Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 19, 1953 · Page 20
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 20

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 19, 1953
Page 20
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80 TKrDrilrfteflite**^ Monday> October 19, 1953 Sheriff Drinks Boo*e As * Court Witness P ARIS , Tex. m — fhtf* mte raised eyebrows when Sheriff Can Bills strolled out of Lamar Cou$t» Court With a strong Odor of whisky oh His breath. ( Bftt it was in the line of duty Bills was a witness in a bootlegging ease in which 20 pints of Whisky were introduced in evl« dence. A defense attorney asked the sheriff to test each pint to rftake sure it was really whisky It was. The defendant got 365 days in jail and ft $200 fine. Demand Still Exists For Special Type Nails HARTFORD, Conn. W) — The Capewell Manufacturing Co., once known as the Capewell Horse Nail Co., reports that its horse nail production dropped 90 per cent be> tween 1915 and 1950. Neverthe^ less, it still turns out annually a million pounds of horse nails in hundreds of styles. Biggest demand for them come from the South, Southeast and Far West. MARKET REPORTS TODAY Bell Tolls After a Laps of 100 Years GOSHEN,' N.Y. W)—The bell which called members of the St. James Episcopal Church to worship in the first edifice 150 years ago is ringing again. Trace of it was lost after the parish built a new church building 100 years ago. But Miss Elizabeth Sharts, the town historian, succeeded in locating it—lying un used in the bell tower of the vil lage firehouse, where it had served for a time as a fire alarm. READ THE WANT ADS TELEPHONE BILLS arc now du». They are payable at the Company Offica. 100 H. Cherry, or ai tha GALESBUaG GRAIN MARKETS tofliofhtr Cttaln It Supply (Grain bids at 1:30 p. m.) C ORN, NO. 2 $1.31 OATS, No. 2 ' .70 SOYBEANS, No. 2 S2.51 D»rof*ll Fetd It 8««d CO. (Galesburg-Ablngdon) (Grain bids at 1:30 p. m.) WHEAT, No. 2 S1.7S CORN, No.. 2 $1.33 OATS, No. 2 69 SOYBEANS, No. 2 |2:S1 Oaltibutg Boy Product! Co. (Bids at 1:30 p. m.) SOYBEANS, No. 2 yellow $2.58 CHICAGO PRODUCE (By UNITED PRESS) LtVE POULTRY: Steady. 24 trucks Today's Poultry Board prices: Hens Colored over 5 lbs.; colored 5 lbs and under 27^; hybrid 18H: bareback 18Va| Leghorn 18'/a. Springs: Colored 21: White Rock 23; Plymouth Rock 23 bareback 18. Fryers: Colored 22; White Rock 23; Plymouth Rock 23: bareback 18. Broilers: Colored 23: White Rock 23; Plymouth Rock 23; Gray Cross 23 White Cross 23; bareback 23. Commercially grown—springs: Color ed 26; White Rock 29; Plymouth Rock 30; Gray Cross 27; White Cross 27 Fryers: Colored 26; White Rock 27 Plymouth Rock 28; Gray Cross 1 27 White Cross 27. No. 2 chicken 15. Leg horn 18. Capons: 7 lbs. and up 39 under 7 lbs. 37. Old roosters 18. Ducks heavy 22; small 17; ducklings 28; mus covy 15. Turkeys: Toms 27; hens 36 Guineas: Old'25- young 30. Pigeons |2 Geese: Young 22: swan 12. CHEESE: Single daisies «^-435',c lb.; longhorns 42^-43%; processed loaf 391 /6-42: Swiss A 45-47; B 44-45; C 41-43. BUTTER: 460,905 lbs. Flrb. 93 score 68e lb.; 92-score 67','a; 90 score 65'/ a 89 score 63%; Carlots: 90 score 66; 89 score 63%. EGGS: 8,126 cases. Irregular. White large extras 60-69.9 per cent A and over 61',4c doz.; mixed large extras 60-69.9 per cent A and over 56; med iums 60-69.9 per cent A and over 43 standards 51-53: curent receipts 44; dirties 42; checks 40. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN (By THE ASSOC1AAED PRESS) Cash wheat: non. Corn No. 1 yellow 1.46H-47V4: No. 2 1.46-47%; No, " 1.40%-46i.4; No. 4 1.37-40%; No. 5 1.25%; No. 4 white 1.48%. Oots: No. 1 white BOH; No. 3 white 74i/«. Soybeans: No. ] yellow 2.58%-59% and No. 2 2:58% both Illinois origin track country station. Barley nominal: malting 1.30-60; feed 90-1.08. Field seed nominal per 100 lbs White clover 8.25-75; redtop 57.50-59.00; alsike 15.00-16.00; timothy 11.50-12.00: red clover 24.00-25.00. READ THE WANT ADS Independently Owned and Operated by BILL KREMHELLER ON ROUTE 150 Across from Airport Tuesday and Wednesday Specials Open 9 to 9 TOP QUALITY Ground BEEF Pound Butter BEANS 303 Size — Can. GREEN GIANT Cream Style 303 Size - 2 Cans. LARGE HEAD Cauliflower Head MANOR HOUSE Coffee 1 -lb. Can - We Reservt the Right to Limit Quantities! GALESBUftG HOG MARKET OlUtburg Ofdtr BuT»r§ C. B. & Q. Stocfcyards. Market active and steady, top $21. 180-280 S20.76-*21.00 290-300 i20.50-*20.60 Packing SOWS $18.00-?20.25 Overnight hogs, delivered Gauesburg by 4 a. m. gold 25c above these quota tlons. Wilson It Co., Santa Pa Yards Market 28c lower. Top $21. 180-200 ?20.50-$20.90 210-260 $21.00270-300 $20.50-$20.90 Sows steady. 270-500 $18.25-$20.50 BUSHNELL LIVESTOCK Estimated receipts 1,500 higs. Market active, fully steady, top $21.25. Sows steady, top $20.50. Cattle fully steady on choice to prime, bidding uneven of others. Lambs, market not fully, established, asking stronger. PEORIA LIVESTOCK (By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS) HOGS—6,000 salable; top $21.50; best sows $20. CATTLE—830; choice 800-1,125 lb. steers $23-$26; part load prime 1.010 lb. $28; most canner and cutter cows $7$8.50. Calves 150; top $23.50. SHEEP—500; lambs fully $1 lower; choice to prime lambs 110 lb. down $18.50-$19. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK (By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS) HOGS—12,000 salable; most choice 190-260 lb. $21.50-$21.85; short load 210 lb. $21.90; most 300-550 lb. sows in larger lots $20-$21.50. CATTLE—19,000 salable; calves —600 salable; most choice and prime steers $24-$29; few loads $29.25-$30; loadlots commercial to low-choice steers $16123.50; choice and prime heifers $21.5026.25; good to low-choice heifers $17•21; utility and commercial cows $9.50- v 13; canners and cutters $7-$10; utility and commercial bulls $11.50-$14; commercial to prime vealers $16-$24; most cull and utility grades $9-$14. SHEEP—3,500 salable; good to prime wooled native lambs $17-$20; most cull to low-good $8-$16 load mostly choice 95 lb. No. 1 and 8 skins shorn lambs $19; cull to mostly good slaughter ewes $4-$5.25. ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK (By UNITED PRESS) HOGS: 12.000; weights over 190 lbs. mostly 25o lower; lighter weights steady to 25c lower: bulk choice 190-250 lb. $21.50-$21.75; 150-180 lbs. $20-$21.50. CATTLE: 9,000; calves 2,000; few choice steers and mixed yearlings fully steady to $23-$25; relatively little done on others; cows active and strong to 50c higher; utility and commercial cows $10-$12.50; few to $13; vealers steady; good and choice $16-$22; few prime to $25. SHEEP: 3,200; no early sales. MARKETS AT A GLANCE (By UNITED PRESS) Stocks eosier in quiet trading. Bonds Irregular. U. S. government bonds easier In quiet trading. Midwest stocks Irregular. Cotton futures irregular. Grains in Chicago: Wheat, corn, rye, oats, soybean and lard futures higher. Hogs: Steady-25 lower, top $21.90. Sheep: Stead-50 lower, top $20. Cattle: Steady-50 higher, top $30. CHICAGO GRAIN RANGE CHICAGO UP)— High Low Close Prev.Close Wheat Dec 1.94% 1.94V4 1.94V* 1.94%-% Mar 1.99% 1.98V4 1.98V4 1.98%-Vi May 2.01Y* 1.99% 2.00V* 1.99% Jly 1.97% 1.95 1.94% 1.96Vi-% NEW YORK STOCK NEW YORK (UP)-Stock Market midday prices: Lbckhd 25V* Loews 11 Marsh Fid 24V» Martin 15 Maytag 17 Msn Dvp 16% Monsanto 83V4 Mont Dak 20 Mont W 58'2 Nash Kelv 18V4 Nat Avn 21% Nat Bis 35 Nat Cn 10V4 Nat Dairy 59% Nat Dist 17% Nat Ld 33% NYC 20V4 Nor Amn 21V4 Nor Pac 55Vi NW Airl 9% Ohio Oil 52% Otis El 39% Owens 111 75 Packard 4V4 Pan Amn 8% Penney 72V* Penn RR 19% Pepsi Cola 13 Phelps Dge 32 Philco 30% Phil Mor 51% Phil Pet 52% P&Gam 64% RCA 23% Rem Rand 14% Rep Stl 46V4 Reyn Tob 47% Safeway 38% Schenley 22% Sears 56% Sinclair 33% Socony 32% Sou Pac 38% Std Bds 26% S.O. Cal 50% S.O.Ind 67% S.O.N.J. 70% S.O.Ohio 33 Studebaker 23% Swift 38% Texaco 53% Tran Am 25% Un Carb 68% Un Oil 40% Un Pac 104 Utd Airl 23% Utd Corp 5 U.S. Gyps 105% U.S. Stl 37 West Un 44% Westghse El 45% Wilson 8% Woolworth 43% Yng Sh&T 39% Zenith 71 Alaska 2% Aid Chem 60 Aid St 38% Allis Chal 43% Amerada 152 ABC-Pmt 14% Amn Can 35% Amn Dist 31% Amn R&SS 12% Amn Smelt 28% Amn T&T 155% Amn Tob 75% Anaconda 30% Armour 9 Atchison 92% Bendix 61 Beth Stl 48% Borden 60 B.RIGGS V4&% Budd 11% Burroughs 15 Butler 13% Cal&Hec 7% Case 16% Catplr 46% Celanese 20% Celotex 16% Cerro 21% C&O 36% Chrysler 66% Colum Gas 13% Com Cop 35% Cons Cop 7% Cont Can 55% Cont Oil 49% Corn Prod 72% Curt Wr 7% Deere 25% Dome 15% Douglas 72% Du Pont 101% Erie 18% Firestone 61 Flintkt 26% Gen El 78 Gen Fds 56% Gen Mtrs 58% Goodyear 50% Ghm Pg1% Gt Wst Su 18 Grum Air 22% Homestake 34% Howe Snd 10% Hudson 11 111 Cent 70% Inland Stl 40% Int Harv 26% Int Nick 39% Int Paper 53% Int T&T 14% Johns Man 62 Kennecott 64% Kresge 34% Kroger 44 READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS Corn Dec Mar May Jly Oats Dec May iMay Jly Rye Dec Mar Jly May 1.46% 1.44% 1.46% 1.45%-% 1.50% 1.49 1.50% 1.48% 1.51% 1.49% 1.50% 1.49%-% 1.50% 1.49% 1.50% 1.49%-49 .77% .77% .75% .72% .76% .77 .75 .71% .77% .76%-% .77% .77 .75% .74% .72% .71%-% Household Furniture For Sale! Must sell, leaving town. Inquire 1183 N. PRAIRIE ST. FOR SALE NEW 1—Sup»r "M" IH Tractor ..S2.270.7S WITH 1—2M XH Mid. Corn Plckar Sl.2tl.7S Total $3 ,5 *7.50 Gilbert Imp. Co., Inc. Phone 282 Lisbon, N.D. Soybeans 1.20% 1.18% 1.19% 1.18-17% 1.25% 1.23% 1.23% 1.22% 1.29 1.27% 1.27% 1.26% 1.27% 1.25% 1.25% 1.25-24 2.73% 2.70% 2.71 2.70-69% 2.75% 2.72 2.74% 2.72%-72 2.75% 2.72 2.74% 2.72-72% 2.73% 2.70% 2.72% 2.70%-% Nov |Jan Mar May Lard Oct Nov Dec Jan May May WALL STREET NEW YORK (AP)—The stock market slipped slightly today without uncovering any signs of weakness. The decline was not surprising to Wall Street because of the cigorous nature of the advance last week. Profit-taking after sustained advances always is anticipated. 17.15 14.70 13.47 12.60 12.37 12.35 16.80 14.40 13.30 12.50 12.27 12.35 17.07 14.57 13.37 12.50 12.30 12.35 16.50 14.30 13.15 12.30 12.25 12.20 Sirawflowers and Winter Bouquets Of all typas and material. In any color of floral arrangements. Alio Fresh Flowers. Bring your own container if you wish. CELOS1A GARDENS AND ANTIQUE SHOP 41 E. Davis St. 4S71 COAL Phone 4531 People's Fuel & Coke Co. GREEN STAMPS Don't Dig Up Your Sewer kofo-ttdom] CLOGGED TfWERS. A DRAINS PHONE 7789-6 IF NO ANSWER. CALL 371*4 FOR SALE. HAMPSHIRE SPRING BOARS Eligible to register. Vaccinated and tested. New blood lines. Also few open gilts. CARROL OAKS 3 Miles North and 2 East MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS Refrigeration For the Best In Service Dial 2848-6 JOHN H. SACKEY 115 North Chambers Since 1934 riNAL CRAW REVIEW CHICAGO (AP)-Prlces ruled firm on the Board of Trade today even though best levels weren't maintained through to the close. Soybeans scored the largest' fains, advancing more than three cents at I one time to their top price since May. [Small receipts of cash grain spurred the upturn. Small receipts also were a factor behind corn's strength. Oats and rye were bought on reports Agriculture Secretary Benson had decided to continue price supports on these crops. Wheat had more rugged going than the rest of the market, although the May contract at one time sold up to $2.01 V,. That was the best price for any wheat delivery since Scpt.O and the best for the May contract since Aug. 17. Estimated carlot receipts in Chicago FARM AUCTION 80 Acres and New House and Lot in the Village of Dunlap The 80-acre improved farm, located 2 miles north of Dunlap on the hard road Route 91, will be sold at public auction on the farm on Saturday, October 24 Commencing at 1:00 O'clock P.M. Following the sale of the farm, we will sell at public auction Ihe house located in the Village of Dunlap. THE FARM -LAND — This 80-acre farm, more or less, is described as the south half of the southeast quarter of section thirty-four (34), Township eleven (11) north, range seven (7) east of the fourth principal meridian, situated in Peoria County, 111. This farm has 8-room house with bathroom, full basement, pressure water system and coal furnace. There Is a barn, corn crib and 2-car garage. It is a very good producing farm and in a good location; close to the best markets and on the hard road; close to good schools and the church of your choice. For the investor, it is the best. Terms of Sale on Farm Land —15% of the purchase price to be paid on date of sale, balance in cash on or before February 1, 1954, upon delivery of executor's deed and abstract showing merchantable title. Seller will pay all 1953 taxes, payable in 1954, and convey title clear of all encumbrance and Hen. This farm will be sold subject to the tenancy of John Magnuson, tenant, in possession of said property for the year of 1954. GEORGE F. CORIELL Dunlap. Illinois TOMORROWS ESTIMATES CHICAGO (AP)-USDA— Estimated salable livestock receipts for Tuesday: HOGS :_I„J 10,000 CATTLE 8,000 • SHEEP 2,000 Wheat 27, corn 614, oats 24, rye, none, barley 88 and soybeans 83. Dr. H. O. Conn OPTOMEtftlfT — formerly el Monmouth •— New Located Room 407, Bondl lldfl. GaUiburg, III. PHONE 23664 AUCTION SALE 40-Acre Unimproved Farm Located two miles north ot Dunlap on Route 91 will be sold at public auction on the farm, on Saturday. October 24 Immediately following ihe sale of the Charles E. Johnson Estate farm, consisting of 10 acres, joining this 40 acres, It will be told at 1:00 p.m. This 40 acres, more or less, described as the Northwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section Thirty-four (34), Township Eleven (11) North, Range Seven (7) East of the Fourth Principal Meridian, situated in the County of Peoria, in the State of Illinois. This 40- acre farm, more or less, is all tillable and has had commercial fertilizer on all the land. It is one of the best farms in this territory and is a very good investment. It lies at the northwest corner of the Charles Johnson Estate 80 acres, which will be - sold at auction the same day. Terms of Sale —15% of the purchase price payable on day of sale, balance to be paid in cash on or before March 1, 1954, upon delivery of deed and abstract showing merchantable title. Seller will pay all 1953 taxes, payable in 1954, and convey title clear of all encumbrance and lien. Possession March 1, 1954. WILLIAM PULLEN ESTATE Verle W. Safford, Attorney, 727 First Natl. Bank Bldg., Peoria. Noi Responsible lor Accidents Should Any Occur. For Information prior to sale, contact Col. J. M. Bliss, Auctioneer. . Telephone 14, Prlncevllle, 111. WATER BILLS FINAL DATE WITHOUT PENALTY TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20 On all Water Bills in the NORTHEAST DISTRICT (All east of North Broad Street, including the east side of Broad Street and north of East Main Street, including the north side of Main Street.) WATER DEPARTMENT City of Galesburg FOR THE BEST IN READY-MIXED CONCRETE CALL 1050 Monmouth Blvd. Phone 1050-6 Guy E. Smith & Sons 67th Sale of Chester White Swine Ai Little York, 111. Wednesday Night, Oct. 21st At 7:00 P. M. 60 HEAD 30 Spring Boars - 30 Gilts Big long smooth pigs with feeding quality. New blood for old customers. Cholera Immune. Bangs tested and clean. Come And Spend The Evening With TJs. Guy E. Smith & Sons RETURN AND PART LOAD TO - FROM CHICAGO - Oct. 20-31 JOLIET - Nov. 5-15 Here's • thrifty way to cut your moving costs — plan ahead and schedule your service. PHONE 1201-6 Ferris Moving & Storage Co. THIRD CARLOAD ON TRACK NOW! These are fine quality North Dakota Red Potatoes for winter storage. Washed and waxed and packed in brand new bags. Potatoes 60-lb. Bag _ $1.25 10-lb. Bag „ 27c COME AND GET THEM OFF THE CAR AND SAVE! FRESH APPLE GOLD MEDAL (25 lbs. $1.99) CIDER .——M gallon FLOUR -10 lbs. 98? Paul W. Gard, Owner L&G 700 S. Seminary Phone 4836 WANTED Men for Real Estate Department in Marketing < Division of major oil company, headquarter! in North Central states. Qualifications: Some legal background with pleasing sales personality and good appearance, between ages 30 and 40. Straight salary and expenses. Permanent position to those qualifying. Write giving full qualifications, to Real Estate Department, Mid-Continent Petroleum Corporation, Box 60, Waterloo, Iowa. SPRAY PAINTING CASH OR TERMS! Good References — Quality Workmanship — For Free Estimate Call — Box 61 Z & $ Painting Confraclors Phones: 5581.2, 7398-4 CHESTER WHITE BOAR AND GILT SALE Thursday Night, Oct. 22 - 7:30 P. M. At the farm, 2 miles west on Route 81 and V a mile north. 50 HEAD - 35 Boars, 15 Gills Cholera Immune — Bangs Tested and Clean. HEMPHILL BROS. CAMBRIDGE/ ILLINOIS CLOSING OUT SALE Having gold my farm and moving out of state, I will sell at public auction at farm located 4 miles northwest of Yates City, go to the second road west of Yates City and* 2 miles north and ',4 mile east cn Wednesday, Oct. 21, 1953 AT It O'CLOCK 11 - HEAD Or CATTLE - 11 3 Wisconsin Guernsey heifers, 3 years old, one just fresh, two art milking good; 5 good Jersey cows, 4 to 8 years old, all artificially bred; . 1 Jersey heifers, 5 and 6 months old, Bang's vaccinated; Jersey bull, 6 months old, eligible to record. IMPLEMENTS 1950 Ford tractor anfl cultivator, Ford plow, Ford disc, Ford 7-ft. mower, Ford back-end loader, Ford carry-all. This outfit is A-l. New 24-ft. steel harrow, jack, 1950 Case single row corn picker in perfect condition, rubber-tired wagon on 6-ply tires and flare box, Iron ventilators for corn crib, John Deere No. 290 corn planter on rubber and In perfect condition, Case tractor manure spreader, rubber-tired wagon and rack, 7 steel stanchions and stalls. Globe single unit milking machine, 6 good 10- gallon milk- cans, small tank, hand tools etc., 14-ft. picnic table like new, butchering kettle, fence stretchers, etc., Clipper belt lacer, hay feeder, 3 drags, oil, overhead gas tank and stand, 2 electric motors, bench grinder, work bench, '/a-in. electric drill, electric brooder and fountains. FEED— 600 bales good alfalfa and brome hay; 650 bales second and third cutting, more or less, alfalfa hay. CHICKENS —350 choice White Rock pullets, Just ready to lay. TERMS—CASH ALLEN L. IRETON, OWNER LEWIS G. MARKS, Auctioneer WALT LINDAHL, Clerk Lunch on Grounds TERMITES Con xip through your house CAUSING COSTLY DAMAGE BEFORE YOU KNOW It These destructive insects coofd be undermining your home this very, minute without your knowing id They work 'round-the-clock, in dirk, inaccessible, h»rd-to-see places ."^J Places where damage is often not discovered until it is too late fof s any-| thing but costly repairs and rebuild-: ing. Why run this risk? A phone call Co ARWELL will bring a highly! trained representative to survey your! property for termites! This aervice! costs you nothing. It may save .hundreds of dollars and much damage.] Phone 4176 ARWELL, he till MK.lllt Ht .lftlHiIlK Auction Sale RAIN OR SHINE DON'T MISS THIS SALE RAILROAD SALVAGE — FACTORY OUTLETS NATIONALLY ADVERTISED ITEMS HOME FURNISHINGS All New Merchandise Will be sold to the highest bidder for cash. Douglas Chrome Dinette Sets, Studio Couches, Box Spring Mattresses, Vacuum Cleaners (latest models), Sewing Machines (portable and cabinet), Dormeyer Food Mixers and Fryers, Rogers 52-piece Silverware Sets, Ladies' Dress Material (finest of gabardine), Men's Suiting, Dress Shirts, Work Shirts, Jackets, Sweaters, Husky Alloy Socket Wrench Sets, Zephyr 6Vi Electric Saw (mirror finish), Electric Drills W capacity with Jacobs chuck, White Utility House Paint, 9x12 Oriental Rugs, Table Lamps, Beacon Wool Blankets, 63-pc. Stetson China Sets, Mary Proctor Ironing Bdards, Hair Clippers, Table Cloths, Toasters, Waterless Cook Ware, 30 ft. Manila Lariat Rope (with Brass Honda), Saddles, Bridles, Horse Blankets, Stock Whips (by B. T. Crump Co., Richmond, Va.), Never Rip Brand Tarpaulins all sizes. FOR INSPECTION COME EARLY See and Hear ihe Only Lady Auctioneer in Action in the Midwestl BOHART & BOHART Merchandise Brokers and Auctioneers SALES START AT 7:30 Wednesday Night, Oct 21 ot Powell's Pavilion 4 Vz Miles West of Abingdon and Thursday Night, Oct. 22 ot Alpha Roller Rink in Town Read The Register-Mail Want Ads

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