The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 31, 1935 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 31, 1935
Page 4
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TEPTOJf DELEGATE HOME. The Whole Family Agrees that it's um Its NAVY BEANS Choice. Michigan PURE LARD f. i f ••• when it comes to GOOD FOOD from McGRAWS' Food Store PINK SALMON—Choice, 2 tall cans 25c FANCY PACK PEAS—2 No. 2 cans 25c VINEGAR—Large quart bottle lOc ifOWDERED SUGAR—Extra fine, 2 Ibs., 15c SEEbLESS-RAISINS-^Selected, 2-lb. pkg.,15c TOILET TISSUE—Sursoft, 1,000 sheet 4 for;. 1 ..... 19c GRAHAM CRACKERS—Large 2-lb. box . .21c SOMINY—3 large No. 2% size cans 23c CORN MEAL—Fresh ground bag lOc WILSON'S MILK—3 tall cans 2lc DOMATOES—3 No. 2 size cans 25c TLOUR^-Sunbonnet, 5-lb. bag 25c FANCY RICE—Choice, 4 Ibs 19c PINEAPPLE—Sliced or crushed, No. 1 size, lOc -POST TOASTIES—Large box lie CAMAY SOAP—3 bars for .14c .CREAM CHEESE—Per Ib 19c ;EGG NOODLES—ceiio pack ioc MACARONI or SPAGHETTI—4 boxes .. .18c RITZ BUTTER CRACKERS—Box ..<.... 25c SHREDDED WHEAT—Sample, with 2 for 25c SODA CRACKERS—Old Fort, 2-lb, box . .19c PINTO BEANS—Choice, 2-lb. pkg 19c LIMA BEAN&—Selected, 2-lb. pkg. .......19c SUGAR ^ f RUIT* ,wVtG EYABIE* Bananas, yellow fruit, 4 Ibs ....... 19c Button Radishes, bunch ......... 5c Sweet Potatoes, 3 Ibs .......... .lOc New 'Potatoes, good size, 5 Ibs. . .17c Leaf Lettuce, 2 Ibs .............. 25c Head Lettuce, solid, crisp, large . .lOc Green Onions, bunch ............ 5c Carrots large bunches, 2 for ____ 15c New Peas, fresh, 2 Ibs 19c Green Beans, nice 2 Ibs 15c Celery, large bunch lOc Cauliflower, large head 23c Fresh Pineapples, each lOc Grape Fruit; seedless, each 5c Seed Potatoes, Rural New York, 100-lb. bag 98c Oranges, juicy navels, doz 20c NEW! VEAL TENDERETTES (No bone, no waste, per Ib. FORK and BEANS Giant Size 3 cans for BEEF ROAST—Choice chuck, per Ib 23c BEEF BOIL—Tender, per Ib 15c BEEF LIVER—Per Ib 19c PORK ROAST—Per Ib 28c SWISS STEAK—Per Ib 27c JEWEL SHORTENING—Per Ib. pkg 16c SAUSAGE—Fresh made, per Ib 23c CUBED STEAKS—No bone, per Ib 32c JOWL BACON—Per Ib 22c OXYDOL Large box.. POST'S BRAN Per box He FOOD STORE Free Delivery LIST OF OF VETS Deceased Civil War Veterans in Cicero Township Cemeteries Listed. ' LEGION COMPILES DATA The Tipton Post of the Ameri can Legion, in connection with other patriotic organizations, has had a busy time the last few days in seeing to it that all veterans graves were properly decoratec for Memorial Day. A committee from the Legion, headed' by George Cline has been making maps of all the cemeteries in Cicero township showing the location of each veteran's, grave in the cemetery. These maps will be val- lable as permanent records in addition to helping in decoration. Most of the cemeteries are well cared for, but a few graves of Jivil War veterans have been 'ound with the stones toppled over and stock running over the graves. The Legion will attempt o have these graves put in good ondition, and will secure govern- uent stones for those graves of •eterans whicfi are not marked. Mr. Cline is being assisted by -egion meu all over the county .'ho live near the cemeteries and an get first hand information oncernfng them. It is felt that tie lists below are fairly acuratc, et there may be ommissions and ossibly some one has been listed rtio is not a veteran. They arc ublished with the request that nyone knowing of an error in ny list should report the error to Ir. Cline at 209 N. Condc street, ipton,'telephone 1325 or to the ommitteeman named bolow as ving near the cemetery, in ques- on. Sandbank cemetery cast of Tipon, Dilver Hoover, four veterans' raves—Hiram Dover, Hczekiah orbet, David C. Kennedy ancl eorge P. Vawter. Rethsaida, John D. Smith, thrrn Young Oadet Pilot Leaped From His : Blazing Plane. Montpelter, May 31.—"Buchanann, your plane is on fire." : Cadet G. |s. Buchanan received this radio warning from his commander lat£ yesterday afternoon. He pulled j the blazing single- seater out jof formation, swung his legs over the side and dropped away. As he leaped the tail of the craft hit him in the side, breaking one left rib! and lcerating him. Charles H. Michel Spent Eight Days at Presbyterian. Assembly. Insurance Executives Have No Intention of Press-. ing for Payment. IHAIL COURT DECISION Benton Evers farm a mile south of here. His plane crashed, exploded and 'burned. The pilots of the seven other New York, May pursuit shipjs circled anxiously as| madc vest( ;r<lay of Buchanan floated down, saw him make the traditional perfect 31.—Inquiries a number of the nation's leading insurance company executives drew re- questioned. Charles H. Michel, residing west of Tipton, returned Wednesday "night from Cincinnati where he attended the General Assembly of the Presbyterian church. The Assehibly was in session eight days, meetings being held at the' Taft Auditorium and one thou-i sand or more pastors and lay! delegates from all over the coun-! try were in attendance.- Rev. A. E. House of Jonesboro was the pastor delegate from the Muncie Presbytery and Mr. Michel the lay delegate this being the first time in nineteen years the Tipton church has furnished the lay delegate. While in Cincinnati Mr. Michel had a splendid visit with Rev. Homer Campbell, former pastor Per Double Roll!Up Many Patternii las Low as $1 Per Room i 1 • • . i li $lf25Indo-Vin.ii98c 35c Vick's Salve; -39t 60c anding—one the flier can wa i k sponscs .from those away from4-and then continued' withoilt . a sinsle absenting voice, j of tlle Tip ton'churcii'who is" now to Sclfridge; Field. to witness tho 500-mile Speedway race at Indianapolis yesterday. that tho insurance •companies would not start a rush of fore- closura actions against mortgaged farms or demand that the owners immediately come to terms over their debt arrears. Nullification :iil>an Wife! of Spanish Prince' by the tlnit ed States supreme Greets Him at Xcw York. i co «rt of the Frazier-Lemke farm A REqOXCILIATIOX. mortgage moratorium law will not New York; May 31. — The long-| lnateriall >" alter insurance com- icralded reconciliation between |P an >' P° licie s, executives said, with he eldest son of former King Al-j rcsl ' ect to their ownership of $1,- onso of Spain and his Cuban ' 165,000,000 of farm mortgages. ommoner wife was sealed with a' or approximately one-sixth of th? kiss— in fact a lot of kisses— on j estimated total of SS.OOO.OOO,flO!> he promenade deck of an incom-| o£ such mortgages now outstanding. Executives declined to comment for direct quotation, at least for the' time being. They expressed and i relief, however, at the passing 01 vent homo t'o Cuba 3 last Novom- the act which,' in effect, gave a or, hurried : aboard the steamer jfive-y ear moratorium to debtor:; Vashington as soon as it arrived j against foreclosure proceedings, nd greeted i her royal husband j during which period the owner ng liner yesterday. Delighted, i the Spanish princo nnounced that "everything is O. K." ; His wife, who packed up ith a resounding kiss. Still Quarantined. The Claude Tolle home on treet is still quarantined hut could retain title to his farm upon payment of a reasonable rental. Only 5.S per <-cnt of the a sets of the nation's insurance companies are today -invested in Mrs. Tolic arid son, William, who .farm mortgages, it was stated. have broil ill .with diphtheria, ur» ' Local banks', the federal govern- getting along nicely *nnw .an 1 j mcnl's various agencies, and oth- hnve no fever. Their throats have organizations arc the principal cloared up and it quiii-antine will IK xt few days. William Tolle. first Iir-ame n'- flictcd with tho disease and l:e was very ill. .Mrs. Tolle took is believed the ! creditors. bo lifted in the j' Visited Over Memorial Day. tho innoculation against diphtheria Rev. and Mrs. S. A. Gordon of North Main street wore the Tliur.s- pastor of the North Presbyterian church i-n Cincinnati. The former pastor sent greetings and best wishes to all of his Tipton county friends. Big Improvement. CHI-NAMEL PADTPS i VARNISH t i ENAMEL 40 Years Satisfaction BLUE FRONT DRUG STORE PIONEER'S A'umber of Tipton People ht Services for Mrs. Sarah 'Smith. Several Tipton' tored northwest residents mo- of ! Kjempton Workmen have for the past several days been making some improvements in the walks at the courthouse and at the square turns of the walks around the building have placed concrete wings. This will prevent those in a hurry from trampling out 'the grass. The work on the drive on tho south side lias not been tended funeral services! ! it the started, the old stone having Bacon church for Mrsj. : j Sarah been removed and the excavation < Smith, grandmother of l! Ernest having been made for pouring ofJGullion of this city, whose death concrete. occurred Tuesday morning; These improvements are being j- Following the services, j burial was in the Bacon cemetery! beside the husband whose death occurred several years ago. : Thursday afternoon wheijei they at- made with FEIIA labor, the county furnishing the material. In Peru Hospital. Word has been received that i Edward Scbaekel of Kokoino. for-: mer chief clerk for the Nickel- Plate railroad in Tipton. had en-' tered the; Wahash hospital at: Peru Wednesday for an opera-i tion £01- kidney and liladdor troti-| ble. Friends of this former resi-j dent are wishing a speedy recovery for him. Daily Bible Quotation. 1 will open rivers in [ the high places, and fountains in the midst of the valleys; I will make the wilderness a pool of watef, and the dry land springs of: water.— Isaiah 41:1S. i Fatal Accident. and this precaution resulted in only a light attack of the disea.* •. -Mrs. Toilq's daughter. \VclI Known Here. Mrs. Barnadetta Miller of Alex- Mouldentown.j andria, whose marriage to Henry Funke, well j known, farmer, re- Mrs. Miller has for several months been jomployed as housekeeper for County Auditor Joe Mattingly. j At the Diana. logram ; Pictures. which Stratton-Porter's famous "A Girl of the Limberlost" screen, won further laurels last'night for its excellent presentation of still another best selling classic, ''The Hoosler Schoolmaster," which conies to the Diana theater Sunday. The new photoplay has been given the same sympathetic treatment that was accorded its successful predecessor, and won the unanimous acclaim of a crowded house. • The story deals with the trials encountered by a youthful Civil War veteran who takes the position of a scholmaster in a small Indiana village. Rajph Hartsook, the schoolmaster, comeit tb Flat Creek with a band of ex-soldiers which propose to take up government lands in a newly opened reserve. They find that they Had Gall Duct Trouble. County Clerk Simpson has received a letter from his daughter, Marybelle, at Seattle, Washington, stating her mother, who weiyt there for the daughter's commencement, was ill and under the care of a physician. The daughter wrote Saturday saying the mother suffered an attack' which was at first thought to be indi-" gestion but was pronounced gall duct trouble by a physician who was called. She was better when the letter was written* Tuesday but the doqtor ordered 'her to remain In bed for a week. RegularDividend. I The regular quarterly, cash dl- veterans—James A. Innes, Joseph A. Innes. and R. P. Williams. Stewart, 3 Vi miles northwest of Tipton, Uish. Richardson, five i Robert E. Munoy veterans—Wm. T. Coons, Wm. A.! rrgistcrod, is Bouse, J. M. Keith, John T. Mo-j after the patients, zingo, and John A. Swab. ' i *** Mouldentown, west of Tipton. and the cemetery on the John Nash farm, Harvey Michel. No veterans graves at one in the Nash cemetery—Peter S. Wright. Goodykoontz, 'south of Tipton, Gordy Wheatley, one veteran's grave—John A. Scott. Goodpasture cemetery northeast of Atlanta, no veterans graves. Sumner, northeast of Atlanta, Lawrence Plckett, seventeen veterans graves—Wm. AngeM, Nathaniel Coleman, Nathaniel Cook, John D. Eiler, Henry Euler, Jacob Fritz, D. P. Glunt, .James Glunt, Daniel Goodykoontz, John Goodykoontz, S. P. Good, Wm. McNeal, Wm. M. Smith, James Thomas, Amos VanBuskirk, Joseph, VanBuskirk and an unknown Civil War veteran who was killed by a train just north of Atlanta some 35 or 40 years ago. Goar cemetery west of Jack- n Station, Will Curry and Omer cCarty, fourteen veterans' graves—John Adams, Jacob Barger, Wm. Bradley, Silas D. Davenport, David Fuller, Ruben Hewitt, Newton Innes, A. J. McClanahan, M. S. McNew, John McCarty, Albert Plckett, Hiram Redmond, James Smith, Geerge Wllcher. '' These lists, together With those that have been previously published for Fairvlew cemetery at Tipton, constitute all the known deceased veterans in Cicero township. Lists for -^he other townships will be published, and corrections asked for, as soon-as they are completed. ho re looking Highland, III.. May 31.—Thomas "Edward Ward. 2fi years old Kokoino, Ind., was killed and •lassmate at St. Louis Univer- injured of Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Slick at 'Seriously early yesterday when a Elwood. Mrs. Slick and Mrs. Gor-I motor ca . r in wllich the - v wprc rid don are sisters. j ing plunged off highway No. 40; near .here and crashed into a ! day dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. i , I Frank Button near Windfall. j . I In the afternoon, they visited j ° of I fb-iiion -i " 10 cemeteries at Windfall and j a Elwood and were supper guests | sit - v medical school was .;.-:..! AAAAA. to EKH ; | - S3 — EXXA JETTICKSi-i— SO America's Smartest Shoes. . ) NU-WAY SHOE North Side Square — a'ipton Placed in .lull. culvert. TRY OUR Hourly Delivery Ser/yice : , i Sterling Grof^ry Phone 234. J2O Wajni^t St. \ _L Bcrt Holloway, was placed ; u ^^AVyAUaUAVM^Ayk^UA^ siding east o Tipton, will takejj ail shortly before noon Thurs- place at the 1st. Johri's church day by chic£ o£ Po i icG Jones am i June 12, is well known here hav- charges o£ intoxication have been ing been a resident or this coun-j fllod against him in Circuit Court. ty for some time and attending , Holloway will no t be given a hear- services at the St. John's church. ing until Ju(lge R USSC H returns Is Improved. Lemuel Da^row, former resident of this county who has been critically ill fjor the past several days with double pneumonia at the Mercy hospital at Elwood, was reported .jFrlday to be somewhat improved. His condition has been quite serious for the past few days,; and his many friends here are glad to hear of the change for the better. he being there in a case on trial in the Clinton Circuit Court. from Frankfort, as special judge POTATO BREAD CASE'S BAKERY Memorial Day Guests. Mrs. Mary' Sumn'er and children . of Indianapolis spent fee* mortal Day here with her parents] ' ili-Tri llnslalliiti-jn. The Hi-Tri Bodietyj of the West Street Christian church will meat Monday evenibg at J 7:30 ; with Miss Joan Malrtin' at her hbme, 309 jNorth'Weat stfept. with jliss Betty Tatman as assisting hostess. Lindley Cojj will lead the program 1 and there will be Installation Jof offlcefts. ; j • • , . All members are |urged to bo present at thik-meeting-. PR. C, W EotUatrirt ; TEAD •jMday^jp^.^ . r ..._..,^ : :^teW(M^Im- ?£% ,r'-' JL - GIFTS THAT BRING ADDED DELIGHT to the Heart of jtne Bride Every bridal., should contain tho almost-irt benuty, and a quality that permits! Its use through tho.years. Naturally such gifts arc given added prestige when the package bean the name of Diana Tonight and Saturday! Saturday Mat., 2 O'clock Admission: Miitinec, «"hilclren, 5c; Adults, 1CR-; Nights,! Children, lOc, Adults, 20c. j i ! TIM McCOY in "FIGHTING SHADOWS'! | 'Tim lias Joined (lie Koyal \orlliu<-s( Mountr<l: Haunted | by HhudoH-.s: Hunted by « Killer! Fighting the ! Toughest 'liang of the North! j Also Ken Maynard in "Mystery Mountaip." | J ! HXTKA ADDKD ATTUACTION i. ! • i Walt Disney's New All-Colored Comedy, "GODDESS OF SPRING" OUIt LATK SATURDAY MGI1T SHOW Ralph Bellamy in 'RENDEZVOUS AT MH>NIGHT' Mcnly.of Thrills, fUHIs.and Mysterj 1 !' SUNDAY, MONDAY and! .TUESDAY SUXUAY MATINEE 3 O'CLOCK i j Matincv, lOc and 15c — Admission -i— Nights,: lOc and A GREAT No^el A GREATER Picture The NORMAN FOSTER CHARLOTTE HENRY I*..)!, fc Ct£«*tM t, mUSD MCUfTON The romance of early America brought Co screen! The dramatic career of a bravk Wid life t sought opportniilty In the Middle West 1 iu '' " war., wad thb great ,. .o the adv the

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