Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on June 17, 1952 · Page 10
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 10

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 17, 1952
Page 10
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Briefs in iHe News Kitchens Return irom Vacation Trip to West * Si; Dr. and Mrs. C. R. Kitchen n-turned Sunday nipht from a vacation trip throuph the south and west part of the United States. The vi.sited at Albuquerque. N. M with friend.", Capt. .snd Mrs. Ar- lln Brazio. after which they jou'• ncycd on to E) Pa.'^o. Tc.\.. to .spend -several day? with Dr. Kitchen's brother-in-law and fi.^ter Capt. and Mrs. Al Younper. Xe.xt .stop on their itinerary wa.s I>a Mesa. Calif., where thiy visited ^trs. Kitchen's brother and sister- in-law. Chief Petty Officer and Mrs. Marcel Ihn.- ' Mr.-^ reported that no where on their ;\Vp.. APO 929. c trip did they strike such hot w.a- j Francisco. Ciilif. ther as they found acro.=;s i Nebraska and en One day th.: temp 110 deprees. V. F. \\. yifvts Tonight V. F_ \V. members will IjcK! their repul.-ir meetini, toniplit at 8 p. m. at the Vet's club. Finptl for FiRhting P.'it Buit: of Graetiini :tr Gordon Howe of P.inp^tid were fined SIS and cost,< yi.-t'r- day in Justice of tlie P. ao,- KUL'- ene Petersons court for fiplitini: ;ind ! e;u-h ! Ser\iceman'.s Address A Cc Arvid V..h>n is now stationed in northern .lai..n .it Mas:'.- wa A.F B. His adiir. ss is .-\ L\- Ai'- Kitchenjvid I.. Vahn. Hq. n6th Ktr Bmr. o iV stii'.asti I, S.m Camp Foster Begins The first boys' period at Camp Foster, the Y. M. C. \. camp on stern Colorado Lo^.j; Jjp (,f Hngcr )crature ri ached j • .•\lfred Schrieher of Esthirvil!.' was hospitalized yesterda;, wh-n the middle finper of his ritilit hand was cauRht in machinery h, was workinp with. He lost the tip of his finper in the mishap. He is reported in pood condition in Holy J- \\. UOliKIJS OF om.lA.NS biini;inL- hoin, i-.:.- ,i:t .T w.r .a s \v': ll aw .iy lat.' Friday niK 'ii* 'i'-iMi-..; Ih. wHiil .mil lam storm wliuh hit i\uium AinoKl pnoto. Daily New.s enKruvinfv) iioiihw .st Iowa. Saturday morninj,' such scone.s w.r,. common alonp the south .shore of Spirit lak,. Lake East Okoboji. which pot un- i:-""^o,m derway June 9. continues through ' ^^"'>" ^ospitaModay I Hold 4-H Club Tour B this week. daiiuiit.r of Mr. Kiiclin.T. Also .'iltvndinu the wt 'ddinp tibservance were M:. and Mis. Georpe Kircline: "f Estb.erville and Mr. WilWam formerlv Felco Meeting at Lakes The Hawk.y. Boys 4-H held their 4-H tour 'Thursci^.y T!-. The annual state wide meetinp of: boys met at Wallinpford and w-:- Farmers'Elevator Sen-ice Co, man-I loaded into fcui cars T!;.- t.;i: Hgers, distributors of Felco stock i encompassed visits to 25 honi- s of feeds, got underway at Vacation j 4-H members, w!;,-r.- jiroj' ..-ts o. Village Monday, The meeting, - the boys were viewed. At noon th- which continue throuph Wednesday, have brought more than 400 to tho laJtcs. tour stopped at the home of Bob. bie near th--- lak. to i -at s.o k lunches. Pop was furni.=i-.. d bv th, club. .<;iino- r aft -r si",, i ,il iia\- al tin •;on ;i ot h. • \:,v, r.:< M;. :,nd Mis r .:il |ir. I.oMi.:-, 'l'l',o\ \\ i i arroiii vanird t V .Mrs S:;'.!\ Maxw.l! of indiar.oi.i. .Mrs. TMinn.'lls .iiint, ^ Olto of Vphani, X. D., who assisi iii ti-.r ol Koii- ,,f Ks! horviile. not!'. .la-,- f. r s iia\ s. i —. .John .>^pt. William A. Ileiiike liii> return- a to Set.t: Fi. 111., alt. r a fuiIoi;-i: Si'.:-.; Ij. i wi'.n hi^ . r, Mrs Cair;.- H, ulk- and otii.r 1 elati\-' s. Ceylon Girl Injured Darlene Peters. Ceylon. -Minn., suffered a brain concu.ssion in a car-bu3 collision two miles north of Belmond on highway 69 Monday. Her parents and eight passengers on the bus escaped with minor injuries. Walter Dorseth. Clear Lake, was injured slightly when his car was forced into a ditch Kn he was driving to Belmond lor help for the bus-car crash victims, Arrives at Lakes Stuart O. Boeder of Red Oak whose recent appointment to the Grinncll college public relations Btaff by Herbert Prescott, director, has arrived at the lakes to take over his duties as publicity and promotion director of the Grlnnell-at-Okoboji summer theater and workshop, under the direction of Prof, Kent Andrews The theater is scheduled to open July 8, Aquatic School Opens Tho annual aqu-alic school of the national Red Cross opened for 12 days Monday at the Lutheran Bible- camp on Lake West Okoboji. F. C. Bills, Red Coss field rep- reRentntivc, heads the school again this year. Sixty-five students, ranging In age from 18 to 51 are enrolled for this year's school with eight states represented. Students are here from Wyoming east to Wisconsin and as far south as Missouri.! Personal M»-.ntion sirs. Sam Perkins underwent surgery today at tho Coloni.-il iio.s- pital in P.ocheste.-^. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Uybdahl ni Minneapolis are parents of a so-i born May 21. Th.- baby h,i.s boon named Mark Jefir-y. .Mr. and .Mrs. .\lli.rl Ma.\>\ar-1 ..r.d ST. P.ivui .lo.". P's .Moin.'-, ,.re (sp'ot.-d lomorioM to sji.-n i .-.•\-i:al da.\s at !!-.• ii"r.i.' of .Mi- Hay-,vards pan-nts. .\lr. a.nd .Ml,-, Charios Dawson .^I^^. Chester .Mfuire and eliildreii of W'loi-.ita. Kan.s , art curronllx- vi.-itinp at tho lionio of hoi mother. -Mrs. Ciiris Daniolson aftoi spT-r.dinp list ^^-••ok .'i: li-.,' i-ioni, of Mr, Moor,-.- |..-irrnts, .Mi an<l Mrs Wilsr.n Mooi, of Kniiuotsburj >lr. and Mrs. Ray .Sprapue n turned Saturday nipht from . short fishing trip at Black Pine lodge, near Whitefish Uiko. Minn Lester Bush spent the week end here with his wife and dau,'.'iit«-r. who are visiting at the John Bush and Clarence Anderson hunios. •j K. A. (ar.-j. Mr. and .'Mrs. F .l 'iCar'-y and Joiin :ir.d ('h.irlon,- .-md .Ma:\in tjrems all pallion-d at tho honi- of .\Ii, and Mrs, Jai k Car ey niL'iit in honor of .Mis, Carry's birthday. .Mr, and .Mr (unipbell HUs lionored .Sunua.\ by his eliildrin and their fanuiios at a jiicnic dinner at th''' lioiiu- of son-in-law and dau- u-lit. r. Mr, and -Mrs. Georpe Giems of Giuv.'i Attending were Mr. .-tnd .Mi-s. Cainpljoll. Mr. and Mrs. H ;(i H-;ivo\-. Donald and I.lean. Mr. a ml Mrs_ Ilotn-rt Campbell; Mr. atxi -Mrs.'Dean Claik. Marvis. Die Ann and Larry. David Dunielsen. sun of .Mr. and Mrs. Sam Danielseii. is spending his bave from the coast guard witli liif p.-iients. He will report back to Seattle. July 7. He drov.^ homo and was accompanied by Mr. and .Mis_ James Walz and daughter, who are returning to Esthei-- viMi' to make their home aftiT an absence of two years. Mr. Walz has boon employed at Seattle. Ge<irgn and •ludy Freeman of Emmetsburg were admitted yesterday for tonsllelctomies, Ujsniissiils yest<>rilay were Daniel King of Estherville, medical; Peter Gaarde of Armstrong, medical; Mrs, Nellie Peterson of Swea City, medical; Bryan Murray of Bancroft, medical; Jack Morton of Estherville. medical; Mrs, Ellis Jon- berg of Armstrong, surgery; Mrs, Adolph Mohicek of Estherville, surgery; Wayne Ware of Oracttingor, surgery; Mrs. David Smith and baby boy of Fairmont The Weather At Holy Famny Hospital .'Mr. and .Airs. .lames Wliitehouse Joyce CUrk of Wallingford Ls spending this w< ok with h. . grandparents. Mr. and Mis Ivol Clark. John Bush wor. afternoon ,,„.,;.': "[''-'^''"''-ville are parents of a dau- of .Mrs Car. V. I '^"'^ ysterday. -•^Ir. and .Mrs. Lloyd Barie aJid family of Superior woi,.. .Sundav ! . guests of Mr. and Mis Ton Trigg.s. Spl. ajid .Mrs. .lames Stiiekdali- .md <iaut,'hters. G.ialdin". 7. ant! Lauia Ruth. of X. J,. an- niakir ^p a t .-n-day visit at the horn.- of Kpt. Slockdalc's parents, .Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Stock-^ dalo. .'Jpt. St.-ickdale is stationed i at Fort .Monmouth. .X. J. ! Robert .McBreen of Terril was admitted yesterday for medical caiT. Mrs. ,\llM ^rt Sehealler of Km- metsburg entered the hospital yesterday for medical care. .Mrs. AVIlliam Gellenkirehen of I Grai-itingir was admitted yesterday Mr. and .Mrs. Leonard Olsiin. Li- j for medical caie. on.] I Ar.n and Jum- and Mis. • — C!a;a Lai-on v..-.-o .Sunday dinner, Olaf .'Martinson of Kstherville g-a..-ts at th. Olaf -Mil ii.-ielson ; was admitted yesleithiy for medical I horn. . Mrs. L.-irson is a sistor of ' oare and Jack at their cottage ..n .-^pir-i M;. John IM. .u' wtio is .stavin- at ' _ ; th. .Mieha. l.-,.>r.s and .Mis. Ol-un is Alfred Schrieher of Kstherville Limpren | drove to Sisseton. .S. D., to sp. n,J I the week end with tho latter's j.-aj- Mr. and .'Mrs. (ieorg.- Lyman and ' Kathryn spent Father's dav v.-ith | Mr. and Mrs. Jolin Lvman. Ann it L;ike. Mr. and .-Mrs. Paul ents, Mr. and Mrs. H. D berry. Baft. "Steps" To Be Distributed "Steps," literary publication of Estherville junior college, high school and junior high, will be ready for distribution tomorrow to all who have reserved copii>s, it was announced today by Jerome Fargcn, high school instructor. Thoue resersing copies may call for them at Room 110 at the high school tomorrow. "Steps" includes 70 stories, essays and poems by students, more than half of which are illustrated. Mrs, Jami-s Trunnell and Infant i .son, Kenneth Jay and Cath.-rm. have returned to their horn.- ai Schoolmen at Meeting The annual school of instruction for county suiierintendents of schools opened at Templar park Monday and continues throupli Thursday. A workshop for .l.-nion- lary school supervisors \» bring held this year for the first tinn in connection with tlie school of instruction, One-hundied-fifty county superintendents, elementary supervisors and personnel from tlx state deiiartment of public insti notion are in attendance. Miss ,l.>s- sic M. Parker, stati' superiiitendont of public instruction, Arthur C,ir penter and Virgil L.igomarelno, supervisors from the slate superintendent's office nr.' |)icsent I .Mr. and .Mr,. Warren Hy,i ni I Huntington ji -turnod l .ist " night i from a tni, t-. IC.r .rnar.- .X. fi., I -.v!,.-,.- t!-.. y visit, d f, i.-nds ,-in(i ' r.lativ.-s th.- [,,.,-t \v.,k. Whib- I ti).-i.. th.y att. nd.d the .silV .r wed! din- anii:v.-rs ;ir-, o! .M, and .Mis. \Vilii,-,rii Kiiehn.-r .Mrs. H\-.i is a hospital yesterday sur«i<.-.-il treatment. for Lectures at Lakeside Luh The second in the s.'iies of b-i- tures sponsored by the Iowa L'lke- side L^iboratory at Its siintm.-i Hcssion will take place Juni- 20 at Gull Point state park lodge. Tojiie for the evening will be "Iowa, Th.. Great Livestock and Crop I'lud- ucing- State" delivered by H. D Hughes, department of agronomy. Iowa State college. The .siries opened June I'i wiien Martin L. Grant, of the department of biology, Iowa State Touchers, delivered an address on "Traveling by Plane in MIddli? America." Th.. public is invited to all the illust- (rated ilectures durlnt; the summer. Methodist Camp To Open The Methodist camp on West Ok0t>0jl will open June 29 for tlie flwt' period of camp wlten th.^ Spencer and Siou.x City district Mietitoji group will participate in Uie famp program until July 6. On Jul/' 8 to 12 the Meihoji group {rem Algwna and Fort Dodge dis- trioU will be at camp. July K! to 19 t^tt Qvest group from the Slou.x CltyJ^ietrict have the opiiorlunity Of t^a «amp program. The Silencer lUstrict ot Quest comes to |.|>ir»* July 20 tb' 20. Bible confei- «OM ''^HU^^e bold from July 2(1 (o Aar,'"4r THo Tort r >odge Quest 5roui*'K*» p«wp Aug. i to to and the camping progiam win Mitb thi' Algona Qu. si aruu; Au#. 10 lo 17. .Mrs. Gil.II Slingerland of Kstlier- vill.- wiis admitted yesterday for surud y. AMUijini Kuutz of I.^sthervllle eii- teriil 111,, hospital yesterday for sui-goiy. .^larshalltown iMan Named District Judge Des .Moines, June 17 (-^1—Gov, William S, Beardslcy announced tod.ay the appointment of M, C, Farber, Marshalltown municipal judge, as district judge in tho Marshall-Tama-Benton county district. Farber will succeed tho late Judge B. O. Tankersley of Marshalltown. , Beardsley said Farber had the unanimous recommendation of the bar associations in the three affected counties. Farber is a graduate of Northwestern university. He practiced law in Marshalltown about 20 years .and several years ago became a municipal judge there. It i.s estimated that insects each year destroy enough U. S. wheat in storage to fill the wheat needs of 16 million people. Dr. K. L Johnson OPTOMETRIST Glasses Fitted , Eyes E.Yamincd Gardston Hotel Bldg. i^hone 72 OFFICMAL TBMPEBATUnES Maximum yesterday: 77 \ Minimum last night: 53 TODAY'S WEATKEll 8 n. m. Noon Temperatures: 65 86 Wind, direction: W W Wind, velocity II 13 Barometer: • 29.62 29.88 IOWA FORECAST F'air, cooler southeast half this afternoon, high 76 to 85, Fair to night, becoming partly cloudy Wed nosday. Not much change in temperature. Low tonight, 52 to 60. High Wednesday In the 80*8. Further outlook: Little change in temperature Thursday, partly cloudy In tho afternoon, scattered showers north portion, lOAVA FIVE-I>AY OUTLOOK Temperatures will average 2 to 5 degree.i above normal. Normal high 83, normal low 61, Generally above normal temperatures Wednesday through Friday. Cooler over the week end. Rainfall will average one-quarter to three-quarters of an inch as scattered showers Thursday and Friday. MINN ESOTA. FORECAST Fair south, partly cloudy with a few local showers north tonight Wednesday cloudy with local showers, mostly in the central and north portions. Cooler north and cen tral Wednesday. Low tonight 48 to 55. High Wednesday 85 to 70 north, 70 to 75 south. NICHOLAS— Continued from page 1 ernor are interested In a move to support Lovclosa but such a move does not have his approval. Loveless, a newcomer to statewide politics, said he would not compromise on his stand for legalizing the sale of liquor by the drink to gain Republican support He added that ho might get some opposition on the issue from within his own party, but that he would fight for such a plank in the Democratic party platform will bo drawn up by the party's biennial state convention in Des Moines July 10, It is believed that the earth's continents arc, in effect, islands of relatively light rock floating on heavier substances below. THE DRUG STORE YOUR PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS iPharmacista on duty at^ all times. Serving your prescription needs promptly and cfflcientlv. VERNE NYMAN, CRAIG COLSTON and .1. L. UOYE Phone 18 'e w/^-fecf h///// /m /^^/? Mem//^ -^BEATS ALL OTHERS IN FORERUNNER STYLING IILTC'S tlie big reason wliy this is tlie "iioltcst" car in our history. Mercury olTers you something really new . . . in fuel, everything new. And folks like you huve been quick to lecogni'/e—and respond to—this fact. For litis is no mere face-lift ... no years-ago model witit lite chrome moved around. Tliis car faces tho future with fiosh, buoyant styling that will slay in style—and protect your Investment. Oiungt Witlio/1 nolito V/...t, BEATS ALL OTHERS IN ECONOMY RUr^ You hour claims all around.about economy. But who's the official champion, selected by the American Automobile As.<oGiation in open competition? The record shows it's Mercury—twice the Sweepstakes champion against alt comers in the Mubilgas Economy Run, three times champion in its class. Here'« tlio car tjiiut has what you want that the others Nvisli they kadt Stop around soon for a no-obligation ride, HENAMAN MOTOR CO. r »()0 J irnl AvciMic No. KslliervilU', lt>>va Man, 103, Reveals Longevity Formula McHenry, 111., June 17 (/I'l Julius Bruhnko is 103 years old today and he says his formula for long life Is: "Never lose your temper!" Among the 50 relatives and friend* who will fete him at his birthday party today will be three sons, two daughters, 11 grandchildren, 14 groat-grandchildren and seven great-great-grandchildren. He has lost only two of his teeth, still can hear and see satisfactorily and takes an occasional glass of beer. Bruhnkc, born in Germany, came to Chicago In 1875 and for many years operated a custom bootmaking shop. Estherville.. la., l>nfly News Tiies., June 17, 1952 6 Happy Is The When Backache Goes Away .. .1 NHEBlnv backache, Inu of pcpandeMffr, hendachoii arid dlxalnem may be due tB itow-' iluwn of kidney function. Dnetor* say tnod kidney function la very Important to load health. -When aomeeverydayeondltloa,tneIi on atrcts and strain, causes ibis important function taslow down.many folks sanerntl. ifInK backache-feel miserable. MIndr blad- dcr irritations due to cold or wronff diet nay cause ccltInK up nights or frequent paaaaMs, Don't ncElect your kidneys if these eondl. tions bother you. Try Doan's Pllls-> mOd diuretic. Used successfully by mllUoBS (or over BO years. It's amazlnic ho«r many timet Doan's itlve happy relief from these diseam> furts -hclpthcl6milc8of kidneytubcsandW. ters flush out waste. Get Doan's Filla'todayl Try a Bally News Want Ad. 11 N. 6th Phone 298 If TIRE SALE SAVE WITH SAFETY-COME IN~WE CAN SHOW YOU HOW ! 1.95 _ 13.45 6.00.16 Plut Ftdtral Tan and your eld Hr» 6.70.1S EVERY OUNCE FIRST QUALITY FULL NON-SKID DEPTH,~FULL TREAD WIDTH-FULL SIZE RIVERSIDE AIR CUSHIONS Size Tire Pricfl* 6.40-13 13.25 6.70-15 13.45 7.10-15 15.45 7.60-15 17.25 8.00-15 18.95 6.70-16 13.75 Tub* Pfict ')"K 2.35 ,2.70 2.95 3.S0 2.75 RIVERSIDES FOR OLDER CARS 6,50-15 6.00-16 6.50^16 15.75 11.95 16.25 3.70 2.40 2.7S fsrf. iM md yo (ir oM »*/>/«« nd. tn ONLY 10% DpWN ON TERMS ^ SALE ENDS SATURDAY-

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