The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 30, 1935 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 30, 1935
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Entered as second class matter. Oct. 4, 1896. at post office at Tlptori, Ind., under the act ot March 6. 1879 VOLUME XL, XO. 305. T1PTON. INDIANA. THURSDAY EVENING. MAY 30, 1935. This Community Enters the Summer Season in Better Condition Than Many. RELIEF CALLS LESS Much Activity Will Be Experienced in the Construction Line. Tipton county is going into the summer with hi'ti-r prospects unemployment for pcrsnns who wish work, than have li<"'n experi- enr-ed h'-re fur several seasons. Many 1'WA and FKKA projects ar«- being considered and some which have been approv.-d will In- started soon. Already reports from the various trustees show that relief rails are easing up a hit. although still heavy, and bv Hie middle of the summer they should be cm mucli. Within a short time, the Tipton sewage disposal plant will he started and with the^ starting of this employment will hi? opened Sales of American PUi(ts Are Three Times Those of 19S4 Chicago. May 30. — Three times as many American flags have been sold so far this year as were sold in a comparable period in 1934. according to C. D. Southard, vice-president of the C'hicago Association of Commerce. "No special effort was made to push salo- of Hags, yet we find retailers making heavy demands for them." Mr. Southard said. "Whether this shows the result of efforts of patriotic organizations, a general awakening on the part of the public or reaction from threat of radicalism we do not know, but the fact is that there has heen a decided increase in the sale of the. colors." [DAY IS QUIETLY VED NO ACTION BY COUNCIL HERE Hard Liquor Sales by Drink to Be Thing of the Past After Friday. DRUG STORES 'TO SELL Friday. May 31. will be the last for u number of men. A hig inter- jay of the'sale of whisky and oth- cepting se.wer running east and west mi th<? south t'dse ut tho city will he needed to convey the st-wane to the plant. Employment will also he Riven u number of im-n on the plant. The w.-st sewer now un- er hard liquors by the drink ill Tipton, from all indications, as the city council has taken no .action on the matter of passing an ordinance permitting the sales. Tho action can he taken at any time, hut so far nothing has been done in the matter. Fees from the sale of licenses to retail hard liquor by the drink go to the city and schools, and the revenun In larger cities amounts and un- Fitting and Sincere Tribute Paid Those Who Took Part in Wars. COUNTY HAS RECORD Exceeded Quota at Every Call Which Has Been Made for Men. Tipton county held its annual observance of Memorial Day Thursday in an appropriate manner and there was a hush in the business and residential districts, reminding one of the poem of James Whitcomb Riley. "It's lonesome, sort o' lonesome, its a Sunday to me. It 'pears like, more than any day, I nearly ever see; Yet with the Stars and Stripes above, a-flutterin' in the air. On every soldier's grave I'd love to la y a lily there." In the city of Tipton an appropriate program was given at the cemetery and a-wreath deposited In memory of the unknown soldiers of each war by representa- der course of construction, which has almost reached North street will furnish work for :i niinihcv of weeks more and arms north east side sewer are to skeil for under the FKRA which will furnish oniploy- of the old buildings on the iiu-toflire site had furnished work for several persons while there have been souu fortunate arridents «• j plored. the work has been a boon 11- O. Horshman, appointed by tlw to .several. Salvaged materials j board of .county commissioners, from the buildings have caused and .1. F. Ryan of Indianapolis, some activity in construct inn named ;for this district by the work and this lias helped. \ slate board. Soon the new poslotlice will 1)3 j At Noblesvillc the council by tives of the American Spanish-American 1 War Legion, veterans and others and salutes were Bred and taps sounded. Few countlas have a record equal to Tipton county in military history, as this county exceeded its quota of men under arms at every call since her organization. Each year the graves of those who died in service or have since "Tops" in Beauty and Brains Men Are Working to Get This Recreational Center Ready for Public. "Vt Phoebe Patterson AlthoughTonly a freshman at University of Arkansas, pretty dark- haired Phoebe Patterson, above, of Fayetteville, Ark., was chosen for. the honor. of _beauty queen of the college.* She also ranked first 1 scholastically in her class.'/ AT 5T. JOSEPH'S Diplomas Awarded, Presen-!| Examination for Positions to considerable. No applications j passed on, are remembered with have been filed with the state ex-j flowers, a custom which started else commission, as no meeting of I generally with a proclamation by the local liquor control board has Cieneraf John A.. Logan, Issued in ever been called. The .board con- 186S, when he was national com- en some un- sists of M - G - Nicholson, appoint- mander of the G. A. R.. General rhirh -ire de- ed by Mayor W. A. Compton. and-j Logan named May 30 as the day !. „ , !.,.„.< i... <i. > to set apa rt from all others "for the strewing of flowers or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades, who died in defense of j their country." Older residents tation 'of Prizes and Elocution Contest. on Windfall Routes to BJe Held in Tipton. COMMENCEMENT SOON TAKE TEST ON JUNE 8 A large number of students,' Postmaster Ben Plummer of , , . , , , j _ f .,..., Windfall and Leroy Plake of the their guests and friends of the] ? ' | Tipton postolfice, who is secretary Sisters enjoyed an excellent pro-I f [he j. ou|Uy c|y|1 ^^ ^^ grant in St. Katharine's Hall at nave received notice that the date St. Joseph's academy-on Wed lies-'for the: examination of applicants 71) at Annapolis Pace Eye Tests Prior to Graduation Annapolis. Md., May 30.— Seventy-nine of the 444 members of the graduating class of the naval academy 'having Indications of eye trouble will not he-commissioned on graduation, "but will receive; a special ex- •amination July 1.5 to determine whether or not they shall receive their commissions. Twenty-six of the graduates will be commissioned as second lieutenants in the marfne corps and Ihe others who pass the final tests will receive commis- siJns as ensigns in the line of the navy. CAPITOL MIS IN 1 OFW (President Roosevelt Nation by Laying Wr on Unknown's Tomb.! MUCH YET TO BE DONE Coach John Ward Starts at Park Monday on Play' ground Program. Every effort Is being made by: . : the men at the Tipton park to get; j this county recreational center Commissioners May Decide ready for opening next Sunday j ^ 0 Take Action On Road and' while everything may not he prepared at this time, it is believed the park will be in suitable) condition for the public. Much' work has already been done but Right of Ways. much remains to be done also. This winter the southeast corner of the park was filled with tons of dirt and this new section now j. presents a pleasing appearance. The creek bank has been shaped up so it presents a much better MEET NEXT MONDAY Notwithstanding the adverse at- some counties in •ieht of taken b ma " er ot up so presens a ( ,, . j • • .1 ways for state roads 213 and 19 outline and the depression •» the, « and man , open park land, east of the audi- " J torium has been filled. In another I °f the taxpayers who *™ *™year grass will be growing in thlsl'* 'he situaUon believe U would spot which has been a problem for the custodians for years as it was '"vestment. The State Highway Commission possible only to grow the rankest 'offers to take the roads which of grass and weeds in this low have been surveyed. spot. Starting Monday the recrea maintenance syster into as their soon Ward, high schoo, coach He has ,. as right of ways are secured by I the county. According to esti- ; mates this will cost in this county in the neighborhood of $10.000. but it is pointed out that the.sum be saved in practically two LEGION IS 11 ACTIVE - .< j i But Speculation jon the "Outcome of the Bonus I Minds of i Vets. 'Washington, May 30.—Memorial Day found America's war veterans wondering about immediate cash payment of their bonus, as argument waxed! hotter about it than at any time since j the World War. i What would result from Congress' light over President jRojose- velt's veto of the SZ.ZOO.rioO^CJO Patman Bill? That question oyer- shadbwed -Memorial Day ceremonies. ; : ] President Roosevelt none:h^- less led the national ceremo li^a in memory ot the war dead. He followed the old custom of Piest- dents, by driving : t!o Arling ton National Cemetery. : and there deposited upon the white ma tomb of the Unknown Soldier, a wreath of roses. " The American liegiojn; wliieh participated in this; ceremony ind others throughout ; ithe nation, called upon all war veterans tc honor to their fellows who nave died in the cause of the flag. Important, too. In the nationwide ceremonies, were the Cjivll 'thinned rapidly during the summer and it is his intention to!>' ears in tlle u|)keep present a program for both chil-| Road 213 from Hobhs north iss year . O nly 14.106 ..... '--"-" - !1 " '- "•" """'- of them slart.-d and at that time a number of men will he given employ- input, some of these being skilled vote of 4 to 1, turned down an ordinance permitting the sale of whisky by drink in that city. laborers from Tipton and this will I Where whisky is not permitted add materially in cutting down to be sold by the drink, it can be the unemployed of this city. Thri | secured from drug stores and i.:.. ,..,.,,.in»,,. ti~ r, .1 i.^.rtIain" **nnlr-in** l.iMiocic Vtv t V»n Virtttlp Villt company is advertising an auction sale, of all material left on the lot on Wednesday June 5. starting at 10:.10 in order to -clear the site. Before long the whistles of tin; various canning plants of tho county will be heard, as there are prospects at this time of a splendid pea crop. Following that will he the corn and tomato crops and many persons both men and women will secure employment. Starting next month, all per- package houses by the bottle, but can not be opened on the premises, according to the interpretations of several local attorneys. There is considerable speculation as to the result of the action of the N'oblesville council, inasmuch as there are several other good-sized towns within a short radius and Indianapolis is only a 20-minute drive from that city. Under a ruling at Paul Fry, it is understood retail "liquor places sons applying for relief from th< trustees of the county will be required to sign an application which must be sworn to before aid can be extended. These ques-j tionnaires are full and complete and ask some very personal questions. If a husband makes the implication and swears to it the wife Is required to verify the statements and the husband must vouch for statements made by the wife, if she apply. Persons who have been offered must close Saturday, but the fail- ConUnucu on Page Z. say there has been little change In the manner of observing Memorial Day as the years pass. Always there has been a service and the placing of flowers and flags on graves. This year the American Legion Posts .saw to it that every soldier's grave bore an American flag. In Tipton the American flag was displayed In the business and residential sections and in many homes the significance of the day explained to children. Tiptott county's military history really began with the _ Civil War, although several men who fought in the Mexican War were early residents of the county. When Abraham Lincoln issued his proclamation tor 75,000 men Continued on Pane 2. day afternoon. Two eighth grade graduates, Dorothy Jane Daniels of Terra Haute, and Marjorie Kinder of Tipton, were presented with di- dren and older boys and whiqh should" prove attractive An project do last rf Oaj, girls i over the Windfall pike to tho How-j maine( j a i lve this Memorial :qn snouia prove aiLi«ctive.| ard county line, one of the mostj wljile the majority.'of them w,ere attempt was made to have this | expensive roads as to upkeep, in j tuo weak in body to participate at ject under an FERA projectj the county. In the very near.fu- , ength in in *.._„ *«m «nl¥» Ill*{f1crOQ IVlll llUVP r ... but this has not been successful-! ture two new bridges will have so far but after July 1. he built on this strip of road, catron will be made again to the j 'Roal 19 which passes the coun- FER.A when more money will be j ty infirmary and goes straight to appropriated to this state for rec-j the Hamilton county line has also reational activities. Regardless of I been an expensive road, carryin" I for the position of carriers of two routes from the Windfall of- lice has) been set for Saturday, u, e outcome of this petition, the! practically all of the travel from June 8th. Mr. Hlake, who will conduct the ^examination, has arranged to plomas. Rev. Father'Venn. chap-|''old it iat the Tipton high school lain at the academy, gave a short address and presented the diplomas and also the buttons .and stars won by the grades in penmanship. Those thus honored were Marjorie Altherr, Mary Let- building at 0:0(1 o'clock on the date designated and applicants afe requested to be on hand promptly. The notification states.that sixteen ofj~lhose making applica- mer. the south. I park board will see that the program Is carried through this sum- The county highway supervis- ee or, Ed.McLary, County Auditor Mr. Ward will organize all j Joe Mattingly. County Commis- kinds of games and will conduct i sioners. Rose. Lorts and Vanness tournaments in various sports, j and the seven members of the There will also be a program for! county council favor buying the the children, Tennis, table tennis, soft ball and other sports will be featured in tournaments. were ftlarjorie Aitnerr, Aiary L.ei-| i , ,,„ , , ...—.-.-.. .-- -- rinwr RHa Letsinger Barbara "on to take the test aualifled and Sherman Leavitt has already Slllger. KUa LiClSlIlger, B.lIU4Id. ovnmlnuHnn <iml al- . . . , . .. .,__ = „ Lou Mattingly, Ann Mattingly, Anna Woheda, Mary Woheda, Frances Dane and Mary Helea, employment and refused they can not show an It, If ample Smallest National Cemetery in U. S. Marks Deaths of Men of the Frontier will take the examination and although i it is not so stated in the notice ft is believed several woiu- Quellhorst. The elocution contest was also held at this program, six young ladies competing for the gold medal, which was won by Margaret Tebbe, of Tipton. Those ! en are in the list. I The Examination was called Tin good condition this summer. Mr. Cline is donating his services and account of two vacancies existing j Mf Leavltt ls working under the in the i carrier position at tne 'FE!RA Windfall office, caused by resig- { Desplte a , ach ot m0 ney, due to nations; of William Huffman and | & , ow Ux rat(j and to expend i tures right of way and letting the state maintain this 20 miles of road, thetmly difficulty being the matter ot financing the proposition. started work on the tennis courts r. The commissioners meet in under the supervision of George j their regular session Monday June Cline and will keep three courts in4 3, and' at that time some plan I i the rites. : • In the midst of the over the bonus developments jthp Veterans Bureau, charged vlth caring for disabled ei-soldiers, rej- vealed that America jspends seron times as much on jits cripllefl heroes as England . does—and! 15 tmes as much as, Italy. There were 4,757,2J40 Amerl mefi mobilized to ; fight in World War. Since ithen the sjo ernment has paid them $6,0 531,000. ' , I That means that firom 1918 t> |the present the naiion has ei pended $1,040,000 aJ day for th'J ;care of the men whp .fought itheir flag. This includes cost : hospitalization and cajre of the li«- fo Continue^ on James Noel Schell and may be suggested whereby the matter can be handled. It has: been suggested that the matter AV'ant might be handled by spreading the payments over a period of years and paying it out ot the e,u.w*. *^~~~, v - - -. james ;aiiouy. iNoei ociien a:m taking part in the contest were| Henry jjeliner have been carrying| Joan Rohn, Margaret Tebbe, Mar- these ^ Ute8 ag subsUtutes aml Continued on Page- 2. on POCP 2. tha Jane Mattingly, Ada Jane Curry, Rosann Stephens and Mary Jo Funke. cause, will find it hard to secure relief. Also persons who ask for re- Uef, who are not operating a •vegetable garden, unless physically unable will find it hard ID get relief. .Tipton county while it feels the heavy drain of unemployment re^ef. Prairie du Chien, Wis., May 30. —Memorial Day exercises at the United States' smallest national cemetery at old Fort Crawford near here today revived memories of. Wisconsin's Indian war days a century ago. Veterans of later wars, members of patriotic and civic organ-, izatlons. and school children marched down Beaumont' ; road, named for Dr. William Beaumont, fort physician who dlscov-' ered the action of stomach gastric juices In treating a wounded frontiersman, to the grassy Indian mound-dotted. Fort Crawford prominent officers and their wives who died at this lonely military outpost between 1814 and 1856, Prairie du Cblen honored Its dead. In the small cemetery lie officer comrades of Major Zochary Taylor, early Fort Crawford commander, who was later president of the United States. It was at Fort Crawford that Taylor's daughter was courted by Jefferson Davis, later president of the conferedate states-. Every doctor is familiar with Doctor Beaumont's experiment on Alexis 8U ipartin, at Fort Craw- Liiese IUULCB UE> auuaiiiui^E* j nut* are included in the list of sixteen who will take the examination. Appljcants taking the examina- The judges in the contest were t)on wlll be re q U | re a to bring with Mrs. Bud Longfellow, Mrs. E. O. 1 - ' - • • — Smith and Miss Mary Dalton. The high school commencement will take place Sunday afternoon In St. Katharine's Hall at which time the gold medals will be presented to the winners. Continues to Improve. them taken which junmounted photographs ess than two years ago ire to be attached to the examination, papers when sent to Washington. Last was he carrier ton. off) Miss Frances Sabens, popular though teacher at the First Ward, who within haft been seriously 111 with pneumonia, was reported to have rested 'better Tuesday night than she has! for the past week and Wed- Saturday an examination d here for the position of on route 2 from the Tip- ce, "but no word has [ been receive! as to the butcomei nl- condition com- military cemetery. the lAt'the-iimiUUroupof: cm -' foriL'BjBmnmont Inserted *' nesjlay there was an Improvement over, the day before. The attend* it Is expected at any;Urns the next week. Marketing of Television Is Seen as a Major Problem by Men Working on It (lly Unltrrt Press). New York, May 30. - Sound "line" at a -time, drops down in fraction'"of an inch to the next, broadcasting, the system that Wheu u hag completed one plo . brings you the tons of symphony ture H retun)s and does the joh orchestras and public speakers. ia\ ovef aga , n A11 this lf ym , simple compared to the intrlca- Fatally Injured. Andtrson, May 30.—J. W. Jer- r8m,.Jr., 80 years old, was hurt fatally yesterday afternoonwhen cies and complexities of television. Even those who know '. most about it, men such as Dr. Alfred Norton Goldsmith or Charles Horn, hesitate to describe the process to. a layman. Briefly, however, the system is this. At the transmitting station a scene is scanned by an electric "eye/ which translates the lights and shadows jot the "picture" Into an* shoots them » ->- please. in a fraction of a second. At the receiving end, thjere must be a machine to turn ,tha electrical Impulses back to light. This Is done by a process too technical for description here,-by "cathode tubes." • A'strong light, operating In^he reverse of 'the original systemj by which the scene was picked .up, IB used "like a paint brush," and ''paints" the pVcture, in black, e ' ovat again >on J SEVEX FOR JJOB. to Be Postn Santti Clans i i Washington, May; !0. — Saoti- Claus. the celebrai ed Indl G(B Jj£>! hamlet that has bee >me InteiJBap' tlonally known as oj i nailing for Christmas gifta, has Jfjw^^ residents who want to be ^<*l master th^re. Five men and twj_ women plied to the civil service sion for th* job that was held, more than twenty yjeir* by P. Martin, who die^ recen) who had become knq vn as ' Claus." j: i. -Because of'the U r fe ^ receipts during the ti >llday «ei Santa Claus. once b&iamejB/* 1 class offlcte, but a sump 1 I back to the fourth class" with a salary for ibje of Jl,008|ayear. Home for Meffl|ojfW di-1 Mrs. W r J. Zehn< J, -who spent-thi

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