The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on November 27, 1981 · Page 7
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 7

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 27, 1981
Page 7
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Pagt 8 The Salina Jourwd - Friday, November 17,1981 Living Today The Salina Journal Smokers' stink unbearable Dear Ann: My pet hate is cigarette smoke. I'm becoming paranoid on the subject. Will you please allow me to let off some steam? Do you well-groomed, fastidious women ever give a thought to how you smell? You buy expensive perfumes, take bubble baths, use deodorants, mouthwash and hair spray with exquisite scents and then stink up everything with that first cigarette. It is disgusting to sit next to a smoker in church, a movie, the theater, a meeting or a meal. The smell of a smoker's clothes is enough to make me retch. Their cars stink something awful and the furniture and draperies in their homes, ditto. I cannot understand how parents who claim to love their kids continue to smoke in their presence. Not only is the smoke damaging to young lungs but the implicit message is, "It's OK to do it." I know you have played this song in your column many times but once more won't hurt. It just might get through to those dummies that their lousy habit could kill somebody they love.— Nutty on the Subject Dear Not So Nutty: Every word of your letter makes sense. And now for a few facts from the National Cancer Institute: Lung cancer is the fastest-growing cause of death in the United States. This year 122,000 people will get it and about 105,000 will die from it. If people stopped smoking cigarettes, 85 percent ann landers of all primary lung cancers would be eliminated. Now back to the perfume and bubble bath: women and teenage girls are the ones who are hyping the death statistics. They are the "new smokers" who need to understand the risks they are taking to appear cool, "sophisticated" or whatever. Your letter is right on, and I thank you for writing. * * £ Dear Ann: My son lives and works in another state. He shares an apartment with a man who works for the same company. They decided to double up because rentals are scarce and expensive. Neither one is gay, but several members of our family have made snide remarks because he is living with a man. What is wrong with them, anyway? Women have always shared apartments to save money and no one thinks a thing about it. Why the double standard? What should I say to friends who Time, effort, money saved with merry Christmas tips For a merrier and less harried Christinas, tips from Family Circle magazine are offered: • To protect a painstakingly wrapped and bowed present: Stuff plastic dry cleaner bags with crumpled newspaper and use as buffers when packing. Protect the bow from being crushed by covering it with a plastic berry basket (like the one strawberries come in). • To make a gift-giver happy: When your kids receive a gift, take a picture of them playing with it or wearing it and send the photo as a thank-you note. • To protect your prized linen tablecloth: Spray it with fabric protector. Spills will be easier to remove. • To keep champagne bubbly for a week or even longer: Drop a stainless steel turkey skewer into the bottle and fasten a balloon over the neck with a rubber band. This will trap the carbonation. • To handle candles: Make dull candles look shiny and new again by spraying furniture polish on a cloth and wiping them thoroughly. To prevent thin candles from toppl- ing, twist a rubber band around the candle base before inserting in holder. Or put a bit of florist's clay in the holder. To prevent a candle from splitting when pressed onto the spike of a holder, make a hole in its bottom with a hot nail. • To keep strings of Christmas lights tangle-free: Store them inside empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls. This also allows you to store the lights in a minimum of space. • To save on your Christmas shopping: Try shopping at the last minute (if you dare) for items like Christmas candles and fruitcakes. They usually go on sale at department stores and specialty shops a day or two before the holidays — often at half price. Also, notes the magazine, many stores run "January sales" in the men's departments beginning Dec. 23. • For a bubblier holiday: Avoid putting sparkling wines in the refrigerator until a few hours before you intend to serve them. Prolonged chilling — even for a few days — can flatten the bubbles and ruin the flavor. make cutting remarks? — Irritated in Champaign Dear Irritated: Make no excuses or apologies. Remember — brilliant people talk about ideas, mediocre people talk about things (clothing, jewelry, cars, investments), and small- minded people talk about other people. * * * Dear Ann: I won't sleep tonight if I don't respond to "Heading for Spinsterhood in Lincoln, Neb." She must be kidding when she says Lincoln is loaded with attractive men, but they are all married and don't fool around. I live in Lincoln and was divorced recently. I have been propositioned by lawyers, doctors, insurance executives, stockbrokers and a clergyman — all married. Married men in Lincoln run around just like they do everywhere else. — The Horse's Mouth Dear Mouth: My mail from Lincoln supports your statement. Incidentally, state capitals, for some reason, are a bit racier than other cities. Why, I don't know. A no-nonsense approach to how to deal with life's most difficult and most rewarding arrangement. Ann Landers' booklet, "Marriage - What to Expect," will prepare you for better or for worse. Send your request to Ann Landers, P.O. Box 11995, Chicago, HI., 60611, enclosing 50 cents and a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope. Club Calendar SATURDAY Salina Chapter of Amnesty International, 7 p.m. meeting, Carver Center, 315 N. 2nd. All interested persona welcome to attend. For more information, call Gerald Gillespie, 825-2808 or 825-2101, ext. 155. Salina Moose Lodge 721, 9 p.m. birthday dance to music of "Sundusters; midnight breakfast served by sports committee, Moose Home. Parents Without Partners, Inc., 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. family craft making, 505 E. Claflin. SUNDAY Parents Without Partners, Inc., 7:30 p.m. coffee and conversation, R. Krizek, 651 Upper Mill Heights Drive. Topic: "Displaced Homemakers." Alateen Serenity Seekers, 7:30 p.m. meeting, Friendship Center, 746 Commanche. Salina Chess Club, 7 p.m. meeting, student union of Pioneer Hall, Kansas Wesleyan. Have You Bssn Shopping VERNEDA'S Lately? at 114-ASo. 7th 827.0131 I Foil Figure Fashion,..Sites 14M to 26M, 30 to 52 After Thanksgiving SALE... Special Holiday Opening Shop t*Blght IJHtll «:30 104 S. Santa Fe "A Cut Above™" Sleepwear and Robes lustrous and fleecy sleepwear... warm and eyepleasing (three day a now It Blazers.. .20% OFF Entire stock of velvets, cords, flannels, sad gabardine,. Choice of solids, tweeds, and plaids. Skirts... 20%oFF Pleated, wrap, dirndl and A-ling styles...wools, blends, gabardine...plaids, tweedi, solids. Dresses. »...Selected styles...up to t*V /0OFF One, two and three piece sty leg...Busy c»re_ Cfsuaj, Career and Dressy for the Holidays! IShop the Pturia Plui...Opea Every Monday A Thurtday Night Till 8:301 I Front door wrapped in net for Christmas _ CHOOSE and GUI Your Own , LIVE Christmas TREE!] 1700 EMl Crawford St. (Across the bridge on Crawford) D«w Helotae: I would like to tell you how I use your famous nylon net. I buy several yards of green net (my front door is red) and tie my door as you would a large package, making a huge bow on both the inside and outside of the door. On the outside of the door, I add other decorations I like. On the inside, I display my Christmas cards on the net. I have a pretty door at Christmastime for only a few cents and no holes in the door to upset my husband. — Irene LaBasse Hubby surely appreciates your thoughtf ulness when painting time rolls around! Bet your door looks super and very Chriatmasy as well. Thanks for "your" nylon net tip. - Hugs, Heloise * * * DMT Heloise: When I want to apply baking soda to my carpet to freshen it, I put it in my flour sifter. It goes on much more evenly and is easy to apply. — M. Tullock - .*. * . *__ Dear Heloise: The hint in today's paper about cleaning the plumes on parade hats brought back memories of the years when my children had to maintain their band's prize-winning status. They cleaned their white plumes with cornmeal by shaking them in a plastic bag, then stored them in a plastic bag with baby powder. They shook the bag thoroughly before removing the plumes to distribute the powder. The result was beautiful white plumes. They really looked sharp. — Cathy Miller -tr -tr -tr ' Dear Heloite: My friend was making a top for her young daughter for Christmas and found it necessary to try it on her for a correct fit. She wanted the garment to be a surprise, so my clever friend simply blindfolded her daughter, had her try on the top and was able to get a proper fit. The young girl never guessed what her gift looked like and was pleasantly surprised Christmas morning! — Reader * * -tr Dear Heloise: Dishcloths seem flimsy? Try buying facecloths on a sale in a color that is different from your bathroom set.. They are much more substantial and do a better job. - Catherine Mindling * * * Dear Heloise: To keep your stainless steel sink and appliances looking new, after cleaning them, wipe them with a cloth dampened with a little mineral or baby oil. This oiled rag will help to minimize streaking and fingerprints and will heloise II hints from heloise make them easier to keep clean. — Mrs. Judy Meckstroth * -tt * Dear Heloise: I like to look through greeting cards I have received but I don't have room to save the whole collection so this is what I do... I trim the card that I want to save and, when I find a recipe that sounds good in my newspaper or a magazine, I grab my collection, pick a card and write the recipe on the back. _ This way, I get to enjoy the card and ~ remember the person who sent it each time I use the recipe. Somewhere on the card I make a note of the date received and from whom. — Vee Jay * -tr * Dear Helotae: My right glove always wears out before my left because I'm right-handed. When this happens, I save the left glove. When another pair loses its right hand, I retrieve the left-handed glove from the previous pair, turn it wrong- side out and have a good right hand glove. Lefties can do it visa versa. — Jane Older if * * Dear Heloife: When buying Christmas gifts this year, put 'nightlights' on your list. They are great safety aids in halls, stairways, bathrooms and bedrooms. Besides being quite useful, they are great gifts for the person who seems to have everything, especially the elderly. Just think, your gift could prevent an injury. — Dennis Curry Letters to Heloise should be sent to her in care of King Feature Syndicate, 235 E. 45th St., New York, N.Y.,. 10017. New baby A son, Lyle Allen, was born Nov. 8 to Bradley and Darlene Boyer, Salina. Grandparents are Ron and Katherine Boyer, Solomon, and Margaret Neaderhiser, Solomon Rt.-1. Great-grandparents are Fern Bradley, Salina; Winona Boyer, Abilene, and Ruth Neaderhiser, Bennington. ft NED ROSE MEMBER AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY GIFTS THAT KEEP ON GIVING (Part II) Unless your children were born with a silver spoon in their mouth, they probably don't yet know the feel of * precious metal. This feeling goes beyond the physical to a psychological level. Gold and the other precious metals elevate a person's self-image. Nothing makes young people feel more grown up than their first important piece of jewelry. Here are a few holiday gift suggestions for the little "grown-ups" on your list: For Girls — Dainty bracelets with birthstones or colored stone beads linked together. — A first gold ring set with a colored gemstone, either a birthstone or a favorite color. Most little girls like pearls. — Her name on a chain. Many girls wear a personalized gold neckchaln round the clock. Since it's real gold, they can swim or bathe in it without a care. For Boys: — Watches are the all-time favorite. Most boys need a rugged sports watch until high school graduation when their reckless energies get rechanneled into more sublime pursuits. — Signet rings, with one or more initials engraved or sculpted, run neck- in-neck in popularity with school rings. . These look good on either the third finger or the pinkie. — A tie tack, for those dress-up occasions. Consider one set with a richly colored opaque gemstone such as tiger's eye, malachite, lapis lazuli or jade. 108 North Santa Fe Serving Salina For Over 50 Years STORE HOURS Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday 9:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Do you need another employe? Hundreds of readers are looking through the classified ads every day. Phone 823-6363 and an ad-taker will help you. OK America, here's 20% off your OPEN FRIDAY 9 AM TO 9 PM DOWNTOWN SALINA • f.

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