The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 25, 1936 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 25, 1936
Page 4
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THE BLYTHEVILLli: COURIER NEWS • . THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS 0. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HAINES. Advertising Manager Bole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class matter at the post office at Blythevllle, Arkansas, under act ol Congress, October 9. 1917. Served ov the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By earner in 'tiio city 01 Blythevilie, IBo per week, or $6.50 per year, in advance. By nmil, within it radius of 60 miles, 13.00 per year, $1.50 for islx months, 15a for Oireo mouths; by uml! In postal zones two to elx, Inclusive, $6.50 per year; in zones Ecven aud eight, 110.00 per )'car, payable In advance. U S.Miglil Try Plan of Gen. Mdc.Arlhtir (it'll. Dotiflits .MacAi'lluir, wlio <|tiil lieinu chief ol" stiill' for Hie U. S. army to become military adviser to Ihc Philippine government, reports HIM I, he lias devised ;\ foolproof military defense plan for those jittery islands. Under this plan, the Filipinos will spend 88,000,000 n year for 10 years. For this money they will gel a fleet of small, fast, const-ilerciiKu torpedo boats, an air corps of fast. bombing planes, a regular army of moderate sixe, and a highly trained army reserve corps that eoitlil be mobilized quickly. Some of Ms remarks un the usu:, of this military ontlit are worth listening to. For the general starts by sijyhu* that his nliin "completely negatives any possibility of employing Ilia army in aggressive action." What the Filipino* get in the way of a lighting machine will have to be used solely on the islands and in their immediately adjdcenl, waters. They will have to light at home or not at all. But, adds the general, I'or home fighting; the machine will be incomparable. Indeed, he believes thai it will malm the Philippines as nearly impregnable, from a military standpoint, as any nation can hope to be. Neither blockade nor invasion, 1m is ccnfideul, could prevail against it. Now, if the general knows what he i<- Ulltiuir about—and his. reputation is th I of an ^exceptionally brilltain so "in—it mikht'-ho; a'.Kmart: id fa to cJl him back to America and tell him to cook up a similar scheme I'or his native land. " I 01 the general would seem to have hit upon, an idea that « war-frightened world ought to welcome with open arms, to-wit: a defense armament that Ci'.n't be used offensively. The big trouble with the world armament race is the fact that no iurh device is at present available. Nations A and B, let us say, ;.ve hereditary and traditional ciioiniu.-;. Nation 13, having been invaded twice within living memory by Nation A, builds ,1 huge army and navy to al- .Icml to things if a third invasion should develop, and no one—least of all Nation A—can blame her. But the trouble is that, having built thi.s nrniy and navy, there i.s nothing in the world to keep Nation OUT OUR WAY : , • ' BLYTlIEVIlliB. (AUK.)' ;COURIER -NEWS R 'from turning around and usi'iitf it to invade, harass, and otherwise bt>- dcvil Nation A. So Nation A must build to meet this menace; and Nation 13, in turn, mu.H build some more to insure iLs own security, and' Nations C, 1), and X must prick tip their cars and build to I'.votdd themselves against bnlh Nations A and B—and you have us vicious and scll'-acceleratint,' a spiral HA the mind of man can imagine. If perfect security can he fjninc I in the manner General MacArthur proposes—by supporting a force which is effective only on defense— the world would like to know about it. It; might, pay our own government, to look into the matter—and, if it pans out, (o dike a leaf or two from the general's book. Cation. Assessments Truly amazing lo anyone familiar with the trend of properly values in Arkansas in recent years is the announcement at Little Rock that tabulation of county clerks' abstracts of 1985 real and personal property assessments, on which taxes are being paid tliis year, shows a net loss in taxable assessed values i'or the slate of about ?7,500,000 as compared lo 10;M. There seems to be neither rhyme nor reason to assessments in Arkansas. Mississippi county, it may be said to tho crctlil of our assessor, .showed a gain of about §700,000, which we trust no one will seriously contend i.s out of proportion to the improvement that has taken place in actual values. On the other hand Ctay county, in this same section of the stale, slowed a loss of more than §1,1.00,000 or about 25 per cent. Does that make sense V The only county showing a larger gain .limn Mississippi county w«j Hcinuslead, j u .southwest Arkansas, which added about ¥1,500,000 to its assessed valuation, an increase of over 25 per cent. Mcmpstead's neighbor, Ouuchila, lost nearly S?J,000,000. There is unending moaning and lamentation about the inadequacy of revenues for county, school and sluto pm-puscs. But tho only remedy ever advanced is in the form of suggus,-. tions for new. taxes. What abouc a statewide eiiualiwUion of general properly taxes? With no increase in the burden upon those who are already paying their fair share, it would ;uld subslanlially lo I he public revenues. It Is not success which creates morale, but, morale which creates success. —Dr. Knrl T. Cofnplan. iMassnchMsclls Institute ot Technology. firing » tenor is a disease. They rue not <|tiHe human, lu fncl, there is n story Hint in Ilaly one addresses an nmlience—"Ladles, gentlemen —nml tenors." —aiostyn Tlionms, operatic baritone. Luns since (lie time has passed when crim- inals-hM in dark alleys or skulked in dark basements. The day of the mask and the dark Inntcru is over. Crime often plays bridge witli you. Crime dances with your sons anil (laughters. ~J. Edgar Hoover, G-men chief. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Mi Sclinull/ um dub his \olul to M\C >0ti this sea- ton pass (u our ball'games." .• .: • THIS CURIOUS WORLD V. William Ferguson IN SOME STATES, NIQHTHAWKS ARE CALLED 'GOATSUCKERS," FROM AN OLD BEUEF THAT THEV ACTUALLY THURSDAY, JUNK 25, 1330 UKOIX Ili;HE TOUAV BRIDE i .. JicctrM bvr fluui't JIOH IUSKKU,, IcIlhiK one of (lie hrlilr>lunlil<, SVJ.V1A, (hnl ho IIIVK her lilt cnri'l afford l u knnrr>* brr. MnrolB, hurl ouj l,e, v JUrj-«l, «lllt« Illone on <l,e lr |,, (Jinl ivu» |o linve lirrii n hum.,,,,,,,,,,, o,, rh ,, «LI|> .!,«. im'CIji mil.I.[I 1 ItlltK- ItV, c>i B iji,.iT. 1'iill N K nIn K I,, I'nrl* (o link CAMILLA HOWl", to Ivlinm he Sun Ijri-n ilrvalei] for >T»n>, lu nmrry him. In 1'nrJ* MtirHu uirHM Cnintllii. lltilt arrive* tnni ILp four fto ahaul luKi'lhrr frequently. COIIXT VOX WOUHSTUDT ,,.k« Camilla In innrr)' h ,|<| 11(f If uiiliniviir (lint lie f, Imrunljilnic hl» Illli! radium her wcnlih. -Sli" rc- Tum-M. >' Uln. llulj nuil I'hii have liln- jicr fr>irc(hrr. Tlii'y urn illiKurluM lieuiii.i, Mnrrln lnl« „„! rclurru'cl I" thr liotcl. Tli, olprk lella .(linn j,)ir went uivaj- ivilli u JiniuK Inrl,-. He de«erlljp« l, er nnd (.mullln I, »ure II mu«l 1,, Ilotlln, n enfo ilnnccr. NOW do ox WITH -run STOIIV CHAPTER VII AT Camilla's exlamalion of Rosita's name, Phil looked puzzled, and Bob gave a long low whistle. "Hosita, of course!" he said. "It all fits in. But why in the world should Jtosiln come for Marcia?" "That would be interesting to find out," Camilla said. "Let's get a taxicab and go to Zeni's." They did. Ilosila \«s not there. "Her night off," someone explained. "Where does she live?" Bob asked. "That, m o n s i c u r, nobody knows," the man imswored, with a c;ircless shrug which indicated that one did not reveal addresses. Bob's hand went into his pocket. The man hesitated, then gave an address oil tho Left Bank. "Wrong address, I'll bet," mill-mured. "But come on." Phil , By William GO--BUT YOU'RE EASY-I DID EVERY it-"MG I'COULD, TO •5AVE VOU FROM BEN' A SAP- I WINKED AMD WAVED AT ><OU < VVMATS HE POIM 1 WITH A HOSC IF he AIMT A CvXS BUM? WE DOM'T CAREY A CAM.ER A HOSE.' YOU'RE JUST OUT, I5ALU WELL-I-UH-I DOM'T BELIEVE IT- I KWOW AM HOMEST FACE/ WHY, HE SUCH A PD1.ITE ,WHEMNDu SAID, WE HAVE NOTMIWQ TO GET IT OUT WITH DIP YOU NOTICE MOW QUICK HE SAID/t HAVE"? S'OU'D BETTER. STAY HOME MORE HAW- WHYMOTWER'D WILD ANiMALS OF THE AFRICAN PLAINS SUPPER. NO ILJ_ EFFECTS FROM THE BITE OF A TSSrSEr-fLy .... BUT IT KiUS DOMESTIC: ANIMALS. IN ITS STRUCTURE SINCE THE CAMBR/AN AGE... MILLIONS OF YEARS AGO. t-e-mes, al.ho, Jg h lillle Jnrger than a common hou s e-ny, arc the n>r c of Fjnua(orln , Afrtei One . b||e by thc;nj ^ to horses, cattle and dogs; but the wild animal., of the'region are mnned no more by its bite than by th, sting of a small gnat. The bite Itself „ , 10 t poisonous, but it conveys a pamsite which onuses (he trouble. iVKXT: Does life c.\is( m other planets? They dirt. The cab drew up in front of an old, low house, and a tottering old lady with frizzled gray curls opened thc door. "Rosita?" she repealed. "Oh, yes, Itosita! She lives here, but she is not here tonight. She Is away for the day and night." "Mind if'wc stick around until she comes back?'' Phil asked. She opened the door and led Ihem inlo a dusty, airless room. In half an hour, Phil stood up. "I'm afraid she wins. What about getting the gendarmes?" "A good idea," Bob agreed. "I don't trust Rosita." * * 4 jyjARCTA, in the meantime, had been surprised when Rosila's dark face with its lacquered wings of hah- had suddenly appeared in front of her. "Miss Cunningham, I should so like to see you," she said. "It is about Mr. Hackcll." "I'm sorry—that matter concerns you and Mr. Haskoll, only." She tried lo pass. "Oil no, no! Mr. Hacked is in trouble. He needs you. Please—" "In trouble? Where?" London Ailopls Gas Defense LONDON tUP)—London is rapidly building an anti-air raid protection scheme which ultimately will provide ga s refuge rooms and bomb shelters in all residential areas, factories and offices. Air Raid Precaution committees have been appointed by the various boroughs to draw up plans which will be submitted to file Home Office. 'The jail. It seems that there was a fight and ball was' needed and—I came for you when heard." ' A liltle hesitantly, M a re i a turned and followed Hosila, The French girl summoned a cab and they started through thc twilight. "Robert is so careless," the French girl said. . Marcia did not answer. "And such a warm heart," she continued. "He loves you, \ think. Yes, I think ho loves you very much. Rut ho loves others. Ho would forgel." "Why should he forget?" Marcia asked them. Rosita shrugged her Hack-clad houldcrs. "Oh—if something should happen to make him very displeased with you. You love him, I think." To this Hsserfion Marcia turned a quiet, disinterested face. "This is it." Kosita paid the driver and started (o a gray door "This? The jail?" But perhaps it was. Marcia remembered that she never had seen the French jails. They entered a long room. Dim music came from somewhere and there were small tables with shaded lights. The ceilings were Jiifih and the rooms smclled musty. "The jail?" Marcia asked, fearful suddenly. "Oh, but we are not going to the jail. We arc going to wait here for Robert. Come!" "No, thank you—" "I think it would bo wise. Still, if you arc afraid—" She turned lo thc doorman. "Andre, thc lady is leaving." Thc man bowed and opened Ihe door. * * * gEEIN'G the street so near, Marcia changed her mind. After all, she could leave any minute. She sat down and ordered a pot of tea with cream. When a fall young man came to thc table she,was not surprised. She had half-expected to find Pierre somewhere near Rosiia She spoke coolly. When he had sat down, he smiled. "You might like to sec a little nemenlo of our first meeting." "A memento?" Tho silly fool might have saved a .flower from her corsage, "or something, thinking it would enchant her. "What about Robert Hnskell?" she asked. "Mr. Haskell? Oh, he is'prob- ly having tea somewhere. Somewhere, wondering where you ire." 'The French jails serve tea? -low very considerate. And maybe (hey have little cakes and sandwiches, too." Her. anger was mounting. She'had let horse-It be iurjcd'.by Rosila.: •Rosita^readinB character, had known th'at "Bob would be th« lyoo of man to- get himself inlo trouble, innocently enough, and had used It as an ace :ard. "This will interest you." Pierre put a photograph before her, White with anger, Marcia gazed at it. There was no mistaking the two people In it. She was tho girl and the man whose arms held her was Pierre. "That picture without this is no good." Pierre talked on in a slippery voice that gave the impression of having been rubbed in oil. 'And this one, which I shall show presently to Mademoiselle has need of the first one lo establish thc young lady's identity. Sec!" * • * 3 placed a second photograph on the table. The two people were the same. You could tell the girl by her clothes, and her hair and her profile. Thc man was implanting a kiss on her mouth. "You—you ..." She would have lorn the pictures in two, but remembered, in time, that Pierre had the negatives. "The likeness is splendid, don't you think?" Rosita murmured. "What do you want?" Marcia asked. "Fifty thousand francs," they answered together. , V "And if I won't—" f 7 "Every newspaper in Americir —in your New York—will have these pictures. Every one will know that you and Pierre were— sweethearts." ' "You—" Her words clicked in her throat. "Well?" A soft, sliding word. .Marcia stood up and walked out Into thc street. •From behind her came a low voice. "You have until tomorrow mght at 7, Mademoiselle. And then—" Marcia did not go home. She went alone to a little restaurant to drink more lea and think." It was preposterous. That snickering gigolo had made himself'ob- noxious and was seeking a reward. She would have him arrested. At once. She went lo police headquarters and eventually found an officer who would listen to her. "But you arc in thc picture, you and this man?" he asked. She nodded. "And he kissed .you?" "Yes, he did, but—" "Then he- has thc evidence. How do I know that you aren't lying—" Marcia got up and hurried from the room. She had lo consult somebody. Anybody. Dob wouldn't lad got her into this. Got her ia- merely, by being the i sponsibte person ' he was Phil- She would go to him. 'iy^T?'' drivp-.y.jshQ plead Til'triple the:farc!" : : • .' v (To Be Continued) Fish Commit Suicide ANACONDA, Mont. (UP) —Apparently the ordinary trout, simply can't stand Tnc sight of the albino or light colored trout. When four of the latter were placed in a hatchery tank of the Montana State Fishery, the ordinary tronl began committing suicide by jump- Ing against thc top of fne tank until 17 out of 35 were dead. The four albinos looked on undisturbed. Stylists Offer Auto Wardrobe in New Design MONTREAL (OP)—Turning attention to the average feminine vacationist, stylists this season evolved assembled wardrobes for .summer motor trips. Answering the needs O f feminine visitors lured by highways in this French Canadian province, style arbiters -here are introducing the automobile vacation warrtrobs. one [fiuiirrif during a-fashion show was built around a color scheme of •°°*i>. beige and melon pink T)I" nnrifiis of the wardrobe was a suit w Iralhcrwcigr.t tweed accompanied by an extra divided skirt of 1 brown finnnc] for golf ami hikin; i»<i sweaters in harmoni7iu? 'm:«s 1 ana three hand-mads silk crepe i riioiuos completed Ihis outfit. ! u '° play suits, both having s»p. »wo skirts «rc included, ,-nc be- ' "15 o! beige silk crash, a fabric! [J^'i j^almost wrlnklc-proof. and linen. Divested of skirts, i >l.s had thc donb!" virtu: i ideal for temii-, nnd"; clmpeim in melon pink, and 0115 of the chic halo type- caps of braided brown faille, with net crown and brief nose veil Sparrows, not known in Australia until imported by settlors, have bccom= svch pests in some parts of South Australia that, ii: one district, there is a- price or them atitl their osgs. A m,u,r r «|re Ss of tei gf cotton i ' i " »? converted into a for- ! ^ wmn,, R0wn by mnm ., n g t |.,, - - ,1.11- jacket, and a print";] ivu'-' '". tmi(ls or l; i» an .I melon r<" "i,.".!',' 1 ''^'p 0 ' 1111 * rap? ivravid- iiiai ,. '" suitable for Infor- j,.;^'•""'!? and semt-dress occa- :, V.*"" ,'"'' (h(> wardrobe include.l "'••'in.ii hlrfl '"" lhc '' °i""<'<ls wllli. fall'r. !,j •' " W' 1 ' «f brown ci, •'.„, " 1Krs for "'temooi, ana ••' > v,M,-, a,,,) a ( -'•'. _>«w,, gaturdm,. 1 shoes for '.';., :m P r °Wem was, solved by '"'•• SNi't-s felt, o. stHch,,,, IM Announcements Ti;c courier r»utv:; Has been authorized lo make formal announcement ol the following candidates for public office, subject to tho Democratic primary nexi Aiisust 11: For Representative in Congress 2A!J B. HARRISON Kor Prosecuting Attorney O. T. WARD . BRUCE IVY DENVER L. DUDLEY • for County Jud^c VIRGIL GREENE S. U OLADISH NKILL REED For Slicriff anfl Collector HALE JACKSON JOB R. DIl.LAHUNTY For.Connljr Treasurer ROLAND OREEN For Clrcnli Court Clerk HUGH CRAIG For Ke-Electton for 2nd Tcnn Tor Contily Court Clerk MtSS CARKY WOODBURN For re-ejection for second term For Stale senator LUC1EN E. COLEMAN *or County Representative IVY W. CRAWFORD For County Assessor R. b (BILLY) OA1NES Fct lie-election to n Snrl Term For Constalite, CMickasawb* T6wns!Up HARRY TAYLOR PRANK MCGREGOR Sugar cane waste Is being tilil. ;cct by the rayon industry. Courier Neivs classJfleii Ads P ;i y. CHURCH EXCUSES ~- — By G. W. Barham — Mother says she docs not intend , singer apparently advising one tu to ever say anything more to Joe j buy so nnd so's hair restorer, or nbonl bapttan. That after years | somc feltow talking some language of trying to show Him Just "howl ^, V, ever riid '""Icvstantl perliaps entirely wrong ho is she says it ! ' °' has simply been a waste of time and effort, thai 50 far as she is concerned, he and his kind may go right on (lipping them, though , , n " C l ° "° l " ' thl " B ° r somctw "S- lowan Finds 35,000 Kin HUMBOLDT, la. (UP)—Harry she thinks thar s "ooVor"i'atrthe y -p™ 1 - ">«», ^rlchm. likes. („ most surely will let one si in and ™ C 'V his , rc}Mves - T »"s far he maybe drown-then where wo, d! ''"rfrX '^ B '' CCd ' 135 3PC " C they be. she says she firmly he-! L T ri T™ (ra ''" B ms » ]KIX - Hevcs that, it is Joe's church thai i " ^u " Vms rclilllve «- He 1m IB responsible for all the radio ££? "' eVOy 5latC lu ' hC sermons as mil as a lot of otl things her churcli would not agree to— she says perhnps the radio sermons would not bo so bad if they would arrange to keep oilier programs from getting mixed up with the sermon or singing to 1515. traM5 hh Karc I'ilchcrs So;d NOEL., Mo. (UP)—Mrs. W. W. Pickering has sold her collection of pitchers, which was one of thc largest in the country, she OUR BOARDING HOUSE With WMEM WE TURMED THE SCREWS DOWN ON A BRACE OF BUMK A-RTISTS.THEY 'THE SEMATOR/ AH •-»-.MA'SOR HOOPLE/ OW AM APRlCAKi GOLF TOURWAMEMT FOR A FAT "ROLL, AT TME COMVEKITIOM/ Hooplc , HUH ( 1 MI6HT HAVE KMOWM SOME CROOkS TOOK HIM TO THE CLEANERS/ HE HASK1T . BEEU .BLOJA/IMQ THE "BU6LE ABOUT "BUVlMiS A YACHT SIMCE HE -RETURNED/ ' I-'LL MOTMEK THAT BROOP "DRAT IT/W/IW OR LOSE, I ALWAYS <SE7" STUFFED/ " -tn ABROAP ANJP PRESSED^ AT MOW

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