Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on June 17, 1952 · Page 5
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 5

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 17, 1952
Page 5
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2 Sections 14 Pages DES MOINES BT FAB Til* LABGEST CITT. UPBAI.. TOTAt. CtBCOLATlOy I tt EMMKT CODNTT •Mth Y«ar; No. 215 Combining the Vindicator A Rcpulilicaa Esthervllle, Emmet Cotmty, Iowa, Tuesday, June 17,1052 An Independent NewRpaper %Vfk Mti Cm 8# Nicholas Evans Not In Move Know Nothing of Switch to Loveless "LUCKY DAIBY DOIXAR'S PLAN" is Jn operation In Kmmot; County, thU month which has be^n designated as' ''Dairy Month."' Dairy industries in each state are placing special emphasis on promotion of dairy products and this year its tiampaign is' ccnlered aboiit the economic value of this branch or farming., Producers of dairy products are being paid in $2 bills this month to proinote the idea. Kinnard's. dairy employes in (Daily News photo and engraving) line for their pay in $2 denominations aro (left to right) Charles Schnoll, Gordon Raleigh, Carroll Kinnard, Lcs Spoo and Ed'Kinnard. Beatrice Loddcn distributes the pay. Other creameries in this area participating in the program afre those at bollivcr, Wallihgford, Armstrong, Rlngated and Graettlnger and P. G. Gray Produce company here. ,8ti,000 coal Steel Strike Causing Plants To SihmtJyoim IMt *fl6iliij|k0un «j nfim --The tw6-'WcHt-pld "steol "Mriko'' slfeshed deeper than evet* into the nation's economy iodfay ias sonio plants making War munitions reported curtailments near because of a •bortage of steel. In addition to the 6B0.00O CIO united -Bt^lworkers who walked out jiUne. 2 whbn the. V. S. supremo couiij^t'uled President Truman had • .no''":r|pit:' ''' ' lied^^liSlflCiit'are' ThpUrufclt . miqar^'Jn sev& s't^ti* atid mpt6 than '-^,i|{96 :«M1i !oa4 <irs ompj|pyed by a;?aoJiori-carHers: i . NEARLY 2S .0eo more aro idle in industries dependent on-steel. These include sailors «ji Great Lakes ore boats, ore miners, coke workers, river boat crews, oil and gas pipeline workers, construction creys, ,and workers ^ in «ther steel- related rfields. ;^ Announcements that, threo, companies will be itop, making muniti9ns this we^ ^ca^nie. M the', government / and , th4- VSW sought to work out a.plfuii to start enougb steel flowing- from the struck mills to prevent a crippling halt in the production of weapqns. At^ Cleveland,' Loniiieo. Products, Incl^Md ' it. was if«roe.d to. halt mal^g'mortar -ahelUl: today because , of steel shortoctes and .to lay off BOO employes on the shell . line.' LempcbiOhpd .Jieen producing 'IW ;>l49i^fimtQJUliB 'division of OenW mtfiik ^s &14 ^8hkrtage of seaAlcH^ (tt^el tubing Will force It to .AWiH^omiii-JU.SA-ihQlii rocket planV*at<;l4Milnk, Mich., on Juno 28. '^ify^Jifpttliknmtm Mtd, .however, the ;^[iikp«iiy/M^iCtflltihue produo* tioh#9f^9p-in(qlkn^teri;htghrv«locity tanaToaQ^on an'd-i)iK)lwtf vp to produce.'Internal worWnjf .parts of the Sapphire .^Jetajlrcraftv'epglne. . In'<^l?ctrol.JU,Jt was reported the Ford .Mot^r Cy. ro«^y; be forced to close .ddwo rocket" jiroductlon before tbei b^d'of tHeiweek because of i a shortages'ofiHbing' blamed on tbe steel'Strike* ' Officials of the Qenbral Motors corporation's CadUIao .'tank plant at Clevelaod'said it has enough We^^'ag''^^?• assund ,by ~.|>hQis. Murray,. pr« sent^ wnftary^^^FneMssanr to carry on o^r ^flght' against the menace of communlft atoreulon/' Murray has dlreoted % four-inao committee of the 119^ to 'W»lp puT ^'l^tmWt^'*^^' beeji wortit3dn^!?'Wr»w»POrt steel storey J» Jftrvojt, wajpftoyiM weapon!. m^ntiracttltera. :, Tbe'tinlon and', the induaUy have been'unable<to'»|Tae,< nfti^i^- ly on.«9Btr»ot,t«m»Jbiut alm^on as boon res Hoax Lets Car Dealer Escape Jail Springfield. 111.. June 17 IJP)—A phbhy U. S. marshal today duped a Springfield city jailer and led Robert L. Knetzer, bankrupt Edwardsville auto dealer, to freedom. U, S. Attorney Howerd Doyle announced the escape' of Khetzer and sajd FOUCQ Chief Ben Little has suspended the Jailer ^nd will prefer'charges of i negligence and disobedience against him. • * .*/ KNETZER, WHO recently was dieted by a fiSdorat graiid jury on '"'«r3 !*t^aT>cKar8:e8t y/tx^aWv^ ^aii •Inaefiblto Jan 'fBh'^nco on & contempt of court action^ grow­ ing'oiat of his bankruptcy/case. It.\ivra8. the second time in about three ' months that Knetser escaped-federal custody. In March; ho eluded federal bailiffs who .^ea- coried him to St. Louis'on a .trip to raise funds for his creditors. He surreiidered after five days. * «• * DOIXE SAID the phony marshal showed Melvin Paliper, the night jailor, a folder which purported to be his identification. Palmer's description, of'the folder ahoyra that it was in no wise an official folder carriod by a marshal, DO)(lo said. The miisciueradlng marshal told Palmer he wanted to take Knetzer out of Jail'and would return him lato today. Doyle said the two'of them walked out the back door of the Jail and have not been seen since. Stormy Council Session Over Drainage Issue MacArthur Not Subject to Rule Washington, June 17 tff)—The army today ruled in effect that General Douglas MacArthur is not nubjoct to regulations banning political activity by members of .the armed forces. The army didn't mention MacArthur by name, but It Issued a statement discussing the status of five-star generals which made MacArthur's status clear. < The army said when "officers holding this rank are not assigned any duties, they are'considered to be In status similar to' retired officers and, therefore not subject to the prohlblUons of A. R. 600-10 relating to^ political activities." Taft to Chicago To Talk with Delegates Wsablngtoni June 17, ,W—Sen, Taft of Ohio announced today that he will go to Chicago on June SO to confer with delegates to the RepubUcan national convention, 'wbloh opens July 7. ? He lyin be at the .Taft>-fer-Pres- headquarters In the Conrad UU'taii hotel from Jgoe. 80, thlfouth (July. & when he will return to WiMtli^gton. 9e wUl apend the JuDr 4th holiday with his family and fhen iako -Mrs. Taft to Chl- cagOf the afternoon of, July 8. ' Tom .\9oleman .^f Madiiion, W(f., flg^r maniuur for Taft at tiie WJU spen the Taft *jbiafaquarters later this Bingo Games To Stop at Carter Lake Council Bluffs, la,, June 17, UP) -rBingo games, recently revived nt Carter Lake, apparently are being discontinued. County Attorney Matt W^lsh today quoted Carter* I^ake's. Mayor Wilson Mabrey as saying he wouU close down, the semi-weokly games, which had been billed as "donation games." Walsh said it is his opinion the games are Illegal. ;.' • '•UsiSri*^^:*-^* ' - MAUtEY HAD said,Iw though the game* complied With the lo^j wa anU-gambllnr law which baif. nod most bingo. In the state two years ago. Mabrey said a $1 ^on atlon to the Carter Lake Reijbrea- tlon club was the playing fee. Mabrey conferred with Walsh yesterday after a visit at Carter Lake from Potta^vattamie county Sheriff Gaylord Stuelko. The sheriff said ho looked into the games after learning that they were be Ing played. « * «, WALSH SAID a.' movie had boon shown prior to the games nt Carter Lake, but that."could not be construed as worth the dollar charge." At Crystal lodge In Council Bluffs, bingo was declared legal because patrons pay for a chicken dinner .and get to play bingo as "dessert." ,The courts ruled that tho dinner was of sufficient value to rule out the premise that^ a foe was charge<^ for Uie gffle. Gov, Warren in Fight to Finish Celebr«tin9 Dairy Month —"•jt^e'-irasji^'inonth and' producers and ' sujfpUers o( d^Uy p^ucts from the entire nation •^..celebrating the occasion. Read tonight's Dfilly News for interesting fet^turesvand news of'the <jWry industry in ^ IowarJU)d«esoe(^aUy theJBsthervU Los Angeles, Jiine 17 /P— Gov. Earl Warren of California says he plans an all out fight for the He- publican presidential nomination and he wants his delegates to "stay with me at the convention as long as we have ajlghting chanced He told a groupjbf some 70 of his Bojiihern Callforiria delegates and alternates last night that the nominee could be determined on the first ballot, or "It could drag on to SO to 40 ballots. . ,llVe might well hold the balance iif power." Warren said he has made no deals of aiiy kind Mtd "X wont shade ipx view*;a single -whit to •win over any delpirtte the convention." He told the delejrates they will be subjected to heidyy pressure to change their, jnind* and tirged them to be wary and stick to their guns. liofise .^pproves t5 Iiif^reafte in Sociiil Security Washihgton, June 11 W>H-The home to4«y sa.V» itf (inal «i>proval to leglflatton IneroMlng toolal dur(ty benefits :«t^TiM( IS * month for the-.4H million AmvricHa now receiving payment*. It^ls expectiHl to cost about SOQ 'Xnimoi) doiltn year. *" v ' --^^ •- • A roll call conflnntd ywterday's tentative vole* voit ot wromX and |i«nt the mtMV>r« QB to tb« senate. • *: . ' . f- • Bpeidier Raybttrn ordered the t*»» mm^ ^ ^ The m^Mwe't iMMaco fot nway hntise-nwmbiMv i>jEf..«.b«4 potitieal ,''boofc"..'Oa-irlil«b:wey ynn (massed iMt m6nt)t irhen th«y vrted acaintt t •imilii' «MMiir«.' Sine* then, tha WD had tteon mo- dUted to-naot-oblMtfom of aoau member* that It bor« tbe leeds «l •ootaliMd medidnut Des Moines, June 17 tflP)—For­ mer Lt. Gov. Kenneth A. Evans and Lt. Gov. William H. Nicholas-j have disclaimed any knowledge of a move by some antl-Boardsley republicans to bolt tho OOP ticket next November in behalf of Hcr- schel C. loveless. Democratic gubernatorial nominee. Evans said: "I know nothing of this movement—in fact, this Is tho first I've heard of it. I am not interested In organizing any support for any candidate. I am not going to have anything to do with It." I><'icholas said: "I just don't know an>lhlng about It and I'm not going to have anything to do With it won't support It In any way." * • • TIIEV WERE asked whether they would support the Republican ticket next fall. Evans replied: "I am still a republican and I havo been a republican all my life." Nicholas replied: "Tho people havo spoken, haven't they? Surely I will support the ticket this fall." Beardsley overcame strong opposition from Evans and Nicholas In winning Republican rcnomina- tlon in the Juno 2 primary oloc- tlon. A news story of last Saturday said Loveless had boon offered volunteer support from some republicans who had aided Evans and Nicholas In the primary.. The news story said also, Lovoloss had invited Interested republicans to meet with him In Des Moines next Friday. * * * LOVELESS, 41 and mayor of Ottumwa confirmed that ho had had a surprise offer of Republican support, and related: "Three republicans who said thoy represented' followers of Beardsleys primary opponents called on me about a week ago. We had luneh together and they asked me If. I would giye them my permission vto org^l>». .aomo ^Republican support for my (uuidi- "I told them I would be glad to have some Republican support' be* causo it is necessary for a democrat' to havo Republican support to win In Iowa. They suggested then that I meet with a group of interested republicans in Des Moines next Friday. I agreed. I don't know whether there will bo 10. 29, 00 or more republicans there. And I don't know who they'll bo." • « • LOVELESS DID not dUclose the names of those who called on him. Ho said that was their business. Nicholas revealed that he had received hundreds of telephone calls after tho primary, "urging mo to run as an independent candidate for governor but I said 'no' to each of them. I'm not going to do anything like that" Tho lieutenant governor said also that there havo been reports that he now is a candidate for tho contested Republican nomination for lieutenant governor, but that tho reports aro not true. Nono of tho four candidates for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor won the required 36 per cent of tho veto In that primary. That moans that the nomination will bo made by tho Republican state biennial convention here July 25. • • • NICHOLAS SAID it is entirely possible that some of those who helped In his campaign for gov- Siveden Gives Search Planes Armed Escorts Stockholm, SwDdrn, June 17, (il'i —Infuriated Sweden kopl up hev search over the BBHIC lodny for .1 missing tranii|)Oit plane nnil sent along jet flgliler eBcortu with orders to Hhoot If the UiiHnians ni- tacked. Thei traditionally neutral nation's stern action reflected the anger expressed liy tho government, press and people over the Hlvooting down ye»terdny of iin unarmed SwndUli flylnu boat by two Soviet MIG-15 Jet flKliter planes. Tho seven crew menil)ein—two of them wounded—of tho downed piano wcro picked up from the sea by a small German freighter and taken to Hant;oe, Finland. • * « TIIEV HAD UKKN Bearchlng for a Swedish transport DC-3 nitHsIni; since Friday with elRht men a board. It was nsiiumed here the Russians had shot down that craft, also, but the search continued today. A Swedish air force apokeamon announced that all aircraft pan- ictpatlng in tho continuing search ' have been supplied with jet fighter escort. He said the fighters had boon told to return fire If allock­ ed. Some 6,000 furious 8»'ede», jeering, shouting "we will see .'jtalln hanged," and "down with the oommuo/Istlc warmongern," demonstrated In front of the RuHiilun embassy last night In protest UK- alnst yosterday's attack. * « • THE GOVEIl.NMKNT handed Russian Ambassador ConHlnnllne Rodlncrv a' "strong protest" against this "not of violence" snd demanded "swift punishment of tflose responslblfr for the outrage." Tho .captain of iho Swedish 'plono said he was jumped by thu two Soviet fighters oijoul 60 miles off tho Sovlct-held Estonian coast, in an area whers the Russians art: reported to bo holding viuil sea and air maneuvers. Send Units Key A. A. To Spots Other City *>' Business Transacted Turn to pftge tr ooluna • Senator Brewslei* Defeated in Maine Election Portland, Me,. June 17 (/I*) Owen Brewster, the Honulc's fifth ranking republican, was defeated yesterday for ronomlnation by Gov. Frederick G. Payne by 3,000 votes In the closest most vicious Maine primary In almost 30 yeum. The total vote In yesterday's balloting was a record 18a,7M — for tho GOP and Democratic (lenatc bids. Tho old record was 146.000 In IMO. Brewster, whoso turbulent political career goes back to ihc early 1020 's had no Immediate comment An unofficial tabulation gave Payne 68,486 votes to Brew»ter« 60,367. Only eight of 62,'5 precinct* were out and Ihey have but handful of votes. ' His democratic foe will be Ho ger P. Dubo, 30. a surprlwe prtmur>- winner over Earl 8. Grant 12,ri7« to 9,386. Grant was the 1050 KU bernatorlal candidate. Plane S|)OIUT« Also To Take Up l*o«*l}< Waahlngton. June 17. Li") -The army dUcloned today It has sent iintl-nlrrrnft bnttertrM to defensive pONltlons nhout sonie stratesle In (Itistrlal plants, MK cttlea and air force centers. An announcement snid the move "haK no npeclal HlRnlflrnnee" but II came on the heeln of ntr force orderN for an nniund-thc-clock watch for possible enemy planes. Civilian defense worker* will keep the 24-hour vlgH. beglnnlnK July 14. Maj. Oen. Fred/^rlc H .Smith Jr.. deputy director of thi' air defense command, said It In nece»Bar.v because "'the Hovlel^ have had the capability for iionu lime to attack tl»," m m » TIIK AllMV 8AIU It has deployed antl-atrcraft units to field positions to provide "un Increased state of operational readlnnss" lor the nation's defenses. The exact locutions of batturlei were not disclosed, but Ihc army said they have boon placed no NK to "provide maximum defense ag- olniil attack from any direction. Tho annoimcemnnt continued: "The move to on-nlte poKltlon* is n step In continuing the deployment of tha United Slates air de fense system. «< « « "TilK AB.MV eniphUNlscd that units had moved to thesa positions periodically for more Uian a year and that the ourrent move has no pedal sldfnlfleanoo. x x x. "tn the air defease eulrup xxx fighter Intorceptors would be the first to ungago Invading sir tramli ,t>rB. Aircraft which get throuijh the first lino of defense would li< faced by anil-alrcraft batlerles noar vital target areas, xtx Despite the Increased effect IvencBS of Iho air defense system II Is expected that a determined attack would result In some enemy aircraft gelling through to their asHlgned targets." * * r KMITIi'H ANMEKTION that Kussla has the capability of at lacking the U. B. was made at a Pentagon news confcreneo lat yesterdoy to which Gen. Nathan F, Twining, acting chief ot staff for the air force, added: "We can havo no OAiiuiunce of long-range forewarning of a dr clslon by the Kremlin to attempt an BSHuull on us. The lack of thorouxh 24-hour walch Is a weak nesK We can no longer offord." Twining said Inlelllgence esllm ales credit Russia with being cop able of launching at any time more than 400 four-enclned bom bers loaded with enough l>omlis atomic and otherwise—to blunt all U. 8. metropolitan Industrlu target areas. Hurl in Fall fruni Tractor Newton '/I*) Leonard Laffoon, 4, »on of Mr. and Mrs I'MUI W Laffoon. farmers living wewt of here. Hiiffered bark Injurlen Monday when he fell from a tractor. In .itltlllloit to hrsrlni; ulijrelOrii from the went Hide on storm miwer lmpr«vi-m< nt. tho eily rounrll aluo heart! three other Kulhervllle re»l- dentn and buslneiMimen St a uprelsl meellnB Unt night. William Htnfford rwjiir.t.J relief fiom the condition of hU nldewalk and driveway caused when the grndn of Mapletrrent drive was low ered He n^Ui he can not lake hU oar Into the drive at the prmenl lime wllliniit nrrapInK II on the from and liaek. 'I paid for the walk and drive onci'," HMUI Htsfford. "on Ih* sd- vlrn of Rnwnt and Murray ss to the eiitabllihed Rfade last June. I built It In conform with the grade l.ul the clly changed the xrade. Now the people to the rlahl and left of me arc off also b«ic»u«e I'm too high." * * « AFTER CONHIUEItAniJC dU- cunslon. the motion wns made by (Muncllman liorare Hoper and wee- ondeil by Councilman C V. Kllgore for the rlly to refuse to besr the coHt of lowering Htaffor<('« walk and pan of his driveway. Councilman Frank Rodger voted nsye to Ihn motion. EUtabllshed during discussion was Ihsl the vlty has th« rlghl to change the grade of s cHy street, thai councllmen did not wish to set a precedent In paying for sidewalks thrown out of line by changes In the grade of streets and thai the clly la not liable for professional advire given by reg- tatered enitlneers In Its hire should the engineer maka a mistake In judgment. Morton J. Evana n^queateit a special building permit to widen a gsrngo on Hlxth avnnue south between lUh and 12tli slr«el« tor a plumbing and beating business. Tho area Is designated as a residential sons but Evans presented a list of slgfiers living on the street who would not object to the busl- neaa. The council said It would act on the permit on th« recommendation of the city plan commission. • • • CITV ATTOBNKV F. K. lloaen- dahl was Instructed by the council to drafl an ordinance regulating the licensing of taxi businesses In the city. HIrhard Peterson appeared l>efora the council requesting »\ich an ordinance to prnvent a taxi war here. Ho presented aim- llatU-a showing that many towns and cllloa have an ordinance limit- log the numlwr of taxi cabs to ons rah for each 1,600 or 2,000 p<jpula- tlon. Pslerson now has Ihrre cab* e<jUlpped with radio to speed the answering of calls. Announcement was made of s bid to topple an old smokestack near the city light plant by a HI. Louis firm. Bid for the project wsa M30 A previous bid had been 11,160. Completion of curl* and gutters on both sides of Maplccresl drive from Norlh Uevenlh to 14th street was announced and accepted. The council also moved to »«t the valuation of the south lim test of lot elKht, blr>ck six of the Mvmis sddl- lion at 1240. Democrats Have More Moiwy Waahlngton, June 17, lA'i -TUi rii'mocratlc national commute .t headed Into the elecllon-year horns atrelth with a slightly ta'.ler poeh etbook than did tho llepubllean national committee. Rep..rts filed with the clerk Of the house showsd ihe democrats with a balance of tWt.39l on June 1 and Itie republicans with t23S.- 7flO. During the tbres months ended June t. the democrats reported, they received a total ot t62«.4tK» from all sources and ap«n| $661,603 This cut their carryover from Izm .VOO on Match 1 to |2«7,3 »t 00 June 1. IndtvtduaU contribuUd 1390,111 to the democratic commitlse, lb« largest donation being 16,000 from Leo M. Harvsy, Torrance. Calif. The Rrpubtlcan national committee rsported ye«tsi4*y of miJOm In contrltKttloiM the three moatha and a of t2M,1M on June 1. Project Gets Green Light Nine Objectors Attend Meeting Bv BERNtcK soRiniAcnm Art *r hearing nine objecters to « proposed weal aids storm .wi«i« linprovemtnt. the city eottMtl loai night unanimously peeeed a rww» tuiion of neceealty to givt the (rem llchi to ths projeci. All objector* agr«*d wtlh fhe council that samcilitac aiM«M b* done In Ihe area (o yravMa dr «to> age but disagreed on IbK mellMd and tha amount of asMMoneata to be Irvird for tlnaaciiis H. Objecting w »r« Mr*. W. IX KaiMi^ Art Yates, E. E. March. Mil* Daw. la, Charles Nourse. Irwin C. Hl«l»* Ola. Dr. Th «n\aa C. Mana. BIMMV W. Jarobs and Ray Rhodsa. trading off the stormy aooMloii was Mr*. Kane when she aahed who Initialed the projtwt. Tha eouncll rxpUlnrd that the project was begun on Its own moihm up* on requeats of reetdenta aad Ike recommeadation of the lata Jaawa Rowat city engineer. Sha alM ssked why she ahouM aaaeeeed •even llmee aa piMli for taw lota as a nelghbortag propafty hoMer (Merlon Maaaa) wtih aaa toi." a a • KDfWKLL VKTKIWOIV. efty perlntendeM of pablte warka, •a4 Rodsrick nice, aaalataiit att^erfta* lendent, axptained that siieimiati were bated both en area and Mima ry batitnu derived from Uio w provem*nt. Area bettsflta af« by all residents In the area thrr baaat the vahta af 1 land. Primary benefits ara ed In proportion to direct benafKa of the Improvement etieh as Iba amount at water drained from ihe lot and proximity to tha atam aawo er. Tho two city emptoyea arera ra> Inferred In their eUtaaMBt by Wli- Ham O. Anderson, alao from tha west side. "Benefit la Uila caaa means not to keep our property from being damaged." ba eald. "tntt to gel rid of the water, Noura« said that unUI a ytrat street bridge was removed by a (ar« raer clly eouncll and Ihe road rals- ed. he and Harry Coffee arara mi troubled with drainage af aarfaea waUr. Hpeaklng for both Of lham. he said h« aranted curb and gutter but didn 't want to make aa ealira drainage district of the ar4«. Nlch- ola also said all that waa needed la the area was curb aad gutter, a a a iliCK ASSKATED that curb aad gutter only would marry water from higher lots and duma II on lower lots muflb more quiahly. **Tba water has to ba taken under ground at some i^otat.'' he aaid, William Stafford. r«sldeBt »f Uao plecreai attsndinf the msaUbf aa other buslneea, iffnladed e*}«elora that they are m^rienclnc a can* dltlon common to ail areaa 4rHb la* creased haualng. In Uapleereat, also, he said, aroaa prablmu af dralnags when more houeea ar «r« bull! and naturtU flaws of eurtaea water were dtsturbad. "What about Ihe watanbad which contrlbutaa noat ot U»e tsr?" Dr. Maan asktd. "They should ba asweefed aa waO aa the gHAXVtPEARK COMfAHY over iba Unitad Btatao ley canpaay liara ttila _ eoaftiranea. BaginiiUty yantarddgi Mi4 ««itU«l>ln|: •thtam».linwwday., .gtlirtll »l |lMi-« Wlwwiw have tourad tha looia emnvvi^^mt •» MAlng mcetiBK* on rifbtpji eqttlpmmt Im^Uia Oardatoa hotel 8hoi <a room. B. W. Robinson, head of the loaal camiHioy. can be seen addraMdsg tha group at yerterda/e luncheon. Olfldaia present were Henry flhafceept^re, prceldent of the bhakeapaare company and Ularle O. CUokaer. chief «ngl- neer, who flew here from KalamaMio. Mich., others. Bugling Bachelor Goes on Vacation Baxter, Tenn.. June 17 Uft Baatcr'e bitgtlag baahatar. Cbarlta Hughes, haa decided that aflar » yaara of dally ravellie Iba rastdeata of this smalt mld-Tcnncaeaa e«w munlty need a tiUia aarly-fBomlnf slvep. tlugbes h» off on a two-wssk va cation—ilia first in 26 yeara. In 1*34 Hughea decided that bu«W bkrwtng wuuM ba healthful exerdas. Evsr sine* be iwa been blowing revellkt from atop a pole tn his back yard sharply . at a. ax. dally. residents da «im baiow who gat of the watsr In tha end aad ara trying to get rid «f It. Soma of Ike watershed ia outalda af tha alty limits." a a a TUB COtnmr, n waa axplahied has agreed to pay part af UM eaat of the IropfUivemant whlab la a»< other reaaoei (or golnff altead with Ihe project at thla time. Tha cott»- ty will furnish materlaJ and labor for the eoneintelloa of a« apea drainage dileb in the Ooea'e addition and pay M per cent of Its coat while tha ^ly pays 40 per caal of It. Tha county also witi help te pay far two. a^ibt by On eutvarta laeiuded ia tha project. tattaMted eaat of tha prajaet la tll.T«7J4. Of Ihla total. KM 60 will b« paid by lha eouaty, tajMSO paid by the eatimated aeaeaamcnt and ths flJSAM deAcIt to ba paid by ths city. a * « FOR TIIO«R wtM abjaatod to UM eetlmatsd aaaaaameata la tndtvtdt»> at proparty hotdera. It araa polaled out that aaothar hwrtac arW ba eat for ebjeetkMia to tha asasea- mmt l>ala far Ihla haartM waa sal for Jufar T. OMAlarlfaM ^MW U U Ba|gea% rapreaantluf lha aouaty at tha maatlBK Tratured tha aptaioa ttuit la looli^ over tha aeeeeiieni ba Tim «• thm Weatiber High tutt #1

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