Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 30, 1948 · Page 10
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 10

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 30, 1948
Page 10
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UN, EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 30, 1948 Phone 4600 for a WANT. AD Taker | Bedford Drills For Oil With Operation Reaching 700 Feet " BEDFORD, Pa.—A prospective oil well atop Chestnut Ridge has been drilled to a depth of 700 feet, officials reported today. • The -drilling operation is regarded as the most determined effort started in Bedford county to discover petroleum products in an area which geologists are confident ought to " produce them. "The South' Perm oil Company, Bradford, is sponsoring the exploration. The along the Ridge Road which originally led from Spring Meadow, near the Reynoldsdale fish hatcherj 1 , to the -Lincoln Highway in Schellsburg. The exact spot is 'only a few miles from New Paris. "A" crew T. W. Coyle of-the H. J. Stroup estate, Canton (Oiiio) drilling 'contractors, moved, in' about Oct. 1. Actual drilling was started some weeks later after the rig .had been erected. The point where the test well is being sunk i? 1,655 feet above sea level. Workmen on the job say that in the "beginning" some difficulties'were encountered. They point out that drilling for. oil always Is attended, by difficulties and that drillers take these things in stride. Trouble on Chestnut Ridge developed when the big. heavy bit slipped into slanting crevices in the limestone rock formations. The well, they explain, has to be kept straight heavy steel cable out of .the hole at frequent- intervals and to lower and raise the heavy • 'bailing cylinder which brings the. pulverized stone and muck out o' the hole. ' .' : The drilling, too! is a bit screwed into a solid steel shank about 30 feet long. The drill which has been used thus far is 13 inches in diameter: Sections of 13-inch steel casing are forced into the holt. Drilling now and until the end'of the job will be inside this. casing and any other casing which conditions may make necessary. At even greater depths'the size of the bit and casing —If it 'is needed—will be reduced to as little as six inches. Oil'geologists, on whose scientific conclusions -the exploration-was undertaken, '• study specimens, taker- each - time the hole is bailed;'out. Little 'canvas bags containing these j specimens' are mailed to the company's headquarters in Bradford 1 , at the end of each day. • . . Contents of the bailing sylinder now are a black, liquid. Heaviest— and at the bottom of the cylinder when it is emptied—is a liquid as molasses. In it are coarse particles of stone. Thus far this stone has been limestone and its related limestone slate. The drilling is essentially a pounding operation. The extreme end of the bit has' a sharpened ridge. The bit is-raised a little less than two „_- 4Vl feet by the walking beam and purposes. Two or three | n] , WC( , to IM _ T ho 13-inch bit and times Ls was necessary lo fill Lhuj , , , b b t thri!0 nml onc . hole., with rocks und cement «nu ">_... Choice ol' the exact location is a. definite scientific conclusion, the operators 1 explain. . As to the comfort of the workers, the • small area in the immediate vicinity of the hole itself is enclosed as 'a part of the shed. 1 It is well heated by a. big'pot-bellied stove. Operations run 24 hours .a'day, in 12-hour shifts which are changed at noon and .midnight. • There are two men to. .each crew. One of the men never is more than a few fee; away .from the cable as it moves monotonously, up and- down with.the bit j pounding and crunching, below.. . . The best distance made by the' drillers in any 24-hour period has been 60 feet. There have,been plenty of days when the drilling, was less effective.. Another exploratory operation ' near. St'oystown - still is in progress with the hole .9,300 feet deep. Qt the rate of 60 feet a day, it will take 150'-working days to/go down the same distance on Chest- nut'Ridge. .I "One.development of local interest, related to the oil well operation, hns to do with the water supply on Chestnut "Ridge. The drillers hauled water in a big tank for a while. Then took time out to drill a water well. They put down an 8-inch casing and at about 360 feet, got a water supply which is measured at from 100 to 150 gallons an hour. Mountain WateriSeeps SALTILLO, Puerto Rico— (#>}—Tile storing of water in the mountains oi Puerto Rico for the generation of hydro-electric power has resulted in a slow, underground movement of water to the plains below so that it has now become possible to sink wells for the irrigation of the su?ar cane on the south side of the island start'over. A number of times the hole .had to be blasted with .high explosives. Now the drilling is proceeding without difficulties. Operations are expected to continue for several months. For the Ions haul expected, the installation of machinery and accommodations for.-tlie men who work there in all Mnds 1 of weather is much more than the ^towering derrick which is • the bestJmown sign of an oil well. -V'big gasoline engine supplies power used in the drilling operation.. Principal use is for a walking beam which raises the heavy drill and.lets it fall on whatever encountering below the ground. Other uses-are to raise the drill held by hall' tons. Near the well .opening are a forge and . other facilities for sharpening the bit as required. Local interest in the Chestnut Ridge operation—new to these parts —has been in two.things: (1) Why start drilling on the top of a mountain and (2) what's going to 1 happen to-the working crew when Bedford county "winters in" and blizzard conditions with extreme cold become the rule?' $1,49 BANANAS and $1.98 a bunch Hager's at Lovers Leap in the Narrows. . . • • Adv.—N-T-DeC. 29-30 VITAMINS!!! KEEP 'YOUR FAMILY IN GOOD HEALTH ..We carry the following linns .. .of Yitomins — Miles Onc-A-Doy — Parkc • Davis Squibb — Up-Johns —. 'Abbotts — V. C. A. . (am! others) RAND'S • Car, Baltimore ond N. Centre Si. Need A Loan? Come In or Phone Now! NATIONAL .LOAN, CO. furniture Loans AUTO LOANS IN 5 MINUTES Easy Repay Plan | 20J ' SOOTH GEORGE STREET' tester HiZietuon, Mfer. • PHONE ;OJT START A CLASSICAL RECORD LIBRARY VIA OUR OF CLASSICAL ALBUMS >, Merely purchase one. Classical Album at the regular price and you are entitled 'to ' another of equivalent value fo^ just Ic. ONE DAY, FRIDAY DEC. 31 Standard Music Co. Phone 4001 Turkish Towels Large Size 18x36 Inches Hand Size 15x26 Inches 29c Red, blue, green/plaids on white 'and pastel -color block "patterns; Counter 39 — Second Floor $2*9 81 x 99 Shamrock Sheets Regular 1.19. Chenille Bath Mat Sets 97c Art Ticking Pillow Cases 69c Special For Now Year's Black Walnut Cake Devils : !Foocl — Ansel .Food and ' Cocoanut Cakes Pumpkin Lemon - Mince - Cherry - Coctuvmit Pies Porkcrhousc Dinner Rolls MOWER'S Cor. N. Centre at Bedford Sr. • Marriage Licenses Francis Elmer Snydcr, Frostburg, and Mary Matilda Bcvun, Lonaconlr.g, George Jack Hinds, 6^1 Elm Street, and Yvonne t:asc, 205 Sprlnc Street. 1 Walter Layman, 37 Henderson Avenue, and Evelyn Tatbert, Charieysvllle, ?a. . ' ' George Robert Donlus., and Inn Leo Robcson. Frostburg. Wilmcr EuKcnc Gllniorc, • with tho Air Force at Dallas, TM., and acrnldlnc Oplic'.la Schiililt. Oldtown, James Saundcrs, Pittsburgh, and ATIHII Mile Washington, Piedmont, RELIEF AT LAST For Your COUGH Chronic bronchitis may develop .if your cough, chest cold, or acme bronchitis is not treated and you cannot afford- to rake a chance with my medicine less potent than Creomulsion which goes right ; to the scat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm and aici nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Crcbmuision 'blends btechwood creosote by special process with other time tested, medicines for coughs. Jt contains no .narcotics. - '. No matter how many medicines you have tried,'tell your druggist to sell' you a bottle.of Creomulsion with the understanding you.must like the way it quickly allays the cough,, permit- ling rest and sleep, or you ate to h»v« your money back. (Adv.) Advertisement Clearance Sale Dec. 27 Thru 31 25 o REDUCTIONS AND MORE It Pays To Cross The Town To The KLfaE. FURNITURE CO. 405-413 Virginia Aye. 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