Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 31, 1948 · Page 7
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 7

Cumberland, Maryland
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Friday, December 31, 1948
Page 7
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The Newspaper For The Home Member Associated Press FRIDAY, DECEMBER 31, 1948 Second Section County Board Receives Bids On Equipment j To Award Coulracls For Infirmary Furnishings, Al Tuesday Session Bids were received' this morning "by the Allegany_ County.'Board of Commissioners . on - a number- of item* of- equipment for the new • county Infirmary scheduled to 'be opened about February-1.'•• - • .No action was-taken by the board p«ndlng -tabulation of the bids, but Tiie/low bidders for most' of'the terns were listed-as follows: • / ; Wolf Fomlture Company. -$201.55 lor 145 pillows;' Ternent and;.Sons of Lonaconing $330 for 600 pillow cases; -Wolf .Furniture, $117.75 'for •300 oath towels; Wolf -Furniture, 4141 for 600 lace towels; Wolf Furniture, $831 for 300 bed pads; CoJfman .- Fisher of Lonaconing. S575 for 200 bed spreads; Coffman- Ksher,- $49625 > for 125 blankets; ••CVolf Fjnaiture. $2,568 for, 80 -bed cabinets; "Colson-Merriam of .Baltimore. $316.60 for 80 bedside lamps; •Wolf Furniture. $564.80 -for. 80 chairs; Wolf Furniture, $83,50 for 50 bath blankets; Ternent and Sons, $1.410 for 600 sheets. The articles listed above were ' advertised for bids -while . a ' large •mcnber of ether items 'will be purchased without,-bids. The total of the above items ranges from $7,500 to $8,000 while the cost for additional equipment is expected to run cbout $18,000. The $18.000 figure does not include the' cost of Uie laundry and heating equipment and ,a number of other larger 1 items. -More than 135.000 :'will 'have been- _spent: to eqcip the infirmary- and""operation ±or -ihe iirst six months is-.expected 10 eost'at least'$45,000. : • • Man Found Dead In Cellar Of Home Frostburg Naval."".""" Vet Celanese Worker Vemard -Olin" Garlitz,' 31, ,or 234 •West Medianic, Street, .Frostburg. *omd dead in- the cellar of his .home yesterday, was a suicide victim, according-to Dr..H. V. Derning, deputy county medical examiner. Authorities said Garlitz died by Deatii at 2.'pi m.-but the "body was not found -until two ionrs. later. - . Garlitz was discharged' from tho 2?»vy in-'1915 after being -rescued from a boat-that exploded,-and Dr. -rvmtnr quoted the family as saying ie -suffered from a nervous condi- .-rion attributed to"-'the combat ex- GarUtz,' 'the father-of a : six-year- old son," declined- to go shopping •with- his ; family • yesterday, authorl- tiei irere'-to]dr""His-.-body. was'- discovered .when Mrs. Garlitz returned B police. Deputy - 'Sheriff . George Harris and Dr. Demtng con- "<incted the investigation. -' Garlitz" -was a native, of -Garret 'Cocnty and .a son .of Norman ant Khoda CRobinson) Garlitz.-. He had • resided .in Frostburg . for severa years and -was employed in the •Acetate Department at the Amcell plant of the Celanese Corporation of America. Besides- his -widow, the forme Ariena Burdock, and son, Charles it is survived by three sisters, Mrs -Victor Wilson, Frostburg; Mrs Cscil Baker, Finzel, and .Mrs Leonard Winebrenner, county: live brothers, Elmer Garlitz. William Garlitz and Raymond Garlitz, all. of. " Garrett • county; Clarence Garlic:, Hope-Road, Frost- birrs. and Arril C. Garlitz, . Park Avenue. Frostburg-. • His parents rssiie Jn-Garrett county. ... ' Funeral' services will berheld from -the residence at 2:30 p. m. Sunday. Ber." Raymond 'Crowe, pastor 'of ' Midland Methodist Church, -will bf- -Sdaie. Interment -will be'in Blocher •Csnietery. .- "<" " ." . " - -,- . .' . '* • "Watch Nidit" ! Garrett 0 ... c . P (To Miss Sessions heirvices set - . • •,";•.•_-,..-- . '• •'•"•••% - Senator Inuey and Ft)].' .ChurCiieS Delegate Mclnlire.lll New Year'Will Be Welcomed'By Various- Groups Over'City "Watch .''Night" services will be conducted--- at •:•»•'; number . of area churches .tonight as--the'New Year is welcomed. The service at" Centre Street Methodist Church" .will begin-at 11 it appeared." certain today that two members of the- Garrett county delegation to the Genera) Assembly —Senator Lawrence M. Frnley and Delegate Ronald E. Mclntlro, both of Oakland.— in their seats when "the 'legislature convenes .next week. ' ,;7 ,--..' ...-•''. -. Senator" Fraley-" suffered a- slight stroke in Oakland -a'.week ago. and remains, a patient in-Memorial Eos- pitaV here.'His condition has shown Big Welcome For New Year Scheduled Here Large, Number .Dancei And Church Services Will Usher In 1949 and chapel- v.. Norman O. senio ££ ovemenUt was.reported at the ™ O -hospital, today., but there Is no . Scribner. pastor,. Win. talk; on "The ' " ..lospital „ .... possibility that He will be' able to , make -the ..trip-to Annapolis for ° £jiiott pastorj early sessions of the. General As, of First Methodist:- Church has an-! sembly. . .--,,., t nounced " that . the: - service at that ! Delegate Mdntire offered a heart church mil be' held, from- 11 p. nv.! attack, while- -hunting -.during .the until" midnight.-. i- Following. 'hymn; deer season and. lias- been bedfast ' the -pastor wlll : ' speak on; since that time.. 1 .-. - -- ' •--"•-'The .. Goocl News, of Another Chance." .." -. • A candlelight service Will be . Scm itor Fralcy' 1 became '111 )n. the hallway 01' tho Gan-eLt Nntlonnl Bank building while talking to John , A ciuiu«:iiBiii. aiavii-o n... — ----- . at'10:30 p, m. at Ci-esaptown Metho-i' J. Sweeney. His son-in-law, Robert Idis't Church, according to Rev. Louis,!. v. Lohr, -arrived-withiri a- few rniii- ' F,'Chastain 1 , pastor. Two Iniotlbri. pictures. "The Littlest. Knelt'.' and "Holy Child of BetVilehem" will .be shown. At 11:15 the New Year's.,Eve service will.begin, including -hymn. 1 * Scripture lessons and prayers. Music will, be- 'presented, by 'the. .Young People's' Choir under' the. direction of Lcroy' Lewis, whose daughter. Gcnevlcve Lewis, will play organ accompaniments. • •' A selection will, be sung'by the senior choir, directed -by Mrs. Martin Johnson'. Her daughter, .Judith Ann Johnson;- will 'be at the organ. Mrs, Johnson will also dfroct the comblcd-. choirs-in- another selection. • • A-New -Year's Eve -service will be held in-.the -new chapel building, of fee LaValc, Baptist congregation iron-,~Jl p.' m-. until midnight,- according to. Rev.-' J. C. Ledbctter, pastor. . , - • • • ' • • Rev! J. E. McDonald, pastor, of .Calvary'' Melihpdist .Church, Ridge- ;ey,,W." "O'a'., said, a'service will be held-in .the-church from 11 p. until.midnight. _.. .'. "." .. .-. Rev...Cha'rlas E. Shaw.sald a social hour held -from 10 :to 11 p. m. in the Sunday School room . , utes and lie was-.'.taken to.Ms home in a- taxicab, ' later -.being •' brought to 'ttie hospital" here: ""." The illness v of Senator Fraley and Delegate Mclntlre" leaves only two delegates to serve' Garrett county, Jasper . C: Myers, • of near Kitzmil- Icr, and '.George E. Ooddington, OaWand. of Park Place Methodist Church with refreshments served by . the Woman's Society of. Christiar Service. An -hour of worship will begin at ll.p..m. in the sanctuary, with a sermon by the pastor on "Living by.Faith through; the ^ Year." • . Rov. C. L. Beard, pastor of Trinity Methodist Church, said New Year's JEve seryice"wUI BE held'at.ll o'clock iat 'tiic'ch'urch', 122'Grand .Avenue A three-hour Watch-Night service is planned' at First Church o£ the Nazarenc.-starting at 9 o'clock. The PREPARES FOB, FQBECAST—Chafies F.-. Heller,',;holder "of the "famed" .Heller'weather-forecasting secret, method-went .'to. a local : 'market'select.some'-"native" onions. He'wiU'ixiit them .to'use--..; tonight,-: and-tomorrow-he claims .he-wlU-be able to-'tell'Just what--. monOis- : in"fl949 -wiU"-D8 -Wet- and which, .will -be- dry.;HclIer-:asserts,Ms - /1948 forecast-was correct'for all: months, but December. The airport •maintenance :lorcman-says..he Vas forced-to'used some "foreign" onions for tlils/year's.-forecast', and- explained-: that--, action, as-the . '-.reaspn'for'ioslng December. Heller, sets --up' bis: onion-laboratory in ^greafc-secrecy.and^decUneSyto reveal-details'.;, '..-.y; ~ '"; ••;,';•;--_••- Potomac River Group PlansTo Expand Work Expresses Hope Dam Will Be Completed On Savage River __ . iriij The Interstate Commission on the r.sirrett Potomac River Basin pointed'in .ts ^iuici,i, 4-^^«,, *« «-*^nAfuvl Crash Motorist Forfeits Bond James Eston Mellon Route 3, TaHey Road., 'forfeited '$10 • bond today in Police Court on a careless driving charge 'preferred following '» two-car, collision at Fairview Ave- zme and Pumace Street last Friday. lit Sdwin B. Lily a said the' car driven by Mellon was' traveling at a f'iast rate and failed to observe a "" stop sign before it struck the veh- ' Jcle of WlUiam H. Seller, 27, of 14 Enclid Place, who was knocked from the operator's seat to the ground, Henry. B. 1 Thompson, .449 Pine Avenue, and James A. Hackett, 1012 Gay Street, were given suspended sentences on disorderly conduct " charges resulting from altercations with their wives. , 'Thompson was arrested early tills morninc- after -his wife, Mary ~E Thompson, told police-he created a disturbance at home and-struck hei " with a hatchet. The defendant de- •nied the accusation and police said no 1 weapon -was found. ' - JBacfcett testified his wife. Julia Eackett. hit him in the face with a beer botOe before he was taken ±ato custody.'Tie woman, displayed 2. nose injury but her 'husband apparently was unhurt in the melee Magistrate Peter J. Carpenti pre- .ed. Outdoor Club Plans Election .Cumberland Outdoor Club wfll elect officers Monday at 8 p. m at -the Club rooms at 170 Balttmon •Sneet. .-. ' •• • Dominations. for 'the various. of - 5ces 'include- -Roy Maphis and Ed . ward Melvln,'presiaent; P.-O.' Web ' cr. flrst-^, vice "president;. Geral< LeasurtTffld Lee Puller, second vie president; lie-Fuller' and Homer Bolinger.. recording. secretary; Van - Jcteson,- ^financial .. secretarj'; 1 ,Ro '' '. Diiredtiitreasurer; Howard'.'; Kuhns house chairman; George Middleton Harr}' Schurg Year-End Stump Hits State But StateTorest Good 12 Months Seen Coming •B'VLTIMORB-m : -Joblc&s .Dene-|tliroughout;-the' organization, fit' claims' in Maryland have'.aver- 'But these win. not'greatly affect lennial report today to a' ppropriation Tor work on the 1 Sav- ge River Dam and expressed.-the lop'e that additional" federal grants HI enable completion of the .work ri the Upper Potomac area in 1950. The Commission said'its'industrlal ommittee.has been helpful In-peti- lioning the -government-!or funds -to omplete : the "dam-'which will "ln-'D. low water ' flow in .the •^orth Branch-of the'Potomac.Jt'"is most .important, to' .any'.polluiton batement.iri the Luke-Cumberland .reari".the-report added. 1 - The committee • has submitted. a .relimta-ary, survey; on-Industries in he Potomac'Basin'and information, when' tabulated, will .be 1 issued'in booklet form, outlining the role-in- iustry has. played in the pollution abatement program.-': • Larger Scale Activities The commission said, its present activities will be.continued, but'on a larger'scale during the fiscal year ending June'30, 1949. The biennial report covers 'tl:e period-from 'July 1,1946-to June 30, 1948: .'' ' Activities of the 1 -commission will be coordinated-with plans contemplated by the states during the year. Enlargement, of Its program, and'.co- iperatlon with the states will require i great deal of personal contact,, the commission- r-lded. During" the. -biennium, the commission report shows several communities within, the basin, started construction .'Of new sewage :,trcat- ment plants, noting particularly Frederick; .Martlnsburg, W. Va., and Winchester, Vr: Tanning-Firm'Acts At-Paw Paw. W. Va., .the, report shows construction started on treatment facilities.• equivalent to'.primary treatment -by the Keystone Tanking 'anu Glue Company. The same company'has built new.spent lime -lagoons -at the -Moorefleld, ,W Va.; tannery -and constructed orifie boxes for effluent discharge regulation at both the Moorefleld. arid Petersburg ,- W. Va:, plants. Both the Pennsylvania Sand -Glass Company at Berkeley Springs, "W. Va'., and the Koppers'.TlC'-Creosotlnu plant a Green Spring'have .undertaken'sur- veys to define pollution problems Moorefield Ms completed an adequate sewer'system. At Hyndman,..-Pa., -the..repori shows plans .prepared for sewers, and a sewage treatment plant but had not been ordered when the-report was issued. . One' of -the commission's, main undertakings during the. two-yea period was. the Campling of water quality of . many. streams • in tin basin,.which when, fully un'lerway will, provide'-needed .data, for 're : aged a stilt 4,000 per week during tho post 14 days, signalling a-usual year-end business slump. . - •• . Reporting this- today,- Chairman. Russell.S. Davis:of the Employment Security Board emphasized that "we understand most of these layoffs, are temporary." Many furloughs came as firms throughout the- state took Inventories in preparation forthe n«w business year. " Davis acknowledged' - the • current run of relief -payments; is-."heavier" than-during the same--period in. re- | icent years: He'..'estimated/total un-| employment-'in.Maryland.-at around jiY?! 6 ' 1 20,000.. ' .Baltimore,.Towson, were among"the ! "w6rst" : spots'as.-far as' :the -present-:wave :of 'plaims''is :oncemed,-Davis declared. the work force, '.which will--r.binnln be'-wcen 10,000 ftiid 11,000 as it lias in '48.'.''- '• ,'".'--.'- .-.; '••".'' '. The'concern had some .$94,000,000 in -unfilled orders as'- of November 30, it was reported, a little'less than the backlog the previous.year. But Martin executives expect .to stay on a "fairly stable" production and employment rate in the- next 12 months.... ' The ."Bethlehem Steel Corporation, with 22,800-workers,,reported it had'been operating.; at. or near capacity In '48, 1 arid expected <'.for 1949.- There layoffs: ' ••-. ; - ;'• Hagersto-wn;-the Falrchlld A\T- Loss Declines In Seven Years Rapid'Strides Made In Developing Fire Control For District ' A. report by 'the .Commission- on Conservation of State Resources which 1ms -been, mnde to Gov. "William Preston.Lane Jr., reveals-that forest fires In Maryland have decreased from 2,045 in 1941 to 4CC In 1947. ..-,; ' , 'Total damages iii'the same period dropped -"sharply from $301,182. to '$4,749' last year. .'Acreage burned propped,&pm;-46,574.'.to 854 ir_ the 'same period. •'.-•'' ' . ••.,',, Until; very recently Maryland., had ' with the usual 7 large number; of dances featuring the' observance. • Most public offices closed:at noon-. today and will remain closed-until Holiday^ Railroads and industrial plant*,'." Youthjailed After Armed Robbery Here 1 i . Happy New 1 ear Prospects Dimmed For Jolin Ziegler '. Prospects of a "Happy New- Year" were dim today for a. 17-year-old youth. arrested' last'night, by City Police after he allegedly 'starged a $390 .robbery at; gunpoint at the Strand Liquor Store. 100 South Liberty Street, and lied before his apprehension 15 minutes later. Authorities identified the prisoner as' John W.' Ziegler,.'Salisbury, Pa., formerly of Cresaptown, and booked him at 10:10 p. m; after he was-nab- b'ed without resistance near the Swift and' Company building at Commerce and •Williams Street. The loot and- .an .unloaded foreign-made automatic -gun were found- in his possession....... -. , • • This inorcing; Ziegler was taken to the State's Attorney's oflice for interrogation'. Tlie youth has al- operated "on,- usual .schedules "with. the exception of the 'Kelly-Springfield Tire Company, -'which dosed down December 23 and. will 'not reopen until Monday. '; ' • ' Stores', will- be "closed•, tomorrow, but a few drug stores and neighborhood groceries will 1 be. open. .Theand taverns will'be open to-; mori-ow.- .' ' , • Dances to be held tonfghfas mo»t of the fraternal, veterans and social clubs have'-capacity reservations'. Taverns, and' roadliouses will' probably do a big. business'with somt having tables reserved for. tpnight'i 'ccJcbration.: • •';"• > Watch night held 1 in many cliurches and 'there, will also be services tomorrow morning and night at various/congregations; Prices for. New Year's Eve dancer this year follow about the'"- same, trend' as last year ranging from. $3.50 to $14.40. The latter price i» for guests other than members »t the Cumberland Country Club.. .:..„ • Roadside:. taverns- - which hrnT* booked orchestras arc charging from $1 per person to $7.50 per- couple, depending on the entertainment offered. - . - ; '--' Many persons will attend. hou»» parties or else spend a Quiet evening at home. - , _• • -.- ' City and. State'.Police urge nv- elers to leave .their cars at hom« and take buses or taxicabs if. possible. This cuts down'on-the amoum; of traffic- and also is .safer.-' ' '- - • Despite recent .furloughs "and. tb». large number 'of th« area the celebration'is- expected to be as large' as last year's. Most persons feel that, the downward trend In employment nos readied the Bottom and -with the: coming ol the New -Year "conditions will - improve. . • clmrch wri celebrate the Lord's j ready told police he has been unable ' - cmrc Supper. Music a message by the to' obtair employment - aiidxecen^ , imon meeting and re- was 'turned down when he attempt- pastor .testimony meeting and reception of new members will also be "featured. Congregations of the entire -Union Grove' Methodist Charge have been Invited to- attend- ft service - tonight from. 11" o'clock', untll.'niidnight at. CentralV--.McthodIstV.Cli.urch."" Herv. .Gordon Hall, : pastor,- ; wffl conduct tne.serviee.. ,. . '• • A servlca will be held from 11 p. m. until one minute after_ mid- ed-to enlist in the.'Navy. Displaying discouragement, ce said: '"I- don't care what happens. Asks for Money •; Authorities' Quotei'Ralph.'LasWey, owner 7 of- the "Store, "as-saying the youth walked in as he .was counting moneyi Mrs/Xashley 1 ,- whp%as with her husband, stepped'up to' wait- on Ziegleri according to police, but lie pulled the gun and said -"I'll just night at • MeKendree Methodist ; take Ule money ," Church, according to Rev. Jesse K., Lashley said the armed youth Beale, pastor. , • 'picked up the money from the Rev. W, A. Stewart,, pastor of t" e ! counter with his free-hand, and stuf- anri-'Tiel • Air''c' 1 ^" Corporation 'said. 'it. expected i' no appropriations'for-the purchase ft-llU. _ -TJCl •"•"• i. _" JW*'A*.A««« Ifc- ^WT-*! ATrmont'. ' Tl'flW i -.-P •M.n^r.Mit -fiVA aT.-t-inm''fcV)iT^fT PfinlD— . . . claimants. pa'ssed/through -the main: tfle f^^ of the,.' year.". He' noted -' m 8:30. ISB-'oCices in.two. hours; from'8:30.j-p ai - clli i d jias $80,000,000 in unfilled orders now compared -with'. $43,- o 10:30 a. m. . .. Still,'there'were few. or no; indications-that' the unemployment, pic- lure meant anything beyond a seasonal .decline, spurred in pare by 'eduction in food and • clothing production, ' . • . ' . A spot check.-of'key Maryland .industries showed that no major layoffs were in contemplation. In some nstancesi expansion rather than tightening was forecast for the com- ng year. '' : The year about to end.had been a fat one for. Maryland, business on the whole, most observers 'agreed; the employment-figure, in non-agricultural pursuits "reached 722,800 in. S'ovember; probably a postwar peak, • • The Glen L. Martin Company, which., makes planes, reported it expects some "year-end trimming" viewing and, 'if needed,-revising the area .classifications. The program began'.September 1 1,' 1947- and th> Gerald Leasure, Earl Mower. Homer Bolinger, trustees. and I commission .hns received 'reporti I from 51 of the 57 sampling.stations. of modern fire extinguishing equipment for battling ;forest blazes. _ Rapid strides-were made-between nethBowen declined to give figures; 11943 au "d 1945 in developing an,, ef- to". increase its . employment, now around', 4,000. ' .'."'.''. Assistant General-Manager • , iiColi J-'VWtil %4W****l.Vt, UV Q*.i»- "0— ---i . in Baltimore- City. yesterday, 1 2,000 | feut sald ^e.piant "will expand after ' ' ' 000,000-a year'ago. ' •'- Business'and ind-jstry spokesmen in the Hagerstown \area predicted ihe general employment level there win remain about the. same in '49. The Chevrolet assembly plant in Baltimore will'reopen Monday, recalling its 3,000 employes who had been laid'oft during the Christmas holidays. W.-B. M. Browclec, plant-manager, said the factory, will start assembling 1049 tracks and commercial-vehicles. • • Church Of-Brethren To. Show Soiind Film A sound 'motion .picture, ."The Child of Bethlehem," will'be-shown at', the Church of .the-'Brethren'this Sunday evening at. 7:30. '. . . :''• The .picture is a Cathedral • Mlm and -was* produced -by tli'e- Rev. Jam-e's Kv.Friedrich. -It- presents' the binh-and boyhood of Jesus as. recorded .in 1 the. gospels of. St.. Luke and' St.; Matthew.' The story: of' the Child Jesus is portrayed against .the background • of • the social life, of ficient-fire control ..organization. In Alle'gany and-Garrett counties this . ,, , ; an A. M. E. Church, will !f cd it/into his inside coat pocket. He backed to the door and fled after informing the owner, "Don't there isn't- a cop wllnin two Metropolit; __. preach on "Consecration," at the 11 p. m. service there. A service, is also at A service, is iu.w p«umuu «» worry,' t Ebenezer Baptist Church, according |.,] oc ij S •• to Rev..-J..C. Wells, pastor.. Town Cleans Up After Bad Fire PARSONS, W. Va.—{#)—Firemen were busy today cleaning up the debris from the worst fire in the town's recent history that engulfed two buildings-and 15. automobiles.. The fire, which-started early : yesterday" in- a feed store building and spread to an . adjoining garage, smouldered 'through 1 most of ,the day. although'it 1 .was;, brought under control during 'the.late morning. Damage was''estimated .by. firemen between $40,000 and- $50,000, « The blaze took -the., life of a collie dog credited" with;.probably saving the lives of! three persons who latest type equipment and organi- j Uved Jn a p al .tmenM above the feed nation is setup with radio coramuni- i cation between-the-of flee'ol William | A. -Parr, district forester, in tile Mrs. Rose Wyan and -Mr. and Blake Nelson said they were Lashley later greeted him at police headquarters with, "I suess you were wong about where the cops were." Officers J. Carl Stouffer and Paul S. Penrod made the arrest. Police were notified of the holdup \}y Loshley, who telephoned as soon as' the bandit left the store. He said lie then ran across the street to inform' the ticket - seller at the Strand Theater that his. store had been held up and to warn her. -The ticket seller, according to Lashley','saw, the youth run up Dex- terPlace -after lie 1 -left the store. She said she-did not see-him loitering about before entering. •; .. Had Counted Money Lashley told-police.he had counted the'money into S100 stacks and was preparing to put them into the cash register when the youth entered.. ' Police said when -they searched Ziegler'at headquarters they found S393 on his pereon. He-was-also Court House and the various fire| ^.^^etj by" tlie dog's towers and mobile.units. Funds for purchasing the original equipment, amounting to several hundred thousand dollars, were obtained, from, the federal government. Since 1945. the state has been making substantial outlays for more equipment. The. timber stands of Maryland represent a great natural resource (Continued on Pzge 14) • PlanetMercury Rules 1949; "DouW 9 Holidays To Abound or Friday.holidays or a,total..of at least seven planned weekend trips. Thursday, January, 20,' is a possibility, not to. be overlooked. This Inauguration Day, replacing the old March 4. will flnd- a. big trek or. for Washington on .day. The coming year will bring. only one Friday the Thirteenth. That will be:in May. ... Poor. .Ridiard's"anniversary,- January 17, falls-on. Monday'in 1949. Just .what kind of weather the- nation's capital-may cxpect'from that .,_.„ ™ Monday .'through Thursday,' the on Tuesday; ' Febnmry • 22 * 20th—inauguration Dny — Interests The' Planet Mercury, symbolic o: those'who like to 'be "on-the go". will rtfe 194B and his volatile-ana fickle nature is borne out "by the fact that'the year will, have many "double" holidays—those including Saturday and Sunday' or Sunday and- Mondny. . . ' •The year which has'Mercury-for its guiding star-starts,off the-holl- 'day "schedule "tomorrow. 1 Lincoln's birthday falls on 'Saturday,' February. 12; •• St. Valentine's, -February 14,. with .ft Sunday .sandwiched In- between. ' Washington's birthday comes. Palestine and .the -Roman -govern-; st- Patrick's Day Thursday,,MnrchjAmericans from coast w- coast. mcnt. . Tile-program. Sunday night will .bo open lo the public. There will ixs-no admission charge . but'.an offering will be taken'. : : , : ••'.-••..'•• • '- Hagerstown Will Seek .•'•-'-. Slum Clearance . . HAGERSTOWN— (/P) — H.ngers- town •will ask 1 the state's permission to- take part in any. federal slum clearance project passed by the next; Congress. They escaped to the roof of the garage and summoned -help. The dog, however, died in the flames. Snow Flm-ries May Cover District Cumberland -area residents planning to leave home tonight to celebrate the -arrival of 1949 may find the weather - fairly cold with a brisk wind blowing. There _is also •he prospecs of snow flurries. Last -night snow flurries made highways slick in 1 spots but road-, are reported clear' today. Some Maryland streams ..went ou: of their banks' last night after two days of cold. 1 steady rains. Some highways - .wore blocked for several hours by high water, but State Police said this morning that all roads are passable. Northwest storm warnings are up on Chesapeake Bay.' Winds from 35 to 40 miles an hour are forecast, diminishing tonight. • This year was the state's wettest Aged Pedestrian Struck By Auto Stale Police Report: Mishap Near Swanton ; Charles Burkett, 75, of 440 GoethV Street, received.treatment last night" in Alleginy' Hospital for head injuries suffered-when he.was struck- ' by an automobile at the corner of Decatur Street and Baltimore AT«- nue. X-rays were taken'.thU-.inotn« Ing. • i - • - „...-. Police listed' the • driver'**'Jaoo* S. Bosley, .80Ti-Marylan4.-;.Ay»n\», who said he was turning, intoD«- catux- Street -when., the elderly. pe- v destrian stepped in front of his cur. 1 . He will be questioned 'tonight »t Police Headquarters. ••;'!• No change was reported-. in th« serious condition of a 45-year-old. • sa-waaill worker, • Itunian. 'Otto,.Swanton, who'was ha-Uy hurt-Wed-, nesday near Swanton when a skid- Sing car struck, him while he.wa$ in the roadwny. putting chains-on hii • truck. He suffered a-fractured, skull, Ijroken collarbone.' and dicst Injuries. • ' ' - - -. State Police said the .car' was op- eratecl by John Ramsey Smith, Jr.. IS, Deer "Park, skidded- as it rounded a'turn and• lilt Otto.«nd . Wnde Bolyard. «, Swanton,. Who was helping witli the -tire chaini. The latter sustained bruises and lacerations about the -head, but six • other men 'who had Seen; riding in. tlio tmck jumped to'safety. . .. - Riding'with Smith was James.I. Hinebaugh,.13, Deer Park, who wai thrown from, the car,-when.a door, flew open. He'received. injuries..v> the lower part- of his. body', and one leg'was badly .bruised when..a-rear, v.-heel of thfe car ran' over, him, : ... Trooper --Jack Browning investl-- gated. No charges 1 were::preferred pending the outcome of Otto's "Jn-. juries. ''•'•'. ' . • '• ; Charles H. Plummer, 456 ; -Colum- •• bia Avenue,.a. B.. and-O. yard" en-;-.." gineer, was ih-ort yesterday, in a fall' , near Ms home. Relatives, said 1 he . carrying a.long blade hunting knife,i sustamed mjurJes . to the .'head, . according to _ station ^officers. i Lash-j shoU ] < j erSi e ]bows.and hands. He did. not requlrq^iospitalizatlon. - . Holmes Marks 35tli Year " With Insiurance Company Jesse W. • Holmes, of -Greensburf,: Pa., .former manager :of .the Prudential Insurance Company, her* was honored ,011 the thirty-fifth. ley said he.did not,"flash tlie'knife while in the store. During a brief period of questioning," Ziegler 'to;d police lie formerly lived at Cresaptown but. had moved to Salisbury with his parents where they operate a small farm. He said that he has beeu-visltiiig his grandmother' in LaVale recently. Police .did not give the .name of the grandmother.- .. J anniversary of'his connection, with Ziegler obtained the automatic at fllo ^n 1T , n ,nv at. rh» fir^nsbure his' grandmother's'home where. 1 he told authorities, lie saw the weapon in a case and picked it up. He did not disclose where the • knife was; obtained. ' Officer James Brown and Detective E. M. Powell were.dispatched to tile 1 liquor store after the Holdup was • reported/ Tlie youth was des- crib'ed as well dressed but he was not- wearing a top coat when nabbed, ' Shortly before, the liquor store holdup was reported, ' jxilicc were summoned 'to Mary's Cleaning! Shop, North Mechanic'Street, where! lilary 'Johnson told -authorities a' ,t man was trying to break Into the ' place, 'Politic- said they did not 11 '•' ' " of the would-be the company^ at the Country Club^ recently; "Holmes was presented, a -diamond ring, 35 red roses, and a photostntlo,;- copy- of the. first policy he.-wrote 1 : when lie started with the company in 3913 In Jeannette. ', , .."'•'"•' He was transferred from- ,th». Jeannette'off ice where 3ie:-had been . assistant manager,, to the-.Cumber- • land office as manager In 1929/- H« stayed here untl!'August, 1945, when he became manager of the- Greens- district. tlmore reported an annual total' of] 54.8 inches—and 1 'the average 42.GC. • ' . . , OU. J. ai/i-icr* O -u/ilj - 1 - 1 1 L** «J" "j r , -•••••"* ".-»- . ------ - - — , .-., l7'-Eastcr- will b'c fakly late. Shrove In- hundreds 01 ' thousands or Tuesday will -be March- 1 and • Ash | homes-rural . household* -especially ' - y ^jj Showers Will. sriiLV becinnlntf -of Lent, I — the answer hangs' -on a peg ln l_. •• ,, A 'i 2^Easter Sunday falls, onjuie living, rooi'u .or. kltcheif. • ThereiPreacIi Sermons bunday r,. . j- •^.»_.^i*_ T-\_..,Ti.rrt»» oc flTo IQdO olmnTTtiP. i*; llirilnp' tiVlP 1 348 i April 17."and Ascension -Day. May .26. '"Memorial Day, Monday, May 30,' provides- another double ho'.lday or even a.'.'trlple it.ttc previous Saturday'.is counted; as does Independ- ence'Day, wlilch»wlll come on.Mon- day, July 4; .likewise Labor Day, Monday, September 5; Halloween, Monday, October-31; and-Christmas, Sunday, December 25, with Monday being the" legal holiday: .Armistice Mfiyor'Richard Sweeney'--' said .yes- j pay Jails' on'Friday, November 11, terdfty he would petition,, the General Assembly'to empower the. city and Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November - 24. to set up a Hagerstown housing ' Summing up .this gives .two "Sac-...-, 4(... . . I M,.HOI, ViniiHnvs" nnri flvff Mondnv authority. urday holidays" and. five Monday the 1949 almanac is and earlier editions;" notes tlie'Na- tional Geographic- Society., .' . " Ic carries a •• calendar listing • an anniversary for each day and crammed, with data on- tlie sun, moon, anr! planets. Many a form.wife has HCi' her ' clock us' the ' sun touched the horizon,-using the time shown In the almanac, for 7 sunrise-or sunset on the day' concerned. The , almanac • tells. the 'farmer how to raise healthy chicks, how to get rid of rats, how to stny awii':c in church. It. tells his wire ,now. (Continued on Page 9) Bishop J. Balmer .Showers, Har- rlsburg, Pa., • outstanding Bible teacher and lecturer, will deliver two sermons' here Sunday, preaching at -Bethany Evangelical United Brethren Church, Fourth and Rnco Officer Joseph Stitcher, who .investigated the attempt, said, a man fled from the vicinity ns he ap- pronchcd. He ran l.o the buck of the building through the dnrk and could. not be Identified, according to police. '.. . Births •Mr.-.ind Mrs. Eugene Earl Carder, Raw-lings, aiiriounce.the- birth of a Streets, at' 10 'n: m. and'at the]son this.morning in AUegany Hos- Pofomnc Park Church at T:30 p. m, 'Bishop Showers, of the Evangelical United Brethren Church, will be tile- speaker at'union week of prayer services, beginning' Monday, -a South Cumberland churches under .pital. A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Claude. .Wagner. McHenry, this morning in Memorial Hospital. Mr.' and. Mrs. Amos Friend, Pricncl.svlllc, announced the birth of a auspices of the South Cuniberinndldaughter this morning'in Manorial Ministerial -Association. Hospital. POCKETS Collection Doy TODAY

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