Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on January 3, 1949 · Page 6
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 6

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, January 3, 1949
Page 6
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SIX EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD.,. MONDAY,. JANUARY 3,-. 1949 Phone 4GOO For a WANT AD .Taker City Charter, Hospital Funds Listed For Assembly's Action Cumberland's proposed city charter and an appropriation of $235,000 , lor Miners Hospital. Frostburg. will be given top priority by the AUe- gany County. Delegation to the General Assembly which convenes Wednesday in Annapolis. The charter, recently completed, would give home rule and a city manager to Cumberland. A member of the delegation, Horace P. Whitworth, Jr., has indicated Unit he is also considering a bill to require . the University of Maryland to give a complete accounting of funds obtained through federal allotments. The delegation's concern over the Miners Hospital appropriation arose' last Wednesday after Michael J. Byrnes, 'secretary of the hospital's board of directors, declared tl»at unless Immediate action Is taken the $235.000 appropriation for a new wing to the buildlnj is not likely to be included in-the Governor's budget for 1949. ' . ' Whitworih explained that the delegation was unaware of a hitch existing in the proposed addition for the hospital until Byrnes'issued Ills warning, but declared the delegation will exert every effort to get necessary money for the hospital. Cumberland's proposed charter will likely be explained to the delegation next Monday, night at the same time the Charter Commission is scheduled to meet with Senator Robert B. Klmble, Allegany Republican. ' Whitworth said the delegates have been invited to attend, arKl will probably do so. The charter,, completed this month after almost a year's work, has not been detailed for the slate representatives who' will be asked to introduce it for passage by the General Assembly, • The six county -delegates will leave here in time "to attend 'a caucus of Republican . lawmakers Wednesday to select a minority floor leader. A dinner will be held before the opening sessions. .-• A caucus of the county delegates is set for Thursday morning before the General Assembly convenes. to hear Governor Lane's message. > Whitworth said his plan for a bill to require a systematic account- Ing by the University of Maryland on federal allotments is a statewide issue that will likely meet .some opposition. He added, however, thnt he counts on "Baltimore YES, YOU CAN BE SUED FOR NEGLIGENCE! The law says you are responsible for neglect or carelessness that results In the injury or death of anyone visiting your residence or on land owned or you, including sidewalks. You are also responsible for'the acts of your children, servants and pets. • But why worry about damage suits when you can pass along this responsibility? For as little as $10 a year you can get a comprehensive liability policy protecting not o<.]y yourself, but. your whole family against the consequences of negligence. Phone 23 ."PROTECT WHAT YOU HAVE" BARNES & BARM (INSURANCE & REAL ESTATE I Clark- Keating Bldg. groups:' for support. He declined to identify the groups. Whitworth declared the University is receiving federal funds which It does not have to account for. This, he explained, makes it difficult for. the -state lawmaking- body I to act on state budget allotments- for the university. Tile county chairman said he has DRAFTEES & VETERANS GUIDE By MAJOR THOMAS M. NIAL not discussed ,1110 bill with, local delegates!. • The bill will offered during the coming session of the legislature and will probably be referred to a standing committee for action, .its author said.-He'did cot elaborate further. If a bill to abolish Orphans Courts Is brought up tit the session, Whitworth said he believes the entire 'delegation Irom Allegany will oppose and make an effort to have this county excluded from the le^al bindings." In further reference to the Miners Hospital allotment. Whitworth declared- that if the delegation fails -to have the proposed money included in the general budget, .it will attempt to have a separate bill introduced to'make the whig addition possible. Two Men Get Lease For Garden Theatre Fred.Perry, former ma: gcr o.' t':e Liberty Theatre, and Richard Young, owner of Crystal Park, have obtained 1 :; five-year lease, with options,' on the Garden Theatre, North Mechanic Street. . . The theatre was built 21 years ago by the owner, Edward .Magruder; His IT you have a certificate of eligibility for ,GI-.Bill schooling which you got be'forc Sept, 1, 1948—and which you haven't used—you'd better send It to your. VA office and ask for a new one. The' VA has' decided .to adopt "new registration 1 techniques", wfiatever they are. It doesn't matter, anyway. All that matters is that the VA want you to exchange your old certificates for the new variety— "to safeguard the interests of veterans and the government" . After Jan.' 1 your:old certificate (if. issued before Sept. l) is useless. . • 6 Here's a question from "Just a lonely wife and child", Dixiaha, Ala.: "My husband is 19 years old, and we have ona child. He is a coal miner; When will he be drafted-in the 'Army? He Is our only support, and do you think he might be deferred on account of that?" He won't have to worry about being deferred on account of -that. He can't. possibly be drafted anyway, for' the reason that hC|is married. No married man can be drafted. Query 'from o L.M.L.. Sun Pram Cisco: "What was the source of your column outlining recommendations tip local draft boards for the deferring of • students, in • professional been manager recently. 1 .The lease became effective The central office of the Selective Service System, in Washington. Question from a World War II .widow: "I am thinking of getting re-married and wondered about my child. The child is three and a half years old. What Income will she receive from the government if I do get re-married?". The VA will 'pay your child S58 a mouth, provided your husband died as a result of his war service. Mass.: ion. from S.M.G;, Methuen, "If a draft registrant is in college would he be allowed to finish his semester before being inducted?" Not only his semester, but 'the entire academic year during which he is called up. He is placed in an "Induction postponed" status, which lasts till the end of the school year. Question from F.W.C., Lexington, Ky.: "Do veterans get any special privileges in developing homesteads out West, and if so, how can I and out .about it?" •" Veterans gee definite benefits in homesteading- U. S. lands, but there are very, very few such lands left. For -the full word on this, write to the Bureau of Land Management; Dcpt,. of Interior, Washington, 25, D. C. and usk it to send you the pamphlets and material it has on homestcadir.g, o -— (You may write "Major Nial in care of this newspaper concerning .your own. service-connected problem. ..Enclose a self-addressed, trimmed stage are among the proposed changes. Paul Keil'er, assistant manager of the Liberty Theatre when Perry was manager, will hold the same position at the Garden, The. first seven stories hotel In Cincinnati, Ohio, tlrely windowless. one • Your Way... and Fast • To Men.or Women • For all worthy purposes • Large or Small • We say YES to 4 out of 5 YES MAN says • Now you con get cosh from Pcumol to pay what you owe . . . buy what you 'need. And rcpny In amount! which fit your purso bo- causo you select them. Phono or rijit tho YES MAN today. By "lumping" nil your tl or crorilt. uccounti Into HOW TO REDUCE TAYMENTS >our tblllj ono riinco, you can usually cut wny down tho totdl of your monthly payment!. Wo do this for our customer! CVOD' d«y- Wo'll bo Rind to tell you, too, iu«t how much . wo can cut your paymcnti. 535 to ?750 or More on Siirnalure, Furniture or Car Tl«. U.S. I'nU Off. 'THAT LIKCS TO SAY rcs~ FINANCE CO. 2nd Floor • LIBERTY TRUST COMPANY ,BLDG. S. W. Cor.' BALTIMORE.* CENTRE STS,, CUMBERLAND Phone 721 • C. L. Coughcnour, YES MANogcr Loans made to resident* of all .surroundinjf towns I,0».n5 $3()0 and lew mndo under the Mnrj-Iand Smnll Loan Act FATHER JOHN'S MEDICINE should know stamped • envelope.) all about these recommendations by ____ • — now. At. least, ss headquarters sent LJ OIIS To Hear Rexrolli the recommendations to all local! •boards well over a month ago. o Query from Mrs. M.L.G., Spokane, Wash.: "I am, the beneficiary of my husband's $5,000 worth. of National Service Life Insurance, and my mother-in-law the contingent " beneficiary. Does this "mean that we split the .insurance, if my husband dies, or that I get i; all?" You. all. If you die before your husband docs, or before you've collected the full amount of insurance; then your mother-in-law is entitled to the balance, as contingent beneficiary. Earle C. Rexrocb, Baltimore, director of the Financial Responsi- Navy To Initiate Officer Program i Draft-Exempt Siiidcnts May Utilize Vacations Draft exempt coliego .students who are members of the Organized Naval Reserve will be able to qualify lor. commissions during, summer vacations under a program initiated this summer. Navy Recruiter Robert Belknap lias announced. •" The new officer candidate training program may have a'maximum of 2,500 from colleges. and universities enrolled in time to participate in the first six weeks training course, Belknnp said. ' •'. I'o be draft .exempt the candidates must be veterans or must have been a member of an organized reserve unit pijior to June 24, 1948. v In addition to quarters, subsistence, medical attention and .transportation, the student officer candidates will, be- paid $135 wliilo undergoing training during the basic' six weeks,, and $150 during the advanced six' weeks' course. . Candidates must complete both summer training periods before fLuJshing their work for a degree in college. • , Freshmen and sophomores in no- credited colleges who arc not study- Ing for medical, dental. or thec- ioglcal degrees may enroll in tha program provided tlicy arc draft exempt, members ol 1 the Organiixd Naval Reserve, and meet .other scn- eral qualifications of age and' citizenship. Although no college military training will be required of candidates 1 during their acadenik year, they must attend weekly dd;« us members of the Organized'Re- serve.. * ' ' ' Only men college students will Be enrolled in the'progrnm for the'first summer, but women students will be eligible 1 in later years. • « ' To be eligible 1'or Hie program, students must be in good standing in their college or university, muit •be- citizens of the United .States, not less .than 17 years of age at the time of enrollment, and' no more than 27, years old' on July 1 of the cpJcndar year in which' they bccoma eligible for appointment to. «uc«n- mlssloned rank. An automatic chine, which'has nothing .to r do. : witli, the work of land surveyors,'-may find Important laboratory uses. Tha". machine,maps.the invisible fltld of. force, surrounding electrically- pieces of metal. . bility Division of the Department! of Motor Vehicles, will discuss the workings of his division at 'the! meeting of the Ldons Clubi Wednesday at 12;15 p. m. at Central YMCA. The January, meeting of the Board of Directors will be held Friday at 7:30 p. m: at the "Y". An all-plane engine analyzer, capable of diagnosing engine troubles while the plane is in flight, has met performacc tests successfully and is goinp into commercial production. Ferruccio Tagliavini Tonight on The . Telephone Hour WTBO9 P .m. NBC Network" fffiES«GOOD GOODS COME IN LITTLE EDICATED TO ROMANCE WITH DONALD. VOORHEES AND THE BELL TELEPHONE ORCHESTRA SHOP till 9 P. M Annual Januar Clearance Now- In Effect IDfi'R battimore street . 52 WASHDAYS Inaugurating our new store hours Monday..,12 noon 'till MAIN FLOOR CASH and CARRY CLEARANCE COMING UP IN 1949 Not a very pleasant reminder of what the new year will bring, is it? You can eliminate them just by picking up the phone and' telling The Crystal to pick up'.your laundry every week. You don't save money by doing the wash yourself. Let us prove it! . - . • • Telephone 936 Choose a flawless.Diamond for Her finger Our expert-selected gems have unusually fine color and marvelous brilliancy. from S36 Charge or Budget New Store Hours " Mondays 9:30 a. m. to 9 p. in. Tuesdays Thru Fridays 9:30 a, jr.. to 5:30 p. m. Saturdays B;30 a. ». to 6 p. m. TOO YEARS ON BALTIMORE SELF-SERVE PHONES RIDGELEY, W. VA. 'Phone Orders Promptly Filled I 879 FIlEE.buLfVERY on orders | 4G90 , of $o.OO or more. WE CLOSE WEDNESDAY AT 12:30 zoo dresses Juniors... Misses,.. Womens.., Half Sizes THE NEW YEAR IS HERE, WE WISH TO THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR CONFIDENCE IN US ,IN THE PAST I YEAR AND WE HOPE TO CONTINUE TO SERVE YOU,[ QUALITY AT LOWER PRICES i Pillsbury FLOUR 25Jb -H-QQ' basr A«yJ LARGE ICEBERG Lettuce 2 ha, 23c • BRISKET BOILING BEEF , b . 39c Kibg-nut OLEO i b . 29c BOSCUL COFFEE • L?' 53c '- Boy :i li-o?. ,pk(;s. Puddine 35c And RCt three ])k(rs. FKCI3. Rose Vjinilla. Clineolnte, Butterscotch. Jcrxcft IVB1LK St-ill'rn cans J«*» PURE LARD 2 , bs 49c CALIF. SUNK1ST Oranges d OZ ;45c Shop Monday 12 noon to 9p. 171, FOR THESE IVE-A WAYS" "** * •''•'" - A drastic clean-up of odds and ends : ', . priced to sell them out in a few .hours. Many excellent buys for your home-. . ' • Stop in today. — , ,.' - 10—Electric Broilers, were 3.95 ..'....'. '.' 1.00; 9—Glass Double Boilers, plastic handles .'..-.. ,1.50' 6^Sets of Range—top glass utensils consisting of SMex .Coffee ' Maker, Double. Boiler, TecPot- and Cook Book 3.00 5—Two-Unit- Electric Hot Plates .'.'. 5.00 2—Single Unit Electric Hot Plates . . . 1.00 • i . • • 6—Metal Wash Boards, wood-frame •••• 500 16—Pint Bottles O'Ccdar Self-Polishing Wax .;. . 50<f- 6—Fluorescent Lights with tube •-• 4.00 * - ... 9—Kern-Tone Applicators 40<i 8—1S"x30 Ft. Rolls Aluminum Shelf Paper 50e A —Bowl Type Electric Heaters . .' 2.00 4—Electric Heat Lamps '........'.. 1.50 42-46 Baltimore Street •s 5

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