Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 19, 1953 · Page 15
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 15

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 19, 1953
Page 15
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The Daily Register-Mail, Gak-sburff, 111. Monday, October 19, 1953 j ,8 Homo, Workshop? A Bean Bag Game Provides a Project and Fun YOUR GARDEN Plot in Shade Poses Problem for Planter My HENRY I'REK brirl rhododendron, mountain Written for NKA Service laurel, leucothoc (drooping an- The gnrdener whose house faces dromeda), pieris jnponica and (he north, or whose yard is so floribunda, inkberry (ilex glabra), situated that it is in shade, needs Japanese holly (ilex crenata) and plants of some sort which will its varieties, tolerate shade, There are no AH these plants need a well- shade - loving plants, despite'drained soil, rich in humus and many claims to the contrary. Ion the acid side of the scale. They In order to »ive some scm- must be spaced sufficiently far bianco of planting on (he shady|apart so that one may easily walk side of (he house, he is limitediabout them; plants need room for t.y a few varieties which, if Rivenjdevelopment—crowding also ex- m:iu ;\s HOW ABE GUIDED BY THE ADVICE • ' " ' ' OF A NURSERYMAN much encouragement and ideal soil, will reward us for our efforts. With Safety Plan Handles Modernization Project Cost Ilefore you start planting trees in the shade be sure to get expert advice. they QUIZZING Tim GAni )F,NF ,n | Y OU CJOII MOVC Q—Is there a low-cost edging r»T ~\J WW plant which closely approximates| _f 1101116 the appearance of dwarf box- bush? A — Yes. Germander, listed bolanically, as Teucr.'um chamae- drys, as evergreen perennial; By VfVIAN BROWN | T1l „ f ina „„ ft ,„ n t ^e ^tui | m with small oval leaves. It can be; Thp financing of essential Im> kept down to a height and breadth 1 YOU CAN even pack your Iprovcmcnts in[plumbing and heat- of six lo eight inches. Unlrimmed, troubles on moving day and go:'"*J*"i nm A P ll a ? nCI, JhL pi.KhSS it grows to a height of a foot; 1wav smi , ine * ^'open-end mortgage, he Plumbing .beam rosy-purplc flowers. • .a»ay smiling and Heating Industries Bureau ! Q—What are the best straw- AH V™ n00fI ls a system, ad-!points out. jbcrrics for a small back-yard gar-i vises the American Society of In- An open-end mortgage is one 'dm? ;terior Design which can be reopened or rc- A -l'rcmier (Howard 17) has ; You'll line un barrels nrfons ? CWCfI !°, r « C stm ? mi tnat has long been successful, Catskill is' You 1 1 n , c Up . , barrL,s ' cartons ;;becn paid off and, in some cases, also grow.i for an early crop and corru Satcd board, brown paper and increased, the Bureau explains. Red Star for a late crop. There lags in advance, and long before! There are two general types of will are other good varieties. Of the that big day arrives you'll weedi?. p f" c ™-_ morl * aRCS - Witn ono leverbearers Rich and WV.WV. COMES the indoor season with its special projects for the nome workshop. H)w about making a bean bag game? It will make a wonderful Christmas present for both young and old. And it's a good project . R>r the whole family. The bean bags can be made by the distaff side,!"' 1 " 1 the box by '.he men. The kids can run the errands. Denim is excellent for the bags. Make them 4 by 5 inches in size and fill them only three-fourths full with dried beans. For the box, cut two pieces of 1 by 8 inch pine each 24 inches long and two more pieces 34'/z inches long. Nail these together as shown in the. illustration. For the back, nail on a piece of eighth-inch tempered hardboard, 24 by 3(5 inches eludes air I'achysandra, myrtle (vinraj minor), English ivy and evergreen' The only needle-leaved cver-bittcrswcet ,'cuonymous fortunei: greens which tolerate shade arcjin variety) are recommended for; Canadian hemlock and Canadianjan evergreen ground cover, iyew ' and even these two appro- Few deciduous shrubs and trees leiate some sunlight if they are lojwill satisfy the gardener, as most nmmended because jthrive of them grow loo large for (he k wjlhjn , )()l|nfjK I Both must be planted away 'average house and so we must be ; ... . uon nave neen satisfactory. <•,,.. at i jfrom the bouse so that there iscareful where we plant. ! 11 ,s smarter to start w,th i Q-What are some of the an- I i, plenty of air circulating about. Provides Height young plant:, unless one moves'nuals which may be lifted from',,,„)?, them and where the overhang of; The flowering dogwood is used the larger .shrubs from an exist-'thc garden for bloom indoors? i.. d . ' ., . . the roof docs not prevent rains for height and accent, while the ing shady planting which has; A—Select small, thrifty plants |P ar , c S01lefJ anfJ arrange to have from reaching (heir tops. '.spice bush (clcthra alnifolia); the been given excellent care and ail. 'of petunias, lanlanas, dwarf mar- { ?™ dcJ, ycrerJ to your new norrte Recommends Trees (smaller mock orange avalanche; material is in a healthy condition, igolds, verbenas, calendulas, snap-- moving day. The following broad - leaved'dwarf cranberry bush (viburnum The gardener should visit a nur-;dragons and other small-growing — are recommended forjopulus, nanum), and mountain'seryman now and be guided byjkintls. Give them the Sunrrfer. , . bl * day . n , rrivcs , " mi,: " type, the payments are not in tion have been satisfactory ™ l J H nk and d,scard lt oncc and ;crcascd if the homeowner wants to the cleaners rugs, curtains and clothing evergreens Two-way Rooms Willi Double Duty Furniture Designed By MR. FIX I Distributed by NEA Service | . Hurry, before it 's too late, to, Inside the box put two sloping pieces of hardboard at one end weatherstrip your doors and win- to funnel the bean bags to one convenient place. dows. Hurry, if you value yourj In the front panel of hardboard, cut scoring holes 4, 5 and 6 inches h oa tj n g dollars because as many! in diameter. Attach front panel, prime and paint. ^ „ f our( h of them can sneak! 'away — whether your back is! [turned or not — right through the' jcrcviccs you've left open. ! Let's look at it. this way. According to the Weatherstrip He- iscarch Institute, the clearance Your living room can become a!around each unweatherstripped guest room at night through the window is equal to a hole four; use of double duty furniture. Sec- inches square. In older homes it tional sofas become twin beds in could be, and often is, even a jiffy. An attractive French pro- greater. vincial desk can be quickly opened! Count your windows and count into a dressing table. This is one your dollars. And if your win-. Don 't be a "copy cat." If you!of several plans for dual purpose dows are already weatherproofed, have home decorating to do thisVooms in homes prepared by a count your blessings, fall, be original and have a good'rnagazinc's home furnishings and Dcsciihes.Three Types time valuing your own ideas, sug-jequipment editors. There are three types of weath-. fiests Dorothy Iwitf, home furnish-: ^lri|>;>i.'i« The metal variety, the! ings specialist University of Illi-U , „ fabric kind, and another that is a nois College of Agriculture. j»HVC I 1I11C and Unci £} combination of metal and fabric. Start your campaign by select |„ w«J,;.«, W.. II. ......... I The lirst is perhaps best installed; professionally, but some say it is ; inure effective than the others. The metal type of weather- more money for improvements. Instead, the number of payments is extended. Hike Payments With the other type, the size of the monthly payments is increased sunniest PACKING SHOULD be startcd'hut not the number of remaining Carolina rhododendron, hylcurran* (VTbei" alpinum) 'are 'rec-his'advice.' Window. ' * J^^'Z^ 7$ ^^^"Se ideally suited for the marking each piece of furniture ;fina " cin K of hom f improvements with a special color tag, reprc-!^ as the modernization of a senting the room the piece cnmesl^roony, . thtch ^ 1 ' , , r , ••, , additiona bathroom the conver- 4. Keep all grooves and joints frorn - rhcn tnc movers will know MR. FIX Weatherstrip in Time Saves Heating Dollars Be Original In Decorating Your Home , grooves anrl joints ""».'• J ""»«'» »™» <.: on of unuscf i S n a ce into a now- around wcatherstripping and win- exactly where the furniture goes^ m „r the modernization of dow free of dirt, for a clean, tight when they arrive 3l the destina- a kitchen. f,tr T1 . ll07n ,' u , , , , , . I Similarly every type of improve- 5. Readjust interlocking weath- It chests and desk contents ai"e !rnent m heating systems can be erstripping if it gets out of align- too heavy, drawers will need to;eonvenieritly financed under the mont due to structural settling, be emptied out into boxes. Othcr-; 0 p en . mortgage plan. Such im- undue shrinking or swelling of wise simply seal the drawers with;p ro vements range from the con- wood. Use a flat instrument, such heavy masking tape. , :version of a manually-fired plant as a putty knife, or a flat block of FRAGILE PIECES need special j to automatic firing; the replace- wood and a hammer to move the handling. Place about four inchesjmcnt of a boiler; the conversion strip into meshing position. of shredded newspapers in the,of a gravity system to forced cir- 6. Close cracks between win- bottom of a barrel. Wrap china dilation; and the installation of dow frames and - masonry 'walls and glass with heavy newspapers modern heat distributors such as with caulking compound in case or wrapping paper, placing the: DascDoar ^ s or convectors. Other of leakage. Leakage doesn't nec- heaviest objects in the center ofiimprovements such as zoning or essarily mean that weatherstrip- the barrel. Plates may be wrapped in groups of four to six, and set| under tms P |an - new controls can also be financed ing two "or three "colors that you! " n Washing Wallpaper and your family enjoy. Consider! To clean washable wallpaper, the effect you want to create in wash it with a suds of mild soap the room, and make the colors and water. Apply clean cold water . . , , work for you. to an area slightly larger than .stripping is ma K up oil « jthat which is to bo cleaned. Then ^ that interlock when door or window is closed. Achieving the erstnps are even simpler. They remove it with fine steel you. Says Better Choice A little wcatherstripping and caulking in the right places will go a long way toward weather-conditioning your home. Found Simpler windows may stick and bind. Fabric and metal-fabric weath- paint accidentally gets on them, rub- lf one of the colors you select I bprfe^t 1 cent"v ' S o vei^thr' S papcr' 'lie- proper fit sometimes involves con- are butted against the inside faces then rub on paraffin to restore doors and window's nnens to be bo d and hnehl. IISPI h L un. . ., , , rntline anrl rhanne nc . suds with a clean, damp M(lc - rjD e tuning cnannenn fe q( doors & ^ window sashe s and the smooth surface. sponge and proceed to the next °f^''™' ™™ /i^" 1 ^, tacked to the frames. 2. Lubricate wcatherstripping d ' he saved if two gal- weatherstrip for doors is the T- When you've finished weather- with paraffin to insure smooth happens to be bold and bright, usei it for accent only and in small! amounts. The subdued colors arc better choice for the largest areas. Consider the size, shape and the ceiling height of the room. The amount of sunlight that conies into the room is important, too. In planning the color scheme, strive for a pleasing rhythm in color. For example, repeat the! color used in the largest amount,! pint.' i« out of adjustment Finally, remember that windows on er | ge around the sides of the completely sealed against cold air barrel. Cups, glasses and stem-; jleakage are also protection against ware s hould be stuffed, covered iinfiltrating dirt, soot and smoke. : wjth tissue paper and may fill in ! j "~ remaining space. Add additional! j FIX-IT FORUM newspapers for compactness, and ; ; Q—What causes water leaks mark a big "fragile" sign on top laround windows and doors? of it. I A—Often they can be traced to' Wrap mirrors and pictures in! jimproperly applied or deteriorated quilts and blankets and tie firmly.! flashing, or to poorly fitted boards Cosmetic jars and perfume bottles^ in (he area of the trim. Flashing,' may be protected against leakage jf preferably of. nonferrous metal, by sealing corks and stoppers should extend from the sheathing, w , t h natural color nail polish, undpr the building paper, out to paraffjn or tape , Wrap an( j p^], wool, and over the drip cap at top of thc se items in a hamper, along _ with the contents of the medicine !cabinet. NOTE ON FIX-IT F0RU1T j small rugs may be rolled up in- Mr. Fix is unable to answer di- side large ones. Clothing may be in wet redly individual questions from put in portable clothes closets sup- Time will virmprl sfppl mils -irp nspfl in strip mounted on the door, cou-stripping your home, or if it is operating windows even . ho. n d 1ZC tbe ht nece^ water ^ One P^d with a strip mounted on the already protected in this way, here father when they are inclined readers However m F^T phed by ^moving ma n nail mav be used for the soin'door lrame to receive the leg oi are several suggestions to help to swell. ; i UUUAI ne win answer tne most. At least one suitcase snouia De suds anrl the other for rinse water-the T, thus forming an interlock-you realize its maximum bene- 3. Keep windows locked during interesting and the most frequent-jpacked with personal clothing Thus there will be no need to run union - Bo,h - strips arc simply fits: Cold weathcr t0 increase the scal " ] l asked questions received'during;tissues towels, toiletries and back and forth to the kitchen sink tacked in place. i 1. Never paint weatherstrips, or ing efficiency of weatherstripping.jthe week. jnightclothcs for each member of for water. Greatest "ENGINEERED-FOR-COMFORT" Achievement Since The Advent of Automatic Gas Heat! •I lh» Republic GAS CONVERSION BURNER IDEAL HEATING COMPANY 76 N. Seminary Ph. 3084-6 Tub for the Tots An ideal indoor play pool for small youngsters is a galvanized steel wash tub, brightened with colorful dccals or paint. Just a few inches of water will be sufficient to give the children a place to sail their boats, bathe their dolls, wash their toy aulos, or otherwise enjoy themselves close to mother's watchful eye. Home Features Long, Low Lines—3 Bedrooms Accident Hazards Broken glass, tin cans, and bottles, whether empty or containing residual poisons or unwanted medicines, constitute serious accident hazards. So, to keep such trash out of sight of and away from curious children while it is awaiting collection, safety officials advise that it be stored in tightly- covered galvanized steel cans in stead of in open boxes or other containers. and see that either that particular color or a lighter or darker color of it is used on each of the sides of the room. If you are using draperies, they may serve as a keynote for developing the rhythm in color. DESIGN NO. H 191 E Bluiprlnlt of this homt aft aYailabl* through our Association. Fit Your BUDGET * .. With Our Easy HOME LOAN Your Monthly Payments May Include Principal, Intereit.Tqxej and Insurance • Your future will be better, brighter, clearer... in. a home of your own! After a moderate down payment you repay on a simple rent­ like basis. Each installment reduces both interest and principal at the same time . . . bringing you closer to- debt-free home ownership. Come In and see us this week. AND 'LOAN AJxbOCl -AllON 250 EAST MAIN STREET m 3 \W On every side we see in the picturesque homes that dot the landscape the result of education in architecture. The man who a generation ago would have been satisfied with a plain square house has now seen examples of what can be done in designing a neat, convenient and roomy cottage. The plan here shown is of a 3- bedroom house, modern and convenient in every respect. The three bedrooms are over average size and conveniently located wtih the roomy bath room. Each bedroom has a large closet with sliding doors, and there are three additional closets opening from the hall. The kitchen is roomy and thoroughly equipped with sink, stove, refrigerator and numerous cupboards, and a 9x10 dinette space. The living room is entered from a small front porch through! a central hall. j. Considers Economy j If desired for economy, this haili could be eliminated and the living! room entered direct from the | porch, thus reducing the width ofj the house 3Va feet, and the totals coverage by over a hundred square feet. j A 7 -foot basement extends under j the whole house, containing heating and laundry equipment and ample space for storage and recreation. Across the 8-foot breezeway is a 12x22-foot garage. The exterior walls of the house arc sheathed, insulated and covered with % plywood with horizontal Light Strokes Recommended Enamel or varnish will give best!",!,'",, results if applied with a brush, us-|f ™l\, ing short, light strokes. The na-i home by hand " tjonal Bureau of Standard's points out that the finish should flow together with as little brushing as possible. Remove sags or runs with a well-filled brush. the family, so that the first night iat the new home will not be |nightmare. Another suitcase mayn icontain personal papers, jewelry] and other valuables and this be carried to the new I FOR RENT FLOOR SANDERS FLOOR FINISHERS PHONE 4216 GALESjSURG COMPANY READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS GETTING x GAS HEAT? READ THE WANT ADS Get it at its best: iMuellerClimairol SEE YOUU FAVORITE "™~" HEATING CONTRACTOR Oittribufed by WILLIS STEEL CORP. 156 N. Academy DO YOU (Continued on page 16) FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS Galesburg's Only Manufacturer of Stock and Custom Millwork - OFFER Free Designing and Estimating Services HAWKINSON MFG. CO. THESE TROUBLES? 151 Cedar Avenue Phone 7393-6 STEAMING, STREAMING WINDOWS? RUINED WOODWORK? SOILED DRAPES? PUDDLES ON.THE FLOOR? Then ... you need to install W INVISIBLE SELF-STORING, COMBINATION STORM WINDOWS AND SCREENS Come in for Free Demonstration Today! FHA Terms to Suit Your Needs! SIMPSON - POWELSON LUMBER COMPANY The Complete Building Material Store 159 S. Prairie St. - Calesburg, III. - Phone 4137 SAVE w TO s 40 00 ! Nationally advertised genuine all-steel Diana-style wn4 42" CABINET SINK Compltt* with chrcmt fauc.t .and ilralmr • FREE : FREE •DELIVERY " Call u» today for quick delivery of your 42', Younjjifown Kitchen* Cabinet Sink. o a 1 You'd »xpert to pay audi inert fejr' top-quality features like these I Swinging mixing-faucet.'; Wide, no-tip fluting. Two large storage cornpart-j menU and sturdy tteel shell*. Spaciou* cutlery drawer slides easily, even when) fully loaded. Top of one-piece, acid-' resisting porcelain-enameled *teel. Hi- Bake, easy-to-clean finish. Sound' deadened doors close positively on Unv pedo i aUlas. Curved, no-splash bo»| design. Recessed toe and knee space.' Impressed soap dish. Crumb-cup straiiK -r, half turn concerts tawl toj dishpan Kasy-V tuuidlej io glisUniof ,c,':ru .'ii«. EKSTROM Plumbing & Healing Sales 646 West Main Street Phone 6131 -5 i 0

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