The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on June 1, 1935 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 1, 1935
Page 4
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McGraws'Food Store LEG IN CAST. E. E. PriU-hurd Injured May 8th Ueleascil From Vructurc Bed. E. E. Pritchard, well known Nickel Plate employe who was in. jured May S. when struck by an Ureen street automobile at the cros REALTY TRANSFERS. Several Transfers Recorded for Week Ending Friday May 31. During the week ending Fri day. May 31, several transfers of real estate were recorded by county recorder, Sirs. Jessie Essig and there was some activity in other lines but the business was not rushing. Beginning Saturday June 1. there are several changes in fees of the office and chattel mortgages can he handled for about one-half, the fee for recording being 50 cents and marginal ising of the Nickel Plate rail-j"fi'loases 10 cents, road, is improving slowly. Thurs- Cartand Cornutt has conveyed day evening surgeons released) to Charles Eller 10 acres south of him from thu fracture bed, where j Tipton. known as Hie Lett farm, a weight has been on the broken! tor a consideration of ?1. leg and it was placed in ;i cast. ) James \V. Perry has conveyed Mr. Pritcliard who was flagman j to Frances T. Perry interest in at the crossing was struck when | property on Columbia Ave., Tip- thc driver of the automobile mistook a signal of one of the trainmen for a signal fur him to proceed. ton for a consideration of $1. Univena Small and * others, have conveyed to Hugh Carter parcel- of land in the southwest I corner of the county for a consid- iN.irmics ri«>vi-:i> FATAL, i oration of si. Klijali (iniliiiiii, -S". <>f SluTiil Died ;it .MaHon I-Yiday Night. Xorman Webb has conveyed to >. .S. KdwaYd.s CO acres near Windfall for a consideration of $1. A. «. Dogsctt has conveyed in- Elijali Craham. Sfl, of Sheridan j (crest in the same land for a con- who suffered a frartiim! vortubrap! jideratinn of ?2.00U. in an automobile wreck m-ari Kcnhcn A. Cardwcll as sheriff Painnouiit Thursday, when the | i; is conveyed to the Tipton Huild- autoimihilt' in which In: and sev-jiiii: and Loan Association prop- era! others were riding blew a • crty in the Shirk addition to 'Tip- tire and struck a telephone pule. ; Ion fur death at tin; ('.rant County hospital ,Sfl;i.7-l. at Marion, Friday night. consideration of $1,- W. C. Meyers has conveyed to Mrs. Jam- 1'rire. Mi .01 Scirclo-' J. V. C';trter 1-15 acres west of ville who was v.iili Graham in the; Til.ton for :i consideration of SI. car. is in ;i < runciitioii at; During the week eight mort- tiie hospital with :i skull fracture.; canes amounting to $25.02!) were «—«. pU'.reil against Tipton county real j a to ami eight amounting to ! R17.7UO wore released. H<-ven chattel mortgages were i NEW DEAL ON AFFRONTS Almost Every Phase of the New Deal Is in Legal Trouble. MANY CASES PENDING Land Is Higher. Dt.-i >!i>i!iiv-. In.. June 1.—dim; belt land, a Mirvi-y di.-rlo.-rcl yos- (Dy United Pr»ss). Washington, June 1. — Almost every phase of the new deal is under legal attack and may be expected to ultimately reach the supreme court. President Roosevelt said clarifying statements would be issued on all pending cases. It was presumed he meant all phases of the new deal rather than merely the NRA. Republicans already have raised the question of whether the reciprocal trade agreements intered into by the United'States are constitutional. They delegate power to the president to make agreements with foreign nations. Rep. Allen Treadway, R., Mass;, las introduced a resolution call- ng on the president to abrogate he treaties. A similar point is made against the Eccles banking bill, which would delegate to the federal reserve board the power to regulate f money. The cotton processing tax—involving presumably** other processing taxes — insurance provi- involvlng the oil code pending In San Francisco. TSe power of the federal government to condemn land for slum clearance projects is under attack in Louisville, Ky. NEW FRENCH CABINET. "Save tbe Franc" Cabinet Is a. National Union. Paris, June 1. — Joseph Caillaux, new finance minister, today declared his "unshakable determination' to maintain the gold parity of the franc, pitilessly suppress speculation and tight mercilessly all campaigns for de- valorization." Caillaux's statement followed a consulation with the former finance minister, Germain-Martin 1 . The new minister indicated that the importance of his tasks may oblige him to call in the former minister as collaborator. placed on personal property of the county during the week, they "" '' " '. ... lamour.tins to $2,951.22 and one! acre over last yi-ars average Jig-, ° ures. Laiul brokers, f-spoclally in the territory embracing Iowa, eastern Nebraska, and sonUieni Minnesota wliere di-alints havi' been most numerous, expect the upward price trend to continue. Buyers are paying $l(ili to .••llin an acre for guuil land with many purchasers putting duwn the cash. Isions of the home owners loan act, the Tennessee valley authority, the Bankhead -cotton control . . . ,„- , , iact. oil control abrogation of the chattel of ?2a was released. ... . . . .. ,. ,,,,.,-Igold clause and the slum clear- One mechanics lien of §jfi.2oj , , . . . ance plan have vital features iu- was j>laced on record during the „,._„„ , , volved in the litigation. week and one of ?la.SC released., This does not take into account I.irth .\nnoiincixl. I'ainbow Convent ion. and friends here liav>2 .received word of the birth of a lino baby daughter to Dr. and Mrs. Hiel E. Criim of Indianapolis, the little one arriving Friday morning. May 2-1. The child is i the first one in the home and has 1 been given ].—Com-, AlIn tli«' annual more than -)00 NRA cases which, technically, still are pending. Some involve labor questions and undoubtedly will bo raised again under the Wagner labor bill providing for coHe-ctive bargaining. The outstanding cases, which undoubtedly will be dropped, are the Weirton steel case and the Mrs. Crum is the daughter of Indianupoli.-'. June {smittc"j members [instate convention of the- llainluiw | j, r _ ;uul ) J I . K _ Ijt . st |. r Q. Division Velirrans' association u,, ur |j,,,,. .M r . :im i Mrs. Boring wen- announced yi-su-rday by 1'aiil i f ( , rm eriy resided in Tipton. he at ( tinu time being superintendent of hint electric light plant here. Ht : is now serving in that capacity at the Hotel .j j; nur | )()IIi where the family has I'Sided for a number of years. Mr. luring is a brother of Arthur the mime of lleilene! Houde case. The former, pending in the Rhoadunner, president of the Indianapolis rhwpK-r. The convention will IJL> Saturday. June S, Washington. Lieut. Cook, World War ace. will !jo till! J!; third circuit court of appeals, involves the right of Weirton Steel Company workers to organize under the American Federation of Labor. The second involves the validity of the labor board's mi- principal speaker. Boring of this city. No t-'uts. Elkliart. June; 1.—As.-uranci'Si Frit-Hilly Club. Mrs. Clco Massey of indianapo- thal the Kupreim- CnurtV invalida-i lis, will bi; hustcss to the mcmhcr!; -tion of NKA cinit.-s will brin:; no; of the Friendly club Wednesday reduction in wage k-vel.s or unUe-Uifturnoun and members arc asked ing on majority rule. The licensing provisions of the AAA which are subje-ct to attack may be changed before a court test comes. Many rulings have gone against the AAA but almost every instance it has been on the issue of interstate commerce. Chairman Ellison D. Smith of the the AAA will be amended to remove, the licensing power over senate agriculture committee says sirable changi-s in working con-: to take notice of the change in intrastate commerce. ditions were piv<-n in resolutions j date. The meeting will be held signed yc-.-tcnlay by ihrty of the city's leading manufacturing firms. at the li'Jino of Mrs. Cora Lentz | on .South independence street. i. O. O. F. Notice. Regular meeting of I. O. O. F. lodge Monday evening at 7:00 o'clock. CLIFFORD CRUM. Sec. Will Try Again. Jr. O. U. -V. Meeting Monday IK at 8 o'clock at even- 124',4 Kast Jefferson street. Members urged to attend. \ . OVER GOODNIGHT, Councilor. '- NOBLE YOUNG, Secretary. CARL PUMPHREY. Financial Secretary. Lady o' the Lake i Stockings, 59c LANE'S Cinnamon Buns Gap Cakes 'S BAKERY I.os Angeles. Cal., June 1.— Wiley 1'osl is about to get away on his fourth attempt to Jly nonstop from here to New York through tbe lower stratosphere. Within the next day or so tiin- mg-uji work on hia monoplane, Winnie Mae, will be completed at Union Air Terminal, Uurhank. The time of take-off then will depend on the weather. Many Arc Bitten. Indianapolis, June 1.—As city completed preparations the for an Intensive drive against stray dogs-yesterday,thirty requests for Pasteur treatments went through the office of the Indianapolis Board ot Public Health to the state health department. This number is the largest for (By United Press). Paris, June i. — Fernand Rouis- son presented today to President Albert 'Lebrun and the nation his "save the franc" cabinet.. Next 'Tuesday he will face the chamber, over which he ruled for ten years as president, to demand emergency powers to strengthen the national finances and restore economic normality. Leader of a cabinet of strong men, he will demand that tho chamber and senate vote him tho full emergency powers he asks without extended debate. It is Iiis task to offset a threatened budget deficit of 10.000,000,000 francs (?G5S, 300,000), stop France and the flight of capital the flow of .gold from the Bank of generally, buttress the currency against attacks by speculators and work for prosperity. It appeared that Roussou succeeded In his attempt to form a cabinet of sufficiently wide party scopo to be called one of national Great Sweepstakes Will Provide! Fortunes for Hundreds of People. 'POOL" IS SHORT : (By 1'nitc'l rivssl. Dublin, June 1.—Fortunes for people all over the world, poor people and people already rich, were drawn by pretty Irish girls at the Mansion House today from a small! glass drum. The fortunes came in the form of counterfoils from millions of tickets sold in the Irish Hospitals TRUCKERS TO MEET. Dump Trackers Will Decide Upon A Schedule of Rates. Kokomo, June 1. — Dump truck operators of Clinton, Tipton, Howard, Cass, Grant, Miami and Wabash counties will act on proposed rate schedules tor Indiana projects under the $4,000,000,000 Federal public works program at a meeting to be held at the Y. M. C. A. building at Kokomo at S o'clock Tuesday even- Ing, June 4. Speakers will be George W. Pearson; vice president of Indiana Motor Traffic Association, Inc., under whose auspices the schedules are being worked out; D. F. Mitzner, secretary of the association, and W. L. Jordan, field secretary, all of Indianapolis. Don Cromwell of Kokomo, J a member of a state steering committee set up at a recent meeting held at Indianapolis for the dump truck industry under call of Indiana Motor Traffic Association, Inc., has charge of local arrange- All Poor Belief Matters Are Handled in Special Records From Now On. BLUE FRONT DRUG STORE OTHER CHANGES MADE Saturday marked many changes in the office of the county auditor, a series being held in all sections of the state to pass on detailed recommendations being proposed Sweepstakes, the world's largest, drawn to correspond to the names • men s ' of SO.horses entered in the Ep-j The Kokomo meeting is one of som derby, the world's greatest horse race, next Wednesday. Lord Powercourt, chairman, opened the ceremony with u speech in which he referred de- preciatingly to the "Sabre rattling' punishments imposed on sweepstakes agents and other of-j forts abroad to deter interest in' the sweep. I by the state steering committee on the basis of a cost study they have undertaken. the new laws regarding the mat- iter of handling POOP : relief ac- I counts going Into effect June 1. As a result. County Auditor Joe Mattingly and his deputy, Roy C. Osier, will have considerable more bookkeeping to do in the future. Three new records are necessary to handle the various matters changed by the 1935 legislature, most ot them applying to the expenditures for poor relief and expenditures of the highway departments. Under the new plan poor relief expenditures and appropriations { are kept entirely separate from After statewide agreement by !otncr county funds and • - the rate sched- and the ebmUte has been changed. to the Plaza hall was its own burned recently, i basic followed by declaring that every knock was a boost. John O'Sheehan, director of the sweep, announced the total receipts as of which the "prize fund is £l,-j 160,900 : (5,111,628)—the low-! est since the first sweepstake, J On the recent Grand National sweep, the prize fund was about; ( the state highway commission. ., leaica , seryice expenoituros Brvne host : Lal ° r ^'' WiU " e laW he£ ° re " ie i must be full >' itemized when filed - ' • roads at Washington, D. C., as a!, )v lhe person rendering tne sery . contracts on j projects. It is •' they can be approved trustees. The law also changes the mat- hoped to have the industry's pro-| ter of ,. eceivins bids £or county posals ready to submit to t"e| supplies and the form of bids and '£^W^^^ WBhWBy b ° dy ^^ tWS 'hanges the matter .or requisitions i month. At the Diana. union. Joseph Caillaux, former premier and former finance minister, was., given the finance portfolio. HP, so closely, but the prize fund to-'. man >' tal1 talcs - The actual derivation of the $7,804.000. a drop had been ox-j word "Hoosier" has been the sub- pected because the derby follows ! Ject of much controversy and is one of the strongest men in tho cabinet. Maurice Falmade, Radical Socialist deputy and fiscal expert, was first chosen, and Caillaus wa.s to be minister of state. But Palmade telegraphed a ro- fusal' to serve as the cabinet went to tbe Elyseo palace to he presented to President Lebrun today and Caillaux was at once substituted. During the cubinct's visit, President Lebru signed a decree making the cabinet list ollicial. and. Rouisson, Caillanx and their colleagues began a week end ot work on their program. day was $2.000,000 below mates. The fund is divided into Fine Uaby Son. any one day during rabies danger. the . present Daily Bible Quotation. Let every one of us please his neighbdr for his' good to edification.—Romans 16:8. / . ._';' .. ^ The gold case is pending in the court of claims. It involves authority of the government to repudiate the gold clause in liberty bonds on issues slightly different from the famous gold cases decided earlier. Its threat is directed at the new deal's fiscal policy ratlier than its monetary policy. The cotton processing tax is challenged by the Hoosac .mills in a case pending on the second circuit court of appeals in Boston. The case should reach the .supreme court next term. The Rankhead act is challenged by a Texas cotton grower. Lee Moor, in a suit seeking to force the Texas and Pacific Railroad' Company to accept for foreign shipment several thousand dollars worth of cotton grown in excess of Moor's allotment. It is doubtful whether the ruling of Judge William I. Grubb in Alabama, which restricted TVA operations by holding the gov.ern- mont had no authority to sell surplus power, will ever reach the. high tribupal. New legislation probably will remedy whatever defect* Grubb (ound. Tfie court will decide Mon<lay whether it will entertain appeals brought by three Wisconsin building and loan associations challenging the insurance provisions or the HOLC. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Camren of North Condc street arc the proud parents of a fine 7-^4 -pound huby son, who arrived Friday evening. The little one has been given the name of Allan Kemp: He lathe second child in the home and is welcomeB by a sister, Ann Janice. Mrs. Camren was formerly Mis.i Elizabeth Weaver, daughter oj Mr. and Mrs. Tyner Weaver of North East street. IJoth she anii her son are getting along splendidly. Mrs. Ella Camren of North Conde street is the paternal grandmother. for material by the county highway supervisor. • Most offices of the county are affected by changes in the new laws and many of the officials are anxiously awaiting copies of the acts to acquaint themselves with the provisions. Mrs. Jessie Essi^, county recorder, whose office is affected by the changes, was studying diligently Saturday, the one volume of the acts which has come to this county, as to methods used in handling instruments left for recording and the fees tu fi2S) was divided into 10 residual I day fora 3 days'run. i bo charged. prizes of M.ODO ($29.963) each. Ou this occasion two theories County Clerk Simpson who Thoso vL he dnwn Mondiv I wore propounded by the principal i^as in Indianapolis the first of I, e ,S 0 unit ' th e members of the cast. One by Nor- the week for a conference with nrira arc as folltwa- man Foster, who plays the title tho'state tax board regarding the WinlVho s ?„ derbv_£30, role, and the other by Charlotte! int*n B lM M tax. was informed at ooo (14? 600° Henr >"' thc leadins woman - Miss U ' at Uni ° t! ' at ° U ° (14l ' 600) - Henry , an ardcjlt readcr OI - George tributi.on wonld esti-l Naturally enough, the old dis- i cussion cropped up again during 11 j the picturization pf "The Hoos- units of £100.000 ($492,000) i ier Schoolmaster," Edward Eg- cach. This means 11 sets of prizes! ggleston's famous classic of Indias if there were as many sweeps, j ana backwoods life. The picture Tbe remainder of £60,900 ($299,-! conies to the Diana Theater Sun- "Of course congress could, i£ desired, pass an act which applied; only in interstate. commerce. States could pass laws affecting; intra-state commerce." •; The governor said hie measure; would include a labor policy which 1 would clarify Section 7A ol thij national code. ' Doubt as to whether the state: could constitutionally enact re-, covery legislation,; however, was; expressed by Attorney General Harry H. Petersonj • ; • WILL ORGANIZE CLASS. Home Hygiene and Care of Sick Course Offered at Kempton. There will be a meeting in the: American Legion Auxiliary room u Kempton, Tuesday evenln?,; June 4, at 7:30 o'clock, for the purpose of organizing a class in lomo hygiene and -/care of the sick. : Anyone interested in joining- the class is asked to be present at his meeting. For other information call Mrs. Carl McCarthy. The classes are sponsored by the county Red Cross , organization,; and will be taught by Miss Helen. Sullivan, public health nurse. ' ' Tribune Want Ads Get Results. AAAAA to EEE 53 — ENNA JETTICKS — 96 America's Smartest Walking Shoes. NU-WAY SHQE STOKE North Side Square — Tipton Ade and other Indiana novelists Horse—£10,000 ($48,- was inclined to take the more Thc summer bathing suits ;vv<? tiny trifles that begin nowhere and end at once. Tango party, Eed Men hall Saturday, 8 p. m. Adm., lOc. c-207 Second horse—£215.000 (?73,SOO.) i Third : 200.) ! The draw started at 10:30 a. m (4-30 a m. EST). As in the! through the innate curiosity of Grand National, because of gov-| Indiana residents who were accus- ernmcnt restrictions against lot-Uomed to running bare-foot after terfes, the full names and ad-;U»e conveyances of travelers dresses:were given only of Irish, through the district, shouting the American and Central and South i colloquial expression: "Who's American winners. !>' cr? " This - J * iss Henrv declared, Americans and Canadians who: was in an effort to find out the drew horses listed among the first! identity otjravelors. five in the derby betting were: I : *"~* ; Field Trial—William J. Cun-'j FAINTED TOO SOON. nio, 503 West 14Sth St.,. New; York City. i I'l'isonrr '1'iissrd Out 1 He-fore Slio be here about June 10th.. there being copies for the officials, attorneys and town- h'umor'on's"View" She'stated "that »hlp trustees hut none for general the word "Hoosier" originated | distribution. MINNESOTA TO ACT. Declares He AViU Pass a State NRA Law. (By United Press). Minneapolis, June 1. — Al- "Foursome," 2C3 Howard Ave-j Hoard All of Sentence. IF YOUR BREATH HAS A SMELL YOU CAN'T FEEL WELL nue. Grimes Hill, Staten Island, I N. Y. ; ' -'• | "Eight Hard Nuts," S-1S Buck Lane, Haverford, Pa. "Slim," Canada. Theft—"Look Out," New York City. : - - ? "Kleanor and Frances," New York City. "Whoope" (Whoope), Brooklyn, j "Felray," Jersey City. "Luckie," West Somerville, "O. K.," 330 North Broadway, Mass, j Los Angeles. It was indicated that tbe United Stages was the largest con- tributo|- to today's draw. Of 176 names drawn in the first hour, 76 were or Americans, i In e»t too much, oar food dwmyi am bowel«- Our ftiudi imell thli - decmy earning oat of our mouth md all '^ v decay «11 «»«' on 5 bod = r - ^ i Bake « »• . gnuthr •od'ao soot for anything &d=/uii«« tptafe-nrwi &«»«; ft?* (T!y Iluitcil Press). Chicago, Juno 1.—Pretty Sally \Vebher, 2, charged with possession of counterrfeit §10 bills, heard Federal Judge John P. Barnes say: "I sentence you to a year and a day in federal prison—" She tainted. When she was revived the judge finished: "And admit you to probation for that length of time. 1 • SAFE UNLOCKED. "Warden »ld Not Want New;Faint t Job Smeared. i • ! (By United Press), jollejt. 111., June 1. — George Sehrlng gavp the safe in his offl :e a! Iresh coat of paint and then If sued an order that jit be left unlocked at night. j ••Thdre'a nothing j valuable ; In Hi" 'tKj Warden exnlalnedVj "anfl Bom'e ..tumble J)i|nny ; i:fro:«(i th.^ ight ^ulij that!; paint I Ijorcnx Correction. . Yesterday's Tribune carried un article about the death of -Mrs. Judith Lorenz, nee Waltz..In this article 'Mrs. Lorenz's 'sons : were given the name "Waltz." Obviously, it should have read; Rev.' Henry Lorenz of Solomon, Kansas, Ed Lorenz of Alexandria, Monroe Lorenz of Alexandria, Joseph Lorena' 'of Indianapolis, Oliver Lorenz of, Shelbyville, ; and John Lorenz, deceased. The funeral- services will be held at 1:00 o'clock Sunday aft-, ernpdh at the Lutheran church in Arcadia instead of Sunday mortf- Ing, as originally planned. . '.-- :: •. C '.. ,: '•.- '*'f . •- .'• Ad. •;• , ., though the NRA has been declared unconstitutional by the United States Supreme Court, its benefits may be preserved in Minnesota, it was learned today.' Gov. Floyd B. Olson said he would call a special session of the legislature to enact a state "NRA" measure which he himself will draft. "Acts which would not run counter to constitutional provisions could be passed by the states and through that medium the NRA could be preserved," Olson said. "Perhaps an even' better structure could be created. DR. a W r GEINSTEAD Registered Podiatrist FOOT AILMENTS Monday and Monday Evenings 510 N. West St. Phone 8341. TRY OUR Hourly Delivery Service Sterling Grocery Phone SS4. 42O AVolnat St. TONIGHT Admission: lOc and 20c 2 — Big Pidjnres — 2 TIM McCOV in "Fighting Shadows" Tim joins the • royal uorth- wcst mounted police, fighting the toughest gang; of the north. Also KE.V MAYNARD in "Mystery Mountain" — Extra Added Attraction — Walt Disney'* New All Colored Comedy "Goddess of Spring" Our Late Showi Tonight RAUPH BEljtAMY in 'Rendezvous at Midnight' ThriUs! ChiUs! : Mystery! Sunday r ••hlfflllllllllllHiiiiiMiiniiiimiiiiniiiiiiiimimm^^^^^^ Summer There's no reason why your summer trips and vacations should be spoiljed aLAREandaJltieeye (ARLYAMII

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