIng Carpeting, Draperies 229. 13. Miscellaneous Services 231. 97. Special Interest To Women 233. III. Cafe, Motel Help 235 113. Help Wanted M7. 115. Salespeople Wanted 239. 117. Employment Opportunities Kirn. Situations Wanted 2<7 121. Business Opportunities "'• 123. Loans-Insurance Funeral Director* AUTHORIZED DEALER Memorial Art Co. 1608 South 9th 823-298 "A name respected In Kansas IN MEMORY of Rudolph Bornhardl Crook. Tomorrow ho wouW have boon M year* old. Ho passed owoy April •, INI amount of toor* shod or word* sai said Ho I* greatly No a can ever slop the hurt. missed and he'll never bo forgotten b; hi* family and Irian*. Love Wife, Chll dren, Grandchildren, Great Grand children. Bvdite ARTS AND Crafts fair. Lion* Building Main Street, Gypsum. Saturday, Novem bar W, 9 em • J pm. Ouulfled ads get refute. Special Motke* 11 NOTICE Classified Ad Deadlines 4:00 PM 2 Days before insertion for Display Classified. 10 AM Thursday for Sunday. Ad* over Vi page I day earlier than above. The deadline for WANT ADS and deleting want ads before normal expiration 1:00 PM Day before Insertion. 1 PM Friday for Sunday. LOST: SMALL silver toy poodle In Ihe north Front area. Answers to the name of "Shunnar". Reward I Coll U/-S415. You will be surprised. Classified ads sell old things. Happy Birthday Debby! Love, Bob Help Wanted 113 WANT LADY for position downtown Salina store. Excellent salary write Journal Box J-443 Salina Journal. Enclose photo. SALESMAN, PLUMBING and heating supplies, paid holidays and vacation, Hue Cross and Blue Shield, profit shar- ng. Reply to Box J-441 Salina Journal. LPN POSITION open, full time 3 • II pm shift. Apply In person between 9 am ! pm. Monday • Friday. Shallmar Plaza Cursing Home, 2054 Lambertson Lane.. WANTED BABYSITTER In Lowell area for evenings and weekends. Call 125-4417. WANTED FULL time maintenance wlp. Apply In person, Hilton Inn, 5th and Iron. FOOD SERVICE Supervisor. Apply In person, Park Villa, Clyde, Kansas. NOW TAKING' applications for night tostess and cashier, experienced bar- ender and bar helper. Apply In person, Monday • Thursday, 4 pm - 10 pm. After Five Club. SECRETARY/RECEPTIONIST part- Ime, 21 hours per week. Local Insurance Office. Opportunity to work Into ull-tlme position. Send resume to Salina Journal, Box J-442, Salina, Kansas 47401. PHYSICIANS G.P.'s, specialists, or retired doctors to work a few hours weekly to do physicals n our office In the Salina area. Top salary, guaranteed hours to meet your schedule. Call person to person. Dr. N. Horvltz, (215) 947-9700 (Philadelphia). RN'S Part Time For 7 am • 3 pm shift. Apply In person, 9 am • 4 pm, Monday through Friday. Salina Nursing Center 1007 Johnstown DREAM OF A LIFETIME Aggressive, ambitious, career-minded ndivlduals wantedl Our company Is ooklng for Individuals who really want to get ahead financially. Association with our company will earn you In excess of $55,000 the first year. Impossible? So you thlnkl If you want actual proof, call Mr. Carlson at 913-632-2141 for urther Information. TELLER Part Time Salina financial Institution has opening for teller to work approximately 25 hours per week. Work schedule Includes every )ther Saturday and both morning and ai- lernoon shifts during the week. Previous teller or cashier experience preferred. Proven ability to deal effectively with the public required. This Is a permanent position. Please submit resume to Box V-120 Salina Journal. ACCOUNTANT Western Kansas office of national C.P.A. firm has an Immediate opening for • C.P.A. with 2 • 5 years audit and tax experience. Complete benefit package, pro- lesslonal development program, excellent salary and career opportunity. Send resume to: FOX & COAAPANY BOX 1477 DODGE CITY, KANSAS 67801 tateepeopte Wanted 118 START YOUR new career In the exciting field of Financial Planning. New Training Program, New Pay Plan, New Marketing Program. Both full and part time opportunities. Interested applicants please send resume to Box Y-119 Salina Journal. tttuattone Wanted 119 KTI STUDENT desires part lime custodial work, three years experience. Ask lor Danny. «25-9el5, Room 204. Opswtunttie*, Ul APOLLO VACUUM unit with lattart, logos and supplies for modlng plastic, signs and products. Uxtl, us* full or hall sin. Writ* Ladenburger Supply, Box «N, Oakley, Kansas 477*1. Or call Vll-ett- EXPANDING SOLAR wholeule dlstrlb utor has openings for area manager* and dialers. Little or no Investment required. 911-4M-39S3. EL MATADOR restaurant, 140* Waal Crawford lor leas*. Completely furnished, seats It. contact Steele, U3U»1 or write P.O. Box »4. employee? look Need another Hundreds of readers through the classified ads every day. Phone 823 4363 for help with your ad.

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