Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 10, 1958 · Page 16
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 16

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 10, 1958
Page 16
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ALTON EVENING TELSXJftAPM THURSDAY, JULY 10,1981 . ..j. Horse h Still ArounA-at Least at County Fairs 2^ Teams Take Part in Jersey Pulling Contest .TERSEYVILLE - Bill Of Clayton, 111., and Harold Gilbert of Sclbina. Mo., walked off with the two top prizes in t h e hf-rse-puiling contest at Jersey County Fair Wednesday, taking first In the heavyweight and lightweight divisions respective^ ly. A truck-borne pull-measuring device owned by the state county fair association was used to register the prills. In the heavyweight class Erie Wells of Bonnie. III., was second; Gilbert Bros, of Marttnsvilte, 111., third; Floyd Lemons of Carrollton, fourth: Hershel Fulks, Pawnee, 111., fifth; Phil Adamson of Brazil, Ind., sixth. There were 12 teams partlciat- ing in the division, the other six being owned by Wayne Angel of Pearl, Burger Trucking Co., of Hoffman. 111.. Joe Lappin of Bonnie Clinton Lane and Immel and Bryant, both of Norris City, 111., and Raymond Adamson of Greencastle, Ind. Jerry Robinson of Clark, Mo. finished second in the lightweight division; D. Roan of Seser, 111., third; Robert Lappin of Bonnie, fourth; Floyd Lemmons of Carrollton, fifth; Wayne Angel of Pearl, sixth. Others participating in the 12 team Hghweight field were Stoke Bros., of Carlyle; Immel . Bryant, Norris City; Kenneth U terback, Madison; Vernon Wilson Lakenan, M., and Ed Baker Eldred. Louis Nail was in charge of th contest, with Ralph Huckelberrj of Belknap, 111., acting as judge Other officials were Frank Scog gins, Roger Brooks and Bob Reese. Roxana Cubs To Visit Farm ROXANA. -The committee for Cub Scout Pack 25 will meet at 7:30 p.m. Friday at the home of the Cfubmaster, Dr. William Von Meyer, Monday Grant's In Rosewood Heights. return home Sunday, but Mfi. Williams and daughter, Kfttfi, will stay for two weeks with tost parents, Mr. and Mrs. Grandfield. ftottftft Note* ROXANA. — The Rev. William Rice, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, took one of two loads of used clothing to the Church World Service station' in for the pastor, the Rev. James Major, tt local boy, son of Mr. UN) Mrs. Lynn Major of ftoett avenue. While the Rev. Mu«tatn|^ ettaei> is away the Rev. Carl Holwwda will fill the pulpit. the Cubs will go tojst. Louis Wednesday afternoon. Farm in Missouri and 9 Americans Held In Germany Get Gifts BERLIN (AP) - The American Red Cross Wednesday turned over to the East German Red Cross if more letters and 8 parcels for delivery to the nine U.S. Army prisoners held in Dresden. An American Red Cross delegate also will inquire about mail from the prisoners to their families. The Red Cross said so far only one delivery of mail has been received from Dresden. The men have been held since their helicopter got lost in a thunderstorm June 6 and ran out of gas over East Germany. The East Germain Communist regime has refused to hand over the men. HE FINISHED FOURTH Floyd Lemons of Carrollton and his heavyweight in the heavyweight division, fifth in the lightweight team photographed during horse-pulling contest at Jer- class—Staff Photo, sey County Fair Wednesday. Lemons finished fourth are to leave Central School at 7:30 a.m. Little League Result* ROXANA. — In the midget di* vision of Little League baseball play Wednesday evening on the park diamond the Cardinals beat the Cubs by 17 to 9. Campbell and Perkhlser were the winning battery and L. Wallace and Myers the losers. The Braves defeated the Dodgers by the score of 29 to 5. Winning batteries were Nunn and Dona and for the losers it was Kerr and Stanich. The Phillies won over the Giants by 20 t<vl8. Winning batteries were Dubbelde and Dut- chlk and for the losers McVey and Lockett. Vialting from California ROXANA. —Mr. and Mrs. Robert Williams and 6-month-old daughter Karen of Englewood, Calif., are visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy O. Williams of E. Tydeman avenue, and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Willard Grandfield of W. Fourth street. Bob recently graduated from the Northrop Aeronautical Institute and has secured employment near Englewood. Williams will Colonel General Gnstov 10m Chief of Staff rf th* Gem** Army, signed for Germany at th* Mfly Clothing will be received up un* til next Sunday and may be taken to the church. Miss Marilyn McGUl, daughter of Mrs. Rene Wadlow of Chaffer avenue, has returned from Sparta where she visited her cousin, Miss Donna Wilson, the past two|| weeks. The Rev. and Mrs. L. E. Mus-|| tain of E. Tydeman avenue are in Falls, Pa., conducting a re- IVal at the Baptist Church there Aided NEW YORK # - Caring for needy members of the theatrical profession cost $321,529 last year, the Actors Fund of America reports. The organization handled 13,870 indigent cases, President Walter Vincent told the 76th annual meet' ing. 7400 ColllfliVIIle Rd. UPtOti 4-9001 Oftens 7:00 ~- •Sttftl »t OtOt MOW tHOWINO! North Alton TO CURB SPEEDING OX MATHER STREET Speeding on Mather Street, sub ect of complaint to city authorr ties by many of the crosstown horoughfare's residents, may soon )e curbed. Alderman Parker Wednesday ight secured City Council author- zation for preparation of a traffic rdinance amendment fo set a 20- mile speed limit between State nd Alby. . His resolution in the matter provided that a plentitude f signs also be posted to keep mo- orists reminded of the slow order. Council. members indicated ap- arent sympathy to the Northsid- rs' complaints. They voted rule uspension so Parker's resolution ouJd be immediately adopted. The affirmative vote was unanimous, arker said the new paving on a ection of Mather seems to have een a factor in alleged speeding, 'he street serves as a bypass for 21m, often congested. It is rela- tively narrow, and many children use it. ALBV .STREET BRIDGE PROJECT REAWAKENED After several months of somnol ence, the Alby Street bridge project was awakened in City Coun cil Wednesday night by Alderman Lister. He asked City Manager Watt to report at the next meeting on the status of negotiations with he GM&O Railroad on improvement of the bridge. A great deal of attention was ?iven by city authorities last fall :o a project to provide pedestrian safety on the narrow span which over tops the railroad cut at Alby- Delmar-Oakwood intersection. The nterest was generated by a school ward ruling that a school bus no onger could transport pupils over he Alby bridge route. School patrons then launched a demand tin the city to' have a safe >edestrian passage provided in connection with the bridge. And BOUGHT for CASH! TO SELL AT A SACRIFICE PRIDE! SELF SERVICE 211 PIASA ST., ALTON, ILL 2166 PAIRS HIGH GRADE SHOES . F.rm.riy SOU Up to municipal authorities undertook to determine possible responsibility of the railroad tor improved bridge facilities. VFW JUNIOR GIRLS UNIT TO MEET SATURDAY VFW Junior Girls Unit 1308 will meet Saturday .at 2 p.m. in the VFW Memorial Center Hall on West Delmar. BOBBY SMITH INCURS DOG BITE Mrs. Robert Smith of 345 Dooley Dr., reported to the police about 4 p.m., Wednesday, that her son, Bobby 3, had been bitten by a dog. The dog, which apparently was a stray, headed east in the woods following the bite, she said. Bob- 3y received only a slight wound. MRS. BERTHA LOUGH ATTENDS FUNERAL * Mrs. Beulah Lough of 228 W. 19th St., returned recently from St.-Louis, where she attended the funeral of her brother, Claude I. Gabbut. Mr. Gabbut, who died lijuly 5, was a special agunt for lithe Wabash Railroad. Besides Mrs. Lough, he is sur- Ijvived by his widow, two son*, and three brothers. EUGENE ST. RESIDENTS 1 PETITION CITV COUNCIL ty Council at its meeting [Wednesday night received the peti- of Eugene Street residents I asking that their street, a private I thoroughfare, be accepted by the I city with assurance they desire to take advantage of the city's "50-50 participation program" to have it | improved with curb, gutter, and a ] stone • based bituminous pave- li merit. THEATRE get the street improved and accepted, all in a single agreement with city cooperation. A remonstrance from Danforlh Street residents urging repair o a storm water drain under that street in the 1000-block was referred to the sewers committee and city manager. Alderman Maher urged 'quick action. And Chairman iiailey -of the sewers committee said he would call a meeting for next Saturday or early next week to give the project def- nite consideration. ONE BICYCLE STOLEN ONE RECOVERED, WEDNESDAY The bicycle of pne Northside boy was stolen Wednesday afternoon, and that of another stolen a week ago was recovered, police records show. James Norvell of 1114 Douglas St. listed theft of his bicycle from rack at the YMCA. An hour earlier, police received a report from Ray Milbert at the Citizens Coach Co. garage on Wilson Ave. that a bicycle had been found abandoned at the rear of the garage building. F. E. Jacobson identified the bicycle as that of his son, Ronald, 13, which was stolen July 2 from Eunice Smith school grounds. Your Favorite Family Drive-In STARLIGHT Box Office Open at 7:00 ENDS TONIGHT "THE?LONE RANGER" and The "LOST CITY OF BOLD" Plin JEFFREY LYNN in "LOST LAGOON" 2nd ANNUAL FISH DINNER Sponsored by COTTAGE HILLS ..AUXILIARY POLICE CORPS, lnc.| SATURDAY, JULY 12 At BRAM'S ROOT BEER STAND) Vt Mile West of Cottage Hills (Route 140) Serving starts at 10 a.m. Donation $1.00 FRI. t SAT. 3 BIO HITS Thi story of t stamp x von|eance! CHARHON Ml ORSON HOT LEIGH Air*COHdItlOIIOQ I Open Daily, 6:30. Show Starts I 17 F. M. Matinee Wednesdays) (and Sundays. Doors open 12:30] Show Starts 1:00 P. M., (NoMatin^Saturday^)., FAMILY NIGHT Adults 23c, KMdies 20c Tonight at 7:20 P. M. [."ABBOTT AND COSTELLOj MEET THE MUMMY" Tonight at 8:50 P. M. "THE LONE RANGER" Short Subjects 7 P. M. Friday Through Monday Alderman street chair- II man, had the petition referred to Wo found a largo Chain huntinf for cask and agreed to tako an ofltiro lot of shoos H Hit •rice was right! YOUR Choice s committee ft II recommendation. report and explained that the petition was filed because • Irokon Siios • Hundreds of Stylos! • Somo SU«hriy Solltd • Somo SHohriy Oomogtd • Somo Odd UH • Ivory Pair •"Stool" otTWiSaloPrlct! ALL SIZES Ul* of Smpbt 4, 4V 2 , S's DON'T HISS THIS SALE!! RONALD R. RITTENHOUSE SUSTAINS ANKLE INJURY Ronald R. Rittenhouse, 24, 522 Shelly, was taken to Alton Memorial Hospital Wednesday about noon, suffering from a badly sprained ankle. He injured his ankle Tuesday evening when he slid iato base during a softball game on the Henry street diamonds. He reported to work Wednesday morning but was suffering from a considerable amount of pain. When he checked with his doctor, he was advised to go to the hospital for X-rays. A cast was applied to his ankle, and he is able to be about with the aid of crutches. , HUN uuw- JAMES Plus Socond Feature The Animal j LATE OWL SHOW 'GARNER Fri., Sat., Man. at 8:50 P. M. I Sunday 1:14, 4:55. 8:40 P. M. | I PAMHY.rVN llOiY I AKMJT TODAY'S MAMY.IN.HASTI TIIN-AOHSI uOlHG Plus Cartoon* or tne ordinance requiring streets first be improved before acceptance by the city. The Eugene property owners, he said, want to He is expecied to have to wear the cast about five weeks, his wife said this morning. r ree nayf rouno in r n., sat., won. ai 7 :zv r. m. • 1 Children Admitted Free 11 Sunday 8:31 and 7:02 P. M. | M ASTERS OF VARIETY IN ENTERTAINMENT^ EAGLES OUTDOOR THEflTRE Cr tow? POAD C P A I R Return Engagement RONNIE GILL'S ~ FINAL SHOWINB CARTS- DUSK PECK • GARDNER HAYWARD MNMTMMUMIMVfli UIMANJARQ ORCHESTRA "The PASTELS" Friday Night, July llth Dancing 7:30 to 11:30 Air-Conditioned Admission 35c FRIDAY AND SATURDAY ThoWoroftho Rongo Kings locks tho Woitl Feature Program CATTLE JOEL McCffiA- NNMIMfirr NOTIOE! ONLY AT THIS STOIE BEL*AIR U N I V t I N r M fc A i w fc Opena 7iOO TONIOHT... TRI Wfrta Dunk HORKOR SHOWI OPEN •OK., FBI, TILL I P, M. SELF SERVICE 211 PlflSfl ST ALTON, ILL. AIR CONDITIONED Week Days Continuous from 7 P,M. Sun. Continuous from 1 P.M. AMPLE PARKING TONITE - FRI. SAT. - SUN. TyroncPower — Miirlcne Dietrich — Charles Lau»hton "WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION" S:57 | Alec Guinness, Irene Browne Victor Maddern "ALL AT SEA" 7:30 Sobered Shorn TV* •RIOITTI iARDOT L English Subtitled Please! Adults Only. Admission 90c GRAND > TODAY LAST TIMES! MOM MSKINI CAlOWHl't FMMO NOVK SUTTEE ALDO ' ACRE Shown 3:10 5:10 7:10 9:10 C " />. Ht t HI \H/\(,I\ HUll I This Showing Child 35c Adults SSe I All Timeit STARTS FRIDAY! Features At 1:30 3:30 5:35 7:35 9:40 EXTRA CARTQON "ZOOM AND BORED" • PLUS KATURETTE • WALT D I i» N fc V A 1ST I> * "HWU mt fUtfr ftrtclm At 1:00 3:00 5:05 7:05 9:10 OPEN •:•• OODRIVErt PRINCESS • Lost Tlmos Tonight • JOHN AGAR "THE MAIN FROM THE PLANET AROUS" At 7:00 6;S0 Pint "TEENAGE MONSTER" At 8:25 FRIDAY I SAT, MNtMA6NMII wnuwQUINN IN MICKCY ROONEY CAMUWJOM* IISH FAIR / Dill I (IK i IIM/ 1IH Open Week Nltes 6:30. Start 7 p.m. TONITE! THRU SAT, BARGAIN MATINEE SAT, Kiddle lie, 'i (or 25c Adulto 85o Till 5 p.m. BOB HOPE FEMWHML -.EKBER6 Plm Te*iiojt 1ICHNICOWM At IsIS only filch mm M«M| JOHNOMIK Due to ilw waud«rful "fibiow WMto * 1 DwMfe" ikowiuf Ht t»» Orttti ToM(0r w* will tfMuiD «itf *Wek* MBUW" Hy tm

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