Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on January 3, 1949 · Page 7
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 7

Cumberland, Maryland
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Monday, January 3, 1949
Page 7
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Local Comics Classified The Newspaper For The Home Member Associated Pre'ss MONDAY, JANUARY 3, 1949 Second Section Federal Labor Assistant Will Speak In City John W. Gibson Named To Give Address 'At Jackson Day Dinner Announcement was made today that the annual "Jackson 1 'Day dinner to be held Wednesday, January 25, at All Ghan Shrine Country Club'.by Allegany county Democrats will feature a talk by John "W. Gibson,' assistant Secretary of Labor. William L. Wilson, Jr.. chairman of the Democratic State Central Committee, and. William H. .Buchholtz. president of the Allegany County Young Democrat Club, made the Joint announcement this morning. Invitations will be extended Gov . William Preston Lane, Jr... Senators ' Mfflard E. Tydings and Herbert R O'Conor, James J. Lacy, state comptroller; .Hall • Hammond, attorney general, and Mrs. John L. Whitehurst, national Democratic committeewoman from Maryland. Gibson has had an interesting and colorful career, and only 11 years ago was employed as.a milk- inan In-Michigan. Born In Illinois « Born In Harrisburg, 111., in 1910. he was a coal miner in 1925 and 1926 and from 192,8 to 1933 Gibson worked in Detroit auto plants In 1927 and 1928 -and from 1934 to 1937 was a milkman. He has been a strong union man and was secretary of 'Local. 83, United Dairy Workers in Detroit; secretary of Labor's Non-Partisan League, -vice president "of Michigan " CIO. Council, assistant director of 'CIO for state of Michigan, and chairman of Department of Labor and Industry for Michigan. .He Tas guest instructor for Wayne University and University of Michigan Iron 1941 to 1943. Gibson attended Wayne University in 1936 and 1937 and University- of Michigan in 1941 and 1942 -' . He was named special assistant to the Secretary of Labor in 1945 and 1945 -and has "been assistant Secretary o* Labor since 1946'. Has Served On Commissions He is the author of a handbook on "Workman's Compensation and has been a- member of numerous governmental commissions including the War Manpower Commission, Government Tax Study Commission Government Commission on Adult Education. Gibson is a member, of-the Society of Professional Safety Engineers and American Industrial Hygiene 'Society • In 1943 he was appointed a member of the Michigan State Planning Commission and .served until 1945. . . The January 26 dinner -will be the lirst "Jackson Day"-program to be held In Allegany county since before the war, and is part of a definite program designed to strengthen the Democratic party In Western Mary- rid. A. large number of local • labor leaders and members are expected to attend In view of the labor background of the principal speaker. Invitations will be issued within- a lew days to all Democratic organizations In "the county. Continue Trial Of Driver In Triple Crash A case involving the driver of a car which struck three, parked machines on Maryland Avenue Christmas Eve was continued in Trial "Magistrates Court this morn- Ing until next Monday at 9:30 a. m The machine, traveling west on Maryland Avenue was o\vned. oy Oscar V. Meeks, 933 Gay Street, and Citv Police charged him with reckless driving and leaving'the scene of an accident. , .. . Meeks, through his attorney, BO J. Ryan, requested the con Jury Charge Delivered By Judge Bruce Duties and Powers Outlined As January Court Term 'Starts. Associate' Judge Oliver H. Bruce,: Oleii Gunnett ade Foreman urv Former Frostburg . Mayor, Slate Solon Heads Inquiry Group Clen Gunnett. former mayor of charge follows: "Prom arriong . a- Oi., -del. grand jury this morning as the January term - of the Allegany County Circuit Court opened. His group of 200 registered voters in Allegnny county, coming from every voting precinct in the county; you have been selected to constitute the grand jury o. the Circuit. Court for Allepany County for the January Term of court. . "The. grand jury is one of we oldest institutions known to our criminal law system. ; Its beginning dates back to a time even nnor to the Norman conquest-of England in 1066. - Ever, though its., original duties were.' somewhat -'different to 1 at of your' duty'today, it was then and now . an. -institution to-protect the common man .in his rights if he be innocent and to faring the guilty to trial. • Docs Not Try Cases " 'As the 'grand jury, you do no try cases. You hear the evidence on the side of'the state and decide whether or not- there is what is known in the law as a prirna facia case against the accused, that such evidence that if it be. : denied and stood alone, a reason- NEW YEAR BABY AND .PARENTS—Pictured above are Mr. and Mrs. Lino Franchi, 454 Walnut Street, with their newly-born son^Gary Lee, who. was the first child born in Cumberland .in the New Year. The child was bom at Allegany Hospital- at - 2:24 a. m. Saturday!. The. Franchi couple has another child, Linda. Mrs. Franchi is the former Miss 'Mary-Jeanne Stein and-the-father Is a salesman for, the Tri-State .Electrical Supply . Company. "Young"Franchi'won the -race by three, minutes. Local Youth Scales Highest Mountain In Adirondacks Cold Weather Takes Life Of Man Near Davis Bewildered Uuiontowa Resident Wanders To Mountains From Police DAVIS, W. Va.—A Union'town, Pa., man who police said,had recently been released from, a mental ^ . institution,, froze to. death in the| 1 g > Baltimore, a sophompre at Case mountains near here "yesterday after institute of 'Technology, Cleveland, . j A __. ' llO. AUlO A Cumberland college youth, who] with two friends, spent the Christ-h mas holidays scaling the highest M mountain .peak -in the Adirondacks, |. ... is expected home from Washington, i/\, _]_ "ETxorlrfVit D. C.,. this/afternoon. iLJCaSn jLieatlOIl He is Frederick A. Small, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick T. Small, 23 Washington Street, and a student-at Goddard,College, plainfield, Vt. His companions were Charles R. Wilson 'leeing from police, authorities resorted today.' The man was identlfied'as Charles H, Hibbs, Jr., 34, Uniontpwr.. .. Hibbs, authorities, said, had ar-' rived in Darts Saturday in a jeep and asked shelter at -the home of Miss Virginia Cooper and her brother, Conley Cooper. The Coopers gave him shelter for the night but th e next day Hibbs roamed the streets without purpose and told the Coopers he was bewildered. They called police and the. man fled. Hibbs .waded across the 'Blackwater-River and a-posse was formed ;o bring him 'In: A second posse vas formed and located, the man in the mountains. almost frozen' and near death. He died on the return trip. Members of the party said the man's clothes were frozen from "wad- Ing across the river. He had lost his shoes, and his ,feet and legs were Dadly cut. Hibbs, police said, had refused to give a name until shortly before death. Temperature in the' mountains was six above zero, they added. Hibbs' body was • returned to Uniontown yesterday. He was the son of Charles H. Hibbs, Sr., and Agnes (Stlffler) Hibbs and was a native of Bulgel, Pa. State Trooper W. Phillips, City Officer Malone Gainer .and Delmont Cleaver, chief'of the Davis Fire Department, .formed the posses in the hunt for Tllbbs. tin-nance until next Monday. Ryan Informed Magistrate Peter J. Car pent! that Meeks stated he was no the driver of the crash car, adding that the auto had been stolen from him.' ' • . _ In testimony today,' Officer J. C Stouffer, who made the arrest stated that three cars parked on "Maryland Avenue had been struck at 7"p m and said the crash vehicle was-found locked an hour Inter on Glenmore Street. Officer Stouffer arrested Meeks on a description furnished by Mrs, Alta •Wasmer and Mrs. Pearl Whitacre, - who reside at 921 Maryland Avenue. Stoufter -also reported Meeks had Informed headquarters the next day that the machine had been stolen. Mrs. Wagner told the court she heard the 'crash of the machine owned by Meeks when It struck the car belonging to Mr. Whitacre, her brother-in-law. - ' She said she rushed to the street and saw a man whom she identified today as Meeks operating .a car that hit the Whitacre machine again, strike another vehicle parked in Irons of it, and go on to hit a third auto parked farther'west on Ballistics Lab Furlouhs 30 the street Mrs. Whitacre's testimony was similar to Mrs. "Wagner's statements, and she added she was "very mad" when she saw the car belonging to Meeks hit her husband's B She declared she attempted to leap on the running board of the moving car and pull the driver out. She also identified the operator Meeks, who is red-haired. The o women said they traced the Meeks car to Glenmore Street after notifying police. Meeks' bond has been set at S22.90 The women reported one of the cars hit in the mishap had to be towed 'to' a garage 'for repairs Damage to the Whitacre machine •eras estimated at $50; The Allecany Ballistics Laboratory will layoff permanently 30 maintenance and outside construction workers the last of the week. O. B. Case, manager, and" John R. Lewis, development contract officer for the Navy, announced in a "joint statement today. . , • The slash in personnel is caused by a reduced. 'federal appropriation for the year, Case said. It does not affect the research and development department. Case said that the layoffs, as far as the'' plant is . concerned, .are not as serious, "as they sound.!' The vorke'rs affected, he said, are those extra maintenance and construction employes added in the last year ind a half. During that time ap- >roxlmately 75 employes were added. The 'plant . will employe just under 300" when -the layoffs become effective,. Case said. '. '• Reports 'of the layoffs .started „ number of. 'rumors 'here about ;he plant's future, but the fact. that 'he research and development de- p-rtment 'is not affected is taken to mean that the plant will remain Over a year ago, .officials of 'the plant said work was planned here •indefinitely." and Forrest A. Wessclls, 21, Baltimore, a freshman at Maryland State .Teachers' College, Towson: Small, 20, is a; sophomore. . Mrs. Small'said the jaunt to-the peak- -which started from- here December 26- is all a part of young Small's, college course. He hopes to land a job as a. cargo loader at-an Army airport' in Greeland, near Baffin Bay, and is to be interviewed in Washington today.. ' . T • • Small is not out of school but the job is part of-his college course,, she said. He hopes to become an engineer, his mother added. ' • The trio, gathered yesterday In Wilson's Baltimore apartment and narrated 'their story of the climb to the tip of Mount Marcy, 5,344 feet high and located.' about ten- miles from Lake Placid, N. Y.\ They covered the eight miles of snow-covered trails to the peak ,of the mountain in three days. As they snowshoed up the mountain, starting on Tuesday, December 28, the trails were covered with four to ten feet of snow; -' •' They spent eight minutes at the summit before making their descent on Thursday. It was cold, snowing, and windy that. day, they recalled. The following morning, they found themselves -wading through slush and -water, two feet deep. The .emperature had risen extremely during the night, and had melted several feet of snow. If Small gets the Arctic. post, he told Baltimore reporters,- he may stop college. After a month and a lalf, he said, he hope.s 'to work as an apprentice- mechanic at . the Greenland airfield. Wilson estimated- that the mountainous safari-cost each ?30 -including gasoline for the automobile they West Of City ' 'A headon collision in the Narrows _ at 5:30 p.'m. yesterday marked the ,35 third time in. four days that buses and a bumper bent. An the 20 bus passengers escaped injury and two' boys riding.' with Downey, Herbert Robert Pfannen- st'iel and Lawrence' Schellcnberg, both of Baltimore,-were'also unhurt, drove from, Cumberland to the Spioch said. '. , • Adirondacks. Small described it as Spioch stated the bus was bound. "28 hour non-stop trip." • I from . Pittsburgh -to Washington. The Maryland trio said that'three! Downey and the others, he added, ;her' groups had.'failed to climb were on their way to Frostburg. ViOlLil-Vi. - T-mvi •,•"-"•—• • able man would believe the accused to be guilty of the- crime charged. not convict. After hearing trie" evidence, you bring an- indictment or true -bill;-whereupon, the accused shall stand trial either before-a petit-jury or'before the court sitting as a jury. " The accused always has the right to decide before whom he will be tried • "As you may well see, the duties w'-uch'you have, are very serious duties. On the'one hand, :t is your duty to bring .indictments, against those whom you believe to be' guilty of the crimes charged, but, on the other hand, it is just as much yourMuty to protect those you believe-to be innocent so .that tr-ey will not have the shame Oi a public trial and the expenses incident to such a trial. You will, therefore, consider all of- the evidence before-you very carefully. "The oath which .you have just taken prescribes in detail your duties part, your duties tion to the Maryland Legislature was named, foreman of -the grand jury for the January'. term of Circuit Court this morning. Others selected for the grand.-jury are- Herbert S. Rawlings, James M. Holmes. Elaine C. Robinecte, Harry R. Porter, Frank H. Barley, Jesse j Athey, John L. Jones, Andrew N Grove, Joseph LaPorta, John Britton and Edward Stevenson. Alexander Cross, Frederick A", Dodd. Walter T. Hensel,' Edward R. Coakley. Jr., George S. Malloy, Harry \V- Alderton, Paul L. Sullivan, Joseph Stark, Joseph H. Verney, James Leonard Cain, and Thomas- A.'Davr. After Associate Judge Oliver ' H. Bruce Jr., read the 'charge the grand jury went to their chambers and began their inquest. Court attaches ' said the grand jury will probably complete' its duties within a few days. The members of the petit jury, which will serve .during the January ttrrn', include Irvin Marsh, Lewis Alexander. John T. Roberts, Samuel K. Brown, tWalter Taschen- bergei-, Hunbert M. Doriohoe, John E. Kesner, Charles F. Trimble and George R. -Graham. Joseph F. Buckalew, George F. Athey, Floyd L. Wir.ebrenner. Stanley S. Burke, -George'-L. Arbogast, TAX COLLECTOR DIES— James M. Conway,. .84, of 200 Virginia- Avenue, tax " collector and former ' councilman,, died today at ' Allegany Hospital- Services will Be conducted Wednesday at St! Mary's Catholic Church. - -., • Council Holds Routine Meet To Start Year Turner Street Man Seeks Repairs For Septic Tank In Area .The Mayor and Council today James Conway, Tax Collector, Death Victim Services Scheduled Wednesday Morning For City Official James- M. Conway, 84, of 200 Vir- g-nia Avenue, city tax.collector-and former city councilman, • died early today 'at Allegany :Hospital.where he had been a patient two. weeks. He had been ill about: lour 1 months.. Although he was active in 'politics throughout his long, career, the only elective office he. held was that of councilman at the 'turn of the cen-' tury before the present, commission . form of'government-was established. . He .was . first appointed tax- collector May: 6, 1935, .to fill; out -the unexpired term, of'the. late C..Nice Wilkinson, who was -named to the State" Roads Commission/Mr. Conway was named to full terms as tax. collector'in 1936,1938,1940 and. 1042. Active Patty.Worker • . •' In 1944 he announced his retire- • - menf but last April was again 'appointed to the post. ' A Republican, Mr. Conway was an active party supporter,-as a worker and a contributor. His. special' Interest was in city elections and. he was fond of relating to. Irlends stories of past elections and events. Mr. Conway was .''remarkably active for his age and could.not but . help 'take an interest in politics. Mr. Conway was' born, at East' Cambridge,. -Mass.,, September . 26,;, passed "a. resolution 1 of respect to | is64, a son. of the late James R.'and the memory of City Tax Collector James M. 1 Conway, 84, who died early this morning. He was also a James Robert Neat, Joseph. P. I former- Councilman,! KnUcliem-euther', Thomas -C. Gul-i The first• session of the. new -year - • ---- -------- - devoted, mostly to reports December. . Arthur Amtower, Turner Street, William 'L Walker' Ernest Poster appeared before the council to urge r-i, - ]ard Thomas' J Green, Joseph Me- Kech'nie David. J. 'Creigbton,, Edward* 'A Stowcll Arthur • Blank, ' ' and Gilbert Warnick. third time in. four days that buses ..^g, ^ mos ^ part, your uies of the Blue Ridge Transportation ; wm - consl st of hearing the evidence Company \havc figured in accidents i . Q cases ^hich have 'been previously in The area. s,-»,*Mr-atf'ri >w the state's attorney's jKimbleBacks State Bonus For Veterans BALTIMORE—(/P)—A bill to provide a bonus for Maryland veterans *rom retail sales tax'receipts-will be introduced during the General Assembly session convening Wednesday In Annapolis. Senator KimbiC; investigated by the state's attorney office; however, you are not limited to ttiat, as you may on your own . . «i.f_i.;_ ."1 ;-.r..,Q em-ninnriQ STifl 113.V" iiuLiawvc issue summons witnesses •brought before you and thus investigate any matter. u h«u may be within the knoVledge of any of'.you. . - . ! Must Visit .Tail -The grand jury, by jSeet!or^22 of Article 51 of 1' term 1 of court is the jail -and Inquire into its con- Airtnn. the -manner in which It is dition, the -manner UJUiUJJt wiiC iiit*«*.*w-' j j kept and the treatment accorded the prisoners, and report those matters to the court. You are not- required, 'but it is' customary .or the grand jury, to inspect the Court in the area. Twenty passengers in the bus escaped injury when it collided with a car driven by William John, Downey! at the'Western Maryland -Railway' bridge near the Locust Grove ;Road. -'Saturday 1 at 1-a. m. ten.persons were injured and five of them admitted to Allegany Hospital when an auto 'collided with a bus near Nave's Cross Roads, the bus going over a bank. •' . _' Early Thursday" morning near Hancock another 'Blue Ridge ..bus skidded on icy' Route 40. into a bridge, caught fire', -and -burned. The driver' and a passenger were the only-persons of the 20 In the vehicle injured. ' Bus Swerves Into Car Trooper First .Class. A.' M. \Spioch. of the State -Police, who investigated yesterday crash,-stated the driver of the bus,- John' : Orville- Fler, 135 ' Reynolds ..Street, said a • car in . front of him. stopped ' before making a left turn into Locust Grove Road. .^Fier added.that his brakes failed and he swerved to the left to 'avoid striking the car in front of him, which was .operated by Frank Xavjer Haselbergeiy .60S North Mechanic Street, according' to Spioch, who added- that Fier's bus then collided head-on 'with a car driven !S±f A^fa^ LoIr C ode.%u« ^ at each l °''°'" (R-Allegany), said today. The minority floor 'leader said that if no one else presents legislation to this end, he personally will introduce the bill. Kimble,' an opponent of. the sales tax from its inception, said he would be willing to change his stand on the levy if the proceeds could be diverted to provide payment to Maryland war veterans. Court !or its be given a $500 bonus, and. the 'erir tire amount'paid, off in a few-years. 1 "The fact that Maryland did noli | show her gratitude to the veterans of the First World War is no reason for. continuing to be ungrateful." Local Stores Open Tonight ^^to^^^^lA^^** ™?TS the care and. treatment of the «~* -m ^nnain-onen until 9 o'clock patients 'and the condition of the property ' and make any recommendations that they may find necessary or. advisable. You will also appoint a like committee to visit Sylvan Retreat and bring back a report as to Its maintenance and 112 or Article 1 of the 'some- action on repair of a septic i tank,, which- has partially collapsed 'arid is 'presenting a health hazard. ' The tank is used- by a number of homes in the area. Amtower was tcld that the city has not -accepted the street but that a'city inspector would make a report on- the condition. ' • Water line Payment Made. A check for $15,755.39 was ordered paid the Cumberland Contracting Company for the seventh estimate for work performed on'installation of the auxiliary water line from Lake Gordon'to the-city. A refund of $14.69 to William L. Sherman, 722 Washington Street, was' ordered for taxes' paid on motor vehicle equipment. ,W, Lester Murphy, 512 Marshall Street, was." ordered refunded. S4.50 for. overpayment oi .water rent An-application by William P. Rpe- der, Holland Street, for exemption -from paving S3.45 .interest on water bills paid one day over the discount •date was denied. -Roeder had asked the refund because he had. lost the original bills'and had had' to have duplicates-'made.' -The application was made last week and .referred to Finance • Commissioner- William H. Ellen (Geary) Conway. He -came to Cumberland when'he. was .21 years • old as a glassblower 'for the old' M-artens Glass Factory' in. the South ; . End. . ,' ' -•"'•• : .•'' Later, lie. went to the-. German Brewing:-Company, now. the Queen City, as sales director, and general' manager.'He was with the brewery 17 years. Later' he was. general "manager for. the Maryland Glass Com- . pany in the South.'End.; ". .' At various times he had different business interests and was' a director, of: the Cumberland;' 'Savings Bank. 1 . ' • . House in -a body and make recom mondations as you think may be needful to maintain the House in good . repair or improvement, " ' , "You will appoint a committee ol three'members of your body, who County Home ,.inaj wao e , fog light_on the bus were broken a commie e^ne tta other' groups Mount Marcy last week including eight members of-the ski team from Syracuse University. . During the climb, the.trio "came across the tracks of a pair of-youths who had been lost two days in the mountain snowstorm. The 'trio was familiar with the territory/for they had climbed Mount. Marcy several times during summers spent as councilors at 'the. Hawkeye trail camps at Silver , Lake, north.. of (Continued on Page 2) the county treasurer and report to the court. - This does not require you to make-an audit of his bopks as that is done by the state auditors. Check On Public Buildings "The court is also required to call your attention to Section 242 of Article 1 of the Local Codo, which requires that public halls, churches, schools, or-places'of amusement in the-cities of Frostburg and Cumberland shall not obstruct any of the aisles or Spioch said no charges have been preferred pending corr.pletion..of the investigation. Four Passengers Injured .Four of- the 23 'passengers and „ ...... _ ._._ the d'ivcr of the bus which over- -may prevent free ingress and egiess turned at Nave's Cross 'Roads Sat- during the hours that such place. i and will remain-open'until 9 o'clock tonight under a. new schedule of shopping hours . designed for the convenience- of tri-state area residents who have found it difficult in recent years to make purchases before local stores close at 5 p. m. on weekdays and 0 p. m. on Saturdays. , . Tonight will mark the first nearly general evening shopping hours, except during prc-Christmas periods, o:' Cumberland' stores since the * 9 o'clock Saturday night.closing; time was abandoned in 1945. Tuesdays through Fridays rae stores in the Monday to 9. P- m. group' will open the usual 9. a: m. to 5 p. m. hours, and the Saturday closing will remain at 6 p. m. - - j Early or mid-week night shopping! hours are general in .. Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore and a number of the larger cities of the nation, and it has.been contended that •Veterans of World War H (AMVETS) received assurance that their mobile exhibits would be allowed to show here during trie year-under the supervision .of..the Police Department. Dates of the exhibits, the letter .from • National headquarters said, would be set when permission is received. The resignation of Dr. William F. AIcFarland as assistant health officer, accepted"last-week by-.the City Health Board, .was confirmed by the Mayor and.Council. Water consumption for the week ending yesterday was 84,757,000 gallons as compared with 83,410,000 last year. The daily average-, was .12,108,000 gallons. The water level at Lake Gordon Is four-tenths of an inch above the spillway and at Lake Koon three-tenths of an inch above. ''•• Reports Received The tax collector's 'report-for De- ServJce* Wedn««d»y . Mr. Conway was a member of St. Mary's-Catholic Church;?.the Holy, Name Society; Cumberland Aerie, No ,245, Fraternal Order.-of Eagles; Cumberland Lodge, No. 63,' B.P.O. Elks; 'and, of Cumberland'Lodge, No. 271, Loyal Order of Moose. He had also been a member of the Torty . Gents, an old-time-social group.. Surviving'arc two daughters, Mrs. Margaret Ra'dcliffe'. and^Mrs.- Kuth Moore, both of .Cumberland; two sons, Joseph H. Conway, Washington, and. John' L. Conway, city; two brothers', Frank Conway, Wilklns- burg, Pa., and.William J. Conway, city; three grandchildren,. Lois Jean. Moore, city.;. Benjamin L. : Conway . and Marion R. Conway, both of New Kensington, Pa, • • . -' •" • " His first wile was the-late 1 'Helen • Keller. They had two' sons, Jame» B. Conway and.. William."-Conway.,tnie . former died' in !*MMeVwhile;serrtriK.' in• World -War- L- while tbe'Oatter " died last year,.. : • ... • , His second - wifo wa» th» late Margaret Schellhaus, • who died. December 3,-1943.; They were married in. 1809. , -' . • Sen-ices "wJll 'be conducted Wednesday .at St. Mary's. Catholic Church at- 9 a. m. with- burial, to SS. Peter and Paul Cemetery. • • The body will remain at Stein'i Funeral Home. -,, '.; . •• -" Conway Work Praised Finance Commissioner William H. Buchholtz reported- today that the tax office headed, by'Mr. Conway had collected over 97'per cent of the current levy.- • .. "It was a very effective operation and Mr. Conway did an-outstanding job," the.commissioner reported. Buchholtz said he .has .notified Mi's. Thelma G. Streett, assistant, collector,, that she-will be In "lull ausies ui passageways or ' place I certain groups-are handicapped-, in benches chairs or stools, or other their shopping unless stores remain articles in such- manner that they open at least one night a week. • a ::•'!.- K,™*C anrl Mrress Merchants -contend a. 9 p.. m. urday were-- injured along with- She ' • f ve occupants ' of the car. may be open to the public, and i -• also requires that the -doors ve occupans o . . . - Hurt in .the- bus were William, such buildings shall open outward Hoffman, Fairmont, W, -Va.; Alice "Upon your retirement, you wm Burleigh,' Pittsburgh;. Lois Parker, organize your body by appointment (Continued-on Page 2) (Continued on Page 2) Merchants -contend a. 9 p.. closing on Monday, will enable resid- ens of nearby towns to come. here, at night and will They also pointed out that store em- ployes will have a longer weekend by not reporting for work until noon' Monday. Yomig Democrats Club Meets Tonight At 8 Attorney Matthew J. Mullaney wil address the Young Democrats Club on "Andrew Jackson" when it meets tonight at 8 at the Cosmopiltan Club. North MectiarJc Street. . . . William H-. Buckholtz, president, has urged a full attendance as plans •will be completed for the.-annual -Jackson Day" dinner. A social committee will serve refreshments. Suspended Term In Assaidt Case Charles McDonough.'.this city, was found'guilty on an assault charge in Trial Magistrates .Court, tins morning and received a. suspended six-month -term in the House Correction. - According to a warrant obtained by his biathcr, Edgar J. McDonough, the defendant was charged with striking the brother about the face •and arms New Year's morning at the home of their - mother, Mrs. John B. McDonough/ 114 Lennox Magistrate Peter J. 'Carpenti found McDonough guilty and 'in suspending the sentence warned him to refrain -from drinking and told him to stay away from nis mother's -home.' - • Previous to the hearing in. Trial Magistrates Court, McDonough had been found guilty of' a drunk and disorderly charge preferred in Police Court after the incident at Mrs. McDonough's residence. THOUSANDS-SEE CHRISTMAS DISPLAY—The display.of .Christ- mas'lights in Riverside Park this year-attracted thousands of visitors from the tri-state area and the above picture taken from the Western Maryland Railway -station across Wills Creek from the park shows in some detail the beautiful arrangement. City officials have decided to expand .the display'next year. Workmen -began taking down the lights this morning and expect to complete the job-late, this afternoon.-There were over.450 individual lights in the display. comber showed', the following col-! charge of the office.until a collector lections: General,'$97,G08.11: general is -named. It is likely-that,an'ap- pointment will not be made'soon. t : Auto Mishaps Mar Weekend Leonard.' J. 'House, of 38 Utah Improvement bonds, $20;. 1931 sewer bonds, S469;43; .water, rents, $36438.79; total, $134,530.33. 'City Clerk. Wallace G. Ullery reported receipts from general licenses last month, at $30.; transfer of licenses, $30.25;'Sunday'movie tax, $899.10; bingo, $601.35; total, street and Department reported holes' filled with brick and J Street,'forfeited $10 bond in Police concrete on the following streets; 1 Court-, this morning 'on a careless Holland. Cumberland, Fayette, Lair.g, Henderson, North Mechanic, Independence and Columbia. , Blacktop-was used to fill holes in- North Mechanic, Bedford, Greene, Rose Hill, Maryland, Ella, North Centre, South Centre, - Holland, Cumberland, Potomac, South, Washington, Prospect Square and Oldtown Road. Graders.were.used on several streets in the eastern and southern sections, the. report added. • An application by R. F. McLaughlin, 525 Eastern Avenue, to install a' 550-sallon underground gasoline storage tank, was referred to the city erigineer arid fire chief. Pair Held After Lonaconing Theft •Two Lonaconing men will be questioned] today in -the State's' Attorney's office-in connection with the robbery'of'a Lonaconing confectionery early New Year's-Day. Arrested, on a warrant' Issued by Trial Magistrate. Bernard McPartland, of Lonaconing. were. Lester Bock and Earl Beeman. They have been held in . the Allegany County Jail. - . .. • Charges of armed robbery and assault ivere preferred by Jacob Moses and.Alex Timney, co-owners of the Lonaconing. confectionery. Magistrate McPavtland said- the men' entered the business plnce armed- with a stove poker and glass bottle, locked the door and demanded that Moses and Timney hand over the money in the store. Trooper Harry -S. Bos'.ey, who nabbc'd the pair a short- time' later, said they had taken $10 nnd had assaulted at least one of, the- co-' owners while. In the store. Magistrate McPartland reported that one-of 'the-men had taken $14 from the place last week, but no charges were -prefererd after restitution-'was made. The magistrate said he understood the men were attempting to recover the money paid as restitution.' drivin'gcount.. House was docketed' as . having driven through a red "light on a B. and 1 O. crossing at. 2"o'clock New Year's.morning. - •- .Another careless ..driving case against Jacob S., Bosley, of 807 Maryland Avenue; was continued, until a witness, Charles-Burkett, of Goethe Street, can' appear.. • Two cars were -slightly ;<Samaged yesterday-at-6:45:p. m. In a collision at the. intersection - of Pear and Columbia Streets. .-. .A,- police; report accident stated that a machine driven by Clarence • James Bone,'24, of 34.. West Loo Street, Frostb'urg, -hit the rear of a car driven by Paul L. GoWsworthy, 45, of 839 Schrlver Avenue...It had stopped at • a boulevard sign. No charges were preferred. In a mishap Saturday,- the auto operated by Esther .Pauline Likens, of 27 North Lee Etrcet, swerved to avoid an oncoming car and'hit'a light pole in front of 623 Baltimore Avenue. -.-.-, The driver of-the,other'car, which Miss-Likens said'was In of the highway, .is not known, according to', the .accident report. Births Mr. and. Mrs. John Kridler, . 12 North Johnson Street, announce tha birth of a sou this morning In Allegany Hospital. . A son was born to Mr., and -Mrs. Paul C.- Stickley, 22 North Mechanic Street, last night in. Allegany Hospital. • - - - - '' . •- • •Mr. and" Mrs. 1 Fred McKenzic, Frostburg", announce the birth of a son lii. Allegany Hospital yesterday.- A daughter was-born to Mr. and Mrs. Allen Spier. 717 Greene Street, yesterday-in Allegany Hospital. Mr. -. and Mrs. Amos Friend,.. ol Fricndsville, announce the -birth of a. daughter Saturday, in Memorial Hospital. t ' . .• ' A son. was born to Mr. and Mrs. Claude'.Wagner, 1 McHenry, Saturday in .Memorial Hospital. I

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