The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on November 27, 1981 · Page 6
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 6

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 27, 1981
Page 6
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Page 6 The Salina Journal — Friday, November 27,1981 Pollutants complicate global warming problems WASHINGTON (UPI) - A group of scientists from the Goddard Space Flight Center has found signs that global warming usually blamed on a buildup of atmospheric carbon dioxide may also be caused by other gases. In a recent report in Geophysical Research Letters, a group led by James Hansen concluded that the warming effect for a group of gases called chlorofluorocarbons during the past decade was 70 percent as large as that caused by carbon dioxide. Chlorofluorocarbons — gases that include the Freon used in refrigeration and as a propellent in spray cans — are capable of trapping heat to produce the same greenhouse effect as carbon dioxide. In the greenhouse effect, sunshine continues to warm Earth, but carbon dioxide in the atmosphere blocks some of the radiation of heat back into space. The atmosphere thus would warm up, raising the possibility of climatic changes and melting of polar ice caps and consequently a rise in ocean levels and coastal flooding. The Hansen team's measurements of trace gases show that most of the chlorofluorocarbons now in the atmosphere were put there in the 1970s. They also found that the combination of carbon dioxide and chlorofluorocarbons spewed out by human activities in the 1970s was enough to cause a greenhouse wanning for the decade similar to the natural temperature variations expected in the decade. For the 1980s, they said the effect of carbon dioxide and the chlorofluorocarbons should exceed normal variations and raise the average global temperature by .2 to .3 degrees C. "Indeed, unless the greenhouse wanning is counteracted by some abnormal cooling effect ... the global mean temperature should rise well above the level of the 1930s," the report warns. The 1930s was the warmest period of the century. Pomerance said U.S. action on the issue was vital because other industrial countries, which have already recognized the problem, will follow the leader. B&K PRESCRIPTION SHOP .. .people helping people CHAPEL FUNERAL HOME 337 South Sant* F« • Salina, KB. 87401 Serving all faiths with the knowledge and experience that lends comfort and peace of mind. Earl Blgge Ron Moos — Pre-arrangement information available — PHONE (913) 823-6411 Endangered species act nears 'endangered' list Friday, November 27,1981 - The Salina Journal Page 7 WASHINGTON (UPI) - In 1967 alligators were in auch scarcity they were put on the endangered species list. Now, in Louisiana, their numbers have increased to the point that limted hunting is allowed. For years, it was feared the whooping crane was on the brink of extinction, now they total 100 and the number seems to be increasing. On the other hand, only a few dusky seaside sparrows are left in their native Florida, and the California condor population is on the downgrade. Such is the state of some of the "endangered" and "threatened" species in the United States as the Endangered Species Act comes up for renewal next year. Efforts have been successful in the recovery of some of these animals, according to the Department of Interior's Fish and Wildlife Service, but others are still in danger of extinction. A species is only placed on the "endangered list" after research and deliberation by the government, individual states and private and public organizations. A species is listed as "endangered" if it or its habitat is threatened with extinction. If the species is not in immediate danger, but is expected to be in the near future, it is listed as "threatened". The Endangered Species Act of 1973 not only requires that the endangered species be protected, but also ensures that the species' habitat be "conserved, protected or restored." Commercial hunting, destruction of habitat and disease are the most responsible factors for the decline in certain animal populations. "Sport hunting," he says, "has not been responsible for any of these animals being endangered." One success story of the Fish and Wildlife Service reviving a species is the alligator - no longer listed as threatened in Lousiana. State and federal wildlife officials have been working for 17 years to keep the alligator from becoming extinct, and the alligator is now listed, in Lousiana, as "threatened by similarity of appearance," which means that it looks like other species that are still endangered. 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