The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 30, 1935 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 30, 1935
Page 2
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THE UPTON DAILY TRIBUTE questions. Where will the material for television broadcasts coma from? Hollywood today spends $1,500,000,000 annually to put out 500 hours of entertainment—one- tenth of the material necessary i? television is to become half as successful as radio. There will have to be a new technique in television writing and acting. Continued from Page 1. uro to pass the ordinance here does not affect the sale of beer, which is under the regulation of the state excise department. All licenses outside of incorporated towns and cities expire for beer on June 1 and this will mean the ' Continued from Page 1. The screen is coated with oxides, and other metals which he- comie brilliant when bombarded with the stream of electrons that pour from this "electronic ma- ehino gun." LUlCVlBtUIl Wl»v*iib *•••*• «-• There will have to be new stages closing of several roadhouse bars and new stage-lighting engineer- "And'whcn I say a bombard-j tl;e rQOm menu I mean just that," said Dr. j CdlcUmilh enthusiastically. -These ing. There will have to be new costume technique. When you look at a television picture, you won't be able to play bridge, as you do when the sound radio is going. In the first place, be in semi-dark- in this county. PARK OPENING. Continued from Page 1. the city has been' making on sewers, the park board members hope to offer a program o£ real inter- room w - . Jn the second plac0i the ear, ! eat to both young and old this summer. It is impossible to purchase additional playground jg ]lol directio nal, can pick WORLD WAR MEMORIAL tinw proje'.tiles bang against the: soln ,ds even if you're in the -..-.«. E crccn at a velocity of thousands i k . tcheu mjxing up a highball, i equipment this year although of miles a second. As they strike ^ eye can , t . pck up anyt hins j badly needed but the equipment ir-n screen the)- illuminate it, from ; ^ whjch R , g 1)Ot direc t\ y focused, on hands has been repaired and left to right and up and down,; There . s a big job ahead .for j repainted and should prove suffl- with the same high lights and !e bod y, therefore, and tkat in- cient. , [, _* .!,„ „,.;<*,-,mi cr-eiio. but - .. ___« _i....»..«i<i>. The big need at the park is a swimming pool, in the opinion of wiic int; DUIMI, .i.n-. --o— everybody, uiereioie, aim L«CI». m shadows of the original scene, but c]udes radio en gj n eers, electronic so rapidly that the eye is com-; ertg phychologists and crirfts- o.......".»» i-— —*- pletelv fooled and sees the picture _ ' field of public enter . a great number of citizens and L n whole." ' '„, , while it is hardly likely one can as a whole. That sounds simple, and the process actually is accomplished in laboratory work. But there are a thousand unanswered ;prohIcmis: that must bo solved before tlio process can be made commers ctally thinkable. Some of the tainment. By 1937 or 193S — perhaps! - •» • • ! SMALLEST NATIONAL. j continued from Pago I./* i ^ th)]s made the o i )scrv ations : on which he based his famous problems are in radio engineer- treatise „„ stomach gastric juices. ' , Fort c raw f or( i was built near t)]e sjte of e?l i r y French forts in ' . Some of them are purely ptytholciuical. Many of them are while it is hardly likely one can be built this year, the park board is going ahead with the PWA idea and if there is any assurance that such a project will be approved, and application will be filed. PWA projects are supposed to be self- liquidating in theory .and should be a big percentage of Swimming pools demand percentage of materials and a Expedition at Wake Island Browned Life South Sea Islanders. WORK WITHOUT HATS See Onr Hand'BiUsi Each | Ttfeefc for Groceftr Bargains. 12 Years labor, a big Main' building of Indiana World War Memorial Plaza, about which for the first time since it was started a state-wide gather- Stanley, chairman for Forty and! World War—This imposing plaza Eight; 4, Ralph L. Moser, chair-! will be the cent,er and theme of man for th!e Sous of the Ameri- the whole great celebration, can Legiont and 5, Mrs. Vivian ptytholciuca. any o t)]e sjte of e?l i r y Frenc ors n »• -------- =- ...... -------actually economic, for television, J1S14 Thc Rr f ti ' sh soon captured | comparatively small amount of to meet the same standards ann | jt but returned it a year later at | labor and for this reason, they entertain the same, juimber of | the Delusion O f the war of 1S12. | are not looked upon with much people who irow enjoy radio, would j Fcderal troops were stationed favor by PWA officials. Any change in this attitude or change in policy on the part of the PWA require billions—not millions, but j hc ,. e , intil jsBG when they were billions—of dollars. ! marched to Utah under, command 'Ulions — 01 uuiiais. -.-. i marched to uian unuei - nmmmn'i ••• »• ...... . — — • -* coaxial cabin, an inch or s:.: of UI)ert Sydney Johnson, who will result in an application being - ools have a very iri diameter, must be built for transmitting pictures across the country, in order to provide the 1,500,000-cyclc l):uid required, and such a cable is now only iu the process of experimental con-; o )er , w()n famo as a Confederate gen- filed. Swimming pools have a very • ' \% cla OLtiiit'VA ** »afc**fc»* ...*.« c- — , " r ing of World War veterans will be] Hague, chairman for Eight and • dollars in prize money to Increase of several thousand be held when the Indiana ment of the American Depart- Legion Forty. ! awarded to bands and drum corps. The World War Memorial invitation' to merchandized cav- niCllL OL L11C ^vniti.v**" ~~.-T> . * "*- . i ! holds its state convention in Indi- Plaza, with! its stately structures,: airy and other unusual military •mapolis August 2-1 to 27. Insert- jits impressive main building ] units as well as hundreds of j ed are the pictures of the general (shown above), its beautiful and; members of the services, parade upcatching ishrine to the flag, its | of thousands of Legionnaires and Wake Island. May 30.—Should a steamship, blow off its course, sight this lowlying atoll in the Pacific,, it would be surprised to discover through glasses what would appear to be a tribe of half- naked brown-skinned natives toil- ^ng on beaches which had been deserted as far back as the memory of man extends. . From a distance the men look as dark- as any with a long line of tropical forefathers. Those who left San Francisco with the Pan American Airways expedition, building bases along the route of the new airline to the 'Orient, were white only a few weeks ago, but now they are a healthy-looking coffee shade and are becoming darker with each day's boil- oral ;„ t i, c c j v il war. strnction. Or. alternately, him-; MEMORIAL DAY, Continued from Page 1. short active season and for this reason there is considerable doubt as to their ability to liquidate a loan in a small community. ' for three months' service there dreds ot repeating suumns »"'* 1 1 was a scra mble to get in uniform j be made tn dot the country at 2:.- ^ Uje part Q{ practica uy the cn-j .milo intervals. Roth are costly. ( ^ ma]e populaUon . During the Tho first receiving sets w:11 | i ong struggle th* country furn- CAPITOL BOWS. Continued from Page 1. •d and uoes not involve the bonus. Striking an average over the late to say. But they are actu-; ally live receivers in one. One receiver is for sound, another for j the pictures, a third for "line de-; Jlcritio: 1 ." (which swings your electronic machine-gun or paint brush , back and forth over the screen I, • a fourth for "vurticlc delict lion" < (which swings the i>:iint brush i downward from line to line), and s. fifth for "background control." . which takes care, of regulating th: ; dark grays, the lisht grays, the i l::gh lights and the shadows of. your picture. j Let us suppose, for instance, i that these first sets. two. three or ', when it i that late as 1S65 with the county growing_j-apidly there were only abouFifTOOO voters and women did not vote at that time. When the Spanish-American i war was declared this county sent a full company, recruited by George Dyer and several other; companies were ready but their: services were not needed. One of i these was recruited by the late ; Judge Leroy B. Nash. i When the World War call came > Tipton county was again among, the foremost and a full company! was ready when the proclamation j came. The county'had almost a| government has spent year for each man who enlisted in the army during the .World War. Germany spends $22 a year for the same purpose; France $34: Great Britain $2G; Canada $9S, and Italy $12. chairmen 01 . uie tiaii«.ii«»""n groups: 1, Judge Wilfred Bradshaw, president of the Lesion convention corporation: 2, Mrs.' John Paul Ragsdalc, chairman for the Legion Auxiliary; 3, Foster TII'TOX GIKL IN CLASS. MUt vli/jihelh Rockwell (inidu- "Pro Portia" statue showing the finest sacrifical devotion, its obelisk with the many-lighted, irri- desccnt fountain, the cenotaph honoring Indiana's dead in the CHt'RfH WARNING. Critics of Presbyterian Leaders Auxiliary members behind scores of bands and drums corps are expected to make the convention one of the most memorable Indiana has ever seen. THE HACK CROWDS. .State Road Xo. ill Crowded Weil- ated From Kukoiuo School. Thc Kokomo high school held May He Hailed Into Court. nesday Night and Thursday. Cincinnati, O., May 30.—Criti.T; j Indications of a record crowl annual commencement cxer-iof leaders in the Presbyterian i at the Speedway were evident in 1 States 011 tiiis county Wednesday night am lai-est class in the history of the! America were warned yesterday j Thursday morning as streams of ciscs Wednesday night and the! church in the United States of! this county Wednesday night and STILL FAVOR. Continued from Pago 1. county's highway fund and UiU' plan may be adopted, providing the state highway commission gives its approval. Farmers on part of the . high way included in the program have school was graduated, there be-! that they tiiay be called to judjv-;airs went through Tipton ami in" 2SS young people securing' ment before the church's courts, j state road No. 31 was crowded. di ,,l omas 1 The warning came as the 1-17th j Wednesday night until a late hour Miss Elizabeth Rockwell, : general assembly—supreme legis-j hundreds of cars went south -on I daughter of" Mr and Mi's. Harry! laturo of the church — ended a road No.-31 for Indianapolis and Rockwell was a member of the: week-long session disturbed by j the stream was augmented at an cH-s she having entered the Ko- ; differences arising from ftinda-j early hour Thursday morning, komo'hi.h school when her par- 1 mentalist charges of departure; Tipton and Tipton county rac 2 ents removed to that ,-itv whero from the basic tenets of the faith, j fans left here early Thursday her father is emplove.l in the rod "The man who- circulates such i morning. This county sent a larg, mills as mechanic. " He was for charges without cstabllshlDR I delegation. SPECIAL SERVICES. . would moan that the public would have to dig up $5,000,000,000 to buy them. "And that, together with the millions that would have to be put into construction of the sending apparatus," said Dr. Goldsmith, "would be a major economic operation that would stagger even .Washington:" The sets would have to he serviced by a newly trained army of radio experts, who-would be "en- pineers" than repair men. Tubes wiil cost as high as $50 Bplece, and that is no inconsider- *ible sum when the possibility of peeing the whole system junked in ft year is brought to mind. Then there are other perplexing to take up arms when the i tice was signed. None of the Mexican War vet- crans remain, there are only sev-j en c j v [i war veterans in the coun- tj . the ranks of the Spanish Amer- , } can wa r veterans are thinning; and j n the 17 years which! I portions arc ready to do their ~| part, if the matter can be brought ! to a head. Good Coyote .Mollier. (By. TTnllril ]'r«v«s). Spokane. Wash.. May 30. -fast and in the 17 years ™» cll j whon a n)0 ihercoyote digs a hoi- have passed since the signing of • ffjr hej . ncst> ghe docs Q buslno3 . ; . erans of the last war. The county although the armistice the hand of death j^ jo)) of u Alfre(] Quc(]( , has been laid on many of the TCt -; Mead farmer, discovered. Quad-dug four puppies out of a hole -. il uas ! n car his farm. The mother hid more than done its part in ejrery| dug a , ]ole 1S {eet long OI1 ;l conflict is today unanimous in itsj gl , ght dow ngrade. about two fee'. opinion about war and all hope the belQW lhe earth - s surface, then last awful carnage will suffice for 12 fget Btraignt down . The de:i all time. was three feet high, about four •"•"• feet square. The entrance was 'about 18 by 2:0 inches in size. rears a mechanic at the Nickel them." by the church's own con-. Plate shops in Tipton. i stitutional procedure, asserted Dr. | Miss Rockwell's schooling up Joseph A. Vance of Detroit, Mien., | Co the time they removed to Tip- moflcrator of the assembly, "laysj st> John's Catholic Church Cele- ton was all rccc'ived in the Tipton i himself laible to charges of slan- schools. Her brother Raymond, i Bering his brother.- remained in Tipton and was a! "^"' ch « rch llas bccn Patent, member of the junior class the almost infinitely patient, with 11 The only expectations are a few unfortunate blonds, who burn a rosy red and peel oftener than a j snake sheds his skin. Even the [ sole native Hawaiian 1 with the ex| pedition. who was dark when he started life, is now of deeper hue that /those hailing from colder climes. That sunshine is not fatal has been a revelation to some. A strict warning against goingwith- out hats or shirts in the beginning was one of the most important rules promulgated for the health and happiness of the airways pioneers, and it was enforced \\Vth strict severity. To city cave dwellers, where many sudden deaths are attributed to sunstroke, it seemed a wise precaution. The weather, which changes so many things, changes that rule, until now a shirt, except for a few minutes at meal time, is a rare sight. Even the staff phjfg|- cian, who felt it a professional duty to observe the rule, has fallen from grace. Bareheaded and. unabashed, he piles boxes of canned food, clad Memorial Day. | The Russiaville community was mourning the death of Dr. Georga Kemjp who fell dead while mowing the grave of his sori.:j death being due to a heart attack. * « * • F. B. Kinder purchased; the Fred Morris garage at Lapel and took charge. ; * * * ; The council gave Contractor F. 11. Roode permission to Ibuild cement drives over the sidewalks at the corner of West and j Jeff erson streets, where he was" erecting a Standard filling station.: * * * Francis Romack of SharpsviHe underwent his third operation for trouble in his right eye.' * * * The junior class ot the Tipton high school picnicked : at Broad Ripple. * * * • • Trouble at the light-plant resulted in a shutdown of all machinery of the city while repairs were being made. i , * * * Roy Purvis, Orval Adams. C. D. Weaver and Will Haivcns composed a party which witnessed tho races at the Speedway. : '. * * » Word was received of the sud- ; circulation of these unestablished brated Ascension Day. Special services in celebration of Ascension Day were held at tho St. John's Catholic church in Tipton Thursday, with masses at past term. i Several relatives and friends of:.charges, and if I do not nusta.t _,. i<1 , l , ov .... y , „„., , I1U o aC o ... Miss Rockwell from Tipton were! 1 '* lL ' m l )cr - , llas about reaclied ; - ll( -'j6:00 and 9:00 a. m., by Rev. F. at the exercises Wednesday night We of cabling _ those circulating Jos. Bilstein. These services were in • commemoration of the ascension into heaven of Christ, and large coii; gregations were present at each mass. which were held in the Haworlh i lho »| ilUo c p urt '" gymnasium. A Cheap I^nse. His comment, in answer to n protest from tho floor, came only a few moments before the assembly voted to meet next year Waukegan, 111.. May 30.—tti-!^ g ^ N . Y ., and Ulcn " a(1 . cle ;Sam may be called a "shylock' j - oul . ned i in some debt-defaulting nations. but city officials here yesterday signed a lease with the United States government for use of a tract of Federal land as a munici-j Qimlte Reported. London, 'May 30. — Ah Ex- • Try a, Tribune Want Ad. Start saving today.. . !l v' with America's largest- selling gasoline yoursec- TOF at the dealer ir tion who displays 1 he Sign of the Flying Red Horn >. Fill- up ce iwith Mobilgas and yb i'H noti :ftsurprisingfact...tnatt your car igrvesuniformlysz . .~ jince...ralnorshine,h >f or cold. >Th«f« because Mobflra ' to meet all climatic conditions. Mobilgas makes a difference— a big difference—in the performance and economy of any car. Yet ifs Bold «t no increase in- price. It wffl pay you to find out 'o. 1 gasoline. Lamson Still Smiles tract of Federal land as a munlci- ^ hango Tel ij graph d i spa tch said pal bathing beach. The tenure' n , ght ^ ]c cast s - dc Qf thc will run five years at $5 a year. , a , and of ^, ormosa? shahen b y E disastrous earthquake in April, was damaged slightly early (Thursday by another quake but 'no .casualties were reported. The i dispatch, from Taihoku, capital of tho Jalpanese-owned island, reported the shock was centered in thc city bf Taichu. • ; i "' ! Bank Bandits Captured. j Redmond:, Ore.,'May 30.—Hemj- med 'n by j deep snow in central Oregon, Frank Watsun, 3§; years old, of Sa^ Fianc'cco. Cal.. anjl Earl Davlsj 33, of Oakland, Call, were captured single-handed yea-, terday by State Patrolman *-*• Tuck less than two hours afte ' Dairyman's they jhad rohbnd th .41.500 In cpsh. I Deluxe •lieeta to ter hji- " Bank | In this city ot j* i binders and lT_Tribubfl DnW ' ' John Grinstead returned to his home here Wednesday after visiting since Saturday with his invalid brother, Albert Grinstead, near Greenfield. Plans Ocean Hop only in abbreviated shorts. As nobody has been sick, what more can he do? When the temperature hovers between 110 and 120, those working in the sun get some compensation in saving the cost of clothes. The : expedition ship North Haven is now empty of everything destined for this air base except meats, eggs and other perishable foods that cannot be unloaded until a refrigerator plant is .completed on Peale Island. .Most or' the cargo was unloaded on Wilkes Island and must be loaded on barges again and ferried across the lagoon to Peale Island — which gives a slight idea of making this -island, an outcast of nature, habitable. The North Ha.ven may sail, going only to Guam and returning to .Wake Island about the middle of Juno. Then, depending on how far work has advanced here, the job is accomplished or leave a sizeable force of workmen on ship will cither loaf until the the island and continue oh to San Francisco without them. Peale Island looks vastly different today than H did before it lost its sunless jungle only two weeks '•_ a'go, when an engineer could bot eight the island except by cliinbing a ^tree, though the island its less than a quarter of a mile wide. Straight paths now form a i gridiron 'on the island [: from the lagoon to ; the -ocean. Loose leaf recipe books. .for favorite recipes for the ' The (f INVITING nMargatet-Aa«»tadt,]616 IT. Bast* ',« guest of The! Tipton Dafly fri' -..-.' den death of Mrs. Phil; Detnrling former Tipton resident 'which occurred at Miami, Fla. Lauds Huey.j Indianapolis, May 30.-|—"Don't ; fool'yourself about HueyiLong; he is one of the ablest niembers of the [United States senate,) 1 Arthur R. Ilobinson. former senaitor, said yesterday in an informal! talk on the history and development of the senate, ; i Mr. Robinson was the!principal speaker at the weekly luncheon on the Kiwanis Club at the (Jolumb!a Club. He was presen'idjby Paul M. ;Akin, program chairman. j S2f)'0,OOO for Puijdrie. ^— ' • i •; i Anderson, May 30.—fThje will of Thompson 0. Neeley, filed yesterday ifor probate, bequeathed prop- ertyjvalued at $200,000 tcj Purdue univiersity for the erection of a building in memory of the; donor's aunt, Hester Ann Nealeyj. whom he inherited the; pijoperty. Finance Offlccir. Indianapolis. .May 36. Crayford of Milan, forme Earl r speaker of the house of repris 'may i become secretary of; the state department of financial, institutions,: it was learned, ^csterday. TIPTON DAILY (TftlBtJNB Entered as Second Ctasa j Matter at ! the Postofflce, Tlpton, jlnd. Rainsay & O'Banlon, props. Eatabllaheid Oct 4J 13D5. One Six year, months. Subscription Rates. In state J.L.I »3.«» i. In-state ..:.;.L....1.00 UIH, In state i L.L.... l.W month. In state ,jj...,..«. .Wr month, outside stuii. .... .5W year,' outsia« Btata U. i..; §.(!»• nrrler I* city. 'par. JfHf* t - ^.^ Jf » • :•. !!'. - : ."-""-j.'|.' •«-• ' '.' Three ' mohthH, One One One

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