The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 29, 1935 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 29, 1935
Page 4
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THE TIPTON DAltY TRlflUNB McGraws' Food Store ! , , MASONS ELECT. , w • South Bend Man Heads the Inili- •; ana Grand Lodge. ; Indianapolis, May 23.—Rudolph .-; iH. Horst of South Bend was elcct- '. ed grand master of the Indiana '. graud l.odge. Free and Accepted • Masons, at the opening session of •' the llSth convention of the state : brder in the Masonic Temple yesterday. He succeeds Harry Yeo j'f Muiicie. He is managing edi- ior of the South Bond Tribune. Other officers named are Thorn- is Wilson of Corydon, deputy grand master; D. Burns Douglas bf Fort Wayne, senior grand war- pen; William H. Morrison of In- SUES SPEEDWAY. Race Driver Brings Suit for 1033 Incident. Indianapolis, May 29.—Phil Shafer, automobile race driver, yesterday filed suit against the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Corporation demanding damages of $2,000 for the alleged refusal of the management to permit Shafer to enter his car in the 600-mile race in 1933. The action', brought in Superior Court, Room 3, declared that the chief steward at the race track "arbitrarily refused" to permit Shafer to enter his racer, which cost $3,000 to prepare. . MICHIGAN STORM. Buildings Toppled and Eleven People Hurt in Flint Community. Flint, Mich., May 29.—A windstorm, accompanied by a heavy lianapoiis, junior grand warden; j downpour or rain, toppled over :frank K. Gavin, of Imlianapoiis, nine rural homes and outbuildings ;rand treasurer; William II- Two Federal Agencies Not Agreed Upon Methods in Housing Program. PWA IS FIGHTING DAI 'By United Press). Washington, May 29. — Inner- administration controversies arose today to hamper the $4,000,000,000 re-employment drive. Harold L. Ickes, public works administrator, attacked Frank G. Walker's division of applications and information, charging the or- gauization bad wrecked almost The last three iuapolis a three-year term. •»-ere re-elected. Mr. Gavin lias i ecu trcasuriT more than forty ; ears, and Mr. Swinlz bus boon secretary more tlian twunly yuars. WILL MLSS RACE. }Inri Who Took Speedway Hide i Must Go to State Farm. near here hue yesterday and in- half its $450,000,000 low rent housing program. President Roosevelt stood read/ to step in between the two agencies and end tlieir bickering, should the quarrel reach the stage where Ickes and Walker start an jwintz, of india-nanolis, grand su.-jjured eleven men, women and Jetary, and Obie J. Smith of I»di- children. All the injuries were re- auapolis, grand trustee to serve ported to be minor cuts, bruises and sprains. Property damage in the two- mile area hit liy the wind was estimated in-excess of $25,000. Will Open Dance Hall (Jt'orge Robinson, who operates a filling station and cafe at exchange of mcnts. acrimonious state- The division of applications and information, in making public a list of applications for funds from the recovery money, announced Hobbs."wii.s here Tuesday evening $221,000,000 worth of slum-clear- aiice, low-cost housing projects in CO major cities in 31 states. PWA immediately pointed out i and stated he would re-open his ' Indianapolis. -May l!'.i.—Hanild j danco ] lall Friday of this week Laxen. 27 years old. i:JH Stad- j ;uid , hL , rt , will , )C aanc j n g- Friday, iam drive, who "lilies to try Saturday and Tuesday nights of that developments under •consid- tliings," an inclination rauseil him '• eacll wcc i- following. Mr. Robin- j oration should bo kept secret unto "borrow" a City hospital ambu-J >OJJ s ,. ]ltMl ]u . j ntL . n j c d to conduct I til federal agents had assembled lance and race around the lmli-!. ln or( j or |j. place and would tole-i options anapolis Motor Sporihvay during ;,. ale I10 row dyism and that- it .'Otherwise, they said, real estate MACDONALD HINTS. on construction sites. Indicates Jgngiaffl Might Join in Stabilization Move. (By United Press). London, May 29.—'Prime Minister J. Kamsay MacDonald Intimated in the house of commons today that Britain Is prepared to join in an International currency stabilization conference if some other nation takes the Initiative. In reply to a questioner, MacDonald emphatically refused to make the. first move. "We are not required at this late hour to take the initiative," he said. "We have been trying to get the initiative taken and up to now have not been very successful:" His statement placed a new light on the British attitude. Pte- vlously Neville Chamberlain, chancellor of the exchequer, has stated repeatedly that ho sees no useful purpose in such a conference at present. France already has indicated her desire for such a conference and the recent monetary speech-of Secretary of Treasury Henry Morgenthau at Washington was interpreted here as a. "feeler" for f. conference. Jbdward Mallalieu, Liberal, in- quiied of MacDouald whether, in view of speeches made by authoritative persons on the other side ot the Atlantic, which appeared to be favorable to a new approach to the question, the prime minister himself would not take tho Initiative MacDcnald said tho British government has not been in recent rommiitiication with the United Stati"; government with a view to h-jld.'rg a conference on currency stabilization and reduction of in- tenir.lional trade barriers', qualification trials, won't got toj, V()U]d , )c; a pjace , vhcrc ally ono sec the 500-mile race. Judge Charles J. Karabcll of can come and enjoy a clean evening of entertainment. He has secured a good orchestra and says that with the licenses j Municipal Court yesterday sentenced him to serve forty-five days at the Indiana state farm and fined him ?25 on a charge of j inff pav j llicms can vehicle taking and gave an addi-j a]on ,, n - gllt ij nos tional fine ot S10 on a charge of j " • ^ _ drunkenness. specilators would make it Impossible for the government to build because of prohibitive land prices. tendered PWA an unofli- bc operated i for bcc-r going out June i. cial apology, nilt it was not ac"''copied. PWA refused DAI'S offer to establish a liaison man in Mr. Walker's office. Hero I'roni 1'coria. Doughnuts Cup Cakes Pecan Rolls . DePasse Bakery Collar and Gun" Sets, 49c and 98c LANE'S Mr. and -Mrs. William Heckett of i'uoria, 111., got in Tuesday being called here by the sudden death of the lutter's father, Wil- jliam Brumfiold. Mr. Heckett, who j id foreman of the shops of the P. & P. railroad at Pooria, will take liis vacation in July this year and ho and his wife will lie back for a stay of several days. Card 'of Thanks. We wish to express our deepest appreciation to our friends and neighbors for their many i deeds of kindness during the sickness and alter the death oDour beloved wife and mother, Mrs. J. JW. Morford. Especially are we (grateful to Rev. James Mavity, Daily Bible Quotation. Rev. G. AV. Winfrey, the singers, I funeral directors, and all who ex! pressed their devotion with tho Abstain from all appearance oi lovely floral offerings.—J. W. Mor- tvil.—I TUessaionians 5:22. ford and Children. Will Visit Tipton. Relatives have received word that Edward Manlove, of Fresno, Calif., will be here for the week will accompany him. Mrs. Edward Manlove was formerly Miss Theo- docial Glass, a teacher in the Tipton schools. Mr. and Mrs. Manlove have been residents of California for the past 2S years and have been back but .few times. William Jones, driver of- the mail wagon, and George Manlove, custodian of the Presbyterian church are uncles. Edward Manlove has been a public accountant in for years and his wife had charge of the libraries of the Fresno schools for several j-ears. 0 of employes of the production. morrow night. of non'striking broke through night. ' Three bj-sl when the pushed its way policemen. More than -SO ru in [MS innn nun An n WAH nuun ii nil ployes of Plant Wage Battle . o L Police, RISES VOTED 'May 29. — A strike pany made a no- SPRING FLOODS, i j Ravage Sections In Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma. • (By United I*rcss). Kansas City, Mo., May 29. — Spring floods ravaged sections of Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma today. Families were driven from the lowlands. Highways were impassable at many places and trains into Kansas ' City from the west were late. , Flood warning were issued to residents along the Kaw river in Kansas and the Blue river in Kansas City. The Canadian river In Oklahoma, was on another rampage, the second within two weeks. Scores of creeks and streams, 'mere rivulets in normal times, were roaring out of their banks, a menace to property and Canton streets to- 'life. tened to spread to it centers of steel the Republic Steel lassillon, O., voted strike tomorrow in Canton 'workers. pla.nt employs 2,- kers at the Union- o., a Republic sub- ate on a strike to- ts patrolled streets rger plants with in- today, determined s to succor a crew ; workers inside uildings. Two sor- y guards and work- led in the face of Scs before an arm- d with non-strikers the lines last .andors a lu o u g athcred to watch pickets and guards jvorcly by tear gas eavy steel truck y through solid ing strikers. id a. woman were • men in an auto•ed at a group of men said the gun- er company private 4 0 persons have n hospitals for in- since the men nday night, men scored twice md struggles with When part of th-J trikers sallied from arly evening they eaten and pursued Clearing skies today failed to relieve the situation, which war, in marked contrast to a year ago when the midwest was already well embarked on oue of the worst drought years' in history. Many localities have received more rain in May alone than in the entire first five months of 1934. Scores of families in • Kansas City were moved from -the "banks of the Blue river by the department of public works. City trucKs hauled furnishings from the lowland homes to vacant houses taken over by the city and installed tho families in safe quarters for tho duration of the high water. Tho Missouri River was nca:- flood stage here and it was predicted that when the rise of water passes downstream it will break over its banks and flood much of the lowland. Tracks of the Missouri Pacific washed out for a mile near Pleasant Hill, and Hie Burlington lost several hundred feet of track Weston, Mo. Kear Norman, Okla.. the Canadian river washed away a span of a mile-long bridge. MODEL VILLAGE. Purdue University Is Sponsoring This Project. Lafayette. May 29. — The Purdue research foundation yesterday announced acquisition of 143 acres west of the university r.ampus to be dedicated to research in behalf of better living conditions for the small home owner. ~ ; CAST REMOVED. . Believed That Heel of Elber ton Will Be All Right Elbert Burton of North street, who was injured in while assisting in razing old buildings on the site < new postofSce, was downto 1 crutches Wednesday, this iiis first trip since he was two weeks ago. • Tuesday the cast on his heel and ankle was remove the heel which was badly t out of position when he fel be all right. The ligament muscles were badly twiste it win be several weeks before he will be able to pi weiglit on the member. Paid Their Fines. — ^~^^~ Ralph Hughes and Joseph man, both of Elwood, who placed in jail Saturday nij charges ot into'xication, w Tipton Tuesday and paid fines, being assed $1 and cc Squire R. P. Rice. Both arrested at the Rustic Card Atlanta by deputy sheriffs. Dike McCarty, arrested T night by night officers and in jail, was before Squire Wednesday morning and p guilty to intoxication. He given, a fine of $1 and which he paid. Gundsons Returned Hoi Harold and Chester Morf Baltimore, Md., and Josepl ford, of Greensburg, Pa., wh called here by the death oi grandmother. Mrs. J'. K. Me returned to their respective Monday. TItey are the sons and Mrs. W. V. Morford of fall. On account of sickness wives did not accompany it GOLDSMITH. Mrs. Adaline Townsend w some time has been in ill and is at present at the he her daughter Mr. and Mrs Shockley at Kokonio suffei relapse Saturday night and so well at present. She is ing from -complications fol a blood clot on the brain occurred several weeks ag is the widow of the late . Townsend. W. R. Campbell who is home of his* son Clnrid Ca north of Normanda sufferln a nervous disorder is repor the longer their Rice was costs, i - ho for health omo of s. Ray red a through the streets to the doors . , I of their homes. Los Angeles • . . Tribune Want Ads Get Results. You safer. You are safer in AMERICA'S ONLY BODY ALL OF STEEL Automobiles were overturned and smashed. Employes of the Natoinal Alloy Company, a Berger subsidiary. complained to police that they wero slugged without provocation by plant guards. Two residents of the neighborhood, one of them a 5-y ear -oidj boy, were injured by buckshot during a short batt'.o which raged over a block of street. ' ; Adjt. Gen. Emil Marx kept a military observer on the scene although police denied they intended to ask national guard aU. Berger i officials blamed the strike oni "radicals" attempting to dictate to employes who desire an open shop. No other lowest price car gives you the greater safety of... JKBKA'S OjOY MUE8 : : . ML Of STEEL . . . MQ MDSQK BOTWH-EQMUZB nun (wnowu) . . . SS-IM I.P. m } f •, f fdj The tract has been designated the Foundation Home and Community Research Campus. Present plans contemplate creation of a small community which will utilize the best of present-day scientific knowledge "in small homes, street construction, recreation centers and other phases of modern community life. The community will be used as a living laboratory for basis study of modern homes in terms of building materials, heating and ventilating equipment, house design, land usage and other problems. Although primarily intended to test methods bf community life, it also will provide information for individual homo owners and facts for the building industry. Hoback Funeral. Funeral services , will be conducted Friday afternoon at 2:OC| o'clock at the Hopewell Methodist church for Mrs. Clara Ellen Hoback, wife of M. i M. Hoback, whose death occurred Tuesday evening at the Beechwood hospital, i Rev. J.JA. Land, pastor of the church, will conduct the services, assisted by Rev. M.' S. Sparger of Kempton. i Burial will be In the Normanda cemetery; Prior to the services, the body will lie in state at the home and friends are welcome to call. ; Red Men Notice: I Special isesslon of the . Red Men JLadge, Tfturs-fl day evening All memr . bers required to be 'present. • j LUTTRELL, C. of RJ R. t. S. A. CtTLVERi Collector.! P&ff*. \ °«? COKE aunshine-rOrder] j nue and July JBe- At tho Diiinn. An automobile crash launches a romance on a tempestous course IK the May Robson starring film "Grand Old Girl," at the Diana Wednesday and Thursday. May Carlisle and Fred MacMurray play the boy and girl who begin by saying it with bumpers and end by saying It with kisses.; Miss Carlisle is seen as the pampered queen of a high school campus. MacMurray plays a husky young truck driver who refuses to be impressed either by heij social position or sirenic wiles, j The wiles, however, do begin haVing their effect as the story ressea. • The drama which this romance underlies centers about an elderly .school teacher'js gallant fighi to rid the town pf a sinister campaign that threatens Ithe moarls of her students. This 1 one-woman palgn leads to la. poignant cllinax. As Laura Ba'ylfes, the'aotwol teacher. Miss itoTwori is Balij to haye the finest iroie of her carter, not Weir e«eptins tfie'P»rt jrlMred in-ad tor a Day:" be slightly improved. Billie and Pattie Thompson, children of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Thompson of Mooresville are spending several days with their grandfather Ed Thompson and daughter Edith near Tetersburg. Sam Glass of near Independence has been confined to his. bed for tho past several days bordering on pneumonia. Mrs. 'Roscoe Samuels who is suffering from rheumatism is taking baths daily at Frankfort in hopes of securing relief from her suffering. A large barn which is being erected at the Dewey Alderson farm north of Normanda is near completion. It replaces the orie lust by fire a few months ago. The work is being done by the Johnson brothers from' Kempton. The home of 'Mr. and Mrs. Jake Phifer has been almost like a hospital since they moved to the^r new home in Goldsmith several GIFTS THAT BEING ADfiEDDELIGHT to the Heart of the Bride Every bridal: gift • should contain the utmost in btfanfcy, and a quality that permits Its use through the years. Naturally such, gifts are given added pVwrtlge when the -package bears, tiie'name of , BLUE MONT DRUG STORE weeks ago.. Their daughters Lota ean, .Juanita, Betty Jo, and Bar- . >ara Ann all having first the three lay measles and then jthe big red measles. Mrs. Phifer iiad an abs- ; cessed tSroat followed with. a = poison through her syjstem wh!:h. ' at first was thought to be scarlet [ever. Then Mr. Phiferi came d<mn with the measles and was -qulta sick for the past week. He rn- urned to his work Monday morn- ng at the Perfect Circle plant in Tipton where he is~a i foreman in he plant. ' j Mrs. Musa Foster and A. tl. Hinkle returned the latter part of he, week from Bruce Lake where hey had been visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kindling who wns a cottage at the lake and everything was placed in order or the summer. j The home of Guyi Campbell orth of Normanda la being remodeled, a heating plant beirig nstalled and when the worX is ompleted they will have a lovc- y modern cpuntry librtie. [ Mrs. S. W. Shields ! and son. Billie of Darlington spent a few- ays here the latter part of th'e week with Mrs. Shields'. parent?, Mr. and Mrs. L. Z. Valndevender. Mrs. Bell Barr who for the past ieveral months has beeB staying at the home of Z. A. Watson oca mile north of Goldsmith has re- urned to her home ;here and Sunday was given a real house warming by a number of. relatives and friends. There was a bountl- !ul pitchin dinner served at tna noon hour to a numbei of guests. to EEE $5 — ENNA JETTIOKS — $6 America's Smartest Walking Shoes. : NU-WAY SHOE J3TOBE North Sida Square;—•• Upton Associated Music Studios Announcing the 'opening of classes in cello, Hawaiian and Spanish gnltar. Investigate onr method of instruction. Coll at Studio over Bine Front Wednesdays. ; : TRY OtjR Hourly Delivery Service Sterling Grocery Phone 334. Walnut St. .THE ! Tonight and Thursday. Thursday Matinee !aj O'clock i lOc— All Seatjj i- I0c Matinee, Children, Be .| MAY ROBSOff ! In i "GRAND They caUed he* powder." Heart w»-n iritl glorious chwr^cttf' % 8 "Wand Old CUrK* learn about young- * f«S Al4o Comedy anl ! Friday and Admission Friday ana- i Nights, Adults, aod; Ipc; Saturday Math dren fie; Adults £i:n£.-fSr<3--i EBB" •Jsn

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