Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 10, 1958 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
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Thursday, July 10, 1958
Page 6
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Ik*-** PAOESTX ALTON EVENING TELfiGrtAPtt THURSDAY, JULY 10,1858 Editorial David Ike's Brother WasTraveling -Now the Demo- i misuse of taxpayers' money" the i sending of government airplanes ilo transport him from his vacation thc comment of Senator ^[J^^Tlo ^ * M *"W. testimony prfl| ^ ahp|)d nf hjs p , Hnnrd 1T . Circuit fudge James O. Monroe has demon-'400 being filed by itTlted considerable courage in Assuming the re- Tf we .name that the jpfcd .< veil u the b.1 sptmsibility for bringing information to the public ance with which justice can be •drtiinmerecl are Q about the iudiciat amendment to the state comti- the criteria by which it should be judged, then VTI1 ,. certainly the no* redistricting u working out well. ( 'lllinoiMM «r« due to ballot on the amendment That it was Judge Monroe who instigated the ^ ifl-the November general election, and should be movement toward a more compact districting here spn|vwrr , ho p ITsirlrn i' s brother. thorough!? prepared with information on the nib- i< another cause to compliment him. iThry're critiri/inc as a "cavalier The matter has been given little public oV, *Vl*I*V f tttlSllfll* cuttkm by th* judiciary or by members of the •' bar—who are in the best position to judge how '.'Very ummul" was the change would effect courts in the state. McClcllan on rackets investigation ,,„,„„,,„,„„, ..... Judge Monroe commented on thc proposed that a state trooper, called to quell some unruly |urn sn fls fo p ,. r p,, rc / or an n ffi- amendment before thc Kiwanis Club Tuesday pickets outside a Miles, 111., restaurant, had said he r j a j mission to Central America. night, i couldn't give any help because of orders frrtm the The dale for the start of his tour He minced no words in outlining at least oncjoffice of then Governor Adlai Stevenson not to : harl been suddenly changed by the circuit judge's attitude toward it when he ex-lgct into local affairs. Stale DepMrlinent. pressed the opinion the new plan would result in> In those days the governor's party, on thc The criticism is pica.vunish stuff. a'Cyi* quality of judiciary material. national scene, was making the phrase "Taft-Mart- Kor the truth is the government of 111 his dissertation, too. he mentioned some Icy" anathema to all labor. Mr. Stevenson's hands the United S ^ es °* rs ^J" ,J" praiseworthy statistics with regard to progress!tvere'Virtually tied, whether the signals were being: 8 *" 1 av>rl . m " ° a .. r r jf rv mideia whittling down the huge backlog of cases called by George Mcany on by racketeers—as lo ^« • f c " "^^.pd Tor* which "he has in the Madison-Bond circuit since the two counties'as a laborish disguise could be conjured tip. never accepted a penny, were designated a district to themselves. j "Very unusual," however, would be Congress' ^ Prcs , dpn ,- s Bother was 'for- Said he, the 2,600 cases on thc docket when failure to take positive and constructive action in m( , r , ' p,.,',,,^,,, of Kansas Stale the three new judges assumed charge in the Midi-; the labor legislation field in view of thc informa- r 0 | lc ' gc anc ] Pennsylvania State soft County Circuit Court have now been reduced \ion Senator McClcllan and his committee h*vc.ij n j vors jt v anc j nmv j s head O f to 2,000; while cases are being disposed of at the been dredging up. Johns Hopkins University. He is a rate of 500 a month compared to between 350 andi Yet it seems headed for just such a failure, member of the 'President's advis- • ory commission on thc reorganize- Side Glaneea ** 7./o ' t.M. kit u.i P.I on. 25 and 50 Years Ago July 10 J 933 Illinois Gov. Henry Hornef vetoed the bill 10,1908 Countering the aovertised mriwittcetfteftt of Al- peri-mutuel betting on dog races. He de- ton Water Co. that its new rate schedule would bt clared: "It might he said that the bill had been!effective ns of July 1, City Counsellor J. F. Mo- prepared by and for the ddg track operators wMhJGinnls, declared there was but one 'legal rate tdt a maximum of license for them nnd a minimum of water" in Alton the one set by city ordinance. He regulation or advantage to the state or its people "averred the Water Co. couldn't collect the rdfes it In vetoing the oill. the governor wrote at great'had announced, and suggested patrons Unite in op« length on the moral aspects of dog-racing. The position to paying them. .T. A. Miller, new manage* governor summed up his" message .by saying:''of Alton Water Co.. said the new rates would bflj "In short, it is contended that dog-racing, and its ^forced, "as advertised." Settlement of the rftf« attendanf gambling on the result, seriously a f-,controversy now seemed to await the outcome of ifect.s the moral fiber of the community and is a suit pending in Circuit Court, destructive to the economic Btid moral welfare of the public." Efforts had "Oh, you don't really have to try to charm any of the boys you date, Dorothy! Just let on you never knew any of the things they tell you!" Better ^Housekeeping 9 tion of the government and has performed special duties for the White House ever since 1953. He ' City Manager Graham Watt is ready to puf- in quite a list of not only missing street Reader's Forum 'Stubborn Attitude? ^rflLy i» A* l id KV-L vj i «j*«n» TTO.I-* !•> •«,«•»• j w f».. .in t| wi «.*. B . «>r v v*» t*v*, vit t j •>>'^»iii^ „-..„„„ !ti(l«rtf RAnt*ccnn1 ati\7/»rtilVinMI*oci dhfcse new name markers for 45 important street but badly tilted, mangled, and even missing "Stop 1 " dcm an(J Sppcial Am bassador to! After seeing and experiencing intersections. . signs. I Latin America. In 1953 he visited'this Alton - controlled traffic jam The program of progressive replacement of Now it appears thc administration, under di-'ten countries in Latin America, ; at Broadway and Langdon (and street markers is certainly a clear sign of improved Section of the new manager, is getting around to ; covcring a period of 33 days. He-that is where the blame lies, with housekeeping on the part of the city government. 1 this. I spent ten days on an official mis- the City of Alton, through lack of have a man to put at this point. been undertaken to salvage an amphibious airplane piloted by Fred Ltldwig of St. Louis, which had nosed into the Mississippi River when a landing in midstream was attempted. Ludwig was accompanied by his wife, and Harry Pratt Jr., 18, of 603'i E. Broadway, Alton. Capt. W. D. Fluent and Bob Blahkenshlp. were two of the first persons to reach the stranded trio. Fire in the Capitol at Springfield which burned through a portion of the south wing for three hours caused an estimated $300.000 damage. William Grove of .Wood River was elected district governor by the Illinois Lions Clubs in convention at Belleville. In the home where she was married and where she had lived for 63 years, Mrs. Mary Marshall of A needle fragment, half an inch long, Imbedded in her hand for 15 months, began to emerge «« Mrs. William Oddy of Milnor avenue vvas sweeping crumbs from the breakfast table. She bathed her hand in hot water and soon was able to with> draw the entire fragment. Gov. Charles S. Deneen's boyhood nickname ot "Chug" was brought to light as he met acqualh* tances of his youth in Madison County during hia campaign tour. lie took time to visit tt boyhood] swimming place on Silver Creek. William Jennings Bryan was nominated for tht third time to be Democratic candidate for'Presi- dent. . Parly nominations to the Aug. 8 primary on county offices had been closed. Democratic aspir- ,ants were without opposition. Republicans had Upper Alton died. The former Mary Jane Yarby, I om ^ contpR)s . c H Kuonnemann and John .she was survived by five daughters,. Mrs. ^"^e T . . Gollmer,. Mrs. Jennie Parker, Mrs. Mary Rexford. Mrs. Dora Wells, Mrs. Alice Demuth: and four Tetherington were: filed for county recorder; J. F, Gillham, incumbent, W. P. Boynton, and R. J. Brown for state's attorney; C. N. Streeper, In- sons, Charles, Thomas, Edward and William .Mar- cumbent E R> Voorhees, Allen I. Keiser, and shall. George L. Glassbrenner for coroner. Prohibition Mrs. Maria Busse, 45, of 1100 E. Fourth st.,| and Sodalist pnrti p s had unopposed tickets. WuV received word of the unexpected death of her s°n.jj iam A Ro( j enncrg was lo seek re-election as dis- ""trict congressman on the Republican ticket, and was opposed by John B. Hay. Charles A. Karch of Belleville was unopposed for Congress on th« Ernest, in Chicago. A son, John Duncan, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Bowman of 1206 N. Ninth St. Then with this in your mind and; A son, Gerald Ray, was born to Mr. and Mrs -| Democ ,. a tj c ticket. affpr liavmt* Avaitnrl in the hot Sim Tlnnm* rMinmhni'lain after having .waited in the hot sunJHenrv Chamberlain. quarry on Vandalia Road deficient in this highly important department, cs- a continuous program of reporting missing or A few weeks ago Dr. Eisenhower J^^^j" try a|1 ' d reaso n witlv pecially as regarding street signs and traffic mark-, damaged traffic and street marking equipment'went, as the President's repre- wnomcver j s responsible for thisj to cross the bridge, you finally! A'daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. C. C.| J>• M ^.tinge,^ ^ ^ get ,„ to dear old Alton to see a W alter of-East Elm street. ;«-;,.! ^^ s)one WM (Q be lhe „„,„ pro . ings. ' through police and any other city employes 'who 'A. thoroug'h .survey of the town would result j may notice them. |J. Mi Inquiry Needed : Perhaps a re-eValuiation,'ii required of the Unit- j grave tragedy occurred in the U. N. secretariat. j'"jf the same amount of traveling ei Nations' promotion of Anatoly F. Dubrynin Povl Bang-Jensen, a senior political affairs officer.jhad been done in private business, men riding around town. examine,,, died in St. Louis. He was survived by »" Progress for two months • Now can you tell me why one of hJR wid(w Mrs Rpbcora Springer Fiegenbaum; U. S. Nixon had bought the \V. H. Rippe cigW ,,_,,, . . . deplorable Situation when it is so these men could not be put at that '• (h ' Mrs K V V .Fiegenbaum, and thrco;store on E. Second Street. He was to have Wf World Health Association nl Ml »: unnccessarv l hridge to direct traffic between . . ™\**e* lu'lia Fli/.abcth*Jarie and Re-i architectural office in rooms to the rear, neapolis. He has received no fee „, ,,/m.Mi is unnecessary is 4:30 and 6 p.m.? ^"1 r^VioHo Fio^nh' fl um ' ' 'Freeman had opened the grocery store at " " le " lelillg ° lhc for any of these services he has I been provided in each case by the government. h . ' , y Vnenc • \Vil61*C Charotte Fiaum Liianoue r n-t,tnu«uui. was dismissed for insubordination because he re- 1 there would have been some corn- fused to hand over a list of 81 Hungarian wit-iPensation lor the individual .per- nesscs who testified at the U. N. investigation o f formi "S the service. In governs^;.» v ------ «:„„* ~( »u. lot/: „....: r-» ......... :, nicnt work, however, there are a 11 .o u ,,,,».v., u ».^ - — - M- ibecca Charlotte riogennaum. •• '•-.....».. , - ..---„ , , icvcr traffic gets to I do wish someone would please, F k Hazehvood 57 died in St. Joseph's Hos- Chautatiqua for his brother, C. S. Freeman, 1M the point Where it is backed up onjcome to the front and tell me some! survived by his widow, Mrs. Ireneiold penitentiary plat, west of William Street, had the Missouri side for a mile or so.jother reason besides man shortage.j' • , Daughter Mrs C. Hibbs, 'and!been offered to the city for public playgrouni=pu» then, and not until then, is an of-j They have ma'de their point as to|" a7 - cwo ' ' " . ' " \p6SGs at a rental of $500 a year. Dennis J. Drisdofl ,. „. t_ A»- A_ i ]«:fU» H«,* n c.t.;i«* «* .*.«... nnn» A nnU^C. 101^6 SOnS , l^lntOO, JUIJI1 «IH1 J. JVI y U. f .... ... m».lj,_. AJJt4.! MM AM\ to the post of under-sccretary f^or the department of; political ana security council affairs, a rank juft below that of secretary general. 'Mr. Dubrynin is a Russian. Personnel of thciSoviet suppression of. the 1956 anti-Communist U. N. aditunistratiye departments are supposed toj revolt in Hungary. foreswear all allegiance to their homelands when! -The only way Bang-Jensen could induce these cner gj es without pay. thty assume their res'&onstbilities. How a Russian,!people to tell their stories was to pledge them im-, Cer \ tt j n ] v jt cannot be persua-l a* (indoctrinated in Communism as he must be be-1munity. * isively argued that the individual fo^e he can hope to attain an, appointment from his country to such a post, can forget his past leanings is difficult to imagine. ficcr sent to the scene to untanglejthe necessity of^new approaches.! im ^'' So j Madison County's state-aid road sys-lpurchased a lot in Beall's Middletown Addition it; and he does a nice job of it. lit is my guess Alton is ai_ °™™.*™ a ^^ iy ^ ln r-w , fpov . | w hich to erect a residence. i; ana ne uues a iuuu jvu ui u. i-n. 'a »".' sutoo nui/n i^ i_iuai...i ft a, ..... .. j ;„ r-^At~™r Now. why must it get to thisj condition here to magnify the ne-jtem began with the 'airport road in Godfrey stage before anything is done?|cessity of these approaches. But in; Thursday evening, July 3 trafficjthe meantime please give us the! J^f)hf1't S» Allen' started piling up on the bridge atirelief we are entitled to until unselfish citizens who, whem^so or 5 p.m. Nothing was doneinew approaches are realized. FRED P. BRANDENBURG Route 1, Godfrey isively argued The world cannot help but be suspicious of the [who gives his services free should cause of Bang-Jensen's, dismissal in view of theibe required to pay his transporta- Three days after Mr. Dubrynin took office a] can suffer as a result. I • ' • ' »»»•»». • Ike Talks Sense to Canada circumstances. And the 'United Nations' prestige < President Eisenhower talked sound sense to the j have had it otherwise. Canadian Parliament on" the subject of the world ''' it until 6:20 p.m., when they sent an officer to control the light. I wish whoever is responsible j for this stubborn attitude of not; relieving this condition would sit in the hot sun every evening for 15 or 20 minutes and experience this ordeal of getting home to Al-j ton. > The only answer I can get from tion expenses when' interrupting his vacation to meet a government time schedule which has been suddenly revised to an earlier date. But these are mudsling- the officials is that they do not ! ing against the party in power, and of publicity-seeking by' politi cal candidates who think it's popu wieat ! Canadians have be'en concerned about our "(Jumping" of American surplus wheat into overseas consumption thereby depressing prices for wheat which Canada is attempting to sell on the same market. The President pointed out that world recognition that this wheat was in storage here would •It 1.1 , f f . *-*" \-HHHHJa H.O » U\J (limit U » MUMU* Moreover he pointed out, ^he .foreign funds; lar to heckle the. administration. obtained by the saleV'and made available to recipient countries should, in the Jong run, raise living standards in those countries and broaden demand for products—not only domestic, but imported (some Canadian, of course.) The President has made his trip into Canada and his plea for re-warming of Canadian friendship at a critical time. Canadians and the United States These 'tactics can boomerang. For •certainly there are many citizens in the'land who may have been willing to serve their government without fee but who now are being told, in effect, that th<?y must not expect government transportation to and from their homes if they are called on to carry out special Forum Writers, Note Letters to the Readers Forum should be M brief as possible, and writers completely identified. The ; telegraph will withhold writer's name on rc : quest but preference; Is alven writers who atree to publication of names. The Telegraph reserves the right to condense letters. Adams.Faces Mor» Questions f WASHINGTON-White House Adams volunteered none. But the the huge foreign aid program,: i assistant Sherman Adams faceslfull story is slated to bc brought for which President Eisenhower quest on ng on these throe mat-lout into the open when Adams is soekmg another $3.9 billion when he again appears bc-.again testifies before the com- Other jolting disclosures bemf "'"-" *•*-. o i i , • ; ,,«,-,rt«Trtrtrtrt !•»»> 4tii<- r»*v\r»ja aW* • called an odd ball. Afraid To Be Odd Balls? According to a recent survey of| afraid'oNfeHfe high school teenagers, all of themi Would we oavf celebra..;,! .. CL- disapprove of student drinking, but a fourth of them drink; over three- fourths of them disapprove smoking, yet 40 per cent smoke. That makes it appear that their most common problfem is being liked by the crowd They do every- p j p j £ t ? iliiMiv ttimr r»ofi tf\ itlnocn tno m»n\un • • • fore the House probers: Discussions with General Serv-i ices Administrator. F r a n k 1 i n| rrobe obsp|Irp(1 uncovered by this probe are: ' A ? much as ?1 billion in clangorous Sherman Ad- ernment-owned /arm surpluses K investigation is are involved in these exceptional government fo by AT&T. Pressure on Interstate ' , nh and discussions, wrth them. would we be one of the queen's prize possessions? FRED J. MILLER Jerseyville the sensational, have been shipped to Russia, this so-far-j Certain officials of the two are the'agenices have connections with operations of aicompanfes involved in tJrt*Be in group of individuals a n d'tfansactipns. • ^ f > firms who have made millions!'The Justice Department ha§ ^buying from one government!done nothing about these appaf- and selling at eonsider-jent conflict-of-interest cases, de. . Vblv hipher prices tto another. 'spite complaints about them. Settlement ^^'^^ some instances profits were' Conducting this dynamite-load- ng cases pending before it. ed investigation, which sooner or Considerable information re- : "-^ P involved Mnilater will explode in the head- gardmg these instances has been;^ pwepdi ^, v , uc) . ative back .iljnes is a House Government ., • i L u • i • , « —--.-— -- - -- - - - ruruwreunii'nuivi-' assembled by the House mvesti- nn p,.. lt i on <;' are- 'Operations Subcommittee head- have a more depressing effect on overseas pncesjnever should permit anything to pry them apart, i missions. thing they can to please the crowd.; ru 'l jl ^ rewpu. UHU.I . ^^ inc)uding nan , CSi dates! stage °^^ (x . c - | . pdit Co ^ , hy R P p resontativc L . H. Foim- than the manner in which we dispose of it—which; We,- above all, must set a standard for friendship One would suppose that the gov-' Tllev value otners ' opinions before; Residents of St. Louis and other'and documents. which pureha'ses^billions of doi- tain (D., X. C.), "' • is'to turn it over to "have-not" nations. land harmony of long association if we expect the ernment of Ihe United States need lhcir own - Fcxvcr lhan hal£ claim ports south, cruising up thc river Administrator Flocte asked the-^ of _ SUJ , us ' farm ' pl . oduiMs Quiei-spokoii 'and deliberate, Such disposal, pointed out the President, has long-embattled nations of the world to strengthen not be so penny-wise and pound-i thpv tnillk out for themselves, and on a Sunday afternoon, are now Federal Communications Com- ^ ^ Agri( , u , tui . al A( , t . and Fountain is among the toughest ™;j-j— A {™A f«r m ^nv npnnle who would nnt! their ties and nv»rrnm<. ihpir «.n m ; f ;« foolish as to demand that citixcns act °" their own decjsions. noting that Alton has another mission .to order a -;> per cent ^ ]ntpl . na , ional Cooperation Ad-and most relentless probers in give their services without pay and' Then why worry about their own "first." reduction mi h e governments mjnistra| , oni whi( . h admin i sU ,. s Congress. His record strikingly also themselves foot the expensesi' ack of self-confidence. Painted high on the Prospect cost for private line service _ ___ .proves that. ' of transportation to and from About half our teenagers assert;Street bluffs they are mistaking as a counter to an AT&l move 5 D .,«„ I H was the North Caroiinian'i Washington. Any private business lhat most people aren't capable of lour famous Piasa Bird for the cur-ifor a rate increase. Hie House i / oatlj S fTayei. exposes that led to thc recent provided good food formany people who would notj their ties and overcome their enmities. P * *Drew Pearson's Merry-Go-Round Evidence of UAR Intervention WASHINGTON — The road from Damascus is a winding highway that loops around hills and threads its wa> through * would call such expenses "ordinary and necessary" and take a tax sides know the-* real extent of;May 3, 200 Syrian army con- deduction besides. Nasser infiltration, and eitherjscripts crossed the border and 1 The fact that military planes Hammarskjold was blind to the occupied the village of Kafar'were used has also been the sub- fact or didn't want to admit them. deciding things for themselves; irent popular one-eyed, one-horned|P 1-ob ers have been told^Floc-te Shouba. When driven out by theject of criticism. Actually, the gov-j Lehanese, 1hey entrenched them-jeminent has no planes of its owni ca " to Mexico. Fast-driving Arab chauf- rrom unimpeachable intelli-'selves in the hills and fired con-: for civilian transportation except I calleti a " 0< | d bal) | o) Jeurs and plodding camel cara- gence sources, this column has linuously. • Ilioso attached to the military along ' crowd. ' ' •* ! T5..I ...U(.i .miilrl Krt fully 75 per cent declare that obedience and respect for authority are the most important habits for children to i^arn. It seems the worst chlt-mity tlw! r Is to be! not going flying Purple People Eater. CHARLIE BROWN JOHN BOLAND of the new Historical Society. Replace Forum? * that. Several weeks ago, the FCC; . . ... , i tentatively cut private line rates' bv 15 ner cent » s whe " we *™ io ° hurried and Representative Oren Harris (D. noisy to be still and listen to Thre. L'aiib. ojjfai% tu UB iiuw in nit , v ' places of the soul. Forgive a1nnRS ^suited in the. govern' recovering more than Jli- vans make the trip in anywhere!^ cn a [,] e ) O secure the facts on But what could he *™ TO enjoy your thc Readers rmnn,. a in* V,,,i Ark ''' Chairman, has already laid In our silences wo would hear Thy ,-,,,;, papei a lot, bltlth( , Rroundworkfol . fliring(herc ,. voice and galhcr strength fi-om Ul '"' tm . tn ': ' s Jorum sepms %ort attempt to oust an Interstate above. Rekindle our dim spirit NO . K: J 1 , .. . - J - -" '-- " P Jar! with the eternal flame of Thy Iru.l, opcrH "; >n . A^.inistraU.m. an ag- „• first and love. Rebuke us when we w™?*^"™^"^* The international Co- he « , . - _ _ .,.- ...M.., vuv *wt4-'. v^ii -*ia y jo, Ull-"- «v/i .111 i >»-i.-iii iui;ii, ni iu n.^n inc , , .-i* i i/ i,» and the sea up to Damascus andi eratc in full , here are somc of ; cnlcf of , he So( , ja)ist , , n govei . nmont to pav fm . passa on ;lhn freedom to Hunk for one s s.'lf.|program about laws Syria. Once it was part of the; thp mmi important: Lebanon met with Syrian lead- a commcnMal airplane when it hail Supposo thc siK " e j' S ol , our P^| ri 8 Ws - Amc „.„„. famed Berlin to Baghdad rail- Syrian ammunition truck - Oniers in the occupied vlllaee and.manv a militarv olano iril P , hll , laraUon of Jrw-'endence Ua h-..r| MRS. JERSL -stigat- wayward. Make us equal to ,„, |i( , jps H do|Pnninod by high and holy cal! of ihy re(al . y Q( S(a(e D(j||pSi ^ • u u- i »u v •> • o > • - — — occu P'ed village and many a military plane idle that way with which the Kaisei ;Mav 2 8 a truck was caught ncar;later recommended to his Leba-'can be used for the same purpose.! dreamed of connecting his would-' Tl . lpo ,, coming froin Svria> lt|nege frjends jn nparby vina Basi _ al , v ,. ,„„, „ , hat nr ™ be empire. contained 88 Bertlia mortars, oncmot to oppose invadine Svrian l " slcall;y ' nc Iaa ji ma ' " r< fcl '' Almost every boulder along ianli . tank gun , 60 cases o[ hand.troops • ^ rian senhower, when summoned to end the roads leading lo Damascus| gl . enadeS| y > rlf|es marked .. Syi ..j _ . hls vacation prematurely, was is steeped in history. On one of: ian Army » and & boxos of B er-•«„" ? ftm % , bomhpd ~ On ; thereafter traveling on government them Paul, the unbeliever, was tha arnmun i, ion marked "Egyn- K! ^ nn ril h i H'°^ r K c : business - Thrr<? is nothin B unusual blinded by the Lord and came , ian Army ., bol(1er and nomhed the I.eba- Ol , irri , gular in SPnding planpll lar to see the true light. Back and (; O vprnment headquart- '£\f ° m , S , " al r ^ lasnaa ' persons the President calls to forth along this highway battled ers hlown up — In January 1958 g SIX J ' f>l)Hnc ' s<? officials, \vashinston on business. What is Chmtian crusaders and Moslem two Syrians. Ahed Kassirn Al- Anolher customs house-dcst roy- unusual is that Dr. Eisenhower is dejfjfeders. And today, h i s t o r >'|j u j u and Jaafar AI-Juju, were P(1 ~ On May 15i lhl ' ee J ee P- : not on the government payroll at which upsets the Kisenhowerj caug ht sending explosives to Mo- loads of Svrian troops raided the a n. though he performs important Doctrine as disastrously as the hammed Mulhim Kassim in Hir- u>banese customs house al Dab-. SPrvi( .p S f 01 . thp government, armies of Mohammed upset t b ej. :aHla i, Pna non. Kas^i confess- rousl ' SP , 1 il on firp - and also \ V |,ile Dr Kisenhower's tour of armies of the crusaders is being. pd that , he explosives were to• hurned lhe P ollf ' e headquarter* sjx (>n(| , a , An)el . ieai) coun(ries made along that winding stretch!|, e usnri foi . blowing up govern-' Egyptian military a 11 a c h e dol , sn ' t begin ti n , he coming week of road between Damascus and mont headquarters at Ba'Albeck. cau Bbt - In 3957 Hassan Khalil. ( , nri jt wag i mporlant | or |, im lo | .hey were blown up. {£ «»P«f" «»«'? ««'^ '";«port a. the State Department a. Y COL'NTY Fruitful Aniwer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 Hawthorn berriof 9 Grape-likt fruit 8 Damson, for instanct 12 Martian (comb, form) IS Snooz* M Demoliih There, thousands of rifles, ma- Syrians cross border — On chine guns, together with gueril- — la fighters, are being smuggled! into half-Christian Lebanon from] Alton Kveiling Moslem Syria, arms originating! Pubiimed by Alton Telegraph Jn part from the huge store Rus.| punting Company gig has poured into the United: p. B. COUSLEV, Pubiunei »nd Ediior Beirut, was caught with a lai'ge! amount of arms in his car. It once so as lo be brought up lo dale on certain background in(or-| was found lhat he was supplvine . , , . . , arms to a teuotis, gang which'!!™' 10 ' 1 ™™ mi * '° r him ,'.° ha , W ,was responsible lor l.loAving u,,: llpforc y lslt "« "' 0 5 ™"« r ™- J "' llhi Iraq Peirok-um Comnanyv" 8 " 1UI>1 as Dr " Kispn "T" " Wlfp ion a, Tripoli, the dlpd a ' cvv yc ' ars a «°' llls pumping si at ion . . , . ----- , -„ ....... _ ........ ,,„.,. „„. Arab Republic in order to bring ! Publlshed Dally Sub$cr , pll(1B Prlc , British school at Shimlan. thc ss |»« !u n>P«™« hmi i as hostess. It is, -' use ay ub$crpl(1B rc , . Ubanon into the Nasser-Soviet; w cent* weakly by carrier; by (Norman Prin.-e, the Si (; co| .g p . s |tuslomary for officials of the orbit aid in order to show upi "^'../'Ju'b.vo'nd loi'"^.., 1 . 00 (Club, the British Bank of the^ ed StatPS1 Wvernmcnt and Iheii tht Eisenhower pledge of aid to 1 Middle Kast and thc Port of Bei- wlves - wncn Vlsllin 8 abrgad ' (0 pro-west nations as a phony. ; M M 0 ^ D * wc i;^ an cirK l r deifv".?? '" Irut. jparticlpale in the social functions So tor it has succeeded. The! i . a v . 1 1 . b i .. i T))js |g jus[ a , , arranged for them by the govern (evidence available to Dag Ham- niCnU whlch 8 '' e h ° S ' ° 8UCh SP<! ' f ..... * ••**••• Inial niiccimik; EUenhower pledge of aid u> any) pup-west nation asking for aid marksjold, despite which he A4U1 Stevenson's hopes f 0 r vic-I tofj in 1956. American preMige! in the near east has sunk to a' po«i office al Alton, 111 Act of Consr«n: March 3. 1878. L r H . -------- „ h -DMH,' ,M... •-. • Entered a< second clati mailer at th» " J ' l wnlc " '" has about as much authority as | posi office a i Alton. _III_ACI of claimed there was no real <?vi dence of Syrian-Kgypiian pene- jtration of Ij>banon. This is also jpart of Ihe evidence which caused John Foster Pulies to send battle-equipped U.S. Marines to the b'th fleet, and which also in- THE ASSOC1ATCO PRESS aicw UN I The As»utiuieo I'reu U exclusively fan .emiiled to Ihe use for publication of * uli newt dlcpatchei credited to iblt AUo at a new low Is thc wordiuuper «od to m» local new* ot'UN Secretary General pag' hereln «-a>; nn was no Katei and Conircct|i.h •ppilcatloii at the lsn ii iduccd him to persuade the Brit- v v-, e , egfaph Du «in«i» office in t»« ol Nasser-Syrian infiltra-l Bioadway Alton, jii Nation«i *dv»r- tt» I •J Cyprus, most of them paratroop- (C 1*5*. Bell 5yndlc»it, Inc.) ft cial missions. In thoss; days when particular efforts are being made to cultivate good relations .with America's neighbors in this hemisphere, it is most unfortunate that the par tisan politicians here are exploit ing petty subjects and thus publicizing throughout Latin America an impression that the mission itself may not have the approval of both parties iu the United States. 0 18J8, N. Y. Herald-Tribune, Inc.) I king 16 Follower 17 Shoshonean Indian* IB Mark aimed it 20He»v.v blowi 21 Garden tool 22 Strawberry 23 Kind of puzzle 26 Patient 30 Ancient • country 3J Detonate 32 Louce egf 33 Perch 34 Carry (coll.) 36 Gambling game U Frttstont (pi.) 3« apple* SB Ugal point 40 Golf mound 41 Frolif 44 Stay 4IPMUdonym ol Charlei Lamb 49 Poem 81 Italian coin* 52 RodenU 53 Fish egjt 64 Notion 68 Dirk W Abstract beui| 67 Bird'i' DOWN 1 Lame 2 Range I Have on 4 Sorgo tirup 6 Join o 6 Huge barrel 7 Mimic g Dried pluma • Tardy 26 Cherry 38 Driving 27 Arrow poiton .command 28Grap*i grow 40 Large plants 19 Goddew of the on K — 41 Weight! ol 29 Famous India EnglUh achool 42 Scheme 23 Grate 24 Iroquoian .Indian IS Philippine aervant 31 Enemiei 34 Biblical pronoun 36 Soviet headquarter* 37 Wrinkle 43 Ceremony 45 Aisistant 46 Angers 47 Tidy 49 Native metal 50 Put on Although unnoticed a* the time word; in Jesus' name. Amen. modiiy Credit Corp., an agency Adams acknowledged, in reply -Charles M Crowe Vilinettc III., of , ho Agl , if , j|lul . e ' to Han-is' questioning, that dis- minister, Wilmclte Parish Metho- is ru| , hy a , )oai , d w|xfflo cussions had taken place with an.dist Church. lrnan is Agriculture Secretary Ea- ICC member about his quitting.i<© IMS. by tue Division or Christian Rpn ",. ' y ., , , Education, National Council of lhe 58 nenson. Harris mentioned no names, andjciiurelies of Christ in the u.s. A.JI ne HMS. The Hall Syndicate, Inc.) MIRROR OF YOUR MIND By JOSKPH WHITNEY sense of meaning is conveyed, Also sarcasm is intended to, amuse the speaker at the expensa of lhe listener. Complaint departments of stores and other busU nesses tend to ignore sarcastic complaints, because they rarely convey dependable inf9rmation on, which differences might be re-' solved, Should college entrant* know what they want? It Is not absolutely essential that a young person decide on his career before entering college. In fact there are many advantages in taking courses that postpone career choice, en- ablins the student to grow emotionally and intellectually, and to prepare himself for a variety of occupations. A few yeurs of prep- COMPLAINT Can you toll II yow * are »tronf-wlll*d? Antweri If you are confronted with A decision between pleasure .and duty, you will be considered* weak-willed if you choose pleas* ufe and strong - willed if you choose duty. The earmark ol 8 mature personality is the will to put off 'trivial immediate satis.' factions for future rewards. This Mosjt people react ad- does not mean going against one's aration pi'pvide au opjwrtuwity loverwly IP savowro; hence it is "will, if you forego a party to. so-: test out career interests and ca-not a reliable communicalive top], licit for the Red Cross, it means, pabilitles, and thereby help to Sarcasm rarely is explicit or de- you tvuly prater, the latter. The prevent making a poor occupa- tailed; it usually is exaggerated weak-willed person would rarely iional choice, and irritating and only a vague have such a preference, (Copyright 1D5S, King Feature! Syndicate, lap.) •

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