Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 30, 1948 · Page 17
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 17

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 30, 1948
Page 17
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•Phone 4COO for a WANT AD Tukcr EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., THURSDAY, DECEMBER 30, 1948 SEVENTEEN 54-A—Disploy Clowified Cash-For-Your CAR Taylor Motor Co. J1S N. Mechanic ' "Phone 395 FOR EVERYONE! S50 TO $300 OR MORE QUICKLY—Without Red Tape! Your choice of the following additional LOAN PLANS. No worthy person refused. AUTO AND SIGNATURE LOANS $50 to $1000 Ceah Immediately on any mate or model. If you owe on your oar, now, you can Ret a 2nd mortgage auto loan ol S50, S100. S200. or more. Wife's signature not necessary. Brine title, drive awny. \rttl) Iho cash. ' .. "Get Acquainted" PAY DAY LOANS $23 — $50 — STi on Just your came to tide you over. $50 lor 30 days, total cost, only $1.50. FURNITURE LOANS $100 to SSOO or More! Money to consolidate family bills and expenses. Convenient credit terms w At your pockibook. • Come In or Phone 5293 AETNA FINANCE CO. 7 N. LIBERTY (Opp. Fort Cumberland Hotel) INSIST ON • GENUINE FORD PARTS ST. GEORGE MOTOR CO. "Youi fntni'li font Oto/tr" t Gtorgi SU Ctmberlond. Pho»» 5O) CUMBERLflJtID PRINT& GLflSSCo 165 BROKERS Quick Confidential 'Loans On All Articles of Value . HEADQUARTERS FOR DIAMONDS . Lors« Stock of Unrcdcmmcd Pledges HIGHEST PRICES PAID FOR OLD GOLD •J3 Baltimore St. • Phone 3770 For Tour Convenience Opea to 5:30 P. M, Dally . On Baltimore St. near'Mechanic Buy With Confidence— WE BUY, SELL & TRADE USED Birr NOT ABUSED CARS 305 S. Centre St ftiont 144 TODAY'S BARGAINS ox USED TRUCKS: LFT Mack Tractor '48 Reo with Dump Body '46 Chcv. with Du^p. Body. C-40 Inter. Chassis & Cab --STEINLA- PHONE 2550 218 S. MECHANIC Satisfaction Guaranteed TODAY'S BIRTHDAY r J By AP Nev/sfeaiure* ADELE I. SPRINGER, born Dec. 3Q, 1D07, in Brooklyn, daughter of a real estate broker. Torn between iMnbltions in the itheater and sodal iwork, she oompro- 'mlsed on law,'was graduated 'from St. John's ani- iVersity Law School, studied writing at Columbia .and'.international law abroad. She became the first woman admiralty lawyer in blie-XL S., championed th'e case of. tile victims of the Morrow -Castle and' wrote the Sirovich Act.- . ,. OUT OUR WAY By J. R. William* OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOPPLE Murder Trial Scheduled •To Start January 17 . ANNAPOLIS—(#}—Attorneys said today that Thomas A. Edwards' trial on charges' he murdered a- young Glen Burnie couple three months ago has been tentatively set for Jan, -17. 'State's Attorney James C. Morton 'and former Judge William J. McWilliams also disclosed that- Judge Robert France will 1 preside at the trial in Baltimore City Criminal Court. - - •' • McWilliams and Ridgely P. Melvin, Jr., were appointed by the Anne Arundel County Court to defend Edwards, 23-year-old Marley negro. They won a motion last week to transfer the trial out of the county. Edwards has pleaded innocent to two indictments charging him with he premeditated murder of John E. Mahlan, 25,'and Mary C. Kline, 18, last September. The couple was shot to death while on a weekly date. 54-A—Display Classified WATCH A JEWELRr REPAIRS 24 Hour Service SPEAR'S JEWELRY STORE 62 Baltimore St. WATCH REPAIRING SPECIALIZING Hamilton, • Eljin. ^£w\ £$ • Tavannei 'i*"" J& BOTOEVAKD WATCHES MARPLE;S KM N. CESTRC ST. MONEY! ON ARTICLES OF .VALDI PledCM. " Ltlgzagd Btr»»ln» CUMBERLAND LOAN COMPANY U N. Mechanic St. " ' Phon« Open to »:30 l». If. DaU» For lour Contxnunci AUTHORIZED SALES & SERVICE .Wringer 'Rolls All Wosfwrj CUMBERLAND MAYTAG EGAD FELLOVJ M&MBeRS/ BOvvliNG IKS, IT BEHOO LAUfJCH A. PROSRArA OP CULTURAL. ACHievie/ABIviT- SYMPOSIUMS Or4 ART AriO LETTERS -~LeCTURES OM VOORLD POLITICS—RECITALS S/TH& • ^ LET'S MOT Slt>ivC 1HTO A SMUG NO-MO-MOT HIM.' I SAID SHOOT IN THE AIR AND TLL FALL OVEp:—WE GOT TD 6ET SODA AWAY FROM THERE WITHOUT A WORD.' SUSAR. LEAVING) HIS WIFE IS TOO DELICWE A SUBJECT FOR THAT GUV. MA30R, is A-" FEVl ^3. ARGUED NMPS CUSPIDORS WHO COULC) WT sv:soe LOO\S: OUT OUR WAY By J. R. William* OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE J5 N.. Mechanic Phone 2672 S Save 5 Now We Guorantee Not To Be Undersold COME IN SEE EM CHECK EM 49 Ford Cust Club Cpc 48'Ply Spc Dlx4 Dr Scd Chcv FM 2 Dr Scd 42 Chrys 4 Dr Scd 41 CKrys'4'Dr Sod 41 Chrys 2 Or Scd. , . .41 Ford 2 Dr Scd 40 Dodge. 4 Dr. Scd . . 40 Ply 2 Dr Scd 40 Ford 4 Dr Scd . . 39 Chcv 2.Dr Scd ' 36 Cher 2 Dr Scd . 36 Chcv Cpc J&L Motors Co.| . . . George. 4V Harmon SfJ. Phone 1852 Open 1,9 Pictured beauty queen 14 Fitted in 15 Christmas song 16 Carry (coll.) 17 Goddess of discord ' 19 Girl's .n^me 20 Compass point 21 Mountain ' crests .23 Napoleonic jnarshal 24 Male- sheep .26 Label 28 Passageway between rows 30 Rectify 33 Symbol for chlorine 34 Area measure 35 Earth goddess 36 Hawaiian bird 37 Fragrant oleoresin 39 Machine parts 41Sinbad's bird 42 Bitter vetch 43 Heart •45 Behind Jn payment 50 Courts (ab.> 53 Hebrew month 55 Capillament 56 Persian fairy 57 Part of an . electrical machine' 59 Captive 61 Barter 62 Seashores 1 Seize with the teeth 2 Son of Seth' '3 Flowers. 4 Golf mound 5 Railroad (ab.) 6 Roman road 7 Bird bill protuberance 8 Redact 9 "Palmetto State" (ab.) 10 Possesses 11 Fruit 12 Skin opening 13 Frolic 18 Symbol for ' selenium 21 She is "Miss : of 1948" , 22.Reel 25 Poplar 27 Prince 28 High card. 29 Sick 31 Neither 32 Dower ' property 38 Printing mistakes 40 Arise 43 Vehicle 44 Smell 46 Symbol for • rhodium 47 Knocks 48 Ireland 49 Operatic .solo 81 Woody plant. 52 Courtesy title (pi.)' S4Pole. 56 Hawaiian food 58 Of. the thing ' 60 Steamship (ab.) . I 2 3 H 58 62. oO Sir I! 13 H Musicians' Head % HORIZONTAL 3 Journey .1 Pictured labor' * Was^borne 1 leader, James c "*" 5 Small island 6 Prevaricated 7 Behold! 8 United 9 F.eline '10 Sorry ' .11 His union is f 9 Rusis 11 Obese 12 Unoccupied 13 Consume 15 Facility' 16 Races ' X8 Submerge 20 Compass point 14 p f°ng 21 Pronoun j- 5 . X lpc , r 22 Area measure 15X e " d 1 rs 24 Negative reply onccrtr For. a New Year's Treat... Me BADE S HOMEMADE SAUERKRAUT 316 Baltimore Ave. Open Evenings Phone 302 American Home Modernizes Formerly ot 43 N. Mechanic St. HAVE MOVED — to — 125 S. Mechanic St. The Phone Number for Prompt, Efficient Sales or Service g Remains the Same TELEPHONE 4440 25 Foot lever •27 Wrinkled 29 Grease 30 Employ 31 Name 33 Dentures 36 Hypothetical force 37 Senior (ab.) 38 Half an cm 39 Qpncermng' 40 Espouse 42 Displayed 47 Lamprey 48 Sun 50 Oklahoma city 51 Inquire. 52 Revisions 55 Hated VERTICAL 1 Cooking ' utensil 2 Comparative 'suffix 19 Seed vessel 21.Posts 23 Ascended 26 Speck 28 Bom 31 Haul 32 Roman date 34 Travel . 35 Underworld goddess 41 Drone bee 43 Warmth 44 One .time .45 Brains 46 Redact 47 Worm 4 9 Headed 51 Also 53 Down 54 Whirlwind ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE This la To GlVfi Notice, that the cub- ncribcr h« obtained from the Orphans' Court of AllcB»ny County, Maryland, letters of Administration on the estate of Anna Agnes Norrls, late . of Alleging County, Maryland, deceased. All persons having claims against the deccnsed arc hereby warned to exhibit the .-mmc, -with the vouchers thereof duly authenticotcd, to the subscriber on or before the Ith day of June, 18-18. They may otherwise by'lnvr be excluded Irom nil benefit of jald estate. Al! persons knowing themselves Indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment. - Given under my hand this 7th 'day of December. 1D4S. EU.IER G, STOTLEMYEH, Administrator, Officer's Wife Killed MADISON, Conn.— (ff-'i— Tho 30 year-old wife of a Naval ensign was killed and her husband and a passenger were seriously injured when their car crashed in:o the rear of a truck on the Boston Post Road here last ulpht Mrs. Flora Wilson Brown was kill cd instantly, according to police Her husband, Ensign Prentis M. Wil son, 23, a student at the Linos School, Newport, R. I., and Pvt Robert H. Cusson, USMC, of Cherry Point, N. C., were reported ii. serious condition at New Haven Hospital. The Hercules moth has" a whig H ERE is a pleasant little game that will give you a message every day. It is a numerical puzzle designed to spell out your fortune. .. J _ .. . a i. T-f *hm. wiiYYihAr nf letters IX 0 Of day. It is a numeca puzze es . Count the letters in your first name. H the number of !**»*•« more, subtract 4. If the number is less.than 6. add 3. The result if your key number. Start at the upper left-hand corner <?<**«*• tangle and check every one of your key numbers, left to nght/rhen read the message the letters under the checked figures give you. Cowrtebt IMS. bj WOlUm 1. Killtr, DUtributed br Klnr F«M*r«, I«Registered U. S. Patent Offlcc. 2 Y ST~ O 3 T g~ S 5~ . O 3 S 7 A 7 H -t R 6 P '/ T • 3 T 4 .T 5 R 3 G 8 R 5 T •2 F K T 5 T 3 A 5 G 2 A 4 O 3 C 4. F •J. T 8 O 6 H 7 A 3 L to Y 5 F 7 D i N 2 E 8 G 7 L fe U 3 H U K 1 S 8 G 3 E U O 4 O •2 R 8 O 3 R 4 P 5 R 2 O 8 0 7 A 3 Y 4 Y 3 R 4 I 6 P 3 K 6 E 5 U •J. E 8 ~0 6 A 5 0 F 5 U 7 C § A g L 2 R ~~5 U H 3 I 2 U 5 E 7 E 3 A ~5 U 5 S 8 L 3 E 1 H 4 E 8 E . 4, D 8 U N 4 O 'felt H ERE is « pleasant little game that will give you a message every day It is a numerical puzzle designed to spell out your fortune. Count the letters in your first name. If the number of letters is 6 or more, subtract 4. If the number is less than .6. add 3. The result » your key number. Start at the upper left-hand corner of the rectangle and check every one of your key numbers, left to right. Then read the message the letters under the checked figures give you. ht l»«, by WUIUn. J. M>ll«r,.DUtribut«) bj Kim F«tur«. Inc. 12-31 Individual Horoscope Rule Changes Due ForStudy At ABC Confab Foul Rule . 29 Amendments To Be Submitted By PAT McDONOUGH NEA Special Correspondent NEW. YORK— (NEA)— Wl:en the delegates of .the Arferican. Bowling Congress meet in the annual convention at Atlantic City, March 11, some 29. amendments will be submitted for discussion and voting. A matter which must be taken up is a revision of the heel-and-toe Joul rule. • . ' At the present time if a bowler's leel is in contact, with, the floor behind, the 'foul line and his toe extends across the line it is a foul. Applies to Hand Contact 'Yet an automatic foul indicator which does not catch, this infraction was approved at last year's conven- SO VOL) WOriT X4&& GOOD IDEA/; WAKE UP COILED W IT COOUD ACOtlrJD A RR£- M S^. "HfrPPy^?~E\lErO|riS AT ERNESTS, PLUG vWVflJOT $ NEV4 VeAS.*^ MUSICAL RESEARCH, A SHIPPING ffl: —PLEASB 1\ POSlMS ATVPlCAU -DEUIMERTO iii SOfiS FORfUE: MILLIONS TONIGHT ?/l HOOPLE MAKiOE. ' VEH, WE'D BE \ FIRED IF WE \ COULPMT TEAK \ IT APART WHILE ./ "5OU WORK. NOT WAIT/ ) • . BUD. YOU.AIM'T SUPPOSED TO • STOP WORK k' CLJZ. WE'RE ; REPA1RIM' VOUE MACHIME- WE KEEP OUT tSTH& BASS FIDDLE GENIUS WISHING WELL Clevelancl Record Better At Night CLEVELAND — (/P) — During'; the •" reason in which the Cleveland-. Indians won the championship, .-.they played better ball'under artificial ight than anything under. the;sun. . A stack of statistics:on. 1948 night- games confirmed the belief that,"had )een held, all along. The Tribe -was the best team in the American league at night, but only -third best jn daylight. •. v.'.''.'.."' Cleveland had a .653 average for night games, and .G13 for The Boston Red Sox, whom the Indians had to beat in a playoff: for the League crown, had a .600" average 1 for .nocturnal-contests, Trat7.C25 tor matinees. The New Tort Yank- •' ees rated .563 at night and .623 for daylight games. • • • - • ~ On the batting side, Manager Xou Boudreau's total average. ..ot-._353 made his second 'to Ted William at .359. But in the games after'd^rk, Boudreau led the league with JW to Williams' .361. The best night pitcher In" the . American • League-, ivas Cleveland's • Gene Bearden.-with a record of nine wins and two losses. His daylight score was 11 to five. Bob Feller also maintained his superior night-time • pace' by -winning six games while losing two. • Bob Lemon merely broke even -under the lights, five and five, T»* his no-hitter was. at night and two other wins were shutouts.. .This rule' also applies to a hand in contact.'with the floor and the lingers extending across the line. Of prime interest to the average jowler is a clarification of the rule lor. tie games. Passed last 'year was a' rule which did away with roll-offs, except in ;he final game of a match. Instead of. a roll-off, the score of the first Irame-of the succeeding game was ie '"determining 'factor. Rules Seem to Conflict But teams which dropped the low jcorer after every game-were confused as to the procedure. The-secretary's office ruled that the. substitute's, score would count B the roll-off. Th'ero is also .a rule which forbids-a substitution, after the eighth frame of'a game. These two rules would seem to conflict as a game is not finished until it has been decided. Other amendments have to do with pins. One would permit the use of a plastic coating of l/32d of an inch. Another would permit the reconstruction of pins by putting old ones through a lamination process, A change in the requirements - of alley finishes will, also be considered. 398 Score Gets Pin • When a bowler rolls a score of 298 or more in. sanctioned league play he is entitled to an ABC medal if the alleys and pins meec specifications. Now it has been suggested that the ball also be checked. A heated'argument is expected on the subject of team versus individual membership. Edward Lite Reenlists As Sergeant In-Army • Edward Like, 27 Prospect Square has reenlisted-in the Infantry and will report Tuesday at Fort Meade to return to duty as a sergeant. Like served with the Infantry in the American Theatre' for five years He was employed by the 40 and 8. ^ O acn Jjuu w vj»vuu .IK*... «.~—Club following his discharge in I practice schedules to. once a day. October, 1945. r T His wife, Mrs. Bamnna Like, and Northwestern's Oldest^ Grad Plans'to See THt'~" ARCADIA, Calif.—(£>>—The' Rev. John Morris Hall, S2, one of the oldest living' graduates.;of North- . western University, plans' to see the Northwestern-California Rose Bowl football game.Saturday. . -.- '"I played a littlo football in college myself," the white haired retired Methodist minister saifl. "And. even though I live in California now, I guess you know who I'll be rooting' for."' ' . ''• He was' graduated from Northwestern in- 18B3. His wife, Mary, seven months younger than be.'Js a Northwestern graduate, of 1887. He ; spent 63 years in the ministry in the Chicago area and came here to live on his retirement in 1946.'"; : Texas Mines Plans ,, To Use Other Backs . EL PASO,. Texas —W —Texas Mines Coach Jack Curtice planned today to make greater use of backs Harvey. .Gabrel and Danny Fraser "against West Virginia in the Sun Bowl grid game here NewyYear's Day. • •' • • • ':' Fred Wendt, the Miners ace back, was released from .the hospital yesterday, - but Curtice doesnjfr.'thtak the nation's leading ground gainer will be tip to par. Wendt /ras hospitalized with a. sore throat Monday night. ''•'•• Jimmy Hammonds:has been used at fullback in place of;Wendt in practice.- Both Curtice and .West Virginia Coach Dud De Groot have trimmed son, Gregory, will Join him soon. All Ghan.TcOTjJlc, Plans Election Of-Officers Officers for , All Ghan Temple, Ancient and Arabic Order, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine,'will be elect- ed'Friday, January'21, at the Ali Ghan City Club, 'according to Morgan C. Harris, illustrious potentate. After the session, the stockholders of the All Ghan City Club, Inc., will hold their annual meeting. Four members will be named to serve on the board of governors for three-year terms. George W. Brcwn is president of the board and Arthur G. Fuller is secretary. Service At Mission The Rev. John Cameron Taylor, pastor of the Frcstburg Presbyterian Church, will conduct a service at the Moffatt Memorial Mission -at Barrelville tonight. While You Wait -AdvertlsimeiH .n T-Dcc. 8-16-23-30 I ir.che.< l Look la the section In which your birthday comes and find wS« jour outlook is, according to the stars, For Friday, December 31, 194-K MARCH 21. to APRIL 20 .(Aries)—To hold your own todtiy, DC dependable, accurate, consistent. Uncertain Influences may uj>- •ict iwmo plunr. regardless ot precaution;., so be aware. Welcome good advice; hurry slowly. APRIL 21 to MAY 20 (Tauruc)—Excel- lent opportunity in alt .-worthy endeavors: good period for romance, rnarriace, sound social activities. Revamp plans Quickly to suit occasions. Detect nnsleadmn Items, "lIAY SI to JUNE 2: (Gemini)—Several widely separated angles to worlc on today. Don'L try to cover nil; choose cssentlnln iarefully and your chances to succeed arc rood. Wntch business indications. JUNE 22 to JULY 23 (Cancer)—Be In flexible mood; aspects soir.ewhut. chansc- itle. A. jr. HkeJy uninteresting; p. m. stimulating. Adjust your action ?;>d expectations sagaciously. The larsighicd wi'.l Gain. JULY 24 to AUGUST 22 (Leo)—Buys In- !il>:rlnn. Start well: <to Jufitlci: to curly hotirji; lncrear,D tempo uradually. FlKiire with care how to get most :or your effort, without strain. Heart Interests favored. AUGUST 23 to SEPTEMBER 23 (VirSo) —Project a. lively, cheerful a:mo.spl-.cre into work for gains in your program. Some additional thoucht to money and business matters will help future endeav- SEPTEMBER 24 to OCTOBER 23 (Libra) —Case-hardened propositions can be welded into prolU-maklng deals with proper management.' Stars do favor the hard- hitting, prospector. He who wins through :ffort, solidly. OCTOBER 24 to NOVEMBER 22 (Scor- pio)_\Votch passing events carefully; some things may change quickly. Friendly rays. Jn central, are for your benefit. Sturdy effort will bring like results, Use your ln- aato capability. NOVEMBER 23 to DECEMBER 22 (SaRlt- tn.rlU3)—Beneficent ncpccls forecast for your advancement. Good living helps one find desired success and contentment, good lompanlons ' and social friends for lasting iappines.1. DECEMBER 23 to JANUARY 21 (Caprl- iorii)—Inauspicious vibrations all day. To lessen adversencss. control any tendency toward Irritation, pettiness. Look for new >pportunlty in your position. JANUARY 22 to FEBRUARY 20 (Aquar- us>—Not all encouraging now for pro- noting Important Jobs, entering into contracts Involving large expenditures. Spotlight each effort before acting; think and :t quietly most of dny. FEBRUARY 21 to MARCH 20 (Pisces) — Generous rewards for Rood endeavor. Those In building. trnnNportatlon. Investment buMnc.v; cur. fxpcct odd wnins. Think bic and act blR, It's In the air. Romance highly favored. YOU BORN TODAY: Yot! of this Sign Capricorn are independent, albeit self- conscious. Are practical, self-reliant. Capable of great things in business and'pro- fessionally. Seldom Impulsive; generally cool, deliberate in method. To correct likely faults learn to bear criticism, and be patient. Your mentality deserves high education. You could become brilliant talKcr. Judge, manager; display persistency put'.lnp over plans. Blrthdtitc: Gcji'l Gco. C. Marshall, chief of Staff, U. S. Army. (Copyright, 1IM8, King Features Syndicate, Inc.) . Budget Of $2,390,000 Set By C.' and P. In State Authorized expenditures ol $2,- SCO.OOtrfor improvement and expansion o* telephone facilities in Maryland have been approved' by the board of directors ol the Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone' Company Of Baltimore. City. A total of $2,128,000 will be spent for a number of projects involving construction, replacement and removal or telephone' plants to -the state during the first quarter of the year. For conversion of station apparatus from manual to dial operation in Salisbury and Wolfe Center, Baltimore, $134,000 will be spent. The installation of additional dial centra] office equipment in Marlboro will cost $7,000. Volunteers Of America Hole? Annual Yule Party SIZES 12-20. «0 It's alT done with buttons!. This wraparound skirt is the most becoming and sensible-maternity idea yet! Have two of -iihese and a boxy jacket and you're set Pattern 4737 comes in sizes 12, 14, 16/18, 20; 40. Size -V- takes. 2%. Twenty-six members of the'Chris- yards 54-inch fabric, tian Companionship League and oil This pattern, easy to use, simple the Recreation Center attended the!to sew,_ is_ testedJorJit. Has com- p.nnual Christmas party of the Vol-i "~'~ """ '" unteers of America yesterday at the headquarters, 151-153 North Mechanic Street. Captain May Kelso was -officer in Miss Lillian charge,, assisted by Eaton, Miss Ducky Miss Wilma Crowe. Bliazard and Games featured and refreshments were served. Christmas carols were sung. Each child received a gift. Scientists say that animals which lived millions of years ago suffered the same types of arthritis as do today's humans. in coins for this pattern to The Evening Times, 42, Pattern Dept., 243 West 17th St., New York 11, N. Y. Print plainly NAME, ADDKESS with ZONE, SIZE and STYLE T.TJMBEH. There arc more separates for your mix-and-match outfits shown in our ANNS ..ADAMS' Winter Pattern Book. Send-for it today—only fifteen cents more! Fashion unlimited, for any time, purse, or figure! Gifts for all, plus FREE pat- fem of a hosiery case, printed in •book! Aggies Capture Fifth Straight Cage Tourney OKLAHOMA crry—<#)—^There's no getting around the Oklahoma Aggies and their, monopoly-on'the All-College' Basketball- Tournament here. ~ •-'••>-.The Aggies won their- flitn straight crown, and seventh, fourna- _• ment championship. In-the 13-year history ol the meet last .night by nosing tbe Baylor Bears, 39-36, In a thriller«iip to the final gun. • . Texas- University .won third place in the meet, romping over Alabama CO-39 In. the consolation-.finals, Colorado A. & M, took-first, place by nosing Texas Tech, 59-58. Southern Methodist ran' over -Auburn, 59-41, to decide seventh place, Three Teams Score'Wins As 'Y' Nut League Opens The Central YMCA! Junior "A" boys basketball Nut League'opened its fourth season yesterday-with six teams and 36 boys registered for play. In' games" played on opening day, the Coconuts, .defeated the Shot- nuts- ; 36-16, the Donuts won over the Walnuti 12-8 and the HJckory- nuts topped the Dribblenuts 21-4. Lynn Chandnois, rangy .Flint, Mich., right halfback, was. Michigan . State' College's leading'football scorer last season, with 12 touchdowns for 72 points. ' . • . March IS:-'" •-..- rr . . (Continued from Page. 12)to the Pacific .- Submarine Commander, Admiral Charles Lockwood. It was Leahy's job to organize' and supervise athletic.activities and recreation -for submarine, crews re— tuniing from combat patrols.'Among the islands lie'.visited wcre-Midway. Tarawa; Guam, and Siapan. Leahy was assigned to the St. Mary's-Preflight school in-July, 1945 v aad was discharged from there on. November- is, 1S45 with the rank ol lieutenant.. Kctunis To Irish " ' •• • ' He returned, to th-e Notre' Dame campus soon, alter his discharge, remaining a spectator for the dura-- tion of the Hugh Devore.'regime. He officially returned, as athletic director and head lootbair.'coa'ch. in. Dec-amber. " .....; . In his flrst season- back at the N. D. helm, Leahy led . the Irish through- nil undefeated'.nir.e::game season with 'only a. 0 .t-o 0 tie with Army to spoil the .record. 'At the close ol.the season,Notre Dame ivas awarded the. National Championship ranking, Leahy's ' second title in a row. In 1947- the-'record 1 was perfect with nine'victories-without defeat or tie—the first such^ season for' Notre- Dame since Bockne's last year,. 1930. Again the'nation's sports writers voted Notre Dame the No. 1 team in tl;e country—Leahy's third consecutive Natibcal Championship. At the. close, of the 1946-scason the' New York''.'News and Detroit. Times again-'.,selected 'Coach .Leahy as the "Coach of, the Year"-and he was appointed. head coach' of the' |dS47 College All-Stars, who he led to a startling 16-0. upset victory" o\~<x the Chicago ;Bcars, It was-the first time, tliat -the Bears had. been defeated in the pre-season-classic ; Tbe honor of leading this ..squad" was given him again-after the-1947 season, meeting. the Chicago • Cardinal World Champions. - , ••"•-This past season Notre' Daine won nine straight games before; being . tied by Southern CalifomiaLiln the final contest before 100,000 fans la 'Los Angeles. ' . '"'".«'

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