The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 27, 1996 · Page 39
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 39

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 27, 1996
Page 39
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THE SALINA JOURNAL SATURDAY, JANUARY 27, 1996 13 DAYTIME Jan. 29-Feb. 2 MORNING 5:00 B Rush Llmbaugh 24691 B Real Stories of the Highway Patrol (Tue-Fri) B(5) AgDay B Community Bulletin Board (Tue- Fri) B This Morning's Business B ABC World News This Morning I3(Z) Kenneth Copeland IB (5:15) Movie (Tue) *** "Games" (1:45)63384943(5:15)(:15) (Wed) *** "Starman" (2:00) 49442509 (Thu) *** The Drowning Pool" (2:00) 3730333 IB Mouserclse 03 (5:15) Movie (Thu) **x-"Shipwreck" (1:41) 77521975 (Fri) ** "Off Beat" (1:33)302647 IB Gulliver's Travels (Mon, Wed, Fri) Raccoons (Tue, Thu) EO (5:15) Movie (Tue) ** is "Far From Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog" (1:20) 3108189 (Wed) * "Die Laughing" (1:50)689211 S Business Day Personal fX: The Collectibles B Movie (Mon) **» "Off Limits" (1:30) 644558 (Wed) ** "Heavenly Days' (1:15) 3174122 (Thu) *** "Mary of Scotland" (2:15) 58080975 (Fri) **» "Rood Tide" (1:30)147647 IB Rude Awakening EB Prime Cuts E0 Sportscenter EB Outdoors A.M. QB CD Bloomberg Information Television CD Bugs Bunny, Bugs Bunny, Rahl Rahl Rahl 03 (5:05) Captain Planet and the Plan- eteers 03 Press Box 09 Jimmy Swaggart QD Today's Business EB Iris, the Happy Professor 33 Flipper EB Marilyn Hlckey EB Notlclero Unlvlslon QD World of Chemistry (Mon) Faces of Culture (Tue) Read, Write and Research (Wed) Flight In Time: The Memphis Belle Story (Thu) Fit: Episodes In the History of the Body (Fri) QD Behind the Scenes (Tue-Fri) (27) Shepherd's Chapel TCM Movie (Mon) *** "Men in White" (1:30) 3507184 (Tue) *x "Behind Office Doors" (1:30) 3574856 (Wed) ***» "Woman of the Year" (2:00) 5176219 (Thu) * is The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg" (1:50) 51865159 (Fri) ** "Children of Pleasure" (1:30) 7185208 5:15 QD John Avanzini (Tue-Fri) 5:23 IB Wizard of Oz (Mon, Wed, Fri) 5:24 OH Around the World In Eighty Dreams (Tue, Thu) 5:30 BIB NBC News at Sunrise B Empty Nest (Tue-Fri) This Morning's Business IB (3(10) CBS Morning News |Q (5:45) Movie (Mon) **u"Pee-wee's Big Adventure" (1:45) 89795691 (5:45) (:45) (Fri) **n"Mame" (2:15)20805208 Q Mouse Tracks IB Movie (Wed) * * "The Fifth Musketeer" (1:43) 1941344 fR Movie (Mon) **x "Casey's Shadow" (1:57)545233 EB Training and Nutrition 2000 (Mon, Thu) Caribbean Workout (Tue) Victoria's Body Shoppe (Wed, Fri) ED Bloomberg Information Television CB Garfleld and Friends EB (5:35) Scooby-Doo Mysteries B Press Box (Tue-Fri) Q9 EB Kenneth Copeland B Bloomberg Business News B Magic Box B Bullwlnkle B Tres Generaclones CD Dealing With Diversity (Mon, Wed) College Algebra (Tue) Destines (Thu) Western Tradition (Fri) (3D World of Chemistry (Mon) Faces of Culture (Tue) Head, Write and Research (Wed) O AgDay OH Benny Hmn (Tue-Fri) TMC (5:45) Movie (Mon) * * u "Perry Mason: The Case of the Killer Kiss" (1:35) 83627691 (5:55) (:55) (Wed) **** The Prisoner of Zenda" (1:45) 30313967 (5:45) (:45) (Thu) * "Clifford" (1:35) 37256820 (5:40) (:40) (Fri) **** The Bridge on the River Kwai" (2:45) 70275395 6:00 BB BO IB IB CZ)(5X1 n ) News Q Adventures of Bllnky BUI (Mon, Wed, Fri) Bananas In Pajamas (Tue, Thu) B Community Bulletin Board (Mon) B (6:15) Stretching for Life IB Extra IB Little Mermaid IB (6:20) Movie (Mon) **'Breakin'2 Electric Boogaloo" (1:34) 13416962 (Tue) ** "A Rne Pair" (1:29) 514837 BO Gulliver's Travels (Mon, Wed, Fri) Raccoons (Tue, Thu) CD Movie (Thu) * * * "The Hudsucker Proxy" (1:51) 159642(6:05) (Fri) **x The Long Day Closes" (1:24) 67675395 EB Ready or Not (Mon) OWUTV (Tue, Thu) American Heroes & Legends (Wed) Busy World of Richard Scarry (Fri) 33 Early Edition 00 Fantasy Island ED Movie (Tue)' *** The Five Pennies" (2:00)382924(6:15) (:15) (Wed) ** The Great Gildersleeve" (1:15) 90983615 EQ Grind EB Victoria's Body Shoppe (Mon, Thu) Training and Nutrition 2000 (Tue-Wed, Fri) ED Sportscenter EQ Gotta Sweat EB Teenage Mutant Nlnja Turtles CD Fllntstones 09 (6:05) Jetsons EB Press Box 09 Feed the Children (Mon) Winning Walk (Tue) In Touch (Wed) Adrian Rogers (Thu) Jack Van Impe (Fri) B Scoreboard Central 33 Chicken Minute EB Weinervllle ED Classroom EB Lawrence C. Callahan (Mon) Power of Prophecy (Tue) Lovell (Wed) Life In the Word (Thu) Benny Hinn (Fri) EQ Club de los Tigrttos (D Adventures of Bllnky Bill CD College Algebra (Tue) Destines (Thu) Western Tradition (Fri) (3D Body Electric QD ABC World News This Morning QD Dean and Mary Brown (Tue) Laverne and Edith Trlpp (Wed) Answer With Dan Sheaffer (Thu) Brent Walters (Fri) (27) NBC News at Sunrise TMC (6:25) Movie (Tue) *** "Inferno" (1:25)73398634 6:15 QD Rick Godwin (Fri) 6:23 IB Wizard of Oz (Mon, Wed, Fri) 6:24 IB Around the World In Eighty Dreams (Tue, Thu) 6:25 m OWL/TV (Mon) 6:30 B Gargoyles (Mon-Thu) Tlmon & Pumbaa (Fri) B CBS Morning News • O 02(5X27) News BOD Bloomberg Business News fB CD NBC News at Sunrise IB Adventures In Wonderland IB Countdown to Freedom: 10 Days That Changed South Africa (Fri) ED (6:45) Shakespeare: The Animated Tales (Tue) EB (6:55) Movie (Mon) *** "Little Man Tate" (1:39) 62590436 OWL/TV (Tue-Fri) ID Movie (Mon) **« "Partners" (1:30) 775146 (Fri) **» "Lefs Make It Legal" (1:30)374463 EQ Most Wanted Jams EB Caribbean Workout EQ Fitness Beach 09 Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog CD Scooby Dooby Doo EB (6:35) Fllntstones 09 Press Box (Tue-Fri) Q9 Andy Griffith Qi Everyday Workout B Journal EB Rory's Place EB BeeUeJuice EB Pastor I.V. Hilllard (Tue) BUI Winston (Wed) Bethel A.M.E. Church (Thu) Jack Van Impe (Fri) EB Carrusel ® Morning Business Report QD Dale Evans (Tue) Betty Jean Robinson (Wed) Watt Mills (Thu) Steve Brock (Fri) TCM Movie (Mon) * ** "Stamboul Quest" (1:30) 2402065 (Tue) * * "Dangerous Female* (1:30) 4413027 (6:50) (:50) (Thu) *** The Last of Mrs. Cheyney" (1:40) 46455284 (Fri) ** 'Wednesday's Child" (1:30) 1455956 6:45 S) Stretching for Life 7:00 B Bloomberg Business News B BCD (27) Today 29962 802078 70610 70962 BIBCZI(5H10) This Morning 91252 16436 72078 50436 21368 B Morning Show 32788 ' B Nightly Business Report O IB COD Good Morning America 83436 21368 27504 d Movie (Tue) * *» "batteries not included" (2:00) 3668635 (7:15) (:15) (Wed) ** "Just You and Me, Kid" (1:45) 34031431 (Thu) **x"Nadine"(1:30)4914081 EH New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh 03 (7:15) Movie (Wed) "In the Line of Duty: Mob Justice" (1:35) 60618621 Cln- emax Reel Life: The Dying Rooms (Thu) IHJ Movie (Mon) ** "My First Love" (1:45) 7507252 (Tue) **» "Samurai Cowboy" (1:45) 7574924 (Wed) ** "I Saw What You Did" (1:45) 7541696 (Thu) *** "My Wicked. Wicked Ways: The Legend of Errol Flynn" (2:30) 1628555 (Fri) **x "Intrigue" (1:45) 4526227 Q] (7:15) Movie (Tue) ***"I.Q." (1:35) 11751504 (Wed) *» "Major League II" (1:44)3733344 EB Busy World of Richard Scarry (Tue, Fri) Movie (Wed) *x The Halfback of Notre Dame" (1:33) 9247290 (Thu) * * K The Big Shot" (1:22) 9647284 HD Hart to Hart m Worship: Latter-day Saints (Mon) Worship: Breath of Ufe (Tue) Worship: Word for Today (Wed) Worship: From the Heart (Thu) Worship: United Methodist (Fri) B Xuxa B (7:15) Movie (Thu) *** "Young Mr. Lincoln" (1:45)58881848 ED Rude Awakening (Mon-Wed, Fri) Black Sheep (Thu) E9 Movie (Mon) *x The Whoopee Boys" (2:00) 7307542 (Tue) *x "Martians Go Homel" (2:00) 7374214 (Wed) ** "Hexed" (2:00) 7341986 (Thu) **>s"0ver Her Dead Body" (2:00) 7977130 (Fri) * * * The Big Picture" (2:00) 7944802 EB Scoreboard Central EB Sportscenter EB Rex Appeal EB G.I.Joe E0 (7:05) Gllligan's Island 09 Press Box 09 News 03 What Every Baby Knows 173558 QO Capitol Gains B World Business Week (Mon) World Business Today (Tue-Fri) EB Little Star EB Looney Tunes EB Remington Steete 9 Breath of Life (Mon) Pastor John A. Cherry (Tue) Amazing Facts (Wed) Breakthrough (Fri) 03 Plaza Sesamo (3D Sesame Street QD Barney & Friends QD Joy (Mon-Tue, Fri) Pamela Carter (Wed) Our Town (Thu) TCM Movie (Wed) ** The Big Steal" (1:15)9351344 TMC (7:20) Movie (Mon) * * * The Learning Tree" (1:50) 47072504 (7:20) (:20) (Thu) **K The Driver (1:30) 5579246 7:30 B Body Electric B Bobby's World B Puzzle Place (Mon) Imagineland (Tue) Big Comfy Couch (Wed) Wishbone (Thu) Huggabug Club (Fri) OH Movie (Mon) **x "Dragnet" (1:45) 40526558 IB Care Bears IB Movie (Tue) **» "Woman With a Past" (1:36) 597160(7:45) (Thu) ** "George Balanchine's the Nutcracker" ' (1:32)25033772 EH Movie (Mon) **« "Ordinary Magic" (1:36)7739368 Tracey Takes On... (Fri) EB Movie (Tue) ** They" (1:40) 2958837 (Fri) ** "Fatal Instinct" (1:28) 682260 EB One in the Spirit (Mon) Scriptures Allvel (Tue) L' Chaylm (Wed) Perspectives: Faith In Our Times (Thu) Illuminations (Fri) B Heamcim B Movie (Wed) ** "Gildersleeve on Broadway" (1:05)5103764 EQ Rude Awakening (Thu) B Futbol Mundlal (Mon) NBA Action (Tue) Racing Home (Wed) Skiing USA (Thu) Planet X (Fri) B Bodyshaplng B Woody Woodpecker B (7:35) Bewitched B Press Box (Tue-Fri) B Your Baby and Child B Squawk Box B World News B Kitty Cats B Gumby B Peter Poppoff (Wed) B ElChavo QD Puzzle Place QD Dino (Mon) Alive (Tue) Kid's Club (Wed) Helen Pensantl, M.D. (Thu) Diane Blsh (Fri) o TMC (7:50) Movie (Tue) * "Hail Caesar" (1:40) 62748214 (7:40) (:40) (Wed) ** "Greedy" (1:55)90847986 8:00 BBQD Sesame Street B V.R. Troopers B Community Bulletin Board (Tue- Fri) EJ Movie (Fri) * * * "A Countess From Hong Kong" (2:00)9434734 IB Adventures of the Gummi Bears 03 Movie (Mon) * * * "Silverado" (2:12)53875097(8:15) (Fri) *x "Switching Channels" (1:48)95942531 ED Movie (Thu) *K "Milk Money" (1:48) 256333 (Fri) **x "Little Giants" (1:45) 128598 EB (8:25) Movie (Thu) **» "A Million to Juan" (1:37)39885130 EB Morning News gp Trapper John, M.D. EQ Daily Mass EB Let's Make a Deal ED Movie (Mon) *** The File on Thelma Jordan" (2:00) 544542 (Tue) **u "Has Anybody Seen My Gal" (1:30) 849634 (Fri) **» The Last of the Fast Guns" (1:30)570550 IB VldeoMorning EB 00 Press Box ES Sportscenter 63 Crunch Fitness 09 Knight Rider CD Bugs Bunny, Bugs Bunny, Rahl Rahl Rahl 03 (8:05) Who's the Boss? 03 Sisters B Celtic Vision (Mon) Ovation .(Tue) Good Green Earth (Wed) Pass in Review (Thu) Scoreboard Central (Fri) EB Elements (Mon) Airmen of Tuskegee (Tue) Brain: Our Universe Within (Wed) Nature of Things (Thu) United Nations: No Place to Hide (Fri) EB Bookmlce EE) Rugrats ES Columbo (Mon-Tue) McMillan and Wife (Wed, Fri) McCloud (Thu) EB Screen Scene (Mon-Thu) Real Business (Fri) EE1 Chesplrlto CD Shining Time Station QD Richard and Llndsey Roberts TCM Movie (Mon) ** "Pamell" (2:00) 1903320 (Tue) ** Transgression" (1:20) 1958301 (8:15) (:15) (Wed) ** "A Girl in Every Port" (1:30) 9614035 (Fri) *** "A Child Is Bom" (1:30)1081005 TMC (8:25) Movie (Fri) ** is "Harmony Cats" (1:40)23234579 8:30 B Mutant League IB Movie (Thu) * * * "Diamonds for Breakfast" (1:45)85817820 IB Welcome to Pooh Comer IB (8:45) Movie (Mon) **» "For Keeps" (1:45) 69604610 (8:45) (:45) (Wed) *** The Dresser" (2:15) 57808832 Hollywood One on One (Tue, Fri) 4988498 E9 (8:45) Making of Major League II (Wed) EB (8:35) .Movie (Mon) **** "Plaza Suite" (1:55) 70785981 (8:45) (Wed) * * * "A Warm December" (1:39) 18859325 EB The Word With Father Manning (Mon) Christopher Closeup (Tue) Accent (Wed) Search (Thu) Teaching of Christ (Fri) EB $100,000 Name That Tune B (8:35) Movie (Wed) ** "Gildersleeve's Bad Day" (1:10)23917870 EB FIT TV (Tue-Fri) EB Bodyshaplng CD Fllntstones EB (8:35) Andy Griffith Q3 Press Box (Tue-Fri) CD Ecology (Wed) Navy and Marine Corps News (Thu) Eco Sports (Fri) EB Brain: Our Universe Within (Wed) Cyberspace (Thu) Adam Smith (Fri) EB Iris, the Happy Professor EB Busy World of Richard Scarry B Roc ® Barney & Friends QD John Hagee Today TCM Movie (Thu) **x Their Own Desire" (1:30)5209975 TMC (8:50) Movie (Thu) * * * "A Warm December" (1:45)'71616739 8:45 B Travel (Fri) 9:00 B Barney & Friends B(5M10) Live — Regis & Kathle Lee 387076052316523 B Goof Troop B George & Alarm 61097 B Community Bulletin Board (Mon) B Montel Williams 17455 B Hitter Roger* (Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri) Sedgwlck County Commission Meet- Ing (Wed) ' BOD Sally 651165 36349 .IB Maury Povlch 16523 IB CD In the Heat of the Night OJ(27) Leeza 697233 648691 IB (9:15) Movie (Mon) +** THX- 1138" (1:30) 9846233 (Tue) ***"See No Evil" (1:45) 8407479 (Wed) *** The Cincinnati Kid" (1:45)8467851 IB Dumbo's Circus 03 Movie (Tue) ** "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" (1:37) 6663289 (Wed) *** "Steel Magnolias' (1:58)177832 BO (9:15) Movie (Tue) ** "Storm Warning" (1:45) 59062547 (9:15) (:15) (Fri) ** "Just You and Me, Kid" (1:45) 77515192 ED (9:15) Movie (Mon) **» "Sioux City" (1:42) 49450368 (Tue) **x The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie" (1:32) 658818 EB (9:15)' Movie (Tue) ** The Last Shot You Hear" (1:26) 7065769 (Fri) * * * x "Romeo and Juliet" (2:18) 922550 m Breakfast Time 9270558 EB Life Lessons IB 700 Club ED Movie (Thu) ** a "What Price Glory?" (2:00)261265 mtf . EQ MTV Jams EQ Kids In the Hall EB Sportscenter EB Flex Appeal EB Murder, She Wrote CD Gilllgan's Island 03 (9:05) Little House on the Prairie EB Get Fit EQ Court TV: Inside America's Courts EQ Our Home QD Money Wheel CD Special Edition (Wed) Defense in Perspective (Thu) Electric Coffee (Fri) EB Home Matters EB Chicken Minute E3 Muppet Babies EB Benson EB Papi Soltero CD Northern Exposure @) Lamb Chop's Play-Along QD Sesame Street QD Rod Parsley TCM (9:20) Movie (Tue) * * * "Flesh" (1:40) 23295491 TMC (9:10) Movie (Mon) *** "City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold" (2:00) 4727707 9:30 B Mister Rogers B Cubhouse Q Reading Rainbow (Mon-Tue, Thwai • Fri) IB Under the Umbrella Tree 03 Movie (Thu) * * * "Clear and Present Danger (2:21) 90023265 IB Movie (Thu) *** The Devil and Daniel Webster" (1:30)7942178 EO Movie (Wed) * * K "Countdown to Looking Glass" (1:30)945696 EB Central Message (Mon) Quentin Road (Tue) How Can I Live? (Wed) Alternative (Thu) To Be Announced (Fri) ED Movie (Tue) *** To Each His Own" (2:15) 82331547 (9:45) (:45) (Wed) ** "Gildersleeve's Ghost" (1:15) 34813431 (Fri) *** "Living It Up" (1:45) 1184735 ES Monty Python's Flying Circus EB Get Fit (Mon, Wed, Fri) EB Crunch Fitness CD Gilllgan's Island EB FIT TV (Mon, Wed, Fri) Get Fit (Tue, Thu) EQ Andy Griffith CD Good Green Earth (Wed) Fleet Firepower (Thu) Mother Earth (Fri) EB Start to Finish EB Rory's Place E§ Muppets EQ Columbo (Tue) Banacek (Wed) *-.: EB Out All Night (Mon, Thu) Thea (Tue, Fri) Sanford (Wed) EB El Doctor Candldo Perez CS Puzzle Place QD Marilyn Hlckey TCM (9:45) Movie (Wed) * * "Dangerous Mission" (1:15) 25448677 (Fri) ** "Child ol Divorce" (1:30)3577802 TMC Movie (Tue) *** "Bedazzled" (1:45) 1728818 (9:35) (:35) (Wed) *» "Man Accused" (1:00)8050412 10:00 B Instructional Television B Sally 48097 B Dinosaurs B B 0(5)00) Price Is Right B Jenny Jones 44523 B Barney & Friends (Mon-Tue, Thu- Fri) B Rolonda 95271 BOD Mike & Maty 72225 46639 B George&Alana814813 IB (10:15) Movie (Thu) *** "Youngblood Hawke" (2:30) 40008082 (Fri) ** "Heartbeeps" (1:30)4984840 _„ B FraggtaRock

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