Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on June 14, 1952 · Page 5
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 5

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 14, 1952
Page 5
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—Local Marhvts- No Change In Market Prices Here Prices on local grain and produce markets remnlncd unchanpod from ypstcrdny's closo. GRAIN Old Corn New corn Soybeans Oata (36 lbs.) Flax . Oravea aroin Company Onmr, Bunttngton. Maple'filll PROnCCE Sweet cream —u;.— NO; !• : No. 2 »1.70 $1.66 $2.98 .. 76c $3.75 A Cool Room Advertised in Tor Rent" Will Bring Hot Results Heitnerlcs i „ No. 1 No. 2 Straight run Hens, under 4 Ms lbs 13c Hena, 4% lbs. and over 15c He&vy coclw lOc Leghorn, leghorn cross cocks ....8c 73c 71c egc 33c 27c 240 283 Sioux City Livestock Sioux City, June 14 W)—Sioux City livestock market quotations- Cattle salable 350; calves 60; steady, liberal supply (jrass cattio held for Monday. For the week: Slaughter steers and heifers weak to 60 lower; numerous salea at' the full decline, largely ©n steers of weight and Ugh terwelghts ranging commercial to 10\^ choice. Cows closed steady. Butts weak to 60 off. Stockers and feeders average good and bcttei- steady to weak, common and medium 60 and more lower. Bulk choice fed steers 30.60-33.00; few loads high choice and prime 33.28-33.75. commercial around 26.00. Good and choice fed heifers 28.00-32.00, several loads average to high choice and low prime 32.60. High choice and prime mixed yearlings 33.60. Commercial down around 2*50. Commercial and utility cows 21.00-24.60. Few 25.00, canners and cutters 17.60-21.00, few light canners around 16,00. Medium and good 'stock steers 26.00-32.00, several lots good and choice lightweight steers 33.7534.00. Fleshy 726-1,050 lb feeding steers 30.50-33.00. Good weighty western cows with choice calves at side $500.00 per pair. Hogs salable 160; 25 lower, butchers 260 -lbs down 20.00-20.75, heavier butchers 18.00-19.75, sows 16.6019.25. For the week: Barrows and gilta 10 to mostly 25 higher. Sows under 400. lbs fully 25 higher, heavier weights steady to 26 lower. Sows comprised fully 30 per cent of week's salable slaujghter receipts. Shipper demand proved good throughout week. Week's butcher top 21.00, late limit 20.86 sparingly. For the week bulk 190-260 lb butchers ranged'20.00 -20 .76, 250-300 lbs 19.0020.50, heavier weights were rather scarce, some 360 lbs sold down around 18.26. Sows around 300-400 : lbs 17JM)-19.60, few lightweight butcher type 20.00, some 400 lbs closed at 17.00, 400 -880 lbs 16.00-17.76. Chicago Livestock Chicago, Juno 14 WP)—Hogs, cattle and sheep held nominally steady at the livestock market today. A sharp drop in shipping do- piand, which h^s b'een a main prop Jundcr the hog market for several .>veeks, backgrounded a decline of 26 to 60 cents in barrows, gilts and sows tbia week. f ITfifll Syptlana ^topped using iv>..e end of ;tho 26th dyn- ,asty,''foreigners continued to make imitations, of them. Legol Notice NOTICE OF HEARING ON PRO- I'OSED RK80I-UT10N OF NB- CKSSITV FOR THE CON- STRUSTION OF CURB AND GUTTER. Notice is hereby given that at a meeting of the City Council of Es- thervllle. Emmet County. Towa, held on the 2nd day of June, 1952, there was Introduced and placed on file, the Resolution of Necessity, hereinafter set forth, which Resolution of Necessity will be considered for final passage by the City Council at a meeting to bo held in the Council Chambers, City Hall in Esthcrville. Iowa, on the 7th day of July, 1962, at 7:30 p. m. o'clock. At such time the owners of property subject to assessment for the costs and expenses of the erection and construction of the curb and gutter improvement contemplated by ond described In said Resolution of Necessity may appear and make any objections thereto, if any they have, to the contemplated curbing and guttering, and to the amounts proposed for assessment, and to the passage of said Resolution of Necessity, at which time and place said Resolution of Necessity may be amended and passed, or passed as proposed. Said Resolution of Necessity is as follows: RESOLUTION OF NECESSITY 1. That it is hereby declared, determined and deemed necessary and advisable by the City Council of the City of EsthervlUe, Emmet County, Iowa, to Improve by cxirb- ing and guttering the following, streets and parts of streets located in the City of Esthcrville, Iowa, as follows: ' On both sides of North Twelfth Street from Second Avenue North to Fourth Avenue North. That said Improvement la necessary to insure the proper drainage, sanitation and facilities to carry and dispose of surface water from the property abutting said curb and gutter line which property will be benefited by said iftiprovement. 2. Said curb and gutter to be constructed of standard 3000 pound test concrete In accordance with ASTM standards. 3. The method of construction shall be by both band and machine; mixing to be done by machine, finishing to be done by hand. All construction to be done in accordance with plans and specifications on file In the office of the City Clerk in Esthcrville, Iowa. 4. That the cost and expense of making and constructing said Improvement and other expenses incurred on the part of the City of EsthervlUe, Iowa, by reason of the making and constructing said Improvement, shall be against all of the private property abutting on the same and the owners thereof on a front foot basis In proportion to the benefits conferred and to result therefrom as provided by law. 5. That the following abutting and private property Is proposed to bo assessed for said Improvement, to-wit: (&) LoU 1, 2, 8 and 0 in Block 6 of Amy B. Rewey's Subdivision of Block 6 of S. E. Bemis Addition to EsthervlUe, Iowa. (b) Lots 6, 6, 7 and the East 132 feet of Lot 8, all in Block 6; Lots 1 and 8 in Block 0; and Lots 1 and 8 in Block 10. all in S. E. BemIs Addition to EsthervlUe, Iowa. 6. That the location and terminal points of said curb and gutter Improvement shall be as above set out in paragraph 1 hereof. 7. That a plat and schedule has been prepared In the manner and form as provided by law and is now on file In the office of the City Clerk which sets forth In detail the aforesaid Improvement and the estimated coat and the estimated amount that will be assessed again- Legol Notice time of final consideration of this Resolution have on flic In the office of the City Clerk of the City of Kstherxillc, Emmet County, lo- wn, their objections to the amount of the proposed assessment to be made therefore or appear at the time set for hearing hereon, they shall be deemed to have waived any and all objections thereto. 0. That this Resolution of Necessity Is Introduced and said Improvement is proposed to be made pursuant to a petition filed with the City Council by a majority of the resident owners of property to be assessed for the construction thereof. 10. That it is the Intention of the City Council to Issue special assessment certificates for the assessments to bo made against the above described private property for the payment of all costs and expenses as provided by law (particularly Chapter 396 of the 1960 Code of Iowa.) BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the foregoing Improvement Is hereby proposed to be made as set forth hereinabove, and that this Resolution of Necessity be and It is hereby set down for hearing and further and final consideration at a meeting of the City CouncU to be held in the Council Chambers. City Hall, in said city, on the 7th day of July, 1962, at 7:30 o'clock P. M., and the City Clerk bo and he Is hereby directed and Instructed to cause Notice of the pendency of this Rcsolullon of Necessity and the time and place when the same 'Will he considered for final passage, and that objections head to the passage thereof, and to the making of said improvement, and to the assessments proposed to be made, such Notice to be given by two publications In the EsthervlUe Dally News, a newspaper of general circulation, published In the City of EsthervlUe, Emmet County, Iowa, in the manner and for the time provided by la>v. The obove Resolution of Necessity was approved and ordered placed on file for final action the 2nd day of June, 1962. DAN S. HOWARD, Mayor, Attest: GLENN L. STORY, City Clerk. (Juno 7, 14) Foi'iii 1949 MASSEY HARRIS 7 FT. 8. P. COMBINE Alwaj's a square deal nt VnCINO MOTORS Mnsscy Harris—Oliver Esthcrville. Iowa aiS -2-7 ON HAND Chicks. 1 to 4 weeks old. Pullets straight run and males In 7 weeks. HAMILTON HATCHERY Bancroft, Iowa 21S-lf-r FOR SALE—76 feeder pigs, weight 26 to 60 pounds. Vaccinated, castrated, weaned and spraj'od. 4 miles south and SH miloB east of Gruver. Lester Handeland, Rlng- stcd. 212-3-7 PRODUCE MARKET. We offer highest cash prices for your poultry, cream and eggs. Flock cuUIng ser\'lce. Ph. 91. P. Q. GRAY . 212-3-7 FOR SALE—A few good poUed Hereford bulls. Frank Smith. Osgood, Iowa. 209-12X-7 FOR SALE — 8-foot McCormlck- Doering binder. J. D. Smith, 4 mi. east of Huntington State Line. 211-SX-7 j st each lot and parcel of real es- The Egptlan scarab is an image) tatc. jot the once-sacred dung beetle 8. That unless the property which was reversed as a typo of owners affected by thd foregoing the sun god. proposed Improvement rshall, at the TODArS CROSSWORD PVZZLE Answer to Previous Puzzle Connecticut Tour HpUZONTAL, '''^ VERTICAL a Connecticut is ^ftUcd the ^. state" 7 The mountain Ji.the state (lower ot Conncoticut 13 Small space, . i4S^Uce IS World.War II» 9 Rubber tr «e K tiHii^, laCrooves ' le Pin«tnini lo 11 IrmiUQian 1 1 Short sleeps 2 Russian river] 3 tfead (Fr.)' 4Si )ecl( 8 Ran fiway to marry 6 General (ab) •7 Loads Straightens' F 5 u u p 9 A 5 w L. 1 N 0 N K T U A m u 1 d • N T 5 hi T • T O • M N I. A C I* T rf • T C w C A L. A T • T >J A c H A R R 0 T 1 R 1 B m V p A R T t p 1^ 1-4 R P 0 B a m • B R A N a 0 w R m l_ •p 1 0 N • R • u N 1 T 1 N A U 0 e S T A si N e p Indian, -i^. 12LeiBti}re (ab.) I Conn^ticut, 21 Flower 22-—Univer. •^d^et . nsiumberJi nBFowl 19Har(^N 20Sxptfflff« , 22 Affirmative > .treplyjj. slty.lsin ; aSDijfonebte .:r iiCoiihectfcut 26 Barlslh events ' 31 Orandparental |i |i |i \ 33 Streets (^,) ' 38 Apple center 38 Italian coin i 37 Newt 9S Journey 99 Nullity at paddle '23 Wicked 24 Hindu t i\ garment 27 Deed 28 Learning 29 Assam , A silkworm 30 Social group 32 Youth 34 Male deer; 40 Puffed up 42 Venerate 45 Idolize 46 Passage in the brain 47 Sheltered inlet 48 Mohammedan priest 51 Followers 52 Carry (coll.) 53 Bewildered 54 For fear that ' 56 Girl's name 57 Sardinia (ab.) JACK CREEK Mrs. Joe Oakes Sr., who has been a patient In Holy Family hospital came home Thursday. Harry Vahldelck, weed commissioner, has been making inspection of fields for thistles. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Skow of Lamberton, Minn., were Sunday supper guests ot the Welsh home. They also had been vlsitlg at the homes of other relatives. FARM FOR SALE Well improved 300 acres, improvements include electilcity and bath facilities. Soil is in higii state of fertility. L. E. Sfockdale Phone 60 or 47 205-tf-7 FATHERS HAY GIFT IDEA.<* Landing nets, aluminum J2.98 Tackle boxes. watortlt.<. st.-ol i2M DoUa electric lnnti<rni< S4.95 DrLlnr fish .icnlcs $2.00 WESTERN AV'TO ASSOC. STORK 212-tf-2S GIFTS FOR DAD Cush-N-Robcs, olfrlrlc fans, office chairs, pons nnd penclli*. desk pads nnd ilesk sols. l<>i\th- oretto wnsto paper baskets, stn- tlonerj'. nimno pnds, I'tr. TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE 211-3-26 FOR DEAR OLD DAD: Dress hats, sport Hhlrts. brlts. work uniforms, dresn nnd work SOX, and many other Itonis Dad rnn uso. SURPl.l-S STORE 211-3-25 218 Sat.. June 14. J952 S KBtfTM U MCOM (MM Miwr OM. t. itso at UM vMtotnn M BMtMr- •rtlf. Ivmu oMMr Ibt Mt 01 Msrvs S. ISTt. 1 or S da»« TUTM tey* r^Mtr day* . VTn aayt - - T« »• »< *« mt* lU »ar ««M It« par «ar« Bach aAUtKMI Omr •H ptr ««r« UiuiBnB ad 69«. Nam art »«r aoaMentlv* inawtMw ot mm» *A, Ctaaatfltd a<t* art CASH wrru ORDKR. Bookkat^tM Mkart* <4 <M ror endit. «•« t «m«« cbarf* 11 r*. fUm an takm by Oany Nnra aad SS« la elMni»d It ad camaa addnaa phoM Bonbar bat aot advarttaara Olaaatnad ad Ibcrtr adn •u la tka ttm ibay awaar and npor. aay aarar at ooea aa ao alknraMaa aaa ka aaaa attar am nn Personol For the June Bride The Weather OFFICIAL TEMPEKATDBE8 Maximum yesterday: 94. Minimum last night: 62. 8 a. Temperatures: 70 Wind direction: Calm Wind velocity: Calm Barometer: 29.68 Rainfall: V.i inches. m. Noon 88 ESE 4 29.72 IOWA, FORECAST Mostly cloudy and not so warm with thunderstorms principally over southern portion of the state this afternoon. High this afternoon near 95 southwest to 85 in, northeast. Partly cloudy with scattered showers . and thunderstorms tonight and Sunday. Continued warm and humid. Low tonight 66 to 70, high Sunday 85 to 90 north, 90 to 98 south. Further outlook: Partly cloudy with little change In temperature Monday. Scattered thundertstorms In afternoon Monday. RnNNESOTA* FORECAST Fair to partly cloudy and cooler tonight. Sunday partly cloudy with scattered showers extreme southwest. Low tonight 48 to 55 north, 55 to 60 south. High Sunday 75 to 80 northeast, 80 to 88 southwest. Feeding Cattle All weights and classes on hand at all times. If we don't have what you want we will order for you. Estherville Auction Co. J. M. ROBB, Mgr. 203-tf-7 and Ills. IB PERSONAL LOANS. Are you making too many payments? We can show you how a loan will cut payments, give you extra cash. Ask about it. IOWA GUARANTEE, Inc. 2U-3-1B Notices e NOTICE Gardston Beauty Shop, will be closed Monday, June 16, reopened Tuesday Betty Brant 212-2-6 SIDE GLANCE FOR A NEW HOME Every June hrlilc will wnnt Nu- tone door chimon for IHT nrw home. A niuxlcal wolconio for guests. Perfect weddlnit i;lft. OUSON ELRCTrtlC .SRRVirK 111 S. 6th St. 212-3-20 QUALITY PRINTING For All WeddinR Needs • Invitation.s • Announcomonls • Napkins • Informals Export Craft.sman.ship Everything in Perfect Taste ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEW.S Northwest Iowa's Largosf Printing Plant 2n-3x-20 Services CEMENT AND BRtCK WORK New driveways, sldcwnlks, floorw foundations. Estimates cheerful ly furnished without obligation Phono 44W6. COMMANDER ELEVATORS Huntington W. E. Seemann. Mgr 213-29 IF YOU GET SICK CALL A DOCTOR If your car or home radio Is ill call us. Radio Doctors De Lux< at 2M. 2n-3-» PGR FREE PICKUP and delivery Pb. 49. PAG Cleaners. 256-tf-9 BOTTLE OAS SALES-SERVICE Installations — RegulaUons HILL'9 CORNER, Pb. 49J51 lBl-U-9 PBTERSON'B Radiator Service, lust east of Vandy-s. 1714 Central Bxperlanoed In all types radiator repair. ll0-tf-8 Help Wanted MEN WANTED-7:00 a. m. Mon day. Apply employment offlci Tobin Packing Company. 213-2- WANTED—Man for farm work. J. Neppl, Rt. 1, EsthervlUe. V 2815 Dolllver. 21.36 WANTED—Man to go Into bml ness for himself with the moH responsible sales organization In tho world. No capital rcqulri'd State qualifications. Write Box 07MP. care Dally News. 212-3X-2 82 YEARS AGO June 14, 1R70-Al^Brooklyn the "Aliantlcs" ended Cincinnati Reds 79-Rame win ulreiik. (Red'a Ni-naon (myroll $9,60O>. SANDER-H ICE fllKAM CO. 213 t-4 COLD MEAT Pl^TE. ROo DUTCH MAID LUNCH J12-1-4 For Sole to, FOn SALE N«*« flMtrle nfWdiK maehlnM. rablnri* «town to tM. IMrlahles down lo $«4 Traadle* in and up. New ahipment of j"hnt-» .It Inw prli-r*. Open all dny Sunday. Two Idiwk* east of Catholte ehuffh. 3IS 2x-ia For Sole tr OOOn fSKO TIRE hanmlns at Flr«'«toniv Alt 100 jwr eent In HptHi'tett. all Bite*. S3M> and up FIRRSTONE STORKS >t3-3-10 SEVERAL GOOD twwl refHirernl- nr». IVIeetl rlRht. Wog^n'n, eaut aide of nquRrr 3lS-*-t<> Wont To Renf 14 WANT TO RENT 3-b*<troont moilern home or npartmenr. to b" nvnllnhle In July or Auruat t (or reaponalbin couple, rftlrnl. No fhlldren. Write V O lUm 74S. Fairmont, Minn a )»«x-U Reol Estate FOR .HALK "Skrc^n doom, t' 9' t «' 4" Ai«.> »l<1* •rm for Wnt'f h.»t<T l>h 4a7J 3l3-3t-10 FOR THE OARDNER On fsiln il»> (ira** •h'ari, II Wi; IVKvKllp rrtutm •h<'!«r« wtt.h l<inc li«nille. uptlnkWr*. tlT9 up: iwwrr mowers, hnnd tno*'r, iu*A Al«.> lift p«s«-»r mo*'r. K..STI IKR VI Lt11A RD W A R E 3177 \n PRATT snrf l-A.URKRT I'AINT IVrf».t for watt*, wwnl wofk, furnmif* One ena.t maj(l<*. Vr\Ft tn *|Mirktlnc. harit ftnt*h. trrr {r«m t»m«h in*rkii Wl4ii« rixngr nt bMiultful eotor*. COMMANOKR rr .BVATOR* Hunllnstnn. low*. l>hon» 44WX Kjiih'rvtltp W. K S»»m»»n, man«««T 3I2J tfl EIGHT CENT.S n yenr will protrrl a man's or lady's suit from moth damage for 6 years. One »pr»y- Ing of Oerlou guaranteed molh- sprny does II, or Berlou pays for tho damage. Bonborn Furniture. 211-3-4 mMBDIATR DBUVRRTtl MaW bungalows, 13,144. srecled on foundation or baacmsnl bom*. Other Mlxra, styles. Your plana or ours. Free delltery 100 ml. Standard construction. Not prefati. Best dry lumbar. Visit Fahnlng Supply, Watervtlle, Minn. Open «» (.Vo Hundoj's). 51S 2x« Automotive FOR RALE — Packard Clipper. Grey 4-<loor sednn. Excellent condition. Phone 54R-W. 213-.3x-U FOR BALE-1040 Chevrolet sedan, excellent condition. Ph. 24FIfl. AndroB Hanson. 212-.1x-ll FOR SAFETTY. Move us Inspect brake system thoroughly . . . adjust or relino tho brakes. If neeessarj'. THOMAS MOTORS 2II-3-11 FOR BALE — 1938 Ford 4-door. Good motor and liody. Radio nnd heater. $100. .See Jack Hunt. 7 S. 7th .St. 2ll-,3-ll FOR SALE —1048 Hnrley-Dovls motorcycle. in storage two years, overhauled, good condition. Owner In service. Phone 46. Wulllngford. 200-«-ll Bt;YEU8 WAITING FOR 2 nnd 3 UiHlroiim Homea E8THERVJIJ.E REALTY Phone 1340 aij-i -n m;.SINESH OPIHJRTUNmK.H JN CEYIvON CAROL BROCKMAN. Realtor Ceylon. Minn. 2123 « CHOICE FARMB Your sis.". Modern or good hulUlinint, All tillable. Buy NOW. get 1-S ot crop. 130 acres, nil (lelil at 1138 with hair of crop. Hee Johnson Realtor, Heelor, Minnesota. 313-IOx-K FOR HALK~New 3 -bedrOOm hous<« Vrr>' good location. Oa» heal, etc. Beautiful home. nmotrr REAL ESTATE Ph 1680 or J7«1J an-SB Throw awsy your h»mm«'r Throw i»w»y your n»ll» You r»n iMilld a rr4mr eh<.»» With n liru«h and a pall Vif (Vtlnr I.UY point JOY^K t.l'MBER CO 31S3 l<> V \m SAIJC MoaatI h»ary duly tswn and w«sl mowrr, elreutae 2iVlneh blade. 3S h. p. motor Stiill I3lnch uirctrie Ira* trim- inrr »aw with caW#. TtMir •I"-- trie Iraner. Mr«. H A. W#|ti#r, Armalrong, Iowa. 3t3 -<l-l4 MKN '8 COTTON PAJAMAJt Your choice iXWL EHt.RR!l VALUE STORE m-t- to UEMMINGTON foar-«am« ruor, tlOOO, niefc-CoaM to Coast More or 17t»W. 9tS>3 -li) ••"OR BALE -3 haby b^^da. e«m- plets; Monarch electric stAvw. 3 I raining seats Ph, mu. Mr*. Oeorg* LariMn. SlS-S -tO PRODUtm. B. T. Ph 3«U. XUf -IQ RAWLEIOH Baumsnn. FOR .SALE - me»i elothea Mna po«(s. Carl {.onehsQ. Ph. T13J. SUMX -IO KOR «AIX ~flpring friea, SH to 4 lbs fl 00 George B#rv»n. 3H mi. •outh uf Mapla Hill. 3l»4 «-ta FOR HALE Sprint '"•»»•. Vrrn Julius. Ph. 4»W7. 9 ll>< aiiM-ie For faster luhrleallon service we now have 2 GRBABB RACKS In operation. Get your car ready for that vacation trip. HENAMAN MOTOR CO. 206-14-11 LET US take care of your automotive needs. Bumper to bumper •ervlcfr—all mokes. 80a us. Robinson Motors "Ponttoc" 8th and Central Ave. 227-tf-ll For Rent FOR RENT -2-room downstairs apartment $17 month. Also busl- neiis building on Moln street. Rent $20 month. Hotel ut Terrll. 3I3-2X-5 FLOORB SHABBY? Make them look like new, at low cost. Rent a sander from Wards, MONTGOMERY WARD Frfilherville, Iowa 212-2-0 FOR RENT -- 2-room furnished apartment, $38. Ph. n9 «W. R. W. Brady. 212-2-6 FOR RENT~3-room apt. 320H 80. 8lh. Andrew Bcotl, Pb. 10(|2J. 213-2-5 FOR RENT-Modern. first floor 8- room apartment with bath and porch. Oarage. Postofflee Box A. 212-tf-O P'OR RENT—3-l)edroon» house on 6th Ave. North, l^rlns llptn grafft, 1787LJ, 212-2-8 FOR RENT- 3-room and both, unfurnished upstairs apartment. Couple preferred. Ph. 183, 210 Central. K. H. l.rfdebuhr. 2ll-tf-5 BEING A FULLER DEALER -It Is nico work and profitable. I Would like to help some good . man get started In Emmet county. Write 706 Elm St., Algona, Is. 212-3X-2 JDISTRJCT MANAGER WANTED Our District Managers overage from $0,000 to $12,000 a year. We furniflh proof. There Is an opening in yoiur surrounding counties for a hiirii grade man with a •ales baiwcround. Duties to hire and train men selling moat complete line to farmei^. Salary or dntwinf account. Liberal pen- •lon plan. Must have good car. VfTrite SiUea Manager, 701 South 42nd St., Omaha, Nebraska. 212-2-2 YOUNO MAN over 18 to work 2 or 8 hours 'week days during munmor month* In mechanical depiwtment. Apply EathervlUe Dally Newa. 2tl -tf -2 WANTED—Waltreaa. D8 Mroaa from Honoymead. Cafe, 311-8-2 WANTBSD^-Woawi 28 (o 45 years oL «(• to maiwce office. Must b« Able to typo and have a kaowl- •4 K* O( olomentary iMokkaoptttg. Kaeatnviy to meat UM puMla and l^ivo ^Mrionco In luuidUny de- mi .mm. iWJOur we«k-«m- jOoyiilinkotlta. UBtpually good li»rttac •alaqg Awly In per».«OB -at «Mi«, Itoebitck and Co. FOR RENT-Good sleeping room for a gentleman. Mrs. Elmer Wogen. Phone 1138. 303-tf-O FOR RENT—3-room modem apartment above Olft Qarden. 119H N. eth St Ph. «0« or 82. 201.U-0 Jobs Wanted ' CUSTOM BAUNO New Holland wire bales. Will pull trailers. 4 ml. W. and 8H N. of Estbervttle. Don Elreiand. Ph Superior «F« coUeet. Mt-SOx-i Entertainment ' QUICK TR|P TO HONO KONO Technicolor picture starring Ronald Reagan and Rhonda Fleming at the Orand theater. 218-1-1 DANCE Saturday NigKf Lowell Stewart Skyline Club Beautiful HOME FOR SALE Spacious 3-l)e<lroam home In dcslrablo location. Large picture windows. Automat Ic gaa heat and water softener. Hardwood floors throughout. Full hasamenl. One uf tho most atractiV0 homes In Km- thervllle, Newly iHiinlrd and In wonderful condition. Two lots fully landscaped. Be sure to sen thn Interior to appre- OIDIO tho n-nl b'auty of this home. RAY AOARD 227 N. 12rli Sf. • 30 «-tf-< See This One 108 No. 15th • 3 Bedrooms with wardroben • Tllx bath • Iwirge Living Hoom • Large Kitchen • Oak floors • Gas hoal • AlWched garikge • Walks - Drivruay All Now—Just Complpt<?d Shaw Construction Co. Phone 1595 313 -2X « XflTCHKLL Air COAdllloaer. World's finest room air e««dl> t loner. Exclusive evaporator design that tnoorporatea 34 tube*. Mlcrofllter -M.t per cent eereen. Ing. ItEIDKB ELBCmiC aoft-ir-to FOR BALE Threa-peund aprlng friM. Francis Abeii. w*. ^a^^^. 3ll-3 «-IO Old Newspapers For Sale Only a Nickel for a Big Bundle RSniERVILLE DAir-Y Nirws 310.1 fa-10 Save $1.25 Of\ each hox of Rytex KllKht Printed Statioiwry DiiiinR the BI R June Sale Doiibin the usual quantity $3,50 value for only $2.25 Estherville Daily News LET US INSTALL YOUR NEW HEATING SYSTEM NOW Can Be Financed Two Ways I—No payment until October I. 2 --Under F. H. A.—No Down Payment^—^36 months to pay. Send in following coupon for FREE ESTIMATE Scars, Roebuck and Co. 105 N. 6th. Erthervllte. Iowa Please give me Free Estimate on Sears Heiitinft Syi* tem with no obligation. NAME I ADDRESS CITY STiirE.

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