Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 10, 1958 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 10, 1958
Page 2
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ItftlAU ALTON EVENING tELEGRAPtt 16,1958 If tfftt Ifww lew ft my****** THUNDERSTORMS FRIDAY Widespread showers or thunderstorms cast for the central Plains, mid Missis* are expected tonight over New England, sipni valley and the Gulf coast, tt will be the northern Appalachians and the low- cooler In the western Lakes region. (AP er Lakes area. Scattered storms are fore- Wlrcphoto Map) Weather Forecast Teitelbaum Is Silent On Rackets Questions WASHINGTON (API-Abraham Teitelbaum. once the Al Capone family lawyer, balked today at answering any questions before the Senate Rackets Committee. , The only question Teitelbaum answered was when asked his name. Teitelbaum cited four amendments to the constitution—the 1st, ICC Hearing (Continued From Page 1.) cents more for each round trip. The service involved runs from 1 College and Rogers avenues at' the east end of Alton to t h ei Alton and vicinity Mostly 5th, 6th and 16th. Chairman John L. YD-Ark) promptly overruled hi objections except as to the Fift Amendment which protects a wit ness against self incrimination. The committee, looking into al leged Infiltration of unions and legitimate business by hoodlums •wants to find out about an alleged :1954 gangland .plot to kill Teitel ;baum. 'Teitelbaum demanded that he >be allowed to make a statement before being sworn in as a witness, but McClellan turned him i^bwn. '"We are not here to hear speeches," McClellan said. "We are here to get evidence." CommiUeejhospital. Ei £"t round tr 'P s ' C °P" McClellanipinger said, are made daily, atj But before taking the oath, Tei- telbaura managed to get in much of what he had to say. He said that u a result of a voluntary appearance before a House subcommittee investigating income Tax Bureau scandals in 1951 he had become an innocent victim. He said that after his testimony before the House committee he went through two income tax in- .dictments. For 15 years, he shouted, "the Internal Revenue Department has been hounding Teitelbaum argued that he did •not receive "certain immunities and protection" from the House committee. When finally placed under oath, Teitelbaum gave his name, but said he could answer no further questions. Ralph J. Gutgsell, first of the day's witnesses, testified that he had been fired from his job as lawyer for the Chicago Restaurant Assn. because he failed to prevent picketing of another restaurant, Gutgsell didn't name the union involved in the 1955 picketing of the Nantucket Restaurant. Aides to the Senate Rackets Committee before which he testified said it was the Restaurant Workers Local 394. The committee announced it planned to switch quickly from this subject to exploration of an alleged 1954 gangland plot to murder Chicago lawyer Abraham Teitelbaum—and what happened to the would-be executioners. Teitelbaum, onetime lawyer for the family of mobster Al Capone, is scheduled to testify before the committee today in its investigation of alleged gangster infiltration of unions and legitimate businesses. Gutgsell, of Flossmoor, 111., testified he was fired because he failed to prevent picketing at the restaurant after the union had shown him membership cards which he said indicated that at least 19 of the restaurant's approximately 30 workers wanted sunny and warm today with chance of a late afternoon thundershower. high in upper 80s; partly cloudy tonight with scattered thundershowers, low Friday near 70: considerable cloudiness with thunderstorms Friday, high 80-85. Twins Born To Schaefers In , 1 Dies New City Air Force Puts Mouse Department Is Created of a new city department and reorganization of another was put under way in City Council, Wednesday night. The proposed new department Into Space With Thor Seek Cause Of Fire At Coney Island Deputy Fire Marshal A. A. Schobert of O'Fftllon will seek to determine cause of a fire that caused extensive damage to a structure adjoining the rear of Coney Island Restaurant, 18 E. Broadway, at 6:20 p.m. Wednesday, Fire Chief •lames Lewis reported today. „ to tell! JUNKAIT, Alaska fAtM-A ma- The blaze extensively damaged however, whether the towering j m e;irlhqimke struck a wide area « rear frame structure that is used to the city's inspection services ;( W o-stHse rocket was the first t!.S.! 0 | southeastern Alaska Wednesday''or .'storage and .food preparation: with the chief position that of n^allistie weapon to travel 6.000 : niglit. Several fishing boats were Smoke penetrated the one-Story lull-time building inspector. I miles or more through span. I reported in trouble in Lltuya Bay brick building in front that houses ^puths shortly before last mid- CAPF. CANAVERAL. Fla. (AP> — Preliminary reports today indicated that the .chances are goodi for recovering a live mouse hurled through space in the advanced nose cone of a Thor-Able rocket Vl'ednesday night. ! The Air Force announced IV minutes after what appeared to !>e would be that of "Finance and| n "p n ,. fpr , lauriching" 'that prelimi- " Personnel", administered by a director to be named by the city manager. The reorganization would nary data showed the missile performed satisfactorily. It still was loo early Alaska Is Shaken By 'Quake 3 Teen-Agers Fined After Midnight Joyride One Ifr-year-old boy was fined $175 and costs in Alton Police Magistrate Fred Schreiber's court this morning, and his two! companions on a gasoline-stealing joyride last midnight were fined $25 and costs;. The trio in the car of the first boy had filed up a compound of difficulties as a result nf speeding after they reportedly had gone to the residence of Gilbert Smith, 2302 Hale Dr., to steal gasoline. Motorcycle Policeman Norvell E. LathWtti, 26. of 615 Central Ave., reported -he arrested the Alderman Lister had referred! The mission was to recover Ihelon the Gulf of Alaska. the main restaurant, to Ihe finance committee, a reso- nose cone and its live passenger Ifj Tne Coas( Guarfi dispatched two The property is owned by lution providing that the new finance department be set up. The plan would create positions of director of finance and personnel and that ,of bookkeeper (a machine accounting operator) and secretary to the director. Salaries would be set within range, of S7.500 to $8,500 for the director: and $3.200 to $4,200 for the other positions. expected in a month or so. Setting up a finance depart- To Control Moon Might ment, Lister reminded aldermen, would carry out suggestions of both the' city's auditor, C. J. Schlosser. and City Manager they survived the fiery plungcL escuc boats to Lituya Bay a^ui Charles Huskinson and leased to through the earth's atmopshere| r , n mi | ps northwest of Cape Spen- from outer space. A successful test also would prove the performance of the two stages which reportedly will play a key role in three Air Force moon probes. A three-stage version ol the Thor-Able probably will George Malamas, restaurant proprietor. Mr. and Mrs.. Malamas A Coast Guai'd official said oWlare both ill. In the restaurant at reported recovering a capsized;the time the fire started were four cabin cruiser carrying four per-jpatrons, a waitress, and the Mala- sons. ;nms' 18-year-old son. Steven. Watt. His resolution proposes that Manager Watt seek qualified ap- the three depart- a fare of 15 cents. Prichard saidj surveys made Feb. 18-27 anrij Former Alderman Glennon May 15-20 showed 3.38 passeng-, Scnaefer Sr and Mrs gchaefer ers per round trip. Mans said the, of ]1]4 Central Ave., who are vis- total operating cost of the company for the trip averages 31.76 cents a mile, excluding taxes. Myers told hearing examiner Harold Poslusny, Chicago, the company is "fighting a pool system of automobiles." We see no alternative but to discontinue the service; We have plans 1o discontinue or reduce other schedules in the city, such as dropping iervlce on a Sunday or a holiday or cutting out certain routes and eliminate parts of night service," le said. But, he said, no decision as to ust what the company will do bout the changes has been made 'but we have to do something. ve can't go on losing $30,000 to 40,000 a year. This loss was nought about by 'car pooling.", Coppinger said Alton's city manger and city attorney have re- :omme'nded reduced service on some routes. Mans told Poslusny the average mile income on the hospital round trip the company seeks to discontinue is 3.03 cents per mile, that it is losing $1.70 a day on operation, and repeated Myers' earlier statement that the company is losing upward of $30,100 a year. Mans also said there has been a general decline in the number of passengers and hat more are going to the hospital than are brought back. Asked to specify which trips carried ,less passengers than others, Mans said he ,was unable jfing their son, Capt. Glennon Schaefer Jr., and his wife in Augsburg, Germany have written Alton relatives of their safe arrival in Germany, and of the birth of twins, a boy and a girl, to Capt. and Mrs. Schaefer. plicants for mental jobs. Lister said he was acting In the matter after conferences with both Schlosser and Watt. Proposed duties of the director of finance and personnel would be jto supervise accounts and financial records of the city, handle purchasing and payroll accounting, and such other duties as would be specified by ordinance. The Council accepteoSll to 1, a report of Alderman Watsker for the promotion committee, recommending reorganization of city inspection services by employment through the city manager !of a full-time building inspector The babies were born July 3,j D ut retaining part-time electric- two days before, the arrival of theigl and plumbing inspectors. Alton grandparents in Germany. Then in implementation of the In a letter to a son and daughter-ireport, the Council unanimously in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Date Schaef-'adopted a resolution .of Alder- er of 424 Cherry St., today, Mr. and Mrs. Schaefer stated that the girl, Rebecca Sue, died three days after her birth. The other twin, Peter Henry, who weighed less than five pounds, and was placed in an incubator, was reported dong fine. Capt. Schaefer, a physician, and Ms wife are parents of two other man Molloy establishing the three inspector's positions, but with proviso the salaries be later determined. Watsker had Indicated h 1 s committee would have a further report later as to appropriate salaries, this angle being still under study. The Council a year ago ceased publishing proceedings and or-j children, Glennon III, 3,' ; and Cath- P"""""'"* P«™C CU U, BS «.«.«,- orm Q A™ o 'dmances excepting those whose erine Ann, 2. Mrs. Schaefer, wife of CaptJ? ubllcation * Schaefer, is the former Miss Cath- Ihe late Mr-, and Mrs. Joseph; Stablings of Brighton. Mr. and Mrs. Glennon Schaefer Sr., made the trip to Germany by plane. They left St. Louis July 4th, and arrived in Germany at 1:40 p.m. the fallowing day. Perform Operation On Stepinac'g Leg law. Resumption of the official pub- of its meeting proceedings and all ordinances in the Telegraph was affirmed by a 7 to 6 vote of the Council. The action was on a resolution by Alderman Parker, seconded by Alderman Molloy, instructing the city manager to transfer $3,500 from the contingent fund to the printing fund for the purpose of publishing the proceedings. Parker said official publication Dean Goodwin, a .luneau bush| Chief Lewis said there was no on/iiv/i»in.:tii\/i-^ji.Mi_-|;j\.»ur»iJiv"ijii . ' ., . . fit he used in the first lunar sllo(i Hlol. said he received a radio re-;msurance on the contents of the port mat several persons had been ! restaurant. injured but he said the report was; Fj re companies 1, 2 and 3. withi The same "Dougias"Aircraft Co. Rubied and he could not say, thc lac)t i pr truck, responded to the' team which handled Wednesday; whprf> or how the 1MJUn(?s oc -;alarm from the restaurant. Fire- night's launching will control thej'-' 1 "' 1 ' 0 "first Air Force flight toward the I Goodwin's radio message came moon. A fleet of Air Force telemetry ships was stationed near Ascension Island off the African coast to spot the nose cone as it dropped into the depths. Only the Snark, a jet-propelled missile that travels only at 600 m.p.h., has covered the intercontinental distance up to now. It is not a space weapon, however. The test rocket — a Douglas Thor intermediate range missile coupled with a modified Vanguard second-stage vehicle —. streaked into the starlit Florida sky with an ear-splitting roar and a flash of yellow flame. The rocket appeared to function normally during the three minutes it was in view to press observers a mile and a half from the launching site. j If he survived the 30-minute from Goodmund Winther. captain of the trailer L.C.D., who asked that the injured be picked up at Pelican, about 85 miles west of here. The Coast Guard asked Goodwin not to fly there because of unfavorable weather conditions. imen had the blaze under control and had started a cleanup 30 minutes after arrival, the Chief said He withheld his opinion as to how the fire started, pending further investigation. He ordered the restaurant closed and said today a food inspector is to examine the extent of the damage to perishables, which he summarized as Goodwin also said that Winthcrj canned, goods, meat and the told him of a tidal wave In Liluya stored in the rear structure. Bay after the quake. The Chief said today he will Board Hires 5 Teachers; Five Resign Five new teachers were given contracts at the regular salary schedule by the Board of Education for the Alton School District at its meeting Wednesday night at Haskell House. The teachers, who Will begin their duties in September, are Mrs. June Ann Helle, Mrs. Madge Jarvis, Mrs. Sarah Smith, Mrs, Mildred Wilson, and Paul Smith. The board also granted Mri. Jean Harder a year's leave of ab« sence to complete requirements for her degree. Resignations were accepted from five teachers, including Miss Beverly Field, Mrs. Mary Etta Hits- mann, Peter Frank, Miss Reba were any further attempts toJRiggin, and Everett Belote. cause difficulty or flee, he would; At the Wednesday meeting, the night after a speed chase south on State street and over Cliff street to Godfrey street. Lathrom's report stated he had ordered ^the driver to proceed ahead of him to the police station and, at one point, the car was braked to a sudden stop and caused the motorcycle to collide with the rear. Both vehicles were damaged. Thereafter the policeman told the boys .to proceed more slowly in front and warned, if there Dr. Don Tocher, seismologist atji-ecommend that the damaged the University of California at frame structure shall not be re- Berkeley, said the quake was a major one and had its center in the Gulf of Alaska. Dr. Charles Richter of the California Institute of Technology Seismological Laboratory at Pasadena said that had the quake occurred in a populated area it would have been a disaster. The first severe jolt was record- built irt similar style, inasmuch as "it was in violation of the Alton building code." He said if rebuilding Is done, it should conform with building code standards. ' Later, Cit yEnginueer Guy Fairfield * said the building owner had informed him of plans to rebuild the structure, with materials con- space and apparently 1 rip. the tiny white mouse would ied at Sitka, 100 miles south west | forming to the Building Code, be'a prize patient for researchersjof here, at 10:17.18 p.m. TWOJ With Schobert, Chief Lewis is to sharp aftershocks followed mui-| question several persons, he said, utes later. The tidal wave alert was issued late Wednesday night throughout the Hawaiian Islands, apparently the result of the Alaska quake. Refuses Will Accept Only $47 DETROIT (AP) — Service sta : tion operator James Hill said a man carrying a .22 rifle walked into his station Wednesday night'ning the restaurant. Another son is and "told me to put the money on the counter, so I put out $160." Hill *said the gunman told him "I only want $47. Count it out." Hill counted out $47 and gave it to the man who said, as he left, 'I only need $47 and that's all I'm taking. I hope you understand I need it desperately;" studying the problems of manned space flight. Believe Problem Solved The " mouse was nicknamed 'Mia II" for "Mouse in Able." The original "Mia" died when he first Thor-Able rocket became ost in plunged into the Atlantic last April 23. Rocket experts believe that the intermediate range re-entry prob- em was solved when an Army Jupiter nose cone was recovered intact from the ocean alter it plummeted back from space at a speed of 9,000 m.p.h. The nose cone, which may spearhead the missiles ^of tomorrow, was equipped with special gear to help pinpoint its location at sea. An automatically released parachute helped the cone glide gently to the water. Then a radio transmitter, blinker lights and a dye marker would' lead searchers to the scene. The Thor-Able, which stands more than 80 feet tall, uses about I in an attempt to determine the cause of the fire. An estimate of the loss to contents and property is pending a survey by insurance adjusters, the Chief added. Proprietor Malamas, known to many as "Big George", has been in a hospital after a recent collapse. News of his condition precipitated Mrs. Malamas' illness. Their son, Steven, at that time said he was to take charge of run- shoot the tires. At the station; one boy under questioning was reported to have admitted that he and another had run from the Smith residence earlier and that they had gone theje to steaj gasoline. The three were released overnight to their parents. 'This morning Judge Schreiber fined the driver on charges to which he had pleaded .guilty, speeding, traffic violation, causing an accident, running a stop sign, improper muffler and disorderly conduct. The other two boys were fined after guilty pleas to disorderly conduct charges. Judge Schreiber then referred the'incident to Madison County. Probation 1 * Officer Louis Waller for further questioning and disposition. Ulbricht Warns Yugoslav Leaders BERLIN (AP)—East Germany's Stalinist boss Walter Ulbricht today warned Yugoslav leaders they may suffer the fate of the executed leaders, of the Hungarian revolt if they persist in independent communism. Opening the East German Party Congress in the presence of Soviet Premier Khrushchev, the East German party chief angrily condemned revisionism—the Kremlin's name for independent 160,000 pounds of thrust to put the nose cone toward its ballistic course. Then it soars through space under its own power. here from Arizona and was sa,id!communism — in Yugoslavia as to be assisting in administering'"an open attack on the Socialist the affairs of the restaurant; * bloc." Chief Lewis said some of tn| smoke from the fire had penei trated the building adjoining on the west, occupied by The Tog- gery, of. which t Vic Schwartz is proprietor. . Port Tobacco. Md.. was really named for Indian Queen Poto- P'tco. But, it sounded like Port Tobacco to early white settlers. Hungary's puppet party, chief Janos Kadar sat listening as Ulbricht made his reference to the execution of former Premier Imre Nagy and Defense Minister Pal Maleter. The Sphinx, which looks out over the Valley of the Nile in Egypt, is 240 feet long and 66 feet high. board also: (1) Authori/ed the ; paying of teachers on the first of each month instead of on the fifth of the month as in the past. Non-teaching em- ployes will be paid on the first and the fifteenth of each month under the new rule. Teachers have requested the change in paying date. (2) Voted to keep student insurance with the.Horace Mann Insurance Co. (3) Awarded grading work for the year to the John H. Wolf Excavating & Trucking Co., low bidder on the work. The grading will include that dome at school sites for new construction. (4) Paid bills of R. W. Griffith for $364 for legal work; R & R Construction Co. for $1.583.76 for work on the school bus garage site; Rynders Plumbing & Heating Co. for $132.72 for work on tht school bus garage; and to Bethal- ton Painting & Decorating Co. for $955 for work done on Clara Barton School. Supersonic Rings DENVER, Colo, if - Rings to be presented to the first graduating class of cadets from the Air Force Academy have been flown through the sound barrier in sonic ceremonies over eastern Colorado. An F-86 Sabrejet was used to carry the more than 200 class rings which will be presented to the class of 1959. The ring cere- mr>ny will become an annual affair for all graduating classes. FOR ; ; ! •'-. PRESCRIPTION NEEDS HONKEj DklAUMArV /^= BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (AP) ! of the council minutes was need—Doctors Wednesday performed <?d "so the citizens would know; 1 o do so because there is no con- an emergency operation on Aloj->hat's going on." Watsker ex-. sistency in the number of passengers any trip carries. He said ifj the company did change schedules he couldn't say what the effect would be on the rest of the local system. Questioning . by Miley indicated the hospital was interested to ascertain if elimination of some trips couldp't help the company to continue with a reduced service. Mans said fluctuations in the number of passengers carried on each trip w ere such that he x.ije Cardinal Stepinac's right leg ! plained an opposing stand by to halt a thrombosis threatening his life. condition pointing out that the minutes do not carry the text of reports and Medical sources said the operation appeared to have been successful. The sources said the surgery did not involve amputation but was an intervention to remove a blood clot that appeared to be spreading. that printing the proceedings as now recorded would fail to give the benefit desired. He cited a news story in the Telegraph giving a full account of one. of his committee reports and contrasted it with the Council minutes which merely showed the The operation was performed action taken on the report, in Krasie, Cardinal Stepinac's home village 40 miles from Zag- Methodic (Jiving I'p CHICAGO .f — The Methodist figure on which trip to! reb to * hlch he , h « hcen . . , r . . . . . . . . . „,,,. but that "anyhow we!?*.? his parole from ? nsM '" S. U ™ h .'"* J _"L a J° al . ° f ™™>'would still lose money " ,1953. 826 for its general benevolence and administrative funds for the the local to represent them. pita] dg _ He said the restaurant refused _ . , Mans disclosed the coach com-j Honduras 'has eliminated aifiscal year ending May 31, a 6.42 pany operated at a loss of $31,-i S t arnp tax on foreign lottery tick-iper cent increase over the previ- 172 last yfar and that It is nowi e | S , Tegucigalpa reports, jous year. losing about $3.000 a-month this year thus far. Smith was the only witness offered by Wiley, who questioned him as to the size of the hospital grounds, the number of nurses, dietarians and office workers, employed, the shifts they worked, and the number of employes who lived on the hos-; Ike, Diefenbaker Agree On Defense Committee TOMORROW LADIES! IT STARTS DRESS CENT ONE to negotiate a contract after he; bad reported this. f seven shlfls of OTTAWA (API — President! Eisenhower and Prime Minister workers, three Jo "" Diefenbaker agreed today to Smith said the hospital had The committee said it plans to^ hifls of nurses - three shifts ofiestablish a joint U.S.-Canadian - - - - - - dietanan employes and one shift! Cabinet Committee on continental look into the reputed plot to kill Teitelbaum principally through of office employes He said embargoes only sales of strategic goods. : The point of dispute has been application of the American embargo to Canadian subsidiaries of American firms, the Ford Motor i . *™ u ™ " ah lit aout |Co. of Canada in particular Feel-1 testimony of two Chicago PoUce!«™ u ™» c ° m '|""h. ?°?™ . J '": A statement issued by the two ers from Red China for purchase Officers. iablt en' mi P V from rfSln leaders Said tht> " ew ^^ will i° f l ' m « ars w «*» <«'™ d *»~1 A central figure in a 1951 House »*»« \ e £ tm ±%''™J^^ n j«PPlement^ but not sup P lant,|by Ford of Canada after consult-! Alton, inai ouu poisons aie em-i . ti ,. . ,. nrnrriil)Bni , a ,,jr inc> ,,,„ „„,.„„, ^ mr>0 ^., .„ .u.l investigation of tax scandals, Tei telbaum ultimately was indicted end placed on probation after conviction on Income tax evasion charges. He says he now lives in Hollywood, serving as technical director of a motion picture about Capone's crime career. Robert F- Kennedy, the committee counsel, told^ reporters it was notoriety surrounding Teitel bgum's tax difficulties that led to « conspiracy to kill him. At the time, Teitelbaum was a consultant to the Chicago Restaurant Assn. At he has heard the story, Kennedy Mid, gangsters "wanted to g*t him out of the restaurant picture after he got into his tax dif- flpultln with the House commit- Ployed that 2000 patients arei Pxislil18 joinl comraiue<?8 and)ing the parent company in the Sed and^180'employest-e o> ards ' such as lhe Jolllt ^fense,United *»**• the grounds. Tony He said there was no other means of transportation from the hospital to downtown Alton other than by taxis and privately-owned curs. He said it costs about! Board. i With Canada hit by unemploy- The decision was reached at a ment, the matter became an issue final session this morning. As a'in the Canadian election campaign result of earlier talks, the Norih last spring. American neighbors had agreed toj Nobody was saying whether cooperate on the question of trade with Red China and means of pro $1 for a taxi. He said employesj ventlng a KUrpr ise attack. had presented him with a petition. Friday Eisenhower returns to which he turned over to the com- Washington. He will stop at Mas- mission, offering to pay a higher fare. He said the petition was signed by 31 employes. sena, N.Y., for a look at the St. Lawrence Seaway project — another symbol of Canadian-Ameri- He estimated that the number can cooperation', of employes who use the 1 The President and Prime Min- bus service regularly each day : ister announced that their i?ov is about 20 but that occasionally this amounts to as many as 66. c-rnments will consult fully from now on in attempts to resolve, He said he thought if the bus^as they come up. differences aris- Kord of Canada would now be allowed to sell cars to the Chinese 1 Reds. But Eisenhower noted in his speech to Parliament Wednesday that American-controlled Canadi- ' an industries are subject to Can-! adian law. And after the agreement was announced, Canadian Finance Minister Donald M. Fleming passed the word that the in ten tion is that Canadian law and Canadian law alone would prevail over persons or corporations carrying on business in Canada. BUY ANY DRESS FROM OUR STOCK at the REGULAR PRICE GET THE SCCOND ONE FOR ONLY ONE CENT You'll find hundreds ol Brand New styhs to it/tcf from ... and many oi them art Nationally Advertised in "Vogue", "Glamour", and "Seventeen." underworld, may testify in toll (kin) day of the commit!••'« imriHlftttw of alleged mob•tar Mttvtty to tte Chicago re* Mutant Mutty. reputed boss ofjgehedule was adjusted to meetjing ove>- conflicting export poli- Eisenhower and Diefenbaker al- changes in shifts, that someWs and laws. trips could be eliminated. He[ Such conflict exists on corn said he thought that some of the merce with Communist China. trip* on Sunday and might be eliminated. iso agreed that experts of both! countries will begin working together on a study of safeguards against surprise attack, especially holiday! The United States bans all trade Iwith the Chinese Reds; Canada across the 'arctic. / OPEN NIIDAY AND MONDAY NI9HTS 'Til f MftMUBY NIICIP HOM 8? - 29? CAIN Oil CHARQE Ml W.TIM ft,

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