Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 19, 1953 · Page 4
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 4

Galesburg, Illinois
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Monday, October 19, 1953
Page 4
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1 •• 4 Hie ©alt ster-Mail, Gatesbufj Monday. October 19 CONFERENCE MAY RELIEVE . y EXPLOSIVE THIESTE PfiOBLEM The territory of Trieste, at the .Italian*Yugoslav border on the Adriatic Sea, is one of the World's perennial trouble spots. „ Before World War 1, it belonged to the Austrian Empire. Afterward, the whole territory was given by treaty to Italy, Which held it until World War II. It was the chief bone of contention in the Italian peace-treaty talks. Allied and Communist diplomats finally compromised by making the territory free under the protection of the United Nations Security Council. Now the sore is festering again. First there were rumors of Italian troop movements neiar the Trieste border. Marshal Tito of Yugoslavia responded with loud, threatening noises of patriotic protest. Soon all the emotions linked with nationalistic pride were aflame on both sides. Under the treaty terms, the Trieste territory was divided in two: Zone A, under British-American military occupation; and Zone B, under Yugoslav civilian control Agreement on a governor to rule the entire area never was obtained. Zone A contains the predominantly Italian port city of Trieste and a total area of 96 square miles, with 310,000 population. Zone B contains 75,000 people and is largely rural. It comprises 197 square miles. The boundaries were not scientifically drawn. There are Italians and Yugoslavs in both sectors; hence each side makes claims for part or all of both sectors. Over-all, roughly, one-fourth of all the people in the territory are Yugoslav, the other three-quarters Italian. Tito's defection from Stalin, which brought him into the Western defense orbit, forced the chief Allied powers to tread a thin knife edge between the two disputants lh- volved over Trieste. They suggested direct negotiations, but these failed. After the recent flare-ups, Britain and the U.S. decided the two might deal more realistically with the issue if Italy's bargaining position were stronger. These Days By GEORGE E. SOKOLSKY . Nationalism remains the strongest mass motive in Europe and Asia. Only in the United States does internationalism find a popular following. No European statesman can stand before his countrymen who ignores this nationalistic sentiment, Since the end tsf World War II, nationalistic propaganda has been intensified among every people except the American. The Trieste problem can only be understood if viewed from this standpoint. For several centuries, Trieste was the chief port of the Austro- Hungarian Empire. It was an ancient city, founded perhaps at the time of the Emperor Vespasian of the Roman Empire. At that time it was inhabited by Celts and Illyrian tribes. In the course of history, Italians, Slovenes and Austro-Germans settled in Trieste and the population became, as in most port cities, an assimilation of many races of man. The present resulting breed regards itself principally as Italian with a large Slovene minority. Trieste Has Long History The Adriatic has at times been an Italian sea. That is not so today. Trieste lies in Yugoslav territory, part of the Istrian Peninsula, which has, in its long history, been held by the Roman Empire, by Venice, by the Austro-Hun* garian Empire, by Italy and by Yugoslavia. Trieste, being an excellent port, was at one time of great commercial value; to Austria it was tremendously important because it was the only Austrian outlet to the Adriatic and the Mediterranean. Currently it That importance does not exist controls nothing Tn'Zone A, while Tito runs Zone B. So ^ffi^g jTSw" the decision was made to pull out Allied troops in Z <one A better Italian port and the Yugo- and give Italy control. slavs possess Fiume (now called Tito, fortified with tLS.-financed arms, met this move Rijeka) and a long coastline. Triby marching his soldiers ^^J&S^S * vade Zone A the moment Italian troops^J^*;^ On the other hand, Trieste was reaction in Yugoslavia was violent, and he took confidence given t0 Italy by the Treaty of from the response. Paris in 1919 and was made into For the magnitude of this current outburst, Tito must a free city in 1947. Here is a dot bear the blame. He has been rattling the saber while on the map which has for many Italian leaders have <f^»JJ^» to AS" WSS be settled by a plebiscite among the territory s people. £ ]aim it ' fls Fulton Lewis* Jr. WASHINGTON, Oct 1ft—A.fair unfortunate. It betrays the un- measure of the emotionalism and happy fact that President Gideonse propaganda that have become was pontificating on a subject standard ingredients in the pro- in which he fs something less than and-con controversy over Senator profound, In short, he did not Joseph R. McCarthy, has been pro- know what he was talking about, vided, inadvertently, by President which is a familiar failing of McHarry D. Gideonse, of Brooklyn Carthy critics. College, New York. • Proceedings Identical This Is a well intentioned man, The procedural patterns of the himself untainted by the Ieftish two committees are, in fact, identi- hogwash so popular in many seg- cal. Witnesses are called for the merits of the teaching profession, purpose of obtaining information, His views on the handling of Com- to guide Congress in the enact- munist pedagogues are refresh- ment of legislation. There are no ingly direct and unassailably loyal, "defendants," there is no jeopardy He's for firing them. of incarceration, because these are He told the Senate internal se- not courts, curity subcommittee, last March And the witnesses are selected 11, that no professor should be al- only after investigators have mul- lowed sanctuary behind the 'Fifth tlple from reliable amendment; that congressional in- sources (usually sworn testimony) vestigations of Red infiltration that they have had close contact into the educational system arc* with, or actual membership in the commendable, because most school Communist party, structures have no facilities for Even then, they arc t called ferreting out the Red impianta- anonymously, in closed session and - • normittpri tn have an attorney COMMUNIST SIGNAL CORPS ening the whole Western defense structure. He now c for direct talks with Britain, the U.S. and Italy, a plan x , , . . , i xv «u Italian-speaking Possibly Tito understands he cannot safely carry out city . the Yugoslavs claim it be- his threats without endangering his own position and weak- cause it is geographically part of He now calls Yugoslavia. And anyone can start he a fight and be called a liar by previously had rejected Some observers doubt he is armed ^^^^Z ^ for a real military challenge. the audience. In view of the explosive developments and their poten- Now appear two problems: Tito tial damage to the Western cause, this conference may be has, since his break with this the wisest course And, to allow time for such a meeting, Russians, been building a Balkan the Allies may therefore have to postpone the evacuation federation. In this effort, he has xne _Aiiie& xnc*jr tiici. ^ j „ i- f_..^ w ^ AA ^i «**i a made considerable progress with Washington Column U.S. INDUSTRY IS DISPERSING, The Doctor Says of Zone A beyond the scheduled six weeks' deadline. . |Greece and TuTk ^ Re hag been resisted in Bulgaria, Rumania and TOUGH ENOUGH WITHOUT ROADBLOCKS Albania, but in each of these A nose count taken among Senate Republican committee countries there are Titoist ele- nhflirmpn indicates that Senator Capehart's plan to add these ments. As a matter of fact, the, —chairmen inaicaies \uw £ f£o PT>P Pnlicv Committee is movement for a Balkan federation Just been revealed by the Office chairmen to membership in the COF policy commute is Defense Mobilization and the REDUCING VITAL TARGET AREAS tion of industries and the cities in » SURE PARROT-TYPE PETS which they are located. ARE FREE FROM INFECTION To say that all this has been By EDWIN P. JORDAN, M.D. done without cost to the taxpayer, however, would be a considerable misstatement. tions in their own ranks. At a recent session of the American Council of Educators, however, even he demonstrated an absorption of the anti : McCarthy virus. Classifies Probes In a panel discussion about congressional investigations of suspect teachers, he averred, pro foundly, that there are two kinds of investigations. One, as conducted by Senator William Jenner's internal security subcommittee, provides safeguards for witnesses, permits them to have counsel present when under cross-examination, and is helpful to the general public welfare. The other, as conducted by the McCarthy investigating committee is "wholly irrespondsiblc, blatantly demagogical, and sometimes appears to be a manhunt." The statement is colorful, but Day by Day r WHEN THE SUN COMES UP By DR. W. HARRY FREDA Nature forever stands in need of the light and warmth that By PETER ED SON NEA Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON (NEA) — More than 2000 factories, representing an investment of more than $2,000,600,000 have been quietly dispersed from congested urban and manufacturing areas for greater protection from possible bombing attack. This has been done without fanfare, almost without notice, during the past two years, and probably will continue as a new policy for manufacturing-plant construction. The results of this effort have permitted to have an present. Such sessions usually are conducted at abnormal hours, in out of the way places, lest report* ers identify those who have been called. A considerable percentage of these are cooperative, answer questions frankly and go their way unmolested. It is only those who refuse, and defy the authority of the commit* tee to pursue the task assigned to it by the whole Senate, who are placed on the public witness stand. Even then, they are granted unlimited consultation mth counsel, and the right to ask questions of other witnesses — including their accusers — through committee members. Only once in McCarthy Committee history has a question been rejected and that, because it involved violation of secret FBI records. Further, every witness is permitted to present for the record any statement he may wish to make, and persons whose names are brought out in testimony which they consider reflects unfavorably on them, are permitted to appear in their own defense, either in closed or open hearing, according to their wish. The resort to the open hearings, comes from the sun. Great would those whQ are uncooperative be the loss of beauty and life it . .., nnntBmnt P jt,timi nf thnsr* now doomed. , • IBulgaria under Georgi Dimitrov.lDepartment of Commerce, under!»»="•» "™^r\~"'ZZL "bGfitl tM ™ c «>«;?P e - A person vnu n The policy group is now composed of key party leaders head o{ the Third International' whose direction this decentraUza- W f ne ^ piant^have been catch the disease..from handling I r j a xr. , . . • A . *sl <Matimr\inte ~ 1 j* j s- *t_^ v ia_La___ i i -i—i Under tne new UUJM. DOmu SeCUriiy»u ftQ i*Kv TtnT-nVpAt hut nn v frr The incentive, by which industry has cooperated so mllingly, has been accelerated tax amortization. In simpler language, industries which agree to build their new plants according to the safety standards of ODM are permitted to write off depreciation, for tax purposes, at a more rapid rate. Plants Dispersed Each of the 2000 plants dispersed so far represents investment of $1 million or more. This Written for NEA Service "My teen-aged son," writes Mrs. M., "has six pairs of parakeets which he has outside in a protected place, but which he wishes to bring into the bedroom in the winter. Is this advisable from a health standpoint?" Mrs. M. is probably worried about a disease called psittacosis, or parrot fever. If her son's birds are free of the virus causing this disease it would be safe to bring them into the house. It is a disease caused by a virus iwhich is too small to see under our world were to always I clothed in darkness. One of the early word pictures of the world without light is the one contained in the opening chapter of the Bible. You will readily recall it: "The earth was without form, and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep." This condition was hp! and the contempt citation of those who refuse to answer, constitute the only protection within the grasp of recalcitrant. And it is used by both the Jenner and McCarthy committees, alike. I commend these facts to the scholarly attention of Dr, Gideonse, in the event he is invited on another panel discussion. He (Copyright, 1953) DAILY Kegister-Mail under means mor * than $2 billion worth the m i crosc0 p e . A person will not a and other senators representative ol a variety of viewpoints, W ho somehow died in the Kremlin tion has been carried out. standards without regard to seniority, The effect of Capeharfs pro- after beingmstructed that he had jjew _ ^ ^.^^^ %hese standards db not. mean Tito Gaining Strength Tito has been • gaining strength because of the cordiality shown to him by Great Britain and the city to another or from one part of the country to another, on government orders. This was the big worry when the subject of disper The posal would be to weight the committee heavily with men made an error, who have attained position largely by virtue of the length 1 of their Senate service. , In practice, this would have meant giving extraordinary voice to Republicans from one sec ^.^^^^^ United Stated which "addedTo his »1 was first brought up. . the party has had the greatest continuity of success m prestigC( ev ^ n in the satellite whole program has been carried battle with the Democrats. * countries. Tito's difficulty now is out with the voluntary coopera It so happens that this group also has been most out- that when the United States gives snoken in opposition to President Eisenhower's policies. Had Italy A Zone in Trieste, Tito 's rs[m won enough support to get adopted, it would not prestige suffers some damage. He \Of\ V^«»«c A rrrk ^ I ^™Sy ? «a»i- « rWions next year I^JhjI*^ W. I M YeafS AffO between the President and Congress. tack him in his own country With the loss of Senator Taft, things will be tougn where the people are extremely enoueh without this added lever in the hands of Mr. Eisen- nationalistic and anti-Italian. He Wednesday, Oct. 18, 1933 Evening meetings were being Swe?4 oworTenS: The^ty can hardly go to the peooW J*£. V", — gjg STJ'S .1 ~~ if 1+ Arpnts roadblocks against its oreaK-away oy a satellite state, Mr y an p ran 0 f Clinton, Iowa, in ele°c^n he in 0t ^t r aly han sho W ed e thS charge assisted by the Rev. Jesse j CITYO{ - SQ^OO or" more pe6- demanding re-election if it erects roadblocks against own prospects of accomplishment. American prestige had fallen in LET'S ENJOY INTERIM . that country since 1948. The pro- We can take heart now from the fact that the UJN rep- American Premier De Gasperi rpwitatives and the Communist leaders have agreed at last was virtually defeated and ulti- ir™p a anmuniom to consider the time and place for a ^^m.^. Korean political conference. mously strong and curiously For a while it looked as if no meeting would ever taKe enough> it is nationalistic. The place There still is no final assurance on that score, .but at p reS ent government in Italy, un- Ipaqt'we will be able to "negotiate about the negotiations, der Giuseppe Pella, is not suffi- which must always be regarded as a step forward in any cientty strong and needs some kind Sng^with Communists. of vlctor ^ Pressur * 15 > ut u » on derground. The relocation is intended to reduce vulnerability by reducing the size and. concentration of possible target areas. Any area in the U. S. which contains 200,000 people within a four- mile diameter circle, or any factory which has 16 ,000 workers within a four-mile circle, is considered a target area. There are 87 of these' areas in the U. S. today. The job is to thin out these target areas. Each community is supposed to make its own survey. It begins with a map of what the Census Bureau calls the "standard metropolitan area." This is any there was light." ume ' One who had traveled much looked upon the Alps in the early hours of morning twilight, and sa\V them appear under a sky still dark, their summits livid and frozen. The lake at the foot of the oittt* 154 -ise East Simmon* street mountains stretched out a gray, Gaiesburg, nunou motionless surface/ and the^pale Entered aa secono aasa MaUer at th« rnv« nf thp qpttinff mnnn seemed Post omce a* Oalestmrg Illinois, under rays 01 tne setting moon seemeu Act Qf congress of March 3. mo. but to light up the dread kingdom wm. c. plTOhard Publish^ of death. After the passing of sev- a F. -Jeiitff mtor eral hours, these same peaks sud- M- H. Eddy„i Managing Editor resplendent with Dees of Victoria. Thermometers in the Gaiesburg area registered 38 degrees, the lowest of the season to date. There had been frost during the night. Fifty-five tables were in play at the third of a series of card parties sponsored by the Gaies­ burg Aerie of Eagles drill team. Mrs. John McConnell was chair- lngs wnn xne \.uiix«m«w«. - lin .. m fail it it to join the European Defenselman If the talks about the conference at Pa nmu "3om fail, it Community| which % not abso . ( of the event. will probably be on the issue of allowing neutrals attena- lutely nece ssary ance The United States still is firm in opposing a wide- Ita3y is needed j open conclave. Thus far other UN nations have stood by • — - the UN General Assembly decision in support of this attitude. Whatever the outcome, we should at least enjoy this little interim of revived hope while we can So They Say . • • If the Beds aren't any better today than they were when we were fighting them in June and July, our pilots will be able to more than take care of themselves.— Lt.-Gen. Anderson, 5th Air Force chief in Korea. It (to pay the ransom) was a weighty decision. We gambled and we lost. We had to—but we lost— Robert Ledterman, go-between in Greenlease kidnap-murder. I ought to be put on city work, not county work.—Resident Fort Worth, Tex., jail complains about being lent to the county. He 's still the same old narrow- minded Harry Truman he always has been.—Sen. William Jenner (R., Ind.). Finds Oxygen Cures His Sinus Headache COLUMBUS. Ohio Uh—It's a good thing Frank L. Harrison is a fire chief in Columbus. He has chronic headaches. If that seems a bit mixed up, just remember Harrison doesn't use aspirins to combat the pain of his chronic sinus flareups. He steps into the next room from his office and inhales some oxygen from the department's inhalator. "You don't even need water that way," said Harrison. Hnrbs - Mental Patients Not Entitled to Wages HARTFORD, Conn. UP) — The Connecticut Supreme Court has ruled that the state is not required to pay for work assigned to mental patients for therapuetic purposes. Denying a $2,000 claim made in behalf of a woman patient for work in « hospital laundry, the court fceld: "Her labor was required not primarily for the benefit of the hospital, but for her owa welfare." Young married couples should start life in a small house, says an architect. Not much room for argument there! More money is spent for gum by Americans than for religion. Maybe because gum is used every day The boy who took his watch apart to see how it worked is now the man who takes his car apart to see why it doesn't work. Man and wife were caught robbing a store in an Idaho town. She probably went along to pick up after him. Wind is produced by difference in atmospheric pressure—or by asking a man about his golf game. for Italy but by B.D.C While it might be of some profit for Italy to jojn, the Communists object and they can unseat the government. So the United States makes the move of giving A Zone in Trieste to Italy, which strengthens Pella and may make it possible for him to put over membership in E.D.C. but weakens Tito, whom we also need if Sovu*. Russia is not to be on the Adriatic. World leadership sure has got us into quandaries, problems, imponderables and uncertainties. And it all costs money and keeps American boys away from home. (Copyright 1953) The American flag first was hoisted in Alaska at Sitka on Oct. 18, 1867. Graveling of the Hermon road from the Frank Byram corner to Abingdon was in progress. Thursday, Oct. 19, 1933 Knox College opened three-day Homecoming event with presentation of a play, "Blood Will Tell, by Max Phillips and P. G. Wode- house, at the Kpox theater under direction of Paul A, Foley. Willadell Allen was stage manager. A thousand persons attended the concert given by Bohumir Kryl's band at the Monmouth College gymnasium. Miss Anna Fitzu of the Metropolitan Opera, New York, appeared with the band iq vocal selections. Clyde Anderson and family moved from Bushnell to Macomb. Mrs. C. J. Bower entertained n I.- J - 4 , ^ _ rt at tea at her home, 888 N. Prairie Population density of- Europe is | gt for the benefit of ^ silas 145.3 persons per square mile; Asia's 77 persons; and North America's 2.3 persons per square mile. Joe Parks came home from a hard fishing trip saying everybody gave him a dozen reasons why the fish weren't biting, but nobody told him when and why they would. Willard School milk fund sponsored by the P.T.A. of the school. The question of recognition of Soviet Russia by the United States was debated at the noon meeting of the Gaiesburg Rotary Club by John D. Barrow and Ray M. Arnold with Dr. H. H. Halladay acting as referee. pie, plus all of the counties surrounding it. A line is drawn around the concentrated target zone. Another line is drawn 10 miles outside this first line. These two lines define the "buffer zone" in which, there should be no new industrial development. Companies that want to build additions to their present plants, or new plants, must go outside this 10-mile buffer zone, or they get no increased tax amortization. Some industries, of course, can't disperse in this manner. Exceptions are therefore made for what is called "hot-line" production. But in these cases, the companies are urged to build protective construction in their new plants. New Buildings Increase Chance of Survival This does not mean just buiid; ing bomb shelters, but beefing up the construction to make it more damage proof. It does not give workers in the plant guaranteed healthy parakeet, but only from one which is infected. Thfe symptoms usually consist of a high fever and conditions similar toi^ en ] y b ecame pneumonia.- life; the glittering ~ snow had a In 1932, 75 cases of psittacosis background of dazzling azure; the were reported in the United States glaciers stood erect toward the and seven people died from the east, their ridges bright; foaming disease, and the next year there torrents cut with their cataracts were only 15 cases and four deaths, the green mountain-brows, and the The rapid improvement came from dark forest trembled in the morn- a quarantine which was imposed ing wind. The lake, quivering in by the federal government on the its turn, faithfully mirrored in its shipping of parrots and similar blue this incomparable picture, birds between the states. Nature had not changed, but the efii r> nt «• j sun had risen. Still Battle Birds Blessed be the rising sun. It is Since that time our public a boon to good living . health services have been engaged in a continuous battle to eliminate. psittacosis in susceptible birds, in \ThoUghtS for the Day fected birds have been destroyed and the importation of infected . The earth, O Lord, is full of thy birds has been prohibited. Reports mercy; teach me thy statutes of birds smuggled in from Mexico Psalms 119:64. indicate the need for continued As the sun's rays will irradiate caution. even the murky pool, ( and make There are laboratory tests its stagnant waters to shine like which can be used to make the silver, so doth God's goodness and diagnosis definite. Either a serum tender mercy, toward the great- taken from a victim of the disease est sinner, and the blackest heart, who is convalescing or a goat make His own image visible there! serum which has been produced —Hosea Ballou. shortens the course of human psittacosis. Also available are several Each 39-foot section of rail used types of penicillin from which good in the standard railroad track results have been reported. weighs more than two tons. Christian Science Churcho TELEPHONE NUMBERS Register-Mail Exchange 4453 Night News Room Numbcrt 4438 or 4459 MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use of rcpublicaUon ol all the local news printed in this newo- paper as well as ail AP news dls- patches. , ( National Advertising Representative, Ward-Griffith Company, Incorporated, New Vork, Chicago, Detroit Boston, Atlanta, San Francisco. MEMBER AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATION SUBSCRIPTION RATES By Carrier In city of Gaiesburg 30c a week By mall in retail trading zone 1 Year $8.00 3 Months $2.75 g Months $4.73 1 Month $3,00 By carrier in retail trading zona outside city of Gaiesburg 1 week 25c - - - - > —' * ' By mail outside our retail trading zone in Illinois, Iowa, Missouri i Vear $10.00 3 Months _.$3.25 fl Months •-$ S.50 1 Month , $1.25 Elsewhere Ln U. S. A. by maU 1 Year $15.00 3 Months $4.50 6 Months .,$ 8.00 1 Month , $1.75 Mail subscriptions to members of Armed Forces in Illinois, Iowa and Missouri I Year $8.00 3 Months „ $2.75 6 Months $4.73 1 Month $1.00 In all other states I Vear $12.00 S Months $3.50 8 Months -$ 6.50 1 Month $1.25 Genuine repentance, joyous overcoming, and a grateful knowledge of Jesus' supreme sacrifice and resurrection, are necessary for man's redemption and spiritual progress. This was explained in all Churches of Christ, Scientist, Sunday. The subject of the Lesson- Sermon was "Doctrine of Attone- ment. . The Golden Text was from Isiah safety, but increases their chances (59:20) "The Redeemer shall come of survival. ( to Zion, and unto them that turn Safety engineers figure that by from transgression in Jacob, saith a 20 per cent increase in construe- the Lord St^n^ Lesson-Sermon passages from age to plant and personnel can be thp Rihl (K[n0 Va meg version! reduced by 30 per cent. J version) Companies that build under these increased safety standards The S r ? ce of *i od that bmg " are given a 100 per cent tax write- eth salvation hath appeared to off on that part of the construe- a11 men - Teaching us that, de- tion costs .nying ungodliness and worldly The Cincinnati Milling Machine * u sts, we should live soberly, Answer to Previous PuzzU ACROSS 1 Masculine head covers 5 Masculine parent Boy's toy 12 Toward the 4 Vends 5 Male child 6 Fancy 7 Repose 8 Worms 9 Masculine singers sheltered side ? <*ntury plant 13 Poems \ l * 0W j A 14 Mohammedan « Landed property 20 Tardier •Q small stars 26 Prominent Terrapin Acts Like A Homing Pigeon GUSHING, Okla. W-Four years ago Terry DeVilbess carved his initials on the back of a terrapin and turned him loose at his home here. He didn't see the turtle again until the other day. The terrapin crawled back to the DeVilbess home. The average American eats 388 leggs annually. Co. has just been given the first of these 100 per cent tax amortization certificates for an extra expenditure of over $500,000 to provide blast walls, reinforced roof, bomb shelters and other protection. For the $2.6 million plant, to be ence and Health with Key to the used for machine tool production, Scriptures*' by Mary Baker Eddy, the company was given a 40 per included; righteously, and godly, in this present world; Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ" (Titus 2: 11-13). Correlative passages from "Sci- cent rapid write-off on $2 million of the cost. As to whether the 10 -mile buffer zone is adequate for safetXfrom the H-bomb, the ODM standards state that "the 10-mile limit was originally set up in consideration of all known and anticipated weapons." Other economic considerations have to be met, fdr America still has to have cities, convenient transportation and access to other industries. "Every pang of repentance and suffering, every effort for reform, every good thought and deed, will help us to understand Jesus' atonement for sin and aid its efficacy; but if the sinner continues to pray and repent, sin and be sorry, he has little part in the atonement, in the at-one-meut with God, — for he lacks the practical repentance, which reforms the heart, and enables man to' do the will of wisdom" (p. 19). name , 15 Triteness 17 Fish eggs 18 Knells 19 Studio 21 Let it stand 23 Posed 24 Goddess of 27 Prayer ending 8 * Network 29 Ripped 32 Turn 34 Unclosed 36 Football team 37 Cylindrical 38 Song for one 39 Act 41 Oriental coin 42 Cover 44 Hebrew month 48 Investigates 49 Big 53 Boy's best friend 54 Things given out 56 Constellation 67 Golf mounds 58 Glance over 59 Neither 60 Certain 61 Italian city DOWN 1 Throw 2 Singing voice 3 m>$ 31 Paradise 33 Stay away 22 Improve from 24 Mineral rocks 35 Foot fevers 25 Horseback 40 Simpler game 43 What 26 Shaped like overweight males are given 45 Elevate 46 Bridge 47 Polynesian plant 48 Australian ostrich 50 Fabulous birds 51 Insect 52 Hireling 55 Compass poinl 'i

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