Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on July 13, 1963 · Page 4
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 4

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 13, 1963
Page 4
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4-Saturday, July 13, 1963 Redlands Daily Facts Follsvale moves fo join Redlands school district Residents of the Fallsvale school district have now taken the initial step toward doing what they wanted to do last January — become part of the Redlands Unified school district. This action was on file a M- name petition with the county schools office seeking permission to annex a piece of mountain land frwn a Big Bear district as a connecting six-mile corridor to provide a continuous boundary with the Redlands Unified district. After crossing a few legal barriers and Winning approval of the Board of Supervisors, Fallsvale can then start the actual annexation proceedings to join Redlands. Fallsvale school turstees asked to become part of Redlands during the unification hearings last fall and winter, but were stymied because there is now no pomt at which the boundaries of the districts touch since Igo's is in the Yucaipa district. The Fallsvale action will also touch off some changes for the Wission district in west Redlands. Mission Will Be Alone For, when Fallsvale joins Redlands, Mission will be left by itself within the group of districts which once formed the Redlands Union High school districL And the law then provides that Slission will automatically become its own unified school district, according to H. Hartley Hillsen, administrative assistant to the county superintendent of schools. The second part of the law will make it mandatory for Mission, as a unified district, to either provide educational facilities for grades kindergarten through 12, or annex to a district which does have such facilities. The time limit is three years. Should Mission not elect to take either alternative within the three- year period, the school district automatically lapses, Mr. Hillsen said. And in that event, Mr. Hillsen reported it would be up to the Board of Supervisors to decide whether Mission should annex to Redlands, San Bernardino or Colton School districts. Infenfions No Secret As for Fallsvale, its intentions are no secret The petition seeking annexation of the Bear Valley school property says it needs the corridor for the following reasons: "Since it is our desire that the Fallsvale school district become a part of the Redlands Unified sdiool district, it is necessary for us to seek the procedure of annexation enabling the two district boundaries to be continuous. "It is our understanding that there are no residents in the area involved, and there is no assessed valuation in the area since it is entirely federal forest land. "This annexation is necessary so that we may proceed with further procedures enabling us to obtain our ultimate goal of becoming a part of the Redlands Unified school district." Given Approval Jlr. Hillsen noted that the Falls- fale petition has already received the approval of the Boundary commission and will be up for public hearing before the Board of Supervisors on August 12. If the Board approves the annexation, there will need be no election unless protests are received. At that point, Mr. Hillsen said Fallsvale will have its connecting "corridor" and can immediately initiate its annexation proceedings to join the Redlands Unified district. Agam, there will have to be a hearing before the Supervisors but it approximately 72 registered voters (51 per cent) sign the annexation petition, no election would be necessary. Mr. Hillsen said that "it is our hope that the entire ennexation procedure for Fallsvale can be completed prior to Feb, 1, 1964, so that it will become part of the Redlands Unified district on July 1. 1964." IN HOLLYWOOD New sex kitten purrs on horizon By Erskine Johnson BELGRADE - (NEA)-^\^lat•s a Beba Loncar? She's racy and great on curves, fellows but the body is by nature and not by Ferrier or Renault or Fisher. She's the Belgrade "B.B." with the unlikely name of Beba Loncar but with the likely look of a movie queen. The way her name is pronounced here it comes out "Baby Lunch-hour." A beautiful 20-year-old green- eyed miss with sbc movies behind her, Beba won the role of a Viking princess, the feminine lead, in the Columbia film, "The Long Ships," on location here. The answer to why a movie about Vikings is being filmed along the Adriatic coast is one of those foreign intrigue deals which has become standard practice in today's world of international filmmaking. SLx milion reportedly is going Into the cargo holds of "The Long Ships," along with the talents of Hollywood's Richard Widmark, Oscar Homolka, Russ Tamblyn, NOTICE TO CREDrrORS Ko. 32583 Superior Court ot the SUle of C»ll- fomia, {or the County of San Bernardino. Estate of GEORGE V. HERRMANN, a.k.a. GEORGE HERRJtANN. a.)ca. GEORGE VAI,ENTINE HERRMANN, Deceased. Notice is hereby given to the creditors of the above named decedent ttiat aU persons having claims against the said decedent are required to ii]a them, with the necessary vouchers, in the office of the dcrlt of the above entitled court, or fo present them, with the necessary vouchers, to the undersigned at the law offices of John P, O'Connor, 3524S-B Vueaipa Boulevard. Yucaipa, California, which is the place of business of the undersigned in aU matters pertaining to the estate of said decedent, within six months after the first pubUcation of this notice. Sated June 19, 19«3. VIOLA M. (Herrmanni FErrNER. Administratrix rWith the Will Annexed) of the WiU ot the above named decedent JOHN P. O 'CONNOR. 3S249-B Yucaipa Boulevard. Yucaipa. California. Telephone 797-0087. Attorney lor Administratrix. (First publication June 22, 19631 AWXWKTCOAST'nmTK • 133 Cojca SM • rr. 3-4331 . Week Dayi Cont. From 7 p.m. Sat. A Sun. Cont. From 2 p.m. BbbHOPe EKbeig Also — Robert Preston "ISLAND OF LOVE" Sidney Poilier, director Jack Cardiff and producer Irving Allen. What Beba is bringing aboard is a role so se.\y "that many contenders," the studio says, "shied away from the part." But for Beba it "was nothing." She breezed through a scene in which she is stripped down and auctioned off to the highest bidder in a Moorish slave market without batting her long eyelashes. Eyelashes were just about all she was wearing, too. "WTiy should it bother me?" says the 37-24-36, still a student at the University of Belgrade. "I think a little sex in films is a very- good thing. Men like to look at a pretty gurl, and why shouldn't they?" As the- plot has it she lands in a harem after being stolen by Sheik Sidney Poitier durmg a battle between the crew of a shipwrecked Viking boat and an army of Moors. In two-piece harem garb, Beba didn't look at all like a gal who started out in show business as hostess on a kiddle television show. But that's where she started, proving that here in Belgrade things can be just as they are in New York. Chicago or Los Angeles. Since then she has appeared in six films, two of which have represented Yugoslavia at the Canes Film Festival. She was seen in both "The Nmth Circle," which won an Academy nomination for "best foreign movie," and "When Love Has Ended." As a between-films university student, Beba studies French, literature and Latin. She learned English in high school. Aware ot her zooming career, fellow students kidduigly wonder why she doesn't drive to school in a Cadillac and wear a mink coat, "One day," she laughs, "I wore sun glasses to my Latin class and my friends insisted they were taking up a collection to send me to Hollyw'ood." Columbia Studio isn't kidding, .however. She will be on her way to Hollywood soon, with a seven- year Columbia contract. FIRED FOR WASHING MANCHESTER, England (UPI) —John Gih^y, 23, an electrician, was fired when a house wife com- plauicd that he washed his socks in the bathroom wash basin of her house, where he was doing maintenance work. PACIFIC DRIVE-IN THEATRES SHOW AT DUSK - ALL DRIVE INS NEW RITZ THEATRE 423 "E" St. — San Bdno. Cont. Noon - TUX 441225 TRI-CITY DRIVE-IN "t., B'T Caiton and R'tju-c. NOW PLAYING BOTH THEATRES * JFK STORY "PT 109" In Color Co-Hit! Tri-City Only 1 Co-Hltl Riti Only "CASH McCALL" Color 1 "ISLAND OF LOVE" Color NOW BASELINE WALT DISNEY'S Color Hit "SAVAGE SAM" 'Tammy A The Doctor" Color BASELINE DRIVE-IN Goldwater, The South and Civil Rights By Doris Fleeson WASHINGTON - The civil rights debate will afford Senate Democrats an opportunity to pin down the jx-esently leading con- fender for the Republican Presidential nomination. Sen. Bany Goldwater, on that issue — if aiey can catch him. It may be harder than they ihink. Either by crafty design or 3ataral instinct, the Senator is a far more adept politician than most people realize. Nowhere is this better illustrated than in civil rights. The record discloses that his fortwork on the issue has been fast and fancy free. He has not been rigid in the manner demanded by the segregationists or inte- grationists and for the moment at least can come down on either side in the clinches without appearing to be flagrantly inconsistent. The Senator is against discrimination but for states' rights. Thus he can say that he supports the Supreme Court dedsion but criticizes the actions of Attorney General Robert Kennedy in the protesting stales. On the most high - minded grounds he opposes application of the closure rule on Senate debate, the tactic which would doom the threatened filibuster against the Kennedy civil rights legislation. His stand, he explains, is designed to protect all minorities. This can be argued plausibly even if it seems to advocates of racial justice only a modem version of the Anatole France comment that the law in its majestic equality forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges. Senator Goldwater does not indulge in fire-eating Senate debate. Many observers predict he will rarely be present during the impendmg civil rights filibuster. The premise that the Arizona Republican can win the South is basic to the argument that he can win the Presidency whUe losing most of the big states where the Negro has political power. Where then does his civil rights ambiguity leave him with respect to the II states of the old Confederacy? Southern observers suggest that the answer is at least now: Safe enough. Southern Republicans are described as much more interested in conservative policies, especially economic ones, than in civil rights, pro or con. What they want is a general reduction in Federal power, in taxes, in spending, in foreign commitments. They are neither violent segregationists nor violently against integration. Their heart belongs to business as usual or better. Southern Democrats, by contrast, are seen as more emotional. Their emotions, however, say the obser\'ers, are channeled against President Kennedy and their own party. One thinks that Goldwater would be popular in the South, so long as he proclaims his devotion to conservative principles, no matter how he votes on segregation. It is often recalled that the Senator in an Atlanta speech told his party to forget about the Northern Negro vote, suice it wasn't coming anyway. In the same speech he made a typical comment to the effect that both parties were far too specific in their civil rights platforms. They argued, be for the equality goal but in general terms. One intangible presents itself in most Southern Presidential politics. This is the question of how the increasing Negro vote in major cities there would go in the event of a Goldwater candidacy. Negroes are mad at Democrats of the South, but what would they say to the alternative of a Republican economic conservative? (CopyTight, 1963, by United Feature Syndicate, Inc.) San Bernardino State college site approved LOS ANGELES (UPI) - Trustees of the California State colleges have voted to recommend purchase of 175 acres m the Palos Verdes Peninsula as the site of a new state college campus in the South Bay area. The 13-3 vote Friday at a board of trustees meeting in t h e new state office building ended an 18- month controversy over the appropriate location for the new college, expected to open in 1965 with an initial student body of 360. It is expected to hold 8,000 students by 1973. The college in Palos Verdes, to be buOt at an anticipated cost of $5 million, was agreed on despite a written plea from Lt. Gov. Glenn Anderson, an ex - officio member of the board, for a site in Torrance. Anderson claimed community acceptance was lacking in the Palos Verdes area. In other action the trustees: —Approved plans for a 429-aere state college site in San Bernardino at an anticipated cost of $625,000, although a citizens' suit has been filed claiming construction should be halted because the site is located on the San Andreas fault. BEN CASEY By NEAL ADA)IS Now You Know By United Press International The first newspaper printed m the American colonies was the Boston News-Letter. which John Campbell, a postmaster, started publishing on April 24, 1704, according to Collier's Encyclopedia. OUR ANCESTORS ipmsnvMiA by Quincy "The grounds should be larger! Suppose some future president likes to play touch footballl" American Homes 3 OPEN HOUSES Models Open All Day Everyday 1238 Holly Lane . Colimesa Tak* Freeway Oft-Ramp at Myrtlewootf Thence to Holly Lane 3 Bedrooms Larga Family Room Built-in Range and Oven Wall-to-Walf Carpet Corlon Floor Covering Twin-Pak Refrigeration and Heating Raised Panel Birch Kitchen Cabinets Double Garage Heavy Shake Roof Large Covered Patio Plus a Beautiful View Overlooking Golf Course and Valleys Below ALSO 30 OTHER FREE PLANS Custom-Built on Your Lot. 2-3-4 Bedrooms from $4,125 100% Financing No Down Payment Call Mr. or Mrs. Amos - 797-0941 AMERICAN HOMES Built by Lincoln Construction Co. Main Office »88 East Highland Ave. San Bernardino TU 2-2567 SHORT BIBS By FRANK (XNEAL ^iiar 'llr-" i DAN FLAGG By DON SHERWOOD VWSHIMSTON k-N0WWHO._ICCN'TAND NBTHER Wia TOU tiNTlL THE SECRET A5ENTIPENTIFIES HIVSOP BY THtCOCE VNCKP... CAVEAT tVPXCR! A SLVEKf JET WITH CAN FLAaS A-0 IcCR VA.SOV ASCAKP UFIj! OFF TCKCNTO'S AVAITCN FIELD AHV ROWS TCWARO,V£\lCO aVf, WHERE A CHANiS WIU. EE A\Are K) A a'BW AIRLINE. •a raiNK AlONE 15 CEPRESSNS, TCVAraOl SPY! MORTY aiEEKLB By DICK CAVALU ALLEY OOP By V. T. HAMLIN PRISCILLA'S POP WAIT TILL YOUR : BROTHER SEES ME MY NEV/ DRESS! ''YOU V^TCW! HE'LL BE vPLABBERGASTED • Ue TM. tap. 0.1 faf Off. CAPTAIN EASY By LESLIE TCBNEB vso,mu. ^ U57D6tTrr-. OBTRILUSTD, THECMEi HOW CAN we STOP m,efsYf HE MUST BE AKMED, ANP WULP ICia \» FOR TNAT MUCH 60.0] AWBU5HU5. POlW WASTA TURN BACH?, IF N0T:ELL STICK, THENIM»rGO ON : iHAVEUor TRLVOU HOW PE5PH«Ta.yr NEEPPARTOFTWr^ CUB BOARDING HODSE with MAJOB HOOPUE OCT OUB WAT i. B. WILLIAMS IP YOO WANT ONE rHA-rU. BLAST triS OFTH'60VS,/HA-3OR. tGOTAST(^l^JS^F ^FPS) WPPERS hwo Fl ^J-PUPPcR5 ^\9M TSSH.'DECEIVE MY _ - . Fa .Low SCiamsT^ ,WlTH FMaT05 OFACATO-l' THAT WAS HOOKED LlMS AMD KJO ^twrHlMl? ABLE.HARVey/-— XAFF-KAPP—/W.V MERE BgASGAOOCIO/ EGAD.I «MALL ^END COPIES TOALLM.y FeiEMD5 WHO 4PEAt<:DtS-^ PARAeiNSLV/ OF MY V pCO>NES5 AS \ AN ANSLER.' K3uGeiNSTMEBlS6IFT ' KATCH OF-m&SEASOM*

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