Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on June 18, 1952 · Page 3
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 3

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 18, 1952
Page 3
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^^^^^^^^^ ^^^"^^^^^^S^^ UPTOM 1 n^.\m^ FREE SPiaAL WHfATIES PACKAGE--WftfLE SUPPLIES LAST SfrnxithM- Peanut Butter 39c J-'.-; WHEATIES Brevkfaff of Champtont* 12 ox. PKO. 21c Corned Beef Hosh 41c KKIAKDALy^-^Uj-xi or HHIMH Hyr)',> PEACHES Fruit Cocktail KHtAHUALK FASCY SPINACH < MAVmiSlA TUNA O.ti ( y 33c 35c 35c St 25c FRUITS^VEGETABLES f AMFOKNIA CANTALOUPE ORANGES ^ FU)|{II>A SWEET CORN CARROTS ./u0) I K f>//. 35c 29c 18c Gold MMiaJ BISQUfCK Bnandak- FLOUR $1^89 Wheof-SfMrides 7wl2c Orcm^e-Bose 29c Oteomorgerkie i . 25c Liqtnd-Sfcrch 21c BLU-WHITE FLAKES 4 Fkj; IJ.^| GOV€RNM{NT jNSP€CTCD MEATS 29c Boneless Rollets lIornH 'I 'M Dairy nniiid f-'r-llo Wraji |M '«J Skinless Weiners Lb, WilKoti 'N (lorn Kiiip; SLICED BACON RIB ROAST ilonio Made Itulk ^RK SAUSAGE /VIorrcll 'H 69c 59c 45c 69c 39c PICKLED PORK HOCKS Morn-II 'M Jioficlr'KK l-l-oz, J(ir PICKLED PIG'S FEET "'TC'iilr 59c 35c Prcah Drpssed Fryers - any size NOURITSEN'CKNUD'SEN ^^/L BRIARDALE vSsic^ PHONE 407 on 408 FREE PARKING AT ( O P. 0 E L I V E a Y Kb t. PARKING AT REAR OP STORE Wpdding oi Charles Warren., Shirley Strain Solemnized r,.-.. ThoiBW, Aytfiawr CtA^. i icr-. «i . •mrt-z': u^MvTTiif-i SiiZi&&y night ^-ir4ii >i^r tju^rrtif UsufQt vim] ij<t it -^7 isvrmg Frid;«y iir.-; f«:: fr-j» * VfcSV cfOTT ^ ^ TT.--- •»«-.'<' prw-nK -'J j if .-t. Jiirrj- tiB-jer -aa-J*^'»*^** fe5.vjr« f /f which wa* • /i^r •j^^r.-iji. jaypii <lr*M vrar^ " if.i O ^r ^^t ZiW^rir.h. 1^. i .zjt. fci* •:xrejnt & »5uis«.-; t::.. g-'i*^-'. list w^r^ . -i.^ v..>v-'' 'J? J«s* xaaA"^- iri ^A 'A r.'.-^'j- and Mr, anrf X-t H>-»r»."i: and; n'.'i- VtiitTi Disi «si« j: Cir'^'i fy-jTiiya. awx as -toe 4e> I c<f uary iHfiit uttt -w &aj -liisit : 'ip-id*! 'xnii&>^ -mrijo'js. fe:, -s-^ =^^-=33 n r--:inw -.'-vw «< fuic aiiS »*3!«. j^HLfO. -SA^srr, -r^t -ju: r~r ;5i«=: if a. 25r_» ' -WW ess Sy *a»!- 'vrttK asai ' x -a--,;- -^.^TZITJ-M. JE=I~ ^ra i^.«4»^vaiE. r «ac TFISI *s«i •«< ---- ti/- -.^ -iitfe -^va*to -rf !i* aertd*, sens Jtn ~r^.-r^- ?-iJ«=. JC ETI-- Xfi^aafc. <M«r •< Cat arsAe aese*, ^;^r:/Tr ii- *>«iei isat 1 •.rrA^^ M . j asi< •ioe asTsty aruifi fiuvoi^ % rj-^y^-T^^^^. iC-i HiTiui &f55icrf; ar=£. ^ i«- zrjkiisa. r*i*=!UT T>irxzzif< T .ts r-e *ra 3S «a «r- i^T^^^Z^ 1==^ . aaa trridK* Vxwast^t h *i4 M tfe.; £,7 W ^dte oK/rxicx irith the Ktrviag >A uAt- \ • Q _ Zioc. Ha«te" *Tny Miscion M a»l hf /OJ^ tCJuit: U.^J O^' A \jy tuti^. hoi*» of %,'M. A orxa las- cb*on wju a«rye«l vith vaiir«a(us aJi Oreasatd in tuita ctatntm. Tr^ zotUsfj thtsto* w*M aurvti tbrott^- oat, ifTfrtinAinii A rodeo U> Appear- in 1ii/:ai:*T. BiMigt: auMl jf '>lf wri- The ni^U rec^ctratioo for to« d»y was 144; jolf>-r-» ijuBit*T<Kl 71. Ura, 2$0r)rood Z«ha«r did all Hlfht. 8b« played |;olf ia Uie mora- SnC and won * priz« for weoiitt'^ Mwond ia Ui« iwcond tiigbt. In tb« Mfterooos •>!« pisycd t/iiiSg* Aod won blyh »e*re prize. Mm, Watyne HpnaUUoii tirouyfat liome the prize ior th« Vtr&at mtmbtr lA putt* oa nioe hoU:* aad Mrs. V. A. Oibtx* waji fJr«t {>rix« wtaiwrr in th^ fourth flight. Mr*. Willi* 8a«die won *«cofl4 hJKta prize in the I J*- h 'yJe dtvJ*lon, second flight. Withdraw Names From Ballot X >e« Molne*, June 18 MV— Two democriit* oomlnAtcd A* candidAte* for th« I OWA Iegl «lAture aik^d Q>e veeretAfy of stAte'* office yesterday t« remov* their mune* from the .Vt/vember gcneriU election ballot. Tho»e 'Who irrttbdrew arc C. Edwin Oilmore of Grinnell, Dominated for tlie hou*« of repre «entaUv<« from T 'oweabiek county and William C. Smith of Fayette, named for tb* aenate In the Fayette-Alla- rnakee di«lrlcL Candidate* »omelIme* enter a primary only to fill the party** primary tiei(«t and wlth4ra .w later »o that local convention* may name their *uccM*or*. Democratic atate beodquartera said convention nominations wtl) bo made to fill the places of Otimore and 8mlth on the ballot. High niiSimmr. "Thy MiirioD Ttjl tee Swry". iirti. WoSdea ltd the devotional tervice i>ased on "Meditation'', Act* 2:41 in the Miasiooary magazine. The service wa* followed by Mr*. SJe«lcifr» tallc on "Persecu ttrM", John 15: 18-21. She told of viriou* exptrience* wJuch she and her husband had observed as mis Eiooariea in Ethiopia. In tiie trunnes* session Mr*. Ol cn reported about a box of tolled bacdai^ec, made by circle mem- MixlnK of 2fi per cent platinum with g«ld K»vc* a pure white nuHa! wtticb is •onutline* called Wblte sold. ber* and sent recently U> a miss iooaLry nur*e. Miss Edna Rolland in BniiMh East Africa. The meeiJn^ concluded with the pruyiDg of the Lord's Prayer and ttM.' sinKin^ of tiie table prayer, Ixinch was served by the hostesa- e» to Mm. Slegloff and Gene I>ou, Mm, U H. Kavereide, Mm. Olsen, Mm. Herman Borum, Mrs. Elmer Lee, Mm. Jens Egetand, Mm. A. M. Amundison. Mrs. Robert KlB- nard and Jimmie, Mrs. Thoma:i Kinnard, Mm. August Neiaoo, Mm. Clarence A. Chrittiansen and Diane and to two otiier ^est*. Mr*. Mary Stubb* and Mrs Louto Hill. Chiclcen Snake fUtea Zoo Director Memphl*. Tenn., June 18 X'—A four-foot cbiclcen snake inflicted a painful bite on the neck of Marlln Perkins, widely known director of Chicago's Lincoln park zoo. The two were posing for TV cameramen yesterday when the non-poisonous reptile nipped Perkins. Perklo* was invited hero to sug- gMt improvements for the Memphis too. He delayed treatment for the bite until after he addressed a civlo club where he demonstrated the proper way to handle snakes. Try m DaUy Xows Want Ad. EsthervUle, Iowa, Daily News Wed., June X8 ,W52 3 SALAD DRESSING We are Celebrating JUNE DAIRY We arc making a cial point of peMnt- ing "Jane Dairy Month" because we know that D A i r y Food*. In wti^evipr form yon choose ttteas^ are U}e' dii ^^tiNta^ ahd^ m^rMo^ ;of" ai^r' cdolfngi tittAUBg" tooda yoa can Ixay'ia ' Jimcl We invite t o cdebrate atoBg with b ^ rtihwring from our displays of the best there Is ia I OWA Dairy Foods! Lb. C9c e 79c PRUNE PLUMS "'tS" 29c Clover Farm PEACHES 3 "'SJs^ 89c CloTer Farm—Sections GRAPEFRUIT 3"^°^ Cans Clover Farm ^ 43c Salad Dressing Quart MAZOLA Pint 35c :H01Ct F3ES.H MEATS Pork Roast - 59c Beady-To-Eat Borbeque Ribs Olive Loaf Wonder Bar Brick Cheese BULK DRIED BEEF %ib. 39c Lb. Lb. Lb. 89c 49c 49c VEL Giant Mjtk^ Pkg. OTC 5 Pkg.. Ground Freah to suit every need ' 77e CUP GKEEX CDF VAN CJblFS . • Pork & Beans 2 ^/ftc CLOVEB FABSI Pork & BecHis 2 2fe CIRTO Bottle 23e Sure Jell 2 23c PAROWAX p^k^, 21c CAPSS: P0 .29C SPICIAI ^yb«v'RIp|ne^ Each ; f Florida Ju|co GRAPEFRUIT 5 for ;2te Congo Wciliiliiillillt ' oacli Home Grown Green ONIONS 2 Bunches TSc SIDL 'i r,.,/^ ERFARM SIO Phqine

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