The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 27, 1996 · Page 41
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 41

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 27, 1996
Page 41
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THE-SAUNA JOUBNALi SATL/RPAY. JANUARY^ 15 DAYTIME Jan. 29-Feb. 2 AFTERNOON 3:0013(3(10) Oprah Winfrey 39726 95368 17558 IB Day & Date IB Kids Incorporated (Mon-Thu) Special Valentine With the Family Circus (Fri) IB Movie (Mon) ** "Doc Savage, the Man of Bronze* (1:40)5374184 CD Movie (Mon) **« "Heart and Souls" (1:45) 4670271 (3:15) (:15) (Wed) ** "Street Fighter* (1:45) 54200509 (Fri) **» "Pride and Extreme Prejudice" (1:45) 4557937 ED (3:15) Movie (Mon) **» "Blue Chips' (1:48) 9391097(3:15) (Tue) **K "Radio Flyer" (1:53)9368769 83 (3:15) Movie (Fri) *» "Nukie" (1:39) 36450109 83 Inside Politics 83 Batman 89 Frugal Gourmet Keeps the Feast (Mon) Sulllvans (Tue) Born Free (Wed) Peaceable Kingdom (Thu) Jesus Christ Movie Star (Fri) IB Wild Animal Games ED Movie (Mon) **** The Best of Everything" (2:05) 79251900 (3:15) (:15) (Tue) **** The Lost Weekend" (1:45) 73208634 (Thu) *** "Drums Along the Mohawk" (2:00)355739 83 Grind EB Planet X (Mon, Thu) NBA Action (Tue) Prime Cuts (Wed) Great Sports Vacations (Fri) 63 Scholastic Sports America (Mon) Mountain Biking (Tue) Black College Sports Today (Thu) EB Boxing (Mon) College Basketball (Tue-Wed) NASCAR Shop Talk (Thu) Secrets of Speed (Fri) GB MacGyver (Mon-Wed) PGA Golf (Thu- Fri) CD ' Movie (Mon) *** "Soylenl Green" (2:00) 232436 (Tue) **» "Skyjacked" (2:00) 100837 (Wed) *** "The Savage" (2:00) 163798 (Thu) **» "The Wreck of the Mary Deare" (2:00) 962623 (Fri) +*» "Pony Express" (2:00) 831753 GB (3:05) Garfleld and Friends ED Classic Sports Presents (Mon-Wed) Golf and All Its Glory (Thu) Classic NBA (Fri) GB That's Warner Bros! GB Spenser: For Hire QD Market Wrap Bl Music Zone (Mon) Z Music Top Ten (Wed) Jammln' Country (Thu) EB World Class Cuisine EB Simply Style 83 Muppet Babies EQ Mike Hammer (Wed-Fri) 83 Crlstina 80078 GD Highlander: The Animated Series QD Homestretch OH John Hagee Today (5)(27) Rlckl Lake 57788 31788 TMC Movie (Thu) *+* "Made for Each Other" (1:40) 2733284 (3:10) (:10) (Fri) **** "The Bridge on the River Kwai" (2:45)34425686 3:30 Q Wishbone Q Eeklstravaganza Q Imagination Station d (3:45) Movie (Fri) **K"Mame" (2:15) 71133463 . IB Mickey Mouse Club (Mon-Thu) For Better or for Worse: A Valentine From the Heart (Fri) IB (3:45) Movie (Tue) *** "Agnes.of God" (1:39) 73392363 (Wed) The Crazysit- ter" (1:32) 170580 (Thu) *** "Lassie" (1:32) 6550333 (Fri) **» "With Honors" (1:40)6536753 83 Movie (Mon) ** "Miracles" (1:27) 798962 (Tue) *** "Dark Passage" "(1:46) 5303081 (Wed) * * "A Home of Our Own" (1:42) 9608293 (Thu) ** "Rappin" (1:32) 7559420 89 Early Prime 89 Green Hornet 89 Family Theater (Mon) Campbells (Tue) . 89 Masters of the Maze EH (3:45) Movie (Wed) *** "You Can't Cheat an Honest Man" (1:15)47666752 89 Mega-Dose (Mon) News: Unflttered (Tue) House of Style (Wed) Black Sheep (Thu) Sandblast (Fri) 89 Journal 89 Mountain Biking (Mon) Racehorse Digest (Wed) Ski World (Thu) 89 NASCAR SuperTruck Banquet (Thu) NBA Finals Films (Fri) (3:35) Brady Bunch Anlmaniacs . Great Chefs — Great Cities (Mon, Wed) Great Chefs of the West (Tue) Great Chefs of Sari Francisco (Thu) Great Chefs of the East (Fri) EB Great Country Inns EB Alvln and the Chipmunks EB Rap City CD Aladdin QD Barney & Friends GD Marilyn Hlckey TMC (3:55) Movie (Wed) **** "Glory" (2:05) 79261257 4:00 BBQD Where In the World Is Carmen Sandlego? B Rlckl Lake 9078 Q Adventures of Batman and Robin B Day & Date B Saint Francis Academy 50th Anniversary (Mon) Lovewell 1995: Around the Bend (Tue) Strictly Sallna (Wed) Mill of Memories (Thu) Oh Sayl (Fri) 63956 B America's Most Wanted: Final Justice 0(27) Oprah Winfrey 56097 43523 BB American Journal IB 13(10) Inside Edition IB Full House ID (4:15) Movie (Tue) **x "batteries not included" (2:00) 8378214 (4:15) (:15) (Wed) *** The Cincinnati Kid" (1:45) 20018412 (4:15) (:15) (Thu) *** "Diamonds for Breakfast" (1:45) 94370449 |Q Darkwlng Duck (Mon-Thu) Movie (Fri) ***"Pollyanna" (2:14)560314 81 Movie (Fri) **x "Little Giants" (1:45) 624937 SO Vega$ 83 Cope 89 Family Challenge EB VldeoPM 83 Real World 89 A-Llst EB World Championship Wrestling (Mon) Victoria's Body Shoppe (Tue) Great Sports Vacations (Wed) College Hockey U.S.A. (Thu) Kid Club (Fri) 69 Running (Tue) NBA Jams (Wed) Snowmobile Racing (Thu) EB Be a Player (Fri) GDI Highlander: The Series (Mon-Wed) GB (4:05) Saved by the Bell GB Phi Beta Classics (Thu) Classic NFL (Fri) GD Family Matters GQ Cagney & Lacey * EB Celtic Vision (Mon) Ovation (Tue) Good Green Earth (Wed) Dateline WWII (Thu) World Youth News (Fri) EB Popular Mechanics EB Furniture on the Mend EB Tiny Toon Adventures EB Remington Steele 89 Primer Impacto GD Gargoyles (Mon-Thu) Timon & Pum- baa (Fri) CD Reading Rainbow QD Donahue 7720 QD Praise the Lord (5) Hard Copy TCM Movie (Mon) **x "Let's Make Music" (1:30) 3070691 (Tue) ** "Sunday Punch" (2:00) 2264740 (Wed) ** "Pacific Rendezvous" (1:30) 3014035 (Thu) ** "A Stranger in Town" (1:30) 8229888 (Fri) ** "Whistling In Brooklyn" (2:00) 8920956 TMC (4:25) Movie (Mon) ** "Little Darlings' (1:35) 36924691 (4:20) (:20) (Tue) * * "Clean Slate" (1:50) 81378363 4:30 BO (3D Bill Nye the Science Guy B Mighty Morphln Power Rangers (Mon-Thu) Goosebumps (Fri) B Joseph Holmes Dance Theatre: 1995. Performance (Mon) Strictly Sallna (Wed) Sallna County D.A.R.E.: Ell-Saline 8th Grade Testimonials (Thu) B Current Affair Q) Hard Copy IB (23(5) Jeopardy! 81 Home Improvement d Movie (Mon) **» "Dragnet" (1:45) 1151078 IB Tale Spin (Mon-Thu) 83 (4:45) Movie (Mon) * * * "Maverick* (2:09) 24046469 IB Hollywood One on One (Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri) 7208981 89 Shakespeare: The Animated Tales (Thu) 89 Showbiz Today 89 Home Life 89 Wlldhorse Saloon 89 Most Wanted Jams B Kids In the Hall B Training and Nutrition 2000 (Tue) NBA Action (Wed) English League Soccer Highlights (Thu) Italian League Soccer Highlights (Fri) 89 NBA Inside Stuff (Mon) NBA Today (Tue) NBA Fantastic Series (Wed) Run- ning & Racing (Thu) Inside the PGA Tour (Fri) 63 Outdoors P.M. (Thu) ATP Tour Tennis (Fri) GB (4:35) Saved by the Bell GD California Dreams ED Ecology (Wed) Navy and Marine Corps News (Thu) Eco Sports (Fri) EB Renovation Guide 83 Looney Tunes GO Full House (33 Wishbone (10) American Journal TMC (4:40) Movie (Thu) * "Clifford" (1:35) 46183197 5:00 BOD Reading Rainbow BOQE3IB IB (33(5) News B Fresh Prince of Bel-Air B Take Five B Sallna Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet (Wed) Smoky Hill River Festival (Thu) Teen Talk (Fri) 21 1 1 B Little House on the Prairie IB Ducktales (Mon-Thu) IB Movie. (Wed) * * "Shadow of the Wolf (1:52)301702(5:05) (Thu) ** "Regarding Henry" (1:47) 28311913(5:15) (Fri) *« "Showdown" (1:35)27986550 IB (5:15) Movie (Mon) **n "For Keeps" (1:45) 78290523 (Tue) *** The Karate Kid, Part Two" (2:00)8765301 (Wed) *** "The Dresser" (2:00) 8732073 (Thu) ***ii "Local Hero" (2:00) 2200555 (5:15) (:15) (Fri) ** "Nickel & Dime" (1:45) 97476111 ED (5:15) Movie (Mon) ** "D.A.R.Y.L." (1:40) 24415981(5:15) (Tue) *** "I.Q." (1:35) 24482653 (Wed) ** "Major League II" (1:44) 583344 (Thu) *u "Milk Money" (1:48)444401 83 Movie (Mon) * * * * "On the Waterfront" (1:48) 929184(5:15) (Tue) ** They" (1:40) 42881214(5:15) (Wed) *» The Halfback of Notre Dame" (1:33) 42858986(5:15) (Thu) **« "A Million to Juan" (1:37) 37461352 (Fri) **» "Absolute Beginners" (1:47)850550 83 World View 83 Mission: Impossible 83 30 Good Minutes (Mon) L' Chaylm (Tue) Being Jewish (Wed) Perspectives: Faith In Our Times (Thu) Midpoint (Fri) 89 Newhart (Mon, Wed-Fri) Rlngllng Bros, and Barnum & Bailey Circus (Tue) B (5:05) Movie (Mon) ***x "Nothing Sacred" (1:25) 49818691 (Tue) ***a "Will Penny" (2:00) 600011 (Wed) *** The. Big Broadcast of 1938" (1:30>258306 (Thu) ***u The Glass Key" (1:30) 142791 (Fri) ** The Conquerors" (1:30) 739753 83 Ultimate Winter Vacation B It's Garry Shandllng's Show (Mon- Thu) Saturday Night Live (Fri) 89 Club Golf (Mon) World Championship Wrestling (Tue) Fight Zone (Wed) 63 Up Close 69 Outdoors P.M. (Mon-Wed, Fri) Granada to Dakar Rally (Thu) GB) Renegade CD In the Heat of the Night GB (5:05) Family Matters GB Home Run Derby (Thu-Fri) ~ Saved by the Bell Supermarket Sweep Business Insiders Special Edition (Wed) Defense In Perspective (Thu) Electric Coffee (Fri) EB Wings EB Hometlme EB Clarissa Explains It All EQ Qulncy GQ GQ EB El Doctor Candldo Perez GO Step by Step (D Where In the World Is Carmen Sandlego? QD Cheers (10)(27) Jeopardy! 5:30 B Nightly Business Report BfBGD(27) NBC Nightly News B Roseanne O IB (3(5X10) CBS Evening News B Sallna & Its People (Thu) C.A.P.S. Prevention Talk: Happy Bear (Fri) B National News B IB QD ABC World News Tonight IB Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers (Mon- Thu) IB Movie (Tue) * * "Ring of the Musketeers" (1:26)513108 83 Christopher Closeup (Mon) God Squad (Tue) On Main Street (Wed) Illuminations (Thu) Lifestyle Magazine (Fri) 69 Newhart (Mon, Wed-Fri) 83 Club Dance 83 Tracey Ullman (Mon-Thu) EB NBA Action (Mon) Prime Cuts (Thu) Hockey Week (Fri) 63 Sportscenter 69 Granada to Dakar Rally (Mon-Wed, Fri) Auto Racing (Thu) GB (5:35) Family Matters GB Greatest Sports Legends (Thu-Fri) GB Saved by the Bell GQ Designing Women QD Business Tonight ED Good Green Earth (Wed) Fleet Firepower (Thu) Mother Earth (Fri) 83 Hometlme EB Rugrats EB Screen Scene (Mon-Thu) News (Fri) 83 Notlclero Unlvlslon GO BUI Nye the Science Guy (H Wishbone TCM February Coming Attractions (Mon, Wed-Thu) TMC (5:55) Movie (Fri) **» "Revenge" (2:05) 19608531 5:58 CD Newshour With Jim Lehrer 6:00 BBQD Newshour With Jim Lehrer BBBBIBiaiBGDCLlQD(5Hio)(27) News B Home Improvement B Lovewell 1995: Around the Bend (Mon) Strictly Sallna (Tue) Mill of Memories (Wed) Oh Sayl (Thu) 61062 Best Game on Earth (Fri) IB (6:15) Movie (Mon) * * * "See No Evil" (1:45) 41212964 (6:15) (:15) (Tue) *** The Silencers" (1:45) 75517176 (Wed) **x The Drowning Pool" (2:00) 4696764 (Thu) *** "Minnie and Moskowitz" (2:00) 8892888 (Fri) **» "Operation Daybreak" (2:00) 8852260 IB Torkelsons (Mon) Movie (Tue) **x "Hey There, It's Yogi Bear" (1:29) 587837 Tall Tales and Legends (Wed) Eerie Indiana (Thu) B Inside the NFL (Fri) 83 Moneyllne 83 Fall Guy 89 Ramona (Mon) Prism (Tue) One In the Spirit (Wed) Frazer Family Hour (Thu) Sul- llvans (Fri) 89 Wattons (Mon, Wed-Fri) Highway to Heaven (Tue) 83 Singled Out 69 Politically Incorrect (Mon-Thu) Saturday Night Live (Fri) EB College Basketball (Mon) Fishing Magazine (Tue) Coach Dave Bliss (Wed) Fishing With Larry Nixon (Thu) Adventures Afield (Fri) 63 College Basketball (Wed) EB Auto Racing (Mon) NBA Inside Stuff (Tue) Ski World (Wed) Extreme Magazine (Fri) GB Wings ED In the Heat of the Night GB (6:05) America's Funniest Home Videos GB Women's College Basketball (Mon, Fri) Classic Sports Presents (Tue-Wed) Way It Was (Thu) GD Family Matters GQ Commlsh GB Money Club ED Nltro (Mon) Educational Systems (Tue) Twitch (Wed, Fri) Sneak Peek (Thu) EB Invention 83 Meteorites (Mon-Tue) Tour of the Universe (Wed) Science Frontiers (Thu) Future Flight (Fri) 83 Doug EQ Equalizer EB Out All Night (Mon, Thu) Thea (Tue, Fri) Sanford (Wed) 83 Lazosde Amor 28813 Q3 Mike Purkey (Mon) Charisma Magazine (Tue) Jerry Barnard (Thu) TCM Movie (Mon) **» "Grounds for Marriage" (1:45) 8036875 (Tue) *** "Larceny, Inc." (1:45) 8003547 (Wed) *** "Murder, She Said" (1:45) 8070219 (Thu) *** "China Seas" (2:00) 6059772 (Fri) **x "Across the Wide Missouri" (1:30) 1636260 TMC Movie (Mon) * * * "City Slickers II: The Legend of Curiy's Gold" (2:00) 281417 (6:10) (:10) (Tue) ** "Born Losers" (1:50) 13339818 (Wed) *** "Micki & Maude" (2:00) 365649 (6:15) (:15) (Thu) ** "Eminent Domain" (1:45)92181197 6:30 BCD Seinfeld BIB Simpsons B IB CD(5)(10) Wheel of Fortune B Strictly Sallna (Tue) Coach Jerry Jones (Fri) BIB Entertainment Tonight B(27) Inside Edition IB Ocean Girl (Mon) MMC (Thu) Movie (Fri) *** "Polly" (1:37)7005444 83 Crossfire 477146 83 Center Street (Mon) Positive Parent- Ing (Tue) Alive! (Wed) Songs of Praise (Fri) ED Gotta Dancel (Mon) Burns and Allen Shorts (Wed) Reflections on the Silver Screen: Richard Wldmark (Thu) Michael Felnsteln: Sing a Song of Hollywood (Fri) 83 Country News 83 Most Wanted (Mon-Thu) Week In Rock (Fri) 69 Dream On (Mon-Thu) 83 Prime Time Outdoors (Tue) Muscle- sport USA (Wed) Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference Week In Review (Thu) College Basketball (Fri) 63 College Basketball (Mon-Tue, Thu) PBA Bowling (Fri) EB Major Indoor Lacrosse (Mon) College Basketball (Tue-Wed) Women's College Basketball (Fri) 08 Wings GB (6:35) America's Funniest Home Videos GB Sports Challenge (Thu) GD. Newhart GQ Steals and Deals EO Wonders of Weather (Mon) Race for Presidency (Tue) To Be Announced (Wed) In Context (Thu) Moxy (Fri) EB Movie Magic EB Tiny Toon Adventures 83 Benson QD Home Improvement QD Bishop Jakes (Mon) Miracles (Tue) Brent Walters (Thu) 6:45 QD Rick Godwin (Thu) News. Life. Sports. Classified. Salina Journal

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